Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Consoling いもうと (Little Sister) - Part 3

We spooned while we fell asleep (Mike wasn’t inside me) while listening to Jen and Sue who were still going. The next morning (after our session which I’ll get to) we found out that after Mike and I had left, Jen had brought out some toys to share with Sue. They used a couple of vibes, shared one of the dildo and then Jen used the strap on and fucked Sue doggy style while Sue held one of the vibes against her clit. Jen fucked Sue hard and fast while she held onto Sue’s hair and carried on fucking her until Sue had completely finished cumming. Sue then had to suck Jen clean (which I don’t quite get as it’s not as if Jen could feel anything Sue was doing). As she sucked the dildo clean, Sue had to press up on the bottom of the harness to give really good contact between the internal vibe and Jen’s clit and Jen ended up literally fucking Sue’s mouth as she rocked back and forth, grinding herself against Sue’s hand. Jen told us that this was the first time she really understood why guys like cumming in a girl’s mouth as she would have loved to be able to squirt her juices down Sue’s throat.

I didn’t get Mike to myself for long on Sunday morning – we knew Sue was going back home on the Monday and we wouldn’t have time for an extended session before work, so I let him convince me to let him eat me and we then got up to make breakfast so we could join Jen and Sue. They were both still asleep when we arrived with food, but the coffee soon woke Jen up and it wasn’t really too difficult for them to guess what we were there for (the fact that Mike’s cock was standing to attention probably helped with the guessing). While preparing breakfast I had decided on what I wanted us to do – I hadn’t told Mike about it, but I knew he wouldn’t complain as it meant he would get to rub against Jen. He lay on his back and Jen lay on top of him facing up – Sue and I held Mike’s cock up and pulled Jen down so her pussy was pressing against it and we then rubbed and licked them both at the same time.

As anticipated, Mike loved having his cock pressed up against Jen, his hands on her breasts and our tongues on and around his cock. He didn’t want to cum too quickly, but that gave us the chance to get Jen off once, concentrate on him again and then get back to work on Jen. I wanted them to cum together, but Jen came (again) before Mike did. This actually worked out better as it meant that Sue and I could take turns concentrating on Mike and as he got closer to cumming, we got Jen to lift her ass up a bit so the head of Mike’s cock was at the entrance to her pussy. I spread Jen’s lips and Sue lashed Mike’s cock with her tongue until he came. His cum splashed off Jen’s pussy and clit onto Sue’s face and Jen’s mons. Some of it landed in Jen’s pussy and I encouraged Sue to lick as much of Mike’s cum into Jen as she could. Sue still had a decent smear of his cum on her face by the time she had finished, but Jen was tasked with kissing Sue clean. As she bent over Jen, Mike slipped into her from behind but it was only a half-hearted fuck as he wasn’t anywhere near ready to cum again.

This was just as well as it was time for Sue and I to be taken care of – having had the chance to pleasure the two people I love most, I was feeling more than ready to cum (I love Sue as well, but not in quite the same way). Jen and Mike were looking forward to the chance of having us both at once and we were instructed to lie on the bed in a similar position to the one Mike and Jen had been in (with Sue on top of me, facing up). Mike briefly fucked us both – only a couple of strokes each, but moving between us a good number of times to mix our juices together and he then let Jen eat us. She started at the bottom of my pussy, licked her way up the length of my slit, over my clit and up onto Sue. She alternated between us a few times and then let Mike have a go while she fetched some toys. We each got a vibe and Mike and Jen took turns moving them in us before Sue was instructed to climb off me so we could share one of the double ended dildos.

This was coated in tingle gel before being pushed into us and once we had assumed the scissor position and crawled closer together, we were vigorously fucked with the dildo. Mike put a hand in the middle of the dildo and pumped it back and forth between us so his hand bumped (and later hit) our pussies. He stopped to let Jen have a lick at our clits and she then took over working the dildo between us for a while until it was Mike’s turn to lick us. They switched round a few more times and as we got closer to cumming, we had to tell them how far off we each were. Mike and Jen would both desperately love to see Sue and I fuck each other (as they have told us on numerous occasions, but know isn’t going to happen) so they wanted to go for the next best thing – we were going to be made to cum together while sharing a dildo. Even if we had objected to this, it was probably too late by this point as Mike had his mouth on my clit and Jen had hers on Sue’s. They licked and flicked our clits while sliding the dildo back and forth (much more gently as their heads were now in the way). We each got close to cumming a couple of times and they backed off to get the timing right – the final time I pretty much started cumming but Mike stopped licking me, leaving me panting. Jen rapidly sucked on Sue’s clit until she said she was about to cum and Mike attached mine again. It is difficult to say how close we came to a simultaneous orgasm, but it was certainly fairly close and we were cumming at the same time. As our orgasm faded, Mike pulled me towards Sue and I allowed my body to move until my pussy was almost against hers and he could lick us both at the same time. He was kind enough to allow Jen to have a go at this and he stood back to admire the view.

After watching for a little while, Mike moved up behind Jen and rubbed his cock against her ass. He says that he was debating humping against her to try to cum again, but as much as he wants to do things with Jen, the choice between just rubbing against her or actually fucking Sue (which, before this visit, he hadn’t had a chance to do for quite a while), he chose to fuck Sue. Jen’s kitty kissing had done enough that Sue was willing to let Mike take her again. He wanted her to go on top and once he lay down on the bed, she climbed over him, lowered herself onto his cock and started to ride it. I interrupted them to add some tingle gel to his cock and her pussy and they then resumed fucking. Jen wanted to cum again as well and we debated using the strap on, but in the end, she just climbed over my face and I ate her while she watched Mike and Sue fuck. It didn’t take too long for Mike to make Sue cum again (but he was also holding an egg against her clit which helped things along) and he then pulled her down on top of him and pounded into her hard and fast. I couldn’t see anything as Jen was still sitting over me, but I could feel the bed move as they fucked and I imagined it was my cunt that he was pumping into. Mike came inside Sue and Jen promised to clean her out, but she stayed sitting over my face until I had made her cum.

We had a rest for a while and Jen took Sue off to the shower to clean up. While we waited, Mike went down on me and took his time to eat me properly. He took me close to the edge of cumming a couple of times and only let me cum the third time. By the time he had finished with me, he was hard again (well, hard enough to get back inside me but he wasn’t ready to cum so we just spooned). Once Jen and Sue reappeared, Mike and I went to shower while they dressed. Jen had played with Sue in the shower, she hadn’t made her cum but had left her feeling sufficiently horny that Sue was happy to wear one of my short skirts while we went out for lunch. Naturally Jen and I wore similar outfits (but we don’t need convincing to do this). We went and found a suitable little place to eat and one after another, Jen, Sue and I popped off to the toilet to insert a remote controlled egg into ourselves. (One of the advantages of Jen and I combining our collection of toys is that we now have a fairly impressive supply of items to use – even enough to cope with additional people in some cases).

The remote controls were all in my bag and the four of us took turns reaching in and pressing a button on a random remote. After round 1, Jen and I had our eggs on and Sue’s had been turned on and then off. We decided to wait for 5 minutes before round two and we then ended up with Sue and Jen’s eggs turned on and mine off. Once our food had arrived, Mike was given the challenge of figuring out who’s egg was controlled by which remote by just playing with them and watching our responses. This was a little unfair as while they are fairly powerful and certainly have an effect when held against a clit, they aren’t strong enough to cause an instant response when inside (although they can feel nice and then end up too intense if left on for too long). He guessed which remote controlled my egg but had to be told for Jen and Sue and we turned them off while we ate lunch.

Once we’d finished, we went for a walk and Sue was the first to complain that her egg was slipping out of her (but she is also the least experienced at walking around with them inside her). She had to stand facing out towards the river with her thighs pressed together to keep it inside her until we were alone, at which point she reached down and caught the egg as it slid out of her cunt. Mike had the idea that she needed some form of punishment for losing the game and between us we decided that the penalty would be for her to cum where she was, even if people were walking past. Sue was understandably nervous about this, but she didn’t try to get out of it and we figured out how to make it work:

Sue stood facing the fence/barrier overlooking the river and Jen and I stood on either side of her. Mike stood behind her and reached around as if he was hugging her waist and then held the egg against her clit. At first, this was under her skirt, but as the egg began to work its magic, he pulled the front of her skirt up a bit until her pussy was properly exposed (not that any of us could see it, but someone on the opposite bank with binoculars would have probably had a good view). Sue ended up putting her left foot up on the bottom wire of the fence which made it easier for Mike to get to her clit. As she got closer to cumming, he rubbed the egg all around her cunt and pushed it half into her a few times. It was now sufficiently coated in her juices that he almost dropped it so he went back to concentrating on her clit and whispered in her ear how she was about to cum in full view of everyone on the other side of the river (even if they were too far away to see). Jen and I could tell from her facial expression when she actually came and when she relaxed back against Mike, he eased off with the egg and palmed it into his pocket. He didn’t let her skirt fall back down though and spent a few minutes caressing and semi-fingering her before allowing her to cover up.

I would have quite liked to cum in the way Sue just had, but it was getting a little cold (the one disadvantage of not having panties & tights on so we decided to head back. I allowed Sue to get a little bit of revenge by not giving Mike a chance to calm down before we left so he had to walk while hiding the bulge of his erection. We stopped off to do some shopping and returned home where Jen and I relieved ourselves of the eggs inside us, but we didn’t play any more until we sat down later that evening to have dinner.

It was actually Sue who suggested that we play with our food (or possibly not ‘suggested’ but asked what we were going to do). Mike and Jen really want her to be involved in our sex life so we decided to push things a step further than we’ve done before and ‘properly’ use each other for eating food off. Deserts are one thing, but it is something quite different having hot (or warm – we were careful not to get burned) food eaten from your crotch. We had cottage pie (mince with mashed potato on top) and veg (baby carrots and brussel sprouts) for the main course and it was definitely a very strange sensation as it was spooned onto my pussy and Jen ate me clean. Mike was paired with Sue and instead of having the food put onto him, he pushed his cock into Sue’s food and then lifted it to her mouth to suck clean. He really enjoyed the sensation of the warmth around his cock and said it compared fairly well to being inside a pussy (but without the friction). Jen, Sue and I had the carrots and sprouts eaten out of us but Sue couldn’t find a way to do that to Mike so just ate them normally.

We cleaned up a little before pudding so as not to mix flavours and then did our best to eat lemon meringue pie the same way. This didn’t work quite as well for Sue (eating off Mike), but he managed to get a bit of the meringue on his cock and at least some lemon flavouring. He did a ‘better’ job with the cream and slapped his cock over Sue’s face a number of times so it looked like she had been used by a number of guys for facials. A thorough shower after dinner cleaned us all up and we spent the rest of the evening chatting while preparing for work the next day. It was only when we went to bed that night that we did anything else (sexual).

Mike was with Sue and as he hadn’t cum since that morning, he was more than ready to give her a good fucking. He started off by eating her, using a similar technique to the one he’d use don me earlier – starting off slowly, getting her close to cumming a couple of times and then eating her through her orgasm. He then spooned with her while she caught her breath before giving her a final long fuck. Once again, Sue was on top, but this time she lay down on him the whole time and they kissed and talked as they fucked. Mike’s hands pulled and kneaded her ass and he told her that on her next visit he was going to fuck her ass again, but for the time being, he was just going to fill her cunt with his cum. Sue didn’t complain as his fingertips explored her ass and as she got closer to cumming, he started pounding hard and fast into her and kept this up until she had completely finished cumming before he emptied himself into her. She remained impaled on his cock while they kissed and Mike was still hard enough that when she climbed off (leaking his cum), he was able to spoon with her for a while (not really moving, just buried inside her).

I sometimes still feel a bit jealous about Mike and Sue – they have a very different kind of relationship. When he first met her, she was 15 and they got on very well – she sort of adopted him as a big brother and he was the ‘male influence’ in her life. It wasn’t too long before Sue started to spy on Mike and I having sex when we were at home and things slowly developed to the present state of affairs over the next few years. Even so, they still have a (sort of) brother-sister relationship (with added sex) and as they spooned, Mike hugged Sue close to him and promised that he would help to look after her (which was sort of her original reason for visiting us – although I think she had been sufficiently distracted from moping around).

Jen and I had a fairly simple session that night, we just 69ed (with a bit of finger work) and Jen then thanked me for letter her play with Sue. I pointed out that I hadn’t really had much of a say in it as she and Mike had started things off without me knowing, but I appreciated the sentiment. The next morning, Mike had a final session with Sue and Jen and I had our morning session before Mike and I went off to work. Jen was going to see Sue off to the airport and on returning home that night we found out (unsurprisingly) that Jen had taken the opportunity to have a final session of her own with Sue before they left. They had shared a dildo in the scissor position and used our strong mains powered vibe on their clits. They had agreed to keep the vibe in place until they had both cum (Jen had challenged Sue to this) and they apparently held out fairly well, but to her shame, Jen broke down first and had to lie there squirming until Sue came. Sue wasn’t too far behind Jen, but this vibe really is incredibly powerful so it is almost torture to be subjected to it just after having cum (and I should know). I don’t feel too sorry for Jen though as it was her idea.

Once they had showered (together) and dressed, Jen took Sue to the airport. She had tried to convince Sue to go without panties but Sue had refused. Not being the sort of person to take no for an answer, once Sue had checked her case in, Jen convinced Sue to see where she and I usually say goodbye and they made use of the disabled toilets. They didn’t have a lot of time so weren’t going to do things fully, but Jen got Sue to eat her briefly and then peeled off Sue’s panties so she could do the same in return. I have no idea how Sue didn’t see this coming, but Jen refused to return Sue’s panties and Sue didn’t have time to convince (or force) her to do so and so she had to go through security and fly home without them. Later that evening, we let Sue watch as her panties were stuffed the whole way into Jen, then into me and finally used by Mike to masturbate with. In return, she did at least play with herself so we got to see her cum one more time and she promised to wear the panties the next time she came to visit.


  1. What do you feel is most likely to happen some day: you properly eating sue or mike fucking jen?

  2. The odds of either Sue or I eating the other are very slim - I can't imagine we will go much further than we already have (kissing, humping and a small amount of fingering). Jen is going to fuck Mike someday, but she enjoys teasing him at the minute (and he enjoys it too). Their relationship has progressed enough though that I think it is inevitable that they will fuck.