Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Best Birthday Present Ever - Part 1

This was the most amazing birthday I've had - I have no idea how Mike and Jen will top it next year :) It's a long series of posts, but you will see why...

On the first weekend in July, I went down to visit Jen for my birthday. I knew that she (with help from Mike, Lis and Lucy) had arranged a party for me and a number of people had stayed around to help me celebrate (not that students need much of an excuse for a party). We arrived fairly late on the Friday evening and just met up with a few people in the pub before heading back to Jen’s place. Mike had agreed to let Jen have me for the whole night and as a thank you, she had convinced Lis to put on a fresh pair of panties and to fool around with Lucy for a while before going downstairs and ‘lending’ them to Mike. Unfortunately for Mike, he didn’t get to help (or even see) her take them off and she had a long t-shirt on so he couldn’t see anything on value (although Lis’ legs are quite nice). He was nonetheless grateful to her and promised that he would return them to her in the morning with a little extra moisture on them. Jen told me that Lucy had been quite amused by the fact that Mike would be using Lis’ panties to get off and Lis had actually seemed to like the idea (as I’ve said before, I actually don’t think Lis is quite as gay as she pretends to be).

Once Lis had left, Mike made good use of her panties, smelling and tasting her (as best he could) from them while he jerked himself off. As he got close to cumming, he wrapped the panties around his cock with the crotch rubbing against the head of his cock and imagined it was Lis’ beautiful little cunt he was rubbing against. He squirted a decent amount of cum into the panties and slowly rubbed them back and forth over his cock before placing them in a bag to keep them moist for the morning.
Jen and I had a relatively tame session that night, we kissed and fondled each other before taking it in turns to finger and eat the other person. As we fell asleep, Jen told me that she had put quite a bit of effort into getting my present and she hoped I would like it. She wouldn’t tell me any more details and I was too tired to be that curious and after a while of chatting, we dozed off. Jen’s alarm woke us in the morning and I was treated to an extended session of Jen caressing me, followed by her eating me to orgasm. She told me that as it was my birthday, I didn’t have to do anything to her in return but I convinced her to sit over me and at least let me have a little lick of her before she went down to prepare breakfast.

I relaxed and stretched out in the bed while waiting for her – I knew that we were heading off to the hardcore club later that night. Unfortunately the band playing wasn’t a ‘special’ one so there wouldn’t be any sex, fisting or watersports on stage, but the club is always fun and people tend to play quite hard, especially in the smaller side rooms.

Jen returned with Mike in tow and Jen went to fetch Lis and Lucy from their room. They returned wearing their gowns (not Jen, she was still naked). Mike had already handed Lis back her panties, thanking her for letting him use them, but he suggested that she refrain from wearing them (not that she was likely to – even if she liked the idea, Lis isn’t on the pill as she has no need to be). They presented me with a present which was a beautiful dark blue, strappy chemise. The body was a very lacy material and it came down to a little way above the middle of my thighs. I tried it on and Jen caressed me through it saying that I should wear it to the club that night. It was actually quite similar to one that I used to own (maybe slightly more revealing), but my old one had died from overuse so I was glad to have a replacement. There was also a pair of socks that almost matched – a very similar lacy material (not quite the right colour, but then it’s hard to get socks to match nightwear).

I removed it and carefully placed it on the desk before returning to bed and sharing breakfast with everyone. Mike was obviously enjoying sitting there naked with Lucy and Lis on the bed (it’s easy to tell if men are enjoying themselves) and he caressed me a few times as we chatted. Jen cleared the breakfast off the bed and said that there was another part to my present from Lis and Lucy and I was told to lie down with my head in Lucy’s lap. Lucy started to stroke my neck and it felt amazing (for new readers, the front of my neck is very sensitive and if done properly, caressing it can be enough to make me cum). Lucy has done this once to me before (as a dare to prove she wasn’t a prude) and she seemed to have remembered pretty much how to touch me there. She very gently stroked up and down my neck, mostly on the front, but occasionally down the sides and I told her that if she kept going, she knew what would happen. She told me that it was fine and I should just enjoy myself so I did. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings building in my body. I could feel my pussy tingling, and then felt other hands on me and opened my eyes to see Mike and Lis caressing my legs (which I was opening as closing as my pleasure build).

They stroked up along my thighs, but avoided my pussy. This was good in that it meant it would be Lucy that actually made me cum, but bad in the sense that it didn’t help speed things up and a neck orgasm takes quite a while. As I got closer to cumming, they stopped caressing me and I just concentrated on the agonisingly slow build-up of my orgasm, but then got to experience the extreme pleasure of something quite close to a whole body orgasm. It wasn’t incredibly intense, but really did seem to emanate from both my pussy and my neck and sort of join up in the middle. I didn’t try to be overly loud, but I moaned and panted my approval for what Lucy was doing to me until my orgasm faded and I lay there just breathing heavily.

I thanked Lucy and reached down to feel how moist my pussy was. I’ve found that being stimulated like this can leave me pretty wet as nothing disturbs my juices as they build up. I was told off for touching myself and Jen said that if I wanted to cum, then someone would take care of it for me. As if on cue (and it pretty much was a cue as they had arranged this in advance), Lis reached forward and stroked a couple of fingers up my pussy. Mike pulled one of my legs aside and Lis pushed the other one open and continued to stroke around my pussy, spreading my juices over my lips. I asked her if she was going to make me cum as well and she gave me her mischievous little grin (not quite as bad as Jen’s, but was enough for me to guess that the answer was yes).

She worked her fingers into me (which was fairly easy as I was as wet as I had expected) and slowly finger fucked me. She explored the inside of my pussy and I felt her push as far in as she could as well as just playing with my inner lips. Lis rubbed and fingered me, occasionally bending forwards to kiss and lick my breast and I got closer and closer to cumming. I was really enjoying what she was doing, but she started to pay more attention to my clit and I couldn’t hold back any longer (I probably could have if I’d tried, but I didn’t want to). I came and felt Lis’ fingers pushing deep inside me so I contracted myself around them. She carried on rubbing my clit until my orgasm finished and then eased off before finally pulling her fingers out and leaving me to recover.

I watched her suck her fingers and loved the thought of her tasting my juices again. I would have loved it even more if she’d actually gone down on me, but that wasn’t part of the plan as I was about to find out. It was Mike’s turn next. Jen told him it was his turn to fuck me but he said that he didn’t want to ruin my flavour before he’d had a chance to get a good taste so I had a couple of pillows stuffed under my ass and he knelt and ate me. He didn’t do anything special, he didn’t go down on me especially forcefully, but at the same time he didn’t tease and draw things out, it was just a standard cunnilingus session until I came. I was now pretty out of breath, but Mike (and Jen) reminded me that he still needed to fuck me. I told Jen that if I was going to cum again, then so was she and got Lis and Lucy to move onto the floor so we had some space. As Mike pushed into me, I got Jen to climb over my face so I could eat her.

I liked how she was now so willing to do this in front of Lucy and I made sure that I licked far enough forwards that my tongue would be visible to everyone. I felt Mike moving in me and he fucked me for a while, but he needed to change position if he was going to do things properly and make me cum again. I ended up kneeling on the bed so I could eat Jen and Mike could take me from behind. He got Lis to put some tingle gel on one of our vibes and he held this against my clit to help me along and I ended up cumming first. I carried on eating Jen until she came and Mike emptied himself in me not too long after that. I was then instructed to stand up and let his cum run out of my pussy and down my legs and once I was sufficiently messy, Jen knelt in front of me and said that I had to be cleaned up. She proceeded to lick and then eat me – when I complained that my legs were going to give way, Mike helped to hold me up until she had made me cum again and I was finally allowed to lie down.

I calculated that I’d cum six times already and we hadn’t really gotten out of bed properly yet. I was given a chance to rest while the others cleaned up the breakfast things and then showered. After a while, I wandered down to have a coffee and chat to people and Jen said that it was now my turn to shower. Naturally I wasn’t allowed to do this alone and Jen had waited for me. At first we just showered as usual (a little touching, but mostly just washing) but once we were finished, Jen said that my pussy needed a proper clean. I had been expecting this so wasn’t surprised and knew there was no point in objecting as Jen called the others in to watch as she used the shower jet on my pussy and the constant strumming of the pulse spray stimulate me to another orgasm.

I was then shaved (which was mostly pointless as Mike had done me the previous morning, but Jen said she wanted me to be perfectly smooth and it gave me another chance to recover. I hadn’t really thought this through though as once she finished shaving me and we had dried off, I was told to climb up on the kitchen table so I could be given the usual ‘lick test’ to see if she had missed anything. They got Lis and Lucy to help out – not with the licking unfortunately, Lucy stroked my neck and fondled a breast and Lis kissed and lapped at my breasts. I came again and was at least kitty kissed after this (which helped me feel better faster) and was finally allowed to climb down and go and sit in the living room on the sofa.

I’d sort of got the idea that my birthday present involved them making me cum lots, but I hadn’t yet had the full details revealed to me. After about 30 minutes of chatting, the doorbell went and Jen suggested that I answer it. I assumed that if she wanted me to answer it naked that it would be someone we knew, but was still a little nervous as I opened the door (I certainly wouldn’t put it past Jen or Mike to get me to open the door naked to a stranger). It was Ashraf and Steve who have both seen me naked many times before (and played with me) so I let them in. We sat round and chatted and over the next 20 minutes or so a number of other people turned up. Each time I was sent to answer the door naked and each time I half expected it to be a random person.

When Abigail turned up, Jen said that everyone was present and my suspicions were confirmed. I was taken into the kitchen and she told me that she had arranged my fantasy as my present – a whole group of people dedicated to fucking me and making me cum. She assured me that she had made sure that everyone had been tested, so we didn’t need to worry about disease (and this was why Mike had suggested we get checked a few weeks previously). Out of everyone she had asked (and who had agreed to take part) there were only two people who didn’t come back with a clean bill of health, and they had treatable things (but obviously weren’t allowed to participate). I was taken back into the living room and Jen reiterated the rules. I had assumed that she had arranged something similar to the unprotected party we’d had in York, but as Jen went over the rules I realised that she really had arranged for my fantasy:

1. The aim was to make me cum as much as possible.
2. I was the only one allowed to make people cum – so if anyone else wanted to cum, they had to play with me (or have me play with them).
3. People could take me in whatever order or combination they wanted – although I could of course request things as well.
4. A few people were only willing to participate to a limited extent so I couldn’t force them to do more than they had agreed to.
5. Any way of making me cum was valid, but I could of course stop things if I really didn’t like them.
6. People could do things to me as often as they wanted (or could manage).
7. If I made someone cum (or they used me to cum), then they had to make me cum.

I couldn’t believe that Jen had managed to arrange this for me and I practically forgot about my earlier orgasmic session and couldn’t wait to get started. As a sign I wanted everyone to fuck me, I was told to choose someone to start things off and help ‘prepare’ them. I couldn’t think of a sensible way to choose so I asked Alison to hand me her panties. I was told that I had to remove them myself, so I knelt in front of her, reached up under her skirt and slid them down her legs. Once she had stepped out of them, I placed them over my head to cover my eyes and got people to stand around me. I then spun around a few times and randomly pointed at someone. I peeked out from under the panties and saw I was pointing at Ethan so quickly pulled the panties off and tossed them aside before kneeling in front of him and undoing his jeans.

He quickly got hard (helped by my fondling and sucking) and Jen asked him what he wanted to do to me. I liked the idea of him fucking me in front of everyone but I also liked the idea of getting as much cum over me as possible. I wasn’t given a choice though and he decided that he wanted to fuck me. Jen pulled out the duvet and pillow that Mike had been using the previous night and a makeshift ‘bed’ was made on the floor for us. Ethan wanted me to ride him so I mounted his cock and started things off. Everyone stood around and watched as I humped him and after a while Steve knelt down behind me and held a vibe against my clit. He asked me if I liked having my cunt filled with cock and I told him of course I did. He asked if I liked having my ass filled with cock and I told him that could also be fun so he promised that he would use me later on. This didn’t bother me (and I was getting too distracted by Ethan’s fucking and the vibe to pay too much attention anyway). I could feel myself starting to get flushed (at least I don’t go as red as Sue) and ground against Ethan. I was all but ready to cum when he told me to wait a little bit but it was too late and I slammed myself against him and told everyone I was cumming. I had to keep riding him until he came, but it was only a couple of minutes until he pushed hard into me a number of times and then stopped.


  1. O_O you lucky woman

  2. Yep - keep reading as it gets even better (or lasted longer than I had expected anyway)