Friday, 12 October 2012

The Best Birthday Present Ever - Part 4

Despite having felt better after my sleep I was clearly still tired as I dozed off again and only woke up when the doorbell rang. I’d been covered with the blanket again and was a bit bleary for a while, but woke up when Mel and Julia said that it was their turn to make me cum again. This time they took me to the stairs and got me to sit about a third of the way up. They took turns sitting in front and behind me, either fingering me or playing with my breasts and I only realised what they were doing when the doorbell went again and was answered with me being masturbated in full view. The door was opened four times while they played with me and each time it was people from our group. I could sort of see out onto the street (at an angle) and the last time the door was answered, Mel said that they should leave it open until I came. She worked a lot harder to make me cum so it didn’t take long and as I came, Julia whispered in my ear how I still had a long night ahead.

I asked Jen about me getting ready to go out and she told me to wait a while. When everyone had turned up, we had a few more drinks and I was told to sit in the middle of the room. everyone stood around me (well, not Lis, Lucy or Abigail (it was only now that I found out she wasn’t meant to have cum). I was told to be a good little slut and to choose someone to play with. I assumed I was going to be fucked again, but this time was different. I picked Ashraf just because I was already facing him and I had to get his cock out and suck him. After a couple of minutes I was told to do the same to someone else and I turned around randomly and did the same to Justin. Next was Alison and as she was dressed suitably for going to the hardcore club (a very short skirt), it was easy to push it up, pull her panties aside and lick her. Jen promised them that I would service anyone who wanted to cum and things changed from me doing the selection to people pulling me to them.

Jen rubbed my hair on Julia’s pussy and then on Mel’s and suggested that the girls try it. Even Justin tried wrapping his cock in my hair and wanking himself (he said it felt good). Jen said that we would have to leave soon, but it was now time to mark me and the people who knew what that meant (her, Mel, Jules and Abrahii), rubbed themselves and smeared their juices over various parts of my body. Julia produced the cum that she had been collecting cum in and poured it over me – I think they had hoped to gather a lot more as the amount in the cup looked somewhat pathetic, but it was enough to smear over my neck, breasts, pussy, ass and thighs. Jen was going to fetch my ‘dress’ but Justin decided to take her up on the offer of me making him cum, so I was told to kneel and suck him off. Jen told him to cum over me so when he got close, he pulled away, aimed his cock at me and beat himself off. I got a reasonable couple of squirts out of him the first landed on my chin and neck and the second on my breasts and stomach. I went to wipe the cum off but was told to leave it and Jen dashed upstairs to get my present from earlier.

I had to put it on while still sticky from the various juices. I was also given a pair of Jen’s lacy panties to wear. It is somewhat unusual for me to wear panties, but once I looked in the mirror I realised why I’d been given them – my dress was sufficiently see-through that the panties were clearly visible, which just drew attention to the fact that my breasts weren’t covered. Even though my hair was matted with pussy juice (and bits of boy-cum), all I was allowed to do was brush it and put it back in a ponytail. In proper light it was clear that my attire didn’t really cover me much and I was given a jacket to wear so we could make it to the club without me being arrested (although in some cases, the outfits the others had on weren’t that much less revealing). On the way, Jen reminded them that I was the only one who was meant to make people cum but that I would be available for people to use as much as they wanted. We caught a bus into town and after taking over a section of the upstairs, people started to play with me.

At first I was just fondled, but was then told to sit on Justin’s lap and wriggle around. It wasn’t too difficult to get him hard and he was encouraged to reach up under my dress and fondle my breasts. I told him he could always fuck me if he wanted and he was adventurous enough to let me undo his trousers, pull his cock out and sit back on his lap. I pulled my panties aside and after a few attempts, he slid inside me and we used the motion of the bus to help us fuck each other. Unfortunately the journey wasn’t long enough to finish off so he was left with an erection that he had to stuff back into his trousers and hide as we left the bus. It was much easier for me as I just pulled myself off his cock and didn’t even bother straightening my panties (although I did hold my jacket shut until we got to the club.

Once again our friendly bouncer wasn’t on duty but the line wasn’t too long as we’d arrived fairly early so we decided to wait rather than use our usual trick of flashing the guy on the door. My outfit didn’t feel as out of place here so I didn’t bother holding my jacket shut any more, but this wasn’t enough for the rest of the group and a couple of people fondled and groped me while we waited. I had to remove my jacket and ended up against the wall and people took turns caressing me more seriously. Justin wanted some revenge for me leaving him hanging on the bus (as if it was my fault, I would have happily let him cum) and when it was his turn he fingered me and rubbed my clit until I was really close to cumming. I thought he was going to stop there, but he pushed his hand back into my panties and told me to cum for him and promised that once inside, he would finish off what we’d started on the bus.

I wasn’t allowed to put my jacket back on and once inside had to put it in the cloakroom. This was fine though as it meant I didn’t need to keep track of it and I wasn’t at all worried about being exposed in the club. We headed straight to the bar and I was told that I would have a hangover the next day but everyone would look after me (although from experience I was sure that out of ‘everyone’ many would end up drunker than I would). As we pushed through the crowd I was once again fondled and fingers found their way into my panties. I purposefully didn’t look round to see who it was but I guessed it was a girl as they knew exactly what they were doing (not that I’m saying that guys can’t know how to finger a girl, but it tends to feel different. As I got to the bar, whoever was behind me reached up under my dress and took hold of a breast. This pulled my dress up, exposing the lower half of my body and I guessed that the hand fondling my breast was fully visible to the bartender. I ordered the beers and someone paid for them. I was getting close to cumming again but we couldn’t stay where we were as other people wanted alcohol.

We made our way back out through the crowd and I had to walk with a bottle in each hand and with my fondlers hand still in my panties and their other on my breasts. I found out that it was Jen who had been playing with me but was made to carry on walking around the dancefloor until we got to one of the little rooms. There were a couple of people in there already but none of them had got to the stage of openly fondling (or fucking) that we were used to seeing. Jen released me and I was told told to put the beers down on the table. As I had expected, when I did this, Jen pulled my panties down over my ass and pushed a couple of fingers into me from behind. I had to stay leaning forwards against the table (it was very low so I was bent over quite far) and Jen finger fucked me and then used her other hand to play with my clit. I was then instructed to ride her fingers and as I rocked back and forth I could feel my breasts swinging and my nipples rubbing against the material of my dress. I knew I was being watched by the other people in the room (as well as our group) and felt all their eyes on me as I got closer and closer and then finally came.

I was allowed to sit down but had to sit on Justin’s lap and he told me that it was time for him to finish off. I teased him and asked if he was really okay fucking me in front of strangers, but while I was talking to him I worked on undoing his trousers and fished his cock out. I stroked his cock and pressed by crotch against it. I asked him again if he wanted to fuck me with people watching and replid that as long as he got to cum in me again he was fine with it. I thought I’d have some fun so climbed off his lap and bent forwards to suck him. My ass was in the air and I knew that my dress was only just covering my ass (although having panties on sort of reduced the fun of being in this position). I reached between my legs and stroked my pussy through my panties and then slid my hand into them and played with myself properly. Justin was more than ready to fuck so I climbed back onto his lap and let him pull the crotch of my panties aside so I could lower myself onto his waiting cock.

His cock felt good and I encouraged things by telling him how much I wanted him to fuck me and fill me with his cum. I made him promise to make me cum (although the rules said he had to do that anyway) and we soon got things underway properly with me riding up and down the length of his shaft. After a while he told me he was getting close to cumming so I dismounted and turned around to make it easier for him to play with my clit while we fucked. I was now facing out into the room and could see that a few more people had wandered in to watch and also noticed that there was a couple almost opposite who had their hands in each other’s laps (they guy’s hand was inside the girl’s skirt). I was told to pull my panties down a bit more and pushed them down to my ankles. I could now spread my legs and give Justin better access to my clit (which he made use of) and he pushed my dress up to expose my breasts and used his other hand on them. As I got closer to cumming I told him that he didn’t have to hold back anymore and he started to pump away in me faster. He also frigged my clit faster and I started to cum. He carried on fucking me after my orgasm had ended but I got him to stop playing with my clit and did what I could to help get him off. He seemed to enjoy fucking me and playing with my breasts so it didn’t take too long for him to cum and as I stood up I felt a little cum trickle out of me. I was going to remove my panties but Jen told me to pull them up so I did and sat back down.

I was subjected to more fondling by various people (in our group) and it was then suggested that I put on a show for people. We went to another one of the side rooms first (the club has quite a few of these that vary in size, some directly off the main area and some that are down corridors). We hunted out a room that had people already playing in it (a girl was sucking a guy off) and I was given the task of making Julia cum. I’m fairly good at this and so just pushed her against the wall and we made out for a while as our fingers worked on and in each other’s pussies. I wanted to put on a better show though and knelt down to eat her, getting her to put a leg over my shoulder. I lapped away at her until she came and (as I had expected) it was then her turn to make me cum. We pretty much just switched positions and she pulled my panties aside and went down on me (technically she went up on me as my pussy was above her face). She also used her beer bottle in me and after I’d been given a good fucking with it, she presented it to me to drink from. She then returned to my cunt and used fingers and tongue on me to finish me off.

The next stage of the plan involved some of us heading out and dancing. I was passed from person to person and was groped to varying degrees. I was encouraged to grind against people (and they did the same in return) and I felt their hands roaming over my ass and into my panties. The fondling became more insistent and fingers found their way into my cunt (and ass is some cases) and Jen finally told me to remove my panties. I actually had to slide them off where I was standing and Jen took them from me. It was now easier for people to fondle me properly and it was a combination of Alison and Abrahii who were actually playing with me when I came. They both had fingers toying with my pussy and Abrahii also had one side of the top of my dress pulled down so she could play with one of my breasts. I held onto them as I came and once I’d finished, I was led back to the rest of the group with a breast still hanging out.

A few people poured small amounts of beer onto my breasts (it was only a small amount each, but combined it made my front rather wet) and I was told that I should really show some appreciation to the guys who had been pleasuring me all day. In another side room, I was told to kneel and play with myself and was then presented with Ethan’s cock to suck. I took him as deep as I could (not very) and gave him a fast suck and pump. I was prepared for him to cum in my mouth as I assumed he wouldn’t be able to produce too much but he’d been told to cum over me so just before he came, he pulled out and emptied his load over my face. He didn’t produce much cum, but it was enough to drip a little so I leaned back to let it run down my body. I was then given Richard’s cock to do the same thing to. It took a little longer to get him off and while he also came over me, he produced even less cum and in the spirit of the sex parties, I took his cock back into my mouth and sucked him again to help cover this up (although I don’t think any of the men were that surprised as he’d cum twice already).

My legs were aching from crouching down so I was allowed to sit up on the bench but was told to rub the cum into myself and Jen pulled the other side of my dress down to expose my breasts fully. I massaged the cum in to my breasts and pussy and was told that I may as well finish things off myself. Mike pulled my dress up and emptied the remainder of his beer over my cunt before giving me the bottle to use. I fucked myself with it and played with my clit while Jen whispered in my ear about how many strangers were watching me fuck myself and how they would think of me later on when they came. She knows how much I enjoy the idea of this (it’s why I write this blog after all) and she got me to imagine that they were all standing around me, playing with me and getting me to suck, eat or fuck them. Given the events of the day, this was easier to imagine than ever and I pounded the bottle into myself quite hard as I came and I’m pretty sure if I’d been trying I could have got a fair bit more of it into me than usual.

I’d had enough beer that I needed to pee by this point and headed off to the bathroom with a few of the girls. I was at least allowed to pull the top of my dress up as we went across the dancefloor (although it didn’t really matter as there were a few other topless girls by this time). More beer was awaiting on my return. I was told that Alison was feeling a little left out so I was sent to have a play with her. She wasn’t so keen on anyone seeing her naked, but didn’t mind that they could see that I was obviously playing with her. I fingered her under her skirt and she did the same to me (although my skirt didn’t hide anything). I got her off before I came and she sat down to rest but promised me that she would finish things in just a moment.

Ashraf volunteered to take over and I was made to lean against the wall (facing it) and offer myself to him. He pushed into me and fucked me and as he worked on my cunt, he pulled my dress right up so he could play with my breasts. Simon said that he would help out and knelt under me. He licked at my clit and reached around to spread my cheeks to make it easier for Ashraf to fuck me. I felt his fingers inching towards my ass and they ended up reaching their goal. He didn’t do anything more than rub it, but with my breasts being massaged, the cock inside me and his tongue on my clit, it was a good set of sensations. I came before Ashraf did. Simon moved away to let
Ashraf finish but someone (Jen/Mike/Mel I assume) convinced Alison to take his place and repay me for having made her cum. I was a little surprised as she clambered underneath me, but she was fairly drunk (as was I) and I didn’t really think too much about it. Ashraf carried on pumping into me and came but he was encouraged to stay inside me until Alison made me cum again. This took a little while as she didn’t have the best angle to get to my clit (and I’d only just cum), but she persevered and got there. By the time he pulled out, Ashraf wasn’t entirely hard and a little of his cum had leaked down his cock. I personally thought that Alison could have cleaned it up while she was down there, but this was apparently my job so I gave him a quick lick.

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