Sunday, 9 December 2012

Desensitising Lucy - Part 2

We piled inside and I dragged Lis into Jen’s bedroom. I told her that she could watch another threesome if she wanted (she did) and Lucy came in to sit with Lis. I hadn’t chosen any particular position for this session so just went with what seemed easiest given our relative positions. I undid Mike’s jeans and took his cock in my mouth and then reached back to pull up my dress so Jen could climb underneath me and eat me. Mike asked Lis to fetch a vibe from the cupboard and hand it to Jen who then (at my instruction) used it on herself. We stayed in this position for a while, and then swapped round so I could eat Jen and Mike could fuck me. I came first (Jen had done a better job on me than Mike had realised) and Jen came next, but I held tightly onto her and carried on eating (which elicited some pretty good sounds from her) until Mike came inside me. As he hadn’t cum for a while, he managed to produce enough cum that it leaked out of me when he pulled out and I stayed kneeling on all fours for a minute for effect.

As I sat down, I looked over at Lis who had clearly enjoyed our display and I suggested to Lucy that she make Lis cum for us again. She hesitated but I assured her that she didn’t need to get naked and could just play with Lis while we watched. She asked Lis if she was up for this but the fact that Lis had a hand pressing her skirt against her crotch was probably a clue and it didn’t take much encouragement to convince her.

Lucy was surprised to find that Lis didn’t have any panties on (as she had seen her put them on before we went out) and Lis blamed me for this. Lucy put on a display of mock indignation about how I was corrupting her girlfriend , but this didn’t stop her from removing Lis’ bra and playing with her breasts. Jen handed Lucy the vibe that had been used on me and we held Lis’ lips open so Lucy could slide it in. I loved the idea that Lucy would be eating my juices out of Lis later (even if it would only be a trace of them). While Lucy used the vibe on Lis, Jen and I played with her (Lis’) breasts and I rubbed a bit of my juices and Mike’s cum over them. Mike was allowed to hold one of Lis’ legs but not do anything else, although legs are his thing, second only to pussy so he was quite happy with this. He was also happy with the fact that he had Lis’ leg across his legs, so as she squirmed around, her leg rubbed against his cock from time to time (and more frequently once he changed his position a bit). As she came, he had the side of her calf pressed up firmly against his cock and got a good rub against her. I had been using a hand to play with myself and I pushed a couple of fingers into Lis’ mouth to feed her my and Mike’s juices and she sucked them clean.

Lis looked very contented once her orgasm faded and I suggested that we leave them so Lis could have a proper play with Lucy (in the hope that Lucy might volunteer to cum in front of us). Lis asked if they could use some of our toys (to which I told them that they could) and Lis told Lucy to go to the bathroom and prepare for bed so she could get a surprise ready. Lucy did as she was told and Lis asked to use the strap-on. I was a little surprised about this as I wasn’t sure Lis liked this anymore after it (sort of – very tangentially) being involved in her and Vicky breaking up. I was happy that she still wanted to use it though, not least as it is a lot more effective if someone helps to put it on (the tighter it is fastened – to an extent – the better). I quickly pulled the harness out and applied a little tingle gel to the internal vibe before threading it into the harness and attaching it to Lis. This involved a lot more pushing and pulling than usual (not out of necessity, just as a chance to fondle Lis). In the end, Jen and I each took a side of the harness and Mike had to press the crotch up against Lis’ pussy. Once we had it fastened, he tried to move it back and forth to see if it was at all loose (but mostly just to press the internal vibe against Lis’ pussy harder).

I rubbed a small amount of tingle gel onto the main vibe and said that it was a pity we couldn’t have coated the vibe with Jen’s juices before Lis used it (I still had too much of Mike’s cum in me to risk using my juices). Both Lis and I are really keen on the idea of the four of us doing things together and Jen has certainly come round to thinking this is a good idea but Lucy is still the sticking point. One possible ray of hope is that she has played along with Lis in fantasies involving all of us (well, the girls anyway) and Lis intends to continue with this line of investigation to see how far we can go. We were fairly happy that Lucy was willing to play with Lis in front of us (Lis was especially happy as it meant she got to cum more). Lis liked the idea of having some of Jen’s juices inside Lucy as well and I suggested that she rub the vibe against Jen’s pussy to coat it. They tried a couple of positions and ended up with Jen leaning forwards over the bed so Lis could slide the vibe between Jen’s legs and I helped rub it against her cunt. Jen felt fairly wet (as is her usual state when aroused) and I could feel the vibe getting coated on top, but thought that we may as well do things properly so the next time Lis pulled back, I spread Jen’s lips, positioned the vibe and nodded to Lis who eagerly pushed forwards.

The first stroke went about halfway into Jen but Lis pulled back and pushed the whole way in a couple of times. I nearly played with Jen’s clit but we didn’t want to get too carried away (although we were aware that we had clearly already crossed the line) and after a few strokes more, Lis pulled out of Jen and called to Lucy that she was ready. Mike, Jen and I left as Lucy entered and I called back to remind Lis to use the tingle gel sparingly (it feels really nice, but too much of it is bad). We headed straight into our bedroom and set about making Jen cum (Mike played with her nipples and I took her pussy). Jen had her head in Mike’s lap so his cock was right by her face and he used his arm to press it against her cheek. Once we had achieved our goal, we discussed playing with Lis and I told Jen how much I envied her for having got Lis to fuck her – even if only briefly. We imagined being in with them and watching while Lis fucked Lucy with her on all fours and Lucy then rode Lis. Mike couldn’t decide whether he would want to cum in Lis or Lucy more (which is a bit odd as Lucy looks so much like his beloved porn star Pavlina, but it’s not as if this is only time we’ve fantasised about them so I guess variety is good!)

We all wanted another round so Jen and I ended up 69ing while Mike rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks. I had a rather strange view of Mike’s balls bobbing up and down over my face but I was sufficiently occupied with eating Jen that it didn’t matter (and it’s not as if I’m unfamiliar with them). Jen and I came and Mike finished not too long afterwards, shooting a little cum up over Jen’s back and ass. We slept with Jen in between us, her spooning against Mike’s back for a change and me against her back. The next morning we had a brief play before getting up and preparing breakfast – once again just enough to get us nice and excited, but not enough for any of us to cum.

We took breakfast in to Lis and Lucy, ate and then started on our ritual performance. This time it was a lot more free flowing and Lis was a lot more willing to have a closer look, crawling out from the covers to watch as Mike fucked me and I fingered and ate Jen. After having a good look, she moved back a bit to give us space to finish off and by the time the three of us had cum, she was sitting back beside Lucy with Lucy’s hand on her pussy. It looked like Lis wasn’t far from cumming and as we rearranged ourselves to watch I noticed that Lis had a hand under the covers between Lucy’s legs. Lucy was still being quite careful not to let anything show (other than her breasts, but as I’ve said before, after the holiday, we were fairly used to seeing her topless), but she didn’t seem to be stopping Lis from playing with her (I later found out from Lis that her fingers were actually on and in Lucy’s pussy). Having just cum, we were fairly happy to sit back and watch as Lis came. Unfortunately, we were once again banished from the room for Lucy’s orgasm, but I had a quick whisper in Lis’ ear before we left.

I showered with Jen while Mike listened in on Lucy and Lis and he was still hard by the time we emerged from the shower. Once Lis and Lucy finally finished (they seemed to have a fairly decent session), they went to shower together (and I reminded Lis to use the shower on Lucy) and we went to investigate whether Lis had done as I’d asked. We were pleased to discover two dildos on the side-table and between us we tasted each one and tried to figure out who each dildo had been used on (or in). Jen and I disagreed as to which was Lis and which was Lucy and Mike couldn’t really offer an opinion as he’s never tasted Lis (or Lucy for that matter) directly. Jen and I recoated them with our juices and returned to Mike’s room for another quick session (Mike was still rather hard and wanted some relief). After emptying himself into me, he went and showered.

Lis and Lucy were leaving in the early afternoon so we just headed into town for a light lunch. Sadly we didn’t get a chance to flirt much more (other than verbally) and I do at least appreciate the fact that Lucy doesn’t mind the fact that I want to make her my sex slave and spend a solid week pleasuring her. I emphasised this point during our goodbyes at the station – when I kissed Lucy I whispered in her ear that I wanted to see her cum during their next visit and I got a little smile and a sarcastic shake of the head from her. During my chats & emails with Lis during the week, she said that she was continuing to use us in their fantasies and had managed to get Lucy to describe eating Jen which we took as a good sign – I still don’t think it’s going to happen, but I like imagining it 

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