Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 6

We stopped off at a café and chatted for quite a while. I apologised to her for having fondled her on the beach the previous day and she said that I didn’t need to worry and she had really enjoyed it. (Lis is almost always like that and it really doesn’t help to make things any easier). I had intended for the conversation to try and calm things down, but ended up telling Lis how I had needed to cum so badly that I’d had Jen play with me in the sea (and then told her how I’d lost my bikini bottoms and had to get Jen to get a second pair while I waited naked for her). We had a good laugh over this and Lis said that she should have got Jen to tell her so she could have kept me company instead of Mike. I pointed out that me being naked (and alone) with her would probably lead to bad things happening (from Lucy’s point of view) and Lis agreed but said that it could still have been fun. We discussed how things were going between her and Lucy, about Lucy moving in with Lis, their sex life (Lis knows I like hearing about this and is constantly getting better at giving me more explicit details about what they get up to). We had to be careful with our conversation as we were surrounded by people, but the café was in a fairly noisy area so it wasn’t too difficult to talk loudly enough for the other one to hear, but not loud enough for the people at tables near us.

We wandered back and continued our conversation. I gave Lis all the details of what I’d been up to with Paul and Lis said that it might be fun to watch (although she obviously wouldn’t be letting him fuck her). When we arrived at the villa nobody was there, but they had left a note saying they had gone to join the others at the beach as the clouds had begun to clear. We went to get changed but Lis soon came into my room and asked me that as I’d lost my nice bikini panties, if I would like to borrow a white pair she had. I told her that I had plenty more (including more revealing ones) but she thought that the white ones would look cute on me. As you can guess, I find it hard to say no to Lis and slipped off the pair I had on and put my hand out to take the white ones. Lis said that she would put them on for me and knelt in front of me, instructing me to step into them and then pulling them up my legs.

She untied one side at a time and adjusted them for me, checking the fit the whole way round (waist and legs) and each time she ran her fingers under the material near my pussy I felt my cunt tingle more. She smoothed them down one last time, running her hands over my ass, pussy and mons and said that they looked really good on me. I had no intention of letting her tease me in that way without retribution so I told her that I should check how her ones fitted as well. Fortunately they had ties too so I had the opportunity to undo each side and get a look at Lis’ pussy. I noticed that she had a little stubble (she hadn’t been a part of the shaving party earlier in the week) and without thinking about it I offered to shave her. Lis didn’t hesitate much before agreeing to this and I quickly grabbed the things from my case before either of us changed our minds.

Lis pulled her bikini off and sat on my bed – I sponged her pussy with hot water, added some gel, rubbed it in and then set about shaving her. I worked around her pussy first, carefully shaving her lips and pulling them in various directions so I could ensure I didn’t miss anything. With this done, I quickly did her mons (which is much easier) and ran my fingers over the whole area to check for any missed stubble. While I’d been working on her, I had been sitting with my heel pressed against my pussy and by the time I rinsed Lis clean, I was slowly rocking back and forth, grinding against it. I checked Lis’ lips once more with my fingers and progressed to checking her inner lips. There was a heavy atmosphere of expectation in the room and I could feel (and see) Lis twitch as I stroked her. I ran my fingers back and forth over her clit a few times and slipped two fingers a fair way into her pussy. I tasted Lis from my fingers and told her that I thought we should probably stop.

Lis asked if I wanted her to check if I needed to be shaved and I was very tempted, but just climbed up onto the bed so I was lying on top of her and gave her a kiss. I pressed my thigh firmly against her pussy, looked her straight in the eyes and said that if she took my panties off, I would almost certainly end up planting my cunt over her face and 69ing with her until we had both cum many times. Technically I was being well behaved by trying to do the right thing, but this was slightly offset by the fact that I was rubbing my crotch up and down against her leg while using my leg to rub against her pussy. I don’t think it would have taken much for us to have ended up doing things, but we just had one more kiss and reluctantly separated. I tidied up the shaving items while Lis pulled her bikini back on (I decided not to help adjust it this time) and we had a talk about our ‘situation’. Lucy knows that I care about Lis and would love to get her back into bed and Lis told me that Lucy didn’t mind us fooling around a ‘little bit’ as long as it didn’t go too far. As I think is clear from the fact that Lis considered proposing to Lucy, she really loves her and neither of us want to do anything to damage their relationship. Lis also knows that I don’t want to do things with people who are already dating, unless their partner has given permission – or better still wants to join in – and we promised to try a bit harder to restrain ourselves in future. On the way to the beach I proposed something to Lis to try to equal the score a little and Lis liked the idea so much that I even got her to agree to an extra little bonus item.

We met up with the others and after a bit of swimming returned for lunch. Richard called in my promise for a threesome with him and Abrahii and we spent an hour or so playing in their room. This was much more fun than playing with Paul as Richard is somewhat more experienced (even though he’s had more men than he’s had women). Abrahii and I took turns riding him while the other one licked away at the juncture between his cock and our cunts. As always, I would have liked to have him cum inside me, but with two of us present there was only one ‘fair’ way to get his first load of cum out. When he got close, we knelt on the floor between his legs and licked up and down his cock. We teased him for a while, getting him fairly close to cumming and then pulling back, but didn’t do this for too long before telling him that he could cum. We each took a side of his glans and gently flicked at it with our tongues. Richard told us when he was just about to cum and we flicked as fast as we could until we were rewarded with his cum. It shot out and landed on our faces (a little more on Abrahii’s than on mine) and once he had finished cumming, Abrahii and I 69ed and got ourselves fairly close to cumming.

As we’d already played earlier, I had assumed that we were going to concentrate on Richard, but Abrahii has been ‘inspired’ by Julia and myself and when I tried to pull away, she said that she wanted to cum. I was more than happy to oblige and got Richard to spoon with her (he wasn’t quite ready to fuck again, but he was at least hard) and I concentrated on sucking Abrahii’s clit. She came quite quickly and Richard told her how he could feel her cunt spasm around his cock. I turned around so I could kiss her and play with her breasts and Richard stayed buried inside her. Once she’d had a bit of time to recover, I reached down and fondled her pussy and his cock and got him to start moving in her. With a bit of effort, we rolled over so Abrahii was on top of me (with Richard still fucking her). Richard kneeled up behind Abrahii and I reached down to her ass to pull her cheeks apart so he could get better depth and they fucked like this while Abrahii and I kissed.

She was kneeling up slightly and I could feel her breasts swaying and rubbing against mine. I asked Richard if he wanted to cum in her again or if he wanted a go at me and he said that he wanted a ‘proper’ threesome (by which he meant he wanted to do things to us both at the same time). Richard lay on his back and I have Abrahii the choice between his cock and his face and she graciously offered me his cock (as he’d already cum in her). I climbed onto him, she mounted his face and we set off. I bounced up and down on his cock quite energetically (the bed was quite soft and it was fun). I watched Abrahii play with her breasts and I worked on my clit until I was quite close. I had no idea how far Richard was from cumming and I didn’t intend to stop and ask, but I did ease back on frigging myself. I watched Abrahii cum again and told her to stay in place as long as she could, but she couldn’t take much more and climbed off Richard’s face. It was now easier for him to tell me how close he was and I was surprised to find out that he had already cum in me. I was still bouncing up and down on his cock and I know that Mike usually can’t take too much movement after he’s cum, but Richard seemed fine with it so I carried on energetically riding him (mostly for effect) and got him to play with my clit. He didn’t think he could cum again and told me to just enjoy myself so I did and once I’d cum, I pulled myself off his cock and planted my cunt on his face so he could also eat me. It wasn’t that I wanted to cum again; I just felt that if we were having a ‘proper’ threesome, then he should get to taste me as well as fuck me.

We rested for a while and as a final thing, Richard lay on his back with Abrahii and I either side of him. We licked and sucked his cock again while he fingered us both at the same time. The intention wasn’t to cum, we were just playing around and after doing this for a while, I demonstrated fucking Abrahii with my hair (twist it around and then bend in half to make it firm enough). Between us, we had tired Richard out so he stayed in bed to sleep while Abrahii and I went up to the roof to shower and enjoy the sun. I discussed my plans for Paul later that night with Abrahii and she offered to help out but I wanted him to myself so turned her down.

We returned to the beach and swam some more, I ‘helped’ Ethan put some suncream on, but somehow my hand slipped into his shorts and I gave him a good (but discreet) stroking. He had to lie on his front for a fair time to let his erection go down, but Julia didn’t help matters by sitting directly in front of him with her legs spread and pulling her bikini to the side so her pussy was just about peeking out. Once we had returned to the villa, had dinner and some people had gone out, I prepared for Paul’s arrival. I answered the door naked and let him to the bedroom, pulled his shorts off and told him that I had a nice evening planned. We started off by 69ing (once again I stressed to him how important it was for him to learn how to eat pussy properly). I was very gentle with his cock and just gently flicked up and down the shaft as he ate me. Only when I got closer to cumming did I take him in my mouth properly and as I came, I moaned around it and lashed the head with my tongue. This had the desired effect and I felt the condom inflate with his cum so after a few more (gentler) sucks I climbed off him and congratulated him on successfully making me cum.

I warned him that he had better be in a fit state to continue as I had a treat for him and after he’d played with my breasts for a while, I got him to lie on his back and mounted him. I let him pump away inside me for a short time but told him that I didn’t want him to cum until I’d cum and that he was going to find out what it felt like to have a cunt cumming around his cock. I ground myself against him, but also used a vibe on my clit. He reached up to play with my breasts and we discussed how different girls liked different things – I described how Jen liked having a lot of force used on her nipples and how other girls (including me) liked things to be much more gentle. He said that he was getting close to cumming so I stopped moving (but kept the vibe on my clit) and told him he only had to hold out a bit more. I could feel my orgasm building rapidly and contracted myself around his cock – he really liked the way that felt and just before I started to cum, I resumed humping against him, but much faster. I told him to fuck me and he pumped away inside me as I came. He hadn’t cum by the time my orgasm ended, but he said he was really close so I carried on moaning and telling him how good my cunt felt until he came.

We had another rest after this (I needed one just as much as he did) but I carried on gently stroking his cock and telling him that if he wanted, I had one more new thing for him to try. I wouldn’t tell him what it was for a while and then said that I wanted to give him a present and let him finish off the full ‘triple play’. He didn’t get what I was referring to (which I’m not surprised about as it is a phrase that Mike and I came up with) so I pointed out that he’d already fucked my mouth and cunt that night, but still had to do my ass. He seemed quite surprised that I was offering to let him do this to me, but was quite willing to add to his knowledge (I love a good student) and we started to prepare. I added a little lube to his condom and knelt on the bed – he moved around behind me, pushed his cock against and then slipped into my ass. I told him to start off gently (although I wasn’t expecting him to last for too long as my ass is somewhat tighter than my cunt). He slowly fucked me while I used a vibe on my clit and I got him to describe to me how it felt different. He then asked if I could lie on my back – this was the first time he had requested a position so I did as he asked and once he was back inside me, I resumed rubbing my clit with the vibe and then alternated between doing this and fucking myself with it. I don’t know why, but I felt really lewd doing this and ended up frigging my clit with my fingers so I could cum quickly. I didn’t quite catch up with him but was close enough that he was able to stay buried in my ass until I came.

Once he’d pulled out and he’d thanked me I warned him that not all girls liked having their asses fucked, but if he played with their cunts/clits/breasts at the same time, used lube and was gentle, they would be more likely to enjoy it (and let him do it again). I really wanted to go and meet up with the rest of the group but as a parting gift for the night, I put a generous amount of tingle gel in my hand and rubbed it over Paul’s cock and balls. He didn’t know what I was doing at first and said he didn’t think he could cum again, but after about 30 seconds the gel started to kick in and he started to squirm under my touch. I had only intended to get him hard and then send him on his way, but he looked quite cute being so aroused, but with his cock being so sensitive so I carried on pumping away at his cock and described to him in great detail how wet and juicy my cunt got when I thought of his cock fucking me. I pumped his cock and fondled his balls until he came – he didn’t actually produce any cum, but his moans were enough to let me know (plus I asked). He lay on his back with his cock still twitching while I went to wash my hands off and he was still there when I returned. I quickly pulled on a skirt and top and told him I needed to go, but arranged to meet him one last time before we headed off home. He was still hard as he tried to pull his shorts on (the gel had quite an effect on him) and it didn’t help that as I opened the front door I reached down and rubbed him some more through his shorts.

I had to hunt round for where everyone had gone but it didn’t take too long to find them. Some of the group had gone off elsewhere but I stayed with Mike and Jen and settled down to enjoy the last proper night of our holiday. We didn’t stay out too late (probably midnight-ish), but went up to the roof on our return. It was still quite warm so we stripped off (at least down to swimwear, although all the girls went topless, due in no small part to the alcohol). I got Jen to go and put on her one-piece swimsuit (which I adore her in, but she hadn’t worn so far). When she returned, we stood looking out over the sea and I caressed her from behind, reaching between her legs to her pussy and then sitting underneath her so I could lick her through the suit.

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