Monday, 24 December 2012

Sex Party, October 2012 - Part 1

We're at home (Mum's house) for Christmas then off to visit Jen's family for New Year (assuming the travelling conditions are better than they were today).

There is (plenty of) sex in this entry, you just need to skip ahead a little as the first section is just devoted to some relationship issues of people that regular readers will be familiar with.

The first weekend in October involved a trip down to York for the start of (academic) year sex party. We knew that this was going to be a little subdued as a number of people had left at the end of last year, but there were still enough of us to have fun (and if I got to fuck and cum in front of people, then it was fairly certain I would enjoy myself no matter how many people there were).

We had a bit of a shock when we tried to call Sara and Emily to see if they wanted to meet up before the party as we found they had split up (we found this out from Em). We didn’t find out much over the phone so Mike arranged to meet up with Emily on the Saturday and (after a bit of effort getting hold of her) Jen and I arranged to meet up with Sara. We’d arranged to stay in a hotel anyway so we weren’t stuck for somewhere to sleep, but we were curious as to why such a cute couple, who seemed to really be into each other, had broken up. It turned out to be fairly simple – Emily had cheated on Sara. Ironically, she had cheated with one of the guys that they had used in one of their threesomes – Emily had simply continued to see him after they had experimented together.

Sara found it quite difficult to talk about what had happened and we didn’t want to push her to tell us more than she was ready to, but from what I could tell, she had been willing enough to experiment and have the threesomes and had enjoyed playing at the parties (as well as with us). I would like to think that if Emily had just been honest with her that they would have remained together and Sara would have been okay letting Em fuck the guy – either with or without her being present to watch.

Mike got a slightly different impression and said that he thought there were some echoes of Vicky and Lis, where one of the pair (Emily/Vicky) was clearly more into guys than the other ones (Sara/Lis) and even though they really cared about their partner (and enjoyed the sex), it wasn’t what they wanted long term. To be fair, Vicky didn’t actually cheat on Lis so it isn’t quite the same thing and I just wished that we had a spare Lucy that we could give to Sara in the hope she ended up as happy as Lis now is. (Of course, if we’d had a spare Lucy, I would have been using her quite a bit, so she would have been in a rather worn state when we passed her on).

Having spent a chunk of the day consoling people, we felt a little deflated and decided that if we were going to enjoy the party, we would need to prepare ourselves properly and so spent quite a bit longer than usual shaving and ‘testing’ each other. Mike got to help out with shaving Jen (although the tongue test was left up to me) and Jen shaved me, with Mike responsible for the testing. In return for this, we both gave him tit jobs (well, I did and then Jen rubbed her breasts against his cock, but she doesn’t have enough to squeeze around him). None of us came, but that was the whole point – just get sufficiently aroused that we were nicely primed for the party.

We got ready and Jen and I put on our matching panties which also matched the sexy pair Mike had bought for Sara. The plan had been to get her wear her pair so we could discreetly mark her (and by association, Emily) out as our fuck buddies. Sara obviously wasn’t going to be going to the party and Em hadn’t decided if she was coming or not but we still thought the panties looked cute so decided to wear them. We knew that a number of guys liked our schoolgirl look (not just Mike) and prepared ourselves accordingly (including bunches).

It was a bit cold out so we waited in the hotel, gently teasing each other, until it was time to go and then got a taxi to the party. We arrived only about 30 minutes after the party ‘started’ but there were a number of other people there already (most people turn up to these things reasonably early as we all want to cum). We briefly chatted with a couple of people and asked about summer, told them about Jen and I getting married (which confused the people who knew I was already married to Mike) and generally caught up. Mike stood behind Jen and reached around to play with her breasts, at first through her top, but this was soon removed and he fondled her nipples directly. We were then nicely surprised by Laura turning up (who had graduated the previous year), who immediately knelt in front of Jen and pulled her panties aside so she could finger her.

We weren’t the only ones who had gotten started – there was already a couple on the sofa who were fingering each other and another couple who were making use of one of the beds upstairs. Mike was happy to see Laura and convinced her to let him join in, so they moved Jen over to one of the sofas and Laura went down on Jen while Mike knelt behind her and fucked her (with protection in both cases). After briefly watching, I left them to it and wandered upstairs. I found Melissa and Neil watching another couple on the bed (Scott and Hannah) and we had a brief chat about our summer activities. I asked Melissa if she was going to have some more girl fun and she said that she was considering it, but was mostly hoping to get her pussy filled by a number of guys. I asked if that meant I could borrow Neil (my hand was already on his crotch, stroking the outline of his bulge) and she told me to go ahead, so I freed his cock and stood stroking it while we watched. Neil wanted to see me kiss Melissa and she was willing to do this much, but he soon pulled me away from her so he could get to my breasts and play with them.

I suggested that we join the others on the bed and get stuck in, which he was quite willing to do and within no time, we were naked and I felt his cock sliding into me. We exchanged brief pleasantries with Scott and Hannah, but they were a lot further on and not really wanting to be distracted so we concentrated on our own session. I let Neil take me in a number of positions, missionary, with my legs held up to his shoulders, doggy and finally with me on top. Scott and Hannah had finished so we were alone on the bed by the time we finished, although another couple semi-joined us as we finished off (she was leaning against the bed while being taken from behind). I told Neil that he wasn’t allowed to cum until I had and got him to play with my clit (he didn’t need any prompting to play with my breasts) and once I’d cum I rode and milked him as hard as I could. He thrust into me hard as he came and once I climbed off him, Melissa clambered over him, pulled off the condom and sucked him clean. I couldn’t resist giving her ass a stroke but I refrained from caressing her pussy (but hoped to get a chance to do so later on).

I pulled my skirt on and went back downstairs (topless) to find out that after Laura had eaten Jen, Jen had reciprocated. Corey had wanted to fuck Jen (which he obviously didn’t get to do) but had ended up on a sofa with Caroline sucking him off while Mike ate her. To our surprise, Emily turned up at this point – part of me was still rather angry with her for cheating on Sara, but her pussy is too delicious to resist so as soon as she was indoors, I went over, told her I wanted her cunt and pushed her down onto a chair. I wasn’t at all delicate (or that gentle – I guess it was a passive-aggressive fuck). I pulled her panties off, tossed them aside and then pulled at her skirt. I was pretty sure I broke the catch but I didn’t care if she had to walk home naked and once I’d disposed of the skirt, I spread her legs, pulled her ass to the edge of the seat and buried my face between her legs. I spread her lips wide and delved into her cunt, licking as deep as I could and savouring her juices. I took a break from eating her to finger her with three fingers, plunging them into her over and over while playing with her clit and as she got closer to cumming, I resumed eating her until she came. I didn’t stop until she said she couldn’t take any more, at which point I gave her three or four more long, forceful licks up her cunt and over her clit. I then kissed my way up her body and gave her a deep kiss while wiggling a couple of fingers inside her.

As you may (or may not) be able to tell from that description, I wasn’t really sure how I felt about her any more. A part of me wanted to give her a slap and another part wanted to just plant my cunt on her face and get her to make me cum. In the end I settled for pulling her blouse open (possibly popping off a few buttons in the process) and I was going to try and tear her bra off when I saw it was one of the ones Mike (or we) had bought her. I pushed it up over her breasts and left her sitting, mostly naked and panting on the chair.

The whole thing had left a bad taste in my mouth (which was fortunately masked by the gorgeous taste of her cunt) so I went to find some more wholesome fun. I located Clare and Giles who had already done things once and as we talked and watched another couple, I brushed up against Giles and let my breasts press up against his arm. I moved closer so his hand brushed against my leg and asked Clare if I could borrow him. She said that she wasn’t sure so I offered to help out with their next session and Giles was certainly sure about this. He let me caress his crotch and once I slipped my hand into his trousers, he literally pulled us both upstairs. It took no time for me to get naked (I still only had my skirt on) and Once I’d helped Giles undress, I even got to remove some of Clare’s clothes. I slipped her skirt down and got a nice view of her pussy – a few dark hairs matted over her mons (presumably with Giles’s cum from their previous session). I assumed she wasn’t ready for any girl action yet so as she sucked Giles, I stroked the shaft of his cock.

Once he’d put a condom on, I helped Clare out and we licked and kissed his cock together. Of course, this was also an excuse to get some tongue action with her, which she didn’t seem to notice. I moved things up a notch by suggesting a tit job, but instead of just using mine, I pressed one of my breasts up against one of Clare’s and Giles rubbed his cock between them. I congratulated Clare on a job well done but said that it was probably time for Giles to fuck her. She lay on her back and as he took her, I fondled her breasts. As things got more heated, I started to lick and suck on one of her nipples while stroking the other one and she seemed to like this so I did it for quite a while longer. I told Giles I wanted to feel his cock once more before he came and he pulled out of Clare but stayed close to her pussy. This allowed me to jerk him off and I then pulled him closer still so I could rub the head of his cock up and down Clare’s pussy. I remember wondering if I could make them both cum like that but doubted I would be able to get Clare off so I pulled him further inside her (and stole a little stroke of her pussy). Giles resumed fucking her and I wanted a closer look so climbed over Clare in a 69 position (with no contact) and helped to hold her legs apart.

She didn’t complain so as she started to pant, I moved my fingers closer to her pussy and was pretty much spreading her lips. Giles rubbed her clit (which I had a good view of) and I could feel her breathing hard and her body heaving underneath me. I was very tempted to just lower my pussy onto her face to see what happened, but that would be somewhat against the rules of the party and as much fun as it would have been to see if she licked me, I didn’t want to get kicked out so I just imagined her eating me. I saw Giles push deep into her and stay still so I reached down under his cock and gently caressed his balls as they contracted. When he pulled out, I kept my hand between Clare’s legs and caught some of his cum as it oozed out of her. I rubbed it over her pussy a couple of times and even dipped a finger partway into her to scoop out some more (which I rubbed over her clit). I didn’t push things any further though.


  1. I think it is a bit of both and one lead to the other. One was more into guys than the other, and they probably hid that fact out of fear of hurting the other person. Sadly, the end result was that when it came to light the lie, in an attempt to avoid hurting the other person, hurt them even more.

  2. It is certainly true that Em is 'more' bi than Sara, but Sara knew this when they started dating. It's not as if Sara minded Emily sleeping with guys - she saw her do it at the parties and even the times when a guy joined them for a 'private' threesome. It was the fact that Emily actually cheated on Sara.