Sunday, 16 December 2012

Fun Wedding Planning - Part 2

The sex party is now over and Mike is keeping Sue distracted while I post this (I had meant to do it before we set off). I'm actually quite impressed with Sue's stamina - I guess she really is my sister after all :) Back to Mel and Julia...

After a bit of shopping for their upcoming wedding, we headed home and settled down on the bed. Julia wanted to hear some of our early sex stories – she knows I was a late starter so Mike told her about fucking his girlfriend in school and Jen gave an edited version of her masturbating in the woods (missing out the peeing as her Uni friends don’t really know about this). Mel told us how she used to give a number of guys handjobs to stop people teasing her for being gay and how she really preferred it when she finally got to slide her fingers into another girl’s pussy (it was at a party and the girl was drunk, but not long after this Mel came out and stopped caring what people said about her sexuality). Jen and I had to retell the story of our first time and how Jen knew I would be interested in her (she says she could ‘just tell’ but I still contend it was guesswork).

We had been caressing each other to varying degrees while talking through things (Mike had got Mel to demonstrate her handjob technique), so we were all nicely aroused, but hadn’t tried for any orgasms. It was time to hear from Julia who told us about a time when her parents were going out and she had a babysitter. This was a girl called Lynne who was a friend of her brothers, who turned up with her own brother (Andrew) in tow. This was under the pretence of helping each other to study, but was actually for a much more interesting reason. Both of them were part of the little group who often played together and had both played with Jules a number of times before. Almost as soon as Julia’s parents were out the door, Andrew had his cock out and Julia wrapped her mouth around it. Not wanting to be sexist, she pushed her hand up Lynne’s skirt to fondle her as well and after a few minutes of this, they moved upstairs and ended up with Lynne on her back, Julia eating her and Andrew buried in Julia’s cunt. This was one of the first times Julia had eaten Lynne properly (more than just a few licks), but they went the whole way and all came with Andrew emptying his load into Jules.

Even back then, despite being one of the younger members of the group, Julia was known for her enjoyment of sex and once they had finished, she was encouraged to play with herself and put on a show for them. She eagerly did this, spreading her legs and rubbing Andrew’s cum around her pussy while fingering herself. During her demonstration session, Lynne’s boyfriend showed up (they had thought it better that he wasn’t there until Julia’s parents had left). Although he was actually there to take care of Lynne’s needs, the sight of the horny Julia got to him and he wanted to fuck her first. Julia was all for this and as Lynne had already cum, she didn’t mind and Jules ended up riding him and taking another load of cum.

The girls played with each other a little (mostly breast play) and the guys wanted to see Lynne eat Julia. She wasn’t prepared to go the whole way, but had a few licks of her pussy (Lynne never completely surrendered to being bi, but did participate a few times with other girls during the group games). Later that evening, Andrew got to fuck Julia again and Lynne had a proper fuck with her boyfriend. When her parents finally came home, the three babysitters pretended to have been studying all evening. Julia’s parents weren’t overly happy with Lynne’s boyfriend being there, but as Lynne’s brother had also been there, they assumed that the two of them hadn’t been fooling around and corrupting their little girl. Meanwhile, Julia was up in her bed, rubbing the guys’ cum into her cunt. This was still before she had started to use any kind of protection and looking back she now realises how lucky she was a) not to get pregnant and b) not to get any diseases (although it was at least a closed group of people who were fucking).

We found out that they were both coming to the wedding so we would be seeing them again. I intended to make use of the new information when this happened to have some fun. In the meantime though, the stories had got us all sufficiently worked up that we were ready for some more fun and I proposed that we all try to tease each other as much as possible to see how strong we could get our orgasms to be. The aim was to see who could hold out longest and the rule was that if the person said stop, then whoever was stimulating them had to stop immediately. We debated assigning people to ensure that nobody was left out but decided it would get too complicated so the next rule was if you saw someone not being played with then you took care of it (unless they had just called a time-out to stop themselves from cumming), but in that case they could only have a couple of minutes to cool off (so people couldn’t just avoid being stimulated).

Mike was fairly certain he could win (he *is* pretty good at holding back) but I felt that I would be able to make a good effort as well (I’ve been practising). We started off with hands, on breasts, in pussies and on cocks and quickly moved on to using mouths and tongues as well. Mike attacked Julia and licked her quite hard until she pushed him away and said that she had got quite close to cumming. She used her rest time to attack Jen and while Mel ate me, Mike slid into her and fucked her. Jen was next to call a time-out and I ate Julia again (still with Mel eating me). Mel had to get Mike to stop fucking her but she carried on eating me until I told her to stop.

Mel moved over to Jen and I sucked Mike who then fucked me. I squeezed myself around him as hard as I could and if I could have held out just a little longer I think he would have had to call a time-out (as it was, he didn’t hurry to fuck anyone else and it was only when Julia saw his cock was ‘lonely’ that she offered her pussy to ‘keep it company’ (her phrase). We alternated partners like this for a while, changing positions and techniques as we went. Jen and Mel shared one of the double dildos and fucked hard against each other. This was quite fun to watch, but Julia Mike and I continued to tease each other while we watched. It was obvious that they were both trying hard to hold back and it really became a battle of wills as to who would break first. I’m proud to say that Jen won and Mel had to pull back and rest to prevent her from cumming.

Once her time was up, Mike 69ed with her, I got Jen and Jen ate Jules. Mike tried to reach over and fondle me, but it wasn’t too effective so I didn’t need to worry. Mike ended up eating Mel to orgasm (she didn’t tell him to stop) and once she’s cum, she put a good effort into sucking him off, but he stopped her before he came. We had another round and it was obvious that the remaining contestants all wanted to cum quite a bit. I offered to let Mel join in so she didn’t feel left out, but her orgasm had been fairly strong and she was content to just watch the rest of us for a while.

Jen was next, but not too long before Julia. Both Mike and I were pretty close to bursting so it was decided that we could have a couple of minutes to cool off and then it would be a sudden death round – no breaks, fuck till one of us cums. I stipulated that we would have to fuck properly so I would stand a chance. Mike agreed to this but he got to choose our position and (as I guessed), he wanted me on top so he could pound into me. I knew that I was unlikely to win, but I gave it my best effort – as expected though, despite squeezing myself around him and having him fuck me hard and fast for a couple of minutes, he held out longer and I came first. As his prize, he got us all to stand bend over the bed and he slipped into each of us in turn (except Jen where he just rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks) and fucked us. I was pleased that he ended up cumming inside me but once he’d finished he conceded that he had held back a bit too long as his balls ached and he wasn’t in a fit state to do anything more for a while. As second prize, I insisted that the rest of the girls each give me a few licks to clean Mike’s cum out of me (plus I love the feeling of being serviced by multiple people). Unfortunately I wasn’t ready to cum again just yet, but it still felt nice.

We rested for a while and had dinner before getting ready to go out. It was a bit repetitive, but we headed back to the club we like with the nice balcony, conveniently lit from below by the spotlight. Having Mel along helped us to push things a bit further and she got Julia to stand at the edge with her foot up on the second rung of the fence which left her pussy quite exposed. Mike made the most of this and reached up to Julia’s pussy from behind and fondled her, but in revenge, Julia got Mel to stand in the light afterwards and let me have a small play with her (Mel only lifted her leg up a little bit, but it was enough to reach her pussy).

Jen and I were played with in a more discreet location, although we were spotted by a couple of guys and I had to show them me sucking Jen’s juices off my finger to pacify them. We tried to find somewhere suitable for Mike to fuck (or semi-fuck) Julia but had to wait until we left the club and we made use of an alleyway. I would have been happy for him to do her properly and cum in her, but he ended up just making her cum and said he would save his orgasm until we got home. I pointed out that he was meant to be taking her mouth (already done), ass and cunt in one day so he relented, fished his cock out again and went back to work on her. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Jules, he doesn’t like just cumming himself so she was told that she had to cum again. He started off in her cunt but decided that if he was going to do things with her again when we got home (he was having her that night while Jen and I got Mel), then he wanted to keep her cunt clean so he opted to take her ass first. As a way of adding extra lube, Mel fingered us and wiped our juices over Mike’s cock and Julia’s ass – I don’t think we really added much and it was more the act of doing it that Mel liked. Fortunately Julia isn’t unaccustomed to anal and Mike got into her easily enough.

Mel still liked the idea of us all helping to lubricate them though and we all ended up spitting between Julia’s ass cheeks so it would run down over Mike’s cock and help out. As it was clear that we were doing things ‘properly’ we tried to get Jules to eat us, but there wasn’t a decent place to sit and she found it hard to reach our pussies if we just stood up and spread our legs. Her dress ended up being unzipped and pulled up further and further so by the time she came it was pulled right up over her breasts so she was pretty much naked. Mike wanted to finish off properly so we pulled it off over her head along with her bra and he came in her ass with her bent over, completely naked (discounting shoes). She was allowed her dress back but not her bra (as if that was going to bother Julia) and we headed home.

As planned, Mike spent the night with Jules, during which time he ate her and then fucked her cunt, completing the triple (technically not all in the same day, but in the same waking period so it counts). Jen and I got Mel and had a more leisurely session with her – using toys on each other and all of us getting to make both of the others cum once each. In the morning, Jen woke Mel by eating her and Mel then did me. I was going to do the same to Jen when Mike and Julia appeared and said that he had a request. Having taken Mel and Julia’s ass, he wanted to have a third one in three days and as Jen wasn’t an option, that only left me.

I was happy to give him his wish and Julia said that she would help out as well by 69ing with me. We prepared a few items and Mike added some tingle gel to his cock. Julia started to eat me (and I her) and Mike pushed his cock against my ass and slipped into me fairly easily (which I hope was due more to the lube and not just my ass getting loose). I felt the gel start to work and Julia then replaced her mouth with a vibe (with more gel on it) and this was pushed into my cunt. I buried my face in Julia’s pussy and ate her as they DP’d me. Mike told me not to hold back at all (which was good after our session the previous day) and I just allowed the sensations to build and pulse out from my holes as they were repeatedly filled. I (mostly) kept my mouth glued to Julia’s pussy but still moaned and panted quite a bit as I came. Mike stayed buried in my ass and flexed his cock (which made it feel really quite large) until I calmed down and then started to slowly move in me again.

For round two, Julia discarded the vibe and just ate me. I got her to pass the vibe down to me and I used in on her, but also lapped away at her clit until she came. Seeing as I was getting to cum twice, I left the vibe turned on and buried in her, telling her I would only remove it when both she and Mike had finished with me. Mike said he was getting fairly close and Julia sucked on my clit, drawing it and my lips into her mouth. I felt my second orgasm building and told them, but I wasn’t prepared for how sharp it was. I think it was mostly due to having just cum and the way that Julia was putting a lot of pressure on my clit (although Mike’s cock probably contributed something as well). I came with a fair bit of swearing and if I hadn’t been stuck in place I would have pulled away. I slapped Julia’s leg until she released my clit and Mike came in me fairly quickly. It didn’t feel as intense by this point, but I needed to lie down and Mike wouldn’t get out of my ass so we ended up half rolling onto our side with him still in me. He only ‘left’ when his cock softened and fell out (which actually felt quite nice). Mel thought that it was finally time for Jen to get her morning orgasm so we got to watch this while recovering.

After breakfast. Mike showered with Julia and between the shower, his fingers and mouth, he made her cum again. Jen showered with Mel and then with me (she likes being clean as well as being dirty) and we sat around discussing more plans for their wedding and bachelorette parties. I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it to Mel’s as it was in the week, but promised I would try my best as I expected it to be quite ‘interesting’. Over lunch, I presented the new vibe to Julia and she said that as it was a present, we should share it once more before she took it away. The ‘sharing’ ended up involving having each of us use in turn until we’d cum. Even though they have all seen me cum many times before (probably countless times in the case of Mike and Jen), I still relish the idea of a group of people intently watching me as I masturbate and I spread my lips as far as I could so they could see the vibe as I pressed it against my clit.

For Mike’s turn, he held the vibe against the base of his glans and said it felt quite intense. It was interesting watching his cock twitch and just before he came Julia was told to kneel in front of him so he could cum over her. He let a couple of decent jets of cum out which landed on her chest and dripped down onto her legs, after which Jules had to use the vibe to get herself off. With everyone satisfied, it was time to start getting ready to see Mel and Julia off. Jules wasn’t allowed to wipe the cum off her body (again, as if this was going to bother her – the only girl I know who is as much of a cum slut as I am). Just before we left the house, Mike asked for a final lick of Mel and Jules and ‘accidentally slipped’ so the final lick also became a final fuck (not to orgasm). It seemed unfair for him to have all the fun so Jen and I each had a lick of Mel and Jules and we left the house with them nicely turned on.

They were flying back so we saw them to the airport and couldn’t resist taking them to the disabled toilets and saying goodbye properly. Despite having had sufficient time to calm down from the previous teasing, they were both willing enough to cum one last time. We got them to stand beside each other, leaning against the wall and Jen and I ate them, switching places every couple of minutes. Julia came first while Jen was eating her and when we switched, I kitty kissed her and Mel came (which I was a bit disappointed about as I also enjoy making people cum). Jen made up for this though and on the way back into town, she let me slide a hand under her skirt and fondle her until she came (she doesn’t let me do this in ‘proper public’ that often so I was happy again).


  1. with all the cultural pressure on males to last longer in bed, and considering yours and Mikes experience I'm not too surprised he lasted the longest. It can be a good thing and a bad thing. Personally I'd rather have more orgasms than last longer and only have 1.

  2. She did get very lucky not getting pregnant but remember birth control pills alone are 99.9% effective which means if you have sex 1000 times you're running a 1% chance of pregnancy and if you have a group of 10 people then within a year there is a 10% chance of pregnancy and within 10 years someone is guaranteed to get pregnant. A safer option is to use two forms together such as pills and condoms or pills and a contraceptive foam (if STD are not an issue). By combining the two the chance of pregnancy is then statistically insignificant.

  3. Anon 1 - Well I can cum many times but Mike can't do more than three or four in a day (he could probably manage five if we really pushed it).

    Anon 2 - She was indeed lucky, but your stats are wrong. Assuming each time you have sex is during the fertile period, your odds of being protected are .999^1000=,36 -> 36%. Even with 10 people and 10 years, there is never a certainty that someone will get pregnant (although the odds would be very high that someone would).

    She was also lucky that she avoided STDs, but is now much more sensible about this (which is why we're willing to play with her)