Friday, 30 November 2012

Indulging Fetishes - Part 3

Vicky is coming along to visit us tomorrow (today now) so I'll schedule this post...

We didn’t stay at the club too late and I had intended to have a little play on the way back home, but it was raining so we ended up heading straight back to the house. Mike had told me that Sara was going to be with him and asked me to join them. I had been looking forwards to tasting Emily, but they were staying on the Sunday night so I knew I would have plenty of opportunity and agreed. We didn’t go into the separate rooms straight away though and all had a chance to lick/fondle or fuck each other briefly (within the limits of the rules). Jen agreed to take Emily into Mike’s room (the main bed is a bit larger than Mike’s one) and we got started with things properly.

As expected, Mike really wanted to go down on Sara properly but as this meant that I got to sit over her and have her eat me, I wasn’t complaining. Mike ended up being quite greedy and he ate her until she had cum twice (with kitty kissing between her orgasms). This also worked out quite well for me as when Sara’s orgasm was approaching, she ate me harder and faster. I came before she did but she either didn’t notice or didn’t care as she carried on eating me and spearing my ass. For a while I thought that she was going to make me cum a second time, but she didn’t quite manage this before Mike made her cum for the second time. I wasn’t too disappointed though as Mike said he wanted to fuck me (even with other people to play with, I do miss having him cum inside me). Sara wanted a little rest before we did anything else (she isn’t used to cumming as frequently as she does when she is with us) and Mike offered to keep me aroused with some high-level kitty kissing (not quite properly eating me, but a bit more than just gentle teasing).

Sara lay beside me while he did this as we kissed, fondled each other’s nipples and she then played with my breasts. I was getting to the point where I really wanted to cum again and pulled Sara up so I could kiss her and tell her I wanted to taste her snatch. We didn’t even have to tell her what we wanted to do to her and she climbed over my face with her ass facing Mike (or I guess another way of looking at it would be that this is what she wanted us to do to her, I’m just used to her being a bit more passive so I didn’t consider that at the time). I pulled her lips apart and pushed my tongue inside her and felt Mike climb up my body. After a few prods in the wrong place, he slipped into me (he’s usually a better aim) and he pushed his tongue between Sara’s ass cheeks so we could start the double assault. I actually felt Sara rocking back and forth on me as Mike pumped into me and his face pressed harder against her ass. I still love the way her lips feel in my mouth and I sucked on them in turn and together (as well as licking inside her and working on her clit).

Mike apparently speared her quite forcefully and she was audibly enjoying what we were doing to her. I had intended to concentrate on Sara before allowing myself to cum (as much as I could anyway) but changed my mind and just allowed myself to get caught up in the sensations. It didn’t take too long for me to cum (due to Sara having left me feeling horny and Mike having eaten me) and I tried to let Mike (and Sara) know I was cumming by moaning into her cunt. Mike guessed I was cumming, but he wasn’t doing anything other than fucking me so just carried on and it didn’t feel too intense as my clit wasn’t being stimulated. We continued to eat Sara and her cries actually got reasonably loud (for her anyway). She told us to keep eating her and I guessed that Mike was getting close as he was moving faster inside me. He actually did a pretty good job of cumming at (or around) the same time Sara did. We ate her until she said we had to stop and then let her climb off. She lay on the bed beside us, still panting and Mike told her that he wanted to rub his cum into her cunt and she just replied that after what we’d done, he could do anything he wanted. It turned out that she didn’t quite mean *anything* he wanted and so he had to settle for his original plan and once he’d pulled out of me, I covered my pussy and knelt over her before letting his cum drip out onto her crotch. Mike massaged his cum into her cunt and ass and we then spooned with Sara between us and Mike’s cock sandwiched between her ass cheeks (he was soft at first but as he recovered, he rubbed against her until he was back to full strength).

Emily and Jen had shared a much simpler session – Jen had taken a double dildo with them, along with some tingle gel – and after they had 69ed, they had a second session in the scissor position with the dildo sandwiched between them. They had already finished by the time Sara had her loud orgasm and Emily commented that she was being louder than usual so Jen said that they would have to try and compete in the morning session. Em liked the idea of that but fortunately Jen remembered that Mike’s room is on the side of the house connected to next door so said that they might have to wait until they came into the main bedroom to have a proper loud fuck.

On the Sunday morning, Mike work Sara up by eating her (just pussy) and Sara then did the same to me (I was actually already awake and had been watching them while gently toying with myself). To even things out, I then went down on Mike, but he said not to make him cum as he had a better idea and agreed with Sara that the two of them would double team me. Mike went on the bottom, with me sitting over his face while Sara sat over him, grinding her cunt against his cock and she took care of my ass. While I’m still not as into ass-licking as Sara is, I can certainly see why she enjoys it and I ended up having a pretty good orgasm. Despite the fact he had been humping against Sara’s cunt, neither Mike nor Sara had actually cum (although they were getting quite close). I think they would have carried on until they had finished if we hadn’t been interrupted by Emily and Jen walking in (they actually arrived while we were still going and had watched the tail end of our session).

Mike asked Em if she wanted to help him and Sara cum and he directed her to lie on the bed so they could assume the now familiar position, Em taking Sara’s cunt and Mike on her ass. He pushed his cock into Emily, spread Sara’s ass and dived in. They basically did what we had done the previous night – Sara came much faster this time and ended up climbing off so Mike and Emily could do things properly. He ended up underneath her and pumping away hard and fast inside her and Emily took advantage of being at the far side of the house from the neighbours to make some more noise. He fucked her until she came and then a little longer until he came. Em was directed to stand up, but only a small amount of cum dripped out of her and we all ended up back on the bed while we planned our day.

As the weather looked a bit nicer, we decided on a walk and picnic (possibly with some playing). As we talked, I had been idly playing with the little whip that we had bought and ended up lightly spanking Jen’s ass with it. Emily wondered how it could feel nice so we ended up talking about Jen’s fetish for pain (or at least having her nipples played with forcefully). The natural thing to do was to see if she enjoyed the whip being used on them (when I say whip, it’s about 60cm long with a small flat section on the end (maybe about 7cm across) that is used for spanking). Jen lay on her back and I struck each of her breasts a few times and then struck her nipples directly. She flinched a little but said that it felt nice so I tried again a little harder. We each had a turn, Mike and I were a little more forceful as we know the punishment Jen’s nips can take and by the time we were finished, they were very red and hard. Mike fetched some ice cubes and we used them on her nipples to calm them down (not that it helped with the pointiness of them) and alternated icing and sucking on them. Sara got into things and took some ice to use on Jen’s pussy, caressing her clit and lips with it and then licking her to warm her back up.

I thought that if we were trying things like this out, we may as well do it properly and asked Jen if she wanted me to try the whip (gently) on her pussy. She didn’t even hesitate and told me to go ahead, spreading her legs as far as she could. Sara moved out of the way and I struck Jen’s pussy a few times, then adjusted my position so I could get the end of the whip to land more squarely. The slaps were much softer than the ones I’d used on her nips, and Jen really enjoyed it so we progressed to having Sara spread Jen’s lips so I could try to hit her clit –this didn’t work as Sara’s fingers were in the way so I returned to slapping around the area of her clit and Jen said she wanted a vibe in her. Mike fetched one of our silicone coated ones, applied a little of the heat gel and gave it to Sara to push into Jen. As Sara fucked Jen’s pussy, I sped up my movements with the whip and effectively patted the top part of her pussy. As Jen got closer to cumming she told me to hit her harder so I complied (it still wasn’t that hard). Mike and Em had continued to play with Jen’s nips (the ice had melted so they were just licking, sucking and pinching) and Jen ended up thrusting herself against the whip (which didn’t really do anything as I was moving it much faster than she could move her body). I kept asking Jen what she could feel and she said that it felt like a jolt going through her pussy whenever the whip hit her. She came with a series of swearing and I got Sara to push the vibe as far into Jen as she could. I carried on slapping around her mons and pussy until she told me that it was too much and we released her.

Jen’s pussy was a deep pink colour and felt quite warm and her nips looked quite sore (but apparently weren’t). Mike tasted Jen’s juices off the vibe and I gently caressed her body while she caught her breath and described how the orgasm had felt. Each time the whip hit near her clit, she had felt an intense pulse of pleasure that almost seemed to shoot right up her body to her nipples. I think I sort of understand what she means as this is how it feels if I have someone eating me and someone else kissing/stroking my neck (except for me it isn’t so much of a shooting pulse, and more of a throbbing – but then I’m not being spanked). Sara thought that Jen had a strange fetish, to which Jen’s reply was simply pointing out that Sara liked having her ass eaten (or doing the same to someone else).

We discussed our other fetishes and Jen’s watersports came up (although they knew a little about this anyway). Mike was easy to cover, cunnilingus & long white socks or opaque tights (or more generally schoolgirls – not real ones of course, just us dressed as them, but he maintains that this is part of his general love of cute things). Emily wasn’t sure if she had a real fetish – she ended up deciding that threesomes were the thing she liked the most (which I also like, although as I can now have these with Mike and Jen whenever I want I am somewhat spoiled in that respect). I found it a bit harder to decide on a specific fetish – exhibitionism is the obvious one for me but I really think that it is more a case of new experiences – so I almost have a fetish of exploring fetishes.

Emily thought that as they had interrupted Mike and Sara from finishing off earlier on, they should get a chance to continue. She asked where various things were and provided Sara with a few outfits to try on. She started with opaque tights (which she then sat over Mike and rubbed against his cock with) and then moved on to a fuller schoolgirl outfit. A little pleated tartan skirt, long white socks and white blouse. Before they got started, we got Sara to lie on her side on the bed with her knees tucked up and her pussy peeking out from between her legs. I think this is one of the sexiest poses there is and would have happily fucked her, but I knew I had Emily to play with so I let Mike join Sara. They resumed their earlier position, Sara sitting over Mike and grinding against his cock – she humped back and forth rapidly and he alternated between stroking her legs and thighs and lifting her skirt to watch as her pussy slid over his cock. Sara wasn’t sure she could cum like this so he promised he would eat her and he sat staring at her cunt rubbing against him until he got close. At this point, she lay down on him and they kissed as she continued to hump against him – the downside of this was that we didn’t get to see him cum, but the mess was rather obvious when she climbed off him and planted herself on his face. It was only a matter of a minute or so before she came and Mike reappeared from under her skirt looking rather flushed.

Em had a little play with his cock and cum but I ended up telling Mike to get out of the way so I could play with her properly. Mike decided to go and shower and took Sara with him while Em and I 69ed. I got a little taste of Mike’s cum out of Emily, but it didn’t taint her too much. Jen was still too tender to want to join in (but she still maintained that it was worth it) and once we’d finished, we waited for Mike and Sara to return. While they had been in the shower, Mike had cleaned Sara off and pulled her against him. He rubbed his cock against her stomach and pussy as they kissed and his fingers found her ass. He rubbed back and forth over it and as he pushed a finger into her, she lifted a foot up onto the side of the bath. Mike took this as a sign she liked what he was doing so he fingered her ass a bit more and asked if she enjoyed having it fucked – she said that she only liked small things inside her and she mush preferred having her ass licked to penetrated (although she was clearly enjoying what Mike was doing).

He asked if she would like one more round with her fetish and promised that she didn’t have to do anything in return (but mentioned that he wouldn’t mind if she let him eat her again later on that day) and Sara told him that she would love to cum one more time. He got her to lean forwards against the corner of the shower and used the pulse setting on her ass (half-spreading her cheeks with one hand so the water could hit her asshole). Sara liked this, but in the end she asked him to do things properly so he flicked his tongue back and forth over her ass and aimed the pulse spray at her pussy. They tried with Sara holding the shower but in the end settled on her using a hand to steady herself and her other hand to spread her pussy while Mike aimed the shower (roughly) at her pussy (he couldn’t see as he was still licking her ass). Sara loved the double stimulation and almost fell over as she came but Mike steadied her and carried on stimulating her until her orgasm finished.

Sara wanted to repay him for what he’d just given her and he let her stroke his cock for a few minutes (she was kneeling in front of him while her legs recovered), but he told her that as much fun as it would have been to cum over her, he wanted to save it until later so he could cum in someone. Once Sara felt a bit steadier, she stood and allowed Mike to help wash her hair and he had another fondle of her breasts while rubbing his cock against her ass and back. When they returned to the bedroom, Mike’s cock looked very engorged and I knew that Sara had either been teasing him or he had been doing something he had enjoyed a lot. Emily showered with Jen and gently caressed her pussy and breasts (Jen still wasn’t ready for any more than that) and I showered last (solo). Once dressed, we quickly put a picnic together and headed out.

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