Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fun Wedding Planning - Part 1

Oops, nearly forgot to post today. We're heading down to York for the end of year sex party at the weekend and will be taking a new person to introduce to the group.

It was pretty much certain that the first weekend in September was going to involve lots of cumming as Mel and Julia were coming up to visit us. Admittedly we copied some of the things we did during Sara and Emily’s visit and I usually prefer trying new things, but it was still good fun.

They arrived in the early evening so we got to go into town for a drink and a general catch up before heading back to the house. We managed to stop off on the way in a couple of little places we’ve discovered and got things started. I had to kneel and suck Mike while Julia was set upon Jen, following which I had a quick munch of Mel while Mike bent Jules over and gave her a brief fucking. If it had been a bit warmer I would have been happy to stay outside and finish round one off properly, but we all agreed that we would be more comfortable inside and the temptation of warmth outweighed the excitement of ourdoors sex for once. We got back to the house and went straight to the main bedroom. We offered Mel and Julia the choice of who slept with whom and Mel asked to spend the night with Mike (which is a little unusual for her, but she has let him fuck her before so it’s not unheard of). Mike was happy with this arrangement but we felt it would be more fun to have a little session where we could all taste and play with each other before splitting up to different rooms.

Mike 69ed with Julia and I got Mel. After a couple of minutes, I switched with Jen and Mike stopped eating Jules and fucked her again briefly before she sucked him. We felt that we were now sufficiently reacquainted with each other so Mike took Mel off to his room and Jen, Julia and I set about doing things properly. There wasn’t really anything remarkable about our session – we let Jules start off in the middle with Jen over her face and me between her legs. I then shared a dildo with Jules while Jen rested and I kitty kissed Jen while Julia did the same to me. We finished off with Julia eating me, me eating Jen and Jen eating Jules before calling it a night and going to our own rooms.

Mike started off by eating Mel to orgasm and then kitty kissing her. She then rode him and as she came, he gave her a long hard, fast pounding and fucked her right through her orgasm until he came in her. Mel got him to eat her again and they then spooned for their final session. Mike was teasing Mel and ticking her while they fucked and a couple of times she moved around enough that he slipped out of her. He pushed straight back in each time, but on one occasion he pressed up against her ass (by accident). He corrected his positioning, re-entered her cunt and made a comment about her not wanting her ass invaded, to which Mel asked how he knew she didn’t want this. Now both Mike and Mel are sufficiently stubborn that they will take things as far as the other person, so he pulled out of her, positioned himself against her ass and told her that he could push right into her if she wanted. Mel pushed back a bit as Mike pushed against her and he ended up with an inch or so of cock in her ass so they decided to just carry on. Mike played with Mel’s pussy and clit while he fucked her ass and Mel squeezed herself around him. He buried himself as far in her as he could when he came and carried on masturbating her until she came. This felt quite intense for him as he was still sensitive from his orgasm and the tightness of Mel’s ass as she squirmed around stimulated him quite a bit. He wasn’t hard enough to spoon with Mel as they fell asleep, but he promised to make up for this the following morning by eating her awake (which he did) as well as give her a semi-fuck (not enough to cum, as they wanted to do that in our presence).

He had already heard Jen and I in the kitchen so he sent Mel in to Jules (who was still in bed) while he helped get breakfast (which somehow included sliding into me and rubbing against Jen’s ass). We returned to the bedroom and had breakfast in bed, taking the opportunity to describe what we’d gotten up to the previous night. I commented that it was a pity Mike hadn’t also cum in Mel’s mouth so they could have done ‘the triple’ and Julia said that she was up for making that one of her aims for the day. This meant that Mike and Mel had to adapt their plans slightly as he had been keen on fucking her again (he doesn’t actually find her as sexy as Julia, but he doesn’t get to do things with Mel often as she is ‘more’ gay than Jules). They settled on Mike fucking Mel on her side with Julia licking them both – they got Mel off and carried on pleasuring her until Mike was about to cum, at which point he pulled out of Mel and Julia took him in her mouth. She swallowed his cum (which I think is a waste as I’d rather have it in my cunt or over my body) and we marked off phase 1 of the triple.

It was only fair that Mel help out with Jen and I, but there was also no chance that Julia would have been contented doing just a single thing, so she got involved as well. Mike got to sit and watch as the four of us played with each other in various positions and using various toys (it was quite useful having him available to fetch things at request so we didn’t have to interrupt what we were doing). By the time we’d finished, he was more than ready to fuck Jules again but I had a plan for the day (that we’d discussed with Mel) so asked him to wait until we had showered. Mike figured out that I wanted his cum in (or leaking out of) Julia while we went out so he did as asked and actually waited right up until the point where we were about to go out. I sat in the armchair in the living room, spread my legs over the arms and Julia had to bend over and eat me. Mike fucked her while she did this and once both she and I had cum, we moved out into the hallway. Julia leant forward and used the wall to steady herself and Mike finished off fucking her. He emptied a load into her and as soon as he had put his cock away, we headed out. As we had hoped, his cum trickled out and dripped down her legs as we walked (although it appeared that he hadn’t cum quite as much as I’d hoped).

Everyone but Julia knew a little about the plan for the day (or the interesting part of it anyway) but what I didn’t know (yet) was that Mel had also agreed some things with Jen. We wandered into town and headed for our favourite sex shop (the same one that we’d taken Sara and Emily to). I wasn’t sure exactly what we would be allowed to do, but when we arrived, I asked the guy (the same guy as before) if it would be possible to test out the merchandise. He said that as long as we purchased it first, we could try whatever we wanted. I asked his advice and we selected a small vibe for use on the clit, that was apparently reasonably strong. You could purchase different tips for it but we stuck with the one that came with it and I told Mel that we had made our selection.

I knelt in front of Jules while Mel stood behind her and pulled her skirt up. I told her that it was fine and I just wanted to see how effective the vibe was, but then pushed my face between her legs and gave her a quick lick. I made sure to move aside so the guy could see as I pushed the vibe between Julia’s lips and nestled it up against her clit. Julia squirmed around a bit but Mel held her in place and told her to be good so she spread her legs slightly (which made it significantly easier for me). I was just considering taking things a bit further when the shop door opened and someone came in. I glanced round and called over to the assistant if it was okay for us to continue and he nodded so I slid my left hand between Julia’s legs, cupper her ass cheek and pushed my thumb between her lips and into her cunt. She asked me if I was actually going to make her cum and I looked up at her and told her not to ask stupid questions as I wiggled my thumb inside her. I could hear the customer talking to the assistant behind us but couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying. Julia seemed to be nearing her orgasm so I moved the vibe and had a quick lick at her clit before replacing the vibe and pushing my thumb as far into her as I could. It took hardly any more time for her to cum and she pushed the vibe away saying it felt too intense so I had another few laps at her pussy before pulling my thumb out and offering it to her to suck clean. She hesitated to do this and later said that she found it more embarrassing to do that than it had been for her to cum (which I didn’t quite get as she’s done both in front of people plenty of times before).

I thought I did my bit by sucking the end of the vibe clean, but it was only at this point that I found out about the extra plans that Mel and Jen had made. Mel slipped a hand under my skirt and cupped my pussy, then mentioned that she wanted to see me in some of the outfits. I couldn’t really object after Julia had done as she was instructed so I let Jen select a black lace up corset and boots (at least she now knows my size in cheap PVC sex-shop clothes which speeds things up) and asked the guy if I could try modelling them. Mel’s fingers were already stroking around and slightly inside my pussy as she tugged at my top so I told her to leave it to me while I pulled it over my head and then undid and removed my bra. Mel immediately took one of my breasts in her hand and massaged it while her other hand still worked on my pussy. Her fingers had sought out my clit and were giving it a good rub, which was only interrupted when Jen said that I needed to remove my skirt.

Mel pulled her hand away and I slipped my skirt down my legs and then removed my shoes and socks so I was standing there completely naked. Jen helped me put the corset on and laced it up so my breasts were pushed up with the majority of my nipples exposed. She reached around and gave each nipple a few tweaks before telling me to put the boots on. For this, I stood and lifted each foot in turn up onto a stool to lace each boot up. Mel and Jen made use of my position to reach between my legs and play with me (which was quite distracting). Once I had both boots on, I was instructed to walk right up to the door of the shop (right past the assistant and customer) and then return. I then had to stand with a foot up on the stool while Julia licked me and was then handed our new vibe for me to experience. It was actually quite strong and felt pretty good, but I wasn’t let off with just the vibe and Julia was told to finger me properly (two fingers from directly below). I could see the guys staring straight at me and loved having them watching me so intently. I think Mel had expected me to object a little more, but Julia seemed to appreciate what I was feeling and I saw her looking up at me with a grin on her face. I felt a hand on my ass and then a finger press into me and I surrendered myself to the assaults on my body. I didn’t want to draw it out too long in case we were interrupted and had to stop so I concentrated on all the sensations and let my orgasm build. I told people that I was about to cum and asked Mel to help hold me up (which she did with the finger in my ass and her other arm wrapped around me caressing my breasts). I moaned my way through my orgasm – nothing over the top, it was all natural – and as I stood with slightly wobbly legs, Julia once again pushed her face between my legs and licked my pussy clean of my juices.

I sat down on the stool and told the assistant that the small vibe was actually quite good and that we would take another (I had always intended to let Julia have the first one as payment for letting us make her cum). While sitting I spread my legs and gently stroked my pussy, but then decided that I should probably get dressed so I removed the boots and then stood up and got Mike to undo the corset (one more chance to be properly naked) before I slipped my real clothes back on (letting them see that I didn’t bother with panties). I was feeling quite confident so picked one of the small vibes from the shelf and walked up to the till to pay. While waiting I asked the customer if he had enjoyed the show and lifted the back of my skirt to show my ass (although he probably wouldn’t have seen much as he was fairly close to me). I asked if he wanted to have a proper play but he seemed quite nervous so I just told him it was a pity and I could have done with a good fuck. I’m not quite sure what I would have done if he had been more eager - actually I guess I am fairly sure, I would have probably let him take me (with protection), although I somehow doubt the assistant would have let us do that in the shop! It just shows that most guys wimp out when faced with a ‘real life’ porn movie situation.

We made our way out of the shop and as the door was open I slid my hand up Julia’s skirt (semi-lifting it as I did so), pushed my fingers into her pussy and then sucked them clean. We left the shop giggling and found somewhere to have some lunch so we could talk properly about what we’d just done. Julia conceded that I might be more of an exhibitionist than she is (high praise indeed from her), but she was still adamant that she had more experience than me. I saw this as a wonderful chance to get more tales from her youth and made her promise to tell me some things that I didn’t know once we returned home and could talk more openly.


  1. Hot article. Showed it to my wife to read and needless to say by the time she finished reading it, she had me between her legs eating her pussy.

  2. I'm glad to be of service - may you get many more sessions out of my writing :)