Friday, 2 November 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 7

We were encouraged to move back into the candlelight so people could see what we were doing and I got Jen to lie on the floor (I gave her a pillow). She spread her legs and I caressed her crotch for a while, then pulled the material aside and caressed her pussy. I got her nice and wet before suggesting that other people might want to help me out. The usual suspects came over (Jules and Abrahii) and Jen’s swimsuit was pulled down to expose her breasts. Lis then joined in (with Lucy’s permission) and took care of one of Jen’s nipples while I sent Mike down to get the nipple clamps (Jen hadn’t realised that I had packed these). She was a bit embarrassed at using them in front of everyone, but they pretty much all knew she liked things rough and we’d got her sufficiently aroused that she conceded and let me tighten them onto her nipples.

It was now time for the next stage and I whispered into Jen’s ear that she could trust me before pulling Abrahii’s skirt over and using it to make a blindfold. Once I was certain that Jen couldn’t see anything, Julia, Abrahii and I took turns licking her and she had to guess who it was. She guessed me (but later said it was luck) and I threw the floor open for anyone who wanted to fondle her (girls only of course or Mike would have been very jealous). People had to be quiet so Jen didn’t know who was touching her and I was pleased to see Alison, Abigail and even Mary join in and fondle her. Naturally Lis got involved (as we had planned earlier) and she got Lucy to join in as well. They started off by stroking Jen’s pussy and I felt quite jealous as I watched Lis push Lucy’s fingers into Jen and the two of them finger fucked her. I squeezed Jen’s nipples, trying to get her to cum while Lis was playing with her, but Lucy pulled out before that happened and Mel and Jules took over. They carried on until she came and we carried on gently teasing her while we debated keeping her blindfolded and making her lick various people. She escaped that fate (that’s for Julia and me to do), but I was still quite impressed with her.

Jen half covered herself up (she didn’t see the point in trying to hide to much anymore) and we resumed chatting while a few people gently played with each other (nothing too overt). Lis quietly thanked me and I told her that it was time for her end of the bargain. I wasn’t the one to benefit from this (as you know, Lis and I flirting is dangerous) and she moved over to Mike to chat with him. I ran interference by offering to blow Steve (pretending that it was another attempt to convince him that playing with girls was good) and while people were distracted with this (I’ve learned how to put on a fairly good show), Lis sat on Mike’s lap. (I’ve compiled what happened from what they both later told me.) Mike was quite surprised, but he wasn’t going to complain as he thinks Lis is cute (and hot – even without the added attraction of her being a lesbian). He tried to keep himself from getting hard, but Lis squirmed around on his lap, rubbing her ass against his cock and he lost the battle. He felt his cock harden and was waiting for Lis to say something, but once he was hard enough that she had to notice and she carried on grinding against him he stopped worrying and started to enjoy it.

Mike placed his hands on Lis’ hips to help pull her harder against him and he whispered in her ear how good it felt. He hinted that it could feel even better without their clothes getting in the way and Lis told him that he could remove his shorts if he wanted, but she was keeping her (bikini) panties on. Mike hesitated a bit, but figured that he probably wasn’t going to get a chance like this again and got Lis to lift herself slightly so he could slip his trunks down. Once his cock was free, he pulled her back against him and Lis resumed rubbing her (panty clad) ass against his cock. Mike asked her if he could go between her legs and lifted her up so he could push his cock forwards, then put her down again. His cock was now sticking out from between her legs and he pushed it against Lis’ crotch. He whispered in her ear how he had loved masturbating with her panties and really wanted to taste her properly before he fucked her and told her that he thought he could probably cum. She said that she was only meant to be teasing him, but pointed out that there was an available pussy just in front of them (me). Mike told her that she was a spoilsport, but he was close enough to cumming that he got her to clamber off him and he quickly moved over behind me. I felt someone slide into me, but it wasn’t until he said that if I was going to get cum in my mouth, then I should have some in my ass that I knew it was him. He reached around and played quite intensely with my clit and I could tell that he really wanted to cum (at this point I didn’t know exactly what had happened with Lis). I carried on sucking Steve while Mike fucked me – he came first, but stayed in me while he frigged my clit until I came and Steve soon emptied his load into my mouth.

I was just going to spit it out, but when I stood up and felt Mike’s cum drip out of me I had a better idea, pushed Julia onto her back, planted myself over her face so she could lick me clean and I spat Steve’s cum onto her cunt and rubbed it into her. I asked if anyone wanted to fuck her (assuming that Mel wouldn’t mind) and Mike said he would be happy to, but as he’d just cum, he wasn’t in a fit state to do so and Ashraf stepped in and said after watching us play, he would be more than happy to take care of Julia (and as I’d blown Steve, he felt justified in doing this). I didn’t really need to cum again so as Ashraf pushed into Jules, I climibed off and let Abrahii take my place. I sat and watched as the three of them fucked and Mike quietly told me how Lis had rubbed against him – when he found out that I had arranged it he thanked me profusely and told me that now I just had to convince her to let him fuck her… (which is somewhat less likely to happen). Ashraf came in Julia and Abrahii ended up 69ing with Jules until they had both cum. Richard promised Abrahii that she was going to get a really good fucking that night and fairly soon after, he dragged her off downstairs to their room.

The rest of us stayed up chatting for a while longer – Mel played with Julia once again and got her to finish herself off with a bottle, but this wasn’t quite as impressive in candlelight as we couldn’t see up inside her through the glass. I didn’t fill Jen in on who had actually fingered her until we went down and got into bed. She was quite surprised that Lucy and Mary had actually fingered her, but hasn’t let on to them (so far) that she knows – just as I’m not meant to know who fucked me on my birthday while I was blindfolded and haven’t mentioned it. Mike told Jen about what had happened with Lis (although Jen thought that having Lis finger her was better). He spooned inside me and I fingered Jen while we discussed the evening’s events and we ended up having our bedtime orgasms (which we hadn’t really expected when we started). I let Mike suck my fingers clean of Jen’s juices and we fell asleep pretty quickly.

We didn’t find out about this until the next day, but I’ll write about it here… Some of our group had gone off elsewhere, looking for a more ‘interesting’ place to drink (Pollenca hasn’t got incredibly good nightlife beyond bars and café’s). They had met up with the schoolkids from next door and after drinking with them for a while, Simon and Ethan had (jointly) pulled one of them (a girl called Kathy who seemed to be very interested in the fact that they were both bi). She had ended up taking them both back to the villa next door and told them that she wanted to have them both at once. The guys were more than happy to oblige her and they told her that they would fuck her senseless (note, very few guys can actually do this to girls as we can generally cum a lot more than men). From what they told us, they certainly gave it a good try though and got her to suck them both (individually and together), fingered and ate her, both fucked her in turn, one fucked her while she sucked the other, both fucked her at the same time (DP) and fingered her a few more times while she sucked them clean. They reckon that she came four or five times during all this. Stupidly, they didn’t use any protection (for which they were scolded), but Kathy seemed to really like the fact that she ended up filled and covered with their combined cum.

For our last morning, we decided to make the most of the roof terrace and Mike, Jen and I had our morning session up there. It was fairly cloudy (which was a little disappointing), but warm enough that it didn’t matter so we got stuck in and fucked while looking out over the front balcony across the beach and sea. We started with Jen and I sat with my back to the wall while she stood looking out. She let Mike stand behind her and reach round to fondle her breasts (and he took the opportunity to push his cock against her ass and rub against her). He wanted to slip it between her legs so I could suck him at the same time as I ate Jen, but she refused this (which I was quite grateful for as I wanted to feel him inside me and didn’t want him to just cum over my face). He carried on rubbing against her ass while he described what it might have felt like if Lis had been naked the previous night. Jen enjoyed my licking and Mike’s rough fondling of her nipples and between us we got her off.

Jen and I switched places so she could watch Mike fuck me – our session was much simpler, Mike pumped away in my cunt while he fondled my breasts and clit and once I’d cum he pumped into me bit more and then came. The first load ended up inside me but he then pulled out and pushed his cock between my legs so the remaining squirts landed on Jen’s face and chest (he had warned her first). Jen then got to watch as the small amount he had cum in me trickled out and the two of us went over to use the shower so I would be nice and clean for my final session with Paul.

I had breakfast before going next door. The person who answered seemed somewhat surprised that I was there to see Paul, but went to get him for me and we went in to his room. I felt that I’d been generous enough in letting him fuck me over the previous few days and didn’t want to spend too long there (so I could get back to my friends), but wanted to give him one last decent experience. I stripped down to my panties and he started to play with my breasts and (with a bit of encouragement), stroke me through my panties. Seeing as he’d already fucked my ass I instructed him on how to fondle my ass (rubbing his fingers over it and pressing slightly against it). Only when I felt quite moist did I let him pull my panties off and finger me directly. I let him continue to fondle me until I was fairly close to cumming and only then did I reach into his shorts and pull his cock out. I got him to move up so his cock was level with my stomach and told him to tell me when he was getting close. I timed my movements (slowing down from time to time) so he didn’t cum too soon and just as I felt my orgasm beginning to break, I sped up my stroking and got him to cum over my chest at pretty much the same time.

I wiped myself clean with my panties and told him he could keep them if he wanted as a souvenir. I spread my legs and asked if he wanted a different kind of souvenir, offering to let him take a few pictures of me so he could wank to them as much as he wanted. I did specify that he couldn’t include my face, but posed for shots with my fingers in my cunt, pussy spread, on all fours (ass and cunt), fingering both holes at the same time, my breasts, breasts with me caressing them… Once I’d checked that they were all okay, I told him it was time for our last fuck, but offered him a last present. He had mentioned previously that none of his friends would believe that he had got to do all the things to me that we’d done so I told him that if he wanted, we could be loud enough that people would hear and I would make sure that they knew I was enjoying myself. We discussed how explicit he wanted me to be and he told me to say whatever I wanted, so we prepared and got started.

We began with him fingering me and I described how good his fingers felt as they fucked my little cunt. After a bit of clit work, I let him lick me (using a dam) and despite my plan to not spend too long there, it felt pretty good so I let him do this until I came. As my orgasm got closer, my moans got louder and I described in detail how good his tongue felt on my clit, how wet I was and how I wanted him to make me cum. I overdid it slightly as I came (it felt good, but not as good as I made out) and as soon as I came, I told him (loudly) that I needed his cock in me and described how I wanted to feel him pounding away inside me.

For this, I moved round so I was on all fours and let him climb up behind me. Between my descriptions of how good his cock felt and random moans, I pointed out that I could see shadows under the door and that we definitely had an audience. I had no idea if they were just going to listen in, but I like to be prepared so I quietly asked him that if we were interrupted, whether he would be prepared to stay buried inside me. He was a little unsure about this, but I pointed out that as long as he was inside me, nobody would get to see his cock and that the whole point of this was to demonstrate to his friends that he had been fucking me. He agreed and I promised to make sure they were impressed. Our conversation had taken a while as the quieter (private) part had taken place between my moans and he told me that he was getting close. I told him to hold back for as long as he could and I played with my clit and really went to town with describing how good it felt. I was as explicit as I could be, describing how his cock was pushing deep into my cunt, how my whole pussy felt like it was on fire and how close I was getting to cumming.

As I had expected (because it’s what I would have done in the same situation), people burst into the room at this point. I felt Paul instinctively pull back but I pushed back against him and told him (and everyone) how close I was and that I couldn’t stop. I frantically rubbed my clit and thrust myself against his cock, saying how good it felt and pretending to cum. I was actually getting quite close, but he ended up cumming in me (mostly due to my movements) so as frustrating as it was, I slid forwards off his cock and lay panting and moaning on the bed, saying how good I felt. Paul covered his cock with a pillow (I know I’d been a bit mean in exposing him) and told his friends to leave us alone and after a few comments, they went out and shut the door, but I could still see their shadow under the door. I told him that I still needed to actually cum (he had fallen for my fake orgasm) so I let him eat me again, but this time also got him to gently finger my ass. As I came, I was sufficiently loud that the others would hear, but I didn’t go over the top with my description of how I felt.

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