Thursday, 18 October 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 1

This is another long series of entries - I'll put a post up every two days to get through them and not fall any further behind...

Following my birthday weekend, we headed off on holiday to the same place that we’d gone the previous year with our York friends. We headed to the airport early on the Monday morning and met up with everyone there. Surprisingly, everyone turned up on time and we made it to security without a hitch. Getting through security wasn’t quite as smooth as Mel had decided to copy what Jen and I do and made sure that Julia would end up being frisked. Mel could do this in a slightly different way to that which Jen and I use though and she made use of Julia’s pierced labia. She had bought a new, fairly large ring for Julia to wear (instead of her usual small stud) and as expected, it set off the detector. Julia had to stand with her legs spread as they wanded her and when they determined roughly where the metal was, she was taken off to a room for further examination. Jules had to actually show the woman what was setting the detector off (which also revealed that like Jen and me, she didn’t have any panties on), but was allowed to leave once she removed the ring and went back through the detector without setting it off.

We were all sitting roughly together on the plane over 4 rows which gave us the opportunity to have a play during the flight. Nobody tried to sneak to the toilet as a couple to have actual sex, but a few of us did manage to fondle and finger each other under blankets and jackets. I made Jen cum and let Mike taste her off my fingers and in retaliation, she made me cum later on in the flight. After that, Mike switched places with her so he was at the window seat and while Jen kept a look out, I took his cock out and sucked him. I didn’t get a long enough uninterrupted period to make him cum (people kept walking past to the toilet), but he was certainly well on the way and promised that he would reacquaint my cunt with his cock properly when we arrived (I’d been giving it a rest since by birthday).

It was quite warm when we arrived but not too hot and once we found our coach, we took a group of seats at the back. Having a decent number of us in our group certainly helped out and when we got going, Mike decided that he didn’t want to wait any longer to have a play with me. We switched places and moved onto the back seat and as soon as he sat down, Mike pulled his cock out and gave it a few strokes to prepare it for me. I flipped the back of my skirt up and lowered myself onto him and once he was inside, I sat down fully on his lap and engulfed the full length of his cock. As you would expect, I wasn’t allowed to keep what we were doing hidden from the rest of the group so I had to hold on to the front of my skirt and keep it raised so people had a decent view, but we had to stay sufficiently quiet that nobody else on the coach figured out what we were doing.

It would have been better if the road had been bumpier as we had to do all the work ourselves, but we’re not unaccustomed to fucking so we somehow managed. Mike rubbed my clit and made me cum and to finish off I ended up leaning forwards against the seats in front and chatted to people while Mike pumped up and down inside me. He pulled me back onto his lap just before he came and once he’d emptied himself into me he asked how I was going to stop his cum leaving a mark on my skirt. I considered a few ways to do this and didn’t think it was fair to just hike my skirt up and leave a damp patch on the seat so I asked if someone could lend me their panties. Alison ended up volunteering and after discreetly sliding them down her legs, they were handed back to me and I lifted myself up and off Mike’s cock. Some of his cum leaked out of me and ran down my legs almost straight away so I mopped this up with the panties and then slipped them on. I promised Alison that she could have them back as soon as we got to the villa but she said that I there was no hurry to give them back as she wasn’t likely to be putting them back on.

Once we arrived in Pollenca and found our way to the villa, we chose rooms and unpacked our things. I pulled the panties off as soon as we were inside (no point having sun and warmth if you cover up) but at least put on a bikini before I went up to the roof terrace to enjoy the view. We were partially overlooked on one side by the villa next door but were high enough up that we couldn’t be seen from the street unless you stood right at the front of the roof. A few more people joined me on the roof and we admired the view and made plans for the rest of the day (well, as close to plans as we were going to get). We packed up a few things and headed out for lunch and once recharged, we went straight to the beach. We had agreed to (mostly) behave ourselves when out in public (or at least when children were around) so those of us who needed to change into bikinis/shorts used towels to cover themselves while they did this.

We helped each other out with suncream with only a few ‘slips’ (I did say we had agreed to ‘mostly’ behave ourselves) and some us stayed on the beach while others tested out the sea. We were eventually badgered into joining them and once in the water Mike said that it would probably be a good time to start playing with me. He slid a hand into my bikini and started to rub my pussy and not wanting to leave him out, I did the same to him and stroked his cock until he was hard. He really enjoyed doing this in view of everyone on the beach (all the important bits were hidden underwater) and he ended up pulled me against him and told me to get his cock out. Once I’d done this, I was lifted up and told to pull the crotch of my bikini aside and he lowered me onto his cock (it too a few attempts as the waves were rocking us back and forth). Once I was on him though, they helped out a lot and we enjoyed standing there swaying in the current. It was easy enough to move slowly, but we knew that we couldn’t fuck properly so we just enjoyed it for what it was and after a while Mike lifted me off his cock and dumped me in the water.

To make up for this, he then pulled my bikini bottoms off and played with my clit properly until I came. I wasn’t allowed my bikini back for a while and had to go and earn it from Jen by trying to duck under the water and lick her. I sort of made contact with her pussy a few times but not enough to give her a proper lick but I did manage to loosen the strings on her bikini enough so that when I was back on the surface I could whip it off and have something to negotiate with. She bargained an orgasm and my bikini for her one back, so we moved to shallower water and she knelt down while I played with her pussy and once she’d cum, we traded clothing and returned to the beach.

It was a bit too hot to stay in the sun so some of headed back to the villa and Alison told me that her bf (Andrew)wanted a chance to see me make her cum (he hadn’t been at my birthday party). I was quite willing to do this so we went to their room and I made sure that he got to see everything as I fingered and ate her, making her cum twice in the process. It seemed rude for me to be covered up so I removed my bikini and made sure he had a good chance to see my bits as I bent over Alison to play with her (although he’s seen me naked enough times before and watched me play with other girls). I didn’t really want to cum again just yet, but plunged a couple of fingers into my cunt and put on a decent show (I think), but stopped once Alison had cum for the second time.

It didn’t seem worth covering up as most of our group had been at my party and the ones who hadn’t had still seen me naked and cumming over the years (or however long they had been a part of the group for). So I headed to the living room and chatted to people without getting dressed again. The others returned from the beach and when Richard saw me lying there naked he wandered over and asked me to help him out. He made it clearer as to what he wanted by reaching down and stroking my pussy, which surprised me a little, but I now counted him as a member of my exclusive (but growing) group of fuck buddies so I pulled his shorts down and took his cock in my mouth. Someone mentioned that it looked like the holiday had now started properly and I just gave them the finger while I sucked away on Richard’s cock. I asked if he wanted to fuck me and he said a BJ was fine so I asked if he could cum over me and he agreed (it’s not a secret that I’m not overly fond of eating cum). He climbed up onto the sofa so he was straddling me and I sucked and pumped him until he got close, pulled out and finished himself off, cumming over my breasts and neck.

I went to clean up and Jen followed me to fill me in on an arrangement she had made. In order to get people to agree to spend the day making me cum, she had told them that they could use me on the holiday, pretty much however they wanted, although she had put some limits on things. It seemed a little strange to me that in order to get people to agree to fuck me, that I had to promise to fuck them some more, but it certainly opened up additional possibilities for the holiday (which I’d been sort of hoping for but hadn’t been sure about whether they could really happen). She came and joined me in the shower and once we were clean we went back to the others and chatted some more.

We didn’t do much else until it was time for dinner and people got changed before we went to find somewhere to eat. Mike provided me with a pair of shorts that were really quite short, but had fairly baggy legs. After a bit of playing around we found the right height for me to wear them so when I walked, I could feel the air on my pussy but nothing was visible, but when I sat down, it was easy to give a view up the shorts to my naked cunt. I was still fairly well behaved over dinner but did give a group of guys a long look at my pussy as we sat on a wall and chatted over drinks. I may have overdone it slightly as at one point I reached up the leg of my shorts and idly rubbed up and down my pussy, but acted as if it was perfectly normal.

We didn’t stay out too late as we felt tired from travelling so headed back to the villa where I was asked by Abrahii to make her cum. Not that I would have refused her, but now I knew that it was my duty, I set about satisfying her in front of the group and got Jen to bring me one of our vibes to help things along. I fucked her with it for a while but she wanted me to lick her clit when she came so I turned the vibe around and pushed it deep into her so the clit attachment was pressing up against her ass. With her clit now exposed, I could fasten my mouth to it and I flicked my tongue back and forth over her clit (she quite likes this) until she came. When I pulled the vibe out, I gave her cunt a few long licks up its entire length using the flat of my tongue and told her to come back for more whenever she wanted.

We stayed up chatting for a while and a few of us went up to the roof. I commented to Julia about her being very well behaved and she said that Mel still wanted her to dial things back as she was worried about what might happen when she had left and Julia was at Uni by herself. In a way I find this somewhat hypocritical of Mel – she was one of the people who encouraged Jen to do things to me in front of everyone and was more than willing to get Julia to play along. At the same time, I understand how she feels – Julia enjoys cumming just as much as I do (possibly even more) and while I don’t think she would cheat on Mel, I don’t think she will enjoy having to behave herself all week when Mel isn’t around. We discussed what it was like for me when Mike was still living in York and I was by myself during the week and how I just had to take care of myself, although Skype had at least meant we could watch each other cum.

I told her how it had also made the weekends more special and how we saved up our exciting sex play for these times (which of course Julia knew all about as she had often been a part of it) and how I was sure that whenever Jen, Mike and I visited, we could probably convince Mel to at least occasionally cut loose and we could play with each other. I don’t wish to sound like a soppy girl, but having shared so many orgasm with Julia, I do feel fairly close to her and the loss of not being able to do things with her or see her make Jen and Mike cum is more than just about the sex. I don’t feel the same way about Mel – while she certainly knows how to make me cum, Julia has more of a lustful innocence about her which (I hope) I identify with more than Mel’s personality.

We chatted a while longer and even though she wasn’t allowed to actually *do* anything with me (or anyone else), we still had a good conversation *about* doing things, masturbation, positions, what my birthday had felt like… Julia said that she had felt quite jealous of me getting so much attention, but was quite impressed at how many times I’d cum. In deference to her, I refrained from stroking myself, but we both knew that we were getting turned on from the explicit discussion we were having and Julia said that she was going to find Mel and get her reward for being well behaved. I felt quite tired as well so collected Mike and Jen so we could head off to bed and have our goodnight session. The three of were sharing a room for the holiday and once we’d cleaned up we retired to bed and used the simplest of positions to make us all cum (Me eating Jen and Mike fucking me). Jen slept in the middle, spooned up against Mike while I spooned her.

In the morning, we used the same position, but after Mike had fucked me Jen said she wanted to eat me and taste Mike’s salty goodness. I allowed some of his cum to drip onto her body as I moved up to her face, but she didn’t mind and rubbed it in to her skin as she ate me. Once I’d cum again (Jen wasn’t ready for a second orgasm so soon – I did offer). We headed up and got a few people together to go and do shopping and get food for breakfast. On our return, Julia was sitting up on the roof and she had turned completely blonde. Originally she had planned to do it the night before the holiday but had run out of time so after she had played with Mel the previous night, she had coloured her hair. She was far blonder than I’ve ever seen her and she actually looked quite cute (or at least she would have if I hadn’t known how filthy she was). Someone stupidly asked if she had made herself into a true blonde and she gave a flash of her bald pussy and said that at least there was no way to tell that she wasn’t.

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