Saturday, 24 November 2012

Indulging Fetishes - Part 1

We're just about to head off to Mel and Julia's wedding so if I don't post this now it won't be done today. As their families are also here we probably won't have the 'real' celebration after the reception, but I'm hoping we might get to have at least a little fun...

Near the end of August, Sara and Emily came up to visit us. They arrived on the Friday afternoon and Jen went to meet them at the station to make sure they didn’t have any problems finding the house. It was nice to see them again and even nicer as we all knew the real purpose of their visit. We had put in a little bit of effort and made sure that we were all nicely shaved (although we usually do this so it wasn’t *that* much effort) and were pleased to find that Sara and Emily had done the same.
Jen had shown remarkable restraint and hadn’t sampled either of them before Mike and I got home (there is usually a bit of a fight to be the first one to get Emily’s amazing tasting pussy). We decided to draw things out a little more and had dinner before we got started. As much fun as it is diving straight in and fucking, we do sometimes like to have a little bit of anticipation to help heighten the experience. We traded stories about the things we’d been up to over the past month (with a couple of details edited out from our side) and by the time we were finished, we were clearly all ready for some action. We wanted to give dinner a little time to settle before we actually started anything so went to sit on the bed and chatted while we gently teased each other. The teasing gradually got more intense and once we got to the point where clothes started to be removed we decided to stop playing and actually get things started properly.

As a reward for having been so patient, I whispered to Jen that she could have first taste of Emily. She eagerly pushed Emily down and climbed over her so they could 69. This left Sara for me and I told Mike that he could always use my pussy while I worked on Sara and after I’d got stuck in to her, I felt him position himself behind me and slide inside. I mostly concentrated on Sara’s pussy as I knew Mike wasn’t going to cum inside me (he would be saving that for Sara or Emily) and I reacquainted myself with her crinkle-cut lips. I didn’t give her the full treatment, but did lap over her ass a couple of times as I ate her. Mike moved slowly in and out of me and I half wished that he would speed up or rub my clit, but I also liked the fact of being completely ready for Sara or Emily to make me cum so I didn’t say anything. He pulled out and licked me from behind before pushing back into me and carried on moving while I attached Sara’s clit and felt her begin to shudder as her orgasm hit. I made sure to ease off as soon as she came and started to kitty kiss her while Jen and Emily finished off. I wasn’t sure which of them came first as their moans were muffled by each other’s pussies, but could tell when they had both finished so I eased off (further) on Sara and pulled away.

We gave them a little chance to recover and decided that it was then my turn to have Emily (we all wanted to taste her before Mike fucked her). Mike asked Sara if he could fuck her and she said that she didn’t want to fuck him, but ended up conceding and allowing him to eat her (which for Mike is almost as good). Jen decided that she didn’t want to be left out so ended up sitting over Sara’s face and once the three of them had gotten started, Emily and I 69ed (with her on top). To repay Sara for letting him eat her, he paid a fair amount of attention to her ass as well as her cunt and got her off. Sara worked on Jen in a similar way (she enjoys giving as well as receiving) but Mike had been more forceful so he got to sit back and gently play with Sara’s pussy while he watched Jen cum.

Mike was now the only one of us who hadn’t cum but he wanted to taste Emily before he fucked her so we had another break and then he 69ed with her. I watched as Emily sucked his cock into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down the shaft while Mike ate her. She wasn’t trying to get him to cum (she wanted him to do that inside her), but she gave him a pretty good sucking. Meanwhile, Mike was ravishing her cunt and the three of us sat and watched the spectacle. Emily realised that we were just watching, but it’s not as if that was going to bother her (seeing as how we met) – Mike wasn’t aware though as he was too busy eating his ideal pussy. I always try to pick up tips when watching people (or porn) and concentrated on how Em was sucking him. She wasn’t deep-throating him (something I can’t do at all) but was getting a fair length of his cock into her mouth. Mike ate Em to orgasm and gave her a fairly lengthy kitty kissing session during which she tailed off sucking on his cock and just lay on top of him enjoying it. I know from experience that this isn’t the best position to be kitty kissed in, but she seemed to like it anyway.

When he finished, Em was up for mounting him and fucking him straight away but he suggested that she spend the night with him and they could have a proper fuck once we’d all gone to bed. We were going to have to split up somehow anyway as there was no way we could get five people in the bed. Mike remained hard for most of the time we sat and chatted (helped by Emily who kept occasionally stroking him) and when we decided to retire for the night, she led him into his room by his cock and told us (Jen and I) to take care of Sara.

We were fairly tired by this time but wanted to have one final session and decided to daisy chain. We tossed a coin to see who would eat and who would be eaten by Sara and we ended up with me eating Sara, who ate Jen who ate me. We agreed beforehand that we would carry on until we had all cum, but would just kitty kiss once the person we were eating had cum (as I said, we were fairly tired and just wanted a nice gentle session). It was only pussy licking this time (due to the triangular position we were in) but was still a nice session. As expected (by me anyway) I came last, Jen first and Sara between us. We let her sleep sandwiched between us and Jen reached down to play with her little patch of red hair that we find so cute. Mike and Em were still at it as we dozed off so we listened in (although they weren’t being too loud so we only heard the occasional sound carry through to our room).

On arriving in his room, Emily had pulled Mike down onto the bed and he had slipped straight into her. They’d had a brief intense fuck before Mike pulled out and went down on Em again. She let him eat her for a couple of minutes but said that she had been made to cum enough times that way for one night and wanted a proper fuck. Mike mounted her once more and they carried on but then broke to let Emily go on top. She bounced up and down on his cock, played with her clit and told him to cum deep inside her and as she got closer to cumming (and louder), he asked if she wanted a proper pounding. She did, so he pulled her down, held onto her ass and let her have it. Mike was already fairly close to cumming so he had to concentrate on holding back, but he managed to pump in and out of Em for long enough to get her off before relaxing and telling her that he was about to fill her cunt with his cum. Em told him to go ahead and he pushed repeatedly into her before holding himself as deep inside her as he could and moving just a little bit as he felt squirt after squirt of cum erupt out of his cock and coat her insides. He held her firmly in place as they kissed and told her he wanted to fall asleep inside her.

Emily wanted to keep as much of his cum in her as possible, so they rolled over onto their side so Mike could pull out, climb over her and spoon behind her. Enough cum had leaked out that she was very wet so he could easily slide back in (despite his cock being very sensitive from just having cum). He caressed her nipples and clit while they talked and her pussy made squelching sounds from time to time as they moved against each other and Mike decided that she should really get to cum once more that night. He used an egg that was left in his room (despite our intentions to keep all our toys in the main bedroom cupboard, they often end up distributed around the house and we always have to carefully check for them before having any ‘normal’ visitors). As Emily got closer to cumming, she humped back and forth on his cock but Mike had decided to wait until the morning to cum again – this didn’t stop Em making use of his cock and she basically fucked herself on it until she came again (with help from the egg). Mike stayed buried in her as she fell asleep and he remembers going soft and falling out as he went to sleep.

On the Saturday morning, Jen and I woke Sara with me going down on her and Jen sitting over her face. Sara was a bit startled and said that she needed to pee, but we didn’t let her go until I had made her cum and she had made Jen cum. Jen then took care of me while Sara went to the bathroom and she stopped off to watch Mike fucking Emily (he had woken her up by eating her, but she hadn’t tasted as good with his cum in her so he ended up fucking her). The plan was to give her pussy a thorough showering so we would all get to taste the deliciousness of her untainted pussy again but he was still considerate enough that he decided not to cum in her again. This was due (at least in part) to the fact that Sara was watching them so just before he came, he pulled out and stroked himself, cumming over Emily’s front. They all then came in to the main bedroom where Jen and I were just finishing off and Mike offered me his cock to suck clean, which I quickly did before making Jen cum.

Sara went with Mike to help him prepare breakfast for everyone and Jen and I had a play with the cum that Mike had left on and in Emily. We breakfasted at the table (naked) and Jen was given the task of cleaning out Emily’s pussy with the shower. As you would expect, this ended up being more than just ‘a cleaning’ and the pulse setting was used to make Em cum again. Emily wasn’t entirely docile for this and ended up ‘forcing’ Jen to cum (I don’t think Jen put much of a fight up). My shower with Sara was much quieter – I did fondle her a little, but neither of us came and when she was clean, I let Mike take her place and he semi-fucked me as he showered. The bathroom was fairly crowded as Emily and Sara used the mirror to do their make-up (and chat to us) and Jen came in to use the toilet (just peeing). She did this with Em and Sara watching and I reminded them that this was Jen’s fetish.

Once we were dressed, we headed out into town. The weather wasn’t wonderful (rain), but none of us (girls) wore panties and I got Sara and Em to wear thin cotton dresses (with the explicit hope that they would get wet and become see-through). I made a deal with Emily and both of us went out without bras on – this was a much bigger deal for me as Em can just about get away without one on whereas it was obvious that I needed one. We headed into town and after a coffee, wandered around a few shops. Mike got to see Emily and Sara model (not actually wearing, just holding up again themselves) sexy underwear, but they didn’t get anything bought for them this time (despite having saved a fair amount by getting people to visit us, we were still recovering financially from the wedding & honeymoon). Sara told us that she had brought the pale pink set with the little bows with her and promised to wear them later on (she is nowhere near as much of an exhibitionist as Emily, Jen or I am, but she still enjoys people appreciating her body).

We went for lunch and (with a bit of encouragement) I got all us girls to sit with views a fair way up our skirts and teased a couple of guys while we ate. The place was too busy to get away with much but I did drop my hand onto Emily’s leg and slide it right up her thigh so my little finger was nestled between her pussy lips. I doubt the guys could actually see that, but it was obvious that my hand was at the very least near her pussy and I gave Em a kiss and told her to imagine that everyone knew what I was doing as I wiggled my finger back and forth. I didn’t keep my hand between her legs for too long but couldn’t resist tasting her off my finger when I pulled away and promised her that if she was game, she would cum very soon. On the way out of the café I couldn’t resist dropping my bag as we walked past the guys and bending over to reveal my pussy as I picked it up – we hurried out before they could say anything but I hoped that at least one of them would think about me the next time they came.

In order to keep my promise to Em, we headed to what is becoming our favourite sex shop (as the guy who is usually working there seems to appreciate our displays). We had the shop to ourselves and as we browsed I let my hand wander under Emily’s skirt a couple of times and stroked her ass. I took her to the opposite side of the shop from the cash desk and got her to look at some of the items on the bottoms shelf. At first she knelt down but I told her it would be much better if she stood up and bend forwards and she figured out what I wanted from her. As she slowly looked through the DVDs, I lifted her skirt, wet a couple of my fingers in my mouth and slipped them into her pussy. They were quickly coated in her juices and I was very tempted to try and eat her, but I had a plan in mind and decided to stick to it. I finger fucked her cunt and got her to play with her clit. I told Emily that there was a camera watching us and she quickly looked around to see the CCTV camera up in the corner behind me – I hadn’t stopped moving my fingers inside her and asked if she wanted to let the guy see her cum. She hesitated a bit but said that as she was so far through, we may as well carry on and she pushed her ass up a bit higher. It didn’t take too long for her to cum and I had half expected her to be loud, but she had a silent orgasm and then knelt down as her legs were shaking slightly.

I walked out from behind the display and sucked my fingers clean – Emily joined me a minute or so later and looked a little embarrassed but said she didn’t regret what we’d just done. She was determined to get me back though and kept sliding her hand under my skirt. I batted her away a few times and said that she had to wait as we first had to try some things on Sara. As usual I asked the guy if he minded if we tried the outfits on and he said to go ahead. We picked a few things out and convinced Sara to let us put some thigh-high black PVC boots on her. Jen and I were in charge of lacing them up and we got Sara to sit down while we did this. We pulled her legs further apart than was really necessary and as we laced the upper part of the boots, we had to lift her skirt up. The first few times we exposed her pussy she pulled the skirt down but eventually gave up. It took a bit more convincing for her to try on the corset top, but we stood round her as she slipped her dress down and she held her dress around her waist as we laced up the top. It took a lot more convincing for her to drop her dress, but as we were the only ones in the shop (still) and I had fingered Em to orgasm, she eventually agreed and let the dress fall to the floor.

I don’t really like the black PVC look (I prefer cute), but Sara looked incredibly sexy. Her little patch of red pubic hair didn’t really go with the outfit and a pair of black panties would have looked much better (either lacy or PVC, but we knew we weren’t allowed to put the underwear on). Sara was dared to walk to the other side of the shop and back and did so (I don’t know if she had spotted the camera) and when she had returned, Emily pushed her hand between Sara’s legs and gave her a brief finger. I had hoped that she would strip naked before putting her dress back on, but she wanted us to shield her as she removed the corset and she pulled her dress on before removing her boots. Emily did take advantage of the situation and stroke her from behind as she unlaced them, but it was only a little teasing and nothing too serious.

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