Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 3

I asked Mel if Julia was allowed to join in the fun and she gave her permission to go ahead so I knelt and licked her for a little bit before offering her up to one of the guys. Simon felt that as Stuart had got to cum, he deserved to cum as well so they went off and played for a while and Julia returned naked. I schemed with her to find ways to liven things up a bit and we came up with a plan that we discussed with a couple of the others for later that night. I wanted to try and push things a bit further but wasn’t sure how many people would be willing to play so sent Mike out to get some more alcohol to help lubricate the games (note, don’t use alcohol as an actual lubricant – it doesn’t work).

We went out to get food that night and I wore my new dress with my small bikini underneath it. Even though I was more covered than usual, the combination of transparent dress and underwear seems to draw more attention than transparent dress and nudity and I enjoyed the feeling. I made Jen play along and she just had a short top on and a sarong (no panties) and Abrahii had worn one of her short shift dresses without underwear. We went to the beach and flirted quite a bit with various people and I then asked if anyone wanted to play a game. It wasn’t difficult to guess that this would have a sexual component as I had suggested it and a number of people were willing so we headed back to the villa and back up onto the roof. We set out some candles to provide light and Julia produced some blindfolds (t-shirts) and asked who wanted to play ‘guess the pussy’.

The rules were fairly simple, Julia, Abrahii and I would offer ourselves up and the blindfolded guys had a minute in each one of us. At the end, they had to guess the order they had been in us and if they guessed correctly, they could fuck us properly (and cum in us). A number of the guys were willing to try and we tried to convince some of the other girls to join in. Obviously Lis, Mary and Lucy were out as they are gay, but neither Alison nor Abigal would join in either. Mel seemed to be wavering and I think if we’d suggested it a little later in the night (after more alcohol) she might have agreed, but she decided to just watch and cheer. I would have quite liked for Sarah to join in, but neither she nor her boyfriend had been tested (as far as we knew) so we didn’t take the chance.

The three of us lined up against the wall and Mel blindfolded the first contestant (Richard). We switched places and stuck our asses out while Mel guided him to Julia and helped him get inside (she may not have wanted to offer her pussy, but she seemed more than happy to lend a hand). He wasn’t allowed to touch her (with his hands) and once he’d fucked her for about a minute (we weren’t timing exactly), Mel guided him over to me. I felt Mel’s hand on my pussy as she guided him into me and he then started to fuck me. We realised that this was going to take ages if each guy spent about three minutes fucking us, so once Richard finished in me and had been guided to Abrahii, Mel set about blindfolding two more people (Mike and Simon). Once Richard finished his turn with Abrahii, the new contestants were led over and took turns in us, then switched around a couple of times so they had each tried us all.

Alison took care of noting down the order people fucked us and what their guesses were and then helped blindfold the last contestants (Ethan and Ashraf) and they took their turn with us. Their guesses were noted and the scores were tallied up. Two people guessed correctly about Abrahii while Julia or myself got one each (disturbingly, Mike guessed Abrahii and not me). This made it much easier for people to take their reward as we hadn’t figured out what we would have done if someone had got all three of us right (I doubt they could have taken us all in turn). Ashraf hadn’t got any of us right so he didn’t get a prize but we stayed in place for the others to come and take their rewards. I had Simon, Mike had Abrahii and Richard took Julia. Once Mike finished in Abrahii (he didn’t draw things out too much), Ethan took his turn with her and I suggested that as he had at least competed, Ashraf could get to give Abrahii a bonus fuck as her reward for being the most recognisable (or guessable) cunt. She was game for this and Ashraf gave her a very messy fuck (she already had two loads of cum in her – or at least dripping out of her) and Ashraf added a third.

We all returned to the circle and chatted a while longer and making fun of Abrahii as she was making pussy farts whenever she changed position (I assume she had a dollop of cum stuck up inside her somewhere). The guys discussed fucking girls that already had someone else’s cum in them and Julia said that if any of the girls ever needed to be cleaned out before a fuck, she would be happy to lend a tongue. Abrahii ended up using a bottle on herself which came out covered in cum and the conversation turned to things that people had masturbated with. Mel proposed a drinking game based along these lines and we set the rules so if you repeated an item, you had to drink and if you hadn’t used the item to masturbate with (or fuck), you had to drink. The guys and girls had separate lists and a number of interesting items came up…

For the guys (in no particular order as people admitted more as they got drunker): hand (own), panties (sisters, friend’s, friend’s sister’s…), teddy bear, hoover, liver, chicken, clingfilm, fleshlight, friend’s hand, pussy, girl’s mouth, boy’s mouth, tights (hump against), shower, fabric coated wheel powered by old washing machine motor

For the girls: hand (own), hand (friend’s), cock, girl’s mouth, boy’s mouth, girl’s thigh & pussy, teddy bear (humping), dolls (insertion), hairbrush (everyone had done this), pritt stick, panties, hoover (sucking clit and nips), heel, pens/pencils, little toiletries, toothpaste pump, vibrating razor (own and father/brothers), table corner, washing machine, bedpost, corn on the cob, carrot, lollypop, shower, candles (with a note that scented ones aren’t suitable), boyfriend’s phone and of course, vibes & dildos.

It was decided that girls had the better time of it as we had more options, but by this point people were pretty drunk (at least the more prudish of us were, neither Julia nor I had to take many drinks during the game). I threatened to fuck Mary with my beer bottle (she had admitted to using very few things to masturbate so had drunk a fair bit) but we didn’t go any further than spreading her legs. I went after Lis next but Lucy said that she was the only one allowed to make Lis cum so I dared her to do so. At first she refused outright but we all pestered her and Lis didn’t seem to mind too much (she seems to have adopted the same attitude I did when I first joined the group, that the people there aren’t *her* friends so it didn’t matter quite as much). Lucy slipped her hand under Lis’ skirt and into her panties and we watched as she played with Lis. We couldn’t see much as it was dark and Lis’ panties mostly covered what was happening, but it was easy enough to see that Lucy got her to cum. I tried desperately to get Lis to return the favour, but no matter how much we tried, Lucy wasn’t prepared to go that far.

I felt quite horny by this point and challenged Steve to try me out. He’d taken my ass a couple of times during my birthday celebration and had admitted that it felt quite good but I wanted him to try out my cunt. He has fucked a couple of girls before (before he admitted he was gay) but it still took a bit of encouragement from people to get him to agree. He was already hard by the time I got his shorts off (so the idea of fucking me clearly didn’t repulse him) but I gave his cock a quick suck anyway to ensure he was really ready. I lay back on a few pillows and offered myself up to him and once he was inside me, I wrapped my legs around him to hold him in. I let him fuck me for a while and then told him that it was unfair to make him do the work, so we switched places and I rode his cock. I played with myself as I did this as I really wanted to cum with him inside me and after a fairly vigorous session of humping him, he came in me and I squeezed myself around him as hard as I could while I frigged myself to orgasm. When I climbed off his cock, I crawled up his body, letting his cum drip out of me onto his chest and asked if he wanted to eat me out and finish off the experiment. He wasn’t up for doing this but claimed it was due to not liking eating his own cum rather than it being anything about me. To be fair, Mike doesn’t like his own cum either and often won’t kiss me if I’ve sucked him off and have a mouthful of cum.

I had wanted to go for a midnight swim, but thought that too many of us were too drunk for it to be safe so we stayed chatting for a while and people started to drift off to their rooms. Ashraf went off with Richard (as the only two single people on the holiday, they had been sharing a bed – just for warmth I’m sure) and Mike Jen and I headed down (via the kitchen to get water). Jen agreed to let Mike suck on her nipples while I ate her and I let Mike fuck me before we fell asleep. I woke up early in the morning and needed to pee – on the way back from the bathroom I decided to take a detour up to the roof to watch the sunrise (I’d missed the actual sunrise, but got to enjoy a very peaceful view). I saw a group of people arriving at the villa next to us but as I was up on the roof (and naked so I couldn’t lean too far forwards to look) I couldn’t tell much about them. I returned to Mike and Jen and after a further doze, we had our morning session where Jen was kind enough to clean me out after Mike came in me.

After we’d had breakfast, Lis took Mike aside and let him suck on Lucy’s dildo (he had arranged this with her the night before – and I wish he’d included me). We went to the beach for a while but some of us who wanted to sunbathe naked returned to the villa and went back to the roof. It wasn’t quite a free for all, but some of us helped to oil each other up and were quite liberal with the stroking and fondling as this happened. When we’re doing things like that I really think it would be wonderful to move somewhere sufficiently warm that it could be an everyday (or at least frequent occurrence). Being able to be completely naked in the warm sun and having multiple people to play with is certainly an amazing feeling and it wasn’t too long before I decided that I wanted to do a bit more than just play. Fortunately it is always fairly easy to convince guys to fuck and I ended up lying on my front with Richard on top of me (and inside me). I had been pumping away on Ashraf’s cock and he asked if I could suck him and I learned that suncream doesn’t taste that good. Once he’d wiped his cock clean I had another (more successful go) and took a decent length of his cock into my mouth.

Richard wanted to help out as well so we changed position so I was on top. Ashraf lay beside us and offered his cock to Richard and from time to time I leant forwards and help to lick him. I tried to watch how Richard sucked Ashraf (working on the principle that guys should really know how to suck cock properly), but was distracted by Richard thrusting up and down into me. I still helped out though and as Ashraf got closer to cumming, we got his cock between our mouths and lashed the head with our tongues. Ashraf came over Richard’s face and in his mouth and he seemed happy to swallow as I sat up and continued to ride him. He sucked Ashraf a bit longer but I was getting close to cumming and encouraged him to fuck me faster. I came first (I got him to rub my clit) but stayed on his cock until he came and then stood looking out over the beach while Ashraf briefly licked me clean.

While we’d been doing this, Mike had been playing with Julia and ended up fucking her while she ate Mel. Mike had offered to fuck Mel as well but was turned down. She did let him help Julia eat her though providing he would pay a penalty and once he’d agreed to this, between them they fairly quickly made her cum. The penalty was that Mike had to play a modified game of guess the pussy. He was quite pleased at this penalty until he heard the modification. Mel wanted him to play ‘guess the mouth’ and offered Steve and Ashraf as possible options. He was clearly unsure about this, but Mike likes to think of himself as fairly open and progressive (maybe not quite as much as Julia or me) and he said that he would agree.

He was given a seat and blindfolded and I was given the task of getting him hard again. I wasn’t allowed to participate as it was assumed he would know my style so he had to guess between Julia, Abrahii, Steve and Ashraf. They each had a turn and took varying lengths of his cock into their mouths. I watched their different styles (licking around the head, bobbing up and down, sucking quite hard, etc.). Mel told Mike to just enjoy the feeling and that someone was going to make him cum. I suggested that they each spend 30 seconds sucking him in turn so it would really be down to who was the best (or rather who happened to be sucking him at the right time). Mel agreed to this and they went round one rotation. Mike wasn’t trying to hold back or draw things out and told them he was getting close. They weren’t allowed to use their hands and as Abrahii finished he said he was really close, but he didn’t cum while Ashraf was sucking him. He still doesn’t know if it was Steve or Julia that made him cum so I can’t say who it was, but either way, he certainly met Mel’s condition and expanded his horizons.

As a reward for Mike, Julia, Abrahii and I showered together and we let him watch as we enacted the standard lesbian shower scene (fingering, playing with breasts, eating each other). Mike was allowed to finish Abrahii off (eating her) and Julia and I took care of each other. The two of us stayed under the running water as we fingered each other and as I came I whispered to Julia that I was glad she was allowed to play with people again. I was going to slide onto Mike’s cock but he had already softened by the time I got over to him.

Julia suggested that we find out about the people who were staying next door so a small contingent of us headed over and found out that it was a bunch of kids on holiday before they split up and headed off to Uni. We arranged to meet up and have a drink with them later on and headed back to the villa for lunch. Now that Julia didn’t have to behave herself (quite as much), she at least wanted to flirt with some of the younger guys. We came up with a few plans and after lunch headed downstairs to have a rest and avoid the heat. Before we went to sleep, Ethan said that he wanted to use me but Simon told him that he would play with him instead so they headed off to their room. I was a little disappointed, but Jen was there to help out and she and I ended up 69ing while Mike watched and played with himself (we came, but he didn’t).

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