Monday, 12 November 2012

Living Together...

Typical - I go away for the weekend and leave Mike to post and he forgets to to it (the last post should have gone out on Friday). I will make him pay for it (although as this will involve making me cum, it probably won't be too much of a punishment for him)... Here's a longer entry to make up for the delayed posting...

There was the usual emotional comedown following the ceremony, but it helped that the three of us were now living together properly. It also helped that I no longer had to work as long hours to make up for disappearing every weekend to visit Jen (although I still had a bit of time to make up for holiday and honeymoon being so close together).

We quickly got used to our new living arrangements (we’d all spent enough time together that it wasn’t really anything new) and Mike appreciated having two naked girls around (even when we weren’t having sex). A few people have commented that Jen doesn’t seem to like Mike and I’ve tried to explain that this isn’t the case. It is simply the fact that Jen is gay and isn’t interested in Mike for sex – although as demonstrated a number of times, she really enjoys teasing him. It’s true that at first she was jealous of him (the fact that he’d been dating me for longer and she didn’t know if she was just ‘a phase’), but she now trusts and cares about him. Likewise, Mike trusts and cares about Jen a lot – even taking away the fact that he would give almost anything to eat and fuck her!

On the Sunday after Jen and I got back from our honeymoon, we thought that we should now christen the house properly. In the Olympic spirit, we settled on the idea of a relay fuck and aimed to cum in every room of the house. This started off well enough, we ticked off the bedroom first, Jen and I ate each other and then Mike fucked me. We then moved into Mike’s room where Jen and I fingered each other and Mike ate me. (I sucked him, but we knew he couldn’t cum enough times to do the whole house so it was just a symbolic suck). We moved into the bathroom next and made use of the shower (both Mike and Jen used it on me). I used it on Mike’s cock, but didn’t make him cum (although he got close) and once we had dried off, we played on the upstairs landing. For this round, Jen and I shared one of our double dildos and when we’d finished, Mike and I 69ed. He was certainly ready to cum again by this point, but I wanted him to fuck me properly so once he’d made me cum, we moved downstairs.

I’d planned on starting in the kitchen, but Mike and Jen opted for the living room. We had a threesome for this one – Jen sat on the sofa and while I ate her, Mike fucked me. This meant that Jen had to make me cum afterwards but she just frigged my clit and made fairly short work of me. I got to go to the kitchen next and used a banana to fuck Jen, that Mike then used on me. We shared the banana afterwards (which wasn’t really anything as we hadn’t peeled it before using it as a sex toy) and stopped for a break (I was beginning to feel the effects of both Mike and Jen fucking me - or at least making me cum - each time).

With our break over, we moved into the dining room and I had a session on the dining table with Jen while Mike sat in a chair and watched us. He went and fetched some vibes for us to use on each other and once we’d cum, he gave me a half-fuck (he fucked me, but he didn’t cum) on the table and used one of the vibes on my clit while Jen used the one that had been inside her on my neck. I thought we were pretty much done by this point but we still had the downstairs hallway (they both sat on the stairs and ate me while I stood up and I then ate Jen in the same position).

We headed upstairs to rest for a while and I was accosted halfway up. I should have known that the stairs counted as a different ‘room’ to the hallways and once it was clear I wasn’t going to get away, I resigned myself to my fate and let Jen eat me. I then had to kneel and eat her as she sat on a stair and Mike gave me a hard fucking, but finished my off by eating and fingering me. I was finally allowed to go to bed and we dozed for a while (a couple of hours). When I awoke, both Mike and Jen were awake and they suggested we head downstairs for something to drink. After our drink, they ‘remembered’ that we had forgotten a room and I was led out to the garden. It wasn’t an overly warm evening, but was warm enough if you were doing something energetic (which we were planning on doing). The grass was a bit wet, but this didn’t bother us as we take the view that there isn’t much point of fucking outdoors if you can’t get dirty. We embraced this principal and Mike and I fucked on the grass, rolling around and taking turns on top. This time there were no half measures and he fucked me hard until I came and then carried on for his third cum of the day.

I climbed off Mike, half fell onto my back and then invited Jen over. Once she had mounted me, she said that we should use the outdoors properly. I knew what Jen was referring to (and later found out that this was part of the reason for the drink before we came out) – seeing as I needed a good shower anyway, there didn’t seem to be a reason to refuse her and we started to 69. Surprisingly (as it was to be my 20th orgasm of the day) I started to approach climax before Jen did and when I told her this, she moved down my body so her pussy was between my neck and breasts. She pulled my pussy open and rubbed my clit and reminded me to let go as I started to cum. I got her to ease off on frigging me a bit so she could catch up and when we felt that we were both fairly close to cumming, we went for it. I spread Jen’s lips in the same way she was spreading mine and we rubbed each other’s clits. I still came a little before Jen did and I pushed as hard as I could, letting out what felt like a strong stream of piss. I could feel it splashing back onto my legs from Jen’s body, but the more she ‘makes’ me do this, the more I see how it can be fun to just let go and enjoy yourself. I had my head tilted back as I knew Jen was about to unleash on me so I didn’t see the fact that Mike was kneeling near Jen and peeing on her shoulders and back as hard as he could, but I certainly felt (and heard) when Jen started to cum.

She let out a series of oh yes’ and mmmm’s and I felt a torrent spray onto my breasts and neck. Some splashed up onto my face, but I was still in my post orgasmic state and felt pretty good so I didn’t really mind too much. Once Jen stopped peeing, I looked back down at her pussy and saw it contracting as she tried to squeeze out the final drops, but she had finished cumming anyway.

Mike was nominated to go and fetch some towels so we could dry off before we went up and showered off. This time the shower was only used for cleaning (although they did threaten to make me cum again). Over dinner (for which we stayed naked) we agreed that the house now felt like it belonged to us. Unfortunately I hadn’t got any of the preparation done for my return to work so had to stay up late doing this. When I finally went to bed, Mike gave me to Jen for the night and we had a surprisingly pleasant session (I didn’t expect to want to cum again, but Jen is pretty good at getting me turned on).

Now onto a selection of our exploits… I had discussed with Jen before she moved in that I thought it would be good for the Mike and her to play with each other a little more – I know that Jen doesn’t want to actually have sex (in part so she can always dangle this in front of him as a way of teasing him), but she doesn’t mind certain levels of fondling, touching and teasing. I’m going to detail the sort of things that they got up to during the evenings of the first month we’ve been living together – partly to try to assuage readers of the fact that Jen doesn’t like Mike and partly as he hasn’t featured too heavily in many of the latest entries (and I don’t want him to feel left out).

Due to time restrictions in the mornings, we’ve had to slightly adjust our morning sessions. I now take turns fucking one of them in the morning and then have both of them in the evenings. I know that I clearly get the better end of this deal, but having a chance to equalise things was one of the other reasons that it turned out to be a good idea for Mike and Jen to play with each other. Despite Mike having gone to the trouble to get the main bedroom redecorated for Jen, he has ended up sleeping in there as well for quite a few nights. He and I have spent some nights in his room, but it feels so much nicer with the three of us together (although a queen size bed would make it even better).

One of the first things I asked them to do was to spend an evening kissing and caressing each other (Mike wasn’t allowed to stroke Jen’s pussy and she avoided touching his cock with her hands). We lit some candles and I sat on a chair watching (but spent some of the time on the bed so I could also caress them). They have kissed a number of times before, but not for an extended period of time and it was interesting to watch as they started off tentatively but after just a few minutes were kissing ‘properly’. As their kissing became more passionate, they pulled their bodies together so Mike’s cock was pressing against Jen’s stomach and I watched his hands roaming up and down her back, over her ass and down her legs (as far as he could reach anyway). They kissed for about half an hour and both of them were breathing heavily (possibly helped by my occasional fondling). Mike got a bit ahead of himself and tried to move down so he could play with Jen’s breasts, but I told him they were for another night and they carried on kissing. I then ended up getting carried away and played with myself, but decided that it was selfish for just me to cum so we decided to finish things off.

I lay between them and used a hand to stroke Mike and my other hand to play with Jen. They each had a hand on my pussy and together they rubbed and fingered me (not really proper fingering as they couldn’t reach around far enough, but they could certainly get to my clit). They were a lot further on than I was – Mike even more so as the head of his cock had been rubbing against Jen’s stomach most of the time they had been kissing, although she had started to hump against his leg for the latter part of their session. I had the advantage of having both of them playing with me though so I did a fairly good job of catching up. For a change, Mike came first and his cum squirted up across my body. I’d kind of hoped it would reach over to Jen, but I guess there is only so far I could twist his cock to the side before he complained. I was going to turn onto my side so I could concentrate on Jen more but Mike said he wanted to help make me cum so I stayed on my back, sandwiched between them with two sets of fingers on my pussy. Despite having double the stimulation, Jen came next but once she had finished and could concentrate on me properly (she moved down so she could push her fingers into me while Mike worked on my clit), I came quite quickly.

A few days later, it was time for Jen to shave and I convinced her to let Mike do this. This isn’t the first time he’s shaved her, but I felt that it is such an intimate thing that it would be another good bonding exercise for them. Jen lay at the edge of the bed and I helped out by pulling the skin tight in various directions as he worked and Mike took the opportunity to have a good look at her (again, not the first time, but he still enjoyed it). Once he washed her clean, it was up to me to do the tongue test and (as usual) this turned into more than just a test for smoothness and ended up with me eating Jen properly. Mike took advantage of the position I was in and moved around behind me so we could fuck while I ate Jen. I really love being between the two of them when we’re doing things and the feeling of Mike’s hard cock sliding in my pussy couples with Jen’s soft lips in my mouth make a wonderful combination.

When we shower, we often do it in pairs and I made sure that Mike and Jen also showered together from time to time. This would include them washing each other’s bodies (avoiding certain places) and doing each other’s hair. Mike would generally stand behind Jen and reach around her to wash her front (and breasts) with his cock pressed up against her ass, or sometimes poking between her legs. A couple of times, Jen has pressed up against him, rubbed her pussy against his leg and then peed (she didn’t cum, but still enjoyed the feeling). Mike tried to do the same back to her, but he finds it quite difficult to get his cock soft enough to pee while she is teasing him like this. He has managed it though and one time in particular, Jen played with her pussy as he peed over her hand, crotch and thighs.

Not everything we did involved teasing Mike – one night I lay in bed with a couple of pillows under my ass and Jen knelt on all fours to eat me. Mike knelt behind Jen and pressed her ass cheeks around his cock and ‘fucked’ them. It took a little while and he had to add some lube, but Jen worked slowly on me and he found a good rhythm in the end. As he got close to cumming, he described how soft Jen’s ass felt (and Jen later said how hot and hard his cock had felt). Jen sped up to try to get me to cum at the same time as Mike, but this is difficult enough with just two people so he ended up cumming first. I had been with Jen that morning (which Mike had watched while getting dressed) so he hadn’t cum for a day and he shot five (he thinks) decent streams of cum up Jen’s back. His cock was close to 45 degrees so his cum went quite a long way and a few bits landed on the back of Jen’s head and in her hair, with the rest down her back. His squirts weren’t powerful enough to make it over Jen’s head and onto my body (although that would have been impressive), but by the time Jen had made me cum and I got up to look at her back, his cum was dripping down off both sides of her. (I did make Jen cum that night as well so she wasn’t left out).

Jen and I have also been practising trying to make each other squirt. We’ve followed the videos online and while it feels good, we can’t cause each other to have uncontrollable multiple orgasms and I haven’t been able to squirt. I did get Jen to do it once which was fairly impressive and Mike just wishes that he had been sitting in the firing line so he could have got covered with her juices. Her orgasm seemed quite strong, but it wasn’t a multiple one and we are beginning to suspect that (shock) the girls in the videos might be acting. We will keep experimenting though and report back any further success. Mike suggested that he be the one who fingered us to remove the variable of different people doing it, but he knew Jen wasn’t going to go for that so it wasn’t a serious suggestion.

Mike still hasn’t got to eat Jen, but he had been allowed to kiss and lick around her thighs while I played with her clit (using my fingers and an egg). He’s got to watch her pussy closely as she’s cum and we’ve all taken turns at being examined. Jen and I have used the speculum again and Mike was allowed to squirt his cum right inside Jen’s spread pussy again. This time we kept her ass raised while we removed the speculum and gave his cum a decent amount of time to seep into her depths before she was allowed to stand up and feel it run out of her.

I’ve got Jen to lie on her back while Mike rubs his cock over her breasts, cunt, face and ass (she obviously had to turn over for that bit) and Mike has been on his back while Jen sat over him and humped her cunt against his cock. Jen also quite enjoys having Mike ‘hit’ her pussy and breasts with his cock and he got her quote aroused one evening with an extended pussy slapping session (I held her lips apart so he could get decent contact with her clit). We’ve spent evenings with Mike and I sucking, licking, pinching and biting on Jen’s nipples and getting her incredibly aroused before I went down on her (leaving Mike to take care of her breasts) she really enjoyed that and conceded that having Mike involved could be a lot more fun.
Of course, I wasn’t entirely selfless the whole time and made use of the two of them to double team me a number of times. They’ve taken turns on my pussy, neck and breasts (having pussy licked and neck stroked is absolutely amazing). We’ve even had a couple of DP sessions with Mike buried in my cunt and Jen using the strap on to take my ass. We’ve tried it the other way around but Mike prefers being in my cunt (and it obviously doesn’t make much of a difference for Jen).

The time he enjoyed most was when he lay on his back and Jen lay on top of him, facing up. I helped move her down so Mike’s cock was nestled between her lips and I licked up and down the length of his shaft as well as behind it and onto Jen’s pussy. I pushed Mike’s cock against her clit and Jen rode up and down slightly and (with a bit of effort) I crouched over them both and rubbed my pussy against the front of his cock. I changed position and sat over them so I was facing Jen and lowered myself onto his cock. Only a small amount was sticking out from between Jen’s legs and while I technically got him inside me, it wasn’t enough to be able to fuck him (or for him to fuck me), but he still liked feeling Jen’s pussy against his cock while the head was in my pussy. I dismounted and resumed licking them both, also using Mike’s cock to rub against Jen’s cunt. Mike played with Jen’s breasts while I did this and we made Jen cum first. As she recovered, I concentrated more on Mike’s cock, mostly sucking the head and just before he came (he told me) I moved away and flicked my tongue over the front of the glans so he could shoot his cum up over Jen’s body. Because of the angle, it didn’t get too far up (he was hoping to cover her breasts and face), but this had the added advantage of it being easy for me to pull bits of it back down and watch it rub over Jen’s pussy.

So in summary, our living together seems to be working out for everybody. Now that Mike and Jen have more fully familiarised themselves with each other, I’m spending more nights with just one of them (but we still sleep altogether occasionally) and Mike is now sufficiently desensitised to seeing Jen naked (whenever we’re in the house) that he doesn’t walk around with a permanent erection.


  1. Have you tried getting them off while Jen and Mike make out? Not just kiss for a few minutes but REALLY making out. They could do that and when things get REALLY hot and heavy you could then interject and work on getting them off while they make out. I think that would be very hot for everyone.

  2. it means jen is bisexual? Because a lesbian cannot like to do all the stuff jen is doing . My cousin is lesbian she kisses guys passionatly but doesnt want to go down on them . It is clear jen is bisexual which is good for u and mike

  3. As I've always contended, I think *everyone* is bisexual to some extent. There are of course people at either end of the spectrum who honestly believe they are completely straight or gay and will never went to do things with someone of the same (or opposite) sex (respectively).

    Jen is certainly quite far towards the gay end of the spectrum, but I think that as she has come to see that Mike can be trusted and is willing to share me with her, she has come to care about him more. Even Mike showed on holiday that another guy could get him off, and while he doesn't necessarily want to do it again, he admits it felt good.

    Jen may be a bit more bi than Mike is, but I think it will take a while before she is willing to do much more than grind against him - and Mike is happy enough with the way she teases him.