Monday, 29 October 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 5

I didn't realise how long this entry was so I'l post every two days until it all done.

Once things had cooled off a bit, we spent a bit of time up on the roof, freshened up and then headed out to have a drink. After a while, Julia and I excused ourselves and headed back to the villa and I leant her one of Jen’s white dresses. She looked really quite cute in it and I was debating quickly changing into something similarly cute when Paul arrived. I let him in and led him to my bedroom – on the way, Julia ‘happened’ to come out of her room and when I invited her to come and chat with us, the look of disappointment on Paul’s face was obvious. This turned to confusion when I cupped Julia’s breasts through the dress and then ran my hand down her front and cupped her crotch. I told him that Julia and I sometimes played together and wondered if he would like to see. By this point, I was pushing the material of the dress between Julia’s lips (and was recalling doing this with Lis’ bikini).

He certainly seemed interested and I told him that he would still get to fuck me as I pulled the dress up and pushed Julia back onto the bed. I’d asked her to be fairly passive to start off with and she obediently spread her legs when I told her to. I fingered her and showed Paul what I was doing and then told him that once we’d had a proper play, I would teach him to eat pussy. I gave a little demonstration of this – or at least it was meant to be a little demonstration, but I got carried away and continued until Julia had cum. I assumed that given this view, he would probably cum fairly quickly so decided to stick to what had worked so far and make him cum quickly before playing properly. I thought that I may as well have some fun as well so I sat over Julia’s face and got her to eat me, before telling Paul to kneel beside us and give me his cock so I could get him to cum over Jules. He did indeed cum fairly quickly and I let him rub his cum into her breasts while he sucked on my nipples. As I got closer to cumming, I told him what Julia’s tongue was doing to me and how we would teach him this once we’d fucked. Once I’d cum, we cleaned up Julia’s breasts and his cock and I asked if he would like to try a different pussy.

He was more than happy to fuck Julia and once he had a condom on, I guided him into her. She was on all fours and I showed him how to reach around and play with her clit and breasts. I crawled under them and watched as he fucked her and a couple of times I lifted my head to lick them both (but not for long as I didn’t want to do anything to make him cum even faster). I stayed under Jules until he came and when he pulled out, we both kissed and licked the head of his cock (still with condom on).

It was now time for his pussy eating lesson and I let Julia show him what to do and then let him have a go (using a dental dam of course). He lapped away at my pussy and occasionally rubbed my clit – it felt quite nice, but as he kept stopping for Julia to grade his work, it took a while and I was squirming around by the end. I did eventually cum and it was quite a strong orgasm so once I’d caught my breath, I congratulated him and explained that while some women didn’t like being eaten, quite a few thought it was really nice and that it was certainly easier for them to cum like that than by just fucking. I told him that if he could make Julia cum in the same way, I would fuck him again so he could have two girls in one session and he seemed quite keen on this idea. Julia lay on the bed, spread her legs and I spread her lips to make the job easier for him. I watched as he lapped away at her and got him to use different techniques (long hard licks, flicking his tongue against her clit…). I also explained spearing to him and how he could lick right inside someone (as long as they had both been tested). I toyed with Julia’s breasts as she got closer to cumming and encouraged Paul to lick her faster and harder as she came and then told him to slow down. I then offered him Julia’s breasts to suck on while she recovered and I whispered to her about what I wanted to do next.

As a reward for having made us both cum, I told him that instead of just fucking me, he could fuck us both and we knelt on all fours presenting our cunts to him. He clambered around behind us and pushed into me and started pumping away, then pulled out and pushed into Julia. I told him to make sure that when he came, he was inside me and he said that he would. He actually lasted quite a bit longer this time and fucked us four times each before he said he was going to cum (but this was his sixth orgasm of the day, which I was quite impressed by – for a guy anyway). As promised, he finished off inside me before pulling out and sitting down, looking quite tired. The fucking had felt nice enough, but he still needed practice on his technique so I wasn’t that close to cumming, but I asked Jules if she fancied 69ing for him and she agreed. While he watched, Julia climbed over me and we ate and fingered each other. I spread Julia’s lips wide open so he could watch my tongue lashing her clit and after a while he moved round to see what she was doing to me, but as she was on top he probably couldn’t see much. I made Julia cum before I came (and I use this as evidence that I’m better at eating pussy than she is) and used the intervening time to demonstrate to him how to kitty kiss (I intend to get this phrase into common use – as well as educate people how to do it).

Once Julia had also cum, I told him that if he was up for it, he could drop by the following morning for more lessons, but that we had to get back to everyone now before they wondered where we’d got to (a number of people knew full well where we were, but we thought we’d given him enough for one night). He promised to return and we let him out, got dressed and headed back to meet up with the rest of the gang. I convinced Julia to wear Jen’s white dress (with nothing under it of course) and she was impressed by the number of looks that she got. I told her that she should dress cutely more often, but Jules isn’t really a ‘cutesy’ kind of girl (although is a lot more so than when I first met her). Once we met up with people, we filled some of them in on what we’d been up to and after another drink, headed down to the beach.

Someone suggested a midnight swim (it wasn’t quite midnight, but I don’t think that was the point) and a few of us stripped off and went in naked. Some of the others took more convincing and a couple of people kept their underwear on (Lucy and Sarah – I’m looking at you – although I guess I would have been looking more if you’d been naked). We splashed around a bit and I took the opportunity to brush up against Ashley a couple of times and suggested that we strip off Sarah’s underwear. I pointed out that she had been sunbathing topless so we’d all seen her breasts and she conceded that her bra could be removed – when we tried to pull her panties off as well she ran back to the beach though. It was warm enough that we didn’t need to worry about drying off, although most people semi-covered up while we sat and chatted. A few guys came over and talked to us (obviously attracted by the naked and semi-naked women) and even though I didn’t really need to cum (as Paul and Julia had sated me for the time being), I gently stroked my pussy as we talked.

Julia saw what I was doing and told Abrahii to join in and then did so herself as well. I hadn’t actually been intending to cum, but Julia and Abrahii were clearly heading in that direction so I thought I may as well go for broke with them and started to apply a bit more pressure to my clit. For people in our group, seeing us do this was nothing new (even though we don’t often masturbate simultaneously), but the random people who were chatting to us were clearly somewhat surprised – especially as nobody in our group was commenting on what we were doing. Eventually one of the guys pointed us out and asked if we did that often and were just told that we enjoyed sex and didn’t mind people watching us. I felt that if we were going to put on a show, then we may as well do it properly and as I’d just done things with Julia, I asked Abrahii to come over to me and let me eat her.

I lay on my back, continued to finger myself and let Abrahii sit over my face. This didn’t work out quite as well as I’d hoped as her pussy had bits of sand over it (she had brushed herself off, but we *were* sitting on a beach). I’ve decided that I quite like the seawater-pussy juice combination, but the same certainly detracted from the experience. Having started though, I soldiered on and ate Abrahii to orgasm while she (I’m told) played with her breasts. Abrahii climbed off me and Julia came next. I came a few minutes later and we then returned to the conversation and acted as if nothing had happened. I had been expecting one of the guys to offer to help us out or ask for a fuck, but was disappointed (actually not that disappointed as I’d cum enough). The most they got was Abrahii asking one of them to help brush the sand off her ass before she put her panties back on (despite the fact that she clearly enjoys sex as much as Julia and I do, she still usually wears panties).

It was getting late so we headed back to the villa. On the way back I chatted to Abrahii and asked her why she hadn’t played with the guys and she just asked me the same in return. I explained what I’d been up to with my little virgin (although he wasn’t really a virgin anymore). She said that she would like to help out with his training and we agreed that she would join us in the morning. I hadn’t quite figured out what else to do with him, but I assumed that he wouldn’t argue with having a new pussy to fuck. I had planned on playing with Jen back at the villa (in front of people), but decided to put that off so we could get to bed. I still played with Jen (as well as Mike), but I only helped them to cum and didn’t bother cumming myself (even I reach my limit sometimes). On the Saturday morning I let Mike fuck me while I kissed Jen and ground my thigh against her pussy. I made sure that he didn’t cum in me so I was nice and clean for Paul, but in return he was allowed to cum over Jen’s front and she went to breakfast with his cum over her breasts.

We hadn’t quite finished by the time Paul arrived, but I headed down to let him in and led him to my room. I had really wanted Abrahii to be present from the beginning, but decide to just take care of his initial quick cum while we were waiting (although he didn’t yet know we were waiting for her). I slipped on a pair of panties and got him to stand in front of me so I could fondle his cock. I was being fairly gentle so he didn’t cum too quickly but he actually lasted quite a bit longer than I had expected. I wanked him while fondling his balls and was rewarded with having my breasts covered with his cum. Once we’d cleaned up, we sat and fondled each other until there was a knock at the door. I answered it and let Abrahii in. She had a white, simple one piece dress on that contrasted with her dark skin beautifully and I introduced her to Paul and told him that she wanted to join us. He seemed to be incredulous that I had a ready supply of women for him so I got him to come over to us and I pushed his hand between Abrahii’s legs. He didn’t need any more encouragement than this and he fondled her crotch for a few minutes while I stood behind Abrahii and caressed her breasts through her dress.

We moved over to the bed and I got Paul to undress Abrahii. She had white panties on under the dress, but these were quickly removed and I had a quick lick of her pussy before letting Paul play with her while I sat over her face. Once he’d had a bit of time to explore her, I reached forwards, held her lips open and told him to go ahead and fuck her. I watched him quickly put the condom on and felt his cock slide into her (I still had my fingers on her lips) before I sat up and let Abrahii continue to eat me. I got him to lift her legs up so he could get deep inside her (I know I enjoy this position so I assumed she would as well) and I told him to give her the best fucking he could. I certainly couldn’t fault his enthusiasm and he pumped away in her for a little while before cumming and pulling out. I didn’t think it was fair for Abrahii to be left out so once Paul was out of the way, I lay forwards and 69ed with her until we had both cum (I came first, but she had been eating me the whole time).

I told Paul that I wanted him to fuck me next and he said that he wasn’t sure he could cum again so soon. To be fair, I thought he had been doing really well with his triple cums, but I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I appreciated that he needed a little time to prepare though and told him that we could do a bit more ‘training’ in the meantime. I didn’t really have a plan for this bit so we just took things as they came and I helped him fondle, lick, kiss and suck on Abrahii’s breasts. We managed to get her nipples nice and hard and I then let Paul and Abrahii have a play with my breasts. By this point I felt it was time to give him a test on his cunnilingus and instructed him to move down between my legs and demonstrate what he had learned. He was clearly still no expert, but it felt nice enough and once I was happy that he had been paying attention, I asked if he was ready to fuck again.

It was only fair that Abrahii should get to experience his tongue as well so we ended up with Paul on his back, me on his cock and Abrahii over his face. I made her face away from me as I wanted to join in with things and once she was in place and I could see Paul was eating her, I spread her cheeks and lapped around her ass as I rode up and down. I tried a few time to push my tongue down to her cunt, but the dental dam got in the way so I focused on her ass and even speared her a few times. I reminded Paul to let me know when he came, but it was fairly obvious as he humped into me faster and faster and then stopped. I let him stay inside for a minute or so and then lifted myself off, but stayed where I was so I could help out with Abrahii. From the sounds she made, she had a pretty good orgasm and once she had caught her breath, I told Paul that it was now time for him to make me cum. He wanted to finger and lick me at the same time so I granted his wish and one orgasm later, watched as he tasted my juices from his fingers.

We had a quick chat about safe sex and how it was fine in our case (Abrahii, Julia and myself) for him to taste us as we had been tested recently (I didn’t elaborate as to *why* we had been tested), but warned him that in future he would have to make sure he was careful. As a parting gift, we let him finger us both at the same time and then use vibes on us both. He didn’t seem surprised when I asked if he wanted to drop by later on in the day for more training and I promised to collect him later on. After showing him out and returning to Abrahii, the two of us headed up to the roof to join the others. It was fairly cloudy, so a few people had gone over to swim in the sea and as sunbathing was out of the question, I ended up going for a wander with Lis.

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