Tuesday, 6 November 2012

More family (to-be) Fun

(Second last weekend in July) I headed down to visit Jen at her home to make the final arrangements for our ‘wedding’ ceremony. We spent the Saturday going over all the details with her parents and my Mum (via phone). It was quite a tiring weekend and we didn’t have much time to ourselves, but I did manage to get a little time alone with Chris (Jen’s brother) once their parents had gone to bed. Jen had gone to shower, leaving Chris and I downstairs chatting and as soon as she was out of the room, I unbuttoned the lower half of my dress and asked if he was in the mood for playing. He indicated to the door and said that we didn’t know how long Jen would be and I just replied by saying that we could at least start and if we were interrupted, I could sneak in and see him once Jen was asleep

It didn’t take much to convince him and he pulled his cock out and I tossed a condom over to him. I knelt over his cock and lowered myself onto it while he finished unbuttoning my dress and freed my breasts. He licked and sucked my nipples while I rode his cock and I asked him what he thought Jen would think if she walked in on us. He just said that we should hurry up so we could finish before she returned and I told him if he made me cum, I would give him a reward. I dismounted and turned around so I was facing away from him and told him to rub my clit while I fucked him. We heard Jen come out of the shower and I sped up my movements (I’d hoped she would have given us a bit more time) and told him to stroke my clit faster. He came and I stayed impaled on him until I came, then quickly dismounted and moved back to my seat. Chris quickly did his trousers up (still wearing the condom) and I decided to tease him a bit longer by spreading my legs and stroking up and down the length of my pussy. I kept looking towards the hall and when I heard Jen coming downstairs, I pushed a couple of fingers into myself and gently fucked my pussy until Jen reached the bottom of the stairs. Only when she was right outside the living room door did I pull my hand away and close my legs.

Jen wandered in wearing her dressing gown, gave me a little hello kiss and sat down to carry on chatting. I lifted one leg so my skirt would slide up enough for Chris to see up to my pussy, but he would think that Jen didn’t know (she couldn’t see, but she knew I was teasing him). It worked well enough that he had to adjust his position a few times to hide the bulge of his erection and I got a little carried away and slid my hand up my thigh so I could stroke near my pussy. I did actually want to do things with Jen so after a while I suggested that we head up to bed. I came back down to get some water and told Chris that I would leave the door open for him if he wanted to watch (which I knew he did). Once back up in Jen’s room, I pulled her dressing gown off and knelt in front of her to eat her. I spent a bit longer doing this than I’d planned and we heard Chris coming upstairs so we quickly had to move on to the next stage. Jen lay on her bed and I sat over her so we could 69 – from time to time I lifted my head and let Chris watch as I fingered Jen or half-licked her (with my head to the side). He wasn’t very good at discreetly looking, but then Jen’s head was buried between my legs so I guess he assumed that he was safe and he ended up standing in the doorway openly watching us. I made Jen cum and she panted into my pussy and I encouraged her to eat me harder as my orgasm approached. I watched Chris jerking himself off and saw him cum. His cock was pointed at us but he wasn’t close enough for his cum to reach us (fortunately) and it landed on the carpet. I let him watch me cum before waving at him to get out of the room and then climbing off Jen’s face.

Jen and I had another gentler session of kissing and grinding against each other’s thighs as we tasted ourselves off the other’s lips. Jen still found it strange letting her brother see her naked and cumming but I told her that this was the price for her getting to do things with Sue. As we got closer to cumming, I told her how I was going to fuck her brother again the next morning and take his cock deep into my cunt before milking him dry of his cum. Jen countered by saying that she would just have to satisfy me before I could get to him and I told her that if she was prepared to make me cum enough with her parents in the next room, then she could go ahead. (She is a lot more open about us having sex while her parents are in the house now, but we still do things fairly quietly). We carried on humping against each other until we’d both cum (I came first and then used my thigh to service Jen) and finally curled up together to sleep.

The next morning, Jen’s parents knocked on the door while we were still asleep and said that they were going out but would be back for lunch. This made things much easier and as we were now awake, we had our morning session (once they had actually gone) and could be much louder. I fucked Jen with her favourite hairbrush (it gets used a lot less since we started dating, but it made her cum many, many times in her teenage years) and licked her clit until she came and I even got her to be loud enough that Chris would almost certainly be able to hear her cum. Jen changed her mind about satisfying me and took the opposite approach. She said that if I was going to fuck her brother, then it was up to him to satisfy me and she just teased me. I was kept on the edge of cumming for a while until I was panting with desire and she then stopped and said that she was going to go out for a run. I wanted Jen to give me my first orgasm of the day, but she held fast and just put on her running kit. I followed her downstairs and we briefly stopped outside Chris’ room so I could beg her once again to make me cum and she told me that if I was a good girl, she would take care of me when she got back from her run.

I followed her to the front door (still naked) and saw her off, then quickly ran upstairs to Chris’ room and barged in. He had clearly been listening to us as he was sitting in bed with his cock in his hand and I told him to stop playing with himself as I needed him to make me cum. I dashed into Jen’s room and grabbed the hairbrush I’d just used on her and called Chris in. I told him that I’d just fucked Jen with the brush and it was now his turn to do the same to me. I promised that I would still fuck him and that I just needed to get a quick cum in beforehand and he took the brush and pushed it into my waiting cunt. I described to him how I had used the brush on Jen and I played with my clit as he pumped the brush in and out. As I got closer to cumming, I told him that we could fuck in Jen’s bed and he could choose our position and I watched him gently stroke his cock as I came.

My orgasm was a bit stronger than I’d expected and I asked for a couple of minutes to recover. I let Chris play with me but made him go and wash his hands first as his cock appeared to have leaked a lot more pre-cum than usual. I knew Jen would be out for a while, but wanted to enjoy myself so didn’t rest for too long and after just a short while I told Chris that I was ready and would fuck him in whatever position he wanted. We actually used a number of positions and he lasted a fair time given he’d been playing with himself beforehand. We rested for a bit and I told him I wanted him to eat me, but I would suck him off in return and I spread my legs to enjoy the feeling of his tongue pressing against my pussy and clit (okay, we used protection so I couldn’t actually feel his tongue directly, but it was the next best thing). He lapped away at me until I came and as promised, I returned the favour and sucked him off. I let him fuck my breasts for a while but most of the work was done with my mouth and just before he came, he whipped off his condom and unloaded onto my breasts. He used his cock to smear his cum over me further and we then rested a while longer (well, I rested, Chris took the opportunity to play with my breasts some more).

We heard Jen return and Chris grabbed his clothes and dashed back into his room. Jen had purposefully been noisy and taken a few minutes to come upstairs and she found me lying on the bed with the bedroom door open. I used my fingers to indicate two and three to her – she was a bit confused as to what I meant but once we were safely in the shower, I explained that he’d made (or helped) me cum three times and I’d got him off twice. I managed to ‘sneak’ Jen’s running shorts into Chris later that morning (it’s much easier to sneak things around when the person knows you’re doing it) – Chris liked the fact that Jen had only worn the shorts (no panties) and I wrapped the material around his cock and told him how it was Jen’s sweat and pussy juice that was touching him. He wasn’t ready to cum again quite yet (although he felt more than hard enough) but promised he would return the shorts to the laundry later that day.

I had one last session with Jen which was to be our last lovemaking as an ‘unmarried’ couple. We were a lot gentler than usual and took our time – so much so that Jen’s parents returned while we were still in the middle of things. They didn’t disturb us though and we carried on until we’d finished and then showered once more before having lunch with everyone. We went over the final arrangements for the ceremony (again) and Jen took me to the station by herself. It felt quite strange than in just a week we would be standing up in front of everyone and pledging our love for each other. We knew that there we people (in each of our families) that didn’t agree with what we were doing, but had come to the conclusion that we didn’t care – our close families understood and we knew it was what we wanted (‘we’ including Mike here).


  1. Andi - you're awfully lucky! Me and my wife only have sex about once a month (maybe) and it's more like she does it out of duty than for any enjoyment. I've tried everything I can think of including therapy but nothing seems to be working.

    You should count your blessings as there are many out here that are not so lucky.

  2. Hmm, I know I would find that incredibly hard to cope with. I know other people who don't seem to enjoy sex (some of my more 'proper' York friends) and I always wondered what it was that they didn't enjoy (or why).

    I hope I can at least help to relieve your suffering by providing an insight into my life to help get you off (it's certainly better than nothing and is what I would be doing if I was in your situation).

    Does your wife know that you masturbate (assuming you do)? If so, does she mind? If you haven't tried it already, you could always try porn - I might even be able to write a special story to help get her in the mood if you gave me a premise to work off...

  3. Yes, she is well aware. I am not quite sure but we are looking into physiological sources. Of course she doesn't see it as a big deal at all (easy to do when you have no sex drive) and believes all the fuss is a bit much and that I should be content with masturbation.

    She wasn't always like this and I am hoping they do find something otherwise it might eventually be a deal breaker. :(

  4. Love isn't all about sex - I know that might sound a bit rich coming from me, but if (for some reason) I couldn't have sex with mike or Jen again, I would certainly be (very) disappointed, but I wouldn't love them less for it. (I might end up being a bit grump from time to time though!)