Monday, 15 October 2012

The Best Birthday Present Ever - Part 5

We moved to another room and I had a much gentler time. Lis had decided that it was her turn again and we kissed for a while and I felt her hand slide onto my pussy and gently play with me. I reminded her that my cunt was now 50% boy-cum but she said she didn’t care and her fingers slid into me. She kept her head close to mine and whispered (as much as you when you’re trying to be heard over loud music) how she wanted to feel me cum for her again. Her fingers were doing a strange stirring thing in my cunt – sort of rolling around (apparently Lucy likes this) and her thumb was on my clit. I was really close to doing things with her that I wasn’t allowed to – I had my hand on her thigh with my thumb touching her panties. I whispered back to her how much I wanted to slide my hand up and rub her cunt, then pull her panties off and bury my face between her legs and stay there all night. I hadn’t realised how much the day’s events had affected Lis (and Lucy) – there were the only ones I wasn’t allowed to do things to (not counting Abigail who I’d eaten before knowing I wasn’t meant to) and having watched continual live porn, Lis was ready to burst.

We mostly managed to behave ourselves though and the farthest I went was to slide my hand slightly further up Lis’ thigh and press my thumb against her panties harder. As she rubbed me, I felt my thumb nestle slightly between her lips and I could feel how hot her cunt felt through the material. She told me how wet and horny she was and I described to her how much I wanted to be able to make her cum again. Neither of us want her to cheat on Lucy, but we still like the idea of getting to play together and the mental image of this (coupled with the feel of her warm panties) was enough to help get me off yet again. Lis licked her fingers clean and I reminded her again that I’d been fucked many times but she said that she could mostly taste me so it was fine.

Abrahii was next in line and she simply went down on me. A couple of other people in the room had seen people play with me earlier and had asked what was going on so Jen explained that it was a birthday present. One guy had made a comment along the lines of wanting to give me a present and Jen told him that if he really wanted to, then he could. I wasn’t aware of any of this and it was only after Abrahii had made me cum that he came over to me with his cock out (Mike and Jen had planned for this and provided condoms) and he said he wanted to fuck me. I looked over at Jen who gave me the thumbs up so I spread my legs and told him to go ahead if he wanted. The guy seemed quite grateful and pushed into me. I lay back on the bench and let him fuck me. He fondled my breasts fairly roughly and I did what I could to push back against him. As long as I was being used I felt that he may as well enjoy it so I told him how good his cock felt and asked if he liked being buried my hot cunt. He seemed to enjoy me talking like this so I carried on and encouraged him to keep fucking me and to fill me with his cum (if he’d tried to pull his condom off to do this literally I would have stopped him). As he got closer I played with my clit (mostly for him to see) and begged him to fuck me harder – he did this and came, pushing hard and deep into me. I thanked him and gave his cock a quick suck before going to find out who had been offering me around.

Jen just said that given how many people I’d fucked that day, she didn’t think I would mind and I told that it had actually been quite exciting. Originally the plan had been to get many random people to try and fuck me, but as drunk as Jen was, she still knew that this had a fair risk to it. As a reward for having taken one stranger, I was allowed a break and took the chance to sit down and rest while others went out to dance. We stayed a while longer and I was toyed with but told to rest so I was prepared for the final session of the evening. This sounded ominous to me (and I really wasn’t sure how much more I could take) so was a bit nervous as we headed out of the club and back to Jen and Lucy’s place.

We walked a bit of the way home and I repeatedly had my dress pulled up (I wasn’t allowed my jacket). Mel insisted that people have a play with me in a place that was really a little bit too public – I was fingered and frigged (not to orgasm) and even had my dress pulled right up, but nobody walking past said anything. A fair number of us were quite drunk and the cool air had made things even worse. It had been suggested that as my dress didn’t really cover me that I should just take it off and by the time we got back to Jen’s street, I told everyone that as long as they would promise to pleasure me (the actual phrase I used), I would play along and peeled my dress and socks off. I was paraded down the street and in to Jen’s house, but not before Mel had made me stand in the front garden, bend forwards to touch my toes and she had knelt behind me and eaten me. I don’t think she had been planning on making me cum, but I felt fairly horny from being naked outside and the earlier fondling (and it had now been a while since I’d cum) so I responded quite well. I tried to reach between my legs to get to Mel’s pussy, but it was out of my reach and I overbalanced. This didn’t stop her and as I lay on a heap on the grass, she carried on eating and fingering me until I came

The more sober amongst us herded us indoors before one of the neighbours saw what we were up to and Mike told me that it was time for the final session. A few people had gone home already, but he assured me that we still had more than enough to make me cum and I was unceremoniously pushed onto the duvet on the floor. Mike announced that it was time for my 50th orgasm of the day and that we had to make it special (he had miscounted and we now think it was actually my 51st but the thought was there…). Once again I had many hands caressing and probing me and I was fed my own juices as well as offered cocks to suck and even a couple of pussies to lick. As I got more aroused, the caressing was directed and by the time I came, I had Julia sitting over my face so I could eat her, multiple fingers in my cunt, a vibe rubbing on my clit, people sucking on my breasts and a couple of people stroking my neck (not quite in the right way, but I was going to cum from the other stimulation anyway so it didn’t matter).

I had been right to fear Jen’s warning of having to rest for the final session of the evening. When I came, the fondling didn’t stop and people were told to carry on toying with me. Fingers plunged into my cunt over and over and other vibes were used on my nipples. I think usually they would have made me cum a second (and possibly third time), but my body was beyond multiple orgasm at this stage and it just felt really intense. I had made Julia cum but she kept riding my face until a halt was called to the proceedings. My cunt felt very sensitive but I still wasn’t spared and Mike spooned up behind me and started to fuck me. Jen brought some ice in to help sooth my cunt – and it did sort of feel nice, but as soon as I said I felt a bit better, the ice was replace with Abrahii’s tongue and she lapped away at me while Mike pushed as deep as he could into me. This actually felt a lot better than the group fondling had and after a while I realised that I was going to cum again. Mike told me to go ahead and I panted my way through my orgasm which ended up feeling very sharp, but bearable.

I stopped things for another bathroom break and on my return Jen went down on me and I was then offered to the guys. I had pretty much tapped them dry, but I was given their cocks and told to help get them in the mood and they took turns in my mouth and then moved to fucking me while I prepared the next one. Richard and Ashraf both decided that while they were there, they may as well do things properly and they fucked me until they came (although I didn’t feel any cum drip out when they pulled out). As they fucked me, Julia and Abrahii played with my clit, either using their fingers or an egg. I went through all six guys in turn (not counting Steve who is our one ‘properly’ gay guy) and came twice and then had my pussy used for people to drink shots off (a towel under me and vodka poured over my cunt).

Ashraf pointed out that Steve hadn’t had a chance to use me and I assumed that this would be another ass fucking, but Jen said that as we were nearing the end of the day, they may as well do it properly. Julia was given the strap on again and once lubed up, I had to mount her and bend forwards to let Steve take my ass. This was his third time in me today and he said he was getting used to it. Julia was fairly wasted so it was up to me to fuck her ‘cock’ and I humped up and down, letting gravity help as I slammed against her and Steve took care of fucking my ass. It felt good and each time I do it I think I get more used to DP, but Steve ended up cumming a long way before I was going to. To make up for this I had to turn around and 69 with Julia, letting her eat me while I sucked the vibe clean (not easy as it was still turned on). I ended up lying on top of her with the vibe pressed against my neck and I rubbed the whole harness back and forth, pressing it (and the internal vibe) against Julia’s crotch. Julia ate me until I came and I rolled off her.

Jen asked if anyone else wanted me but I had pretty much worn them out. I was asked if I wanted to do anything more and I took the opportunity to have a final lick of Alison before saying that I was done and needed my bed. Jen whispered to me that we weren’t quite done yet, but I was allowed to rest while people gathered up their things and left. Mike sat beside me and gently caressed my body, asking how I had liked my present. He did at least give most of the credit for arranging it to Jen – he had mostly helped out with suggestions but it was her who had arranged for everyone to be tested and convinced them to repeatedly fuck me.

Jen had arranged one additional treat for me that he didn’t know about (and wasn’t allowed to participate in). Jen had seen that Lucy had drunk a fair amount and had convinced Lis to work on her and get her to agree to help me cum one more time when everyone had left. Ideally, she wanted Lis to get Lucy to agree to do things with me properly (not that I’m complaining about what I got, but that would have been an incredible present). She hadn’t managed to get Lucy to go that far, but had got her to agree to play with me again. I was taken up to Lucy’s room and lay on her bed. Lis and Lucy played with me, caressing my neck, breasts, thighs and pussy and it felt wonderful. They took their time and slowly teased me and as they worked, I noticed that Lis also stroked Lucy and after a while, Lucy also fingered Lis a little (I couldn’t see the actual fingering, but it was clear what they were doing).

I was then blindfolded and Jen was told to leave and I was rubbed on various parts of my body with their juices. They then offered me their fingers and I was given multiple chances to guess whose juices I was tasting. I think I got it right most of the time (I can still sort of remember how Lis tasted and just guessed Lucy whenever I didn’t think it was Lis). I would much rather have been able to see them gather the juices, but that was as far as Lucy was prepared to go so I was grateful for what I got. After everything that I’d gone through that day, I felt surprisingly ready to cum again (but this was my fantasy girl Lucy) and I asked if they would use one of their vibes on me, but to slide it deep into themselves first. They agreed to this and Lis described to me what they were doing as they took it in turns to fuck each other with the vibe. Lucy told her to stop as she was embarrassed but agreed that after what they’d seen done to me that it wasn’t actually that bad. Before the vibe was pushed into me, they removed the blindfold and let me see that it was glistening with their juices and then pushed it all the way into me in one go.

Lis fucked me with it and Lucy rubbed my clit and I told them how good it felt. I asked to taste them one more time and Lis reached down to her pussy and then gave me her fingers. I thanked them for all they had done but as I got closer to cumming, I realised that Lis’s crotch was pressed against my leg and she was rubbing back and forth against me. I could feel that she still had her panties on but I imagined that she didn’t and her juices were being smeared over my legs. I let my imagination run away with me and pictured Lucy climbing over me so I could eat her while Lis pulled the vibe out of me, stripped off and scissored me. I came while humping against the vibe and Lucy’s fingers while repeatedly saying ‘please’, which I assume they took as ‘please make me cum’, while I meant ‘please let me do what I’m imagining’.

I pulled them down beside me and thanked them again and gave them each a kiss. Lis had a leg over mine and still had her crotch pressed against my leg. I asked if they needed any help themselves and felt Lis press harder against me but Lucy said that she thought they would manage so I told her she was a spoilsport and then left them to it. To be fair, it would have been a waste if they had decided to let me join in with them as I wasn’t exactly at my best.

This didn’t stop Jen though who was waiting for me on her bed and said that she wanted to be the last one to do things with me. I complained that I was tired (which was an understatement), but she pointed out that she had made me cum many more times than she had cum so I owed her (which wasn’t quite what the rules were, but I agreed that it was fair). I told her that I didn’t need to cum again so she agreed to kitty kiss me and we 69ed with her on top. I got properly stuck in to her cunt and between licking me, she described different parts of the day from her point of view and how horny it had made her, seeing me cum so many times with so many different people. I made her cum and she told me to do her one more time and as I did this she went over how the plan had been to get as many people at the club to fuck me as possible and how they had pictured having a line of people waiting to use me with me bend over a table taking them all in turn.

Jen’s kitty kissing started to feel really good and I realised that she was actually eating me properly. I decided to be kind to her and let her make me cum one last time (aren’t I generous) so I didn’t say anything, but did start to push back against her licks to show her I was enjoying them. Jen came before I did but I continued to kitty kiss her until she got me off again and rolled off me. I was ready for sleep, but had the sense to go downstairs and drink a pint of water. On my way past Lucy’s room I could hear that they were going at it but didn’t have the energy to listen in (for more than a few seconds anyway). Mike was already asleep – for some reason he wasn’t using the cum-stained duvet and was just on the sofa. I was tempted to lover myself onto his face, but he would probably have then eaten or fucked me and I *really* didn’t need to cum again so I let him be and returned to Jen. Lis and Lucy were still going at it and I very nearly opened the door and told them to behave themselves in the hope of getting to see some decent action, but I thought they deserved to have fun for what they had helped to give me. I curled up with Jen, still sticky with cum and beer (me, not her) and as we fell asleep she told me that there was a price attached to getting everyone to help fulfil my fantasy, but I would find out soon enough what it was.

My pussy felt very tender the following morning and having remembered to drink water, my head didn’t feel too bad (although still not too good). I had a rare day of not doing anything (well, nothing was done to me, but I made both Jen and Mike cum). It felt good to get into the shower and clean myself off (and out). We met up with people for a late lunch and I thanked them all for my present. For the rest of the afternoon I helped Jen and Lucy finish packing up as they were leaving the house at the end of the month technically during the month) and we all got an early night to prepare for heading off on holiday. I had remembered how wet Lis had felt as her crotch had rubbed against my leg and I convinced her to let Mike have the panties she had been wearing. They were obviously dry by this point, but he could still get her scent off them and as an added treat, she also snuck the pair of panties that Lucy had been wearing down to him. Mike returned them to her the following morning, still damp with his cum and Lis placed them back into the laundry before we headed off to the airport to meet everyone.


  1. Wow I lost count. What was the final tally?

  2. Um, we think it might have been 57 - with at least 15 guys cumming inside me during the day. It was certainly something special and I'm just waiting to see how Mike tops it for Christmas :)