Thursday, 20 December 2012

Home Again - Part 1

The next weekend I wasn’t feeling too well and we didn’t get up to much, but it was nice having two people to tend to me while I rested. Jen was out on the Saturday night with some of her new friends from her course. They seem nice enough (I’ve had lunch with her a few times, which is one of the benefits of her studying where I work), but not as ‘interesting’ as her undergraduate friends were. It has been nice being able to go to work with her and we’ve ended up playing with each other (discreetly) a fair amount on the journey. I’ve got some ideas for challenges that I will give to her over the coming year and hope to spice up her studies (or distract her from them) from time to time.

The last weekend in Sept, we headed down to my home (Mum’s house) for a visit. So Jen wasn’t all by herself in the bedroom over by Mum’s, we decided that she should share Sue’s bed. Mum made a comment about how they would probably keep each other awake all night with girly chat (both of them are fairly talkative) and we all found it difficult to supress our laughter as I was fairly certain that they would keep each other awake, just not in the way Mum thought…

Before we went to bed, we all sat in Sue’s room and Mike gave her a gentle fingering, then went down on her (not to orgasm) and then gave her a brief fucking. He had promised Jen that he wouldn’t cum in Sue, but he did fuck her until she came. As expected, I was required to suck his cock clean of her juices and to even things out, he pushed into me and got Sue to suck him clean again. Mike and I then spooned while Jen toyed with Sue’s pussy and we chatted while gently doing things. It would have been very easy to carry on and end up cumming, but Mike and I decided to head into my room to finish things off and let Jen have some alone time with Sue.

Jen made good use of this and pounced on Sue as soon as we were out of the room. She told her how she had been looking forward to burying her face in her cunt and eating her dry and hoped that Sue was going to do the same in return. Fortunately Sue seems to have embraced her bisexuality and they ended up 69ing in a challenging session where they each had to make the other cum twice without a break. By the time they had finished, their faces were smeared with the others juices and Jen spooned up behind Sue so she could fondle her breasts and bury her fingers between Sue’s lips.

Mike and I had a fairly simple session. I stood by the window looking out and he knelt in front of me to eat me, then took me from behind so my breasts were pressed up against the cold glass. Mike got me to imagine Sue and Jen playing with each other and promised to let him watch Jen take us both the following day (as if Jen wasn’t going to ask for that herself). He came in me and we remained in position until his cock softened enough that it fell out of me, along with a decent dollop of cum. I wanted him to spoon me to sleep so I knelt and took his cock in my mouth, sucked it clean and then ministered to it until it came back to life and started to swell in my mouth. As I crouched down I could feel more of his cum dripping out of my pussy and had to pull a skirt over so I didn’t drip (any more) over the carpet. We then retired to bed and spooned, but Mike wasn’t content just being inside me and ended up fucking me once more until I came. He held back so we could then spoon and I thanked him for being so considerate (as much as they torture me and ‘force’ me to do things, they are both very considerate lovers and seem to enjoy pandering to my appetite for orgasm. I do know I’m very lucky, but I don’t actually tell them that often). He gently fucked me to sleep and says that he carried on doing this for quite a while after I had actually fallen asleep. He considered cumming in me but decided to save it for the following morning.

I was eaten awake and after having cum, we spooned again. Mike demonstrated how he had fucked me while I’d slept and when he got close to cumming we debated whether he should cum over me or in me. I enjoy being covered in cum, but as I would have had to clean it off before we went downstairs (not sure how Mum would reach to that look) we thought it would be better for him to cum inside me. He asked if I was going to do something we had discussed and I told him I was fine with it if Sue was so we gave them a call (and woke them up). Jen hadn’t brought up the plan with Sue, but once they were in our room, she explained it to her and after just a short hesitation, Sue agreed to go along with it.

Mike had remained inside me this whole time and had kept himself quite close to cumming. He kept trying to stimulate me and I had intended to save my orgasm for stage two (or three) of the plan, but was convinced into letting him get me off. Jen fingered Sue as they watched us as pretty much as soon as I came, Mike pushed into me a few times and emptied his cum deep into me. Sue then had to lie down on the floor and I carefully climbed off the bed and crouched over her face, then spread my lips so Mike’s cum dripped out of me into Sue’s mouth (there was no direct contact between mouth and pussy). Jen helped out by pushing a finger into me a couple of times to help scoop his cum out and once we thought we had got as much as possible, I stood up and helped Sue upright.

She had a decent amount of cum in her mouth and Jen quickly climbed up onto the bed and spread her lips so Sue could first push Mike’s cum into her cunt and then eat it out of her. Meanwhile, I climbed over Jen’s face and lowered myself onto her mouth, to immediately feel Jen’s tongue snake up into my cunt and scour my insides (in a soft, pleasant way). Mike sat and watched, aroused both by the sight of Jen sandwiched between us and by the knowledge that she was getting his cum in both her mouth and cunt and he was quickly hard again. He moved up behind Sue and pushed into her so I had a nice view of him fucking her (although I couldn’t see the actual penetration) along with Sue working on Jen. Mike fondled Sue’s breasts, pussy and ass and got her off once before she made Jen cum, but this just meant that he got to do things to her a second time. Sue made Jen cum and then kitty kissed her while Jen got me off (and kitty kissed me) while Mike gave Sue her second orgasm and then came in her.

It had been a fairly intense session and as we lay curled up on the bed, Mike said that it was only fair that I should have to get the cum from Sue’s pussy and lick it into Jen, so Sue was instructed to clamber up over my face and with Jen’s help. Repeat what I had done to her. There was much less cum this time, but I got a few drops (along with a very detailed view of Sue’s pussy being spread and fingered), which I then used my tongue to push into Jen’s cunt. Jen wanted Sue to sit over her face but she wasn’t ready to cum again so had to promise to do this later on – I did the best I could to make up for this and ate Jen properly to get her off once more before we decided that we really should head downstairs before Mum wondered why we were having such a long lie-in.

After breakfast, we helped tidy the house for a while and Mike moved some things around for Mum. We were going to head out to the cinema but couldn’t decide on what to watch. We nearly went anyway in order to have a play, but if it turned out to be too crowded to get a secluded spot we didn’t want to waste our time so we decided to just go for a walk and catch up on memories.

I grabbed a few things from Sue’s wardrobe before we left as well as a few things from our bag. Sue stupidly had a pair of jeans on, but instead of getting her to change we just used this to our advantage. As soon as we were out of sight of the house, we found a secluded spot and Jen unzipped the front of Sue’s jeans. Jen applied some tingle gel to one of our vibrating eggs and pushed it into Sue’s panties, nestling it between her lips so it could vibrate against her clit. Sue had to do her jeans up and Jen turned the egg on and put the control in Sue’s pocket (there was a little bit of wire showing, but this was easily hidden under the hem of Sue’s t-shirt. Between the gel and the vibration, Sue soon got aroused and we took turns turning the egg up or down. We had to adjust the position a few times to make sure that there was always good contact but we managed to reach the point where we could have made Sue cum if we’d wanted.

Fortunately for her, this wasn’t what we wanted (or at least not in this way), but we kept her nicely aroused and not too far from cumming. I guided our walk towards our old school and after clambering through a hole in the fence, we made our way towards the place that Sue had showed us before where she had done things in school. It was now time to reveal our surprise and I produced her old school uniform and told her that we wanted her to put it on. Sue isn’t quite as much (okay, nowhere near as much) of an exhibitionist as I am, but our teasing had gotten her sufficiently aroused (and lubricated from the state of her panties) that she agreed and didn’t even need people to ‘help’ her remove her clothes. She became a bit more nervous when she got down to her underwear, but then removed them and took the items of clothing as I handed them to her (I had a simple white bra and panties to replace her lacy ones).

She was soon dressed and Mike and Jen pounced on her, kissing, fondling and stroking her. Mike then got her to himself and he fingered her up against a tree while she gave him a handjob. Once she had cum (which hadn’t always happened with her boyfriends of the time), Mike turned her around and briefly fucked her with her panties around her ankles before she knelt down and sucked him off. She would either let them cum in her mouth or over her breasts and as it put on a better show, Mike opted for her breasts so she undid the top few buttons of her blouse and pulled her breasts partway out of her bra. She resumed sucking him and he told her when he was about to cum, at which point she moved back slightly and jerked him off. He didn’t cum a great deal, but it hit her neck and upper chest before dribbling down between her breasts.

I didn’t want her to have all the fun so told Mike to fuck me. I leant forwards against the same tree and offered myself to him. He said that his cock felt very sensitive and he managed to get inside me, but he couldn’t cope with me moving enough that it did anything for me so we came to a compromise and he had to eat me. We didn’t want Jen to be left out so Sue was tasked with taking care of her, but I thought I would have some more fun with her and ordered her to strip. Being in the woods was Jen’s natural place to cum, and having the little schoolgirl Sue offering to eat her meant that there was no hesitation between being told to strip and her clothes coming off. Sue knelt in front of her and ate her while Mike ate me. Jen was clearly enjoying the experience and openly moaned, panted and described what she could feel. I told Sue to slow down so I could cum first and then we could all watch as Jen came. Jen swore at me for saying this, but I know she also really quite enjoys things being drawn out and Sue backed off a little and eased the pressure her tongue was putting on Jen’s clit.

Mike carried on eating and fingering me and I remembered wishing that I’d stripped off completely as well – I was just holding my skirt up and Jen had pawed at my top enough to reveal my breasts. I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching and I pulled my skirt up as high as I could to reveal as much of myself as possible. I told Jen that she wouldn’t have to wait long and as I said this, I started to cum. It was a really good orgasm – one of the best I’d had in a while. If I’d known we were completely safe I would have been incredibly loud – as it was I moaned quite a bit and as Mike started to ease off, I told him to carry on and came again. My second orgasm wasn’t quite as strong as the first one, but as I hadn’t actually finished the first one, it still felt quite powerfull. This one elicited a series of ‘oh yes’s from me, interspersed with ‘ungggghs’. He eased off but looked up at me to see if I wanted him to continue but unfortunately there wasn’t a third orgasm lined up so I let him kitty kiss me.


  1. What would you have done had your sister lost her inhibitions and sat down on your face when she was over you?

  2. As Sue now regularly joins us, we've discussed how far we intend to go (ignoring how far Mike and Jen would like us to go). We're happy kissing, playing with nipples and a small amount of stroking/fingering, but we're not likely to eat each other