Saturday, 22 December 2012

Home Again - Part 2

We sat down to watch Jen and Sue and I described to them how strong my cum had been. Jen said that she really wanted to cum (we hadn’t told Sue to make her cum just yet) and added that she really wanted to let go. Mike and I knew what she meant but sweet innocent Sue (ahem) didn’t. Mike crawled over behind Sue (his knees were a bit sore from crouching to eat me) and knelt behind Sue so he could reach under her skirt and whisper in her ear. He told her that in a minute we wanted her to make Jen cum hard (to which she nodded and gave a ‘mmm-mmm’, muffled by Jen’s pussy. He fingered Sue a bit longer and told her that we also wanted her to do something else, and if she did, he would make her cum as many times as she wanted that night. We (Mike, Jen and I) had already planned for Mike to sleep in Sue’s room (assuming Sue wanted this, but we couldn’t see her objecting) so he wasn’t really promising her anything she wouldn’t have got anyway, but she didn’t know this. She briefly broke contact with Jen’s pussy to ask what she had to do and Mike carried on playing with her pussy and clit and then told her that she just had to continue to eat Jen until she was really close to cumming, and then let Jen finish herself off while she peed over Sue.

Sue didn’t say anything at first, but she carried on licking Jen and Mike sped up his motions on Sue’s clit while he whispered in her ear how her reward would be him eating, fingering and fucking her to make her cum as many times as she wanted – all night if required (we know Sue can’t last that long) and he reminded her that she had a change of clothes with her. Sue still hadn’t replied but was clearly responding to what his fingers were doing and he kissed the side of her neck and encouraged her a little more. She briefly broke contact again to quietly say ‘okay’. Mike moved back and told Jen that she could go ahead, leaving Sue incredibly aroused and ready to receive whatever Jen had in store for her. We told Sue to make Jen cum and watched as Jen got more flushed and her mewing started (always a sign with Jen that she is getting close to cumming).

I watched closely to gauge how near she was to cumming, but it was Jen who told Sue to move back a bit and immediately started to rub her clit. Sue leant back and Jen asked her to play with herself – she still had her panties around her ankles from Mike’s earlier fucking so had to sit down in order to free up a hand to use on her pussy. The look of lust in Jen’s eyes was incredible and I wished I’d had a camera ready to catch it, but instead I contented myself with gently fondling my pussy. Jen came with a strong grunt and immediately let out a strong jet of pee that arched towards Sue and landed on her chest. She jumped a bit but Mike told her to stay where she was and to keep masturbating. To her credit, she did this, even though the stream of pee splashed over most of her front and onto her face a couple of times as Jen frigged her clit. Jen actually stepped forwards and kneeled on Sue, pushing her to the ground and she teased out the last few drops while humping against Sue’s (soaked) breasts. Once she had finished cumming and caught her breath, she climbed off Sue, thanked her and said that she (Sue) needed to see what that felt so good.

At Jen’s insistence, Sue ended up against the tree where Jen had been and was instructed to lift her skirt up so Jen could get to her pussy. Jen knelt on the ground and alternated between licking Sue and instructing her to pee as soon as she started to cum. Sue didn’t hesitate and was still sufficiently close to cumming from Mike’s fingering and her own masturbation that she came very quickly and didn’t even give Jen any warning (other than the general moaning). This didn’t faze Jen though and as Sue peed, Jen just rubbed her cheeks, chin and neck against Sue’s pussy while running her clit. When she finished cumming, Sue sat down and admitted that it had felt quite good, but that it was still a bizarre thing to do.

We helped Sue peel off her soaked clothes and Jen used the dry parts to dry Sue’s legs, pussy and her own body. Jen then slipped her dress back on and Sue was given her jeans (although we ‘forgot’ where we put her panties so she had to go without these). Jen’s legs were rather dirty from kneeling on the damp floor and the back of Sue’s blouse was covered with dirt and twigs, but we all felt it was worthwhile. I nearly let Jen use the opaque tights we had brought with us to cover her legs, but liked the look of having just fucked in the woods on her. (The tights were going to be used if we had decided Mike was going to fuck Sue – he would have cum in her and then pulled the tights up to keep it in, but as we had decided she should blow him, we had opted for her to wear the long socks instead).

After a little rest and a chat, during which Mike said that he would have happily helped out by peeing over Jen at the same time as Sue if it wasn’t for the fact that he had far too hard an erection, we left the school grounds through the same hole in the fence. On the way back home, I explained to Sue how privileged she was to have join Jen’s watersports club and how even Sara and Emily – although they had witnessed Jen’s orgasmic fountain – hadn’t participated in the same way. This led to talking about the sex parties and describing a lot of the things that happened at them (again) which Sue seemed very interested in. On returning home, the fact that Jen was visibly dirty meant she had a good excuse to head up for a shower, immediately followed by Sue, and we just pretended that we had been sitting in the woods chatting and had been tickling Jen.

We went out to the pub on the Sat night and a couple of guys came over to try and join our group (it *was* just Mike and three girls). If we’d been somewhere else, I might have let them have a bit of a play, or got Sue to join me and take them out back for a proper fucking, but I thought I recognised a couple of people that are old family friends (Mum’s friends) in the pub so I decided to behave myself. We returned home fairly late, so Mum was already in bed and this gave Mike the opportunity to sit Sue upon the kitchen counter and eat her to orgasm. We then headed up to our bedrooms and Jen hadn’t forgotten that she wanted the ‘other’ threesome with Sue and me, so before Mike got her, Sue had to sit over Jen’s face while I ate Jen. Mike made good use of my position and fucked me, but kept pulling out to let Sue suck him clean. He did at least make me cum once Sue and Jen had cum, but he left me unpolluted so Jen could enjoy my natural taste (and to save his cum for Sue).

Jen and I just spooned for a while (this is the one time that we occasionally wish one of us had a cock so we could be joined properly) and we then kissed and fingered before finishing off in the scissor position, holding on to each other, humping and grinding back and forth, smushing our cunts together until we came (well, until I came at which point I let Jen use my body to grind against).

Mike and Sue had a much longer session and Sue had decided that as she had done as requested at school, she was going to make the most of Mike’s promise. She had him fuck her, then eat her, a little break and then eat her once more, use her vibe on her while he kissed and sucked on her nipples, another break, he ate her again and she half-sucked him off before getting him to fuck her again (she came but he didn’t). Now thoroughly exhausted, they spooned and Mike gently played with her pussy, and then played a bit less gently while he fucked her to an extra bonus orgasm. Mike rarely knows when to stop at times like this so he went down on her again to kitty kiss her, but ended up making her cum one final time and had to swear to her that he wouldn’t try to make her cum again before he was allowed back inside her so they could spoon while she actually fell asleep. She went out straight away and he did carry on moving in her but his cock was aching so he didn’t carry on until he came, but did stay buried in her.

Mike got up in the middle of the night to pee and on returning to bed, climbed down between Sue’s legs again and ate her awake. He did this quite gently so by the time she actually came round and realised what was happening, she was aroused enough to let him carry on. As he had just peed, he originally hadn’t intended to do any more than this, but as I’ve said before, eating pussy is Mike’s ‘thing’ and by the time Sue came, his cock was rather stiff. He kitty kissed her for a while and just as she was dozing off, he rolled her onto her stomach and entered her from behind while lying on top of her. As he fucked her, he told her how hot her little cunt was and how he wanted to hear her cum again as he filled her. She wasn’t sure if she could cum again but he carried on pounding into her and ended up crouched over her so he could use long hard strokes into her. Once it became obvious that she actually *could* cum again, he lay flat on top of her and reached an arm around to play with her clit. He kept her close to cumming for a while and then fucked her hard until she came. Sue moaned a fair bit and Jen thinks that she may actually have heard their (very) early morning session, but she was only half awake so she wasn’t sure at the time.

On the Sunday morning, Mike ate Sue awake again and then used her favourite hairbrush to fuck her with while he licked her clit (it is her favourite brush for a reason, she’s been using it to masturbate with for many years and likes the way it feels). Following this, they spooned and then rolled over so Mike was lying on Sue’s back again and he fucked her until they both came. They then came in to my room, woke us up and Mike described how he’d got Sue off so many times the previous night. I was glad that Sue was able to enjoy herself so much and once they had finished, Mike went down on me and it was left to Sue to give Jen her morning orgasm.

Mum was already out, but had left a note saying she would be back and asking if we wanted to go out for lunch before we headed off so once we’d breakfasted and showered, we just lazed around the house waiting for her to return. Jen kept playing with Sue and (at Mike’s suggestion) tried out Sue’s hairbrush and then used it on Sue. Mum returned while this was happening, but Jen and Sue had time to switch places so by the time Mum came into the living room, Sue was sitting on the floor between Jen’s legs having her hair brushed – oblivious to what the brush had just been used for or how the handle was coated in Sue’s juices.

We had a nice leisurely lunch and discussed Sue’s future (lack of jobs) and what Jen intended to do when she finished her Masters (not a clue). Mum was good enough to leave us after lunch and we stayed in the pub and chatted for another hour or so. When Sue found out that we were heading to another sex party the following weekend, she said that she wanted to come along. I was a little nervous about inviting her so we said that we would have to check if it was okay. She was a little disappointed but Mike distracted her by placing a hand on her thigh and gently stroking her pussy with the side of his little finger. She reciprocated and put her hand on his crotch but he could work his finger under her panties while she couldn’t get to directly touch his cock.

It was raining so we couldn’t do anything on the way home (well, we could have, but didn’t want to have to travel in damp clothes). Mike and Jen each got some time alone with Sue while we packed our bags in the car to be driven to the airport. Mike ate Sue, then Jen had a turn at this and Mike finally fucked her. They had hoped to finished off so he could cum in her while she ate Jen, but Sue only got a quick lick of Jen’s pussy before it was time to head off. Sue sat between Mike and Jen in the back of the car and under the guise of tickling her, they each managed to get a hand down Sue’s back and under her skirt. She didn’t have any panties on and once she had laid her coat over her lap, he shifted position to allow Mike and Jen to take turns fingering her. They didn’t make her cum (which would have been rather risky with Mum right there), but both of them thoroughly fingered her and ended up with wet fingers. It was Jen who actually got to make Sue cum – they had a bathroom trip and once inside, Jen pushed Sue to the wall, knelt down and ate her hard and fast. Someone else came in while Sue was eating Jen, but Jen indicated to Sue to carry on and she came while the person was in the cubicle next to them. On their return, Jen whispered to Mike that she had managed to eat Sue and he was a little jealous about her having got the last cum, but he couldn’t complain too much after getting to spend a night with her.

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