Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Best Birthday Present Ever - Part 2

We're down in York for the start of term sex party, but back to my birthday:

I was told to climb off him quickly so people could see his cum drip out of me and Julia placed a glass under my pussy and caught it. Naturally, some had leaked out as I dismounted and I was told to clean his cock off so I took it in my mouth and sucked it clean. Mike encouraged people to examine my pussy while I was in this position and I felt my ass cheeks and then pussy being spread my multiple hands. A few people fingered me but this was stopped when Richard said he wanted to fuck me as well. I think this was the point that I realised just what I might be in for, but it was too late to back out (and it was my fantasy) so I just wiggled my ass and waited. Ethan’s cock was pretty much cleaned up and it was suggested that if I was being fucked, I should be giving pleasure to someone. I’m more than happy with this principle and asked for a volunteer. Abrahii stepped forwards and I was led over to kneel in front of the sofa so I could still offer myself to Richard, but also play with Abrahii.

My first task was to help undress her – this didn’t take too long as she had worn loose fitting clothes (quite different from the usual tight dresses she wears when we’re going out) and once she was down to her panties I was told to remove them with my mouth. At first I didn’t even bother trying properly and every time I tried to catch the material, I lapped at her cunt. I managed to push the crotch to the side enough to get my tongue inside her and by this point Richard had grown impatient and decided it was time for him to get started. I felt him work his cock into me (which was fairly easy as I was still quite wet from Ethan’s cum. As far as I can remember (and I’m fairly sure I would have remembered), this was the first time Richard had fucked me, although he (along with everyone else) had seen me cum many times.

I thought I should play along properly so I started to try to actually get Abrahii’s panties off. This was made more difficult by the fact that they were now somewhat soggy and it isn’t the easiest of things to do anyway (I didn’t want to use teeth as I really didn’t want to nip her lips. In the end I managed to catch enough of the material to pull it away from her pussy and I could take a proper bite and pull them most of the way down her thighs. At this point, she finished removing them and spread her legs again. I got stuck in to Abrahii properly and spread her outer lips so I could get my tongue right inside her. I also love the contrast of her pink insides with her dark skin, but I mostly was concentrating on getting her off. Richard pumped away inside me and I did my best to push back in time with his thrusts. It was a good hard fuck but he ended up cumming before I did. Everyone was encouraged (again) to watch his cum drip out of me and I felt more hands pulling, pushing and stretching my pussy but I was then left to Richard for him to make me cum (one of the rules).

Jen had stashed a number of our toys downstairs so he had a selection of things to use on me. He decided to go all out and I ended up with a small vibe in my ass, a larger one in my cunt and an egg rubbed against my clit. This was more than enough to get me off but I tried to hold back for as long as possible so I could finish off Abrahii before I came. I didn’t quite manage this, but by concentrating on the members of the cabinet I at least managed to delay my orgasm a little so I didn’t cum quite as much before her as I would have otherwise.

I thought that I might be given a bit of a break, (although as far as most people present were concerned I’d only cum twice as they had missed the earlier cums). Despite having just been reminded of it, I hadn’t thought of the rule that people had to make me cum if I made them cum, so it was Abrahii’s turn to do me. I was instructed to return to the bed on the floor and had to lie on Abrahii so she could eat me. She didn’t seem to mind getting the residue of Richard’s (and I guess some of Ethan’s) cum out of me and I ended up lying down over her. She had got me to keep the small vibe in my ass and fucked me with it while she ate me and I ended up burying my face back in her cunt and eating her again. I remember wondering what would happen if I made her cum again –would we end up in an endless loop of her having to catch up? I usually wouldn’t have minded this too much as she has quite a nice pussy and a fairly nice taste, but I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to let everyone present use me so I didn’t try to make her cum. I was a little mean though and did tease her quite a bit so by the time she got me off, I’d certainly got her aroused again.

Julia decided that she had watched long enough and wanted to step in. I later found out that originally Mel hadn’t wanted her to participate, but Julia had convinced her that as it was for my birthday (and after all the things we’d all done together over the years) that she should be allowed. As a compromise (of sorts), Mel would also join in so she could enjoy herself as well. For now though, it was just Jules playing with me and I was taken into the kitchen and put back up on the table. People held my legs open and Julia dribbled small amounts of ice cream onto my breasts and pussy before licking each area clean. Jen and Mike got involved and took care of creaming and then cleaning my breasts while Julia worked on my pussy. I had assumed she was just going to eat me but should have really known better. I felt something cold and hard press into me and looked down to see Julia pushing a courgette into my cunt. It didn’t feel too big (or at least it wasn’t painful), but it had only just been taken out of the fridge so it was very cold. This didn’t stop Jules though and once she’d gotten it inside me, she gave me a thorough fucking with it and then leant over to lick my clit at the same time until I came.

I had complained about how cold the courgette was and almost as soon as Julia pulled it out, Ashraf said he wanted to see what a cold cunt felt like. He was a little disappointed to find out that the courgette (and my pussy) had warmed up while Julia had been fucking me with it, but I wasn’t going to be let off that easily. He pulled my legs so my ass was handing over the edge of the table, pulled his cock out and pushed into me. He said that I still felt relatively cold and that it was nice, but then proceeded to pump into me which completed the job of warming me back up. Jen got him to pull out and she squirted some tingle into me (she had planned ahead and purchased a couple of bottles of lube so I could be continually fucked without drying out). Ashraf resumed fucking me and Mel held a vibe against my clit to help me along. Mel also made me suck the end of the courgette clean and then half rubbed, half slapped it back and forth across my breasts. I don’t know if it was meant to do anything for me but my audience seemed to enjoy watching my breasts jiggle back and forth as she did this.

I was fucked until Ashraf came and he then took over using the vibe on my clit until I came. When he pulled out, Julia put the glass under my pussy again and I wondered if I was going to be presented with a glass full of cum to drink at the end of the day (I wouldn’t have appreciated that). I didn’t get long to think about it though as Simon quickly pushed his head between my legs and started to eat me. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but in later discussion with Jen and Mike, we thought that he had seemed remarkably keen to eat Ashraf’s cum out of me and we wonder if he is actually interested. I thought that he might be just going to eat me until I came, but after a fairly thorough licking, he stood up, pulled out his cock and pushed into me. He gave me a very enthusiastic fucking and reached forwards to fondle my breasts. I feel that Jen should have informed everyone that my breasts aren’t that sensitive and to stroke my neck. I’m actually glad she didn’t get them to do my neck as I find that one of the most erotic ways of cumming as it takes time and the other person has to be willing to give pleasure to me without getting (directly) anything in return.

People helped to stabilise me by holding my legs up and open (although I still felt like I was slipping off the table). Simon carried on fucking me and in the strange position I was in with my ass half falling off the table, I felt a reasonable amount on my clit when he pushed into me. I actually came before Simon did (but he had eaten me quite well before he started) and my pussy felt more and more sensitive every time he pushed into me. Everyone seemed to take my increasing moans as a sign of a really good orgasm (it wasn’t a bad one, but I was reacting to overstimulation of my pussy rather than the orgasm). Fortunately he didn’t take too much longer to cum and after he pulled out of me, someone spread my cunt so people could watch his cum run out.

I’d given up caring by this point – I figured that I’d had five guys cum in me already that day and couldn’t even remember how many times I’d cum (but Mike and Jen had been keeping a tally on a board so everyone else knew). I also felt quite hungry as I’d expended quite a bit of energy and was happy when Jen suggested that we have some lunch. I had assumed that this would be a chance for me to have a rest, but I was the only one under that illusion. Jen ordered some food and we all moved back into the living room. I was stretched out on the floor and many people knelt beside me and caressed me. Their hands ran all over my body, across my thighs, pussy, clit, stomach, breasts, neck and face. People fingered me and fed me my juices (along with whoever’s cum was still in me) and I was offered a couple of cocks to suck (in turn, not at the same time).

I was teased for quite a while and hadn’t realised what they were doing. I didn’t even hear the doorbell ring when the pizza arrived, but the guy was let in and led into the kitchen, straight past the open door. Mel told him that he could have a closer look if he wanted and he stood in the doorway and watched as people spread my pussy and roughly fingered me. Apparently I was offered to him and the plan had been to let the guy have his turn with me, but he said something about us being fucking strange and left. Undeterred by the glitch in the plan, people just carried on caressing me en-masse until I came and (unless I’ve forgotten something spectacular) I’m pretty sure that was the largest group effort to make me cum.

I was finally given a break while we ate, but as we neared the end of the meal, a couple of people thought that my pussy should get some attention from their beer bottles. I had bottle after bottle pumped into me, sometimes with a bit of beer poured over my cunt and then being licked clean. Mel then approached me with a slice of pizza and rubbed it over my nipples before licking them ‘clean’ (not really clean as she used very messy licks). Jen told her not to make too much of a mess of me (which I thought was a bit strange), but I didn’t think about this for long as Mel then rubbed the pizza over my cunt. The texture felt very strange, but the grease certainly helped to lubricate things. Mel was quite forceful and rubbed the pizza back and forth while pressing it hard against me. Once it started to fall apart, she presented it to me and told me that I had to now eat it while she ate me.

Usually, this would have probably been a bit too much for me, but given what everyone had been doing (and the fact that Mel had her face buried between my legs) made me throw caution to the wind and I took a couple of big bites of the cheese and Andi-juice pizza. Mel thoroughly licked around my cunt and ass before spreading my lips and almost sucking on my clit. She really is quite good and she got me off fairly quickly once she was really trying, but this was just the start of the post-lunch ‘fun’.

Jen had decided that we were falling behind schedule so as soon as Mel had finished with me, I was subjected to Alison and then Abigail eating me, followed by Justin fucking me and then Steve taking my ass (Steve is gay, but he thought that using my ass was a passable compromise). To help me cum, I had a rabbit (vibe, not the animal) in my cunt while he fucked me. Mel decided that if I was going to get to cum, then she may as well join in properly and selected one of our double ended dildos. I had to lie on the floor and she got people to hold onto my legs so the lower half of my body was raised up and my pussy was in the air. She pushed one end of the dildo into me and stood over me in a scissors position before impaling herself on the other end. She ground herself against me with the dildo swallowed between us. I was lowered to the ground and had to kneel on all fours so she could kneel behind me and hump back against me, our asses slapping together and the dildo still shared between us.

As good as this was for people to watch (I’m told), Mel was instructed to hurry things along so we ended up 69ing and I was handed a dildo to use on her as we did this (she carried on using the double ended dildo in me). After we had cum, Jen told me that I was almost halfway there to the target and had now done things with everyone at least once. I was given another chance to rest but only for a few minutes and was then told that we were starting again.

Just as the post lunch session, this was a bit more intense than the morning had been. We started with Mike fucking me while I had to suck Richard and once Mike (and I) had cum, Richard had a go with me while I ate Jules. I got her to cum while I was being fucked and so it was deemed that she should have to fuck me properly. Jen fetched the strap on and Julia was strapped in to it while Richard finished off and I was made to suck him clean while Julia continued where he’d left off. I really didn’t think I would be able to cum again so soon but help was at hand and Abigail crawled under me and used our powerful vibe on my clit. As I came, Julia pushed deep inside me and I could feel the vibe inside me as well as the one on my clit and I came very hard.

I’d had enough of being used and pushed my head between Abigail’s legs. I yanked her panties to the side, pulled her lips apart and pushed my face into her cunt. I licked and ate her as hard and fast as I could and it was easy to tell that she had been enjoying the day by how wet she was. I later found out that she had agreed with her gf (Mary, who hadn’t come along) that she could do things to me, but she wasn’t going to have things done to her. I didn’t know that at the time, and she certainly didn’t complain or try to stop me and I ate her non-stop until she came. Under the rules, this meant that she had to make me cum (apparently her helping Julia to make me cum didn’t count, but I think the rules were flexible as long as it meant people got to do more to me). I had to kneel on the floor in front of the sofa and she fingered me from behind. She also took requests and the courgette was brought back in and used (with even more tingle gel added to it, although I was still fairly damp from Mike and Richard’s cum). She fucked me with the courgette and rubbed my clit until I came again and then moved aside to let others have their go.


  1. What a gamble with the pizza guy! What if you were stuck with some overweight hairy wrinkly old 60 something bald guy who hasn't showered in a week?

  2. Well I presume (hope) that they would have exhibited some judgement before offering me to him (although thinking about it, they probably wouldn't have).

    Given the way that day went, I wouldn't have let him lie on top of me, but if he'd put a condom on I probably would have let him fuck me anyway (it was a pretty crazy day).