Sunday, 18 November 2012

Consoling いもうと (Little Sister) - Part 2

We showered in pairs so that we could make sure all traces of the yoghurt were rinsed out of our pussies and Mike and Jen shaved me so I was as smooth at Jen and Sue. Sue suggested that as we girls were properly shaved, that we should do Mike as well. We know from experience that this is somewhat tricky as the scrotum is rather difficult to shave, but he was willing to let us try (providing we were careful) and after Mike had trimmed himself with his electric razor we used hot water and shaving gel to prepare the area. It was easy enough to do around the base of his cock (or at least it was when he concentrated and didn’t have an erection getting in the way) but it took longer to shave the scrotum. A hot razor and lots of gentle strokes did the job though (with only one small nick which he complained about bitterly) and we eventually had him pretty much hairless.

Jen Sue and I went out pantyless and we headed out into town. After having a coffee, went to look for clothes - now Mike doesn’t generally like clothes shopping with me/us as he doesn’t get to come into the changing rooms and enjoy the ‘bonus activities’. We came up with a plan to give him some amusement though and went to a boutique lingerie shop and assured the woman that Mike was our gay friend so it was fine for him to get to see Sue dressed up in the various outfits. I don’t know if the woman was completely convinced (maybe she didn’t really care), he wasn’t allowed to go into the changing rooms to help Sue try the things on (Jen got that job) but she didn’t mind when Sue came out into the shop and gave him a twirl in variously revealing underwear. While in the changing room, Jen tweaked Sue’s nipples, fingered her pussy, rubbed her clit and ate her so each time Sue came out, she felt a bit hornier. With such close supervision (the assistant waited just outside the cubicle), Jen couldn’t actually get Sue to cum, but she got pretty close. Sue selected an outfit and I chose one of the ones that she had rejected (I hadn’t tried it on, but Sue and I are a similar cup size (depending on monthly cycles and transient chip retention) so I was fairly sure it would fit.

We left the shop and had lunch, during which Mike teased Sue verbally and got her to imagine him sitting her up on the table in the middle of the restaurant, fingering her, eating her, fucking her, using food on her and then offering her up for everyone else to use. I saw his hand slide fairly high up her thigh a number of times – the place was too busy for him to actually get up to her pussy and play with her, but she seemed to be playing along with his imagination game and (quietly) described to him how she would suck some of the guys off while others fucked her. Jen joined in and got her to imagine having to service the women as well, describing how Sue would end up covered in the guys’ cum and the women’s juices, also adding her hand to Sue’s thigh. It looked fairly obvious to me that Sue was very turned on and I wondered if anyone else had noticed. This teasing carried on throughout lunch and as we went to leave I got Sue to copy me and bend over so her skirt would ride up and show her pussy to a table of guys sitting near us. If we had been better positioned, we could have probably put on a show for longer, but we were being careful as to who could see our display so it was only brief and we headed out of the café.

Mike asked Sue if she wanted to cum and she told us that she did so we hunted around for a suitable place. We found a quiet alleyway and stood behind some bins halfway down, Sue held her skirt up and Mike and Jen both fingered and frigged her. It was a very enthralling sight to watch – it’s not the case that Sue is ultra-shy and reserved, but seeing her so aroused that she was letting two people make her cum, not too far from people walking past did something to me and I felt that I had to join in. I crouched down, pulled my skirt up and went straight to work on my clit. I knew Sue was likely to cum a fair bit before I did, but I tried my best to catch up. I was doing fairly well by the time she came and thankfully Mike and Jen offered to help finish me off so I stood up and allowed them to do so. I guess they know I’m a bit more advanced than Sue in terms of wanton desire and I ended up with their hands on and in my pussy (as had been the case with Sue), but also with their fingers rubbing and probing around my ass. Mike suggested completely removing my skirt – we didn’t get that far but I imagined myself standing completely naked with both my holes being probed as I came and I had a fairly good orgasm. I ended up crouching down beside Sue to catch my breath and offered to help Mike and Jen cum, but Mike said he wanted to wait until later and Jen had other ideas.

We headed off for another coffee and a chance for Sue and I to sit down and rest. When we’d nearly finished, I went to the bathroom with Jen and she told me how she wanted to cum. We both went into a cubicle, removed our clothes (hanging them up) and Jen sat on the toilet. I sat astride her (half propping myself up) and reached between her legs to finger her. We kissed and I plunged my fingers into her cunt and frigged her clit. I could feel her squirming around underneath me and she whispered that she was getting close. There were other people in the bathroom and I whispered to her if she wanted to wait until we were alone, but she told me to carry on so I whispered in her ear that she was a naughty little slut and did as she asked. As she started to cum, she pushed out a hard stream of pee that splashed off my fingers and sprayed over Jen’s thighs and our lower bodies. I carried on stroking her until she had finished cumming and we kissed once again.

I thought that we’d finished, but she asked me to scoot a little closer to her and once my pussy was pretty much pressed up against her stomach, she told me to pee. I didn’t want to make too much (more of a) mess so I tried to angle my pussy down between her legs, but gave her what she wanted and let out what I had saved up. It was clear from the expression on Jen’s face that she enjoyed the experience and when I’d finished peeing, she got me to stand up and she licked me. I hadn’t expected to cum, but I rarely turn down a chance so I let Jen carry on until my orgasm built and pulsed out through my body. I then wiped my thighs clean and pulled on my clothes. Jen didn’t clean herself up as much and told me many times on the way home how much she enjoyed her pussy and thighs feeling wet.

We rested for a while when we got home and when it was time for dinner, decided to make use of having four people to add to the flavouring to the salad. We’ve done similar things to this before, but we found a couple of new videos along these lines recently (and we often take inspiration from porn to keep things interesting) so as the various items were washed and prepared, one of Jen, Sue or I would either rub the item against our cunts, fuck ourselves with it or just push it inside (for the cherry tomatoes). The idea wasn’t to cum, but Jen got a bit carried away with a half-cucumber and gave Sue a good fucking with it. She did at least stop before Sue came, but she wasn’t far off. Once all the items were in a bowl, Mike added a final bit of his own seasoning and we tossed the salad. In a way I find it a bit of a waste to use his cum in that way and not in or on me, but given I was sharing him with Sue for the duration of her visit, this at least meant he was participating in the dinner preparation.

We ate the salad with dinner and debated using dessert to repeat breakfast (eating it out or off each other) but in the end just ate it normally. We then thought it would be a good idea to take Sue out somewhere and have fun evening (not that she was really having much time to brood over Ryan, but I felt it was healthier to go out than just constantly fuck her into forgetfulness). It took a fair amount of time for us to all get ready, but then again we weren’t really hurrying too much. I leant Sue one of my skirts as she didn’t have anything suitable for our plans and while we got ready, Mike and Jen spent a little time teasing Sue and making sure she was sufficiently horny to play along (not that I think she wouldn’t have anyway). Just before we left, Mike got Sue to lean against the wall and he fucked her – he threatened to cum in her so she would have to spend the evening with his cum leaking down her thighs (which he knows she doesn’t like), but he knew that he probably wouldn’t be able to produce too much as he’d cum only a little while earlier (and he didn’t really want to do anything she didn’t enjoy). The brief fuck had the desired effect of keeping her horny though (and side effect of Mike having to hide the bulge in his trousers until his erection died down).

We started off at a pub in town and found stools to sit on. These are ideal for sitting with one leg raised (with a foot on the cross-bar near the seat) and giving a view up your skirt. Sue played along and a group of three girls and only one guy soon attracted other male attention. Sue and I had fairly low-cut tops on with our new lingerie and we were showing a fair amount of cleavage. We weren’t planning a heavy night so didn’t let them buy us any drinks, but let them have a good view of our breasts, and when one of them knelt down ‘to tie his shoes’ a good view up to our pussies. I considered flirting with them a bit more, but didn’t want to lead them on too much and as it got closer to us leaving, I told Jen to make it clear that she was gay so they might lose interest. I had carelessly thought this would be the most effective way to signal that we weren’t interested in them, but as Jen held Sue’s hand, stroked her arm and then cuddled her, the guys seemed a lot more interested. One of them in particular kept trying to hit on Sue and in the end Jen had to tell him to back off as she (Sue) belonged to her (Jen) and to prove it, Jen gave Sue a deep kiss and dropped her hands to Sue’s ass, which she massaged.

The guys wanted a few more displays, but we had other plans and said that we were late to meet people. We hadn’t decided exactly where we were going and wandered for a while to find a suitable club to try. After waiting for almost an hour to get it, we finally made it and went to fetch another drink. We made use of the scrum near the bar to have a little (although not too little) fondle. Jen and I fingered each other, Mike took care of Sue and she used her hand and ass to grind against his crotch. After a drink and a bit of dancing we retired to the balcony to have a rest. I had spotted an area that often had a spotlight aimed up at and we made our way towards that point. There was a good view of the dance area, but more importantly, it was perfect for standing with a foot on the lower part of the railing and having the light shine directly up our skirts. There was only enough room for two of us to be in the light at any one time so we took turns. I saw a few people looking up in our direction and I could see the light coming up through my skirt and loved being so exposed and tried flexing my pussy (not that it would be visible, but it felt nice). When I was standing beside Jen, she told me that she was imagining frigging herself with everyone watching and peeing over them all as she came (not that she would actually do this, but I have a number of fantasies that I’d never do as well).

When it was Sue’s turn to reveal herself, Mike slid a hand down her back and under her skirt onto her ass. Jen thought they could do better and she stood behind Sue and slowly pulled Sue’s skirt up until it was pretty much just a belt – with the position Sue was standing in, her pussy was fully exposed to the people below and Jen whispered (well, shouted as the music was loud) in Sue’s ear about how there might be hundreds of people watching her and wanting to fuck her. Jen tried to slide a hand up Sue’s thigh onto her pussy, but Sue wasn’t brave enough to actually be stroked in such a visible spot and chickened out. I dared Jen to take Sue’s place and she did, but would only let me get a finger on her pussy from behind (which I’m pretty sure would still have been visible from below). Mike did at least get his hands on Sue’s pussy a few times while dancing, but it wasn’t the sort of club that you could do much more in and as planned, we headed home fairly early (a bit before midnight).

We’ve been in the new place for long enough that we’ve found a few suitable alleyways to play in on the way back from town and made use of these. At first, Sue and I stood with our hands against the wall and asses pushed out while Mike and Jen licked us from behind. Mike then fucked us while Jen licked the other one and we switched places so Sue and I could talk turns licking Sue and sucking Mike. We considered letting Mike cum over Sue so she would have to walk the rest of the way home covered in cum, but he’d already cum a few times that day and I wanted a chance to do things properly with him once we got home. Jen suggested that as an alternative, Sue kneel in front of her and Jen could pee over her, but Sue wasn’t at all willing to let Jen do that. (To be fair, I’m not keen on the idea of Jen doing that to me while I have clothes on – I don’t mind so much when we’re naked and can go and shower immediately afterwards, but I don’t yet appreciate Jen’s watersports fetish to the same level she does). I was actually quite surprised that Jen had suggested this to Sue – although Sue has seen a little of Jen’s fetish back when we lived in York, so it wasn’t a complete surprise to her.

As a compromise, we helped to support Jen so she could lean back against the wall, spread he legs and pee. She started with her skirt raised, but I was told to put it back down when she was about halfway through so the stream hit the bit hanging down between her legs and splashed over her thighs and onto the back of the skirt. Given what we were doing, I thought that Jen may as well enjoy herself as much as possible so I reached under her skirt and rapidly rubbed her clit – which made more of a mess, but her skirt was already soaked. I stopped rubbing as soon as she stopped peeing, so she didn’t get to cum, but she appreciated the extra stimulation and made her all the more eager to get home and finish off (or start things properly, depending on your point of view). While walking the rest of the way, it was obvious that Jen’s skirt was wet, but she didn’t seem to care and as soon as we got indoors, she peeled off her clothes, dived into the shower to clean her legs (which took a matter of seconds) and dragged Sue into the bedroom.

Mike and I followed to watch them get started and it was clear how horny Jen was feeling. She literally tore off Sue’s clothes, pushed Sue down onto the bed and climbed over her to 69. Sue didn’t exactly try to resist, but it was clear who was driving things and Mike certainly appreciated watching Jen be so dominant. We removed our clothes, our hands found each other’s crotches and we even briefly fucked while I leant against the end of the bed, but Mike knew that I wanted a proper session with him so we (reluctantly) left Sue in Jen’s capable hands and retired to Mike’s room. They carried on for a while and from time to time were sufficiently loud that we heard them, but we mostly concentrated on our own session.

We had resumed as soon as we got onto the bed and fucked with me on top and then Mike on top. As I got close to cumming, he pulled out of me and moved down between my legs to eat me. I had wanted to cum with his cock buried in me, but I knew I would get a chance to do that later and he was being very enthusiastic with his tongue so it wasn’t worth complaining. He pushed my legs right up and spread my pussy so he could lick inside me and then took advantage of the position I was in to attack my clit and ass as well. As I was in the final approach to my orgasm he really concentrated on my clit (a lot more than usual) and ended up giving me a quite intense orgasm. He didn’t stop straight away and I had to tell him to ease off – which he did and kitty kissed me for a while.

When I finally told him I was ready for more, he climbed up my body (stopping to give my nipples some attention on the way) and then slid straight into me in one stroke. As much fun as it is having threesomes or more ‘interesting’ sexual encounters (not that I find the ‘standard’ ones boring), it is really nice to be able to have either Mike or Jen to myself and just have a good basic fuck. That certainly described what we did – for a change, I remained on the bottom for the whole time and Mike just fucked me. Of course I did hump back against him so he didn’t have to do all the work and as I got closer to cumming, I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him deeper into me. He pumped away inside me and I concentrated on what I could feel. We described this to each other and I pictured the internal view of the head plunging into me over and over. I’d told him that I wanted to try to cum without any clitoral stimulation (other than his body pressing against it) and he had obliged by giving me a sufficiently long fuck to get me off. When I came, it wasn’t an incredibly strong orgasm, but felt deeper than my earlier orgasm (when Mike had been eating me). As the build-up had been fairly slow, he’d had time to get ready (and my panting and encouraging him to fill me with cum had sort of helped) so he came in me fairly soon after I came.


  1. Andi- I don't understand how the grapes/tomatoes etc don't end up being a problem. I tried it once with my GF and a grape got 'stuck' (It was a small grape and she has a deep canal I guess) and we had to end up using a spoon to get it out. Of course she panicked the whole time which didn't help things (and probably was the real reason it got stuck) but she's steadfastly refused any further 'exploration'.

    Anyway thought you could use a laugh.

  2. They are sometimes harder to get out than other times, but we've found that using gravity helps (standing) and we don't panic as we know we'll get them out eventually. We don't push things in too far and I've found that I can generally push them out just by flexing my muscles. Jen isn't quite as good at this (but then she doesn't get to practise by milking Mike).