Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Best Birthday Present Ever - Part 3

Apologies for the inconsistent posting - work and everything has been really busy so I've been quite tired. Given the choice of spending my energy writing and posting about sex or actually having sex - well, I'm sure you can guess which one I choose :) Back to my birthday present...

Mel said that things were ready and I looked over to see that she had been sitting on the floor playing with herself. I hadn’t noticed that she had been doing this in front of the laptop and that it had been her job to get an audience ready on whatever chat service she was using before passing it over to me to put on the main show. The coffee table was moved closer to the sofa and I had to sit up with my legs spread. Once Jen had put a flight mask on me (the ones you wear to block out the light), the camera was trained on me and I was told to perform. I was told that I had 27 people watching (not including the ones in the room) and I had to fuck myself with the courgette (it had at least been washed after Abigail had dumped it on the floor) and I was told to put on the best show I could. Various people helped out and I felt hands caressing my breasts, playing with my clit and rubbing my ass cheeks. I was offered a cock to suck and did this (off and on – I couldn’t see so it was harder to keep it in my mouth than usual) until I came.

I then had to spread my lips and was told that the laptop was being moved to give a close-up view of my cunt. I heard Mike offering advice to keep it still (we know from experience how amateurs often move the camera too quickly and everything ends up being blurred) and I was told that there were now over 50 people watching and examining me. I was told that we were taking requests from the chat and felt a cock slide into me. I was fucked briefly and then told to finger myself again. Jen lay beside me (I know it was her as she whispered in my ear) and told me to play with myself properly. I knew what she meant as we both know how I most enjoy masturbating, but I waited for her to tell me to use fingers in both my cunt and ass before I reached a hand around underneath me and pushed two fingertips into my ass. I alternated between frigging my clit and plunging a couple of fingers into my cunt while I pumped away at my ass and different people relayed what was going on in the chat.

A couple of the guys (online) came and I was given another cock to suck (I had no idea if it was the same one as before, but it didn’t really make much difference. As I got closer to cumming, my legs were pulled further apart and whoever’s cock I was sucking was taken away from me. I was warned that he was going to cum on my face and I pumped away at myself faster and faster. My mystery cock (or its owner) was waiting for me to cum and as I moaned and panted my way through my orgasm I could hear him pumping away just beside my face. He came over me, his cum shooting across my face and into my hair and I was congratulated for putting on such a good show.

It wasn’t over yet though and I was told that I needed to show them a lot more. I wasn’t entirely sure how much more I actually could show them as they’d just seen me cum twice in fairly high detail, but my curiosity was answered when I was told to climb off the sofa and had my face pushed into a pussy. I couldn’t identify it by taste but could see enough out of the bottom of the mask to tell that it was Abrahii. I was told to make her cum (as if I couldn’t have guessed that was the aim) so I spread her lips and got stuck in. I felt a cock rub against my ass and then slide into my cunt and I had my first online threesome. I was told again to put on a good show so I begged whoever was fucking me to make me cum and praised Abrahii on how moist, soft, juicy and tasty her cunt was. I told my fucker to play with my clit, which he did – along with fondling my breasts which were swinging freely in time with his thrusts into me. I was determined to make Abrahii cum before I did and I licked deep inside her, flicked over her ass and lashed her clit. She came but I carried on eating her, sort of hoping I could get her to cum again before I did. I failed in this, but did get some interesting noises out of her. I was fingered and fucked until I came and then felt the cock slam into me a number more times before it stopped and slowly pulled out.

I had to move round so everyone could see the cum dripping out of my cunt (I could feel this) and my lips were spread wide so give a view right up inside me. I then had to suck the cock clean and while I did this another cock pushed into me. I was told that I hadn’t shown everyone online how much of a slut I could be, so I had to fuck and cum again for them. Cock number one pulled out of my mouth and I was guided back to the sofa where there was a new pussy waiting for me. I couldn’t see enough to identify it, but once I started to lick, I recognised the taste as Mel. People in the chat wanted someone to fuck my ass, but Jen had a better idea. Cock number two pulled out of me and I felt the small vibe being pressed into my ass, quickly followed by cock number two pushing back into me. Every time he pushed deep into me, his body pushed the small vibe back into my ass and as he pulled out, it slowly slid out of me. This isn’t something new to us, but I’m not used to doing it with such a large audience (although I’d given up worrying about the laptop by this point).

I felt the strong vibe being pressed against my clit and I would have told them that I probably didn’t need it as I felt so sensitive that I was sure to cum with just the fucking (and anal vibe), but Mel held my head against her cunt and was humping up and down against my face. This time I came first (probably mostly due to the vibe) but I wasn’t released until both cock number two and Mel had also cum. Mel wasn’t as much of a problem as I know what she enjoys and I could make her cum, but I was at the mercy of cock number two. I dreaded that it might be Mike as I knew he would tease me, but felt that he wasn’t quite as big as Mike (although my pussy had been abused so much that day that I wasn’t prepared to swear to this). Fortunately, he didn’t take too long to cum and once he pulled out, the vibe was taken away and I was once again turned round to let everyone see the cum dripping out of me.

My legs were shaking and I said that I needed to lie down. I was allowed to sit on the sofa and my pussy was spread some more for people to see and I was then directed to climb onto the floor and guided over someone’s face. I was at least allowed to crouch down and I half lay on the floor with my pussy over the face of whoever was eating me. My body was hiding their face and this meant that it was easy to get a good view of my ass and pussy as the tongue lapped away at me. My ass cheeks were spread and then my pussy and I felt someone slip a finger into my ass and fuck me briefly with it. My clit was licked and sucked and I felt my lips being spread once again and my clit being exposed. It was in this position that whoever was eating me took my clit between her lips (I knew it was either a ‘she’ or an incredibly well shaved guy) and I was sucked until I came.

I really needed a break and also needed to pee. When I said this, people in the chat said I should have peed where I was, but this wasn’t Jen’s fantasy so I was allowed to go to the bathroom and the laptop was turned off. I had to leave the door open while I peed (Jen just wanted to humiliate me a bit more) and when I returned I was told I’d rested long enough and it was time to get back to work and help people cum. Abrahii had to make me cum for me having eaten her earlier on and she sort of 69ed with me but rubbed herself over my face and neck, before sliding down and crouching over my breasts which she half-humped while she fingered me and played with my clit. Once I’d cum, it was Simon’s turn to make up for having cum on my face. At Jen’s suggestion, he did this with a little help from Julia – I had to stand facing the wall, Simon slid into my cunt from behind and Julia knelt between my legs and licked me. I was fucked and licked to another orgasm but Simon didn’t cum this time. As Jules had helped out, it was decreed that he still owed me half an orgasm at some point, but for now he’d done his duty.

I was promised a treat and told to mount Ethan’s cock. I wondered what the ‘treat’ was going to be, but it was obvious when I was told to give Steve a quick suck (which I did) and he moved around behind me. I felt him work more lube into my ass and his cock followed suit. People seemed quite impressed that I allowed them to DP me (but most people haven’t seen me at the parties or know everything I’ve done). The guys especially seemed to like what they were doing to me and I ended up lying on Ethan and letting them both use my holes as they saw fit. Jen handed me a vibrating egg and I was told to place it on my clit. I nestled it between our bodies but it kept falling out (Ethan was moving as he fucked me) so I had to hold it in place. At least being in charge of the egg meant that I could move it away from my clit when I came (before the guys) and I lay there feeling them filling my holes in turn. Steve came in my ass first and Ethan asked him to stay inside me while he finished off. It was much harder for him to move and I was too tired to contract myself around him, but I helped out a little by whispering in his ear if he enjoyed feeling his cock rub against Steve’s.

It was decided that as they had both cum, I should be made to cum twice so when they had finished. I was fingered by them both and eaten (a bit) by Ethan. They finished me off with a couple of vibes, both in my pussy, and it made a very unpleasant noise as they buzzed together, but I seemed to be the only one worried about this.
I was transferred back to the table in the kitchen and Alison was given the job of creaming me (specifically ice-creaming). This was basically the same as Julia had done to me earlier in the day and the cold actually felt really nice on my pussy. Alison licked and ate me quite gently (which I appreciated) and when I told her that the cold was nice, she put the spoon in the ice cream and then placed the back of it against my cunt. This felt very cold, but she made up for it by licking me and her tongue felt very warm in comparison. She used the tip of her tongue to play with my clit and when it was time for her to make me cum, my lips were spread and I had a dollop of ice cream pushed into me, which she ate out of me. She was much more forceful at this point and dragged her tongue repeatedly over my whole cunt. I came, but it wasn’t a very strong orgasm and once Alison had finished licking me clean, I was let down from the table.

Next up were Mike and Jen – back in the living room, I was briefly fucked by Mike before being passed to Jen for her to eat. They passed me back and forth a few times before laying me down on the floor and taking turns licking me. They got me fairly close to cumming but held me there for a while – it wasn’t so close that it was torture, but I really wanted them to let me cum. To finish off they held hands and each pushed a finger into my cunt and ass while using their spare hands to expose and frig my clit. This was much deeper orgasm than my previous one (but if anyone knows how to make me cum it should be those two) and I was left panting.

I was then passed over to Lis and Lucy who took over caressing and fondling me. Lucy started off stroking my breasts while Lis took my thighs, but as things progressed and Lis moved on to playing with my pussy, Lucy’s hands moved down to my thighs and ended up on my pussy as well. I was still lying down so I’m not entirely sure but I think it was only Lis who properly fingered me, but I definitely felt more than one pair of hands on my pussy at times and I was glad that I was getting more than just a neck rub from Lucy. I reached down and caressed Lis’ leg, half hoping that she would climb over me and let me eat her, but I was out of luck. I looked around and saw Alison kneeling near me so I grabbed at her leg and told her I wanted her. It didn’t take much to convince her to kneel over my face and I buried my tongue in her cunt.
Lis and Lucy were doing a good job of stimulating me, but they weren’t moving very fast so I got quite turned on again. I took this out on Alison and pushed my tongue right into her as well as sucking on her clit. I got a bit carried away and lapped at her ass (which given this was the first day I’d done things like this with her was probably a bit much). I felt her flinch when I did this, but she didn’t pull away (or maybe I just held her in place) and half speared her a few times before I returned to her cunt and ate her until she came.

I know I did something right as she was loud enough cumming that I could hear her (my head was hidden under her skirt and her legs were pressed against my ears). I kitty kissed her for a while as I quite enjoyed having her up there (although my head was very hot) and as I got closer to cumming I moaned and panted into her cunt. Lis and Jen used a dildo on me for a while and then switched to a vibe in my pussy and frigging my clit. I humped the air as I came and ate Alison properly again and was left covered in sweat by the time my orgasm ended and she climbed off me. Alison was told to repay the orgasm I’d given her so she turned around and lay over me in a 69 position. She used the same vibe that Lis and Lucy had been using on me and pumped it in and out of my cunt while licking my clit. She didn’t want to cum again (lightweight), but I’d gotten her turned on enough that she allowed me to play with her pussy. This was by far the most detailed view I’ve ever had of her cunt and I took the opportunity to finger her, examine her lips (shaved with hair on her mons) and spread her wide (I didn’t see why I should be the only one). She licked and fucked me to another orgasm and carried on until I slapped her ass (quite hard) to get her to stop.

I think it was clear I’d had enough for now and everyone agreed that I deserved a bit of a break. People left to go and get food and prepare for going out that night and I was given a blanket and a pillow so I could have a rest where I was. I fell asleep pretty much straight away and when I woke up an hour or so later I felt quite a bit better, but my pussy was still tingling and felt very sensitive. Jen decided to make things better by spending a while kitty kissing me – this was much gentler than most of what had happened that day and for a while, she didn’t try to make me cum. Mike, Lucy and Lis were chatting while Jen was doing this to me and Mike gave me a summary of what had happened so far that day. He also told me that he and Jen had gone over the score sheet while I’d been asleep and confirmed that it had been them who had been responsible for equalling my record of 36 orgasms in a day, and that Lis and Lucy had therefore been responsible for me breaking that record.

Lucy was amazed that I’d cum so much and didn’t think she could even get close to that but Lis told her that theyf could always spend a day working on it if she was game. I was past caring and just told her that I would be more than happy to help out if she ever wanted to try and that I was sure I could get her to cum a number of times if I was allowed to try. Jen carried on kitty kissing me while Lis and Lucy went to prepare dinner. Mike helped them out a bit but mostly stayed with Jen and I. By the time dinner was ready I really wanted to cum again but Jen pulled away from me and said I would have to wait until later. This was the first time in the day I’d been denied an orgasm and while I would have probably been grateful earlier on, my rest had given me a second wind (or at least a gentle breeze) and I felt quite cheated.

We ate a nice dinner together (I had to remain naked) and shared a bottle of wine. We even ate the pudding properly (despite the potential for crème brûlée). While Lis and Lucy went to shower and dress for our night out, Jen sat on the sofa and got me to sit on the floor in front of her facing away from her. She took my hair, twisted it round and slowly fucked herself with it. She said that we should do that more often as it felt really good and she rubbed other parts of my hair against her cunt and then stopped before she got too carried away. I was told to wait while Jen went to shower and I was quite surprised when she took Mike with her. They actually showered together (although Mike was only allowed to clean certain parts of Jen) and I later found out that they did this so they could easily have a private conversation and determine the plans for the rest of the evening.

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