Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Making Use of Julia's Friends

With the Christmas holidays coming up I was planning on posting a bit more frequently to ensure people have something nice to read and use to keep themselves amused.

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We spoke to Julia the evening she got home and she invited us down to visit her. We didn’t have any plans for the next couple of weekends so decided to take up the offer and mid-September, we jetted down to her place under the pretence of helping to plan for the wedding. Her parents are perfectly accepting of the fact that Julia is gay (technically bi, but they don’t know about her various sexual exploits), but they still find the fact that Mike, Jen and I are a stable threesome a bit odd.

The three of us slept on the floor in Julia’s room and had to be sufficiently quiet when doing things so her parents didn’t hear. This wasn’t too much of a problem as Mike fucked Jules on the floor and Jen, Mel and I had a play (in turns) on the bed. We slept in the following morning until her parents left, at which point we enjoyed a much more lively session. Once I’d got to cum once, I wandered over to Alex’s (Julia’s brother) room, knocked and walked in completely naked. He was still sleeping(ish), but the promise of morning sex was enough to wake him up quickly and I led him back over to Julia’s room.

Jules was 69ing with Jen on the bed when we arrived and Mike was eating Mel on the floor so we climbed up on the bed and (with condom on), I let Alex fuck me. At one point he tried to reach over to fondle Jen’s breasts but she told him he wasn’t allowed to do that so he had to make do with mine (which are significantly larger anyway). Once Julia and Jen had finished I got Jules to sit over my face so I could kitty kiss her (just as many guys like the idea of doing things with sisters, I like the idea of doing things with a brother and sister – or brothers – or sisters…). Alex came in me before I came, but Jules came to my rescue and she played with my clit while he stayed inside me. I wasn’t too far from cumming so it didn’t take too long and she even lay down on me and kitty kissed me afterwards (once Alex had pulled out).

We had breakfast together and toyed with each other a little more before getting ready to head out. When Julia had invited us down, I asked her to arrange a get-together with some of her old friends so we could have a fun weekend. Many of them have moved away now, but there are still a few around and the plan was to head over to a flat one of them had. I showered with Alex and let him rub up against my ass, Jen showered with Mel and Mike with Julia. I was quite eager to get to meet her friends and both Jules and I decided to just wear a coat while we wandered over to the flat. It was a little cold, but the promise of what was to come (assuming everything Julia had told us had been true) was enough to distract me from the weather. On arrival at the flat, I felt it was important to get things started on the right note, so we removed our coats straight away and I introduced myself while naked.

Julia and I sat down on a sofa together and while we talked and other people introduced themselves, we played with each other. There were a few comments about how Jules hadn’t changed and was just as horny as ever and I defended her, saying that after what I’d been told, the rest of them could hardly claim to be innocent. I asked if they wanted to see Jules cum (they did) so I knelt on the floor and went down on her. Mike offered me to anyone who wanted me and was going to demonstrate but Alex stepped in and knelt behind me. I was once again sandwiched between two siblings (so I do understand why Mike and Jen like having Sue and me at the same time) and I humped back against him in time with his thrusts. I had quite liked the idea of having a number of guys fucking me in turn, but I got fairly wrapped up in things and carried on fucking Alex until he came and ate Jules until she came. I was fairly close to cumming and switched places with Jules so she could eat me, but as soon as she knelt down, one of the other people (Andrew) said he would fuck her.

Given I’d just offered myself I felt a bit put out but instead of letting Jules eat me, I climbed down beside her and asked if Ken or Tom wanted me and that they could switch between us. This seemed to spur them on and I ended up with Ken in me while Andrew fucked Julia. It didn’t take too much encouragement to get the girls involved as well and I ate a girl called Beth while Julia got Lucy (who was nowhere near as cute as my - or rather Lis’ – Lucy). It really isn’t the same having to use dental dams – I really enjoy being able to slide my tongue into a girl, feel the texture of her cunt and taste her juices, but it was the best we could do and certainly didn’t stop us from making them cum. Ken and Andrew swapped places a few times to sample us both but ended up back where they started when they came. I at least got fucked to orgasm but Andrew had to finger Julia to make her cum.

Now that it was clear that we really wanted to join in properly, I let Tom take me while Mike fucked Beth. Jen got to sample Lucy (anything to help her get the association between fucking and the name ‘Lucy’ is good) and Mel played with Alex a little while watching. I thought that we should make Jen cum a bit so once she had finished with Lucy, I had her stand in the middle of the room and completely strip. With this complete, I instructed her to sit up on the sofa and play with herself – she was quite red while doing this, which I was a little surprised about as she is now fairly used to cumming in front of her friends so a group of strangers should be easy. I didn’t intend to stop with one orgasm though and once she had cum, I asked Lucy if she would eat Jen in return for earlier, after which I ate her and then got Mel, Beth and Julia in turn to do the same. Jen was pleading for mercy by the sixth orgasm, but I reminded her of the number of times she had tortured me at Uni (and she admitted that she enjoyed it really).

Naturally this got the guys quite excited again and Alex convinced Mel to let him fuck her. Mel was on top and Julia suggested to Andrew that Mel might want her ass filled. He moved around behind her and she didn’t complain when he pushed into her so we got to watch as Mel had her cunt and ass fucked in front of a live audience. Julia reached between Mel and Alex to play with Mel’s clit (to ensure she came) and ended up making her cum before either of the guys. She had to stay impaled on their cocks until they had finished (Andrew came first but Alex gave her a much more energetic fuck once Andrew pulled out). I hadn’t expected to see this happen to Mel as she usually mostly likes girls and while it was exciting to watch, I didn’t want to lose to her so I asked for a couple of guys to do the same to me. I asked Mike if he wanted to participate and he said that he was willing but would let Tom and Ken have me if they wanted (and they did).

Julia quickly went down on me to make sure I was wet enough and then once I’d sat on Ken’s cock, Tom pushed into my cunt. It is a lot more difficult this way round (as opposed to me being on top of someone but with me facing them with their cock in my cunt and the person standing behind me in my ass), but it worked well enough and the guys really seemed to enjoy it. Lynne reached in to play with my clit this time and Andrew sat on the other side and had a play with my breast so there was no chance that I wasn’t going to cum. The position meant that it wasn’t as fluid an orgasm as I would have liked, but a cum is a cum so I took it.

We took a little break and I quizzed the others about things that Julia used to get up to. She tried (in vain) to get them to shut up, but they told us how she was always so eager to do things and how she graduated from being fondled through her clothes, to inside her panties to letting people remove them and finger her. At the same time, she was eager to get her hands on the cocks and started sucking them off without having to be asked. Once they moved on to fucking, even though she wasn’t the first, she was incredibly eager and would let any of the guys fuck her as often as they wanted to. Again, she wasn’t the first of the girls to lick another girl, but wasn’t far behind and this quickly became a staple part of their games. She didn’t mind eating Alex’s cum out of the other girls and when challenged, she even sucked him off a couple of times. They told us how he had even ended up fucking her during a particularly energetic session

At this point, Julia was fairly red, but she got redder when they told us how during a summer session in the back garden on a friend’s house, Julia had been lying on her back, eating one of the other girls and one of the guys had just fucked her. Once he had finished, the family dog came over and stuck his head between Julia’s legs. It managed to give her a couple of good licks before she realised that it was a person eating her, at which point she quickly batted the dog away (even Julia has her limits and while I’m usually fairly competitive with her when it comes to sex, I probably won’t be competing on this issue).

Following the revelations, it was decided that we should make Julia cum as a form of recompense. She was given the choice of guys or gals and opted to have two guys fuck her while she sucked on a third cock. I reached between them to help play with her clit, although also stole a number of touches of the cocks pumping into her. She wasn’t released until she had made all three guys cum, by which point she was well on the way to her second orgasm so once her pussy was available, I went down on her to finish her off. Despite my having helped her cum, she decided to deflect attention from her past by telling everyone how my sister had taken part in threesomes with Mike and I, Jen and I and then been passed around to various other women. I tried pointing out that I haven’t actually done things directly with her (or at least not properly), but it was pointless arguing so I just took the abuse.

I had a final session with Beth eating me while Mike ate Lucy and Mel sucked Tom off. Naturally Julia couldn’t stay out of things so she ended up planting herself over Beth’s face and I had a nice view as her tongue flicked up and over Julia’s lips and clit. Mel wanted to make Jen cum again but she was still sensitive from her earlier ravishing so Jen just made Mel cum. When it came time to head back to Julia’s place I decided that it would be a good idea to keep a hold of Jen’s clothes so she could just wear her coat as Julia and I were doing. Jen’s coat wasn’t quite as long as our ones (but she hadn’t expected to be naked under it) so she had to be more careful on the way home. On the way up some stairs, Mike and I had to walk behind her to shield the view of her ass from other people, but I found it quite exciting and ended up unbuttoning the bottom couple of buttons so the front of my coat flapped open almost up to my pussy.

Julia’s parents were home and wanted to chat about where we’d been before we had a chance to go up and take our coats off (and put clothes on). I was very tempted to try to slide my hand up the back of Julia’s coat, but refrained myself. I’m fairly sure Julia’s dad stole a few peeks as Jen walked up the stairs, holding her coat down and I did wonder what an older man would be like, but as he’s married, he’s off-limits. We headed up and got dressed before returning to have a snack and a chat. Unfortunately that night, they wanted to go over the final details of the wedding and draw on the experience of Mike, Jen and I to make sure they hadn’t missed anything out. It wasn’t that I minded helping out, it just meant that we didn’t get to go out and see Julia and Alex’s friends (and have any more fun) – but as the planning was part of the reason we’d visited we didn’t have much choice.

That night, Jen and I shared the bed with Mel while Mike took Julia on the floor. After eating her, he fucked her in Sue’s favourite position (lying face down with Mike on top of her). Meanwhile, Jen and I sandwiched Mel and made her cum and then slowly got ourselves off by humping against her thighs (or the side of her thighs) while she kissed us and we fondled her breasts. It was a nice gentle session, but led to a pretty satisfying orgasm. Of course I wasn’t satisfied with just cumming once so I then snuck over to Alex’s room and knelt on the floor so he could take me from behind (his bed creaked a bit and this seemed the easiest way to do things quietly, although it resulted in my knees being rather red with carpet burn). I was pleasantly surprised when he pushed the end of his thumb into my ass and he told me that Julia also liked this (which Mike knows from experience). I reached back to play with my clit (so I wasn’t left hanging) and once I’d cum I told Alex to finish off between my breasts. I let him do this without the condom on and he tit-fucked me, then came between my breasts. After the day’s antics, he didn’t produce much, but it was enough that when I returned to Julia’s room I could scoop some up and threaten to rub it into her cunt (I didn’t).

The next morning I had intended to eat Jules awake, but Mike got there first, so I took care of Jen while she ate Mel. Mike stopped monopolising Julia after this and he ate Mel while Julia did me and I ate Jen. Mike finally fucked Mel while she ate Jen and Julia and I helped out (just stroking and kissing). I had intended to give Alex a morning fuck with Julia watching, but their parents were up and about and I didn’t get the chance. The three of us left not long after lunch, but I don’t feel too sorry for him as Mel continued her enjoyment of sex with siblings and has let him take her a number of times since then (usually while she is eating Jules).


  1. You should have had Julia lick Alex's the cum off your tits.

    With all these guys, what is the biggest cock you have experienced? Have you ever fucked a black guy?

  2. Yes I've fucked a black guy at the sex parties. The largest cock I've had in me (that I've written about - hint about a future entry in relation to Julia's bachelorette party) was another guy at the parties (who sadly has now left York). He wasn't porn star huge, but was more than enough to fill me.