Monday, 3 December 2012

Indulging Fetishes - Part 4

We had another fun visit from Vicky and fucked her ever way we could think of - unfortunately she had to go back to work, but we'll hopefully see each other again fairly soon. Back to August now and our picnic where Jen puts on a little display of her fetish...

Fortunately Mike and I have already identified suitable places to walk (and play) so we knew where we were going and after a short bus ride and about a 30 minute walk, we were (relatively) in the middle of nowhere. We found a suitable spot, set out the blanket and then set and ate lunch. I had a plan and plied Jen with liquid the whole way through lunch and by the time we finished, I could see that she was squirming around a little. As cliché as it is, I then talked about the number of little streams and brooks that were on the mountains and hills and how I loved the sound of running water. Jen was clearly getting uncomfortable by this point and I asked if the others would like to see her other fetish in action and they eagerly agreed. Jen said that it wasn’t fair that she should be the only one who had to display herself and I agreed and said that if she would put on a show, then I would remove my skirt and allow someone to make me cum (aren’t I generous?). Em suggested that as we were being so bold, they should join in as well and said that if Jen was really going to let us watch her pee and cum, then Sara would cum as well (Sara didn’t get much of a say in this, but she mostly seems to let Em do things like this to her just as Jen and I make each other do similar things).

Jen realised that she was being ganged up on and allowed Mike and I to pull her dress off. We helped her position herself with her legs spread and pussy pointing down the hill and all watched as she started to fondle herself. As she frigged her clit, I described some of the places she had shown me back at her home where she had peed and cum outside and told Sara and Emily how she would sometimes wet her panties and tights and then leave them where she knew a group of boys gathered in the woods. As Jen was already well on the way, I thought that I may as well make use of her and sat over her face so she could lick me. I realised that I was being selfish though and offered my position to Sara seeing as she needed to cum as well. I told Jen not to cum until she had made Sara cum and even though she moaned about this, she slowed her fingers and concentrated on licking Sara.

We didn’t completely let Jen off though and Emily and I each played with one of her breasts (without the usual pinching and biting). Mike was mostly responsible for keeping a look-out, but he also sat behind me for a bit and played with my pussy, then moved behind Emily, lifted her skirt and did the same to her. Jen did a remarkably good job of holding back (but she later said that as she had accepted that she was about to put on a show and let Sara and Emily watch her dirty little secret, she intended to enjoy it. She ate Sara until she came and once Sara had dismounted, we told Jen that she could go ahead and cum whenever she wanted.

Jen spread her legs further and asked for a jacket to lean her head on. This allowed her to rest comfortably while looking down over her breasts and stomach where her fingers were alternating between strumming away over her clit and sliding in and out of her pussy. Despite having said that she had accepted what she was about to show us, she still seemed a little nervous so I continued to play with one of her breasts and Em did the same with the other one. I got Jen to describe what she could feel and she gave a running commentary of how her pussy was throbbing and her orgasm was approaching. I looked over and saw that Mike had fished his cock out and was gently stroking it as well as fondling Emily’s pussy from behind. As Jen mewing got more intense I told the others to watch closely as she was about to cum and we all made sure that we had a good view. I told Jen that everyone was watching her and to enjoy herself as much as she could and it was clear from the look of lust in her eyes that she was going to give it her best shot.

I continued to quietly tell Jen to just let go and cum for us and watched as her fingers rapidly rubbed back and forth over her pussy. She let out a series of higher pitched ‘mews’ and as she started to cum she let go properly and we saw an arc of pee leave her body. It wasn’t quite an uninterrupted arc as her fingers got in the way a number of times and splashed it over her thighs, pussy and stomach, but I had wanted Jen to show the others how she really enjoyed herself and she was doing just that. She humped her hips up and down against her hand and as her orgasm faded, she let out a couple of additional squirts and then relaxed down onto the blanket. She looked very content and I leaned down to give her a long kiss and then congratulated her for letting everyone watch. She looked a little sheepish, but I know (from experience) that it’s hard to feel to embarrassed straight after a good orgasm. I handed her a towel and as she wiped her thighs clean I watched as Mike repeatedly fingered Emily and wiped her juices over his cock.

He got her to kneel over Jen so they (Em and Jen) could kiss, then flipped her skirt up and knelt behind her. Between kisses, Emily said that Sara would take care of me and told me to make sure that Sara removed her skirt so she was semi-naked before she pleasured me. Mike had been rubbing his cock between Emily’s ass cheeks but he’d had enough playing and pushed the head down between her pussy lips and then into her. Fortunately Sara didn’t object to going down on me and didn’t even pause when I told her to remove her skirt. I had wanted to 69 with her but she said she didn’t think she could cum again just jet (no stamina) so she knelt between my legs with her exposed pussy and ass pointing downhill and pushed her tongue into my cunt.

I was aware that we no longer had a lookout, but we hadn’t been interrupted so far and I doubted any of us wanted to stop to stand guard. I looked over and watched Mike pumping into Emily while he fingered her clit and Emily enthusiastically kissed Jen. I ended up pulling my top and bra up to expose my breasts and would have preferred to remove it completely, but Sara was working well on my pussy so I didn’t want to interrupt her. I looked down over my breasts and watched as her face bobbed up and down between my legs, she looked very cute and I imagined that I was 69ing her. I glanced over at Mike, Jen and Emily a few times as well as peering down at Sara but mostly just looked up into the sky and enjoyed the feeling of being outside with the air on my (mostly) naked body and the sensation of Sara’s tongue on and in my pussy (and a couple of times, my ass). I think I could have cum quite quickly but I tried to hold my orgasm back for a while so I could enjoy what was possibly my last outdoors session of the year.

Before I came, Mike got an orgasm out of Emily and then fucked her a little longer before cumming inside her. He asked her to stay kneeling over Jen so his cum could leak out onto Jen’s pussy, but only a few drops appeared. As my orgasm approached, I humped my pussy up against Sara’s face and asked her to lick me faster. I allowed myself to make a fair amount of noise (which in hindsight I can justify by saying if anyone had been close enough to hear, they would have probably been able to see us anyway). Mike, Emily and Jen had finished before I did and I didn’t realise that I had a dedicated audience until I’d cum. Mike, Em and I caught our breath and then joined Sara in covering up again. I felt that Jen should remain naked for a while longer but made up for this by caressing her at random points. The three girls also fingered her together (a finger each) and debated making her cum again but decided it was a lot more fun to repeatedly tease her.

By the time we allowed her to pull her dress back on, she was desperate to cum but I told her she would have to wait and she told me that I would pay later (which I had assumed would be the case and was looking forward to anyway). On the bus ride, we fondled Jen a bit more and got Jen to lean forward over the seat as if she was talking to Mike and me while Sara and Emily took turns vigorously fingering her. They got her quite close to cumming and I was tempted to let her cum and watch as she tried to keep silent, but thought it would be better to wait until we got home to finish her off. Unfortunately for Jen, by the time we got home we needed to start getting things ready for work the next day. We could always have let Emily and Sara take care of her, but I thought it would be more fun to leave her hanging.

We had an early(ish) dinner and decided to have one more play before heading off to bed (so we would have enough time to have a ‘real’ session in bed and not be up too late). Jen had calmed down properly from her earlier teasing, but was quick to get warmed up again. I didn’t want to tease her any more so let her have a 69 session with Emily while Mike and I played with Sara once more.

Mike took turns licking us both and rubbed his cock against Sara’s pussy and then slipped into me. I got Sara to climb over my face and we played like this for a few minutes, but not long enough for anyone to cum. Mike ended up spooning behind Sara with his cock pressed up against her ass and back and asked if he could slide it between her legs. She let him do this and then told him that as long as he didn’t actually fuck her, he could go inside her for a little while as thanks for the times he had made her cum over the weekend. He naturally jumped at this chance and pushed his cock into her and then complimented her on how warm and tight her pussy felt. He pushed as far into her as he could and flexed his cock. Sara said that it felt nice and I got Mike to lean back so I could whisper a question into her ear. I asked if she wanted to help tease Mike a bit (I don’t see why only Jen and I should have to suffer) and Sara said that as long as he didn’t cum in her, she was up for it.

I assured her that she would be fine and we made Mike promise not to cum before I moved down between Sara’s legs and started to lick her clit. My tongue made a fair amount of contact with Mike’s cock (but I wasn’t specifically trying to do this). Emily had a quick break from Jen to switch with me and she sucked Sara’s clit for a while until she said she was getting close to cumming, at which point I took over again and lapped away at her clit. Mike had an arm around Sara and was fondling her breasts and he kept telling her how good her cunt felt. She made him promise not to cum again and then said that she was about to cum, so I licked her a bit faster and was rewarded with a series of moans from her. Mike pushed as deep into her as he could while she came and described to us how he could feel her cunt throbbing around him (which wasn’t entirely true, but Sara liked the idea) and he then kept himself buried in her while she relaxed and enjoyed the post-orgasmic afterglow.

Mike’s cock almost looked larger than usual when he pulled it out of Sara and he said that he wanted to go and have a proper play so he could cum. Sara and Jen went into Mike’s room for the night and we set about figuring out how we were going to work things. Fortunately Emily is perfectly aware that we both love the taste of her pussy so she was willing to let us both have a lick before Mike came in her. To start off with, Em and I 69ed while Mike pushed his cock into my pussy and then (once we had rolled over) Emily’s. Once I’d had my fill of Emily juice (or at least once I’d had enough of a taste as I’m not quite sure I could ever tire of her juices), it was Mike’s turn. For this, he lay on his back with Em over his face and I mounted his cock. I was quite tempted to ride him until he came in me, but I knew he wanted to cum inside Em so I restrained myself and just gently humped against him. (I could also see that he was giving Emily a good licking and as I was about to take her place, I assumed that I would be about to get a similar treatment).

In line with my expectations, Mike asked Em to mount him and I climbed over his face. He started to push into her and I watched as they got a decent rhythm going. Mike licked and ate me (sort of) in time with his thrusts in to Emily and he reached between her legs to play with her clit. I leaned forwards a couple of times so Emily and I could kiss, but as the fucking became more energetic, this became impractical so I just sat up and watched (while still enjoying the licking). Emily looked like she was getting close to cumming, but she was being surprisingly quiet so I asked her to tell me what she could feel. She told me she was close and I encouraged her to make a bit of noise and then enjoyed watching and listening to her as her orgasm approached. I was fairly close myself and realised that I had started to grind back and forth against Mike’s face, but he usually likes this so I didn’t do anything to stop myself. Emily came first with me not too far behind her and even though it felt quite intense, I stayed in place so Mike could continue to eat me while he finished off fucking Emily. It was easy to tell when he came as he immediately slowed his movements and panted into my cunt and after giving him a minute, I climbed off his face so I could lie down and watch as Emily lay on top of him and kissed my juices off his face.

Cum immediately started to drip out of Em as she lifted herself off Mike’s cock and I rubbed Emily’s pussy while she stroked his cock. He wasn’t up for fucking again, but it was getting late enough that this didn’t matter too much. He did want to finger us both at once (which we allowed) and when it came time to fall asleep, I moved into the middle so I could snuggle with Em while Mike spooned with me (he got hard enough to do this and offered to fuck me if I wanted, but I was getting tired).

I was woken by Mike in the morning (eating me) and he went to shower while I ate Emily. While I showered, he had a quick standing fuck with Emily, undoing all the nice cleaning of her pussy that I had just done. By the time I returned, she had cum leaking down her legs and Mike’s cock was shining with her juices (and, I guess, his cum). Sara and Jen got up before we headed off to work and Mike was allowed a final lick of Sara (not enough to make her cum as Jen had already done that). It was only a little over a month before we would see them again for the sex party and on the way out I whispered to Emily to encourage Jen to come along to the next party and Mike and I said our goodbyes.

Sara and Emily weren’t leaving until later that morning so had time for a leisurely breakfast with Jen and one final girls-only session. They showered together to get all of the ‘nasty boy-cum’ out of Emily & then daisy chained for a while (Jen eating Em, Em eating Sara and Sara eating Jen). To finish off, Emily wanted to use our strap-on and once Jen had helped her attach the harness, Emily alternated between fucking Jen and fucking Sara with it. Emily seemed to love the idea of mixing fucking pussy juices into each other and once she had done them one their backs for a while, she got them to kneel up on the bed and present themselves to her so she could take them from behind. Once she’d got her fill of this, she instructed them to lie on their sides facing each other and in a slightly awkward position, she fucked them in turn while Jen and Sara kissed and stroked each other’s clits. It was effective enough and they both came (Sara first and then Jen) and by the time they had finished, the internal vibe had done a fairly good job on Emily and she really wanted to cum.

Jen decided to be slightly mean to Emily and got Sara to occupy her while she fetched something. As Sara helped Emily out of the harness and played with her, Jen fetched our ejaculating dildo (and made sure it was topped up with fake cum). She then helped Sara to get Emily close to cumming and instructed Sara to sit over Emily’s face while Jen finished Em off. She used a combination of licking and fucking her with the dildo, but as Emily came, she set the dildo off three times, pretty much emptying the whole contents into Emily’s pussy. Em didn’t realise what Jen had done (and neither did Sara) until Jen removed the dildo and a large amount of ‘cum’ poured out of her cunt. When she stood up, it actually ran down her legs and Jen had to fetch a towel to help clean her up.

When they finally made it to the station, they had a goodbye kiss and mini-grope. Jen had taken the (refilled) dildo with her in the hope of slipping it into Sara and shooting a load off inside her, but she didn’t find a suitably quiet spot to do this (which Sara was grateful for as she didn’t want to sit through a long train journey with soaked panties). As a compromise, Jen did get Sara to remove her panties (this isn’t as difficult to do in public as you would imagine) and promised to return them the next time we saw them – providing Emily managed to make her cum on their journey back to Emily’s house (she didn’t as the train was too busy).

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