Thursday, 6 December 2012

Desensitising Lucy - Part 1

At the end of August, Lis and Lucy finally came up to visit us. I had been in close contact with Lis about how we should behave while they visited - while they are more than used to seeing us naked and cumming, I didn’t want to overdo things. Not that I think we could have done anything to offend/embarrass Lis (and I knew she had been working on Lucy to get her to be a bit less reserved).

They didn’t arrive until late on the Friday night and Lis was fairly tired so after a quick tour of the house and a brief chat, they went straight to bed. We had decided to let them sleep in Jen’s bed while the three of us squeezed into Mike’s bed (it’s only a little bit smaller, but enough that it makes a difference when three people share it). This didn’t stop us from having our regular evening session though and I ended up on my back with Jen sitting over my face & holding my legs up high so Mike could fuck me. It felt like he was really deep inside me and I remember wishing that my tongue was as long as Jen’s so I could get deep inside her and scour the depths of her pussy (okay, so her tongue isn’t really *that* long, but it is just enough longer to be noticeable). Mike gave me a long hard fuck using deep strokes and Jen ended up cumming first, but stayed over my face so I could kitty kiss her. I came next and Mike continued to fuck me for a while and then pulled out, quickly moved up and wanked himself off over Jen’s breasts (as long as I get his cum most of the time, I don’t mind if he occasionally shares it).

After watching Jen and I 69 (and helping things along by describing to us what we could do to Lucy and Lis), Mike was hard enough to spoon me as we fell asleep. We didn’t actually fuck again (or at least not to orgasm), but he pushed hard into me and semi-fucked me for a while as I described to him what Lucy’s pussy looked like and how fun it would be to watch him fuck her and fill her with cum. We knew that we would be putting on a show for them in the morning and decided to basically reproduce what we’d just done so they could see all three of us cum as well as actually see Mike cum. When I woke up in the morning I had a better idea though and woke Mike up by sucking him to erection and then going down on Jen. We could have very easily carried on and had a proper session with just the three of us, but we contented ourselves with just warming up so we would be able to put on a better show.

We prepared breakfast and headed in to greet Lucy and Lis who were just at the point of waking up. We had robes on so we could start things off slowly (not that I expected Lis or Lucy to be surprised by our display). Lucy had a nightdress on but Lis was topless and she pulled the covers up a little but I pointed out that Mike had seen her topless enough times before (and for a lot of the holiday) so she eagerly sat up and let him admire her small breasts (like me, Mike prefers small breasts). Lucy’s nightdress was fairly transparent – at least enough for her nipples to be visible, but even with taunting, she wouldn’t remove it. Mike enjoyed the view quite a bit though and as we ate I slipped my hand into his robe and stroked him, briefly under the robe but then in full view of everyone.

With breakfast over, while Jen took the plates back to the kitchen, I took Mike’s cock into my mouth and gave him a proper suck. When Jen returned, she complained about being left out so I told her that she was more than welcome to join us. Lucy and Lis pulled their legs up so there was enough room for the three of us to plan and I told Mike and Jen about the new plan I had. Lis (and by extension Lucy) knew that I had been getting Mike and Jen to play more together as an extra bonding exercise and I thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate this to our visitors. Jen was a bit surprised but just told me that it would be added to the list of things she would get revenge for and once Mike had lay across the bed, I mounted his face and Jen straddled his waist. Lucy asked if she was going to fuck him and Jen told her that he wasn’t that lucky, so I explained (in graphic detail) as Jen spread her lips and nestled her pussy against his cock so she could get the maximum pressure on her clit as she humped back and forth.

Mike was being quite impatient and as soon as my pussy was in reach of his mouth, he started to eat me and it was obvious that he wasn’t holding back. I told Jen that we should put on a decent show and she glanced over at Lucy once, but then went for it and started grinding herself against Mike’s cock. I encouraged Lis and Lucy to have a closer look and Lucy leaned forwards a bit and then teased Jen that she would end up fucking Mike soon, but Lis crawled out from under the covers and had a proper look. It was at this point I found out that she was naked and not just topless and the idea of cumming in front of her became even more exciting. I remember the times we had misbehaved on holiday and I had stolen touches of her pussy and nearly eaten her. I knew I was going to cum fairly quickly but didn’t want to hold back so just let my orgasm come as it wanted to. I humped against Mike’s face and swore my way through it and asked him to keep kitty kissing me until he and Jen had both finished.

Jen appeared to be nearing her own orgasm and was thrusting herself back and forth against Mike. Her pussy repeatedly rode up over the head of his cock and if I hadn’t seen them do this a number of times before, I would have expected him to slip into her at any point. I told Mike that Jen was nearly ready to cum, but he had probably guessed this from her movements and mewing sounds and as she came, I told her to keep going. Once her orgasm ended, she adjusted her position slightly so her clit didn’t have as much contact with his cock, but she maintained her humping (one advantage of Jen’s running is that her legs are very well toned and she can maintain this position for a fair while). Mike’s kitty kissing became more forceful and I saw his hips jerking and told everyone to get ready as he was about to cum. Jen rubbed more against the head of his cock and even Lucy moved forwards a bit more to watch as he finally came and his cum squirted out from between Jen’s lips (well, some of it did, a couple of squirts came out while her lips were covering the head and just coated her pussy).

Jen slowed her movements and rubbed up and down the length of his cock, covering it with his cum and then (at my instruction) she knelt up to show off her very wet pussy. I offered Lucy and Lis the chance to massage Mike’s cum into her and Lis looked round at Lucy and then reached between Jen’s legs to give her cunt a brief rub. She then reached down towards Mike’s cock and simply asked ‘May I?’ (Lis is such a polite girl!), to which I told her to go ahead. She gently touched his cock (at which it twitched), then ran her fingers up and down it before finally running her fingers through the mess of cum on his stomach. I told her that she could stroke him properly if she wanted, but after another light fondle of his cock, she wiped her hands clean on Jen’s breasts and moved away from us. I climbed off Mike’s face and told him that it had been Lis who had been touching him and he told her that if she wanted to continue, she was welcome.

Lis was keener on the idea of doing things with Lucy, but we knew Lucy wasn’t going to put on a display for us, so Mike, Jen and I left them to it and went to clean up. We showered while they played – Jen went first, during which time I had Mike eat me again as he’d done a pretty good job of getting me excited with his kitty kissing. We then showered together and by the time we’d finished, Lucy and Lis emerged from their room, having finished their session. Lucy showered first and we chatted with Lis. She said that she had enjoyed seeing Mike cum over (or between) Jen’s lips and Mike said that it was unfair that she got to examine him close up but he only ever got to see her pussy from a distance. I ran a hand up Lis’ leg, under her gown and pulled her legs apart with a quick tug. She half closed them again, but didn’t struggle when I pulled them open once more. Mike peered up between her legs and Lis looked a little coy but didn’t tell him to stop so I used my other hand and spread her lips slightly. I knew that this was another moment when it would have been very easy to take things further (assuming Lis didn’t object) and as tempted as I was to run a finger over her pussy and clit or slide inside her, I restrained myself and just let Mike have a look. I had actually expected him to get a lot closer (in fact knowing Mike I had expected him to get within inches of her pussy) but he contended himself with looking from where he was sitting (which was still reasonably close). I released Lis before I gave in to my temptation and she showered once Lucy emerged.

We headed out for a while and had a much less eventful day than during the previous weekend (I can sort of imagine Lis going for some of the activities we got up to with Sara and Em, but I don’t think Lucy would have been quite brave enough yet). That evening we headed out for drinks and danced for a while. As usual in such situations, Jen and I were pantiless and I convinced Lis to remove hers while we were out. Lis and I danced by ourselves a couple of times while Mike got to dance with Lucy and Jen. Lis and I ground against each other quite nicely, with pussies being rubbed against thighs and hands caressing asses. I described to Lis how much I wanted to fuck, finger and eat her and how I would make her cum all night if I had the chance. I love talking like this in a middle of a club as despite the fact we were shouting at each other, nobody else around us could hear what we were saying (probably) due to the music. I’ve said it before, but it is very liberating to tell someone in explicit detail what you want to do with them while surrounded by other people.

Apart from just being enjoyable, this was a part of our plan to make sure Lis was sufficiently aroused when we got home. She calmed down a bit on the walk back, but while Jen fumbled with her keys to unlock the front door by sliding a hand under Lis’ dress and fondling her ass (with possibly a quick graze between her cheeks to reach her pussy). I was impressed that Lis didn’t flinch when I did this and the second time I reached between her legs she even pushed back a little against my hand, but Jen got the door open so we stopped.


  1. Andi,
    Using a cucumber may feel better but using a pickle leaves a rather interesting taste.

    now back to your regularly scheduled program. :)

  2. Hmm, we haven't tried that - does 'interesting' mean good or bad?

  3. Depends on if you like pickles! It's 'tangy' and would be an interesting change from the ordinary.