Sunday, 30 December 2012

Back to Uni - Part 1

The weekend after the party in York, we headed down to Jen’s old Uni to see her friends. It was a shame that we had missed the start of term and the fresher parties (lots of sweet innocent fresh meat that might be looking to experiment or widen their horizons), but as we’d missed this in order to fuck, it wasn’t too much of a loss.

The three of us flew down on the Friday night and met up in one of the usual pubs. A number of people from the group had left at the same time as Jen. With Lucy gone, Lis obviously wasn’t present but Mel was there to see Julia and we still had the lovely Abrahii, along with Steve, Simon and Ethan (plus a few others, but they didn’t usually get as involved, so while it was nice to see them, they weren’t likely to make me cum). They had picked up a couple of new people – another Sue (who I will refer to as Susan to distinguish her from my sister) and James. They are both gay, Susan has been taken by Abigail and James seems to be involved with Richard. By the time we had caught up on the relationship changes since we’d last seen everyone, we headed back to Julia’s place. She was now sharing a house with Abrahii (who had promised Mel that she would take care of Jules during the week and in return, Mel had promised Abrahii that she would get ‘special treats’ whenever she visited.

As soon as we got in, Mel pushed Julia down onto the sofa and they started kissing deeply. They ended up with Julia sitting over Mel’s lap and Mel pulled Julia up so she was standing on the sofa, leaning against the wall behind it. This put Mel in a good position to eat Jules (which she proceeded to do). Mel’s already short skirt had ridden higher while they had been kissing and Abrahii took advantage of this. She pulled Mel’s legs apart, knelt between then, pull her panties aside and lapped at Mel’s cunt. The two new people had seen Mel and Jules play the previous weekend so this wasn’t new (but I’m sure they still found it rather unusual). To me it felt like coming back home and I pulled Jen down onto one of the seats so we could watch and I could slide my hand under her skirt and finger her. I didn’t leave Mike out and offered to suck him, but had to do this at an odd angle so I could continue to watch the antics on the sofa.

My sucking was more than enough to get him nice and hard, but he could tell that it would be difficult for me to make him cum while only half paying attention (possibly less than half as my attention was divided between watching the sofa, fingering Jen and sucking Mike). He went and whispered something to Abrahii and then knelt behind her. I watched as he slid her dress up, exposing her ass and then pulled her panties down to her knees. He tried to give her pussy a lick, but she was crouching too low so he just fingered her for a while, rubbed his cock against her pussy and then started to push into her. I called over to Abrahii that I would eat her clean once Mike had finished and sped up my fingers on Jen’s pussy.

Unusually, we had the worst view of what Mel was doing to Julia as Julia still had her skirt on. Mel kept pushing it up so we good to see things properly from time to time, but it kept sliding back down. We could see Abraii licking Mel much more clearly and had a wonderful view of Mike’s cock sliding in and out of her dark pussy. As he fucked her, he unbuttoned the back of her dress and pushed it up so it was bunched under her arms and he finally undid her bra and pushed it up with the dress. I joined in and undid Jen’s blouse to expose her breasts. Julia ended up cumming first and half crouched down over Mel so they could kiss while Abrahii finished eating her. Jen came next and offered to play with me but I told her that she could make me cum at bedtime and I would try to find someone else to take care of my immediate needs. Justin was up to this task (although he had to use a condom as he had been playing with strangers over the summer and hadn’t bothered to get tested again). He did a good enough job though and took me over the side of the chair while I played with my clit.

By the time we finished, Mike had made Abrahii cum and emptied himself into her. Mel had got Abrahii to sit up on the sofa with her legs spread so everyone could see his cum leaking out of her. Julia had already licked her mostly clean, but I kept my promise and had a good lick of her to remove as much of Mike’s cum as I could. Once I’d finished, Abrahii said it was too cold to be naked and was going to put her dress back on but I convinced her that we would take care of her and she certainly had no shortage of people willing to sit beside her to warm her up. Julia was still fully dressed (just without panties) and I told her that the look didn’t suit her. I hadn’t bothered to put my skirt back on and I caressed Jules under her skirt while encouraging her to get naked. She said that we would have plenty of time for more fun later (we were staying with Julia and Abrahii) so I left it, but still stole another number of fondles from her throughout the rest of the evening.

I had a chat with Susan and got to know her a little – it seemed to take her a little time to get used to the fact that my bottom half was naked and various people copped a feel from time to time, but she seemed like a nice enough girl (possibly too nice for the rest of the crowd). Jen chatted with James a bit and he seemed to be very excitable and hyper. Eventually everyone left and it was decided that we would let Mel and Julia have the night alone together, so Mike, Jen and I slept in Abrahii’s room on the floor. It didn’t take too much to convince Abrahii to come and join us and with two duvets, we snuggled up together.

It only seemed fair to let Jen be pleasured by Abrahii, but she hadn’t forgotten my promise to let her make me cum, so we ended up with Jen on her back with me over her face and Abrahii eating her. This once again left Abrahii’s pussy free and Mike happily filled it. This time he didn’t make her cum (or cum himself) and just enjoyed the view as Jen and I came. He then spooned with Abrahii and I helped out by rubbing her clit. She came and Mike stayed buried in her, just moving gently with her pushing back against him from time to time. I wanted to see if he could cum without actually fucking her and once she had fallen asleep, he gently pushed back and forth in her and had what he described as quite a gentle, but long orgasm. It wasn’t that he came for a long time, but he could continue to move in her after he’d cum and it felt very close to the way it felt when he was actually cumming. He also stayed hard so he could spoon her while he dozed off (he went soft before he was actually asleep).

The next morning, Jen ate Abrahii awake and Mike did the same to me (briefly). We then fucked while I knelt over Abrahii so I could help to hold her lips apart for Jen to get her tongue deep inside. Abrahii gave my pussy a few licks but mostly just played with my clit until I came. Neither Mike nor Jen had cum yet so while Jen lay on her back and we took turns licking her, Mike knelt behind us and alternated between licking and fucking us. He still hadn’t cum by the time Jen came, but he told us that this was his intention and he wanted to give his first cum on the day to Julia (or at a pinch, to Mel).

Abrahii was satisfied for now so she offered to go and make some breakfast while Mike, Jen and I went into Julia’s room. They were both still sleeping, but this was soon rectified as Mike and I took Jules and Jen buried her face between Mel’s legs. We ended up having to pull one of the duvets in from Abrahii’s room so we could move Julia onto the floor. Mike and I both ate her for a while and he then fucked her while I let her eat me. Abrahii returned while we were still playing and watched us as we each came. I had a little lick and then allowed Jen to taste Mike’s cum out of Julia. Mel played with Jen over breakfast and went down on her once we had finished. Mike took the opportunity to eat Mel and then spooned with her. His aim was to fuck each one of us (excluding Jen of course) and give us each a portion of his cum before we went to bed that night. Not that Mike couldn’t have made Mel cum by himself (he wanted me to write that bit), but Julia helped out by licking them both and once Mel had cum, he emptied his cum into her.

It was decided that if he was going to get to fuck four girls in a day, then he would have to provide something extra in return. We all know he loves eating pussy, so he promised that he would eat any one of us on demand for the whole weekend. Julia and I both took advantage of this (her first, then me) before we even got out of bed. To speed up everyone getting ready, Mel and Jen showered together while this happened, I then showered with Julia and Mike showered with Abrahii. It seemed unfair to me that she had only cum once so I got Mike to go down on her once they had showered (he had agreed to do this on demand – we hadn’t specified *who* had to make the demand). Once she had cum, he withheld her panties, but she didn’t exactly put up a fight about getting them back and we headed off to meet up with some of the others for lunch.

I got a few more details about Susan and Mike certainly seemed keen on getting to know her a bit better (the thought of getting to fuck an 18 year old was quite alluring). From what was known, she was gay, but the fact that she was with Abigail gave Mike hope that he might at least get to be partially involved (he could take Abigail while she took Susan). It was much more promising for Jen and me, but I expected Julia to get the first (either with or without Mel). We had a well behaved lunch and wandered round a few shops (with the obligatory coffee stop) before heading home. We had arranged for a few people to come over for dinner before we headed out and met up with everyone else so we just vegged for the rest of the afternoon. Julia had a play with Jen and Mike was instructed to eat us until we’d had enough. He started with me, then Abrahii, Mel and finally Jules (who had finished with Jen). I was up for a second round, but once he’d started on me, he was told to leave me alone as there were other plans so he just gave Julia a second round.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sex Party, October 2012 - Part 2

We're at Jen's parents' place now (today's journey wasn't so bad). I'll be doing my best to wish her brother a Happy New Year during our stay, but for now back to the party...

I couldn’t use my hands to masturbate with so emptied my beer and then sat with my pussy fairly close to Clare’s head and used the bottle. As I couldn’t touch my clit, I had to be a bit more forceful than usual, but found an angle that got some contact between my clit and the neck of the bottle and carried on fucking myself. Clare was sitting up by this point and Giles was fingering her pussy with a still hard (or hard again) cock and I suggested that he could fuck her while Clare got a close up view of me cumming, but he said he didn’t think he could cum again so I pumped just that bit harder until I came. In a way it seemed a waste to masturbate during these parties, but I still enjoyed having people watch me and it was all part of my long-term plan to bring Clare and Giles more on board with joining in fully (assuming they kept coming).

Clare covered up (mostly as I stole her panties and told her she wasn’t allowed them back) and we went back down to see what else was happening. I found out that Emily had played with Jen and Jen had got off with Emily, while Mike had taken Melissa and eaten Hannah. I decided that I needed my customary kitchen fuck and ‘convinced’ Brett to help me out with this. We started off with me kneeling and sucking him but when it was my turn for some oral pleasure, I wanted to give people a better view so sat up on the counter with my legs spread wide and I let him eat me. I should have probably let him make me cum like this and then fucked him, but I wanted a cock inside me so as I got close to cumming, I clambered down and presented myself to him. He took a hold of my hips and easily slid into me. I told him to give me the hardest fucking he could and he did a pretty good job. My breasts swung back and forth underneath me (and were occasionally fondled by random people). I’d been fairly close to cumming before we started and after only a relatively gentle play with my clit I realised that I was going to cum so I left it alone and let Brett’s pounding take care of me.

I announced to everyone in the room that I was cumming and kept encouraging him to pump harder and faster into me the whole way through my orgasm. As he’d been doing what I’d asked, I let him carry on afterwards and he did a fairly good job at holding back, but eventually told me he was going to cum in me. As soon as he’d cum, I pulled myself off of his cock, knelt down, took the base of his cock in my hand (to hold the condom in place) and gave his cock a good sucking (not too hard though – I’ve learned this from Mike). As I swirled my tongue around his cock, I automatically dropped my other hand to my pussy and realised that I wanted to cum again (Brett had kept going for long enough after I’d cum to get me excited again) so started to play with myself. I didn’t intend to make myself cum, but certainly enjoyed the stimulation so fingered myself until I couldn’t taste any more of my juices off the condom.

I stood up and selected Caroline as my target. She was up for a bit of heavy petting and I pushed her against the counter so I could suck on her breasts. This pushed my ass out and I offered myself to anyone who wanted to fuck me. I pushed my fingers between Caroline’s lips (which was technically against the rules of the party as I’d been fingering myself, but I knew that I was clean) and she let me start to finger her. I felt someone behind me and a cock slide into me – I had no idea who it was and didn’t want to so I ignored them (other than enjoying what they were doing to me) and carried on rubbing Caroline’s clit. I told her I wanted to eat her and she hardly hesitated before pushing herself up onto the counter and spreading her legs. I was pleased that we had managed to convert another girl (or further her conversion as I can’t take all the credit – Laura had been working on her for a number of parties). I wasn’t too worried about the reason why though and (after grabbing a dental dam), I buried my face between her legs and ate her. Whoever was fucking me finished off and I asked if there was anyone else who could carry on (another rule is you aren’t meant to criticise anyone’s performance, even if they do cum and stop doing things before you cum). The party was beginning to wind down a bit so nobody offered straight away and I had to call out that there was a wet cunt waiting to be filled before Bennett stepped up. I resumed eating Caroline while he prepared and started on me and she came not long after. I didn’t intend on letting her go though and fingered her with one hand while using the other on her clit. I kept telling her to cum again and we got a chant going for her and she relented and allowed me to get her off.

Bennett was much more considerate of my needs than the previous guy and played with my clit. I actually came a little before Caroline, but Bennett didn’t cum until after she had. I let Caroline lick my fingers clean of her juices and I was going to give Bennett the same sucking I’d given Brett, but he was already soft by the time I’d finished with Caroline so I just let him have a play with my breasts as a thank you.

I caught up with the others and we watched Laura and Emily 69ing on one of the beds (quite a few people were just watching by this point). I was pleased to see that Jen was completely naked and I nearly got her to join in, but she looked fairly tired and pretty satisfied already. Once we had gathered up our clothes, we decided to head back, but stayed a little longer to watch Scott and Corey sandwich Hannah between them (Scott in her mouth, Corey her cunt). Only when they had finished did we say our goodbyes, encourage people to find some fresh meat for the next party and head back to our hotel. As had become customary, we went back without putting any of our clothes on for the walk (other than jackets) and we were fortunate enough to have a couple of guys behind us as we walked up the stairs in the hotel. I whispered to Mike to hug us and lift our jackets so we went upstairs with Jen on one side of him, me on the other and his arms around us so our coats were raised enough to show the bottom of our asses. Only once did I bend down to pick something up, which would have given them a very clear view of my pussy.

Once back in our room, we showered and finished comparing notes for the evening. I felt a bit guilty about the way I’d treated Emily so I texted her and asked to meet up the next day. So it didn’t look like we were taking sides, Mike called Sara (who had been asleep) and offered to take her out for lunch. I managed to coax some life out of Mike’s cock so he could spoon with me while I spooned with Jen (obviously without the penetration in the latter case) and we slept soundly.

We had our usual morning session, and headed off to meet up with people. As promised, Mike took Sara out for lunch and listened to her side of the story. She seemed to be a bit more open with him and he said that she seemed so small and vulnerable that he wanted to protect her (and I’m sure that if ‘protecting’ had involved hiding her under a duvet and somehow keeping her warm while she was there, he would have gone along with that). Jen and I just went round to Emily’s place and chatted to her up in her bedroom. Once I’d apologised, she gave us her side of the story, which evened things out ever so slightly, but it was still her who had cheated (possibly they would have split up even if this hadn’t happened).

As we chatted, I got to see up Emily’s skirt and it was fairly obvious that she was naked underneath it. Now neither Jen nor I had panties on, but this is our usual state of (un)dress while Em doesn’t always go commando. I tried to not let is distract me as I was still trying to be (a bit) mad with her, but she caught me looking a number of times and flippantly asked if I just wanted her to take her skirt off. I told her that would be stupid and if she was going to undress, then I would want her completely naked and not just to expose her pussy. As I was saying this, I knew that if she played along, I would end up fucking her. It looked like Emily was in the same frame of mind so I adjusted my position to give her a decent view up to my pussy and then reached over to fondle Jen. I had two fingers working Jen’s pussy and her breasts exposed before Emily cracked and moved over to join us. We worked on Jen together, both of us fingering her pussy and sucking on one of her nips each. Jen mewed her way through her orgasm and we carried on with the breast play (and a bit of gently pussy play) for a while until Jen was panting and her breasts were damp with our saliva.

I was more than ready for Emily now and we quickly undressed before falling into a 69. I ate her as ferociously as I’d done at the party, but this time it was meant for her to enjoy as well as for me to enjoy her taste. We got each other off fairly quickly and I was going to go for a second round but thought it would be only fair to let Jen have a taste, so we moved into a circle and I ate Jen, while she ate Em, who ate me. This round took a bit longer, but we all got there in the end. As we snuggled up together, we marked each other with our juices and promised to meet up again (beyond the parties).

Mike felt a bit short changed as we’d got to have an extra session with Em, but we made up for it by Jen humping against him later that night when we had returned home. I sat behind her and reached around to play with her nips and once they had both cum, they serviced me with Mike in my cunt and Jen kissing and stroking my neck.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Sex Party, October 2012 - Part 1

We're at home (Mum's house) for Christmas then off to visit Jen's family for New Year (assuming the travelling conditions are better than they were today).

There is (plenty of) sex in this entry, you just need to skip ahead a little as the first section is just devoted to some relationship issues of people that regular readers will be familiar with.

The first weekend in October involved a trip down to York for the start of (academic) year sex party. We knew that this was going to be a little subdued as a number of people had left at the end of last year, but there were still enough of us to have fun (and if I got to fuck and cum in front of people, then it was fairly certain I would enjoy myself no matter how many people there were).

We had a bit of a shock when we tried to call Sara and Emily to see if they wanted to meet up before the party as we found they had split up (we found this out from Em). We didn’t find out much over the phone so Mike arranged to meet up with Emily on the Saturday and (after a bit of effort getting hold of her) Jen and I arranged to meet up with Sara. We’d arranged to stay in a hotel anyway so we weren’t stuck for somewhere to sleep, but we were curious as to why such a cute couple, who seemed to really be into each other, had broken up. It turned out to be fairly simple – Emily had cheated on Sara. Ironically, she had cheated with one of the guys that they had used in one of their threesomes – Emily had simply continued to see him after they had experimented together.

Sara found it quite difficult to talk about what had happened and we didn’t want to push her to tell us more than she was ready to, but from what I could tell, she had been willing enough to experiment and have the threesomes and had enjoyed playing at the parties (as well as with us). I would like to think that if Emily had just been honest with her that they would have remained together and Sara would have been okay letting Em fuck the guy – either with or without her being present to watch.

Mike got a slightly different impression and said that he thought there were some echoes of Vicky and Lis, where one of the pair (Emily/Vicky) was clearly more into guys than the other ones (Sara/Lis) and even though they really cared about their partner (and enjoyed the sex), it wasn’t what they wanted long term. To be fair, Vicky didn’t actually cheat on Lis so it isn’t quite the same thing and I just wished that we had a spare Lucy that we could give to Sara in the hope she ended up as happy as Lis now is. (Of course, if we’d had a spare Lucy, I would have been using her quite a bit, so she would have been in a rather worn state when we passed her on).

Having spent a chunk of the day consoling people, we felt a little deflated and decided that if we were going to enjoy the party, we would need to prepare ourselves properly and so spent quite a bit longer than usual shaving and ‘testing’ each other. Mike got to help out with shaving Jen (although the tongue test was left up to me) and Jen shaved me, with Mike responsible for the testing. In return for this, we both gave him tit jobs (well, I did and then Jen rubbed her breasts against his cock, but she doesn’t have enough to squeeze around him). None of us came, but that was the whole point – just get sufficiently aroused that we were nicely primed for the party.

We got ready and Jen and I put on our matching panties which also matched the sexy pair Mike had bought for Sara. The plan had been to get her wear her pair so we could discreetly mark her (and by association, Emily) out as our fuck buddies. Sara obviously wasn’t going to be going to the party and Em hadn’t decided if she was coming or not but we still thought the panties looked cute so decided to wear them. We knew that a number of guys liked our schoolgirl look (not just Mike) and prepared ourselves accordingly (including bunches).

It was a bit cold out so we waited in the hotel, gently teasing each other, until it was time to go and then got a taxi to the party. We arrived only about 30 minutes after the party ‘started’ but there were a number of other people there already (most people turn up to these things reasonably early as we all want to cum). We briefly chatted with a couple of people and asked about summer, told them about Jen and I getting married (which confused the people who knew I was already married to Mike) and generally caught up. Mike stood behind Jen and reached around to play with her breasts, at first through her top, but this was soon removed and he fondled her nipples directly. We were then nicely surprised by Laura turning up (who had graduated the previous year), who immediately knelt in front of Jen and pulled her panties aside so she could finger her.

We weren’t the only ones who had gotten started – there was already a couple on the sofa who were fingering each other and another couple who were making use of one of the beds upstairs. Mike was happy to see Laura and convinced her to let him join in, so they moved Jen over to one of the sofas and Laura went down on Jen while Mike knelt behind her and fucked her (with protection in both cases). After briefly watching, I left them to it and wandered upstairs. I found Melissa and Neil watching another couple on the bed (Scott and Hannah) and we had a brief chat about our summer activities. I asked Melissa if she was going to have some more girl fun and she said that she was considering it, but was mostly hoping to get her pussy filled by a number of guys. I asked if that meant I could borrow Neil (my hand was already on his crotch, stroking the outline of his bulge) and she told me to go ahead, so I freed his cock and stood stroking it while we watched. Neil wanted to see me kiss Melissa and she was willing to do this much, but he soon pulled me away from her so he could get to my breasts and play with them.

I suggested that we join the others on the bed and get stuck in, which he was quite willing to do and within no time, we were naked and I felt his cock sliding into me. We exchanged brief pleasantries with Scott and Hannah, but they were a lot further on and not really wanting to be distracted so we concentrated on our own session. I let Neil take me in a number of positions, missionary, with my legs held up to his shoulders, doggy and finally with me on top. Scott and Hannah had finished so we were alone on the bed by the time we finished, although another couple semi-joined us as we finished off (she was leaning against the bed while being taken from behind). I told Neil that he wasn’t allowed to cum until I had and got him to play with my clit (he didn’t need any prompting to play with my breasts) and once I’d cum I rode and milked him as hard as I could. He thrust into me hard as he came and once I climbed off him, Melissa clambered over him, pulled off the condom and sucked him clean. I couldn’t resist giving her ass a stroke but I refrained from caressing her pussy (but hoped to get a chance to do so later on).

I pulled my skirt on and went back downstairs (topless) to find out that after Laura had eaten Jen, Jen had reciprocated. Corey had wanted to fuck Jen (which he obviously didn’t get to do) but had ended up on a sofa with Caroline sucking him off while Mike ate her. To our surprise, Emily turned up at this point – part of me was still rather angry with her for cheating on Sara, but her pussy is too delicious to resist so as soon as she was indoors, I went over, told her I wanted her cunt and pushed her down onto a chair. I wasn’t at all delicate (or that gentle – I guess it was a passive-aggressive fuck). I pulled her panties off, tossed them aside and then pulled at her skirt. I was pretty sure I broke the catch but I didn’t care if she had to walk home naked and once I’d disposed of the skirt, I spread her legs, pulled her ass to the edge of the seat and buried my face between her legs. I spread her lips wide and delved into her cunt, licking as deep as I could and savouring her juices. I took a break from eating her to finger her with three fingers, plunging them into her over and over while playing with her clit and as she got closer to cumming, I resumed eating her until she came. I didn’t stop until she said she couldn’t take any more, at which point I gave her three or four more long, forceful licks up her cunt and over her clit. I then kissed my way up her body and gave her a deep kiss while wiggling a couple of fingers inside her.

As you may (or may not) be able to tell from that description, I wasn’t really sure how I felt about her any more. A part of me wanted to give her a slap and another part wanted to just plant my cunt on her face and get her to make me cum. In the end I settled for pulling her blouse open (possibly popping off a few buttons in the process) and I was going to try and tear her bra off when I saw it was one of the ones Mike (or we) had bought her. I pushed it up over her breasts and left her sitting, mostly naked and panting on the chair.

The whole thing had left a bad taste in my mouth (which was fortunately masked by the gorgeous taste of her cunt) so I went to find some more wholesome fun. I located Clare and Giles who had already done things once and as we talked and watched another couple, I brushed up against Giles and let my breasts press up against his arm. I moved closer so his hand brushed against my leg and asked Clare if I could borrow him. She said that she wasn’t sure so I offered to help out with their next session and Giles was certainly sure about this. He let me caress his crotch and once I slipped my hand into his trousers, he literally pulled us both upstairs. It took no time for me to get naked (I still only had my skirt on) and Once I’d helped Giles undress, I even got to remove some of Clare’s clothes. I slipped her skirt down and got a nice view of her pussy – a few dark hairs matted over her mons (presumably with Giles’s cum from their previous session). I assumed she wasn’t ready for any girl action yet so as she sucked Giles, I stroked the shaft of his cock.

Once he’d put a condom on, I helped Clare out and we licked and kissed his cock together. Of course, this was also an excuse to get some tongue action with her, which she didn’t seem to notice. I moved things up a notch by suggesting a tit job, but instead of just using mine, I pressed one of my breasts up against one of Clare’s and Giles rubbed his cock between them. I congratulated Clare on a job well done but said that it was probably time for Giles to fuck her. She lay on her back and as he took her, I fondled her breasts. As things got more heated, I started to lick and suck on one of her nipples while stroking the other one and she seemed to like this so I did it for quite a while longer. I told Giles I wanted to feel his cock once more before he came and he pulled out of Clare but stayed close to her pussy. This allowed me to jerk him off and I then pulled him closer still so I could rub the head of his cock up and down Clare’s pussy. I remember wondering if I could make them both cum like that but doubted I would be able to get Clare off so I pulled him further inside her (and stole a little stroke of her pussy). Giles resumed fucking her and I wanted a closer look so climbed over Clare in a 69 position (with no contact) and helped to hold her legs apart.

She didn’t complain so as she started to pant, I moved my fingers closer to her pussy and was pretty much spreading her lips. Giles rubbed her clit (which I had a good view of) and I could feel her breathing hard and her body heaving underneath me. I was very tempted to just lower my pussy onto her face to see what happened, but that would be somewhat against the rules of the party and as much fun as it would have been to see if she licked me, I didn’t want to get kicked out so I just imagined her eating me. I saw Giles push deep into her and stay still so I reached down under his cock and gently caressed his balls as they contracted. When he pulled out, I kept my hand between Clare’s legs and caught some of his cum as it oozed out of her. I rubbed it over her pussy a couple of times and even dipped a finger partway into her to scoop out some more (which I rubbed over her clit). I didn’t push things any further though.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Home Again - Part 2

We sat down to watch Jen and Sue and I described to them how strong my cum had been. Jen said that she really wanted to cum (we hadn’t told Sue to make her cum just yet) and added that she really wanted to let go. Mike and I knew what she meant but sweet innocent Sue (ahem) didn’t. Mike crawled over behind Sue (his knees were a bit sore from crouching to eat me) and knelt behind Sue so he could reach under her skirt and whisper in her ear. He told her that in a minute we wanted her to make Jen cum hard (to which she nodded and gave a ‘mmm-mmm’, muffled by Jen’s pussy. He fingered Sue a bit longer and told her that we also wanted her to do something else, and if she did, he would make her cum as many times as she wanted that night. We (Mike, Jen and I) had already planned for Mike to sleep in Sue’s room (assuming Sue wanted this, but we couldn’t see her objecting) so he wasn’t really promising her anything she wouldn’t have got anyway, but she didn’t know this. She briefly broke contact with Jen’s pussy to ask what she had to do and Mike carried on playing with her pussy and clit and then told her that she just had to continue to eat Jen until she was really close to cumming, and then let Jen finish herself off while she peed over Sue.

Sue didn’t say anything at first, but she carried on licking Jen and Mike sped up his motions on Sue’s clit while he whispered in her ear how her reward would be him eating, fingering and fucking her to make her cum as many times as she wanted – all night if required (we know Sue can’t last that long) and he reminded her that she had a change of clothes with her. Sue still hadn’t replied but was clearly responding to what his fingers were doing and he kissed the side of her neck and encouraged her a little more. She briefly broke contact again to quietly say ‘okay’. Mike moved back and told Jen that she could go ahead, leaving Sue incredibly aroused and ready to receive whatever Jen had in store for her. We told Sue to make Jen cum and watched as Jen got more flushed and her mewing started (always a sign with Jen that she is getting close to cumming).

I watched closely to gauge how near she was to cumming, but it was Jen who told Sue to move back a bit and immediately started to rub her clit. Sue leant back and Jen asked her to play with herself – she still had her panties around her ankles from Mike’s earlier fucking so had to sit down in order to free up a hand to use on her pussy. The look of lust in Jen’s eyes was incredible and I wished I’d had a camera ready to catch it, but instead I contented myself with gently fondling my pussy. Jen came with a strong grunt and immediately let out a strong jet of pee that arched towards Sue and landed on her chest. She jumped a bit but Mike told her to stay where she was and to keep masturbating. To her credit, she did this, even though the stream of pee splashed over most of her front and onto her face a couple of times as Jen frigged her clit. Jen actually stepped forwards and kneeled on Sue, pushing her to the ground and she teased out the last few drops while humping against Sue’s (soaked) breasts. Once she had finished cumming and caught her breath, she climbed off Sue, thanked her and said that she (Sue) needed to see what that felt so good.

At Jen’s insistence, Sue ended up against the tree where Jen had been and was instructed to lift her skirt up so Jen could get to her pussy. Jen knelt on the ground and alternated between licking Sue and instructing her to pee as soon as she started to cum. Sue didn’t hesitate and was still sufficiently close to cumming from Mike’s fingering and her own masturbation that she came very quickly and didn’t even give Jen any warning (other than the general moaning). This didn’t faze Jen though and as Sue peed, Jen just rubbed her cheeks, chin and neck against Sue’s pussy while running her clit. When she finished cumming, Sue sat down and admitted that it had felt quite good, but that it was still a bizarre thing to do.

We helped Sue peel off her soaked clothes and Jen used the dry parts to dry Sue’s legs, pussy and her own body. Jen then slipped her dress back on and Sue was given her jeans (although we ‘forgot’ where we put her panties so she had to go without these). Jen’s legs were rather dirty from kneeling on the damp floor and the back of Sue’s blouse was covered with dirt and twigs, but we all felt it was worthwhile. I nearly let Jen use the opaque tights we had brought with us to cover her legs, but liked the look of having just fucked in the woods on her. (The tights were going to be used if we had decided Mike was going to fuck Sue – he would have cum in her and then pulled the tights up to keep it in, but as we had decided she should blow him, we had opted for her to wear the long socks instead).

After a little rest and a chat, during which Mike said that he would have happily helped out by peeing over Jen at the same time as Sue if it wasn’t for the fact that he had far too hard an erection, we left the school grounds through the same hole in the fence. On the way back home, I explained to Sue how privileged she was to have join Jen’s watersports club and how even Sara and Emily – although they had witnessed Jen’s orgasmic fountain – hadn’t participated in the same way. This led to talking about the sex parties and describing a lot of the things that happened at them (again) which Sue seemed very interested in. On returning home, the fact that Jen was visibly dirty meant she had a good excuse to head up for a shower, immediately followed by Sue, and we just pretended that we had been sitting in the woods chatting and had been tickling Jen.

We went out to the pub on the Sat night and a couple of guys came over to try and join our group (it *was* just Mike and three girls). If we’d been somewhere else, I might have let them have a bit of a play, or got Sue to join me and take them out back for a proper fucking, but I thought I recognised a couple of people that are old family friends (Mum’s friends) in the pub so I decided to behave myself. We returned home fairly late, so Mum was already in bed and this gave Mike the opportunity to sit Sue upon the kitchen counter and eat her to orgasm. We then headed up to our bedrooms and Jen hadn’t forgotten that she wanted the ‘other’ threesome with Sue and me, so before Mike got her, Sue had to sit over Jen’s face while I ate Jen. Mike made good use of my position and fucked me, but kept pulling out to let Sue suck him clean. He did at least make me cum once Sue and Jen had cum, but he left me unpolluted so Jen could enjoy my natural taste (and to save his cum for Sue).

Jen and I just spooned for a while (this is the one time that we occasionally wish one of us had a cock so we could be joined properly) and we then kissed and fingered before finishing off in the scissor position, holding on to each other, humping and grinding back and forth, smushing our cunts together until we came (well, until I came at which point I let Jen use my body to grind against).

Mike and Sue had a much longer session and Sue had decided that as she had done as requested at school, she was going to make the most of Mike’s promise. She had him fuck her, then eat her, a little break and then eat her once more, use her vibe on her while he kissed and sucked on her nipples, another break, he ate her again and she half-sucked him off before getting him to fuck her again (she came but he didn’t). Now thoroughly exhausted, they spooned and Mike gently played with her pussy, and then played a bit less gently while he fucked her to an extra bonus orgasm. Mike rarely knows when to stop at times like this so he went down on her again to kitty kiss her, but ended up making her cum one final time and had to swear to her that he wouldn’t try to make her cum again before he was allowed back inside her so they could spoon while she actually fell asleep. She went out straight away and he did carry on moving in her but his cock was aching so he didn’t carry on until he came, but did stay buried in her.

Mike got up in the middle of the night to pee and on returning to bed, climbed down between Sue’s legs again and ate her awake. He did this quite gently so by the time she actually came round and realised what was happening, she was aroused enough to let him carry on. As he had just peed, he originally hadn’t intended to do any more than this, but as I’ve said before, eating pussy is Mike’s ‘thing’ and by the time Sue came, his cock was rather stiff. He kitty kissed her for a while and just as she was dozing off, he rolled her onto her stomach and entered her from behind while lying on top of her. As he fucked her, he told her how hot her little cunt was and how he wanted to hear her cum again as he filled her. She wasn’t sure if she could cum again but he carried on pounding into her and ended up crouched over her so he could use long hard strokes into her. Once it became obvious that she actually *could* cum again, he lay flat on top of her and reached an arm around to play with her clit. He kept her close to cumming for a while and then fucked her hard until she came. Sue moaned a fair bit and Jen thinks that she may actually have heard their (very) early morning session, but she was only half awake so she wasn’t sure at the time.

On the Sunday morning, Mike ate Sue awake again and then used her favourite hairbrush to fuck her with while he licked her clit (it is her favourite brush for a reason, she’s been using it to masturbate with for many years and likes the way it feels). Following this, they spooned and then rolled over so Mike was lying on Sue’s back again and he fucked her until they both came. They then came in to my room, woke us up and Mike described how he’d got Sue off so many times the previous night. I was glad that Sue was able to enjoy herself so much and once they had finished, Mike went down on me and it was left to Sue to give Jen her morning orgasm.

Mum was already out, but had left a note saying she would be back and asking if we wanted to go out for lunch before we headed off so once we’d breakfasted and showered, we just lazed around the house waiting for her to return. Jen kept playing with Sue and (at Mike’s suggestion) tried out Sue’s hairbrush and then used it on Sue. Mum returned while this was happening, but Jen and Sue had time to switch places so by the time Mum came into the living room, Sue was sitting on the floor between Jen’s legs having her hair brushed – oblivious to what the brush had just been used for or how the handle was coated in Sue’s juices.

We had a nice leisurely lunch and discussed Sue’s future (lack of jobs) and what Jen intended to do when she finished her Masters (not a clue). Mum was good enough to leave us after lunch and we stayed in the pub and chatted for another hour or so. When Sue found out that we were heading to another sex party the following weekend, she said that she wanted to come along. I was a little nervous about inviting her so we said that we would have to check if it was okay. She was a little disappointed but Mike distracted her by placing a hand on her thigh and gently stroking her pussy with the side of his little finger. She reciprocated and put her hand on his crotch but he could work his finger under her panties while she couldn’t get to directly touch his cock.

It was raining so we couldn’t do anything on the way home (well, we could have, but didn’t want to have to travel in damp clothes). Mike and Jen each got some time alone with Sue while we packed our bags in the car to be driven to the airport. Mike ate Sue, then Jen had a turn at this and Mike finally fucked her. They had hoped to finished off so he could cum in her while she ate Jen, but Sue only got a quick lick of Jen’s pussy before it was time to head off. Sue sat between Mike and Jen in the back of the car and under the guise of tickling her, they each managed to get a hand down Sue’s back and under her skirt. She didn’t have any panties on and once she had laid her coat over her lap, he shifted position to allow Mike and Jen to take turns fingering her. They didn’t make her cum (which would have been rather risky with Mum right there), but both of them thoroughly fingered her and ended up with wet fingers. It was Jen who actually got to make Sue cum – they had a bathroom trip and once inside, Jen pushed Sue to the wall, knelt down and ate her hard and fast. Someone else came in while Sue was eating Jen, but Jen indicated to Sue to carry on and she came while the person was in the cubicle next to them. On their return, Jen whispered to Mike that she had managed to eat Sue and he was a little jealous about her having got the last cum, but he couldn’t complain too much after getting to spend a night with her.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Home Again - Part 1

The next weekend I wasn’t feeling too well and we didn’t get up to much, but it was nice having two people to tend to me while I rested. Jen was out on the Saturday night with some of her new friends from her course. They seem nice enough (I’ve had lunch with her a few times, which is one of the benefits of her studying where I work), but not as ‘interesting’ as her undergraduate friends were. It has been nice being able to go to work with her and we’ve ended up playing with each other (discreetly) a fair amount on the journey. I’ve got some ideas for challenges that I will give to her over the coming year and hope to spice up her studies (or distract her from them) from time to time.

The last weekend in Sept, we headed down to my home (Mum’s house) for a visit. So Jen wasn’t all by herself in the bedroom over by Mum’s, we decided that she should share Sue’s bed. Mum made a comment about how they would probably keep each other awake all night with girly chat (both of them are fairly talkative) and we all found it difficult to supress our laughter as I was fairly certain that they would keep each other awake, just not in the way Mum thought…

Before we went to bed, we all sat in Sue’s room and Mike gave her a gentle fingering, then went down on her (not to orgasm) and then gave her a brief fucking. He had promised Jen that he wouldn’t cum in Sue, but he did fuck her until she came. As expected, I was required to suck his cock clean of her juices and to even things out, he pushed into me and got Sue to suck him clean again. Mike and I then spooned while Jen toyed with Sue’s pussy and we chatted while gently doing things. It would have been very easy to carry on and end up cumming, but Mike and I decided to head into my room to finish things off and let Jen have some alone time with Sue.

Jen made good use of this and pounced on Sue as soon as we were out of the room. She told her how she had been looking forward to burying her face in her cunt and eating her dry and hoped that Sue was going to do the same in return. Fortunately Sue seems to have embraced her bisexuality and they ended up 69ing in a challenging session where they each had to make the other cum twice without a break. By the time they had finished, their faces were smeared with the others juices and Jen spooned up behind Sue so she could fondle her breasts and bury her fingers between Sue’s lips.

Mike and I had a fairly simple session. I stood by the window looking out and he knelt in front of me to eat me, then took me from behind so my breasts were pressed up against the cold glass. Mike got me to imagine Sue and Jen playing with each other and promised to let him watch Jen take us both the following day (as if Jen wasn’t going to ask for that herself). He came in me and we remained in position until his cock softened enough that it fell out of me, along with a decent dollop of cum. I wanted him to spoon me to sleep so I knelt and took his cock in my mouth, sucked it clean and then ministered to it until it came back to life and started to swell in my mouth. As I crouched down I could feel more of his cum dripping out of my pussy and had to pull a skirt over so I didn’t drip (any more) over the carpet. We then retired to bed and spooned, but Mike wasn’t content just being inside me and ended up fucking me once more until I came. He held back so we could then spoon and I thanked him for being so considerate (as much as they torture me and ‘force’ me to do things, they are both very considerate lovers and seem to enjoy pandering to my appetite for orgasm. I do know I’m very lucky, but I don’t actually tell them that often). He gently fucked me to sleep and says that he carried on doing this for quite a while after I had actually fallen asleep. He considered cumming in me but decided to save it for the following morning.

I was eaten awake and after having cum, we spooned again. Mike demonstrated how he had fucked me while I’d slept and when he got close to cumming we debated whether he should cum over me or in me. I enjoy being covered in cum, but as I would have had to clean it off before we went downstairs (not sure how Mum would reach to that look) we thought it would be better for him to cum inside me. He asked if I was going to do something we had discussed and I told him I was fine with it if Sue was so we gave them a call (and woke them up). Jen hadn’t brought up the plan with Sue, but once they were in our room, she explained it to her and after just a short hesitation, Sue agreed to go along with it.

Mike had remained inside me this whole time and had kept himself quite close to cumming. He kept trying to stimulate me and I had intended to save my orgasm for stage two (or three) of the plan, but was convinced into letting him get me off. Jen fingered Sue as they watched us as pretty much as soon as I came, Mike pushed into me a few times and emptied his cum deep into me. Sue then had to lie down on the floor and I carefully climbed off the bed and crouched over her face, then spread my lips so Mike’s cum dripped out of me into Sue’s mouth (there was no direct contact between mouth and pussy). Jen helped out by pushing a finger into me a couple of times to help scoop his cum out and once we thought we had got as much as possible, I stood up and helped Sue upright.

She had a decent amount of cum in her mouth and Jen quickly climbed up onto the bed and spread her lips so Sue could first push Mike’s cum into her cunt and then eat it out of her. Meanwhile, I climbed over Jen’s face and lowered myself onto her mouth, to immediately feel Jen’s tongue snake up into my cunt and scour my insides (in a soft, pleasant way). Mike sat and watched, aroused both by the sight of Jen sandwiched between us and by the knowledge that she was getting his cum in both her mouth and cunt and he was quickly hard again. He moved up behind Sue and pushed into her so I had a nice view of him fucking her (although I couldn’t see the actual penetration) along with Sue working on Jen. Mike fondled Sue’s breasts, pussy and ass and got her off once before she made Jen cum, but this just meant that he got to do things to her a second time. Sue made Jen cum and then kitty kissed her while Jen got me off (and kitty kissed me) while Mike gave Sue her second orgasm and then came in her.

It had been a fairly intense session and as we lay curled up on the bed, Mike said that it was only fair that I should have to get the cum from Sue’s pussy and lick it into Jen, so Sue was instructed to clamber up over my face and with Jen’s help. Repeat what I had done to her. There was much less cum this time, but I got a few drops (along with a very detailed view of Sue’s pussy being spread and fingered), which I then used my tongue to push into Jen’s cunt. Jen wanted Sue to sit over her face but she wasn’t ready to cum again so had to promise to do this later on – I did the best I could to make up for this and ate Jen properly to get her off once more before we decided that we really should head downstairs before Mum wondered why we were having such a long lie-in.

After breakfast, we helped tidy the house for a while and Mike moved some things around for Mum. We were going to head out to the cinema but couldn’t decide on what to watch. We nearly went anyway in order to have a play, but if it turned out to be too crowded to get a secluded spot we didn’t want to waste our time so we decided to just go for a walk and catch up on memories.

I grabbed a few things from Sue’s wardrobe before we left as well as a few things from our bag. Sue stupidly had a pair of jeans on, but instead of getting her to change we just used this to our advantage. As soon as we were out of sight of the house, we found a secluded spot and Jen unzipped the front of Sue’s jeans. Jen applied some tingle gel to one of our vibrating eggs and pushed it into Sue’s panties, nestling it between her lips so it could vibrate against her clit. Sue had to do her jeans up and Jen turned the egg on and put the control in Sue’s pocket (there was a little bit of wire showing, but this was easily hidden under the hem of Sue’s t-shirt. Between the gel and the vibration, Sue soon got aroused and we took turns turning the egg up or down. We had to adjust the position a few times to make sure that there was always good contact but we managed to reach the point where we could have made Sue cum if we’d wanted.

Fortunately for her, this wasn’t what we wanted (or at least not in this way), but we kept her nicely aroused and not too far from cumming. I guided our walk towards our old school and after clambering through a hole in the fence, we made our way towards the place that Sue had showed us before where she had done things in school. It was now time to reveal our surprise and I produced her old school uniform and told her that we wanted her to put it on. Sue isn’t quite as much (okay, nowhere near as much) of an exhibitionist as I am, but our teasing had gotten her sufficiently aroused (and lubricated from the state of her panties) that she agreed and didn’t even need people to ‘help’ her remove her clothes. She became a bit more nervous when she got down to her underwear, but then removed them and took the items of clothing as I handed them to her (I had a simple white bra and panties to replace her lacy ones).

She was soon dressed and Mike and Jen pounced on her, kissing, fondling and stroking her. Mike then got her to himself and he fingered her up against a tree while she gave him a handjob. Once she had cum (which hadn’t always happened with her boyfriends of the time), Mike turned her around and briefly fucked her with her panties around her ankles before she knelt down and sucked him off. She would either let them cum in her mouth or over her breasts and as it put on a better show, Mike opted for her breasts so she undid the top few buttons of her blouse and pulled her breasts partway out of her bra. She resumed sucking him and he told her when he was about to cum, at which point she moved back slightly and jerked him off. He didn’t cum a great deal, but it hit her neck and upper chest before dribbling down between her breasts.

I didn’t want her to have all the fun so told Mike to fuck me. I leant forwards against the same tree and offered myself to him. He said that his cock felt very sensitive and he managed to get inside me, but he couldn’t cope with me moving enough that it did anything for me so we came to a compromise and he had to eat me. We didn’t want Jen to be left out so Sue was tasked with taking care of her, but I thought I would have some more fun with her and ordered her to strip. Being in the woods was Jen’s natural place to cum, and having the little schoolgirl Sue offering to eat her meant that there was no hesitation between being told to strip and her clothes coming off. Sue knelt in front of her and ate her while Mike ate me. Jen was clearly enjoying the experience and openly moaned, panted and described what she could feel. I told Sue to slow down so I could cum first and then we could all watch as Jen came. Jen swore at me for saying this, but I know she also really quite enjoys things being drawn out and Sue backed off a little and eased the pressure her tongue was putting on Jen’s clit.

Mike carried on eating and fingering me and I remembered wishing that I’d stripped off completely as well – I was just holding my skirt up and Jen had pawed at my top enough to reveal my breasts. I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching and I pulled my skirt up as high as I could to reveal as much of myself as possible. I told Jen that she wouldn’t have to wait long and as I said this, I started to cum. It was a really good orgasm – one of the best I’d had in a while. If I’d known we were completely safe I would have been incredibly loud – as it was I moaned quite a bit and as Mike started to ease off, I told him to carry on and came again. My second orgasm wasn’t quite as strong as the first one, but as I hadn’t actually finished the first one, it still felt quite powerfull. This one elicited a series of ‘oh yes’s from me, interspersed with ‘ungggghs’. He eased off but looked up at me to see if I wanted him to continue but unfortunately there wasn’t a third orgasm lined up so I let him kitty kiss me.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Making Use of Julia's Friends

With the Christmas holidays coming up I was planning on posting a bit more frequently to ensure people have something nice to read and use to keep themselves amused.

I would like to post every two days, but this will depend on the number of readers I get - if you would like more frequent postings over the holidays (which will also help us to catch up to the present), then please publicise my blog wherever you can.

I will start off with posting every other day from about the 20th and if enough people read or subscribe I will continue with that until we catch up a lot closer to the present. I'll need your help to get the number up though so (assuming you like reading about my life) please recommend this blog to everyone, anywhere you can (without spamming of course).

We spoke to Julia the evening she got home and she invited us down to visit her. We didn’t have any plans for the next couple of weekends so decided to take up the offer and mid-September, we jetted down to her place under the pretence of helping to plan for the wedding. Her parents are perfectly accepting of the fact that Julia is gay (technically bi, but they don’t know about her various sexual exploits), but they still find the fact that Mike, Jen and I are a stable threesome a bit odd.

The three of us slept on the floor in Julia’s room and had to be sufficiently quiet when doing things so her parents didn’t hear. This wasn’t too much of a problem as Mike fucked Jules on the floor and Jen, Mel and I had a play (in turns) on the bed. We slept in the following morning until her parents left, at which point we enjoyed a much more lively session. Once I’d got to cum once, I wandered over to Alex’s (Julia’s brother) room, knocked and walked in completely naked. He was still sleeping(ish), but the promise of morning sex was enough to wake him up quickly and I led him back over to Julia’s room.

Jules was 69ing with Jen on the bed when we arrived and Mike was eating Mel on the floor so we climbed up on the bed and (with condom on), I let Alex fuck me. At one point he tried to reach over to fondle Jen’s breasts but she told him he wasn’t allowed to do that so he had to make do with mine (which are significantly larger anyway). Once Julia and Jen had finished I got Jules to sit over my face so I could kitty kiss her (just as many guys like the idea of doing things with sisters, I like the idea of doing things with a brother and sister – or brothers – or sisters…). Alex came in me before I came, but Jules came to my rescue and she played with my clit while he stayed inside me. I wasn’t too far from cumming so it didn’t take too long and she even lay down on me and kitty kissed me afterwards (once Alex had pulled out).

We had breakfast together and toyed with each other a little more before getting ready to head out. When Julia had invited us down, I asked her to arrange a get-together with some of her old friends so we could have a fun weekend. Many of them have moved away now, but there are still a few around and the plan was to head over to a flat one of them had. I showered with Alex and let him rub up against my ass, Jen showered with Mel and Mike with Julia. I was quite eager to get to meet her friends and both Jules and I decided to just wear a coat while we wandered over to the flat. It was a little cold, but the promise of what was to come (assuming everything Julia had told us had been true) was enough to distract me from the weather. On arrival at the flat, I felt it was important to get things started on the right note, so we removed our coats straight away and I introduced myself while naked.

Julia and I sat down on a sofa together and while we talked and other people introduced themselves, we played with each other. There were a few comments about how Jules hadn’t changed and was just as horny as ever and I defended her, saying that after what I’d been told, the rest of them could hardly claim to be innocent. I asked if they wanted to see Jules cum (they did) so I knelt on the floor and went down on her. Mike offered me to anyone who wanted me and was going to demonstrate but Alex stepped in and knelt behind me. I was once again sandwiched between two siblings (so I do understand why Mike and Jen like having Sue and me at the same time) and I humped back against him in time with his thrusts. I had quite liked the idea of having a number of guys fucking me in turn, but I got fairly wrapped up in things and carried on fucking Alex until he came and ate Jules until she came. I was fairly close to cumming and switched places with Jules so she could eat me, but as soon as she knelt down, one of the other people (Andrew) said he would fuck her.

Given I’d just offered myself I felt a bit put out but instead of letting Jules eat me, I climbed down beside her and asked if Ken or Tom wanted me and that they could switch between us. This seemed to spur them on and I ended up with Ken in me while Andrew fucked Julia. It didn’t take too much encouragement to get the girls involved as well and I ate a girl called Beth while Julia got Lucy (who was nowhere near as cute as my - or rather Lis’ – Lucy). It really isn’t the same having to use dental dams – I really enjoy being able to slide my tongue into a girl, feel the texture of her cunt and taste her juices, but it was the best we could do and certainly didn’t stop us from making them cum. Ken and Andrew swapped places a few times to sample us both but ended up back where they started when they came. I at least got fucked to orgasm but Andrew had to finger Julia to make her cum.

Now that it was clear that we really wanted to join in properly, I let Tom take me while Mike fucked Beth. Jen got to sample Lucy (anything to help her get the association between fucking and the name ‘Lucy’ is good) and Mel played with Alex a little while watching. I thought that we should make Jen cum a bit so once she had finished with Lucy, I had her stand in the middle of the room and completely strip. With this complete, I instructed her to sit up on the sofa and play with herself – she was quite red while doing this, which I was a little surprised about as she is now fairly used to cumming in front of her friends so a group of strangers should be easy. I didn’t intend to stop with one orgasm though and once she had cum, I asked Lucy if she would eat Jen in return for earlier, after which I ate her and then got Mel, Beth and Julia in turn to do the same. Jen was pleading for mercy by the sixth orgasm, but I reminded her of the number of times she had tortured me at Uni (and she admitted that she enjoyed it really).

Naturally this got the guys quite excited again and Alex convinced Mel to let him fuck her. Mel was on top and Julia suggested to Andrew that Mel might want her ass filled. He moved around behind her and she didn’t complain when he pushed into her so we got to watch as Mel had her cunt and ass fucked in front of a live audience. Julia reached between Mel and Alex to play with Mel’s clit (to ensure she came) and ended up making her cum before either of the guys. She had to stay impaled on their cocks until they had finished (Andrew came first but Alex gave her a much more energetic fuck once Andrew pulled out). I hadn’t expected to see this happen to Mel as she usually mostly likes girls and while it was exciting to watch, I didn’t want to lose to her so I asked for a couple of guys to do the same to me. I asked Mike if he wanted to participate and he said that he was willing but would let Tom and Ken have me if they wanted (and they did).

Julia quickly went down on me to make sure I was wet enough and then once I’d sat on Ken’s cock, Tom pushed into my cunt. It is a lot more difficult this way round (as opposed to me being on top of someone but with me facing them with their cock in my cunt and the person standing behind me in my ass), but it worked well enough and the guys really seemed to enjoy it. Lynne reached in to play with my clit this time and Andrew sat on the other side and had a play with my breast so there was no chance that I wasn’t going to cum. The position meant that it wasn’t as fluid an orgasm as I would have liked, but a cum is a cum so I took it.

We took a little break and I quizzed the others about things that Julia used to get up to. She tried (in vain) to get them to shut up, but they told us how she was always so eager to do things and how she graduated from being fondled through her clothes, to inside her panties to letting people remove them and finger her. At the same time, she was eager to get her hands on the cocks and started sucking them off without having to be asked. Once they moved on to fucking, even though she wasn’t the first, she was incredibly eager and would let any of the guys fuck her as often as they wanted to. Again, she wasn’t the first of the girls to lick another girl, but wasn’t far behind and this quickly became a staple part of their games. She didn’t mind eating Alex’s cum out of the other girls and when challenged, she even sucked him off a couple of times. They told us how he had even ended up fucking her during a particularly energetic session

At this point, Julia was fairly red, but she got redder when they told us how during a summer session in the back garden on a friend’s house, Julia had been lying on her back, eating one of the other girls and one of the guys had just fucked her. Once he had finished, the family dog came over and stuck his head between Julia’s legs. It managed to give her a couple of good licks before she realised that it was a person eating her, at which point she quickly batted the dog away (even Julia has her limits and while I’m usually fairly competitive with her when it comes to sex, I probably won’t be competing on this issue).

Following the revelations, it was decided that we should make Julia cum as a form of recompense. She was given the choice of guys or gals and opted to have two guys fuck her while she sucked on a third cock. I reached between them to help play with her clit, although also stole a number of touches of the cocks pumping into her. She wasn’t released until she had made all three guys cum, by which point she was well on the way to her second orgasm so once her pussy was available, I went down on her to finish her off. Despite my having helped her cum, she decided to deflect attention from her past by telling everyone how my sister had taken part in threesomes with Mike and I, Jen and I and then been passed around to various other women. I tried pointing out that I haven’t actually done things directly with her (or at least not properly), but it was pointless arguing so I just took the abuse.

I had a final session with Beth eating me while Mike ate Lucy and Mel sucked Tom off. Naturally Julia couldn’t stay out of things so she ended up planting herself over Beth’s face and I had a nice view as her tongue flicked up and over Julia’s lips and clit. Mel wanted to make Jen cum again but she was still sensitive from her earlier ravishing so Jen just made Mel cum. When it came time to head back to Julia’s place I decided that it would be a good idea to keep a hold of Jen’s clothes so she could just wear her coat as Julia and I were doing. Jen’s coat wasn’t quite as long as our ones (but she hadn’t expected to be naked under it) so she had to be more careful on the way home. On the way up some stairs, Mike and I had to walk behind her to shield the view of her ass from other people, but I found it quite exciting and ended up unbuttoning the bottom couple of buttons so the front of my coat flapped open almost up to my pussy.

Julia’s parents were home and wanted to chat about where we’d been before we had a chance to go up and take our coats off (and put clothes on). I was very tempted to try to slide my hand up the back of Julia’s coat, but refrained myself. I’m fairly sure Julia’s dad stole a few peeks as Jen walked up the stairs, holding her coat down and I did wonder what an older man would be like, but as he’s married, he’s off-limits. We headed up and got dressed before returning to have a snack and a chat. Unfortunately that night, they wanted to go over the final details of the wedding and draw on the experience of Mike, Jen and I to make sure they hadn’t missed anything out. It wasn’t that I minded helping out, it just meant that we didn’t get to go out and see Julia and Alex’s friends (and have any more fun) – but as the planning was part of the reason we’d visited we didn’t have much choice.

That night, Jen and I shared the bed with Mel while Mike took Julia on the floor. After eating her, he fucked her in Sue’s favourite position (lying face down with Mike on top of her). Meanwhile, Jen and I sandwiched Mel and made her cum and then slowly got ourselves off by humping against her thighs (or the side of her thighs) while she kissed us and we fondled her breasts. It was a nice gentle session, but led to a pretty satisfying orgasm. Of course I wasn’t satisfied with just cumming once so I then snuck over to Alex’s room and knelt on the floor so he could take me from behind (his bed creaked a bit and this seemed the easiest way to do things quietly, although it resulted in my knees being rather red with carpet burn). I was pleasantly surprised when he pushed the end of his thumb into my ass and he told me that Julia also liked this (which Mike knows from experience). I reached back to play with my clit (so I wasn’t left hanging) and once I’d cum I told Alex to finish off between my breasts. I let him do this without the condom on and he tit-fucked me, then came between my breasts. After the day’s antics, he didn’t produce much, but it was enough that when I returned to Julia’s room I could scoop some up and threaten to rub it into her cunt (I didn’t).

The next morning I had intended to eat Jules awake, but Mike got there first, so I took care of Jen while she ate Mel. Mike stopped monopolising Julia after this and he ate Mel while Julia did me and I ate Jen. Mike finally fucked Mel while she ate Jen and Julia and I helped out (just stroking and kissing). I had intended to give Alex a morning fuck with Julia watching, but their parents were up and about and I didn’t get the chance. The three of us left not long after lunch, but I don’t feel too sorry for him as Mel continued her enjoyment of sex with siblings and has let him take her a number of times since then (usually while she is eating Jules).

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Fun Wedding Planning - Part 2

The sex party is now over and Mike is keeping Sue distracted while I post this (I had meant to do it before we set off). I'm actually quite impressed with Sue's stamina - I guess she really is my sister after all :) Back to Mel and Julia...

After a bit of shopping for their upcoming wedding, we headed home and settled down on the bed. Julia wanted to hear some of our early sex stories – she knows I was a late starter so Mike told her about fucking his girlfriend in school and Jen gave an edited version of her masturbating in the woods (missing out the peeing as her Uni friends don’t really know about this). Mel told us how she used to give a number of guys handjobs to stop people teasing her for being gay and how she really preferred it when she finally got to slide her fingers into another girl’s pussy (it was at a party and the girl was drunk, but not long after this Mel came out and stopped caring what people said about her sexuality). Jen and I had to retell the story of our first time and how Jen knew I would be interested in her (she says she could ‘just tell’ but I still contend it was guesswork).

We had been caressing each other to varying degrees while talking through things (Mike had got Mel to demonstrate her handjob technique), so we were all nicely aroused, but hadn’t tried for any orgasms. It was time to hear from Julia who told us about a time when her parents were going out and she had a babysitter. This was a girl called Lynne who was a friend of her brothers, who turned up with her own brother (Andrew) in tow. This was under the pretence of helping each other to study, but was actually for a much more interesting reason. Both of them were part of the little group who often played together and had both played with Jules a number of times before. Almost as soon as Julia’s parents were out the door, Andrew had his cock out and Julia wrapped her mouth around it. Not wanting to be sexist, she pushed her hand up Lynne’s skirt to fondle her as well and after a few minutes of this, they moved upstairs and ended up with Lynne on her back, Julia eating her and Andrew buried in Julia’s cunt. This was one of the first times Julia had eaten Lynne properly (more than just a few licks), but they went the whole way and all came with Andrew emptying his load into Jules.

Even back then, despite being one of the younger members of the group, Julia was known for her enjoyment of sex and once they had finished, she was encouraged to play with herself and put on a show for them. She eagerly did this, spreading her legs and rubbing Andrew’s cum around her pussy while fingering herself. During her demonstration session, Lynne’s boyfriend showed up (they had thought it better that he wasn’t there until Julia’s parents had left). Although he was actually there to take care of Lynne’s needs, the sight of the horny Julia got to him and he wanted to fuck her first. Julia was all for this and as Lynne had already cum, she didn’t mind and Jules ended up riding him and taking another load of cum.

The girls played with each other a little (mostly breast play) and the guys wanted to see Lynne eat Julia. She wasn’t prepared to go the whole way, but had a few licks of her pussy (Lynne never completely surrendered to being bi, but did participate a few times with other girls during the group games). Later that evening, Andrew got to fuck Julia again and Lynne had a proper fuck with her boyfriend. When her parents finally came home, the three babysitters pretended to have been studying all evening. Julia’s parents weren’t overly happy with Lynne’s boyfriend being there, but as Lynne’s brother had also been there, they assumed that the two of them hadn’t been fooling around and corrupting their little girl. Meanwhile, Julia was up in her bed, rubbing the guys’ cum into her cunt. This was still before she had started to use any kind of protection and looking back she now realises how lucky she was a) not to get pregnant and b) not to get any diseases (although it was at least a closed group of people who were fucking).

We found out that they were both coming to the wedding so we would be seeing them again. I intended to make use of the new information when this happened to have some fun. In the meantime though, the stories had got us all sufficiently worked up that we were ready for some more fun and I proposed that we all try to tease each other as much as possible to see how strong we could get our orgasms to be. The aim was to see who could hold out longest and the rule was that if the person said stop, then whoever was stimulating them had to stop immediately. We debated assigning people to ensure that nobody was left out but decided it would get too complicated so the next rule was if you saw someone not being played with then you took care of it (unless they had just called a time-out to stop themselves from cumming), but in that case they could only have a couple of minutes to cool off (so people couldn’t just avoid being stimulated).

Mike was fairly certain he could win (he *is* pretty good at holding back) but I felt that I would be able to make a good effort as well (I’ve been practising). We started off with hands, on breasts, in pussies and on cocks and quickly moved on to using mouths and tongues as well. Mike attacked Julia and licked her quite hard until she pushed him away and said that she had got quite close to cumming. She used her rest time to attack Jen and while Mel ate me, Mike slid into her and fucked her. Jen was next to call a time-out and I ate Julia again (still with Mel eating me). Mel had to get Mike to stop fucking her but she carried on eating me until I told her to stop.

Mel moved over to Jen and I sucked Mike who then fucked me. I squeezed myself around him as hard as I could and if I could have held out just a little longer I think he would have had to call a time-out (as it was, he didn’t hurry to fuck anyone else and it was only when Julia saw his cock was ‘lonely’ that she offered her pussy to ‘keep it company’ (her phrase). We alternated partners like this for a while, changing positions and techniques as we went. Jen and Mel shared one of the double dildos and fucked hard against each other. This was quite fun to watch, but Julia Mike and I continued to tease each other while we watched. It was obvious that they were both trying hard to hold back and it really became a battle of wills as to who would break first. I’m proud to say that Jen won and Mel had to pull back and rest to prevent her from cumming.

Once her time was up, Mike 69ed with her, I got Jen and Jen ate Jules. Mike tried to reach over and fondle me, but it wasn’t too effective so I didn’t need to worry. Mike ended up eating Mel to orgasm (she didn’t tell him to stop) and once she’s cum, she put a good effort into sucking him off, but he stopped her before he came. We had another round and it was obvious that the remaining contestants all wanted to cum quite a bit. I offered to let Mel join in so she didn’t feel left out, but her orgasm had been fairly strong and she was content to just watch the rest of us for a while.

Jen was next, but not too long before Julia. Both Mike and I were pretty close to bursting so it was decided that we could have a couple of minutes to cool off and then it would be a sudden death round – no breaks, fuck till one of us cums. I stipulated that we would have to fuck properly so I would stand a chance. Mike agreed to this but he got to choose our position and (as I guessed), he wanted me on top so he could pound into me. I knew that I was unlikely to win, but I gave it my best effort – as expected though, despite squeezing myself around him and having him fuck me hard and fast for a couple of minutes, he held out longer and I came first. As his prize, he got us all to stand bend over the bed and he slipped into each of us in turn (except Jen where he just rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks) and fucked us. I was pleased that he ended up cumming inside me but once he’d finished he conceded that he had held back a bit too long as his balls ached and he wasn’t in a fit state to do anything more for a while. As second prize, I insisted that the rest of the girls each give me a few licks to clean Mike’s cum out of me (plus I love the feeling of being serviced by multiple people). Unfortunately I wasn’t ready to cum again just yet, but it still felt nice.

We rested for a while and had dinner before getting ready to go out. It was a bit repetitive, but we headed back to the club we like with the nice balcony, conveniently lit from below by the spotlight. Having Mel along helped us to push things a bit further and she got Julia to stand at the edge with her foot up on the second rung of the fence which left her pussy quite exposed. Mike made the most of this and reached up to Julia’s pussy from behind and fondled her, but in revenge, Julia got Mel to stand in the light afterwards and let me have a small play with her (Mel only lifted her leg up a little bit, but it was enough to reach her pussy).

Jen and I were played with in a more discreet location, although we were spotted by a couple of guys and I had to show them me sucking Jen’s juices off my finger to pacify them. We tried to find somewhere suitable for Mike to fuck (or semi-fuck) Julia but had to wait until we left the club and we made use of an alleyway. I would have been happy for him to do her properly and cum in her, but he ended up just making her cum and said he would save his orgasm until we got home. I pointed out that he was meant to be taking her mouth (already done), ass and cunt in one day so he relented, fished his cock out again and went back to work on her. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Jules, he doesn’t like just cumming himself so she was told that she had to cum again. He started off in her cunt but decided that if he was going to do things with her again when we got home (he was having her that night while Jen and I got Mel), then he wanted to keep her cunt clean so he opted to take her ass first. As a way of adding extra lube, Mel fingered us and wiped our juices over Mike’s cock and Julia’s ass – I don’t think we really added much and it was more the act of doing it that Mel liked. Fortunately Julia isn’t unaccustomed to anal and Mike got into her easily enough.

Mel still liked the idea of us all helping to lubricate them though and we all ended up spitting between Julia’s ass cheeks so it would run down over Mike’s cock and help out. As it was clear that we were doing things ‘properly’ we tried to get Jules to eat us, but there wasn’t a decent place to sit and she found it hard to reach our pussies if we just stood up and spread our legs. Her dress ended up being unzipped and pulled up further and further so by the time she came it was pulled right up over her breasts so she was pretty much naked. Mike wanted to finish off properly so we pulled it off over her head along with her bra and he came in her ass with her bent over, completely naked (discounting shoes). She was allowed her dress back but not her bra (as if that was going to bother Julia) and we headed home.

As planned, Mike spent the night with Jules, during which time he ate her and then fucked her cunt, completing the triple (technically not all in the same day, but in the same waking period so it counts). Jen and I got Mel and had a more leisurely session with her – using toys on each other and all of us getting to make both of the others cum once each. In the morning, Jen woke Mel by eating her and Mel then did me. I was going to do the same to Jen when Mike and Julia appeared and said that he had a request. Having taken Mel and Julia’s ass, he wanted to have a third one in three days and as Jen wasn’t an option, that only left me.

I was happy to give him his wish and Julia said that she would help out as well by 69ing with me. We prepared a few items and Mike added some tingle gel to his cock. Julia started to eat me (and I her) and Mike pushed his cock against my ass and slipped into me fairly easily (which I hope was due more to the lube and not just my ass getting loose). I felt the gel start to work and Julia then replaced her mouth with a vibe (with more gel on it) and this was pushed into my cunt. I buried my face in Julia’s pussy and ate her as they DP’d me. Mike told me not to hold back at all (which was good after our session the previous day) and I just allowed the sensations to build and pulse out from my holes as they were repeatedly filled. I (mostly) kept my mouth glued to Julia’s pussy but still moaned and panted quite a bit as I came. Mike stayed buried in my ass and flexed his cock (which made it feel really quite large) until I calmed down and then started to slowly move in me again.

For round two, Julia discarded the vibe and just ate me. I got her to pass the vibe down to me and I used in on her, but also lapped away at her clit until she came. Seeing as I was getting to cum twice, I left the vibe turned on and buried in her, telling her I would only remove it when both she and Mike had finished with me. Mike said he was getting fairly close and Julia sucked on my clit, drawing it and my lips into her mouth. I felt my second orgasm building and told them, but I wasn’t prepared for how sharp it was. I think it was mostly due to having just cum and the way that Julia was putting a lot of pressure on my clit (although Mike’s cock probably contributed something as well). I came with a fair bit of swearing and if I hadn’t been stuck in place I would have pulled away. I slapped Julia’s leg until she released my clit and Mike came in me fairly quickly. It didn’t feel as intense by this point, but I needed to lie down and Mike wouldn’t get out of my ass so we ended up half rolling onto our side with him still in me. He only ‘left’ when his cock softened and fell out (which actually felt quite nice). Mel thought that it was finally time for Jen to get her morning orgasm so we got to watch this while recovering.

After breakfast. Mike showered with Julia and between the shower, his fingers and mouth, he made her cum again. Jen showered with Mel and then with me (she likes being clean as well as being dirty) and we sat around discussing more plans for their wedding and bachelorette parties. I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it to Mel’s as it was in the week, but promised I would try my best as I expected it to be quite ‘interesting’. Over lunch, I presented the new vibe to Julia and she said that as it was a present, we should share it once more before she took it away. The ‘sharing’ ended up involving having each of us use in turn until we’d cum. Even though they have all seen me cum many times before (probably countless times in the case of Mike and Jen), I still relish the idea of a group of people intently watching me as I masturbate and I spread my lips as far as I could so they could see the vibe as I pressed it against my clit.

For Mike’s turn, he held the vibe against the base of his glans and said it felt quite intense. It was interesting watching his cock twitch and just before he came Julia was told to kneel in front of him so he could cum over her. He let a couple of decent jets of cum out which landed on her chest and dripped down onto her legs, after which Jules had to use the vibe to get herself off. With everyone satisfied, it was time to start getting ready to see Mel and Julia off. Jules wasn’t allowed to wipe the cum off her body (again, as if this was going to bother her – the only girl I know who is as much of a cum slut as I am). Just before we left the house, Mike asked for a final lick of Mel and Jules and ‘accidentally slipped’ so the final lick also became a final fuck (not to orgasm). It seemed unfair for him to have all the fun so Jen and I each had a lick of Mel and Jules and we left the house with them nicely turned on.

They were flying back so we saw them to the airport and couldn’t resist taking them to the disabled toilets and saying goodbye properly. Despite having had sufficient time to calm down from the previous teasing, they were both willing enough to cum one last time. We got them to stand beside each other, leaning against the wall and Jen and I ate them, switching places every couple of minutes. Julia came first while Jen was eating her and when we switched, I kitty kissed her and Mel came (which I was a bit disappointed about as I also enjoy making people cum). Jen made up for this though and on the way back into town, she let me slide a hand under her skirt and fondle her until she came (she doesn’t let me do this in ‘proper public’ that often so I was happy again).

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fun Wedding Planning - Part 1

Oops, nearly forgot to post today. We're heading down to York for the end of year sex party at the weekend and will be taking a new person to introduce to the group.

It was pretty much certain that the first weekend in September was going to involve lots of cumming as Mel and Julia were coming up to visit us. Admittedly we copied some of the things we did during Sara and Emily’s visit and I usually prefer trying new things, but it was still good fun.

They arrived in the early evening so we got to go into town for a drink and a general catch up before heading back to the house. We managed to stop off on the way in a couple of little places we’ve discovered and got things started. I had to kneel and suck Mike while Julia was set upon Jen, following which I had a quick munch of Mel while Mike bent Jules over and gave her a brief fucking. If it had been a bit warmer I would have been happy to stay outside and finish round one off properly, but we all agreed that we would be more comfortable inside and the temptation of warmth outweighed the excitement of ourdoors sex for once. We got back to the house and went straight to the main bedroom. We offered Mel and Julia the choice of who slept with whom and Mel asked to spend the night with Mike (which is a little unusual for her, but she has let him fuck her before so it’s not unheard of). Mike was happy with this arrangement but we felt it would be more fun to have a little session where we could all taste and play with each other before splitting up to different rooms.

Mike 69ed with Julia and I got Mel. After a couple of minutes, I switched with Jen and Mike stopped eating Jules and fucked her again briefly before she sucked him. We felt that we were now sufficiently reacquainted with each other so Mike took Mel off to his room and Jen, Julia and I set about doing things properly. There wasn’t really anything remarkable about our session – we let Jules start off in the middle with Jen over her face and me between her legs. I then shared a dildo with Jules while Jen rested and I kitty kissed Jen while Julia did the same to me. We finished off with Julia eating me, me eating Jen and Jen eating Jules before calling it a night and going to our own rooms.

Mike started off by eating Mel to orgasm and then kitty kissing her. She then rode him and as she came, he gave her a long hard, fast pounding and fucked her right through her orgasm until he came in her. Mel got him to eat her again and they then spooned for their final session. Mike was teasing Mel and ticking her while they fucked and a couple of times she moved around enough that he slipped out of her. He pushed straight back in each time, but on one occasion he pressed up against her ass (by accident). He corrected his positioning, re-entered her cunt and made a comment about her not wanting her ass invaded, to which Mel asked how he knew she didn’t want this. Now both Mike and Mel are sufficiently stubborn that they will take things as far as the other person, so he pulled out of her, positioned himself against her ass and told her that he could push right into her if she wanted. Mel pushed back a bit as Mike pushed against her and he ended up with an inch or so of cock in her ass so they decided to just carry on. Mike played with Mel’s pussy and clit while he fucked her ass and Mel squeezed herself around him. He buried himself as far in her as he could when he came and carried on masturbating her until she came. This felt quite intense for him as he was still sensitive from his orgasm and the tightness of Mel’s ass as she squirmed around stimulated him quite a bit. He wasn’t hard enough to spoon with Mel as they fell asleep, but he promised to make up for this the following morning by eating her awake (which he did) as well as give her a semi-fuck (not enough to cum, as they wanted to do that in our presence).

He had already heard Jen and I in the kitchen so he sent Mel in to Jules (who was still in bed) while he helped get breakfast (which somehow included sliding into me and rubbing against Jen’s ass). We returned to the bedroom and had breakfast in bed, taking the opportunity to describe what we’d gotten up to the previous night. I commented that it was a pity Mike hadn’t also cum in Mel’s mouth so they could have done ‘the triple’ and Julia said that she was up for making that one of her aims for the day. This meant that Mike and Mel had to adapt their plans slightly as he had been keen on fucking her again (he doesn’t actually find her as sexy as Julia, but he doesn’t get to do things with Mel often as she is ‘more’ gay than Jules). They settled on Mike fucking Mel on her side with Julia licking them both – they got Mel off and carried on pleasuring her until Mike was about to cum, at which point he pulled out of Mel and Julia took him in her mouth. She swallowed his cum (which I think is a waste as I’d rather have it in my cunt or over my body) and we marked off phase 1 of the triple.

It was only fair that Mel help out with Jen and I, but there was also no chance that Julia would have been contented doing just a single thing, so she got involved as well. Mike got to sit and watch as the four of us played with each other in various positions and using various toys (it was quite useful having him available to fetch things at request so we didn’t have to interrupt what we were doing). By the time we’d finished, he was more than ready to fuck Jules again but I had a plan for the day (that we’d discussed with Mel) so asked him to wait until we had showered. Mike figured out that I wanted his cum in (or leaking out of) Julia while we went out so he did as asked and actually waited right up until the point where we were about to go out. I sat in the armchair in the living room, spread my legs over the arms and Julia had to bend over and eat me. Mike fucked her while she did this and once both she and I had cum, we moved out into the hallway. Julia leant forward and used the wall to steady herself and Mike finished off fucking her. He emptied a load into her and as soon as he had put his cock away, we headed out. As we had hoped, his cum trickled out and dripped down her legs as we walked (although it appeared that he hadn’t cum quite as much as I’d hoped).

Everyone but Julia knew a little about the plan for the day (or the interesting part of it anyway) but what I didn’t know (yet) was that Mel had also agreed some things with Jen. We wandered into town and headed for our favourite sex shop (the same one that we’d taken Sara and Emily to). I wasn’t sure exactly what we would be allowed to do, but when we arrived, I asked the guy (the same guy as before) if it would be possible to test out the merchandise. He said that as long as we purchased it first, we could try whatever we wanted. I asked his advice and we selected a small vibe for use on the clit, that was apparently reasonably strong. You could purchase different tips for it but we stuck with the one that came with it and I told Mel that we had made our selection.

I knelt in front of Jules while Mel stood behind her and pulled her skirt up. I told her that it was fine and I just wanted to see how effective the vibe was, but then pushed my face between her legs and gave her a quick lick. I made sure to move aside so the guy could see as I pushed the vibe between Julia’s lips and nestled it up against her clit. Julia squirmed around a bit but Mel held her in place and told her to be good so she spread her legs slightly (which made it significantly easier for me). I was just considering taking things a bit further when the shop door opened and someone came in. I glanced round and called over to the assistant if it was okay for us to continue and he nodded so I slid my left hand between Julia’s legs, cupper her ass cheek and pushed my thumb between her lips and into her cunt. She asked me if I was actually going to make her cum and I looked up at her and told her not to ask stupid questions as I wiggled my thumb inside her. I could hear the customer talking to the assistant behind us but couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying. Julia seemed to be nearing her orgasm so I moved the vibe and had a quick lick at her clit before replacing the vibe and pushing my thumb as far into her as I could. It took hardly any more time for her to cum and she pushed the vibe away saying it felt too intense so I had another few laps at her pussy before pulling my thumb out and offering it to her to suck clean. She hesitated to do this and later said that she found it more embarrassing to do that than it had been for her to cum (which I didn’t quite get as she’s done both in front of people plenty of times before).

I thought I did my bit by sucking the end of the vibe clean, but it was only at this point that I found out about the extra plans that Mel and Jen had made. Mel slipped a hand under my skirt and cupped my pussy, then mentioned that she wanted to see me in some of the outfits. I couldn’t really object after Julia had done as she was instructed so I let Jen select a black lace up corset and boots (at least she now knows my size in cheap PVC sex-shop clothes which speeds things up) and asked the guy if I could try modelling them. Mel’s fingers were already stroking around and slightly inside my pussy as she tugged at my top so I told her to leave it to me while I pulled it over my head and then undid and removed my bra. Mel immediately took one of my breasts in her hand and massaged it while her other hand still worked on my pussy. Her fingers had sought out my clit and were giving it a good rub, which was only interrupted when Jen said that I needed to remove my skirt.

Mel pulled her hand away and I slipped my skirt down my legs and then removed my shoes and socks so I was standing there completely naked. Jen helped me put the corset on and laced it up so my breasts were pushed up with the majority of my nipples exposed. She reached around and gave each nipple a few tweaks before telling me to put the boots on. For this, I stood and lifted each foot in turn up onto a stool to lace each boot up. Mel and Jen made use of my position to reach between my legs and play with me (which was quite distracting). Once I had both boots on, I was instructed to walk right up to the door of the shop (right past the assistant and customer) and then return. I then had to stand with a foot up on the stool while Julia licked me and was then handed our new vibe for me to experience. It was actually quite strong and felt pretty good, but I wasn’t let off with just the vibe and Julia was told to finger me properly (two fingers from directly below). I could see the guys staring straight at me and loved having them watching me so intently. I think Mel had expected me to object a little more, but Julia seemed to appreciate what I was feeling and I saw her looking up at me with a grin on her face. I felt a hand on my ass and then a finger press into me and I surrendered myself to the assaults on my body. I didn’t want to draw it out too long in case we were interrupted and had to stop so I concentrated on all the sensations and let my orgasm build. I told people that I was about to cum and asked Mel to help hold me up (which she did with the finger in my ass and her other arm wrapped around me caressing my breasts). I moaned my way through my orgasm – nothing over the top, it was all natural – and as I stood with slightly wobbly legs, Julia once again pushed her face between my legs and licked my pussy clean of my juices.

I sat down on the stool and told the assistant that the small vibe was actually quite good and that we would take another (I had always intended to let Julia have the first one as payment for letting us make her cum). While sitting I spread my legs and gently stroked my pussy, but then decided that I should probably get dressed so I removed the boots and then stood up and got Mike to undo the corset (one more chance to be properly naked) before I slipped my real clothes back on (letting them see that I didn’t bother with panties). I was feeling quite confident so picked one of the small vibes from the shelf and walked up to the till to pay. While waiting I asked the customer if he had enjoyed the show and lifted the back of my skirt to show my ass (although he probably wouldn’t have seen much as he was fairly close to me). I asked if he wanted to have a proper play but he seemed quite nervous so I just told him it was a pity and I could have done with a good fuck. I’m not quite sure what I would have done if he had been more eager - actually I guess I am fairly sure, I would have probably let him take me (with protection), although I somehow doubt the assistant would have let us do that in the shop! It just shows that most guys wimp out when faced with a ‘real life’ porn movie situation.

We made our way out of the shop and as the door was open I slid my hand up Julia’s skirt (semi-lifting it as I did so), pushed my fingers into her pussy and then sucked them clean. We left the shop giggling and found somewhere to have some lunch so we could talk properly about what we’d just done. Julia conceded that I might be more of an exhibitionist than she is (high praise indeed from her), but she was still adamant that she had more experience than me. I saw this as a wonderful chance to get more tales from her youth and made her promise to tell me some things that I didn’t know once we returned home and could talk more openly.