Friday, 30 November 2012

Indulging Fetishes - Part 3

Vicky is coming along to visit us tomorrow (today now) so I'll schedule this post...

We didn’t stay at the club too late and I had intended to have a little play on the way back home, but it was raining so we ended up heading straight back to the house. Mike had told me that Sara was going to be with him and asked me to join them. I had been looking forwards to tasting Emily, but they were staying on the Sunday night so I knew I would have plenty of opportunity and agreed. We didn’t go into the separate rooms straight away though and all had a chance to lick/fondle or fuck each other briefly (within the limits of the rules). Jen agreed to take Emily into Mike’s room (the main bed is a bit larger than Mike’s one) and we got started with things properly.

As expected, Mike really wanted to go down on Sara properly but as this meant that I got to sit over her and have her eat me, I wasn’t complaining. Mike ended up being quite greedy and he ate her until she had cum twice (with kitty kissing between her orgasms). This also worked out quite well for me as when Sara’s orgasm was approaching, she ate me harder and faster. I came before she did but she either didn’t notice or didn’t care as she carried on eating me and spearing my ass. For a while I thought that she was going to make me cum a second time, but she didn’t quite manage this before Mike made her cum for the second time. I wasn’t too disappointed though as Mike said he wanted to fuck me (even with other people to play with, I do miss having him cum inside me). Sara wanted a little rest before we did anything else (she isn’t used to cumming as frequently as she does when she is with us) and Mike offered to keep me aroused with some high-level kitty kissing (not quite properly eating me, but a bit more than just gentle teasing).

Sara lay beside me while he did this as we kissed, fondled each other’s nipples and she then played with my breasts. I was getting to the point where I really wanted to cum again and pulled Sara up so I could kiss her and tell her I wanted to taste her snatch. We didn’t even have to tell her what we wanted to do to her and she climbed over my face with her ass facing Mike (or I guess another way of looking at it would be that this is what she wanted us to do to her, I’m just used to her being a bit more passive so I didn’t consider that at the time). I pulled her lips apart and pushed my tongue inside her and felt Mike climb up my body. After a few prods in the wrong place, he slipped into me (he’s usually a better aim) and he pushed his tongue between Sara’s ass cheeks so we could start the double assault. I actually felt Sara rocking back and forth on me as Mike pumped into me and his face pressed harder against her ass. I still love the way her lips feel in my mouth and I sucked on them in turn and together (as well as licking inside her and working on her clit).

Mike apparently speared her quite forcefully and she was audibly enjoying what we were doing to her. I had intended to concentrate on Sara before allowing myself to cum (as much as I could anyway) but changed my mind and just allowed myself to get caught up in the sensations. It didn’t take too long for me to cum (due to Sara having left me feeling horny and Mike having eaten me) and I tried to let Mike (and Sara) know I was cumming by moaning into her cunt. Mike guessed I was cumming, but he wasn’t doing anything other than fucking me so just carried on and it didn’t feel too intense as my clit wasn’t being stimulated. We continued to eat Sara and her cries actually got reasonably loud (for her anyway). She told us to keep eating her and I guessed that Mike was getting close as he was moving faster inside me. He actually did a pretty good job of cumming at (or around) the same time Sara did. We ate her until she said we had to stop and then let her climb off. She lay on the bed beside us, still panting and Mike told her that he wanted to rub his cum into her cunt and she just replied that after what we’d done, he could do anything he wanted. It turned out that she didn’t quite mean *anything* he wanted and so he had to settle for his original plan and once he’d pulled out of me, I covered my pussy and knelt over her before letting his cum drip out onto her crotch. Mike massaged his cum into her cunt and ass and we then spooned with Sara between us and Mike’s cock sandwiched between her ass cheeks (he was soft at first but as he recovered, he rubbed against her until he was back to full strength).

Emily and Jen had shared a much simpler session – Jen had taken a double dildo with them, along with some tingle gel – and after they had 69ed, they had a second session in the scissor position with the dildo sandwiched between them. They had already finished by the time Sara had her loud orgasm and Emily commented that she was being louder than usual so Jen said that they would have to try and compete in the morning session. Em liked the idea of that but fortunately Jen remembered that Mike’s room is on the side of the house connected to next door so said that they might have to wait until they came into the main bedroom to have a proper loud fuck.

On the Sunday morning, Mike work Sara up by eating her (just pussy) and Sara then did the same to me (I was actually already awake and had been watching them while gently toying with myself). To even things out, I then went down on Mike, but he said not to make him cum as he had a better idea and agreed with Sara that the two of them would double team me. Mike went on the bottom, with me sitting over his face while Sara sat over him, grinding her cunt against his cock and she took care of my ass. While I’m still not as into ass-licking as Sara is, I can certainly see why she enjoys it and I ended up having a pretty good orgasm. Despite the fact he had been humping against Sara’s cunt, neither Mike nor Sara had actually cum (although they were getting quite close). I think they would have carried on until they had finished if we hadn’t been interrupted by Emily and Jen walking in (they actually arrived while we were still going and had watched the tail end of our session).

Mike asked Em if she wanted to help him and Sara cum and he directed her to lie on the bed so they could assume the now familiar position, Em taking Sara’s cunt and Mike on her ass. He pushed his cock into Emily, spread Sara’s ass and dived in. They basically did what we had done the previous night – Sara came much faster this time and ended up climbing off so Mike and Emily could do things properly. He ended up underneath her and pumping away hard and fast inside her and Emily took advantage of being at the far side of the house from the neighbours to make some more noise. He fucked her until she came and then a little longer until he came. Em was directed to stand up, but only a small amount of cum dripped out of her and we all ended up back on the bed while we planned our day.

As the weather looked a bit nicer, we decided on a walk and picnic (possibly with some playing). As we talked, I had been idly playing with the little whip that we had bought and ended up lightly spanking Jen’s ass with it. Emily wondered how it could feel nice so we ended up talking about Jen’s fetish for pain (or at least having her nipples played with forcefully). The natural thing to do was to see if she enjoyed the whip being used on them (when I say whip, it’s about 60cm long with a small flat section on the end (maybe about 7cm across) that is used for spanking). Jen lay on her back and I struck each of her breasts a few times and then struck her nipples directly. She flinched a little but said that it felt nice so I tried again a little harder. We each had a turn, Mike and I were a little more forceful as we know the punishment Jen’s nips can take and by the time we were finished, they were very red and hard. Mike fetched some ice cubes and we used them on her nipples to calm them down (not that it helped with the pointiness of them) and alternated icing and sucking on them. Sara got into things and took some ice to use on Jen’s pussy, caressing her clit and lips with it and then licking her to warm her back up.

I thought that if we were trying things like this out, we may as well do it properly and asked Jen if she wanted me to try the whip (gently) on her pussy. She didn’t even hesitate and told me to go ahead, spreading her legs as far as she could. Sara moved out of the way and I struck Jen’s pussy a few times, then adjusted my position so I could get the end of the whip to land more squarely. The slaps were much softer than the ones I’d used on her nips, and Jen really enjoyed it so we progressed to having Sara spread Jen’s lips so I could try to hit her clit –this didn’t work as Sara’s fingers were in the way so I returned to slapping around the area of her clit and Jen said she wanted a vibe in her. Mike fetched one of our silicone coated ones, applied a little of the heat gel and gave it to Sara to push into Jen. As Sara fucked Jen’s pussy, I sped up my movements with the whip and effectively patted the top part of her pussy. As Jen got closer to cumming she told me to hit her harder so I complied (it still wasn’t that hard). Mike and Em had continued to play with Jen’s nips (the ice had melted so they were just licking, sucking and pinching) and Jen ended up thrusting herself against the whip (which didn’t really do anything as I was moving it much faster than she could move her body). I kept asking Jen what she could feel and she said that it felt like a jolt going through her pussy whenever the whip hit her. She came with a series of swearing and I got Sara to push the vibe as far into Jen as she could. I carried on slapping around her mons and pussy until she told me that it was too much and we released her.

Jen’s pussy was a deep pink colour and felt quite warm and her nips looked quite sore (but apparently weren’t). Mike tasted Jen’s juices off the vibe and I gently caressed her body while she caught her breath and described how the orgasm had felt. Each time the whip hit near her clit, she had felt an intense pulse of pleasure that almost seemed to shoot right up her body to her nipples. I think I sort of understand what she means as this is how it feels if I have someone eating me and someone else kissing/stroking my neck (except for me it isn’t so much of a shooting pulse, and more of a throbbing – but then I’m not being spanked). Sara thought that Jen had a strange fetish, to which Jen’s reply was simply pointing out that Sara liked having her ass eaten (or doing the same to someone else).

We discussed our other fetishes and Jen’s watersports came up (although they knew a little about this anyway). Mike was easy to cover, cunnilingus & long white socks or opaque tights (or more generally schoolgirls – not real ones of course, just us dressed as them, but he maintains that this is part of his general love of cute things). Emily wasn’t sure if she had a real fetish – she ended up deciding that threesomes were the thing she liked the most (which I also like, although as I can now have these with Mike and Jen whenever I want I am somewhat spoiled in that respect). I found it a bit harder to decide on a specific fetish – exhibitionism is the obvious one for me but I really think that it is more a case of new experiences – so I almost have a fetish of exploring fetishes.

Emily thought that as they had interrupted Mike and Sara from finishing off earlier on, they should get a chance to continue. She asked where various things were and provided Sara with a few outfits to try on. She started with opaque tights (which she then sat over Mike and rubbed against his cock with) and then moved on to a fuller schoolgirl outfit. A little pleated tartan skirt, long white socks and white blouse. Before they got started, we got Sara to lie on her side on the bed with her knees tucked up and her pussy peeking out from between her legs. I think this is one of the sexiest poses there is and would have happily fucked her, but I knew I had Emily to play with so I let Mike join Sara. They resumed their earlier position, Sara sitting over Mike and grinding against his cock – she humped back and forth rapidly and he alternated between stroking her legs and thighs and lifting her skirt to watch as her pussy slid over his cock. Sara wasn’t sure she could cum like this so he promised he would eat her and he sat staring at her cunt rubbing against him until he got close. At this point, she lay down on him and they kissed as she continued to hump against him – the downside of this was that we didn’t get to see him cum, but the mess was rather obvious when she climbed off him and planted herself on his face. It was only a matter of a minute or so before she came and Mike reappeared from under her skirt looking rather flushed.

Em had a little play with his cock and cum but I ended up telling Mike to get out of the way so I could play with her properly. Mike decided to go and shower and took Sara with him while Em and I 69ed. I got a little taste of Mike’s cum out of Emily, but it didn’t taint her too much. Jen was still too tender to want to join in (but she still maintained that it was worth it) and once we’d finished, we waited for Mike and Sara to return. While they had been in the shower, Mike had cleaned Sara off and pulled her against him. He rubbed his cock against her stomach and pussy as they kissed and his fingers found her ass. He rubbed back and forth over it and as he pushed a finger into her, she lifted a foot up onto the side of the bath. Mike took this as a sign she liked what he was doing so he fingered her ass a bit more and asked if she enjoyed having it fucked – she said that she only liked small things inside her and she mush preferred having her ass licked to penetrated (although she was clearly enjoying what Mike was doing).

He asked if she would like one more round with her fetish and promised that she didn’t have to do anything in return (but mentioned that he wouldn’t mind if she let him eat her again later on that day) and Sara told him that she would love to cum one more time. He got her to lean forwards against the corner of the shower and used the pulse setting on her ass (half-spreading her cheeks with one hand so the water could hit her asshole). Sara liked this, but in the end she asked him to do things properly so he flicked his tongue back and forth over her ass and aimed the pulse spray at her pussy. They tried with Sara holding the shower but in the end settled on her using a hand to steady herself and her other hand to spread her pussy while Mike aimed the shower (roughly) at her pussy (he couldn’t see as he was still licking her ass). Sara loved the double stimulation and almost fell over as she came but Mike steadied her and carried on stimulating her until her orgasm finished.

Sara wanted to repay him for what he’d just given her and he let her stroke his cock for a few minutes (she was kneeling in front of him while her legs recovered), but he told her that as much fun as it would have been to cum over her, he wanted to save it until later so he could cum in someone. Once Sara felt a bit steadier, she stood and allowed Mike to help wash her hair and he had another fondle of her breasts while rubbing his cock against her ass and back. When they returned to the bedroom, Mike’s cock looked very engorged and I knew that Sara had either been teasing him or he had been doing something he had enjoyed a lot. Emily showered with Jen and gently caressed her pussy and breasts (Jen still wasn’t ready for any more than that) and I showered last (solo). Once dressed, we quickly put a picnic together and headed out.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Indulging Fetishes - Part 2

I felt that it was my turn now and told Em that she could resume touching me if she wanted. She immediately knelt down beside me, pushed her hand up my skirt and her fingers between my lips (after missing the first time). I called Jen over and told Em to take care of us both at once and she eagerly pushed her other hand up Jen’s skirt. Sara suggested that I try something on and fetched a similar outfit to the one she’d been wearing. I was going to suggest I try another one on but Jen said that she wanted to see me in it. I wasn’t quite as reserved as Sara had been and pulled my dress off (although to be fair I wasn’t standing in a direct line of sight to the guy at the register). I wondered how the corset would cope with my breasts (they are somewhat larger than Sara’s) but this had been considered and I was presented with a corset that had a half (or more like a third) cup. It just about cupped the lower half of my breasts but left my nipples completely exposed. I stood still as Mike helped to lace up the back and Jen said that it looked quite good on me. I didn’t agree, but played along anyway and lifted a foot up onto a stool to put on and lace the boots up. Once again I think the outfit actually needed panties to complete it but Mike whispered something to Jen and she went to ask the guy something.

Em handed me a small whip and black mask and once I was suitably attired, she led me to a small mirror (as I’ve said before, the shop isn’t really equipped for trying things on). I was now in full view of the guy and looked round for Jen to see if I could give her a slap with the whip (which I assume she would enjoy). She was returning from another aisle and carrying a large black dildo (not huge, but large enough) and wiping it clean with some wet wipes (she always carries these in case she decided to entertain her watersports fetish). She stood behind me, reached around and ran the dildo over my pussy. I pointed out that we weren’t meant to use the toys but she said that she had told the guy we were going to buy it and he said it was fine to ‘test’ it (although we had to buy it irrespective of the test results). Jen pressed the head against my pussy and I instinctively spread my legs to give her better access.

As she worked the dildo into my pussy and I felt my lips stretching around it she told me I was a dirty little slut and asked if I wanted it inside me. Naturally I said that I did but told her if she put it inside me, then I would make sure that she got to experience it before we left the shop as well. Jen hesitated a bit and I thought she was going to chicken out, but she then pushed it harder into me and said that I was going to take all of it inside me. The dildo felt really good and once Jen had it inside me I was instructed to lean forwards against the wall so she could use it on me from behind (similar to the way I’d fingered Emily). Jen warned me that I wasn’t going to get to cum, but then rapidly fucked me with the dildo for a while before instructing me to go and sit on the dildo on the stool. I did as instructed and was still semi-visible from the cash desk so I rode up and down on the dildo a couple of times before being told that was all I was getting.

I would have quite happily carried on until I came, but I’ve learned not to argue when told to do (or not do) something in a situation like this (although I don’t know what they could have done as a ‘punishment’ as I’d already fucked myself in view of the guy). I hadn’t forgotten my promise to Jen though and to her credit, she came over to me when I called. She stood in front of me and I rubbed the head of the cock against her pussy. I asked Sara if she wanted to help out and after assuring her that it was fine, she took the dildo off me and worked it into Jen. It was larger than the ones Jen usually uses, but not by much so it went in without too much difficulty (helped by my juices and Jen’s naturally wet pussy). I lifted the back of her dress so the guy could see her cunt swallowing the dildo and got her to bend forwards to give him an even better view. Having Jen’s ass presented to me, I couldn’t resist giving each cheek a couple of slaps with the whip – Jen definitely seemed to like that so I decided to add the whip to our purchases. I debated letting (or making) Jen cum, but as she had only teased me, I decided to stop where we were and see what our desire conjured up later on. The dildo was glistening with her juices when we pulled it out and I licked a little bit of it clean before handing it to Jen to go and purchase (along with the whip).

Jen was still clearly flushed and seemed to realise that she now had to face the guy who had just been watching her use the dildo, but we’ve trained her well and she strode to the desk and bought the items. As she did this, I started to remove my outfit but almost as soon as I lifted a foot up onto the stool to undo the first boot, a customer walked in. There wasn’t much point in trying to hide as the only option I would have had would be to pull me dress over the outfit and buy the corset so I just casually (after the initial start and hesitation) carried on unlacing the boots and sat down to pull each one off in turn. My breasts (or at least nipples), pussy and ass were completely exposed so it didn’t seem to make things any worse as my bare legs came into view and I then got Jen to unlace the corset so I was naked. I didn’t hesitate too long before pulling my dress back on, but turned around to face the shop (and the other customer) before I actually pulled it down over my body. As one last thrill I sat on the stool and lifted up each foot as I put my shoes back on – exposing my pussy twice more. We then thanked the owner (or assistant – we really should talk to him properly one day) for letting us try things on, and headed out of the shop.

I think it is fair to say that we all felt quite thrilled by what had just happened – Mike had to carry the bag in front of his crotch to hide his erection and Emily and Sara were quite giggly. I told them that I was very impressed with their adventurousness and that they would be rewarded as soon as we got home (although Em had technically already had her reward in the shop). I was very tempted to go to one of the alleyways we use and have a proper play (so we could cum) and really liked the idea of walking the rest of the way home with Mike’s cum running down my legs (or even Emily’s legs – which would have been more likely), but as it was still raining and our clothes weren’t designed for warmth, decided that it would be better to head home so we could do things without catching a cold.

On arriving home, we all stripped off and dived into bed to warm up. There was a lot of kissing, touching and stroking and I ended up with Sara over my face and Mike buried in my cunt. He got her to turn around so he could eat her ass while I took her cunt and she eagerly did this. Jen and Emily took care of each other and Mike happily fucked me while we made Sara cum. As I’d expected, he didn’t cum in me and as soon as Jen had finished with Emily, he got Emily to crawl between my legs and eat me. He had a quick lick on her pussy and then pushed into her from behind. It was clear that he wasn’t going to hold back that time and he pumped away in her. He didn’t last too long, but it made no difference to me as Em carried on eating me until I came. Despite the fact he’d just cum in her, he knelt behind her and lapped away at her cunt and once I’d cum, he got her to turn over and he ate her properly until she came (Mike doesn’t like cumming without making the girl cum).

While we rested, we pulled out the new dildo and Mike tried it out on Emily. She didn’t want to cum again, but was willing to let him push it into her and once she had experienced it he suggested that Sara should also try it. Emily convinced her to give it a try and Sara sat back, spread her legs and told him to be gentle. I knew that part of the reason he wanted to do this was to get his cum into her cunt (but I didn’t say anything) and just watched as Sara’s beautiful lips expanded around the dildo and she took a good length of it into her. We didn’t try to fuck her with it but we all got a close look at her cunt with the dildo sticking out of it and as it was pulled free, her pussy gave a loud slurping sound (which made her turn a deep shade of red and hide her face).

Mike pushed the dildo back into Em and handed it to me to put into Jen (which confirmed my suspicion about wanting his cum in Sara) so once I’d used it on Jen, I pushed it into Em a final time and then into myself. At that point even Jen hadn’t realised what we were doing (but we told her later). We curled up in the bed and rested for a while, just talking, until it was time for some food. As Jen reached into the fridge, I took the whip and gave her ass a (semi)-gentle hit. She jumped but I told her to stay still and let everyone else had a turn. By the time we’d finished her ass had a decent pink tinge, but she said it felt nice. I promised her we would experiment a bit more with the whip later on, but we were getting hungry so finished making dinner and then ate it. We had planned ahead and bought crème brûlée. Once we had broken the hard top, I smeared a bit onto Jen’s nipples and everyone took a turn licking her clean. Next came her pussy and we all (apart from Mike who still isn’t allowed to eat her) lapped away at her. We each took a turn doing this (we didn’t bother putting it on Mike’s nipples as they aren’t at all sensitive) and all of us apart from Jen sucked his cock clean. As a compromise, he was allowed to get a dollop of the crème on his cock and rub it against Jen’s cunt before Emily sucked him clean and Sara licked Jen clean.

We nearly descended into another session, but decided to save energy for later (and I wanted everyone to be horny so we could have more fun when we went out). We already had the evening planned and I talked Emily and Sara into wearing the shortest skirts we had. They weren’t indecently short, but we had to take care how we stood/sat so I let them practice in front of the mirror so they felt comfortable about how much they were showing. They insisted on wearing longer jackets so they could walk outside ‘safely’ but I convinced them to remove these once we got to the pub and we all sat up on stools with our legs carefully closed. The plan was to (mostly) duplicate what we’d done with Sue the previous weekend and after a couple of drinks, we headed to the same club, queued briefly and then got in.

We checked our coats and I led Emily and Sara up to the balcony. Once we’d made our way to the spot that was lit from underneath by the spotlight, I pulled Emily into the light with me and lifted a foot up onto the lower part of the railing. Emily caught on to what we were doing and gingerly lifted her foot up beside mine. I shouted to her and told her to imagine everyone down below gazing up at her pussy and she closed her legs a little, but then relaxed and opened them again. I was in my element, a spotlight on my cunt and a whole crowd to gaze on it (even though I doubt any of them could tell I didn’t have panties on as the light was too bright). After basking in my fantasy for a few minutes, we swapped with Jen and Sara. Sara was a bit more hesitant, but Jen (again by shouting) told her that she had an amazingly beautiful cunt and she should be proud to show it off. Sara seemed to relax a bit, but when the spotlight moved away she stepped back from the railings.

We danced a bit, attracted a couple of guys (Mike pretended to be with Jen to save her from being hassled) and went to the side to chat. Sara had already told them that she was gay so they were concentrating on Emily and me and we ended up telling them that we were bi. As seems to be the usual case, they didn’t believe us (or at least pretended not to, so we would ‘prove’ it by kissing each other) and we then pressed up against them. We moved a little way down a corridor, but this club isn’t anything like the hardcore club that we visit so it was a lot riskier to do things, but that just added to the excitement and I pushed my guy’s hand down between my legs and under my skirt. He quickly realised that I didn’t have panties on and eagerly pushed his fingers into my cunt. Emily saw what I was doing and decided to match me. Mike, Jen and Sara acted as a partial shield for us and I told my guy that if he did a good enough job to make me cum, I would return the favour. He pushed his fingers deeper into me (which I took as agreement) so I reached down and undid the zip on his trousers. With a bit of fishing around I straightened up his cock (it was nice and hard but trapped at an odd angle) and started to rub him. Once again Em followed my lead and we stood, fingering and stroking.

I wouldn’t let him kiss me, but did let him nuzzle my neck (which also felt quite nice). This gave me a good position to talk into his ear and I told him how good his fingers felt in my cunt and how I wanted him to play with my clit to make me cum. He did as I asked and as my orgasm began to near, I felt him pushing back and humping against my hand. I told him to slow down and promised to take care of him once I’d cum. I pulled my hand away a little so I was still rubbing him, just not with as much pressure and directed him on how to play with my clit. I could feel my orgasm approaching and told him I was about to cum over his hand. My orgasm felt like it shot out of my cunt and down my legs – I wasn’t quite at the point of falling over, but I certainly felt unsteady for a brief period. I panted in his ear how I was cumming and how I loved the feeling of his fingers in my cunt, at which point he pushed them roughly back inside me. I hadn’t noticed that he had resumed his humping against my hand. Once my orgasm faded I noticed though, along with his fingers which he was pumping hard into me. I took a firm hold of his cock and rubbed up and down and was quickly rewarded with his cum squirting up over my hand and wrist. I carried on stroking him gently, smearing his cum over his cock. I pulled my hand out of his trousers and admired the mess he’d made.

He thanked me and I decided to help Emily out. I moved over and stood behind her, reached down between her legs with my left (non cum-covered) hand. My fingers found those of the guy Em was playing with and I told him to rub her clit while I took care of her cunt. This seemed to be a bit too much for the guy and he ended up cumming over Emily’s hand fairly quickly, but was at least considerate enough to continue stimulating her until we made her cum. She pulled her hand out of his trousers and we shook hands, mixing their cum together and then said our goodbyes and headed off to the bathroom to clean up. Sara and Jen came with us and once inside, we quietly discussed what we’d just done and how it had felt We wanted to make them cum (preferably while standing in the spotlight), but it was clear that Sara wasn’t comfortable with this so we didn’t push it any further (although I did finger Jen briefly a bit later on and then passed her to Emily to do the same). Mike danced for a bit with Sara and ran his hands over her body – caressing her breasts and pulling his hands up her thighs, lifting her skirt until her pussy was almost exposed. In return she ground back against him and he asked her if she would spend the night with him. She agreed but said that she still didn’t want to fuck and he told her that this was fine as long as he was allowed to eat her (he was).

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Indulging Fetishes - Part 1

We're just about to head off to Mel and Julia's wedding so if I don't post this now it won't be done today. As their families are also here we probably won't have the 'real' celebration after the reception, but I'm hoping we might get to have at least a little fun...

Near the end of August, Sara and Emily came up to visit us. They arrived on the Friday afternoon and Jen went to meet them at the station to make sure they didn’t have any problems finding the house. It was nice to see them again and even nicer as we all knew the real purpose of their visit. We had put in a little bit of effort and made sure that we were all nicely shaved (although we usually do this so it wasn’t *that* much effort) and were pleased to find that Sara and Emily had done the same.
Jen had shown remarkable restraint and hadn’t sampled either of them before Mike and I got home (there is usually a bit of a fight to be the first one to get Emily’s amazing tasting pussy). We decided to draw things out a little more and had dinner before we got started. As much fun as it is diving straight in and fucking, we do sometimes like to have a little bit of anticipation to help heighten the experience. We traded stories about the things we’d been up to over the past month (with a couple of details edited out from our side) and by the time we were finished, we were clearly all ready for some action. We wanted to give dinner a little time to settle before we actually started anything so went to sit on the bed and chatted while we gently teased each other. The teasing gradually got more intense and once we got to the point where clothes started to be removed we decided to stop playing and actually get things started properly.

As a reward for having been so patient, I whispered to Jen that she could have first taste of Emily. She eagerly pushed Emily down and climbed over her so they could 69. This left Sara for me and I told Mike that he could always use my pussy while I worked on Sara and after I’d got stuck in to her, I felt him position himself behind me and slide inside. I mostly concentrated on Sara’s pussy as I knew Mike wasn’t going to cum inside me (he would be saving that for Sara or Emily) and I reacquainted myself with her crinkle-cut lips. I didn’t give her the full treatment, but did lap over her ass a couple of times as I ate her. Mike moved slowly in and out of me and I half wished that he would speed up or rub my clit, but I also liked the fact of being completely ready for Sara or Emily to make me cum so I didn’t say anything. He pulled out and licked me from behind before pushing back into me and carried on moving while I attached Sara’s clit and felt her begin to shudder as her orgasm hit. I made sure to ease off as soon as she came and started to kitty kiss her while Jen and Emily finished off. I wasn’t sure which of them came first as their moans were muffled by each other’s pussies, but could tell when they had both finished so I eased off (further) on Sara and pulled away.

We gave them a little chance to recover and decided that it was then my turn to have Emily (we all wanted to taste her before Mike fucked her). Mike asked Sara if he could fuck her and she said that she didn’t want to fuck him, but ended up conceding and allowing him to eat her (which for Mike is almost as good). Jen decided that she didn’t want to be left out so ended up sitting over Sara’s face and once the three of them had gotten started, Emily and I 69ed (with her on top). To repay Sara for letting him eat her, he paid a fair amount of attention to her ass as well as her cunt and got her off. Sara worked on Jen in a similar way (she enjoys giving as well as receiving) but Mike had been more forceful so he got to sit back and gently play with Sara’s pussy while he watched Jen cum.

Mike was now the only one of us who hadn’t cum but he wanted to taste Emily before he fucked her so we had another break and then he 69ed with her. I watched as Emily sucked his cock into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down the shaft while Mike ate her. She wasn’t trying to get him to cum (she wanted him to do that inside her), but she gave him a pretty good sucking. Meanwhile, Mike was ravishing her cunt and the three of us sat and watched the spectacle. Emily realised that we were just watching, but it’s not as if that was going to bother her (seeing as how we met) – Mike wasn’t aware though as he was too busy eating his ideal pussy. I always try to pick up tips when watching people (or porn) and concentrated on how Em was sucking him. She wasn’t deep-throating him (something I can’t do at all) but was getting a fair length of his cock into her mouth. Mike ate Em to orgasm and gave her a fairly lengthy kitty kissing session during which she tailed off sucking on his cock and just lay on top of him enjoying it. I know from experience that this isn’t the best position to be kitty kissed in, but she seemed to like it anyway.

When he finished, Em was up for mounting him and fucking him straight away but he suggested that she spend the night with him and they could have a proper fuck once we’d all gone to bed. We were going to have to split up somehow anyway as there was no way we could get five people in the bed. Mike remained hard for most of the time we sat and chatted (helped by Emily who kept occasionally stroking him) and when we decided to retire for the night, she led him into his room by his cock and told us (Jen and I) to take care of Sara.

We were fairly tired by this time but wanted to have one final session and decided to daisy chain. We tossed a coin to see who would eat and who would be eaten by Sara and we ended up with me eating Sara, who ate Jen who ate me. We agreed beforehand that we would carry on until we had all cum, but would just kitty kiss once the person we were eating had cum (as I said, we were fairly tired and just wanted a nice gentle session). It was only pussy licking this time (due to the triangular position we were in) but was still a nice session. As expected (by me anyway) I came last, Jen first and Sara between us. We let her sleep sandwiched between us and Jen reached down to play with her little patch of red hair that we find so cute. Mike and Em were still at it as we dozed off so we listened in (although they weren’t being too loud so we only heard the occasional sound carry through to our room).

On arriving in his room, Emily had pulled Mike down onto the bed and he had slipped straight into her. They’d had a brief intense fuck before Mike pulled out and went down on Em again. She let him eat her for a couple of minutes but said that she had been made to cum enough times that way for one night and wanted a proper fuck. Mike mounted her once more and they carried on but then broke to let Emily go on top. She bounced up and down on his cock, played with her clit and told him to cum deep inside her and as she got closer to cumming (and louder), he asked if she wanted a proper pounding. She did, so he pulled her down, held onto her ass and let her have it. Mike was already fairly close to cumming so he had to concentrate on holding back, but he managed to pump in and out of Em for long enough to get her off before relaxing and telling her that he was about to fill her cunt with his cum. Em told him to go ahead and he pushed repeatedly into her before holding himself as deep inside her as he could and moving just a little bit as he felt squirt after squirt of cum erupt out of his cock and coat her insides. He held her firmly in place as they kissed and told her he wanted to fall asleep inside her.

Emily wanted to keep as much of his cum in her as possible, so they rolled over onto their side so Mike could pull out, climb over her and spoon behind her. Enough cum had leaked out that she was very wet so he could easily slide back in (despite his cock being very sensitive from just having cum). He caressed her nipples and clit while they talked and her pussy made squelching sounds from time to time as they moved against each other and Mike decided that she should really get to cum once more that night. He used an egg that was left in his room (despite our intentions to keep all our toys in the main bedroom cupboard, they often end up distributed around the house and we always have to carefully check for them before having any ‘normal’ visitors). As Emily got closer to cumming, she humped back and forth on his cock but Mike had decided to wait until the morning to cum again – this didn’t stop Em making use of his cock and she basically fucked herself on it until she came again (with help from the egg). Mike stayed buried in her as she fell asleep and he remembers going soft and falling out as he went to sleep.

On the Saturday morning, Jen and I woke Sara with me going down on her and Jen sitting over her face. Sara was a bit startled and said that she needed to pee, but we didn’t let her go until I had made her cum and she had made Jen cum. Jen then took care of me while Sara went to the bathroom and she stopped off to watch Mike fucking Emily (he had woken her up by eating her, but she hadn’t tasted as good with his cum in her so he ended up fucking her). The plan was to give her pussy a thorough showering so we would all get to taste the deliciousness of her untainted pussy again but he was still considerate enough that he decided not to cum in her again. This was due (at least in part) to the fact that Sara was watching them so just before he came, he pulled out and stroked himself, cumming over Emily’s front. They all then came in to the main bedroom where Jen and I were just finishing off and Mike offered me his cock to suck clean, which I quickly did before making Jen cum.

Sara went with Mike to help him prepare breakfast for everyone and Jen and I had a play with the cum that Mike had left on and in Emily. We breakfasted at the table (naked) and Jen was given the task of cleaning out Emily’s pussy with the shower. As you would expect, this ended up being more than just ‘a cleaning’ and the pulse setting was used to make Em cum again. Emily wasn’t entirely docile for this and ended up ‘forcing’ Jen to cum (I don’t think Jen put much of a fight up). My shower with Sara was much quieter – I did fondle her a little, but neither of us came and when she was clean, I let Mike take her place and he semi-fucked me as he showered. The bathroom was fairly crowded as Emily and Sara used the mirror to do their make-up (and chat to us) and Jen came in to use the toilet (just peeing). She did this with Em and Sara watching and I reminded them that this was Jen’s fetish.

Once we were dressed, we headed out into town. The weather wasn’t wonderful (rain), but none of us (girls) wore panties and I got Sara and Em to wear thin cotton dresses (with the explicit hope that they would get wet and become see-through). I made a deal with Emily and both of us went out without bras on – this was a much bigger deal for me as Em can just about get away without one on whereas it was obvious that I needed one. We headed into town and after a coffee, wandered around a few shops. Mike got to see Emily and Sara model (not actually wearing, just holding up again themselves) sexy underwear, but they didn’t get anything bought for them this time (despite having saved a fair amount by getting people to visit us, we were still recovering financially from the wedding & honeymoon). Sara told us that she had brought the pale pink set with the little bows with her and promised to wear them later on (she is nowhere near as much of an exhibitionist as Emily, Jen or I am, but she still enjoys people appreciating her body).

We went for lunch and (with a bit of encouragement) I got all us girls to sit with views a fair way up our skirts and teased a couple of guys while we ate. The place was too busy to get away with much but I did drop my hand onto Emily’s leg and slide it right up her thigh so my little finger was nestled between her pussy lips. I doubt the guys could actually see that, but it was obvious that my hand was at the very least near her pussy and I gave Em a kiss and told her to imagine that everyone knew what I was doing as I wiggled my finger back and forth. I didn’t keep my hand between her legs for too long but couldn’t resist tasting her off my finger when I pulled away and promised her that if she was game, she would cum very soon. On the way out of the café I couldn’t resist dropping my bag as we walked past the guys and bending over to reveal my pussy as I picked it up – we hurried out before they could say anything but I hoped that at least one of them would think about me the next time they came.

In order to keep my promise to Em, we headed to what is becoming our favourite sex shop (as the guy who is usually working there seems to appreciate our displays). We had the shop to ourselves and as we browsed I let my hand wander under Emily’s skirt a couple of times and stroked her ass. I took her to the opposite side of the shop from the cash desk and got her to look at some of the items on the bottoms shelf. At first she knelt down but I told her it would be much better if she stood up and bend forwards and she figured out what I wanted from her. As she slowly looked through the DVDs, I lifted her skirt, wet a couple of my fingers in my mouth and slipped them into her pussy. They were quickly coated in her juices and I was very tempted to try and eat her, but I had a plan in mind and decided to stick to it. I finger fucked her cunt and got her to play with her clit. I told Emily that there was a camera watching us and she quickly looked around to see the CCTV camera up in the corner behind me – I hadn’t stopped moving my fingers inside her and asked if she wanted to let the guy see her cum. She hesitated a bit but said that as she was so far through, we may as well carry on and she pushed her ass up a bit higher. It didn’t take too long for her to cum and I had half expected her to be loud, but she had a silent orgasm and then knelt down as her legs were shaking slightly.

I walked out from behind the display and sucked my fingers clean – Emily joined me a minute or so later and looked a little embarrassed but said she didn’t regret what we’d just done. She was determined to get me back though and kept sliding her hand under my skirt. I batted her away a few times and said that she had to wait as we first had to try some things on Sara. As usual I asked the guy if he minded if we tried the outfits on and he said to go ahead. We picked a few things out and convinced Sara to let us put some thigh-high black PVC boots on her. Jen and I were in charge of lacing them up and we got Sara to sit down while we did this. We pulled her legs further apart than was really necessary and as we laced the upper part of the boots, we had to lift her skirt up. The first few times we exposed her pussy she pulled the skirt down but eventually gave up. It took a bit more convincing for her to try on the corset top, but we stood round her as she slipped her dress down and she held her dress around her waist as we laced up the top. It took a lot more convincing for her to drop her dress, but as we were the only ones in the shop (still) and I had fingered Em to orgasm, she eventually agreed and let the dress fall to the floor.

I don’t really like the black PVC look (I prefer cute), but Sara looked incredibly sexy. Her little patch of red pubic hair didn’t really go with the outfit and a pair of black panties would have looked much better (either lacy or PVC, but we knew we weren’t allowed to put the underwear on). Sara was dared to walk to the other side of the shop and back and did so (I don’t know if she had spotted the camera) and when she had returned, Emily pushed her hand between Sara’s legs and gave her a brief finger. I had hoped that she would strip naked before putting her dress back on, but she wanted us to shield her as she removed the corset and she pulled her dress on before removing her boots. Emily did take advantage of the situation and stroke her from behind as she unlaced them, but it was only a little teasing and nothing too serious.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Consoling いもうと (Little Sister) - Part 3

We spooned while we fell asleep (Mike wasn’t inside me) while listening to Jen and Sue who were still going. The next morning (after our session which I’ll get to) we found out that after Mike and I had left, Jen had brought out some toys to share with Sue. They used a couple of vibes, shared one of the dildo and then Jen used the strap on and fucked Sue doggy style while Sue held one of the vibes against her clit. Jen fucked Sue hard and fast while she held onto Sue’s hair and carried on fucking her until Sue had completely finished cumming. Sue then had to suck Jen clean (which I don’t quite get as it’s not as if Jen could feel anything Sue was doing). As she sucked the dildo clean, Sue had to press up on the bottom of the harness to give really good contact between the internal vibe and Jen’s clit and Jen ended up literally fucking Sue’s mouth as she rocked back and forth, grinding herself against Sue’s hand. Jen told us that this was the first time she really understood why guys like cumming in a girl’s mouth as she would have loved to be able to squirt her juices down Sue’s throat.

I didn’t get Mike to myself for long on Sunday morning – we knew Sue was going back home on the Monday and we wouldn’t have time for an extended session before work, so I let him convince me to let him eat me and we then got up to make breakfast so we could join Jen and Sue. They were both still asleep when we arrived with food, but the coffee soon woke Jen up and it wasn’t really too difficult for them to guess what we were there for (the fact that Mike’s cock was standing to attention probably helped with the guessing). While preparing breakfast I had decided on what I wanted us to do – I hadn’t told Mike about it, but I knew he wouldn’t complain as it meant he would get to rub against Jen. He lay on his back and Jen lay on top of him facing up – Sue and I held Mike’s cock up and pulled Jen down so her pussy was pressing against it and we then rubbed and licked them both at the same time.

As anticipated, Mike loved having his cock pressed up against Jen, his hands on her breasts and our tongues on and around his cock. He didn’t want to cum too quickly, but that gave us the chance to get Jen off once, concentrate on him again and then get back to work on Jen. I wanted them to cum together, but Jen came (again) before Mike did. This actually worked out better as it meant that Sue and I could take turns concentrating on Mike and as he got closer to cumming, we got Jen to lift her ass up a bit so the head of Mike’s cock was at the entrance to her pussy. I spread Jen’s lips and Sue lashed Mike’s cock with her tongue until he came. His cum splashed off Jen’s pussy and clit onto Sue’s face and Jen’s mons. Some of it landed in Jen’s pussy and I encouraged Sue to lick as much of Mike’s cum into Jen as she could. Sue still had a decent smear of his cum on her face by the time she had finished, but Jen was tasked with kissing Sue clean. As she bent over Jen, Mike slipped into her from behind but it was only a half-hearted fuck as he wasn’t anywhere near ready to cum again.

This was just as well as it was time for Sue and I to be taken care of – having had the chance to pleasure the two people I love most, I was feeling more than ready to cum (I love Sue as well, but not in quite the same way). Jen and Mike were looking forward to the chance of having us both at once and we were instructed to lie on the bed in a similar position to the one Mike and Jen had been in (with Sue on top of me, facing up). Mike briefly fucked us both – only a couple of strokes each, but moving between us a good number of times to mix our juices together and he then let Jen eat us. She started at the bottom of my pussy, licked her way up the length of my slit, over my clit and up onto Sue. She alternated between us a few times and then let Mike have a go while she fetched some toys. We each got a vibe and Mike and Jen took turns moving them in us before Sue was instructed to climb off me so we could share one of the double ended dildos.

This was coated in tingle gel before being pushed into us and once we had assumed the scissor position and crawled closer together, we were vigorously fucked with the dildo. Mike put a hand in the middle of the dildo and pumped it back and forth between us so his hand bumped (and later hit) our pussies. He stopped to let Jen have a lick at our clits and she then took over working the dildo between us for a while until it was Mike’s turn to lick us. They switched round a few more times and as we got closer to cumming, we had to tell them how far off we each were. Mike and Jen would both desperately love to see Sue and I fuck each other (as they have told us on numerous occasions, but know isn’t going to happen) so they wanted to go for the next best thing – we were going to be made to cum together while sharing a dildo. Even if we had objected to this, it was probably too late by this point as Mike had his mouth on my clit and Jen had hers on Sue’s. They licked and flicked our clits while sliding the dildo back and forth (much more gently as their heads were now in the way). We each got close to cumming a couple of times and they backed off to get the timing right – the final time I pretty much started cumming but Mike stopped licking me, leaving me panting. Jen rapidly sucked on Sue’s clit until she said she was about to cum and Mike attached mine again. It is difficult to say how close we came to a simultaneous orgasm, but it was certainly fairly close and we were cumming at the same time. As our orgasm faded, Mike pulled me towards Sue and I allowed my body to move until my pussy was almost against hers and he could lick us both at the same time. He was kind enough to allow Jen to have a go at this and he stood back to admire the view.

After watching for a little while, Mike moved up behind Jen and rubbed his cock against her ass. He says that he was debating humping against her to try to cum again, but as much as he wants to do things with Jen, the choice between just rubbing against her or actually fucking Sue (which, before this visit, he hadn’t had a chance to do for quite a while), he chose to fuck Sue. Jen’s kitty kissing had done enough that Sue was willing to let Mike take her again. He wanted her to go on top and once he lay down on the bed, she climbed over him, lowered herself onto his cock and started to ride it. I interrupted them to add some tingle gel to his cock and her pussy and they then resumed fucking. Jen wanted to cum again as well and we debated using the strap on, but in the end, she just climbed over my face and I ate her while she watched Mike and Sue fuck. It didn’t take too long for Mike to make Sue cum again (but he was also holding an egg against her clit which helped things along) and he then pulled her down on top of him and pounded into her hard and fast. I couldn’t see anything as Jen was still sitting over me, but I could feel the bed move as they fucked and I imagined it was my cunt that he was pumping into. Mike came inside Sue and Jen promised to clean her out, but she stayed sitting over my face until I had made her cum.

We had a rest for a while and Jen took Sue off to the shower to clean up. While we waited, Mike went down on me and took his time to eat me properly. He took me close to the edge of cumming a couple of times and only let me cum the third time. By the time he had finished with me, he was hard again (well, hard enough to get back inside me but he wasn’t ready to cum so we just spooned). Once Jen and Sue reappeared, Mike and I went to shower while they dressed. Jen had played with Sue in the shower, she hadn’t made her cum but had left her feeling sufficiently horny that Sue was happy to wear one of my short skirts while we went out for lunch. Naturally Jen and I wore similar outfits (but we don’t need convincing to do this). We went and found a suitable little place to eat and one after another, Jen, Sue and I popped off to the toilet to insert a remote controlled egg into ourselves. (One of the advantages of Jen and I combining our collection of toys is that we now have a fairly impressive supply of items to use – even enough to cope with additional people in some cases).

The remote controls were all in my bag and the four of us took turns reaching in and pressing a button on a random remote. After round 1, Jen and I had our eggs on and Sue’s had been turned on and then off. We decided to wait for 5 minutes before round two and we then ended up with Sue and Jen’s eggs turned on and mine off. Once our food had arrived, Mike was given the challenge of figuring out who’s egg was controlled by which remote by just playing with them and watching our responses. This was a little unfair as while they are fairly powerful and certainly have an effect when held against a clit, they aren’t strong enough to cause an instant response when inside (although they can feel nice and then end up too intense if left on for too long). He guessed which remote controlled my egg but had to be told for Jen and Sue and we turned them off while we ate lunch.

Once we’d finished, we went for a walk and Sue was the first to complain that her egg was slipping out of her (but she is also the least experienced at walking around with them inside her). She had to stand facing out towards the river with her thighs pressed together to keep it inside her until we were alone, at which point she reached down and caught the egg as it slid out of her cunt. Mike had the idea that she needed some form of punishment for losing the game and between us we decided that the penalty would be for her to cum where she was, even if people were walking past. Sue was understandably nervous about this, but she didn’t try to get out of it and we figured out how to make it work:

Sue stood facing the fence/barrier overlooking the river and Jen and I stood on either side of her. Mike stood behind her and reached around as if he was hugging her waist and then held the egg against her clit. At first, this was under her skirt, but as the egg began to work its magic, he pulled the front of her skirt up a bit until her pussy was properly exposed (not that any of us could see it, but someone on the opposite bank with binoculars would have probably had a good view). Sue ended up putting her left foot up on the bottom wire of the fence which made it easier for Mike to get to her clit. As she got closer to cumming, he rubbed the egg all around her cunt and pushed it half into her a few times. It was now sufficiently coated in her juices that he almost dropped it so he went back to concentrating on her clit and whispered in her ear how she was about to cum in full view of everyone on the other side of the river (even if they were too far away to see). Jen and I could tell from her facial expression when she actually came and when she relaxed back against Mike, he eased off with the egg and palmed it into his pocket. He didn’t let her skirt fall back down though and spent a few minutes caressing and semi-fingering her before allowing her to cover up.

I would have quite liked to cum in the way Sue just had, but it was getting a little cold (the one disadvantage of not having panties & tights on so we decided to head back. I allowed Sue to get a little bit of revenge by not giving Mike a chance to calm down before we left so he had to walk while hiding the bulge of his erection. We stopped off to do some shopping and returned home where Jen and I relieved ourselves of the eggs inside us, but we didn’t play any more until we sat down later that evening to have dinner.

It was actually Sue who suggested that we play with our food (or possibly not ‘suggested’ but asked what we were going to do). Mike and Jen really want her to be involved in our sex life so we decided to push things a step further than we’ve done before and ‘properly’ use each other for eating food off. Deserts are one thing, but it is something quite different having hot (or warm – we were careful not to get burned) food eaten from your crotch. We had cottage pie (mince with mashed potato on top) and veg (baby carrots and brussel sprouts) for the main course and it was definitely a very strange sensation as it was spooned onto my pussy and Jen ate me clean. Mike was paired with Sue and instead of having the food put onto him, he pushed his cock into Sue’s food and then lifted it to her mouth to suck clean. He really enjoyed the sensation of the warmth around his cock and said it compared fairly well to being inside a pussy (but without the friction). Jen, Sue and I had the carrots and sprouts eaten out of us but Sue couldn’t find a way to do that to Mike so just ate them normally.

We cleaned up a little before pudding so as not to mix flavours and then did our best to eat lemon meringue pie the same way. This didn’t work quite as well for Sue (eating off Mike), but he managed to get a bit of the meringue on his cock and at least some lemon flavouring. He did a ‘better’ job with the cream and slapped his cock over Sue’s face a number of times so it looked like she had been used by a number of guys for facials. A thorough shower after dinner cleaned us all up and we spent the rest of the evening chatting while preparing for work the next day. It was only when we went to bed that night that we did anything else (sexual).

Mike was with Sue and as he hadn’t cum since that morning, he was more than ready to give her a good fucking. He started off by eating her, using a similar technique to the one he’d use don me earlier – starting off slowly, getting her close to cumming a couple of times and then eating her through her orgasm. He then spooned with her while she caught her breath before giving her a final long fuck. Once again, Sue was on top, but this time she lay down on him the whole time and they kissed and talked as they fucked. Mike’s hands pulled and kneaded her ass and he told her that on her next visit he was going to fuck her ass again, but for the time being, he was just going to fill her cunt with his cum. Sue didn’t complain as his fingertips explored her ass and as she got closer to cumming, he started pounding hard and fast into her and kept this up until she had completely finished cumming before he emptied himself into her. She remained impaled on his cock while they kissed and Mike was still hard enough that when she climbed off (leaking his cum), he was able to spoon with her for a while (not really moving, just buried inside her).

I sometimes still feel a bit jealous about Mike and Sue – they have a very different kind of relationship. When he first met her, she was 15 and they got on very well – she sort of adopted him as a big brother and he was the ‘male influence’ in her life. It wasn’t too long before Sue started to spy on Mike and I having sex when we were at home and things slowly developed to the present state of affairs over the next few years. Even so, they still have a (sort of) brother-sister relationship (with added sex) and as they spooned, Mike hugged Sue close to him and promised that he would help to look after her (which was sort of her original reason for visiting us – although I think she had been sufficiently distracted from moping around).

Jen and I had a fairly simple session that night, we just 69ed (with a bit of finger work) and Jen then thanked me for letter her play with Sue. I pointed out that I hadn’t really had much of a say in it as she and Mike had started things off without me knowing, but I appreciated the sentiment. The next morning, Mike had a final session with Sue and Jen and I had our morning session before Mike and I went off to work. Jen was going to see Sue off to the airport and on returning home that night we found out (unsurprisingly) that Jen had taken the opportunity to have a final session of her own with Sue before they left. They had shared a dildo in the scissor position and used our strong mains powered vibe on their clits. They had agreed to keep the vibe in place until they had both cum (Jen had challenged Sue to this) and they apparently held out fairly well, but to her shame, Jen broke down first and had to lie there squirming until Sue came. Sue wasn’t too far behind Jen, but this vibe really is incredibly powerful so it is almost torture to be subjected to it just after having cum (and I should know). I don’t feel too sorry for Jen though as it was her idea.

Once they had showered (together) and dressed, Jen took Sue to the airport. She had tried to convince Sue to go without panties but Sue had refused. Not being the sort of person to take no for an answer, once Sue had checked her case in, Jen convinced Sue to see where she and I usually say goodbye and they made use of the disabled toilets. They didn’t have a lot of time so weren’t going to do things fully, but Jen got Sue to eat her briefly and then peeled off Sue’s panties so she could do the same in return. I have no idea how Sue didn’t see this coming, but Jen refused to return Sue’s panties and Sue didn’t have time to convince (or force) her to do so and so she had to go through security and fly home without them. Later that evening, we let Sue watch as her panties were stuffed the whole way into Jen, then into me and finally used by Mike to masturbate with. In return, she did at least play with herself so we got to see her cum one more time and she promised to wear the panties the next time she came to visit.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Consoling いもうと (Little Sister) - Part 2

We showered in pairs so that we could make sure all traces of the yoghurt were rinsed out of our pussies and Mike and Jen shaved me so I was as smooth at Jen and Sue. Sue suggested that as we girls were properly shaved, that we should do Mike as well. We know from experience that this is somewhat tricky as the scrotum is rather difficult to shave, but he was willing to let us try (providing we were careful) and after Mike had trimmed himself with his electric razor we used hot water and shaving gel to prepare the area. It was easy enough to do around the base of his cock (or at least it was when he concentrated and didn’t have an erection getting in the way) but it took longer to shave the scrotum. A hot razor and lots of gentle strokes did the job though (with only one small nick which he complained about bitterly) and we eventually had him pretty much hairless.

Jen Sue and I went out pantyless and we headed out into town. After having a coffee, went to look for clothes - now Mike doesn’t generally like clothes shopping with me/us as he doesn’t get to come into the changing rooms and enjoy the ‘bonus activities’. We came up with a plan to give him some amusement though and went to a boutique lingerie shop and assured the woman that Mike was our gay friend so it was fine for him to get to see Sue dressed up in the various outfits. I don’t know if the woman was completely convinced (maybe she didn’t really care), he wasn’t allowed to go into the changing rooms to help Sue try the things on (Jen got that job) but she didn’t mind when Sue came out into the shop and gave him a twirl in variously revealing underwear. While in the changing room, Jen tweaked Sue’s nipples, fingered her pussy, rubbed her clit and ate her so each time Sue came out, she felt a bit hornier. With such close supervision (the assistant waited just outside the cubicle), Jen couldn’t actually get Sue to cum, but she got pretty close. Sue selected an outfit and I chose one of the ones that she had rejected (I hadn’t tried it on, but Sue and I are a similar cup size (depending on monthly cycles and transient chip retention) so I was fairly sure it would fit.

We left the shop and had lunch, during which Mike teased Sue verbally and got her to imagine him sitting her up on the table in the middle of the restaurant, fingering her, eating her, fucking her, using food on her and then offering her up for everyone else to use. I saw his hand slide fairly high up her thigh a number of times – the place was too busy for him to actually get up to her pussy and play with her, but she seemed to be playing along with his imagination game and (quietly) described to him how she would suck some of the guys off while others fucked her. Jen joined in and got her to imagine having to service the women as well, describing how Sue would end up covered in the guys’ cum and the women’s juices, also adding her hand to Sue’s thigh. It looked fairly obvious to me that Sue was very turned on and I wondered if anyone else had noticed. This teasing carried on throughout lunch and as we went to leave I got Sue to copy me and bend over so her skirt would ride up and show her pussy to a table of guys sitting near us. If we had been better positioned, we could have probably put on a show for longer, but we were being careful as to who could see our display so it was only brief and we headed out of the café.

Mike asked Sue if she wanted to cum and she told us that she did so we hunted around for a suitable place. We found a quiet alleyway and stood behind some bins halfway down, Sue held her skirt up and Mike and Jen both fingered and frigged her. It was a very enthralling sight to watch – it’s not the case that Sue is ultra-shy and reserved, but seeing her so aroused that she was letting two people make her cum, not too far from people walking past did something to me and I felt that I had to join in. I crouched down, pulled my skirt up and went straight to work on my clit. I knew Sue was likely to cum a fair bit before I did, but I tried my best to catch up. I was doing fairly well by the time she came and thankfully Mike and Jen offered to help finish me off so I stood up and allowed them to do so. I guess they know I’m a bit more advanced than Sue in terms of wanton desire and I ended up with their hands on and in my pussy (as had been the case with Sue), but also with their fingers rubbing and probing around my ass. Mike suggested completely removing my skirt – we didn’t get that far but I imagined myself standing completely naked with both my holes being probed as I came and I had a fairly good orgasm. I ended up crouching down beside Sue to catch my breath and offered to help Mike and Jen cum, but Mike said he wanted to wait until later and Jen had other ideas.

We headed off for another coffee and a chance for Sue and I to sit down and rest. When we’d nearly finished, I went to the bathroom with Jen and she told me how she wanted to cum. We both went into a cubicle, removed our clothes (hanging them up) and Jen sat on the toilet. I sat astride her (half propping myself up) and reached between her legs to finger her. We kissed and I plunged my fingers into her cunt and frigged her clit. I could feel her squirming around underneath me and she whispered that she was getting close. There were other people in the bathroom and I whispered to her if she wanted to wait until we were alone, but she told me to carry on so I whispered in her ear that she was a naughty little slut and did as she asked. As she started to cum, she pushed out a hard stream of pee that splashed off my fingers and sprayed over Jen’s thighs and our lower bodies. I carried on stroking her until she had finished cumming and we kissed once again.

I thought that we’d finished, but she asked me to scoot a little closer to her and once my pussy was pretty much pressed up against her stomach, she told me to pee. I didn’t want to make too much (more of a) mess so I tried to angle my pussy down between her legs, but gave her what she wanted and let out what I had saved up. It was clear from the expression on Jen’s face that she enjoyed the experience and when I’d finished peeing, she got me to stand up and she licked me. I hadn’t expected to cum, but I rarely turn down a chance so I let Jen carry on until my orgasm built and pulsed out through my body. I then wiped my thighs clean and pulled on my clothes. Jen didn’t clean herself up as much and told me many times on the way home how much she enjoyed her pussy and thighs feeling wet.

We rested for a while when we got home and when it was time for dinner, decided to make use of having four people to add to the flavouring to the salad. We’ve done similar things to this before, but we found a couple of new videos along these lines recently (and we often take inspiration from porn to keep things interesting) so as the various items were washed and prepared, one of Jen, Sue or I would either rub the item against our cunts, fuck ourselves with it or just push it inside (for the cherry tomatoes). The idea wasn’t to cum, but Jen got a bit carried away with a half-cucumber and gave Sue a good fucking with it. She did at least stop before Sue came, but she wasn’t far off. Once all the items were in a bowl, Mike added a final bit of his own seasoning and we tossed the salad. In a way I find it a bit of a waste to use his cum in that way and not in or on me, but given I was sharing him with Sue for the duration of her visit, this at least meant he was participating in the dinner preparation.

We ate the salad with dinner and debated using dessert to repeat breakfast (eating it out or off each other) but in the end just ate it normally. We then thought it would be a good idea to take Sue out somewhere and have fun evening (not that she was really having much time to brood over Ryan, but I felt it was healthier to go out than just constantly fuck her into forgetfulness). It took a fair amount of time for us to all get ready, but then again we weren’t really hurrying too much. I leant Sue one of my skirts as she didn’t have anything suitable for our plans and while we got ready, Mike and Jen spent a little time teasing Sue and making sure she was sufficiently horny to play along (not that I think she wouldn’t have anyway). Just before we left, Mike got Sue to lean against the wall and he fucked her – he threatened to cum in her so she would have to spend the evening with his cum leaking down her thighs (which he knows she doesn’t like), but he knew that he probably wouldn’t be able to produce too much as he’d cum only a little while earlier (and he didn’t really want to do anything she didn’t enjoy). The brief fuck had the desired effect of keeping her horny though (and side effect of Mike having to hide the bulge in his trousers until his erection died down).

We started off at a pub in town and found stools to sit on. These are ideal for sitting with one leg raised (with a foot on the cross-bar near the seat) and giving a view up your skirt. Sue played along and a group of three girls and only one guy soon attracted other male attention. Sue and I had fairly low-cut tops on with our new lingerie and we were showing a fair amount of cleavage. We weren’t planning a heavy night so didn’t let them buy us any drinks, but let them have a good view of our breasts, and when one of them knelt down ‘to tie his shoes’ a good view up to our pussies. I considered flirting with them a bit more, but didn’t want to lead them on too much and as it got closer to us leaving, I told Jen to make it clear that she was gay so they might lose interest. I had carelessly thought this would be the most effective way to signal that we weren’t interested in them, but as Jen held Sue’s hand, stroked her arm and then cuddled her, the guys seemed a lot more interested. One of them in particular kept trying to hit on Sue and in the end Jen had to tell him to back off as she (Sue) belonged to her (Jen) and to prove it, Jen gave Sue a deep kiss and dropped her hands to Sue’s ass, which she massaged.

The guys wanted a few more displays, but we had other plans and said that we were late to meet people. We hadn’t decided exactly where we were going and wandered for a while to find a suitable club to try. After waiting for almost an hour to get it, we finally made it and went to fetch another drink. We made use of the scrum near the bar to have a little (although not too little) fondle. Jen and I fingered each other, Mike took care of Sue and she used her hand and ass to grind against his crotch. After a drink and a bit of dancing we retired to the balcony to have a rest. I had spotted an area that often had a spotlight aimed up at and we made our way towards that point. There was a good view of the dance area, but more importantly, it was perfect for standing with a foot on the lower part of the railing and having the light shine directly up our skirts. There was only enough room for two of us to be in the light at any one time so we took turns. I saw a few people looking up in our direction and I could see the light coming up through my skirt and loved being so exposed and tried flexing my pussy (not that it would be visible, but it felt nice). When I was standing beside Jen, she told me that she was imagining frigging herself with everyone watching and peeing over them all as she came (not that she would actually do this, but I have a number of fantasies that I’d never do as well).

When it was Sue’s turn to reveal herself, Mike slid a hand down her back and under her skirt onto her ass. Jen thought they could do better and she stood behind Sue and slowly pulled Sue’s skirt up until it was pretty much just a belt – with the position Sue was standing in, her pussy was fully exposed to the people below and Jen whispered (well, shouted as the music was loud) in Sue’s ear about how there might be hundreds of people watching her and wanting to fuck her. Jen tried to slide a hand up Sue’s thigh onto her pussy, but Sue wasn’t brave enough to actually be stroked in such a visible spot and chickened out. I dared Jen to take Sue’s place and she did, but would only let me get a finger on her pussy from behind (which I’m pretty sure would still have been visible from below). Mike did at least get his hands on Sue’s pussy a few times while dancing, but it wasn’t the sort of club that you could do much more in and as planned, we headed home fairly early (a bit before midnight).

We’ve been in the new place for long enough that we’ve found a few suitable alleyways to play in on the way back from town and made use of these. At first, Sue and I stood with our hands against the wall and asses pushed out while Mike and Jen licked us from behind. Mike then fucked us while Jen licked the other one and we switched places so Sue and I could talk turns licking Sue and sucking Mike. We considered letting Mike cum over Sue so she would have to walk the rest of the way home covered in cum, but he’d already cum a few times that day and I wanted a chance to do things properly with him once we got home. Jen suggested that as an alternative, Sue kneel in front of her and Jen could pee over her, but Sue wasn’t at all willing to let Jen do that. (To be fair, I’m not keen on the idea of Jen doing that to me while I have clothes on – I don’t mind so much when we’re naked and can go and shower immediately afterwards, but I don’t yet appreciate Jen’s watersports fetish to the same level she does). I was actually quite surprised that Jen had suggested this to Sue – although Sue has seen a little of Jen’s fetish back when we lived in York, so it wasn’t a complete surprise to her.

As a compromise, we helped to support Jen so she could lean back against the wall, spread he legs and pee. She started with her skirt raised, but I was told to put it back down when she was about halfway through so the stream hit the bit hanging down between her legs and splashed over her thighs and onto the back of the skirt. Given what we were doing, I thought that Jen may as well enjoy herself as much as possible so I reached under her skirt and rapidly rubbed her clit – which made more of a mess, but her skirt was already soaked. I stopped rubbing as soon as she stopped peeing, so she didn’t get to cum, but she appreciated the extra stimulation and made her all the more eager to get home and finish off (or start things properly, depending on your point of view). While walking the rest of the way, it was obvious that Jen’s skirt was wet, but she didn’t seem to care and as soon as we got indoors, she peeled off her clothes, dived into the shower to clean her legs (which took a matter of seconds) and dragged Sue into the bedroom.

Mike and I followed to watch them get started and it was clear how horny Jen was feeling. She literally tore off Sue’s clothes, pushed Sue down onto the bed and climbed over her to 69. Sue didn’t exactly try to resist, but it was clear who was driving things and Mike certainly appreciated watching Jen be so dominant. We removed our clothes, our hands found each other’s crotches and we even briefly fucked while I leant against the end of the bed, but Mike knew that I wanted a proper session with him so we (reluctantly) left Sue in Jen’s capable hands and retired to Mike’s room. They carried on for a while and from time to time were sufficiently loud that we heard them, but we mostly concentrated on our own session.

We had resumed as soon as we got onto the bed and fucked with me on top and then Mike on top. As I got close to cumming, he pulled out of me and moved down between my legs to eat me. I had wanted to cum with his cock buried in me, but I knew I would get a chance to do that later and he was being very enthusiastic with his tongue so it wasn’t worth complaining. He pushed my legs right up and spread my pussy so he could lick inside me and then took advantage of the position I was in to attack my clit and ass as well. As I was in the final approach to my orgasm he really concentrated on my clit (a lot more than usual) and ended up giving me a quite intense orgasm. He didn’t stop straight away and I had to tell him to ease off – which he did and kitty kissed me for a while.

When I finally told him I was ready for more, he climbed up my body (stopping to give my nipples some attention on the way) and then slid straight into me in one stroke. As much fun as it is having threesomes or more ‘interesting’ sexual encounters (not that I find the ‘standard’ ones boring), it is really nice to be able to have either Mike or Jen to myself and just have a good basic fuck. That certainly described what we did – for a change, I remained on the bottom for the whole time and Mike just fucked me. Of course I did hump back against him so he didn’t have to do all the work and as I got closer to cumming, I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him deeper into me. He pumped away inside me and I concentrated on what I could feel. We described this to each other and I pictured the internal view of the head plunging into me over and over. I’d told him that I wanted to try to cum without any clitoral stimulation (other than his body pressing against it) and he had obliged by giving me a sufficiently long fuck to get me off. When I came, it wasn’t an incredibly strong orgasm, but felt deeper than my earlier orgasm (when Mike had been eating me). As the build-up had been fairly slow, he’d had time to get ready (and my panting and encouraging him to fill me with cum had sort of helped) so he came in me fairly soon after I came.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Consoling いもうと (Little Sister) - Part 1

The weekend following our honeymoon, we stayed at home and didn’t get up to much. We did of course have our usual morning and evening sessions and there was a little playing in the middle (some of which was included in the previous entry), but I needed a break from the period of extended cumming that we’d been having over the previous month (so I’m not a true nymphomaniac just yet – there is still some more training to go!). The rest of the time we just did boring things around the house, the shopping and went for a walk (with no exhibitionism).

On the Sunday, we heard from Sue – she was very upset as Ryan had just split up with her. I tried to get her to explain what had happened but pretty much all I got was that he wanted to go travelling by himself. I was a little worried that the ‘playing’ that we had done might have had something to do with it, but Sue said that he had enjoyed it. I’m quite sure that there is something she isn’t telling me as they seemed to be getting on so well even just a couple of weeks before, they have a fair number of common interests and Sue is certainly adventurous enough to keep him interested sexually. I did the best I could to help comfort her and we agreed that she would come up to visit us. I was a little nervous about this as the last time we tried to comfort someone who had just broken up with their partner, Jen and I ended up in bed with her (Lis). Fortunately, Mike and Jen both care about Sue a lot so I assumed that we would be safe.

Sue managed to get a cheap flight up the following Wednesday and Jen went to meet her at the airport and took her to the house so they were waiting by the time Mike and I got home. Sue was still upset and we chatted about things for a long time that evening (although I still don’t really know what happened). Mike, Jen and I were going to sleep in the main bedroom that night and let Sue have Mike’s room, but when it was time to go to bed, she said that she didn’t want to sleep alone. I offered to let Sue join us in the larger bed, but we knew that there wasn’t really room for four people to sleep comfortably (three is a bit of a squeeze and only works as we snuggle up together). In the end I conceded, but reminded Mike to behave himself. I later found out that it wasn’t Mike that I had to worry about… Mike actually wore his boxers to bed (we usually sleep naked), but Sue stripped off all her clothes and climbed in beside him. She snuggled up against him, pressing her ass against his crotch and pulling his arm over her so he could hug her. They chatted for a while and Sue gently rubbed her ass against him – Mike concentrated on keeping his cock soft but Sue ended up reaching down between her legs and gently caressing his balls. He pointed out that we didn’t think it would be a good idea to do anything with her while she was still upset, but she said that she would feel a lot better if he would at least spoon with her.

The caressing had already tipped him over the edge and his cock was stiff so he agreed to spoon with her, but got her to agree that this would be all. He went to pull his boxers off, but Sue insisted on helping and she stroked his cock a few times before turning around again, spreading her lips and pressing her cunt against his cock. He started to slide into her and after a few strokes was buried inside. Mike has missed being able to fuck Sue and he moved a bit more than he had intended to, but he has fairly good self-control and managed to catch himself before things got out of hand. He snuggled up behind Sue and hugged her again. They carried on chatting for a while and pressed hard against each other a number of times and Mike loved feeling how deep inside her his cock was. He gently squeezed the breast he had his hand on a number of times and later told me that it took quite a bit of restraint to not fuck her. He did flex his cock inside her and wondered if he could make himself cum like that without her knowing (until she stood up anyway), but he managed to hold back and she eventually fell asleep.

The following morning I went in to find them both naked – I’d already had my morning session with Jen so was naked (Sue and I aren’t exactly bothered about seeing each other naked). I showered with Mike and he told me what had happened and as a way of congratulating him on his restraint, I let him use my pussy (which also ended up with me cumming). Mike and I had to then go to work, but Jen stayed and kept Sue amused for the rest of the day. They ended going out shopping and Jen joined Sue in the changing rooms to give her opinion of things as Sue tried them on. That night, it was Mike’s turn to spend the night with me and Jen said that Sue could join her in the big bed. I knew that Jen wasn’t likely to be as restrained as Mike had been and as I’d expected, Jen got into bed naked (and Sue joined her naked).

They lay facing each other and chatted for a while and Sue then spooned up behind Jen. Jen loved the feel of Sue’s breasts on her back and loved it even more when Sue reached around and cupped one of Jen’s breasts and rhythmically squeezed it. Mike had warned Jen that Sue had wanted to play when she was in his bed and Jen made a token effort to tell Sue that they weren’t meant to be doing anything. Sue slid her hand down from Jen’s breasts to Jen’s pussy and told Jen that Mike had spooned with her, so it should be okay to have a little fun. Jen had instinctively spread her legs to allow Sue’s hand access and as Sue’s fingers probed between Jen’s lips, Jen pushed back against them and said that she guessed it would be okay do play a little bit.
She knew full well that ‘a little bit’ was likely to be a fair amount, but this didn’t stop her from letting Sue stroke her clit and kiss her neck and shoulder. Jen reached back and stroked the side of Sue’s ass and finally gave in and turned around.

They agreed to be quiet (so I wouldn’t find out what they were doing and tell Jen off) and Jen eagerly kissed Sue while her hands alternated between Sue’s pussy and breasts. As soon as she thought she had transferred enough of Sue’s juices to her nipples, Jen edged down and started to gently kiss and caress Sue’s breasts. Sue pressed a leg between Jen’s and Jen pushed back against it and then dropped a hand to Sue’s crotch so she could finger her. Jen had just intended to use her fingers on Sue, but after she had played with her breasts for a while and they had kissed a bit more, (they were both pretty turned on by this point), Jen told Sue that she wanted to eat her. Jen crawled under the covers and buried her face between Sue’s legs, smothering herself with Sue’s cunt. She licked deep inside, sucked on the lips, flicked her tongue over Sue’s ass and lashed her clit. Sue came much quicker than Jen had wanted (but as I said, they were both quite turned on) and she pulled Jen back up. They kissed again, Sue said it was her turn and quickly disappeared under the covers. She gave Jen generally the same sort of treatment (although Sue’s tongue isn’t as long so she probably couldn’t reach as far inside Jen) and Jen pulled on her nips as she came. They kissed a while longer and Sue spooned up behind Jen (back in the position they had started in) as they fell asleep.

They got up to chat to Mike and I as we got ready for work the next morning and stayed naked until we left (which Mike appreciated – and I saw that he had a good squeeze of Sue’s ass as he gave her a goodbye kiss). Only when we’d gone did Jen pull Sue into the bedroom, push her onto the bed and climb over her so they could 69. It was quite an energetic session and they really got stuck in to each other. When they’d both cum, Jen suggested breakfast, but this was the kind that she could eat out of Sue. Sue sat up on the table and Jen either spooned yoghurt or pushed grapes into Sue’s cunt and she then licked and sucked her clean until Sue came again. Jen wanted a similar treatment and Sue obliged her, but made quite a bit more mess (they at least cleaned the table afterwards) and they had to go and shower.

The rest of their morning was fairly quiet and after lunch they went out into town again. This time Jen took Sue to one of our favourite sex shops and asked the guy if Sue could try on some of the outfits. Jen thinks he recognised her as he just said that it was fine (and didn’t mention anything about not having changing rooms). Jen had hoped to get Sue to pretty much strip off completely, but the best she managed was to get her to remove her skirt and hold some of the panties over her own ones. As Jen ’checked’ to see how they looked, she repeatedly pushed her fingers against Sue’s crotch and between her legs. Sue was facing away from the till and seemed to think that he couldn’t see what was going on (other than having a good view of her ass), but Jen pushed her fingers sufficiently far between Sue’s legs that she was sure the guy could see as she rubbed Sue’s crotch. I’m sure if it had been me in Sue’s place, Jen would have carried on until I came (but then again I wouldn’t have had panties on so it would have been significantly easier). Jen didn’t try to push Sue this far though and allowed her to put her skirt back on. The guy didn’t seem to mind that they didn’t buy anything and gave them a cheerful goodbye as they left.

After they had got home and had some lunch, Jen suggested that she shave Sue so that she would be nice and smooth for Mike later that night. (Even though Mike and Jen hadn’t done all of their ‘bonding exercises’ that I’ve written about, they were clearly working if Jen was thinking of Mike’s wellbeing – or possibly she was just thinking more of getting another chance to play with Sue…). Sue said that she intended to fuck Mike properly that night so being ready for him sounded like a good idea. She had a look through our toy cupboard while Jen got everything prepared and then stripped off her skirt so she could sit on the towel and let Jen shave her. Jen was very thorough and stroked Sue a lot more than was really needed – once she had rinsed off the shaving gel, she gave Sue a good licking to check for stray hairs and (as I would expect) carried on. Fortunately for Jen, Sue was raised to be a polite girl (although I’m not quite sure that Mum thought it would be applied in this way) and she asked Jen if she wanted her to shave her in return. Jen agreed to this, quickly stripped off (Jen didn’t bother keeping her top on) and took Sue’s place on the bed. Sue shaved Jen, rinsed her clean and asked if Jen wanted her to check for stray hairs (silly question). Sue lapped away at Jen’s cunt and got Jen off and the two of them then curled up on the bed and dozed for a while.

They were both dressed by the time I got home so I didn’t know anything had happened but Jen quietly told Mike during the evening. We didn’t bother going out and just lazed around chatting. Jen teased me a little bit throughout the evening (but not enough to make me cum) and by the time we headed to bed, I was ready for a proper session with her. We said goodnight, headed in to Jen’s room and quickly got stuck in to things. I remember thinking that Jen seemed to be quite fired up, but didn’t think too much about it as she was doing nice things to me. Jen ended up on top of me and smothered me with her pussy (rubbing back and forth over my face as I ate her) and it wasn’t until we had finished our session that I heard what was going on in the other bedroom.

Mike and Sue had stayed up a little while longer before going to bed. Once again, Sue had stripped off completely and snuggled up against Mike (but he was already hard as he knew something was likely to happen after what Jen had told him). He played innocent though and agreed to spoon with Sue as they had done before. This time, instead of impaling herself on his cock and staying still, she rode up and down until he told her off. She described the various things that Jen had done with her and Mike slowly allowed himself to be ‘convinced’, saying that if Jen had made her cum, then he should as well. They continued to spoon and fucked properly (although Mike held back from cumming) and after Sue’s first orgasm, they 69ed on their sides and Mike ate Sue until she came again (and he appreciated her being freshly shaved). They were just getting underway on round three when Jen and I finished up and after Jen had told me what she and Sue had gotten up to (initially I was going to tell Mike off for fucking Sue), we wandered in so I could at least gloat about him not having as much self-control as he pretends.

We startled them as we burst in the door, but other than a brief pause, they didn’t stop. Sue was on top, riding Mike’s cock and he had his hands on her hips, guiding her. I hadn’t had my usual evening session with Mike and decided that the best thing to do was to just join in. I got them to move down the bed a little and climbed over Mike’s face and then watched as Sue rode his cock while his tongue plunged into my cunt and lashed my clit. Mike hadn’t been expecting to get both of us, but he was more than happy to grasp the opportunity and even when I’d cum, he held me in place and carried on eating me (thankfully in a gentle way) while he and Sue finished off. I watched him thrusting up hard and fast into Sue and then stop once he’d cum. Sue climbed off and I saw his cum leak out of her, but Jen was on hand to take care of this and she told Sue that she would help clean up the nasty mess Mike had made. While Jen was licking Sue, Mike pushed on my back and I knew he wanted me to do the same thing to him – I know he enjoys having me lick Sue’s juices (or her licking mine) from his cock so I sucked him clean and then climbed off and told them that we would see them in the morning. I told Jen off once we’d gotten back into her room and then got her to describe to me everything they had gotten up to. We nearly went for another round, but sleepiness got the best of me and we dozed off. Mike and Sue had played a while longer and had ended up falling asleep with him buried inside her.

The next morning, Mike and Sue had already started by the time I woke up. Jen wanted to go in and help Sue to cum but I convinced her that as she’d had Sue the previous day, that Mike should get a proper go. Jen didn’t miss out though as we had our own session and added our sounds of pleasure to the mix as we fucked (we shared a dildo and humped against each other in the scissor position). Jen and I ended up finishing first but only because Mike was giving Sue the longest fucking that he could. This meant that Jen and I had time to wander in and sit on the bed to watch then finish off and before Jen could pounce on Sue to help ‘clean’ her again, I suggested that we have a special breakfast.

Mike and Jen knew the sort of thing I meant and I guess Sue had a fair idea (I think she has figured out that we’re all addicted to sex). I went and fetched some provisions from the kitchen while Jen got a towel ready. Sue and I lay beside each other on the bed with our legs dangling over the edge and Mike and Jen knelt on the floor between our legs (Mike between mine, Jen between Sue’s). They each took a spoon, spooned strawberry yoghurt into our pussies and then ate it out of us. They did this a number of times and swapped round in the middle, but swapped back again so Jen could be the one to make Sue cum. We then changed position and Sue and I had our breakfast out of Jen’s cunt (and off of Mike’s cock). As he got closer to cumming, Sue used a single finger to rub the base of his glans and just before he came he sat up so she could aim his cock at her face. He let out a few squirts and I think she was hoping that he would cum more, but he had cum inside her only 30 minutes or so beforehand and I’m told that guys done have an inexhaustible supply of cum (although that would be fun).

Monday, 12 November 2012

Living Together...

Typical - I go away for the weekend and leave Mike to post and he forgets to to it (the last post should have gone out on Friday). I will make him pay for it (although as this will involve making me cum, it probably won't be too much of a punishment for him)... Here's a longer entry to make up for the delayed posting...

There was the usual emotional comedown following the ceremony, but it helped that the three of us were now living together properly. It also helped that I no longer had to work as long hours to make up for disappearing every weekend to visit Jen (although I still had a bit of time to make up for holiday and honeymoon being so close together).

We quickly got used to our new living arrangements (we’d all spent enough time together that it wasn’t really anything new) and Mike appreciated having two naked girls around (even when we weren’t having sex). A few people have commented that Jen doesn’t seem to like Mike and I’ve tried to explain that this isn’t the case. It is simply the fact that Jen is gay and isn’t interested in Mike for sex – although as demonstrated a number of times, she really enjoys teasing him. It’s true that at first she was jealous of him (the fact that he’d been dating me for longer and she didn’t know if she was just ‘a phase’), but she now trusts and cares about him. Likewise, Mike trusts and cares about Jen a lot – even taking away the fact that he would give almost anything to eat and fuck her!

On the Sunday after Jen and I got back from our honeymoon, we thought that we should now christen the house properly. In the Olympic spirit, we settled on the idea of a relay fuck and aimed to cum in every room of the house. This started off well enough, we ticked off the bedroom first, Jen and I ate each other and then Mike fucked me. We then moved into Mike’s room where Jen and I fingered each other and Mike ate me. (I sucked him, but we knew he couldn’t cum enough times to do the whole house so it was just a symbolic suck). We moved into the bathroom next and made use of the shower (both Mike and Jen used it on me). I used it on Mike’s cock, but didn’t make him cum (although he got close) and once we had dried off, we played on the upstairs landing. For this round, Jen and I shared one of our double dildos and when we’d finished, Mike and I 69ed. He was certainly ready to cum again by this point, but I wanted him to fuck me properly so once he’d made me cum, we moved downstairs.

I’d planned on starting in the kitchen, but Mike and Jen opted for the living room. We had a threesome for this one – Jen sat on the sofa and while I ate her, Mike fucked me. This meant that Jen had to make me cum afterwards but she just frigged my clit and made fairly short work of me. I got to go to the kitchen next and used a banana to fuck Jen, that Mike then used on me. We shared the banana afterwards (which wasn’t really anything as we hadn’t peeled it before using it as a sex toy) and stopped for a break (I was beginning to feel the effects of both Mike and Jen fucking me - or at least making me cum - each time).

With our break over, we moved into the dining room and I had a session on the dining table with Jen while Mike sat in a chair and watched us. He went and fetched some vibes for us to use on each other and once we’d cum, he gave me a half-fuck (he fucked me, but he didn’t cum) on the table and used one of the vibes on my clit while Jen used the one that had been inside her on my neck. I thought we were pretty much done by this point but we still had the downstairs hallway (they both sat on the stairs and ate me while I stood up and I then ate Jen in the same position).

We headed upstairs to rest for a while and I was accosted halfway up. I should have known that the stairs counted as a different ‘room’ to the hallways and once it was clear I wasn’t going to get away, I resigned myself to my fate and let Jen eat me. I then had to kneel and eat her as she sat on a stair and Mike gave me a hard fucking, but finished my off by eating and fingering me. I was finally allowed to go to bed and we dozed for a while (a couple of hours). When I awoke, both Mike and Jen were awake and they suggested we head downstairs for something to drink. After our drink, they ‘remembered’ that we had forgotten a room and I was led out to the garden. It wasn’t an overly warm evening, but was warm enough if you were doing something energetic (which we were planning on doing). The grass was a bit wet, but this didn’t bother us as we take the view that there isn’t much point of fucking outdoors if you can’t get dirty. We embraced this principal and Mike and I fucked on the grass, rolling around and taking turns on top. This time there were no half measures and he fucked me hard until I came and then carried on for his third cum of the day.

I climbed off Mike, half fell onto my back and then invited Jen over. Once she had mounted me, she said that we should use the outdoors properly. I knew what Jen was referring to (and later found out that this was part of the reason for the drink before we came out) – seeing as I needed a good shower anyway, there didn’t seem to be a reason to refuse her and we started to 69. Surprisingly (as it was to be my 20th orgasm of the day) I started to approach climax before Jen did and when I told her this, she moved down my body so her pussy was between my neck and breasts. She pulled my pussy open and rubbed my clit and reminded me to let go as I started to cum. I got her to ease off on frigging me a bit so she could catch up and when we felt that we were both fairly close to cumming, we went for it. I spread Jen’s lips in the same way she was spreading mine and we rubbed each other’s clits. I still came a little before Jen did and I pushed as hard as I could, letting out what felt like a strong stream of piss. I could feel it splashing back onto my legs from Jen’s body, but the more she ‘makes’ me do this, the more I see how it can be fun to just let go and enjoy yourself. I had my head tilted back as I knew Jen was about to unleash on me so I didn’t see the fact that Mike was kneeling near Jen and peeing on her shoulders and back as hard as he could, but I certainly felt (and heard) when Jen started to cum.

She let out a series of oh yes’ and mmmm’s and I felt a torrent spray onto my breasts and neck. Some splashed up onto my face, but I was still in my post orgasmic state and felt pretty good so I didn’t really mind too much. Once Jen stopped peeing, I looked back down at her pussy and saw it contracting as she tried to squeeze out the final drops, but she had finished cumming anyway.

Mike was nominated to go and fetch some towels so we could dry off before we went up and showered off. This time the shower was only used for cleaning (although they did threaten to make me cum again). Over dinner (for which we stayed naked) we agreed that the house now felt like it belonged to us. Unfortunately I hadn’t got any of the preparation done for my return to work so had to stay up late doing this. When I finally went to bed, Mike gave me to Jen for the night and we had a surprisingly pleasant session (I didn’t expect to want to cum again, but Jen is pretty good at getting me turned on).

Now onto a selection of our exploits… I had discussed with Jen before she moved in that I thought it would be good for the Mike and her to play with each other a little more – I know that Jen doesn’t want to actually have sex (in part so she can always dangle this in front of him as a way of teasing him), but she doesn’t mind certain levels of fondling, touching and teasing. I’m going to detail the sort of things that they got up to during the evenings of the first month we’ve been living together – partly to try to assuage readers of the fact that Jen doesn’t like Mike and partly as he hasn’t featured too heavily in many of the latest entries (and I don’t want him to feel left out).

Due to time restrictions in the mornings, we’ve had to slightly adjust our morning sessions. I now take turns fucking one of them in the morning and then have both of them in the evenings. I know that I clearly get the better end of this deal, but having a chance to equalise things was one of the other reasons that it turned out to be a good idea for Mike and Jen to play with each other. Despite Mike having gone to the trouble to get the main bedroom redecorated for Jen, he has ended up sleeping in there as well for quite a few nights. He and I have spent some nights in his room, but it feels so much nicer with the three of us together (although a queen size bed would make it even better).

One of the first things I asked them to do was to spend an evening kissing and caressing each other (Mike wasn’t allowed to stroke Jen’s pussy and she avoided touching his cock with her hands). We lit some candles and I sat on a chair watching (but spent some of the time on the bed so I could also caress them). They have kissed a number of times before, but not for an extended period of time and it was interesting to watch as they started off tentatively but after just a few minutes were kissing ‘properly’. As their kissing became more passionate, they pulled their bodies together so Mike’s cock was pressing against Jen’s stomach and I watched his hands roaming up and down her back, over her ass and down her legs (as far as he could reach anyway). They kissed for about half an hour and both of them were breathing heavily (possibly helped by my occasional fondling). Mike got a bit ahead of himself and tried to move down so he could play with Jen’s breasts, but I told him they were for another night and they carried on kissing. I then ended up getting carried away and played with myself, but decided that it was selfish for just me to cum so we decided to finish things off.

I lay between them and used a hand to stroke Mike and my other hand to play with Jen. They each had a hand on my pussy and together they rubbed and fingered me (not really proper fingering as they couldn’t reach around far enough, but they could certainly get to my clit). They were a lot further on than I was – Mike even more so as the head of his cock had been rubbing against Jen’s stomach most of the time they had been kissing, although she had started to hump against his leg for the latter part of their session. I had the advantage of having both of them playing with me though so I did a fairly good job of catching up. For a change, Mike came first and his cum squirted up across my body. I’d kind of hoped it would reach over to Jen, but I guess there is only so far I could twist his cock to the side before he complained. I was going to turn onto my side so I could concentrate on Jen more but Mike said he wanted to help make me cum so I stayed on my back, sandwiched between them with two sets of fingers on my pussy. Despite having double the stimulation, Jen came next but once she had finished and could concentrate on me properly (she moved down so she could push her fingers into me while Mike worked on my clit), I came quite quickly.

A few days later, it was time for Jen to shave and I convinced her to let Mike do this. This isn’t the first time he’s shaved her, but I felt that it is such an intimate thing that it would be another good bonding exercise for them. Jen lay at the edge of the bed and I helped out by pulling the skin tight in various directions as he worked and Mike took the opportunity to have a good look at her (again, not the first time, but he still enjoyed it). Once he washed her clean, it was up to me to do the tongue test and (as usual) this turned into more than just a test for smoothness and ended up with me eating Jen properly. Mike took advantage of the position I was in and moved around behind me so we could fuck while I ate Jen. I really love being between the two of them when we’re doing things and the feeling of Mike’s hard cock sliding in my pussy couples with Jen’s soft lips in my mouth make a wonderful combination.

When we shower, we often do it in pairs and I made sure that Mike and Jen also showered together from time to time. This would include them washing each other’s bodies (avoiding certain places) and doing each other’s hair. Mike would generally stand behind Jen and reach around her to wash her front (and breasts) with his cock pressed up against her ass, or sometimes poking between her legs. A couple of times, Jen has pressed up against him, rubbed her pussy against his leg and then peed (she didn’t cum, but still enjoyed the feeling). Mike tried to do the same back to her, but he finds it quite difficult to get his cock soft enough to pee while she is teasing him like this. He has managed it though and one time in particular, Jen played with her pussy as he peed over her hand, crotch and thighs.

Not everything we did involved teasing Mike – one night I lay in bed with a couple of pillows under my ass and Jen knelt on all fours to eat me. Mike knelt behind Jen and pressed her ass cheeks around his cock and ‘fucked’ them. It took a little while and he had to add some lube, but Jen worked slowly on me and he found a good rhythm in the end. As he got close to cumming, he described how soft Jen’s ass felt (and Jen later said how hot and hard his cock had felt). Jen sped up to try to get me to cum at the same time as Mike, but this is difficult enough with just two people so he ended up cumming first. I had been with Jen that morning (which Mike had watched while getting dressed) so he hadn’t cum for a day and he shot five (he thinks) decent streams of cum up Jen’s back. His cock was close to 45 degrees so his cum went quite a long way and a few bits landed on the back of Jen’s head and in her hair, with the rest down her back. His squirts weren’t powerful enough to make it over Jen’s head and onto my body (although that would have been impressive), but by the time Jen had made me cum and I got up to look at her back, his cum was dripping down off both sides of her. (I did make Jen cum that night as well so she wasn’t left out).

Jen and I have also been practising trying to make each other squirt. We’ve followed the videos online and while it feels good, we can’t cause each other to have uncontrollable multiple orgasms and I haven’t been able to squirt. I did get Jen to do it once which was fairly impressive and Mike just wishes that he had been sitting in the firing line so he could have got covered with her juices. Her orgasm seemed quite strong, but it wasn’t a multiple one and we are beginning to suspect that (shock) the girls in the videos might be acting. We will keep experimenting though and report back any further success. Mike suggested that he be the one who fingered us to remove the variable of different people doing it, but he knew Jen wasn’t going to go for that so it wasn’t a serious suggestion.

Mike still hasn’t got to eat Jen, but he had been allowed to kiss and lick around her thighs while I played with her clit (using my fingers and an egg). He’s got to watch her pussy closely as she’s cum and we’ve all taken turns at being examined. Jen and I have used the speculum again and Mike was allowed to squirt his cum right inside Jen’s spread pussy again. This time we kept her ass raised while we removed the speculum and gave his cum a decent amount of time to seep into her depths before she was allowed to stand up and feel it run out of her.

I’ve got Jen to lie on her back while Mike rubs his cock over her breasts, cunt, face and ass (she obviously had to turn over for that bit) and Mike has been on his back while Jen sat over him and humped her cunt against his cock. Jen also quite enjoys having Mike ‘hit’ her pussy and breasts with his cock and he got her quote aroused one evening with an extended pussy slapping session (I held her lips apart so he could get decent contact with her clit). We’ve spent evenings with Mike and I sucking, licking, pinching and biting on Jen’s nipples and getting her incredibly aroused before I went down on her (leaving Mike to take care of her breasts) she really enjoyed that and conceded that having Mike involved could be a lot more fun.
Of course, I wasn’t entirely selfless the whole time and made use of the two of them to double team me a number of times. They’ve taken turns on my pussy, neck and breasts (having pussy licked and neck stroked is absolutely amazing). We’ve even had a couple of DP sessions with Mike buried in my cunt and Jen using the strap on to take my ass. We’ve tried it the other way around but Mike prefers being in my cunt (and it obviously doesn’t make much of a difference for Jen).

The time he enjoyed most was when he lay on his back and Jen lay on top of him, facing up. I helped move her down so Mike’s cock was nestled between her lips and I licked up and down the length of his shaft as well as behind it and onto Jen’s pussy. I pushed Mike’s cock against her clit and Jen rode up and down slightly and (with a bit of effort) I crouched over them both and rubbed my pussy against the front of his cock. I changed position and sat over them so I was facing Jen and lowered myself onto his cock. Only a small amount was sticking out from between Jen’s legs and while I technically got him inside me, it wasn’t enough to be able to fuck him (or for him to fuck me), but he still liked feeling Jen’s pussy against his cock while the head was in my pussy. I dismounted and resumed licking them both, also using Mike’s cock to rub against Jen’s cunt. Mike played with Jen’s breasts while I did this and we made Jen cum first. As she recovered, I concentrated more on Mike’s cock, mostly sucking the head and just before he came (he told me) I moved away and flicked my tongue over the front of the glans so he could shoot his cum up over Jen’s body. Because of the angle, it didn’t get too far up (he was hoping to cover her breasts and face), but this had the added advantage of it being easy for me to pull bits of it back down and watch it rub over Jen’s pussy.

So in summary, our living together seems to be working out for everybody. Now that Mike and Jen have more fully familiarised themselves with each other, I’m spending more nights with just one of them (but we still sleep altogether occasionally) and Mike is now sufficiently desensitised to seeing Jen naked (whenever we’re in the house) that he doesn’t walk around with a permanent erection.