Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Indulging Fetishes - Part 2

I felt that it was my turn now and told Em that she could resume touching me if she wanted. She immediately knelt down beside me, pushed her hand up my skirt and her fingers between my lips (after missing the first time). I called Jen over and told Em to take care of us both at once and she eagerly pushed her other hand up Jen’s skirt. Sara suggested that I try something on and fetched a similar outfit to the one she’d been wearing. I was going to suggest I try another one on but Jen said that she wanted to see me in it. I wasn’t quite as reserved as Sara had been and pulled my dress off (although to be fair I wasn’t standing in a direct line of sight to the guy at the register). I wondered how the corset would cope with my breasts (they are somewhat larger than Sara’s) but this had been considered and I was presented with a corset that had a half (or more like a third) cup. It just about cupped the lower half of my breasts but left my nipples completely exposed. I stood still as Mike helped to lace up the back and Jen said that it looked quite good on me. I didn’t agree, but played along anyway and lifted a foot up onto a stool to put on and lace the boots up. Once again I think the outfit actually needed panties to complete it but Mike whispered something to Jen and she went to ask the guy something.

Em handed me a small whip and black mask and once I was suitably attired, she led me to a small mirror (as I’ve said before, the shop isn’t really equipped for trying things on). I was now in full view of the guy and looked round for Jen to see if I could give her a slap with the whip (which I assume she would enjoy). She was returning from another aisle and carrying a large black dildo (not huge, but large enough) and wiping it clean with some wet wipes (she always carries these in case she decided to entertain her watersports fetish). She stood behind me, reached around and ran the dildo over my pussy. I pointed out that we weren’t meant to use the toys but she said that she had told the guy we were going to buy it and he said it was fine to ‘test’ it (although we had to buy it irrespective of the test results). Jen pressed the head against my pussy and I instinctively spread my legs to give her better access.

As she worked the dildo into my pussy and I felt my lips stretching around it she told me I was a dirty little slut and asked if I wanted it inside me. Naturally I said that I did but told her if she put it inside me, then I would make sure that she got to experience it before we left the shop as well. Jen hesitated a bit and I thought she was going to chicken out, but she then pushed it harder into me and said that I was going to take all of it inside me. The dildo felt really good and once Jen had it inside me I was instructed to lean forwards against the wall so she could use it on me from behind (similar to the way I’d fingered Emily). Jen warned me that I wasn’t going to get to cum, but then rapidly fucked me with the dildo for a while before instructing me to go and sit on the dildo on the stool. I did as instructed and was still semi-visible from the cash desk so I rode up and down on the dildo a couple of times before being told that was all I was getting.

I would have quite happily carried on until I came, but I’ve learned not to argue when told to do (or not do) something in a situation like this (although I don’t know what they could have done as a ‘punishment’ as I’d already fucked myself in view of the guy). I hadn’t forgotten my promise to Jen though and to her credit, she came over to me when I called. She stood in front of me and I rubbed the head of the cock against her pussy. I asked Sara if she wanted to help out and after assuring her that it was fine, she took the dildo off me and worked it into Jen. It was larger than the ones Jen usually uses, but not by much so it went in without too much difficulty (helped by my juices and Jen’s naturally wet pussy). I lifted the back of her dress so the guy could see her cunt swallowing the dildo and got her to bend forwards to give him an even better view. Having Jen’s ass presented to me, I couldn’t resist giving each cheek a couple of slaps with the whip – Jen definitely seemed to like that so I decided to add the whip to our purchases. I debated letting (or making) Jen cum, but as she had only teased me, I decided to stop where we were and see what our desire conjured up later on. The dildo was glistening with her juices when we pulled it out and I licked a little bit of it clean before handing it to Jen to go and purchase (along with the whip).

Jen was still clearly flushed and seemed to realise that she now had to face the guy who had just been watching her use the dildo, but we’ve trained her well and she strode to the desk and bought the items. As she did this, I started to remove my outfit but almost as soon as I lifted a foot up onto the stool to undo the first boot, a customer walked in. There wasn’t much point in trying to hide as the only option I would have had would be to pull me dress over the outfit and buy the corset so I just casually (after the initial start and hesitation) carried on unlacing the boots and sat down to pull each one off in turn. My breasts (or at least nipples), pussy and ass were completely exposed so it didn’t seem to make things any worse as my bare legs came into view and I then got Jen to unlace the corset so I was naked. I didn’t hesitate too long before pulling my dress back on, but turned around to face the shop (and the other customer) before I actually pulled it down over my body. As one last thrill I sat on the stool and lifted up each foot as I put my shoes back on – exposing my pussy twice more. We then thanked the owner (or assistant – we really should talk to him properly one day) for letting us try things on, and headed out of the shop.

I think it is fair to say that we all felt quite thrilled by what had just happened – Mike had to carry the bag in front of his crotch to hide his erection and Emily and Sara were quite giggly. I told them that I was very impressed with their adventurousness and that they would be rewarded as soon as we got home (although Em had technically already had her reward in the shop). I was very tempted to go to one of the alleyways we use and have a proper play (so we could cum) and really liked the idea of walking the rest of the way home with Mike’s cum running down my legs (or even Emily’s legs – which would have been more likely), but as it was still raining and our clothes weren’t designed for warmth, decided that it would be better to head home so we could do things without catching a cold.

On arriving home, we all stripped off and dived into bed to warm up. There was a lot of kissing, touching and stroking and I ended up with Sara over my face and Mike buried in my cunt. He got her to turn around so he could eat her ass while I took her cunt and she eagerly did this. Jen and Emily took care of each other and Mike happily fucked me while we made Sara cum. As I’d expected, he didn’t cum in me and as soon as Jen had finished with Emily, he got Emily to crawl between my legs and eat me. He had a quick lick on her pussy and then pushed into her from behind. It was clear that he wasn’t going to hold back that time and he pumped away in her. He didn’t last too long, but it made no difference to me as Em carried on eating me until I came. Despite the fact he’d just cum in her, he knelt behind her and lapped away at her cunt and once I’d cum, he got her to turn over and he ate her properly until she came (Mike doesn’t like cumming without making the girl cum).

While we rested, we pulled out the new dildo and Mike tried it out on Emily. She didn’t want to cum again, but was willing to let him push it into her and once she had experienced it he suggested that Sara should also try it. Emily convinced her to give it a try and Sara sat back, spread her legs and told him to be gentle. I knew that part of the reason he wanted to do this was to get his cum into her cunt (but I didn’t say anything) and just watched as Sara’s beautiful lips expanded around the dildo and she took a good length of it into her. We didn’t try to fuck her with it but we all got a close look at her cunt with the dildo sticking out of it and as it was pulled free, her pussy gave a loud slurping sound (which made her turn a deep shade of red and hide her face).

Mike pushed the dildo back into Em and handed it to me to put into Jen (which confirmed my suspicion about wanting his cum in Sara) so once I’d used it on Jen, I pushed it into Em a final time and then into myself. At that point even Jen hadn’t realised what we were doing (but we told her later). We curled up in the bed and rested for a while, just talking, until it was time for some food. As Jen reached into the fridge, I took the whip and gave her ass a (semi)-gentle hit. She jumped but I told her to stay still and let everyone else had a turn. By the time we’d finished her ass had a decent pink tinge, but she said it felt nice. I promised her we would experiment a bit more with the whip later on, but we were getting hungry so finished making dinner and then ate it. We had planned ahead and bought crème brûlée. Once we had broken the hard top, I smeared a bit onto Jen’s nipples and everyone took a turn licking her clean. Next came her pussy and we all (apart from Mike who still isn’t allowed to eat her) lapped away at her. We each took a turn doing this (we didn’t bother putting it on Mike’s nipples as they aren’t at all sensitive) and all of us apart from Jen sucked his cock clean. As a compromise, he was allowed to get a dollop of the crème on his cock and rub it against Jen’s cunt before Emily sucked him clean and Sara licked Jen clean.

We nearly descended into another session, but decided to save energy for later (and I wanted everyone to be horny so we could have more fun when we went out). We already had the evening planned and I talked Emily and Sara into wearing the shortest skirts we had. They weren’t indecently short, but we had to take care how we stood/sat so I let them practice in front of the mirror so they felt comfortable about how much they were showing. They insisted on wearing longer jackets so they could walk outside ‘safely’ but I convinced them to remove these once we got to the pub and we all sat up on stools with our legs carefully closed. The plan was to (mostly) duplicate what we’d done with Sue the previous weekend and after a couple of drinks, we headed to the same club, queued briefly and then got in.

We checked our coats and I led Emily and Sara up to the balcony. Once we’d made our way to the spot that was lit from underneath by the spotlight, I pulled Emily into the light with me and lifted a foot up onto the lower part of the railing. Emily caught on to what we were doing and gingerly lifted her foot up beside mine. I shouted to her and told her to imagine everyone down below gazing up at her pussy and she closed her legs a little, but then relaxed and opened them again. I was in my element, a spotlight on my cunt and a whole crowd to gaze on it (even though I doubt any of them could tell I didn’t have panties on as the light was too bright). After basking in my fantasy for a few minutes, we swapped with Jen and Sara. Sara was a bit more hesitant, but Jen (again by shouting) told her that she had an amazingly beautiful cunt and she should be proud to show it off. Sara seemed to relax a bit, but when the spotlight moved away she stepped back from the railings.

We danced a bit, attracted a couple of guys (Mike pretended to be with Jen to save her from being hassled) and went to the side to chat. Sara had already told them that she was gay so they were concentrating on Emily and me and we ended up telling them that we were bi. As seems to be the usual case, they didn’t believe us (or at least pretended not to, so we would ‘prove’ it by kissing each other) and we then pressed up against them. We moved a little way down a corridor, but this club isn’t anything like the hardcore club that we visit so it was a lot riskier to do things, but that just added to the excitement and I pushed my guy’s hand down between my legs and under my skirt. He quickly realised that I didn’t have panties on and eagerly pushed his fingers into my cunt. Emily saw what I was doing and decided to match me. Mike, Jen and Sara acted as a partial shield for us and I told my guy that if he did a good enough job to make me cum, I would return the favour. He pushed his fingers deeper into me (which I took as agreement) so I reached down and undid the zip on his trousers. With a bit of fishing around I straightened up his cock (it was nice and hard but trapped at an odd angle) and started to rub him. Once again Em followed my lead and we stood, fingering and stroking.

I wouldn’t let him kiss me, but did let him nuzzle my neck (which also felt quite nice). This gave me a good position to talk into his ear and I told him how good his fingers felt in my cunt and how I wanted him to play with my clit to make me cum. He did as I asked and as my orgasm began to near, I felt him pushing back and humping against my hand. I told him to slow down and promised to take care of him once I’d cum. I pulled my hand away a little so I was still rubbing him, just not with as much pressure and directed him on how to play with my clit. I could feel my orgasm approaching and told him I was about to cum over his hand. My orgasm felt like it shot out of my cunt and down my legs – I wasn’t quite at the point of falling over, but I certainly felt unsteady for a brief period. I panted in his ear how I was cumming and how I loved the feeling of his fingers in my cunt, at which point he pushed them roughly back inside me. I hadn’t noticed that he had resumed his humping against my hand. Once my orgasm faded I noticed though, along with his fingers which he was pumping hard into me. I took a firm hold of his cock and rubbed up and down and was quickly rewarded with his cum squirting up over my hand and wrist. I carried on stroking him gently, smearing his cum over his cock. I pulled my hand out of his trousers and admired the mess he’d made.

He thanked me and I decided to help Emily out. I moved over and stood behind her, reached down between her legs with my left (non cum-covered) hand. My fingers found those of the guy Em was playing with and I told him to rub her clit while I took care of her cunt. This seemed to be a bit too much for the guy and he ended up cumming over Emily’s hand fairly quickly, but was at least considerate enough to continue stimulating her until we made her cum. She pulled her hand out of his trousers and we shook hands, mixing their cum together and then said our goodbyes and headed off to the bathroom to clean up. Sara and Jen came with us and once inside, we quietly discussed what we’d just done and how it had felt We wanted to make them cum (preferably while standing in the spotlight), but it was clear that Sara wasn’t comfortable with this so we didn’t push it any further (although I did finger Jen briefly a bit later on and then passed her to Emily to do the same). Mike danced for a bit with Sara and ran his hands over her body – caressing her breasts and pulling his hands up her thighs, lifting her skirt until her pussy was almost exposed. In return she ground back against him and he asked her if she would spend the night with him. She agreed but said that she still didn’t want to fuck and he told her that this was fine as long as he was allowed to eat her (he was).

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