Friday, 26 October 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 4

We dozed for a while and headed back over to the beach for another swim later in the afternoon. A few of us (girls) went up to the roof and shaved each other to ensure we remained nice and smooth and some of us even used a mini-lick test to check once we were done (nobody came, but everyone was licked by at least one person). We let a couple of the guys rub the balm in to ensure we didn’t get razor burn and if we’d had more time I think we could have got at least a couple of people to go further and fuck (or at least cum in some way), but other people were hungry so we got ready and headed out. Once we’d had dinner, we called and collected the school kids (as we referred to them). They weren’t as much fun as we’d hoped – a number of them were already paired off and not many of them were that interesting to talk to (I do hope I was a bit more mature at their age). We still had a fairly good time though and I ended up chatting with a guy called Paul who wasn’t quite a part of the group, but was along with his older brother. As we talked, it was obvious that he kept eyeing up one of the girls from his group (who was with another guy) and when I mentioned that I could tell he was constantly looking at her, he got quite embarrassed.

We invited them back to our villa and went up to the roof to carry on chatting. Julia and I had gone different routes in order to tease people – she had one of her small bikinis on and stripped off her t-shirt while I had a pair of shorts on with sufficiently baggy legs that it was fairly easy to see up to my naked pussy. We only had candles as light up on the roof (to keep the insects away), but I think a couple of the guys sitting opposite me may have noticed. I carried on chatting to Paul who seemed to be the cleverest one amongst them (despite being one of the youngest) and after a few drinks he ended up telling me that his brother was much sportier and more popular with the girls. He really liked this girl Jenna who seemed to have dated a few guys in the older group (including his brother), but had never shown any interest in him and I explained how he would (probably) have much more luck if he tried younger girls (from my girlfriends I know that almost all of us prefer older guys – something about younger guys being immature…).

I felt a little sorry for him as he actually seemed like a nice guy so I decided that
I would help to improve his holiday. At this point I didn’t know how much by, but I thought I could at least start things off and asked if he would come and help me look out some more candles. We headed downstairs and after we’d got the candles, we sat and chatted in the living room. I sat facing him and we chatted a bit more about Jenna. I told him that girls generally like confident (but not arrogant) guys and sort of skirted around asking him how experienced he was. I pulled off my t-shirt (as it was still quite warm) to expose my bikini top and when I caught him staring at my breasts I asked him if he liked them. He did so I moved over to sit beside him and told him he could play with them if he wanted and after a slow start, he fondled them for a while until I pulled my bikini top off and let him fondle my nipples directly. I could see the bulge in his shorts and reached over to him. He jumped as I slid my hand down his stomach but didn’t stop me as I pushed my hand into his shorts and wrapped it around his cock. It felt very hot and after I stroked him a couple of times, he felt very wet as well. He apologised to me but I told him it was fine and I stroked him a while longer, using his cum as lube.

I told him that we should get him cleaned up and with a bit of effort, persuaded him to remove his shorts. After a quick trip to the bathroom and waiting for him to shower his lower half down, I towel dried his cock and let my breath play over it until he was hard again. I said that it was only fair that as I’d seen him cum, he should get to see me cum (if he wanted, which he did) so we made our way to the bedroom and I stripped off. I sat up on the bed and let him finger me. He didn’t really know what he was doing so I gave him a bit of direction until it felt better and then asked (although I was already fairly sure) if he was a virgin. He said that he was so I pulled out a condom and asked if he wanted to fix that. I rolled it onto his cock and briefly took him into my mouth. I pulled him on top of me and guided his cock towards my cunt and told him to push into me. He pushed the whole way in and I told him that it was better to work his way in slowly but when he apologised I explained that it was fine and I just wanted him to enjoy himself. I contracted myself around him as hard as I could and let him pump back and forth while telling him to try to concentrate on holding back. Even then it was only a minute or so before he came and I told him to push hard into me and then pull out before he went soft.

He was quite out of breath so I gave him one last treat and gently sucked his cock again. I asked if he wanted to see me cum and when he said he did, I sat up against the headboard, spread my legs and fingered myself for him (and for me). He watched closely as I plunged a couple of fingers in and out of my cunt and played with my clit (I ended up reached around underneath my leg so he would get a better view) and moaned as I came. After sucking my fingers clean I suggested that we get back to the others and he obediently followed me. Just before we got to the roof I asked if he wanted to ‘practise’ a bit more the next day and he enthusiastically agreed so I told him to come and visit at about 10. A few of his group had already left and we got rid of the rest after about another half-hour. I filled Mike and Jen in on what had happened and ended up telling Julia about it as well.

The two of us discussed the merits of age in a (sexual) partner and how older guys could generally last a lot longer. Julia recalled the times she used to play with her brother and his friends and how some of them came very quickly when they first started, but soon learned to draw things out and we decided that it was possibly experience rather than age that counted. I asked Mel if Julia could help me increase his experience and she agreed so we made a few plans and eventually headed off to bed.

Mike and Jen shared a bed with Abrahii that night (I had promised to make it up to Richard) and I spent the night with Simon and Ethan. As it was fairly late, we didn’t have a spectacularly long session, but I let them take turns fucking me while I sucked the other one. In the morning, Simon helped me to suck Ethan awake and we somehow ended up in a proper threesome. Mike and Jen had both made Abrahii cum before they’d gone to sleep (Jen ate her and Abrahii ate Jen while Mike fucked her) and in the morning, Mike and Jen ate Abrahii together and Mike then fucked her while Jen sat over her face. Mike then helped to shave Abrahii (she only had a little stubble, but any chance to get close to a pussy…) and Jen helped to do the lick test on her to ensure she was smooth.

I’d eaten breakfast, showered (to clean out my pussy) and sent Mike and Jen to hide in the room next door before Paul arrived (he seemed harmless enough, but I didn’t want to expose myself to too much risk). The rest of our group were either up sunbathing or over on the beach so I was able to answer the door naked and invite him in (I had to hide behind the door as I opened it as it looked out directly onto a busy path. Paul was excited to see me naked and I quickly led him to my room and told him that we could try a few things out. I helped pull his clothes off and asked if he thought he could hold out a little longer today or if we should get him to cum first and then do things properly afterwards. He was sure he could hold back so I tested him by rubbing his cock against my breasts and then sandwiching it between them. I rubbed up and down, using some of my saliva as lube and within a minute he said that he was getting close. I told him that it was fine and to just enjoy himself and carried on squeezing and rubbing my breasts around his cock until he shot his cum up over my neck and breasts.

I towelled myself off and then we went to the shower where I stood behind Paul with my breasts pressed up against his back and reached around to help clean off his cock. This had the desired effect of getting him hard again and once we’d dried off, we quickly returned to the bedroom and I asked if he wanted to try fucking me again. I helped him put the condom on and briefly sucked him before suggesting that I should go on top this time. He was fine with that and once I’d mounted him, we started to fuck and as before, I encouraged him to try to hold back for as long as he could. He lasted a little bit longer this time (or at least I got a little more pleasure out of it before he came) but as I was the one on top I’d been able to grind against him more. When he said he was close to cumming I lay down and pressed my breasts against his chest so he could more easily move in me and told him to fuck my cunt. He had no problem doing this and came almost as soon as he started. I rode up and down on his cock a few more times before dismounting and telling him that it was now time for a lesson in making me cum.

I lay back on the bed and let him examine my pussy and push his fingers into me. I then gave him a vibe and instructed him on how to best fuck me with it, using it both inside me as well as on my clit. He watched intently as he pumped the vibe in and out of me and I pulled my lips open so he could easily play with my clit at the same time. As my orgasm approached I described to him what I could feel and how he could draw it out for me (without just stopping) or speed things up and as I came I moaned and told him how good it felt. As I lay recovering, I let him have another good look at my cunt and decided on a slight change of plan for later that day, but for now I just wanted to test one more thing.

I pulled off his condom and cleaned his cock (I think he had softened after fucking me and then gone hard again while helping me cum, but I didn’t really care). I put another condom on him and told him that it was time for him to experience a blow job. I used everything I’d learned from Sue, Julia and watching the guys and sucked him. I flicked and twirled my tongue over the head, kissed and licked up and down the shaft, fondled his balls, pumped and squeezed his cock… I was really just trying to see if I could get him to cum for a third time and even though it took a while longer than his earlier orgasms, I got him to cum and he even pushed my head down on his cock as he did so. I carried on twirling my tongue around his cock until he said he couldn’t take any more and I told him that he’d done really well before inviting him back later on.

I showed him to the front door and just before I opened it, I pressed myself up against him, grinding against his crotch and told him that I was looking forward to having him fuck me again that night. I was pleased to feel his cock harden again (and debated seeing if he was up for a fourth round, but I felt Mike and Jen had been locked up for long enough) so I opened the door (standing to the side of it again) and let him out (with him trying to hide the bulge in his shorts). I called for Mike and Jen to come out and gave them the details of the session and my plan for the evening and we then joined the others over on the beach.

Having only cum once, I felt fairly horny and this was clear to other people (in our group anyway). I had worn one of my skimpy bikinis and gone topless as soon as we got to the beach. I let Lis put sun cream on me and she massaged it into my breasts quite thoroughly (Lucy knows that Lis likes breasts, but Lis didn’t tell her about her fetish for large breasts as she didn’t want Lucy to feel inferior to Vicky). When Lis did my legs I spread them to allow her to get all the way to the top and her hands ran over the exposed parts of my ass (as I said, it was a very skimpy bikini). There were a couple of gentle strokes, but I really wanted her to just push her fingers between my cheeks and down to my pussy and when she said that she was done I instinctively offered to cream her in return.

Lis was topless and I did her back first and then her front. Lucy was lying beside Lis so I went easy on Lis’ breasts (Lucy does know about my fetish for small breasts) and then moved down to do Lis’ legs. I did the lower half first and then worked my way up her thighs. Lis spread her legs slightly, but she had a less revealing bikini on so her pussy and ass were completely covered. I carried on working my way slowly up her legs while talking to people. I wasn’t quite as well behaved as Lis was and as I did the top of her thighs, I pushed my thumb or little finger (depending on which thigh I was on) against her crotch and stroked up and down. As I rubbed around her bikini, I slipped my fingers just under the material – I couldn’t do this when my fingers were between her legs, but once again I pressed against her pussy and actually pressed hard enough that I pushed the material a little way between her lips. My own pussy was buzzing by this point and I knew I needed to do something so I told Lis I’d finished and moved over to Jen.

She was lying on her front and I caressed her ass before slipping my fingers into her bikini and pushing them down towards her pussy. I whispered to her that I needed to cum and asked her to come for a swim with me – I think the fact that my fingertips were running over her pussy indicated my urgency and she agreed so we took our leave. Once in the sea, I explained to Jen how I had fondled Lis and I pushed Jen’s hand down between my legs. Naturally, I didn’t leave her out and pushed a hand into her bikini so I could fondle her as well and we played with each other while bobbing up and down with the swell. I undid the string on one side of my bikini to make it easier for Jen to finger me and she took advantage of this by pushing a couple of fingers into me. Seawater doesn’t exactly help to lubricate things, but it felt nice having her fingers in me while she rubbed my clit and I tried to do the same to her, but her bikini restricted my movements more. I held on to her and lifted a leg so she could do me properly. Jen played with my clit and it felt wonderful cumming in front of so many people (the beach was fairly busy) even if what we were doing was hidden.

It was only when I put my leg back down that I realised that my bikini had slipped down my other leg and I had stepped out of it. Jen dived under to have a look, but the visibility was fairly low and she couldn’t find it. I told her that she could go and fetch me another from the villa (so it was a good thing it was right by the beach), but decided that if I was going to have to be naked until she returned, I may as well be naked while fingering her and finishing off what we started. It didn’t take too long to achieve this and as soon as she’d cum, Jen swam back to shore, told Mike to keep me company, and wandered back to the villa. Mike swam out to me and fondled me before swimming back and forth between my legs (groping me each time) and Jen eventually returned with another pair of bikini panties which I slipped on. I was a bit disappointed as I had quite liked the pair I’d lost (and they hadn’t been that cheap), but at least I felt a bit more satisfied as we returned to shore.

It wasn’t much longer before we went for lunch, followed by a rest (or at least shelter from the sun for the more sunburn prone amongst us). I decided to take the opportunity to repay Richard for lending Abrahii to Mike and Jen the previous night and seeing as Paul had so obviously enjoyed my tit-fuck, I offered the same to Richard. It was a hot day and while nowhere near as humid as it had been earlier in the week, we were still quite sweaty which made it much easier. He had opted to sit on the edge of the bed and let me kneel in front of him and as I rubbed his cock between my breasts I accidentally offered him a threesome with Abrahii as extra payment (I don’t know why I was the one paying as Mike and Jen were the ones who benefitted). Richard liked the sound of this and was sure Abrahii would agree and I promised that we would fuck him dry (fittingly, it was around this point that he came over my breasts and neck). I told him that he didn’t have to make me cum and lay down with Jen and Mike. Jen rubbed his cum into my neck and breasts and got me nicely aroused, but I wanted to hold back so I was ready for my second session of the day with Paul.

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