Sunday, 4 November 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 8 (final)

We quietly said our goodbyes and I did something a little naughty by telling him that he might want to have a chat with Kathy – I didn’t give him the details of her threesome, but did hint that she seemed to enjoy cumming. I pulled my dress on and walked over to the door – I could still see that at least one person was standing outside so I turn to Paul and told him that I wanted to taste his cock one last time. I pulled his shorts down, quickly put a condom on and took him in my mouth. I then told him that I needed to feel him inside me once more, so leant against the door and told him to get his hard cock into my wet pussy. I described how I couldn’t cum again as he had exhausted me (as if), but that I just needed to feel his cock sliding in me one last time as it felt so good. I let him pound into me for a minute or so (which made the door vibrate) and then said that I really needed to get back as I was late. I let him stuff his cock back into his shorts before I opened the door and saw someone scamper off around the corner. Paul showed me to the front door and I gave him a goodbye kiss, rubbed his crotch and told him that he had been wonderful.

On my return to our villa, I was told off for taking too long by Jen. She had arranged a swap – she and Mike were going to get to do things to Alison and in exchange, Andrew was going to get to fuck me. I didn’t really mind (although it would have been nice to be consulted) but I was a little surprised that Jen was so keen on doing things with Alison. Obviously I knew that they were friends, but I hadn’t expected Jen to be quite as excited about fucking her. I told them that I needed a little break to recover from my session with Paul and they agreed as long as it wasn’t too long. I had a drink and tried to sunbathe (although it was a bit cloudy for this) so gave up after about 15 minutes and said that we may as well go and do something (a lot) more fun.

Alison joined Mike and Jen in our room and I went with Andrew to his room. I’d only really seen glimpses of his cock before (the midnight swim didn’t count for much as it was dark), so I made sure to examine it properly with my fingers, lips and tongue. He fondled my pussy and I pointed out that if I was sucking him, then it was only polite for him to eat me and we 69ed for a little bit. I asked if he wanted to fuck (he did) and I let him mount me (missionary position) and fuck me. We used a few different positions and I ended up on top. He was nice enough to ask me if he could cum inside me and I told him to go ahead and fill me with his cum. I rode up and down on his cock and played with my breasts while he humped back against me and fondled my clit. He came a little before me, but carried on playing with me until I came so I was satisfied.

We lay on the bed, gently fondling each other and I got him to describe how much he had enjoyed watching Alison and I doing things earlier in the week. It didn’t take too much to get him hard again and once I’d sucked his cock clean of our juices, he was ready for another round. I let him do me doggystyle this time (one of his favourite positions) and I’d wanted to use one of Alison’s vibes to work my clit with, but she hadn’t brought any with her (yes I know sex toys aren’t an essential part of everyone’s holiday kit). Andrew helped me out and played with my pussy, although he was also quite keen to grope my breasts (he isn’t too bad at fucking and frigging, but he could do with a tutorial on breast-play from Jen). I humped back against him in time with his thrusts (mostly) and we ended up creating a very satisfying sound as our bodies slapped together. As I got closer to cumming, I asked if he wanted to see me eating out Alison again and promised that once we finished, we could go and Jen and I would do her together. This seemed to speed up the process of him cumming, but I quite liked the image as well so I wasn’t too far behind him.

We wandered along to my room and opened the door to find Mike fucking Alison while she ate Jen (Mike had already eaten Alison and Jen had tasted her). Andrew didn’t seem to mind seeing Mike fuck her (she is bi, but he is straight) and I asked Mike if he minded if I butted in and took his place. He pulled out and said that it was fine as long as he could finish off in her afterwards and after promising that he could, I buried my face in Alison’s cunt and made her cum while she got Jen off. As soon as I moved away from her, Mike started fucking her again and I stood beside Andrew, stroking his cock and asked if he enjoyed seeing her be fucked by another guy. I guessed from how stiff he was that he did and I suggested that he show her how much he liked what she was doing by offering her his cock. He was a little unsure of this at first, but when I asked Alison if she was up for it and she told him to let her suck him, he moved over to her.

Alison moved round so she was on all fours and sucked Andrew while Mike fucked her. I reached under her to play with her clit and Jen lay on her back so she could suck on Alison’s nipples. I saw Andrew glance over at Mike a couple of times as well as across to Jen’s pussy so I reached over and tried to finger Jen at the same time as playing with Alison. This wasn’t entirely unsuccessful, but certainly wasn’t easy so I concentrated on Alison’s clit and just idly fondled Jen. Andrew said that he thought he could cum again and Alison hummed that she was getting close. She ended up cumming first (but she did have four people stimulating her – if you can count giving a BJ as stimulation). Mike fucked her harder and Andrew came next (I don’t think he actually produced much as I had two loads of his cum dribbling down my legs) and Mike finally came inside her.

Mike actually produced a reasonable amount of cum and Alison stayed kneeling up so we could watch it run out of her. I told Andrew that it wasn’t fair to leave her in that state and that Jen would take care of it. Alison wasn’t ready to do anything more quite yet though and had a little lie down. She wasn’t allowed to rest for too long though and I instructed Jen to get between her legs and start to clean her up. As Andrew had enjoyed watching Jen and I do Alison before, I climbed over Alison’s face and asked her to clean me out. She didn’t complain about this (I guess she’s used to Andrew’s cum) and ate me while Jen worked on her. Jen certainly seemed to be getting stuck in and I just enjoyed the feeling of Alison’s tongue as she familiarised herself with my cunt. Mike and Andrew watched us and Mike said that it felt a little strange to be standing around with another straight guy just watching. As I got closer to cumming, I rubbed myself back and forth over Alison’s face, using her mouth, tongue and nose as stimulation. She didn’t seem to mind this and carried on licking me, but Jen was doing a fairly good job at distracting her.

Alison sucked on my clit and I came quite hard so had to pull away from her – when I did this, Jen climbed up on the bed and planted herself over Alison in a 69 and resumed eating her. Jen humped against Alison’s face in a way similar to I’d been doing (she later told me that she’d seen me doing it and had copied me). They rolled around a little, taking turns on top and Jen half wrapped her legs around Alison. I could tell that Jen was really going for it and I stood holding a cock in each hand, slowly stroking Mike and Andrew. I would have loved for them to have enough cum left that I could have jerked them off and covered Jen and Alison in their cum (although Mike wouldn’t have liked this as he is the only guy who is meant to cum on Jen). They carried on until both Jen and Alison had cum and then rolled apart, lying panting on the bed. I gave them a round of applause and told Alison that she just had time to take Mike once more before we had lunch. She said that she was exhausted but I told her that Andrew had fucked me twice so it was only fair and she agreed (as long as we gave her a few minutes).

I kissed Jen and tasted Alison’s juices off her – letting Andrew watch us as our tongues mushed together and I slid by fingers between Jen’s legs. Exactly three minutes after Alison had said she needed a rest (I timed it), Mike started to eat her again. He was just as energetic as Jen had been and Alison half pushed him away, but clearly responded to what he was doing. Once he’d got her panting again, he stood up and pushed his cock back into her, telling her that he was going to shoot another load of cum as deep into her cunt as he could. He fucked her fairly hard and I pulled Andrew over to her and told him to let her suck him again. He said that he couldn’t cum any more but I told him that we could still do something he enjoyed even if he didn’t cum and I sandwiched his cock between Alison’s and my mouths. We kissed around his cock quite messily – I could feel my saliva dripping over his cock and broke away to see the mess we were making.

Jen was just watching us and I indicated that she should play with Alison’s breasts again (which she did) and I resumed helping Alison to suck Andrew. He got us to stop a few times as it felt too intense, but he let us carry on. Mike meanwhile had lifted Alison’s legs up so her ankles were by his shoulders and he rhythmically pumped into her while playing with her clit. When she started moaning, I tried to find a position where I could sit over her face, Andrew could get his cock into me and she could lick me, but we just had too many people on the bed so after letting her lick me a couple of times, I dismounted and resumed helping her lick his cock. Alison came and Mike fucked her hard throughout her orgasm and then emptied himself into her again (I doubt he came too much though).

Once Mike had pulled out, Jen moved down to kitty kiss Alison. Alison tried to push Jen away at first, but we explained that Jen wasn’t going to eat her and was going to be gentle. Once Alison had given in I looked over at Andrew and saw that his cock was still hard so moved over to him and offered him my cunt. He pushed into me and I contracted myself around him and asked if he thought he could cum again yet. He said that he was certainly closer than before so I pulled off him and climbed over Alison’s face, facing away from Jen. I leant forwards and told him to get back into me (he had to sit over Alison’s chest to do this) and once he was inside I lowered myself to her face and told Alison to lick us both. She did as requested and in this position it was much easier for Andrew to fuck me while she licked. I had intended to just try to get him to cum again but once I was in place thought that I may as well enjoy myself and pressed my cunt against Alison’s tongue. I kept contracting myself around Andrew’s cock and told him I wanted his cum in me one last time and he obliged (although just as in Mike’s case, I doubt he actually produced very much). I got him to stay inside me until Alison had made me cum and he pulled out saying that his balls now ached (but that it was worth it). Jen reluctantly pulled away from Alison’s pussy so Mike could have a final lick (just kitty kissing) and I had a quick go before we let her up.

Our ‘exchange’ had certainly been a fair bit more intense than Alison and Andrew had expected and they looked quite tired, but by the time we’d had lunch they seemed to have recovered a bit of energy. We all went for one last trip to the beach and swim in the sea before heading to the airport for our flight home. During the flight, Abrahii got Richard to cum, Julia did Simon and I took care of Ethan. We only used hands and mouths and the guys fingered us (so it didn’t count for mile-high membership), but I think that five people in the group cumming was fairly impressive (I couldn’t cum as I was still rather tender from the fairly intense morning sessions). A few people left us at the airport and some people went back to their Uni houses. Mike, Jen and I stayed at Jen and Lucy’s place as it was fairly late by the time we got in.

Lis, Mike and I had to leave the following morning, but we took the opportunity to make breakfast in bed one last time for Lucy and Lis. After the holiday, there didn’t seem any point in covering up so the three of us took breakfast to them naked and once we’d eaten, put on our usual display (or a variant of it - Mike fucked me and I ate Jen). Once we’d cum, we tried to get Lucy and Lis to do things. Lucy was still a little reserved, but Lis didn’t protest too much when Jen and I pulled the covers off her and pulled her legs apart. Jen and I mauled one of her breasts each and asked Lis if she wanted to cum. Lis said she did and Lucy relented enough to play with her. Jen and I caressed Lis’ thighs and breasts, but stayed away from her pussy (other than a couple of strokes of her lips) and when Lucy was concentrating on Lis’ pussy, I dipped my fingers into my cunt and fed Lis some of my juices (and Mike’s cum, but she might not have realised that).

Mike ended up stroking himself while he watched and by the time Lis came, he was rapidly pumping away on his cock. I held Lis’s pussy open and told him to cum over her cunt (knowing that he couldn’t, it was just an excuse to get my hands on her). He threatened to do as I said, but ended up cumming over her leg (which he was still quite happy about). I then tried to get Lucy to let Lis make her cum, but she refused to do things in front of us and it was only when we’d left and promised not to come back that Lis ended up playing with her and she came.

We said our goodbyes to the house – Mike, Jen and I went to the airport and Lucy saw Lis off at the train station before Jen and Lucy went back to do the final packing and head to their respective homes. Jen was very sad to be leaving the house and Lucy (they were good friends long before I encouraged Jen to fantasise about Lucy) and they had a tearful farewell. She knew full well that they would continue to see each other (and would do in just a couple of weeks for our ceremony), but they wouldn’t have the same dynamic now that they weren’t living together. I had a long conversation with her that night to help comfort her and promised to make her feel much better at the weekend.

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