Thursday, 15 November 2012

Consoling いもうと (Little Sister) - Part 1

The weekend following our honeymoon, we stayed at home and didn’t get up to much. We did of course have our usual morning and evening sessions and there was a little playing in the middle (some of which was included in the previous entry), but I needed a break from the period of extended cumming that we’d been having over the previous month (so I’m not a true nymphomaniac just yet – there is still some more training to go!). The rest of the time we just did boring things around the house, the shopping and went for a walk (with no exhibitionism).

On the Sunday, we heard from Sue – she was very upset as Ryan had just split up with her. I tried to get her to explain what had happened but pretty much all I got was that he wanted to go travelling by himself. I was a little worried that the ‘playing’ that we had done might have had something to do with it, but Sue said that he had enjoyed it. I’m quite sure that there is something she isn’t telling me as they seemed to be getting on so well even just a couple of weeks before, they have a fair number of common interests and Sue is certainly adventurous enough to keep him interested sexually. I did the best I could to help comfort her and we agreed that she would come up to visit us. I was a little nervous about this as the last time we tried to comfort someone who had just broken up with their partner, Jen and I ended up in bed with her (Lis). Fortunately, Mike and Jen both care about Sue a lot so I assumed that we would be safe.

Sue managed to get a cheap flight up the following Wednesday and Jen went to meet her at the airport and took her to the house so they were waiting by the time Mike and I got home. Sue was still upset and we chatted about things for a long time that evening (although I still don’t really know what happened). Mike, Jen and I were going to sleep in the main bedroom that night and let Sue have Mike’s room, but when it was time to go to bed, she said that she didn’t want to sleep alone. I offered to let Sue join us in the larger bed, but we knew that there wasn’t really room for four people to sleep comfortably (three is a bit of a squeeze and only works as we snuggle up together). In the end I conceded, but reminded Mike to behave himself. I later found out that it wasn’t Mike that I had to worry about… Mike actually wore his boxers to bed (we usually sleep naked), but Sue stripped off all her clothes and climbed in beside him. She snuggled up against him, pressing her ass against his crotch and pulling his arm over her so he could hug her. They chatted for a while and Sue gently rubbed her ass against him – Mike concentrated on keeping his cock soft but Sue ended up reaching down between her legs and gently caressing his balls. He pointed out that we didn’t think it would be a good idea to do anything with her while she was still upset, but she said that she would feel a lot better if he would at least spoon with her.

The caressing had already tipped him over the edge and his cock was stiff so he agreed to spoon with her, but got her to agree that this would be all. He went to pull his boxers off, but Sue insisted on helping and she stroked his cock a few times before turning around again, spreading her lips and pressing her cunt against his cock. He started to slide into her and after a few strokes was buried inside. Mike has missed being able to fuck Sue and he moved a bit more than he had intended to, but he has fairly good self-control and managed to catch himself before things got out of hand. He snuggled up behind Sue and hugged her again. They carried on chatting for a while and pressed hard against each other a number of times and Mike loved feeling how deep inside her his cock was. He gently squeezed the breast he had his hand on a number of times and later told me that it took quite a bit of restraint to not fuck her. He did flex his cock inside her and wondered if he could make himself cum like that without her knowing (until she stood up anyway), but he managed to hold back and she eventually fell asleep.

The following morning I went in to find them both naked – I’d already had my morning session with Jen so was naked (Sue and I aren’t exactly bothered about seeing each other naked). I showered with Mike and he told me what had happened and as a way of congratulating him on his restraint, I let him use my pussy (which also ended up with me cumming). Mike and I had to then go to work, but Jen stayed and kept Sue amused for the rest of the day. They ended going out shopping and Jen joined Sue in the changing rooms to give her opinion of things as Sue tried them on. That night, it was Mike’s turn to spend the night with me and Jen said that Sue could join her in the big bed. I knew that Jen wasn’t likely to be as restrained as Mike had been and as I’d expected, Jen got into bed naked (and Sue joined her naked).

They lay facing each other and chatted for a while and Sue then spooned up behind Jen. Jen loved the feel of Sue’s breasts on her back and loved it even more when Sue reached around and cupped one of Jen’s breasts and rhythmically squeezed it. Mike had warned Jen that Sue had wanted to play when she was in his bed and Jen made a token effort to tell Sue that they weren’t meant to be doing anything. Sue slid her hand down from Jen’s breasts to Jen’s pussy and told Jen that Mike had spooned with her, so it should be okay to have a little fun. Jen had instinctively spread her legs to allow Sue’s hand access and as Sue’s fingers probed between Jen’s lips, Jen pushed back against them and said that she guessed it would be okay do play a little bit.
She knew full well that ‘a little bit’ was likely to be a fair amount, but this didn’t stop her from letting Sue stroke her clit and kiss her neck and shoulder. Jen reached back and stroked the side of Sue’s ass and finally gave in and turned around.

They agreed to be quiet (so I wouldn’t find out what they were doing and tell Jen off) and Jen eagerly kissed Sue while her hands alternated between Sue’s pussy and breasts. As soon as she thought she had transferred enough of Sue’s juices to her nipples, Jen edged down and started to gently kiss and caress Sue’s breasts. Sue pressed a leg between Jen’s and Jen pushed back against it and then dropped a hand to Sue’s crotch so she could finger her. Jen had just intended to use her fingers on Sue, but after she had played with her breasts for a while and they had kissed a bit more, (they were both pretty turned on by this point), Jen told Sue that she wanted to eat her. Jen crawled under the covers and buried her face between Sue’s legs, smothering herself with Sue’s cunt. She licked deep inside, sucked on the lips, flicked her tongue over Sue’s ass and lashed her clit. Sue came much quicker than Jen had wanted (but as I said, they were both quite turned on) and she pulled Jen back up. They kissed again, Sue said it was her turn and quickly disappeared under the covers. She gave Jen generally the same sort of treatment (although Sue’s tongue isn’t as long so she probably couldn’t reach as far inside Jen) and Jen pulled on her nips as she came. They kissed a while longer and Sue spooned up behind Jen (back in the position they had started in) as they fell asleep.

They got up to chat to Mike and I as we got ready for work the next morning and stayed naked until we left (which Mike appreciated – and I saw that he had a good squeeze of Sue’s ass as he gave her a goodbye kiss). Only when we’d gone did Jen pull Sue into the bedroom, push her onto the bed and climb over her so they could 69. It was quite an energetic session and they really got stuck in to each other. When they’d both cum, Jen suggested breakfast, but this was the kind that she could eat out of Sue. Sue sat up on the table and Jen either spooned yoghurt or pushed grapes into Sue’s cunt and she then licked and sucked her clean until Sue came again. Jen wanted a similar treatment and Sue obliged her, but made quite a bit more mess (they at least cleaned the table afterwards) and they had to go and shower.

The rest of their morning was fairly quiet and after lunch they went out into town again. This time Jen took Sue to one of our favourite sex shops and asked the guy if Sue could try on some of the outfits. Jen thinks he recognised her as he just said that it was fine (and didn’t mention anything about not having changing rooms). Jen had hoped to get Sue to pretty much strip off completely, but the best she managed was to get her to remove her skirt and hold some of the panties over her own ones. As Jen ’checked’ to see how they looked, she repeatedly pushed her fingers against Sue’s crotch and between her legs. Sue was facing away from the till and seemed to think that he couldn’t see what was going on (other than having a good view of her ass), but Jen pushed her fingers sufficiently far between Sue’s legs that she was sure the guy could see as she rubbed Sue’s crotch. I’m sure if it had been me in Sue’s place, Jen would have carried on until I came (but then again I wouldn’t have had panties on so it would have been significantly easier). Jen didn’t try to push Sue this far though and allowed her to put her skirt back on. The guy didn’t seem to mind that they didn’t buy anything and gave them a cheerful goodbye as they left.

After they had got home and had some lunch, Jen suggested that she shave Sue so that she would be nice and smooth for Mike later that night. (Even though Mike and Jen hadn’t done all of their ‘bonding exercises’ that I’ve written about, they were clearly working if Jen was thinking of Mike’s wellbeing – or possibly she was just thinking more of getting another chance to play with Sue…). Sue said that she intended to fuck Mike properly that night so being ready for him sounded like a good idea. She had a look through our toy cupboard while Jen got everything prepared and then stripped off her skirt so she could sit on the towel and let Jen shave her. Jen was very thorough and stroked Sue a lot more than was really needed – once she had rinsed off the shaving gel, she gave Sue a good licking to check for stray hairs and (as I would expect) carried on. Fortunately for Jen, Sue was raised to be a polite girl (although I’m not quite sure that Mum thought it would be applied in this way) and she asked Jen if she wanted her to shave her in return. Jen agreed to this, quickly stripped off (Jen didn’t bother keeping her top on) and took Sue’s place on the bed. Sue shaved Jen, rinsed her clean and asked if Jen wanted her to check for stray hairs (silly question). Sue lapped away at Jen’s cunt and got Jen off and the two of them then curled up on the bed and dozed for a while.

They were both dressed by the time I got home so I didn’t know anything had happened but Jen quietly told Mike during the evening. We didn’t bother going out and just lazed around chatting. Jen teased me a little bit throughout the evening (but not enough to make me cum) and by the time we headed to bed, I was ready for a proper session with her. We said goodnight, headed in to Jen’s room and quickly got stuck in to things. I remember thinking that Jen seemed to be quite fired up, but didn’t think too much about it as she was doing nice things to me. Jen ended up on top of me and smothered me with her pussy (rubbing back and forth over my face as I ate her) and it wasn’t until we had finished our session that I heard what was going on in the other bedroom.

Mike and Sue had stayed up a little while longer before going to bed. Once again, Sue had stripped off completely and snuggled up against Mike (but he was already hard as he knew something was likely to happen after what Jen had told him). He played innocent though and agreed to spoon with Sue as they had done before. This time, instead of impaling herself on his cock and staying still, she rode up and down until he told her off. She described the various things that Jen had done with her and Mike slowly allowed himself to be ‘convinced’, saying that if Jen had made her cum, then he should as well. They continued to spoon and fucked properly (although Mike held back from cumming) and after Sue’s first orgasm, they 69ed on their sides and Mike ate Sue until she came again (and he appreciated her being freshly shaved). They were just getting underway on round three when Jen and I finished up and after Jen had told me what she and Sue had gotten up to (initially I was going to tell Mike off for fucking Sue), we wandered in so I could at least gloat about him not having as much self-control as he pretends.

We startled them as we burst in the door, but other than a brief pause, they didn’t stop. Sue was on top, riding Mike’s cock and he had his hands on her hips, guiding her. I hadn’t had my usual evening session with Mike and decided that the best thing to do was to just join in. I got them to move down the bed a little and climbed over Mike’s face and then watched as Sue rode his cock while his tongue plunged into my cunt and lashed my clit. Mike hadn’t been expecting to get both of us, but he was more than happy to grasp the opportunity and even when I’d cum, he held me in place and carried on eating me (thankfully in a gentle way) while he and Sue finished off. I watched him thrusting up hard and fast into Sue and then stop once he’d cum. Sue climbed off and I saw his cum leak out of her, but Jen was on hand to take care of this and she told Sue that she would help clean up the nasty mess Mike had made. While Jen was licking Sue, Mike pushed on my back and I knew he wanted me to do the same thing to him – I know he enjoys having me lick Sue’s juices (or her licking mine) from his cock so I sucked him clean and then climbed off and told them that we would see them in the morning. I told Jen off once we’d gotten back into her room and then got her to describe to me everything they had gotten up to. We nearly went for another round, but sleepiness got the best of me and we dozed off. Mike and Sue had played a while longer and had ended up falling asleep with him buried inside her.

The next morning, Mike and Sue had already started by the time I woke up. Jen wanted to go in and help Sue to cum but I convinced her that as she’d had Sue the previous day, that Mike should get a proper go. Jen didn’t miss out though as we had our own session and added our sounds of pleasure to the mix as we fucked (we shared a dildo and humped against each other in the scissor position). Jen and I ended up finishing first but only because Mike was giving Sue the longest fucking that he could. This meant that Jen and I had time to wander in and sit on the bed to watch then finish off and before Jen could pounce on Sue to help ‘clean’ her again, I suggested that we have a special breakfast.

Mike and Jen knew the sort of thing I meant and I guess Sue had a fair idea (I think she has figured out that we’re all addicted to sex). I went and fetched some provisions from the kitchen while Jen got a towel ready. Sue and I lay beside each other on the bed with our legs dangling over the edge and Mike and Jen knelt on the floor between our legs (Mike between mine, Jen between Sue’s). They each took a spoon, spooned strawberry yoghurt into our pussies and then ate it out of us. They did this a number of times and swapped round in the middle, but swapped back again so Jen could be the one to make Sue cum. We then changed position and Sue and I had our breakfast out of Jen’s cunt (and off of Mike’s cock). As he got closer to cumming, Sue used a single finger to rub the base of his glans and just before he came he sat up so she could aim his cock at her face. He let out a few squirts and I think she was hoping that he would cum more, but he had cum inside her only 30 minutes or so beforehand and I’m told that guys done have an inexhaustible supply of cum (although that would be fun).

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