Saturday, 20 October 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 2

We had a light breakfast and headed up to the roof terrace to catch some sun. Long-time readers will know that I burn fairly easily so I have to make sure I always use sun cream. I stripped off and asked if anyone wanted to help oil me up and Simon offered to help out. I lay on the towel while he massaged the cream into me, paying special attention to my breasts, pussy and then ass (when I turned over). He sat over me as he did my shoulders and I was sure I felt a bulge so I rubbed my ass against his crotch to confirm that he was hard. Jen noticed what I was doing and reminded Simon that if he wanted me, he just had to ask, but I didn’t wait for this and reached back to grab at his shorts. He got the message, pulled them down and started rubbing his cock against my ass. He slid back and forth between my cheeks for a while before pushing his cock down and into my pussy. He pistoned up and down as he fucked me and a couple of the guys commented on the firmness of his ass, but I was more concerned with what he was doing to me.

I reached down underneath myself and played with my clit (Simon was using both his hands to hold himself up above me so I couldn’t really ask him) and I was beginning to feel fairly good but he said he was about to cum, pulled out of me and told me to turn over. I helped to stroke him and he came over my breasts – I carried on playing with myself using my other hand but didn’t want to be the only one masturbating so I asked if any of the guys were going to join me and sunbathe naked. I added an incentive by saying I would make sure their cocks were properly protected and Richard said that he preferred an all-over tan so he slipped his shorts off. He sat beside me and I squirted a fair amount of cream onto my hands and worked it in and around his crotch. Having learned that many guys like having their balls fondled with a lot more force than Mike does (not being rough, but one of Mike’s are tender so I have to be very gentle), I made sure that I ‘protected’ Richard’s balls from the sun thoroughly, along with his cock. He was nice and hard by this time I had him covered and the cream made it very easy to pump my hand up and down his cock. I wasn’t going to miss out this time so I played with myself as I jerked him off and got myself quite close to cumming. I kept myself there until he said he was getting close and I came as he kneeled up and I started the final burst of stroking that got him to cum over my breasts.

With our fun over, Mike helped to apply cream to Jen. Like me, she was completely naked and Mike was allowed to take care of putting cream over most of her body (everywhere apart from her pussy). I thought that Mike and Jen should also get a chance to cum (along with everyone else, but those two are my main concern) and suggested to Abrahii that she help Mike out by taking care of the places he wasn’t allowed to touch. Mike sat on a chair with Jen on his lap and as Abrahii rubbed the cream over Jen’s pussy, Jen squirmed around on Mike’s lap, rubbing his cock through his shorts. He couldn’t take this any more and got Abrahii to help remove his shorts so he could feel Jen’s skin rubbing against him. Abrahii carried on playing with Jen and ended up fingering her until she came (with a bit of encouragement from everyone). Mike was desperate to cum by this point and felt that Abrahii deserved a reward for her work so he offered to take care of her. She was up for this and he got her to stand at the front of the roof terrace, looking out over the beach and be took her from behind. He gave her a good hard fuck and I was pretty sure that even if the people below couldn’t see Mike behind her, they would have been able to guess what was happening from the way she was moving as he slammed into her. She didn’t seem to care though and I could see that we possibly had another Julia in the making (with a few years more training/experience, I think Abrahii will be a force to be reckoned with. She still isn’t quite there yet though and wouldn’t let Mike play with her breasts (this would probably have been visible to the people below) so he concentrated on her clit and got her to cum. He fucked her a while longer, just to make a point, and then came in her. Once he pulled out, she stayed leaning against the railing and we got to watch as his cum dripped out of her and ran down her leg.

I’d hoped that a few more people might do things but other than a couple of obvious erections (some were covered and some naked – so very obvious) we just settled down to sunbathe and chat. All the girls were at least topless and a few of us were completely naked and I dozed off for a while imagining what a mass orgy would be like with everyone participating. I made sure that I didn’t stay out too long so I didn’t burn and a few other people joined me when I went back indoors.

Just before lunch, Abigail came downstairs to tell us that Mel had just proposed to Julia and that she had said yes. This had come as quite a shock to everyone and a very animated discussion ensued – at first I thought that it had been a spur of the moment thing but Mel had actually been planning for it as she had a ring for Julia. We decided to go out for lunch to celebrate and after a while I managed to get a chance to chat to Julia who said that after our conversation the previous night, she had told Mel that she wanted to be able to play with other people again and they had discussed this for a while. Julia said that Mel had been fairly defensive and she had been a bit miffed at the time, but she now understood that she had just been nervous about the upcoming proposal. I got to speak to Mel afterwards and asked if now Julia had promised to stay with her if Mel would trust her not to run off just because someone else made her cum and Mel said that she was considering it, but we’d have to wait and see. On the way home we bought a few more beers to continue the celebration, but as soon as we got back to the villa, Mel and Julia disappeared to their room for a while to celebrate – this didn’t matter too much as people just rested or had a siesta as it was a bit too hot to be outside (or on the roof) anyway.

When the two of them reappeared, we headed up to the roof and the guys attempted to BBQ some food (with mixed results) and the beer was consumed. Mel was of course questioned more about how long she had been planning things, what timescale they were working on, if they would have children… Mel said that they didn’t think it would change things that much between them and she would continue to use Julia as her little slut – to demonstrate this, she pulled Julia’s skirt up and pushed a couple of fingers into her. This behaviour was encouraged and we got Jules to sit over Mel’s face and applauded as Mel ate her. Some of us thought that Mel shouldn’t get away without a ‘reward’ and so indicated to Julia to hold Mel down (which is fairly easy when you’re sitting on someone’s face) and between us, Jen, Abrahii and I pulled Mel’s legs open and started to play with her pussy. She struggled a little bit at first, but then allowed us to continue and as a reward for her pledging lifelong commitment to Julia, the three of us worked together to make her cum. This didn’t take too long and once Julia had also cum, Mel was released. She complained that we had molested her, but she didn’t stop Abrahii who had continued to stroke her pussy.

We went out later that evening to continue the celebration (I understand why students have no money given how much they can drink) and Lis accosted me to ask if I thought she should also propose to Lucy. Now to be fair to her, she was fairly drunk (and I wasn’t entirely sober) or I’m sure she wouldn’t have asked, but I told her to slow things down as they’d only been together for just over 6 months. I do actually think they make a pretty good couple and they’re obviously very interested in and trust each other. Once I’d convinced Lis of this and that I really couldn’t see Lucy running off with someone else, she calmed down a bit and agreed that they probably hadn’t been together for quite long enough. She told me that once they had lived together for a while though, she fully intended to make Lucy hers forever and I told her that as long as I got to be maid of honour, (which I technically don’t qualify for) then I was completely behind her.

On our return to the villa, a few of us went back to the roof – some carried on drinking and some (the older, more sensible ones) switched to water. Jen had overheard some of my conversation with Lis so I filled her in (and told Lis I had done so), but swore her to secrecy. Jen suggested I was in favour of their wedding just so I could ‘reward’ Lis in the same way we had done with Mel earlier and I admit that I certainly wouldn’t mind. At the time, I protested my innocence and told Jen that she just had a filthy mind. I slipped Jen’s skirt down and fingered her from behind as we stood looking out over the see. As it was dark I also undid the string on her bikini top and let it fall forwards, exposing her breasts and reached over to caress them. This was a bit of an awkward position so I ended up standing behind her so I could easily play with both her breasts and pussy and I masturbated her to orgasm and then convinced her to remain naked (her friends have seen her naked and cum enough times now that she doesn’t care any more than I do about this).

Jen sat on Mike’s lap and he ended up pulling his shorts down so her pussy could press against his cock. I knelt and licked them both, but not for too long and just left Jen to grind against Mike. It was eventually time for us to head off to bed and I had a quick shower on the roof before going (it was quite humid and I felt rather sticky). I left my bikini out to dry and we said our goodbyes to the people still chatting before going to bed and letting Mike help get my insides sticky once more. I ate Jen and then shared her juices with Mike (from my mouth) and we settled down to sleep (or at least doze as it was still quite humid).

Wednesday started in our usual way (made a bit more complex by three of us being in the bed), but once we’d all cum (Jen and I made each other cum and Mike came in me) we headed up to see who else was up. The people who had been drinking until late were understandably hung over, but a few of us shared breakfast and went out for a walk. It was quite humid and cloudy so we explored the back streets and stopped off at a cafĂ© before deciding to head to the beach anyway. A few more people had surfaced and joined us and I actually preferred being able to ‘sunbathe’ without having to worry about burning. Both Jen and I were wearing our ridiculously tiny bikinis and it was obvious that mine wasn’t hiding my breasts so I ended up discarding it. As much as I enjoy seeing Jen topless, I thought her one looked incredibly sexy and drew attention to her small (in a good way) breasts so I encouraged her to leave it on.

I let Ethan put a bit of suncream on me and he thoroughly rubbed it into my breasts and I turned over to let him do my ass as well (seeing as my bikini wasn’t going to protect me should the sun emerge). I spread my legs and told him to keep going and he got his fingers under my bikini and rubbed up and down my pussy for a while, but there were too many people around for him to actually make me cum. I promised to repay him later on and we rested for a while and then swam for a bit. Jen got me to follow her out to the rocks (there are a couple of long rocky areas set up to shelter the beach) and once out there, she sat up on them, checked that nobody could (easily see us) and got me to stand (balance) in front of her. I knew full well what she was going to do and told her to go ahead – she pulled her bikini aside and peed onto me. I reached between her legs and fingered her as she did this and she asked if she could finish off on my face. I don’t like this as much, but she’s done it before and I knew I could just wash in the sea straight away so I lowered myself and let her cover my face as she played with herself.

As I had expected, she wanted me to do the same to her so we switched places and Jen knelt half in the water. I pulled my bikini aside and let out a stream of pee over her. I covered her (or the bits of her above the water) and knew that she was still busy frigging herself so I did the same. As soon as I’d finished, she pushed her face between my legs and hungrily licked at me. I wondered if anyone on the boats could see what we were doing, but didn’t stop her and let her make me cum. We switched back and I did the same to her (salty pussy is a strange taste, but quite nice from time to time) and once she had caught her breath, we swam back around and returned to shore. Most of our group guessed that we had been off playing (just not exactly how we’d been playing) and a couple of people went to fetch food for lunch in advance of everyone returning.

After lunch the weather improved a bit and we stayed on the roof so some of us could sunbathe naked. Lucy went topless and allowed Mike to oil her up. He was quite well behaved and avoided her breasts, but he made sure her legs were very well massaged (second to pussy, Mike is a leg man). By the time he had finished (or rather even before he started) he had an obvious bulge in his shorts and this led to a discussion of the futility of men being aroused by lesbians and why straight women were often attracted to gay men. Lis, Lucy and Jen continued this conversation and Jen told them how she teases Mike quite often and rather enjoys his appreciation of her body.
It started to get a bit too hot for me (weather wise) so I headed back indoors and Mike came with me so we could enjoy the humidity and have a proper sweaty fuck. For the sake of comfort, we went to our bedroom and kept the windows open (it meant there was a bit of a breeze, but it was still very humid). We had a simple straightforward fuck on the bed but we were fairly energetic and kept going for quite a while so ended up dripping with sweat. Our bodies easily slid back and forth against each other and hands roamed everywhere. At one point when I was on top, Mike pulled out of me and rubbed his cock between my ass cheeks, threatening to cum over my back and hair (depending on how powerful his ejaculation was), but he ended up back inside me and we carried on a while longer.

We had a brief interlude to 69 (Mike wanted to taste me while I was hot and wet) but then resumed fucking again. As we got closer to cumming, we debated whether he should cum over me or in me and how much he would have loved to cum over Lucy while he’d been rubbing cream into her body. I got him to describe how he would have worked his fingers into her bikini and played with her pussy, then pulled his cock out and fucked her before cumming over her (if he ever actually got the chance to fuck Lucy I know that he would actually want to cum in her). It was clear that we were reaching the end of our session so Mike lifted up my legs and pounded into me over and over. His cock felt like it was reaching all the way inside me and I told him what I could feel as my orgasm got closer and closer. He carried on until I came, fucked me a bit longer and when he started to cum, he pulled out and squirted a load up my body before pushing back into me. He didn’t quite make it back inside me in time, so I had another squirt onto my pussy, but whatever else came out, did so inside me. He moved a little bit more before pulling out and rubbing his cock over my cunt and thighs and then collapsing beside me.

We desperately needed something to drink and made our way back upstairs to the living room & kitchen. More people had come indoors to hide from the sun and they commented on our obviously sweaty state. I told them they were just jealous and it was the best way to enjoy the heat. Once I’d had some water I asked if Ethan still wanted me to repay him for earlier and when he said yes, we went to his room (he was sharing with Simon as they are now officially a couple) and I let him fuck me before finishing him off with a combination of my mouth and hands. As he came, I directed his cock at my chest and was rewarded with a second load of cum on me. I didn’t wipe this off and we returned to the others with it dripping down my body. I rubbed some of the cum (both Mike’s and Ethan’s) onto Julia, but she didn’t flinch so I went for a better target and pressed myself up against Lis’ back. She tried to run away so I grabbed her and rubbed myself against her (‘accidentally’ copping a feel as I did so). When I let her go we could see that I’d transferred a decent amount of cum onto her back so I helped out by rubbing it in (Mike wasn’t the only one who liked the idea of having his cum on Lis, Ethan also thought it was hot).


  1. Hot blog. I came so hard reading that post that I hit myself in the cheek.

    Is Abrahii Indian? My former girlfriend was Indian and she fucked better and was tighter than any girl I have been with.

  2. She is Pakistani and certainly quite enthusiastic about sex. She comes from a fairly strict family which is possibly why she is making the most of her freedom at Uni. She isn't quite to the level of Julia or me yet, but she certainly seems to be heading in that direction.

  3. If you happen to have a pic of your former gf (preferably naked), I'd be more than happy to receive it and construct a fantasy around fucking her :)