Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sex Party, October 2012 - Part 2

We're at Jen's parents' place now (today's journey wasn't so bad). I'll be doing my best to wish her brother a Happy New Year during our stay, but for now back to the party...

I couldn’t use my hands to masturbate with so emptied my beer and then sat with my pussy fairly close to Clare’s head and used the bottle. As I couldn’t touch my clit, I had to be a bit more forceful than usual, but found an angle that got some contact between my clit and the neck of the bottle and carried on fucking myself. Clare was sitting up by this point and Giles was fingering her pussy with a still hard (or hard again) cock and I suggested that he could fuck her while Clare got a close up view of me cumming, but he said he didn’t think he could cum again so I pumped just that bit harder until I came. In a way it seemed a waste to masturbate during these parties, but I still enjoyed having people watch me and it was all part of my long-term plan to bring Clare and Giles more on board with joining in fully (assuming they kept coming).

Clare covered up (mostly as I stole her panties and told her she wasn’t allowed them back) and we went back down to see what else was happening. I found out that Emily had played with Jen and Jen had got off with Emily, while Mike had taken Melissa and eaten Hannah. I decided that I needed my customary kitchen fuck and ‘convinced’ Brett to help me out with this. We started off with me kneeling and sucking him but when it was my turn for some oral pleasure, I wanted to give people a better view so sat up on the counter with my legs spread wide and I let him eat me. I should have probably let him make me cum like this and then fucked him, but I wanted a cock inside me so as I got close to cumming, I clambered down and presented myself to him. He took a hold of my hips and easily slid into me. I told him to give me the hardest fucking he could and he did a pretty good job. My breasts swung back and forth underneath me (and were occasionally fondled by random people). I’d been fairly close to cumming before we started and after only a relatively gentle play with my clit I realised that I was going to cum so I left it alone and let Brett’s pounding take care of me.

I announced to everyone in the room that I was cumming and kept encouraging him to pump harder and faster into me the whole way through my orgasm. As he’d been doing what I’d asked, I let him carry on afterwards and he did a fairly good job at holding back, but eventually told me he was going to cum in me. As soon as he’d cum, I pulled myself off of his cock, knelt down, took the base of his cock in my hand (to hold the condom in place) and gave his cock a good sucking (not too hard though – I’ve learned this from Mike). As I swirled my tongue around his cock, I automatically dropped my other hand to my pussy and realised that I wanted to cum again (Brett had kept going for long enough after I’d cum to get me excited again) so started to play with myself. I didn’t intend to make myself cum, but certainly enjoyed the stimulation so fingered myself until I couldn’t taste any more of my juices off the condom.

I stood up and selected Caroline as my target. She was up for a bit of heavy petting and I pushed her against the counter so I could suck on her breasts. This pushed my ass out and I offered myself to anyone who wanted to fuck me. I pushed my fingers between Caroline’s lips (which was technically against the rules of the party as I’d been fingering myself, but I knew that I was clean) and she let me start to finger her. I felt someone behind me and a cock slide into me – I had no idea who it was and didn’t want to so I ignored them (other than enjoying what they were doing to me) and carried on rubbing Caroline’s clit. I told her I wanted to eat her and she hardly hesitated before pushing herself up onto the counter and spreading her legs. I was pleased that we had managed to convert another girl (or further her conversion as I can’t take all the credit – Laura had been working on her for a number of parties). I wasn’t too worried about the reason why though and (after grabbing a dental dam), I buried my face between her legs and ate her. Whoever was fucking me finished off and I asked if there was anyone else who could carry on (another rule is you aren’t meant to criticise anyone’s performance, even if they do cum and stop doing things before you cum). The party was beginning to wind down a bit so nobody offered straight away and I had to call out that there was a wet cunt waiting to be filled before Bennett stepped up. I resumed eating Caroline while he prepared and started on me and she came not long after. I didn’t intend on letting her go though and fingered her with one hand while using the other on her clit. I kept telling her to cum again and we got a chant going for her and she relented and allowed me to get her off.

Bennett was much more considerate of my needs than the previous guy and played with my clit. I actually came a little before Caroline, but Bennett didn’t cum until after she had. I let Caroline lick my fingers clean of her juices and I was going to give Bennett the same sucking I’d given Brett, but he was already soft by the time I’d finished with Caroline so I just let him have a play with my breasts as a thank you.

I caught up with the others and we watched Laura and Emily 69ing on one of the beds (quite a few people were just watching by this point). I was pleased to see that Jen was completely naked and I nearly got her to join in, but she looked fairly tired and pretty satisfied already. Once we had gathered up our clothes, we decided to head back, but stayed a little longer to watch Scott and Corey sandwich Hannah between them (Scott in her mouth, Corey her cunt). Only when they had finished did we say our goodbyes, encourage people to find some fresh meat for the next party and head back to our hotel. As had become customary, we went back without putting any of our clothes on for the walk (other than jackets) and we were fortunate enough to have a couple of guys behind us as we walked up the stairs in the hotel. I whispered to Mike to hug us and lift our jackets so we went upstairs with Jen on one side of him, me on the other and his arms around us so our coats were raised enough to show the bottom of our asses. Only once did I bend down to pick something up, which would have given them a very clear view of my pussy.

Once back in our room, we showered and finished comparing notes for the evening. I felt a bit guilty about the way I’d treated Emily so I texted her and asked to meet up the next day. So it didn’t look like we were taking sides, Mike called Sara (who had been asleep) and offered to take her out for lunch. I managed to coax some life out of Mike’s cock so he could spoon with me while I spooned with Jen (obviously without the penetration in the latter case) and we slept soundly.

We had our usual morning session, and headed off to meet up with people. As promised, Mike took Sara out for lunch and listened to her side of the story. She seemed to be a bit more open with him and he said that she seemed so small and vulnerable that he wanted to protect her (and I’m sure that if ‘protecting’ had involved hiding her under a duvet and somehow keeping her warm while she was there, he would have gone along with that). Jen and I just went round to Emily’s place and chatted to her up in her bedroom. Once I’d apologised, she gave us her side of the story, which evened things out ever so slightly, but it was still her who had cheated (possibly they would have split up even if this hadn’t happened).

As we chatted, I got to see up Emily’s skirt and it was fairly obvious that she was naked underneath it. Now neither Jen nor I had panties on, but this is our usual state of (un)dress while Em doesn’t always go commando. I tried to not let is distract me as I was still trying to be (a bit) mad with her, but she caught me looking a number of times and flippantly asked if I just wanted her to take her skirt off. I told her that would be stupid and if she was going to undress, then I would want her completely naked and not just to expose her pussy. As I was saying this, I knew that if she played along, I would end up fucking her. It looked like Emily was in the same frame of mind so I adjusted my position to give her a decent view up to my pussy and then reached over to fondle Jen. I had two fingers working Jen’s pussy and her breasts exposed before Emily cracked and moved over to join us. We worked on Jen together, both of us fingering her pussy and sucking on one of her nips each. Jen mewed her way through her orgasm and we carried on with the breast play (and a bit of gently pussy play) for a while until Jen was panting and her breasts were damp with our saliva.

I was more than ready for Emily now and we quickly undressed before falling into a 69. I ate her as ferociously as I’d done at the party, but this time it was meant for her to enjoy as well as for me to enjoy her taste. We got each other off fairly quickly and I was going to go for a second round but thought it would be only fair to let Jen have a taste, so we moved into a circle and I ate Jen, while she ate Em, who ate me. This round took a bit longer, but we all got there in the end. As we snuggled up together, we marked each other with our juices and promised to meet up again (beyond the parties).

Mike felt a bit short changed as we’d got to have an extra session with Em, but we made up for it by Jen humping against him later that night when we had returned home. I sat behind her and reached around to play with her nips and once they had both cum, they serviced me with Mike in my cunt and Jen kissing and stroking my neck.


  1. Have you done any sex parties without protection lately? Enjoyed your last one.

  2. Have you ever done any serious BDSM? Real enough to include actual bondage or rope knotting etc? Sometimes I tie my significant other up until her breasts throb red then slap them around until she tears up. (Don't worry, it's mutual and we use safewords etc) I enjoy a good penis slapping every now and then too. If you slap it hard enough in the right way it starts to pulse and tingle and it can allow you to hold back for well over half an hour after you're 'right there' which is pretty good for a guy.

  3. Anon 1 - No (not counting my birthday which wasn't one of the York parties). I'm going to suggest that we do it again but it is a bit of an effort for everyone to get tested around the same time (but I think it's worth it).

    Anon 2 - No - never any real bondage. We've done some fairly serious slapping of Jen (enough to make her nips and pussy very pink and tender) but nothing with real rope (only tied each other t the bed with silk scarves). Jen is the only one who likes pain and I don't mind doing thing to her occasionally, but I don't enjoy doing anything that might actually hurt her.