Sunday, 30 December 2012

Back to Uni - Part 1

The weekend after the party in York, we headed down to Jen’s old Uni to see her friends. It was a shame that we had missed the start of term and the fresher parties (lots of sweet innocent fresh meat that might be looking to experiment or widen their horizons), but as we’d missed this in order to fuck, it wasn’t too much of a loss.

The three of us flew down on the Friday night and met up in one of the usual pubs. A number of people from the group had left at the same time as Jen. With Lucy gone, Lis obviously wasn’t present but Mel was there to see Julia and we still had the lovely Abrahii, along with Steve, Simon and Ethan (plus a few others, but they didn’t usually get as involved, so while it was nice to see them, they weren’t likely to make me cum). They had picked up a couple of new people – another Sue (who I will refer to as Susan to distinguish her from my sister) and James. They are both gay, Susan has been taken by Abigail and James seems to be involved with Richard. By the time we had caught up on the relationship changes since we’d last seen everyone, we headed back to Julia’s place. She was now sharing a house with Abrahii (who had promised Mel that she would take care of Jules during the week and in return, Mel had promised Abrahii that she would get ‘special treats’ whenever she visited.

As soon as we got in, Mel pushed Julia down onto the sofa and they started kissing deeply. They ended up with Julia sitting over Mel’s lap and Mel pulled Julia up so she was standing on the sofa, leaning against the wall behind it. This put Mel in a good position to eat Jules (which she proceeded to do). Mel’s already short skirt had ridden higher while they had been kissing and Abrahii took advantage of this. She pulled Mel’s legs apart, knelt between then, pull her panties aside and lapped at Mel’s cunt. The two new people had seen Mel and Jules play the previous weekend so this wasn’t new (but I’m sure they still found it rather unusual). To me it felt like coming back home and I pulled Jen down onto one of the seats so we could watch and I could slide my hand under her skirt and finger her. I didn’t leave Mike out and offered to suck him, but had to do this at an odd angle so I could continue to watch the antics on the sofa.

My sucking was more than enough to get him nice and hard, but he could tell that it would be difficult for me to make him cum while only half paying attention (possibly less than half as my attention was divided between watching the sofa, fingering Jen and sucking Mike). He went and whispered something to Abrahii and then knelt behind her. I watched as he slid her dress up, exposing her ass and then pulled her panties down to her knees. He tried to give her pussy a lick, but she was crouching too low so he just fingered her for a while, rubbed his cock against her pussy and then started to push into her. I called over to Abrahii that I would eat her clean once Mike had finished and sped up my fingers on Jen’s pussy.

Unusually, we had the worst view of what Mel was doing to Julia as Julia still had her skirt on. Mel kept pushing it up so we good to see things properly from time to time, but it kept sliding back down. We could see Abraii licking Mel much more clearly and had a wonderful view of Mike’s cock sliding in and out of her dark pussy. As he fucked her, he unbuttoned the back of her dress and pushed it up so it was bunched under her arms and he finally undid her bra and pushed it up with the dress. I joined in and undid Jen’s blouse to expose her breasts. Julia ended up cumming first and half crouched down over Mel so they could kiss while Abrahii finished eating her. Jen came next and offered to play with me but I told her that she could make me cum at bedtime and I would try to find someone else to take care of my immediate needs. Justin was up to this task (although he had to use a condom as he had been playing with strangers over the summer and hadn’t bothered to get tested again). He did a good enough job though and took me over the side of the chair while I played with my clit.

By the time we finished, Mike had made Abrahii cum and emptied himself into her. Mel had got Abrahii to sit up on the sofa with her legs spread so everyone could see his cum leaking out of her. Julia had already licked her mostly clean, but I kept my promise and had a good lick of her to remove as much of Mike’s cum as I could. Once I’d finished, Abrahii said it was too cold to be naked and was going to put her dress back on but I convinced her that we would take care of her and she certainly had no shortage of people willing to sit beside her to warm her up. Julia was still fully dressed (just without panties) and I told her that the look didn’t suit her. I hadn’t bothered to put my skirt back on and I caressed Jules under her skirt while encouraging her to get naked. She said that we would have plenty of time for more fun later (we were staying with Julia and Abrahii) so I left it, but still stole another number of fondles from her throughout the rest of the evening.

I had a chat with Susan and got to know her a little – it seemed to take her a little time to get used to the fact that my bottom half was naked and various people copped a feel from time to time, but she seemed like a nice enough girl (possibly too nice for the rest of the crowd). Jen chatted with James a bit and he seemed to be very excitable and hyper. Eventually everyone left and it was decided that we would let Mel and Julia have the night alone together, so Mike, Jen and I slept in Abrahii’s room on the floor. It didn’t take too much to convince Abrahii to come and join us and with two duvets, we snuggled up together.

It only seemed fair to let Jen be pleasured by Abrahii, but she hadn’t forgotten my promise to let her make me cum, so we ended up with Jen on her back with me over her face and Abrahii eating her. This once again left Abrahii’s pussy free and Mike happily filled it. This time he didn’t make her cum (or cum himself) and just enjoyed the view as Jen and I came. He then spooned with Abrahii and I helped out by rubbing her clit. She came and Mike stayed buried in her, just moving gently with her pushing back against him from time to time. I wanted to see if he could cum without actually fucking her and once she had fallen asleep, he gently pushed back and forth in her and had what he described as quite a gentle, but long orgasm. It wasn’t that he came for a long time, but he could continue to move in her after he’d cum and it felt very close to the way it felt when he was actually cumming. He also stayed hard so he could spoon her while he dozed off (he went soft before he was actually asleep).

The next morning, Jen ate Abrahii awake and Mike did the same to me (briefly). We then fucked while I knelt over Abrahii so I could help to hold her lips apart for Jen to get her tongue deep inside. Abrahii gave my pussy a few licks but mostly just played with my clit until I came. Neither Mike nor Jen had cum yet so while Jen lay on her back and we took turns licking her, Mike knelt behind us and alternated between licking and fucking us. He still hadn’t cum by the time Jen came, but he told us that this was his intention and he wanted to give his first cum on the day to Julia (or at a pinch, to Mel).

Abrahii was satisfied for now so she offered to go and make some breakfast while Mike, Jen and I went into Julia’s room. They were both still sleeping, but this was soon rectified as Mike and I took Jules and Jen buried her face between Mel’s legs. We ended up having to pull one of the duvets in from Abrahii’s room so we could move Julia onto the floor. Mike and I both ate her for a while and he then fucked her while I let her eat me. Abrahii returned while we were still playing and watched us as we each came. I had a little lick and then allowed Jen to taste Mike’s cum out of Julia. Mel played with Jen over breakfast and went down on her once we had finished. Mike took the opportunity to eat Mel and then spooned with her. His aim was to fuck each one of us (excluding Jen of course) and give us each a portion of his cum before we went to bed that night. Not that Mike couldn’t have made Mel cum by himself (he wanted me to write that bit), but Julia helped out by licking them both and once Mel had cum, he emptied his cum into her.

It was decided that if he was going to get to fuck four girls in a day, then he would have to provide something extra in return. We all know he loves eating pussy, so he promised that he would eat any one of us on demand for the whole weekend. Julia and I both took advantage of this (her first, then me) before we even got out of bed. To speed up everyone getting ready, Mel and Jen showered together while this happened, I then showered with Julia and Mike showered with Abrahii. It seemed unfair to me that she had only cum once so I got Mike to go down on her once they had showered (he had agreed to do this on demand – we hadn’t specified *who* had to make the demand). Once she had cum, he withheld her panties, but she didn’t exactly put up a fight about getting them back and we headed off to meet up with some of the others for lunch.

I got a few more details about Susan and Mike certainly seemed keen on getting to know her a bit better (the thought of getting to fuck an 18 year old was quite alluring). From what was known, she was gay, but the fact that she was with Abigail gave Mike hope that he might at least get to be partially involved (he could take Abigail while she took Susan). It was much more promising for Jen and me, but I expected Julia to get the first (either with or without Mel). We had a well behaved lunch and wandered round a few shops (with the obligatory coffee stop) before heading home. We had arranged for a few people to come over for dinner before we headed out and met up with everyone else so we just vegged for the rest of the afternoon. Julia had a play with Jen and Mike was instructed to eat us until we’d had enough. He started with me, then Abrahii, Mel and finally Jules (who had finished with Jen). I was up for a second round, but once he’d started on me, he was told to leave me alone as there were other plans so he just gave Julia a second round.

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