Thursday, 31 January 2013

Exploring Lis - Part 1

Mid-November: Lis and Lucy came up to visit us again, but this time we knew that we would get to do more with them that just have them watch us play. Unfortunately for Mike, it meant another couple of days before the visit with him not cumming in me, but he made up for that by cumming over Jen and me whenever we fucked.

Lis arranged to get away early (and Lucy still hasn’t found a job), so they arrived mid-afternoon. Jen was able to skive off and meet up with them, but they didn’t head back to the house so Mike and I joined them after work and we went out for dinner. In a shocking display of covering up beauty, both of them had jeans on (it was quite cold and damp). Admittedly Jen had denim shorts on so I was the only one who had easy access to their pussy, but I also had tights on to keep the cold off my legs. I did manage a long enough flash to demonstrate that I didn’t have any panties on under my tights though.

It was deliciously frustrating, knowing that we wanted to get back home and get started, but spending time to have a relaxing dinner and chat. We even dragged things out a little longer by going for a drink afterwards, but our whispered comments about what we were going to do that evening became more and more urgent until we all agreed that it was time to make a move. On the way home, I got my hand firmly on Lis’ ass and then later did the same to Lucy, walking along while squeezing and confirming the firmness of their cheeks. Once home, we showed them what we had prepared – a duvet bed in the living room for the four of us while Mike got to use Jen’s bedroom (the bigger one). Lucy had already told us during the week that she didn’t really object to Mike seeing her naked (as he’s pretty much seen all of her naked anyway), but she didn’t want him to see her actually having sex. Mike was obviously a little disappointed about this, but Lis had promised him a fresh (or rather used, but fresh to him as she would have worn them first) pair of panties each day.

Mike did at least get to see Jen and Lis start to make out on the sofa and after asking Lucy if she minded if we played with Lis first, I crawled over to them and started to unbutton Lis’ jeans. I had pulled them down just enough for her panties to be visible (which isn’t easy when the person is sitting down and making out with someone) when Lucy told Mike that he wasn’t allowed to see any more (she has learned a few things from Jen about teasing Mike). I hadn’t stopped working on Lis’ jeans, so he did get to see her legs appear and me pushing my face into her crotch (she still had her panties on). As soon as he left, these were quickly removed and I started to eat her. Jen worked Lis’ top off and played with her nipples and it didn’t take too long before we got an orgasm out of her.

I wanted to move straight over to Lucy and start things with her, but Lis said that she would take her panties in to Mike so he at least had something to play with (I think she underestimates his imagination and our porn collection). I knew that during our phone/Skype calls, Jen had been encouraging Lis to tease Mike and once Lis had wiped her pussy dry on her panties, she pulled out a nice sheer set of bra and panties and pulled them on. I thought it was the perfect balance between cute and sexy and knew that Mike would love the look (and if there hadn’t been a Lucy waiting for me I might well have pulled Lis back down onto the sofa and ravished her again). Jen got Lis to pose in a couple of sexy-pouty shots and I advised her to tone these down a little if she really wanted to tease Mike (he doesn’t think these actually look sexy and nor do I). She told us to be kind to Lucy and wandered out the door clutching her damp panties. I called Lucy over to us and in an (almost) innocent way, asked if she was still interested in playing with us. She tried to act casually, but I started to caress her crotch and Jen pushed a hand into her blouse to play with her breasts so this didn’t last too long and we decided to move onto the makeshift bed on the floor to get things started.

I quickly shed my clothes and once Jen had helped me to strip Lucy naked, she removed hers. Jen and I took up position on either side of Lucy and we both caressed her body while she took turns kissing us. I tried to convince Lucy to let Mike watch and explained just how incredibly hot he would find it but she said that she wasn’t quite ready for that and I didn’t want to spoil the mood so I didn’t push things (except my fingers into her pussy). As I’ve said before, Lucy is no prude (and I know this full well from the things Lis has told me) so while we fondled her, I whispered to her if she had enjoyed watching her girlfriend being eaten and made to cum. Jen spent a while on Lucy’s breasts and then migrated south so I removed my hand to give her better access. Lucy is quite a good kisser (and certainly a lot better now she isn’t as nervous about doing things with us) so we exchanged saliva and I caressed her breasts until my desire got the better of me and I climbed over her face to let her eat me. Her tongue pushed into me as soon as I was in position and I commented to her on how she had become so eager to fuck, but she didn’t reply.

We carried on in this position for a while longer, not hurrying things along, but certainly enjoying what we were doing and Lis eventually reappeared. I pointed out that Jen could do with some attention and she obliged – at first she knelt behind Jen and tried to eat her, but couldn’t get a good angle so moved round onto her back, scooted under Jen and pulled her pussy down to her mouth. Lucy’s tongue pushed right into me and I loved that she was getting so involved, but unfortunately it didn’t take too long for the stimulation to become too much and I came. I climbed off her face resumed kissing Lucy, took a short break to pull Lis’ legs apart and eat her and then as Lucy started to moan I went back to kissing her and caressing her breasts. I could feel her chest heaving and feel her heavy breathing as she came and once she had finished I licked and lapped around her nipples while Jen kitty kissed her. It seemed only fair to help out for Jen’s orgasm so I sat beside her and reached under her body to her breasts so I could tease her nipples. I was a lot more forceful with Jen (just as she likes it) and between Lis’ licking and my pinching, she mewed her orgasm into Lucy’s cunt.

We curled up under the duvet and I welcomed Lis and Lucy back to our home, telling them they could cum anytime they wanted (fully intending the pun). Jen asked Lis how Mike had enjoyed her panties and Lis said that things had gone pretty well, but it was obvious from her expression that there was a bit more to it. We encouraged her to tell us more by Jen tickling her and me wiggling my fingers inside her (I’d been caressing her under the covers the whole time). Lis told us that she had gone in to see Mike and he had indeed liked her outfit. She mentioned to him that Jen had been giving her pointers on how to tease him (not that Lis doesn’t know how to lead guys on, but Jen has a fair amount of very specific practice with Mike) and she climbed up on the bed beside him.

Mike was perfectly willing to take whatever teasing Lis was going to give and after she handed him her damp panties, she asked him to taste her from them (so he did). As a reward, she straddled him and gently rode back and forth, pressing her crotch against the duvet. Mike pointed out that they’d been in much closer contact before and Lis asked him if he’d cum yet – when he said that he hadn’t, but had just been teasing himself, she told him that they could always move the covers out of the way if he wanted. ‘If he wanted’ was a stupid qualifier and he told her to kneel up so he could push them down and expose his cock. He wasn’t sure if Lis had expected him to be naked, but she didn’t seem surprised and simply lowered herself so her crotch pressed against his cock and resumed rocking back and forth. Mike wasn’t entirely passive and rubbed back against her and she reminded him that he couldn’t cum (Lis isn’t using any birth control as there isn’t really much need for it). He promised her that he wouldn’t cum (and Lis knows that Mike is good at holding back) so she humped against him some more.

Mike was hoping that Lis would carry on until she came, but after a few minutes she reached down and rubbed her panties (also brushing her hand against his cock) and said that they felt quite damp. She stood up and he had a wonderful view of a darker patch on the crotch and she asked if he also wanted that pair to ‘use’. When he said he did, she pulled them down, carefully stepped out of them (it’s not easy standing on one leg on a bed) and handed them to him. She sat back down before Mike could spend too long examining her pussy, but this meant that her pussy was now in direct contact with his cock. She resumed rocking back and forth and then reached down to spread her lips so the shaft of his cock nestled between them better. Mike had endured enough by this point and took hold of Lis’ ass to help her slide back and forth. He was now pretty convinced that she intended to carry on until she made herself cum (based on the fact that Jen had been teaching her), but he wasn’t ready for what she actually did.

She sat up slightly, reached down and pulled the head of his cock to her cunt and rubbed it back and forth. Just as Mike told her that she was a little tease, she pushed down and the head entered her. Mike pointed this out to her and she told him that she knew and pushed down a bit more. She bobbed up and down a few times and as Mike pushed back, she slid down and took all of his cock into her cunt. She reminded Mike again not to cum and when he nodded, she rode up and down on his cock for about a minute and asked him how it felt. He told her that she felt incredible and asked if this was her first time. Lis told him that she’d had sex before and he said that he meant ‘with a guy’ and Lis told him that was what she meant. I don’t know why as I’ve told him before that Lis wasn’t a virgin (and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it on here), but Mike had either ignored or forgotten that fact. He was a little disappointed that he wasn’t getting to take Lis’ cherry, but given the situation he was in, I don’t think he was too upset.

He was now really hoping that Lis intended to fuck herself using his cock, but she lifted herself off him, wiped her pussy with the sexy pair of her panties and then wrapped them around his cock and sort of wiped it clean with a few pumps up and down. Mike later said that he could have quite easily cum if she had continued doing this, but as Lis said goodbye, he realised that the whole thing had just been her teasing him so he told her that he intended to cover her panties in so much cum that she would never be able to use them again. Lis stood beside the bed, ran a finger between her lips and licked it clean and told him to have fun and enjoy himself, before slowly walking out of the room and coming back to join Jen, Lucy and me.

As Lis told us this I faked indignation over the fact that she had mounted my husband’s cock, although as my fingers were still eagerly playing with her cunt, I didn’t have much of a leg to stand on. Even Jen was surprised that Lis had gone so far (she had only expected Lis to tease him, possibly with a little grinding while wearing panties). Lucy was the only person (other than Lis) who knew that this was going to happen – or rather that Lis had been considering doing this. I asked what had made her decide to go that far and she just said that she wanted to see what it felt like (Lis may not be a virgin, but it is a very long time since she’s had a guy inside her). I set Jen on her to clean out her pussy (just an excuse for Jen to lick deep inside her) and then Lucy and I had a simultaneous session – just so we didn’t get bored. Once we’d all cum, we curled up again and I couldn’t get the image of Mike’s cock buried in Lis out of my head so I asked if she would fuck him with us watching. Lis said that she wasn’t going to fuck him, but he could be inside her again and that was good enough for me. Jen tried to tell Lis off for not having quite got the hand of teasing, but Lis pointed out that she had left Mike with a pretty impressive erection and obviously wanting to cum, so she thought that she had succeeded.

We chatted for quite a while longer and there was a fair amount more kissing and caressing, but we didn’t fuck again. I had the same dilemma as before when it was time to actually fall asleep as I didn’t know if I wanted to snuggle up with Lis (who I pretty much love) or Lucy (who I just want to endlessly fuck). I opted for Lis but we agreed that we would swap snuggle partners the following night and Jen curled up with Lucy. I whispered to Lis that we should have a chat the next day and pressed up harder against her ass, which she wiggled back.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Bachelorette Party - Part 3

Once she had turned down a number of guys, she made her way over to Mike who had been watching from the other side of the bar and he congratulated her on having done a good job. He was partly doing this to help rebuild her confidence after Ryan had left her, but a large(r) part was just the fact that he enjoyed showing her off. They drank and chatted for quite a while and whenever he could get away with it, he fondled Sue’s breasts or crotch. They discussed what Sue could expect if we took her along to the next sex party in York (although we had pretty much decided that we would be taking her instead of Vicky) and they discussed in great detail what usually happened and whether Sue was going there in search of pussy or cock. As much as she plays along with Jen (and I think she genuinely enjoys it), Sue is more interested in guys, but she at least now knows that she can get pleasure from girls so we have expanded her horizons.

Mike got her feeling nice and horny and convinced her to go to the bathroom to remove her panties. When she returned, he suggested that they move to another place and she assumed out that he wanted to have a little play with her while walking there. That was exactly what happened and after a few minutes of fingering and kissing in an alleyway, he rubbed her juices over her neck, gave her nipples a few good squeezes and they went to the next bar. This place was anything but dimly lit and Sue realised before they got in, but Mike convinced her to carry on and they sat up at the bar and chatted (with a different topic of conversation to the one they’d had in the previous place). As Sue stood up mike whispered to her that it was a pity she didn’t have a more noticeable patch of hair on her mons as it would show up better through the dress. Sue blushed quite a bit at this comment, but once outside admitted that she did find it quite exciting to be almost naked in public and while walking home they discussed the time that she and I had been naked on the beach and how her joining in our games had come about because of this.

They didn’t make it home before desire got the better of them and Sue ended up against a wall with her dress pulled up over her breasts and Mike holding her up by one of her legs so he could fuck her. Fortunately she kept her jacket on so my dress wasn’t ruined by being rubbed against the wall as Mike fucked her. He briefly stopped to eat her but once she was close to cumming, he returned to fucking her, holding back until she came, but then emptying himself into her. This had been his original plan all day (although if he had been able to hold back from cumming, he had intended to cum inside her on the way out to their first bar). He didn’t cum anywhere near as much as he had wanted, but it was enough that Sue leaked cum and had wet thighs as they finished their journey home.

As a reward for having played along with what he had wanted, once they were in bed he went down on her in an extended session and spent ages kitty kissing and licking her. He had intended to make her cum and then fuck her one last time, but she didn’t think she could cum twice so once she was sufficiently aroused, she got him to fuck her in her favourite position. He lay on top of her and pumped in and out of her cunt and only when he got close to cumming did he slide a hand underneath her, find her clit and bring her off. He stopped frigging her, but kept his fingers pressed against her clit as he pumped into her and came for the last time of the night. Sue then rolled over and he lay on top of her so they could kiss for a while, but Mike wasn’t hard enough to get back inside her. They finished off spooning, with his cock pressed against her ass. They discussed what it would be like to have Jen join them properly so that she could lick Sue’s clit while Mike was buried inside her and they could switch places so they could do it while Mike was buried in Jen. Mike asked Sue to describe to him what it was like having Jen eat her and this helped him get hard enough that they could spoon properly, but other than some gentle movement nothing else happened before they fell asleep.

Mike ate Sue awake in the morning and they had a session that culminated with her riding him while he used a vibrating egg on her clit. Once they had breakfasted, they showered and Mike gave Sue’s pussy another quick shave to make sure it was completely smooth in preparation for Jen’s return that night. They went out for lunch and once again Sue wasn’t allowed to wear any panties and had to wear some of my clothes, but this time she wasn’t anywhere near as exposed and the skirt was of a reasonable length. It was Mike’s job to do the weekly shopping (there didn’t seem to be much point in paying for delivery as he was at home for the weekend) and Sue helped him with this. A number of additional fruits and vegetables were added to the shop, and Mike teased Sue with each one, asking her if she thought she could fuck it. I think it was only when they actually paid for them that Sue realised that she would really be using them inside her, but like me she is quite stubborn and doesn’t like to back down.

With the ‘real’ shopping unpacked, Mike set about testing Sue’s capacity with the new edible toys. They were all rinsed thoroughly (I’ve had a yeast infection from veg before and know that it is far from pleasant) and Sue was set upon with different items pushed into her pussy. They started off small, but used multiple items and Sue had bananas and carrots (four of them) in her. They moved on to a courgette and Mike licked her clit while he fucked her with this so she came. After a short breather, they moved on to a cucumber and Sue took this without too much trouble so she was pushed to two bananas at the same time. This was a bit tighter, but she took the challenge and as she relaxed, Mike was able to fuck her with them both in an alternating movement (which she quite enjoyed). They returned to the cucumber and a carrot and once she had both of these in her Mike pushed one of the bananas against her ass and said he wanted to see her filled properly.

You can’t really say that Sue is at all prudish, but she is still fairly reserved about anal play so Mike was pleased that she was relaxed enough around him to let him work the banana into her. Apparently Sue’s cunt looked quite stretched , but she let him push the cucumber as deep into her as she could take and he then used a vibe on her clit and gently moved the fruit and veg inside her until she came a second time. Before the items were removed, he put a mirror between her legs so she could properly see what he’d been looking at and when the veg was removed, it was placed in the fridge for use in a salad that evening.

Mike spooned with Sue for a while, although her cunt felt rather more roomy than it had before and was also much cooler. Even though he wasn’t fucking her, a bit of movement soon sorted out the warmth issue and over time he felt the walls contracting around his cock to get closer to how she usually felt. They dozed off for a while but woke before Jen and I returned so had at least started to prepare dinner for us. As we ate, we each relayed what we had been up to and Sue seemed quite interested in the remarkably well-endowed stripper, but was still amazed that three of us were brave (or drunk, or stupid, or horny) enough to actually fuck him openly in the middle of a club (even a ‘special’ club).

Sue knew that she would be spending the evening with Jen while Mike and I ‘caught up’. Jen couldn’t wait to get started and while I washed up, she got Sue to sit up on the counter beside the sink and hungrily ate Sue. Once Sue had cum, Jen said that she wanted to see what Mike had done to her and with an air of resignation Sue was led into the bedroom so Mike and Jen could further experiment with her pussy. Naturally I went along to watch and got to see a similar selection of things inserted into Sue. Once they had finished with her, Mike and Jen gave her another few licks each and Jen warned Mike that if he stretched Sue too far, she wouldn’t be a good fuck any more. Mike demonstrated that while she wasn’t as tight, he could still give her a good fucking and then after a brief aside with Jen he climbed back on Sue and told her that he was going to give her one last load of cum before letting Jen loose on her.

I was a little disappointed at this as I had been looking forward to having him cum in me, but as he hadn’t got to come to the party with us I let him off (although looking back I think that giving him my little sister for the weekend probably more than made up for the lack of the party). He pumped away inside her and came pretty quickly (which he later told me took a lot of imagination as she really was looser than usual). He hadn’t made Sue cum, which was unusual for him but I soon found out why. As soon as Mike pulled out, Jen said that it was now Sue’s turn and she pushed four fingers into her and started to suck on Sue’s clit. Mike came and sat beside me and told me what the plan was and I watched as Sue’s body became more flushed with her approaching orgasm and Jen then folder her thumb against her fingers and pushed her whole fist into Sue. Sue arched her back a bit but didn’t react otherwise (or at least didn’t react any more than she was already doing so to the licking). I was surprised at how easily Jen had fisted her and told her that Jen now had her whole hand inside Sue’s cunt.

Sue said that she was well aware of this, but added that it didn’t feel painful. I told Jen to be careful (but I know that she wouldn’t want to hurt Sue). I know it probably isn’t good to have it done too often, but there is something mesmerising about watching a woman’s cunt swallow a whole hand and having it pumped around inside them. Sue wanted to cum and Jen was quite happy to oblige her. She sucked on Sue’s clit and rotated her hand back and forth until Sue moaned loudly and swore a number of times (it’s nice that she isn’t as reserved around us now). Once her orgasm had ended, Mike once again grabbed a mirror to let Sue see. We all watched as Jen pulled her hand out and Sue’s lips expanded around it. Sue winced a little as this happened but said that it didn’t feel too bad, although once Jen’s hand was clear, we could easily see that Sue’s pussy was even more distended and Mike couldn’t resist pushing his cock back into Sue to pass judgement (very flabby).

As promised, we left Sue and Jen alone and I followed Mike to his room. He went down on me, we then discussed in more detail what we’d each been up to and finished up having a very energetic doggy style fuck while he got me to imagine that he was the stripper, we were back in the club and he was fucking me up on stage with everyone watching. Naturally I rather enjoyed this image and happily played along, even asking if anyone if the audience wanted to come up and join in so I could suck them or just have them jerk off over me. By the time I came, I was covered with so much cum that my hair and face was caked with it and it was dripping off my body everywhere (in my imagination at least). Mike probably didn’t cum in me too much, but he blamed that (in part) on the fact that I hadn’t brought back a fresh pair of Lis’ panties for him (but I’m fairly sure it was due to him cumming multiple times in Sue throughout the day).

Jen and Sue had another session on the Monday morning before Jen had to go off to Uni and Sue spent the day amusing herself around town (in a non-sexual way). That night, Sue and I gave Mike and Jen the obligatory ‘threesomes with sisters’. Mike ate Sue while I rode him and Jen then ate me while Sue ate her. Just so they could do things properly, Sue then shared a double dildo with Jen and they fucked quite energetically until Jen came, at which point Jen rubbed Sue’s clit while humping against her until Sue came for her third time.

Mike and Jen couldn’t decide who should get Sue that night so we all slept in the main bedroom. This meant that we didn’t get the best night’s sleep (the bed really isn’t big enough for four people), but it was also nice and warm. On Tuesday morning, Mike went down on me to wake me up and then he and Jen took care of Sue while I showered. This involved Sue and Jen 69ing with Sue on top and then Sue lifting her ass up so Mike could fuck her with her cunt just inches from Jen’s face while Sue carried on eating Jen. Once Sue had cum, Mike pulled out of her and watched as his cum dripped out of her cunt straight onto Jen’s face. Jen didn’t mind this and eagerly lapped away at Sue’s pussy until she was clean again. Mike couldn’t resist joining in and after telling Jen to keep going until Sue came again, he knelt down and lapped away at Sue’s ass. Sue tried to complain that it was too soon after cumming, but they held her in place and ate her until she came again, then left her panting on the bed while they shared a shower.

Unfortunately Sue had to go home on Tuesday to prepare for (and then attend) an interview, but she seemed a lot more relaxed following her weekend of cumming and I think this was probably the best way we could have helped her prepare.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Bachelorette Party - Part 2

Lis and Lucy are going to arrive soon for their first (of hopefully many) visits of the year. Back to Julia's party now...

The next morning, Jen and Abrahii prepared breakfast and brought it in before we had woken up (so I didn’t get a chance to eat Julia awake). Once we’d had breakfast we made up for this though and as it was still Julia’s weekend, we decided that the three of us would concentrate on her. We took turns eating her or having her eat us (in a similar way to what Jen and I had done with Lis and Lucy), but this time the person not directly involved was always responsible for playing with Julia’s breasts. Over the course of the morning, Julia was made to cum 6 times (not that she complained), with every combination of Jen, Abrahii or me eating her and someone sitting over her face (we also used fingers vibes & dildos, we didn’t *just* eat her).

By the time we met up with people for lunch she was feeling quite sensitive and once we told everyone what she had been subjected to, she got the expected amount of sympathy (very little). A number of the girls (and a couple of the guys) took the opportunity to caress her and when we returned back to Julia’s house, people were encouraged to play with her and she got to cum another couple of times. It was technically no longer her bachelorette party, but I restrained myself from asking anyone to play with me so they could concentrate on her (and she had eaten me twice that morning so she deserved the attention). Jen and I had to leave mid-afternoon to get home and decided to leave Julia in the hands of her friends (literally) but we knew that there was an interesting evening waiting for us at home.

Sue had arrived during the day on Friday and was waiting for Mike when he got home. He had specifically asked her not to bother shaving her pussy so that he could take care of this and as soon as he was in the door and they’d had their hello kiss (or kisses), she led him into the bedroom where everything was prepared. Mike did the standard shave (hot water, gel and new blade), started on her lips and then shaped her mons (leaving just a small patch of short hair). As soon as she was rinsed off, he licked every part of her pussy and then ate her properly and once she had cum, he stripped off and pushed his cock into her. They rolled around and kissed until Sue started humping up and down on Mike’s cock (she was on top) and told him that she wanted him to fill her with his cum.

Mike hadn’t cum in me for a couple of days (or at least not in my pussy) so that I would be ‘clean’ in case I got to do anything with Lis and Lucy. He had cum over me, over Jen and in my mouth so it wasn’t that he had been neglected, but he had missed the feeling of his cock being inside me as he came, so he was more than happy to fulfil Sue’s request. They humped against each other, starting off with long, slow strokes and gradually getting faster. Mike promised Sue that he would fuck her in every position they could think of (which was quite an ambitious promise and one that he unsurprisingly didn’t manage to keep). Sue told him that she had missed his cock and had sometimes even masturbated again after having a Skype session with him or Jen. Mike mauled Sue’s ass as they got closer to cumming and by the time she came, he had a finger inside her ass wiggling around. He had been holding himself back so once she came it wasn’t too much longer before he followed suit and he pulled her down so her body was pressed hard against him while he emptied himself inside her as deep as he could get (in that position anyway).

She stayed on top of him for a while and they had a chat while he went soft (which was delayed by Sue occasionally pumping back and forth), but they both got hungry and agreed to go get some food. Some of Mike’s cum had already leaked out of Sue and more did so when she sat up, but as long-time readers will know, my sister is an accomplished little cocksucker and she didn’t want to waste him cum so licked his abdomen clean and took his cock in her mouth (which caused it to swell back to full size). Mike told her off for trying to distract him and said that as punishment, she would have to forgo panties when they went out for food. Sue tried to object (she isn’t into the exhibitionist thing as much as I am), but eventually gave in and even went along with not being allowed to wipe her pussy or thighs clean of his cum. Only a little more cum dripped out as they wandered to the takeaway and on their return home Sue was summarily stripped once again so she had to eat naked.

Mike got a spicy dish with a fair number of red chillies and when his lips started to burn, he decided that it would be a good idea to give Sue’s cunt a few licks. He wasn’t overly mean as he has got chilli on his cock before and knows what the burning feels like so he went very slowly and only licked once or twice each time, then gave Sue time to see how hot things got before licking her again. She ended up with a moderately warm pussy that tingled quite a bit and they left it at that. Once they had finished eating, Mike gave her nipples a bit of the chilli treatment (again, just by kissing them) and they then semi-fucked for a while as they decided what to do for the rest of the weekend. Mike somehow convinced Sue to let him choose what she would wear when they went out on the Saturday night and as a reward for this, Mike fucked her in her favourite position (lying face down with him on top of her taking her from behind). To make it a bit more intense for her, he used one of our small anal vibes coated with tingle gel and had this sticking out her ass enough that each time he pushed his cock into her cunt, his body would push the vibe into her ass (or at least move it so it felt like it was being pushed in). Sue came and described to him how her orgasm felt – she wanted him to cum in her again but Mike wanted to eat her (without tasting too much of his cum) and they agreed that as long as he fucked her again before they went to sleep, he could do this first.

Mike kitty kissed her for a while and they then 69ed. This isn’t the best position for sucking a guy off, but Sue made a good attempt and Mike had to tell her to slow down or he’d just cum in her mouth (not that this would be a problem for her, but he had agreed to cum in her pussy). Sue settled for getting him close with her mouth while he ate her to orgasm and as soon as she finished cumming, he had to push her off and cum inside her. He wasn’t quite as close to cumming by the time Sue came, but he kept up his end of the agreement, rolled her onto her back and entered her. He held her legs up to his shoulders while he fucked her and emptied his second load of the day into her before letting her legs drop and climbing on top of her (with his cock still inside her) so they could kiss. It was a while before he was hard enough to spoon with her, but with a bit of encouragement he got there and they fell asleep with him inside her.

Mike ate her awake the next morning and then fucked her to a second orgasm, but he held back from cumming himself. Once they’d had breakfast they showered together and Mike used the pulse spray on Sue and just before she came he told her that Jen wanted her to practice her watersports. Sue has either decided that she really enjoys this or Mike got him timing right as she was aroused enough that she didn’t care as she readily squeezed out an impressively strong stream of pee as she came and held on to Mike to keep herself upright. They returned to bed and spooned for a while (not really fucking) until Sue decided that she really wanted Mike to cum.

She was only allowed to use a single finger to stimulate him (she had learned this from her ex-bf Ryan, but he was also much quicker on the trigger than Mike). Mike certainly enjoyed it but after a while Sue wanted to kiss his cock and spent about 10 minutes giving light feathery kisses and licks up and down the length of the shaft and over the head. Mike said that he could have probably cum if he hadn’t been holding back, but he distracted Sue by running a vibe over her ass and pushing it between her legs. He pushed her onto her back and fucked her with the vibe, then his cock and then the vibe again while he used his fingers on her clit and got her to cum. He then fucked her some more (with his cock) and just before he came he pulled out and rubbed up and down the length of her cunt. Sue asked him to let her kiss his cock once more and repeated the fast feathery kisses. Mike ended up losing this time and told Sue that he was going to cum if she carried on, so she did, and was rewarded with a number of squirts of cum erupting from his cock. Some splattered over her mouth and chin but most ended on Mike’s stomach and chest so once he’d finished, he pulled her down on top of him so she could be coated in it as well.

He told her that she needed to be punished for being such a naughty little minx and making him cum when he had wanted to save it until later, so they spent the next few hours watching various porn (both anime and real). They watched a number of Pavlina videos and discussed what Jen and I had gotten up to with Lucy and Lis the previous weekend. All the time they were doing this, Mike teased Sue and kept her close to cumming. For the latter part, he didn’t go down on her at all and she ended up with a rather moist pussy (wet enough that when he fingered her he could easily get it to make slurping sounds). Sue definitely wanted to cum but wasn’t allowed to do so until after lunch when Mike had her tied to the bed (wrists and ankles), coated her nipples pussy and ass with tingle gel, used Jen’s vibrating nipple clamps, an anal vibe, a small vibe in her pussy (completely inside) and our strong mains-powered vibe on her clit. I think Sue knew that whatever was going to happen it was likely to be intense but she trusts Mike not to do anything (too) bad to her so let him have his way (although as she was already tied up, there wasn’t much she could have done).

Mike rubbed the strong vibe over her mons and pressed it against her pussy. Sue tried to pull away from it but he told her that she needed to be made to cum as punishment. He gave her many short bursts of the strong vibe, taking her close to cumming and then backing off, letting her experience the nipple, anal and vaginal stimulation. He gave her his cock to suck and half fucked her mouth, then returned to kneeling between her spread legs and using the vibe on her clit. He got her to beg him to make her cum and then gave her what she wanted (sort of). He spread her lips and pushed the vibe against her cunt – direct clitoral contact with this vibe is fairly intense at the best of times but in the state of arousal that Sue was in it was enough to make her cum in a matter of seconds. Fortunately for Sue, Mike knows how strong the vibe is so he didn’t subject her to prolonged contact with it once she’d cum, but she did get a number of short bursts of contact. He got her to the point where she actually jumped back as soon as it touched her and he then went down on her to kitty kiss her. She was sufficiently sensitive that no matter how gently he kissed or licked her it felt very strong so he gave her a couple more bursts of the vibe, pulled out the small vibe that was buried in her cunt and pushed his cock into her.

At least in this position, there was no real clitoral contact, but she still had him moving inside her, the vibe in her ass and the nipple clamps on so was still writhing around underneath him. He said that her pussy felt much warmer than usual and possibly a bit softer, but it was obvious that Sue couldn’t take too much more so instead of trying to fuck her to another orgasm (which had been his original plan), he just kissed her and then removed the clamps from her nipples, followed by pulling the vibe out of her ass. He had stayed inside her while doing this and with a bit of effort managed to stay in this position while he untied her ankles and then (much more easily) her wrists. He was still moving inside her and pumped away a little longer before releasing her completely and taking a photo so she could see the state she was in. Her body was flushed a deep pink, her pussy was clearly wet with her juices and while she had been cumming, she had drooled enough that one side of her face and hair was wet.

Sue curled up into the foetal position, which just made it easier for Mike to lie behind her and spoon with her. He promised her that he wouldn’t try to fuck her and she let him stay inside her while she recovered. He said that she shivered from time to time and when she did this he could feel her cunt sort of quivering. She fell asleep for a while and he slowly moved inside her in the hope that he could encourage his balls to build up another decent load of cum for later that day (we know it doesn’t work quite like that, but he was also just enjoying gently fucking Sue while she slept).

She woke up in the late afternoon and after Mike gently kitty kissing her to make up for the punishment she had received; they then prepared and ate dinner while discussing Sue’s job applications and interview techniques. Once it was time to head out, Mike produced the outfit that Sue had to wear – it was one of my lacy dresses with the lining removed (you have no idea how long it took to do that), a half cup strapless bra, opaque hold ups and the sheerest pair of panties I have (I might not wear panties often, but other than my white pairs, I do now have a reasonable selection of sexy underwear as Jen sometimes appreciates them. Sue wasn’t allowed to wash her body so she was still covered in smears of Mike’s cum and her juices from their earlier games, but she did of course clean her face, do her hair and spend an age doing her make-up. This took far too long for Mike’s liking so he sat beside her and reached between her legs to play with her pussy. By the time they left, her (or rather my) panties were already damp.

They went to one of the more dimply lit bars we know and Sue was sent in first with the instruction that she had to get a drink and flirt with anyone who tried to hit on her. She ended up with a number of guys chatting to her and if I’d been in her place, I may have taken some of them out back and let them use me (with protection), but Sue just flirted and pretended not to notice as they started at her breasts and ass through the dress.(To give a better idea of what she looked like, the bra she had on wasn’t as revealing as the one I’d worn to the Halloween party so her actual nipple was covered, but as Sue and I both have rather large areola, the upper part of these were visible even in the low light.)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bachelorette Party - Part 1

Early November and for the second weekend in a row, Jen and I left Mike by himself. I felt slightly guilty about this, but we were off to Julia’s bachelorette party so didn’t have much choice (and paying for flights for three people is expensive so he decided to stay at home rather than coming down with us and hanging out with the guys). He decided to invite Sue along and she was quite willing to keep him company (although we had to keep it a secret from Mum as she might have gotten a little suspicious if she found out Sue was visiting just Mike).

We had missed Mel’s party as she had held it in the week (for some stupid reason) but intended to make up for this by enjoying Julia’s party to the fullest extent. We arrived on the Friday night and went along to Julia and Abrahii’s place. As Mel wasn’t there, I spent the night with Abrahii and Jen used Julia’s bed (as well as using Julia). The next morning, Abrahii and I prepared breakfast for us all, which we had on/in Julia’s bed and we then set about preparing her for her party. This involved the three of us basically doing everything to pamper her throughout the day, from helping to wash her in the shower, to shaving her legs, under arms and pussy (and then thoroughly checking that her pussy was smooth) and then helping her dress. I was interested to see how Julia was going to behave while Mel wasn’t around – almost all the time I’ve known her, Mel has been calling the shots and getting her to exhibit herself and cum and while she certainly enjoys it, I wanted to see if she would do the same things under her own steam (although she certainly hadn’t seemed at all reserved the previous night in bed with me so I was fairly sure how things were going to go).

Lis and Lucy arrived on the Saturday afternoon but were staying in a hotel so we didn’t see them until the early evening when everyone turned up (which I later told them was stupid as they could have easily stayed at Julia’s place or with any of the gang). We started off with people coming round to have drinks and after several rounds and toasts to the bride to be, we headed out for a nice meal and then on to the more interesting part of the evening. The ‘proper’ party was at the hardcore club and as we had arranged things, we didn’t even have to queue to get in. It might not be the most upmarket of places, but it was perfect for Julia and allowed us to enjoy ourselves. We had one of the larger side rooms reserved for us and throughout the evening, I think everyone in our group danced with and fondled Julia (to a greater or lesser extent – some just pawed at her breasts, some cupped or stroked her pussy and some of us fingered and licked her. It wasn’t (mostly) a concerted effort to make her cum (although she did cum a couple of times).

We had the obligatory stripper and after a lot of thought, we had decided to get a guy (Mel had a female stripper at her party). He had certainly chosen his career well as he had an incredible physique and was quite well endowed. I’m sure he’s encountered women before who were willing to play along with him, but I wonder how many were quite as willing as our little Julia. When presented with his cock in a bun, she eagerly pretended to take a bite out of it and took the end of his cock into her mouth while holding the bun (as I said, he was quite well endowed). Once he realised that she was going to play along, he moved on squirting whipped cream onto his cock and got her to lick it off. She did this without any hesitation and Abrahii thought that things should be a bit more interesting, so pulled Julia’s top open to allow the guy to fuck her breasts. He was more than up for this and Julia helped out. She finished him off with her hands and mouth and when he pulled out, we could see the end of the condom full of cum.

I was quite surprised that Julia hadn’t just fucked him and as it was meant to be her party, thought that she should get the maximum enjoyment out of the stripper. We were his only job of the night and it didn’t take too much to convince him to hang around with us for a bit (the promise of a bit more action later on probably helped out quite a lot with this). I was quite curious myself as to what his cock would feel like if it was buried inside me but didn’t want to misbehave too much in case I put Lucy off doing more things with us. Julia was convinced to let the guy fuck her (once again, this didn’t take much work) and the guy was told to give her a good long fuck so we could all watch and enjoy it. It wasn’t the first time he’d been asked to do this, but he told us that we were one of his more enthusiastic audiences – he obviously didn’t have a problem with people seeing him naked though and once Julia had been bent over and her dress pulled up he quickly took up position behind her and slowly started to pump into her.

We cheered them on and a number of us helped out by pumping the base of the guy’s cock. They changed position so the guy was lying on his back on one of the benches and Julia rode him. She told us that he was pretty long and she couldn’t take all of him so Abrahii asked for a chance to try. Julia conceded her spot and we watched as Abrahii mounted him and within a couple of movements, took what looked like the whole length into her cunt. She bounced up and down on him and told him that he felt great while she played with her clit, but wasn’t too greedy and said that Julia could have him back. I had been standing beside Lis while watching this and had slid by hand under her skirt and between her legs. I got my fingertips onto her pussy and clit but when Abrahii dismounted, I decided that I needed to experience this for myself and asked Julia if I could have a quick sample.

The guy was very surprised that there were three of us who wanted to try him out. I unzipped my skirt and got Jen to hold it while I climbed over him, pulled his cock to my cunt and pushed myself down on it. It wasn’t the biggest thing I’ve ever had in me, but was probably the biggest cock – and it definitely felt wider than Mike’s cock so I leant forwards and slowly rocked back and forth to get more of it into me. I couldn’t take all of him and felt the end hitting up inside me (which isn’t a comfortable feeling) so I backed off slightly and briefly rode him before dismounting to let Julia finish him off. Jen handed my skirt back to me but I just stood holding it while watching the show. I squeezed in beside Susan and when Julia asked if anyone else wanted to try, I asked Susan if she thought having his cock buried inside her would feel good. She made a comment about it not even fitting into her and I playfully pulled to towards me and kept my hand on her ass while I told her that she would probably be surprised what she could take if she was willing to experiment.

Abrahii was determined to make sure Julia enjoyed herself and with a bit of effort, pulled Julia’s dress completely off so she was naked (from the thighs up anyway). Julia had beer poured over her breasts, but carried on fucking regardless. The guy took a hold of her ass and pumped into her in time with her thrusts (or moved her in time with his). We’ve seen Julia fuck enough times that we could tell she was getting close so she was clapped to cum and she carried on riding the giant cock until her orgasm hit her. Abrahii asked the guy if he’d cum yet and when he said he hadn’t, he was told to do whatever he wanted to in order to cum and we watched as he sped up his pumping. Fortunately for him, Julia is used to being pushed beyond just cumming (as am I) and she let him use her until he came. Julia got another round of applause as she dismounted the guy and was danced around naked for a few minutes until her dress was returned to her. A number of us took advantage of her nudity and a fair few hands delved between her legs and fondled her to a greater or lesser extent. I noticed that even Susan had a little grope and convinced Lis to have a proper fondle and get as many fingers as she could into Julia’s pussy (she managed four with ease and I think she could have possibly fisted her if Julia had been lying down).

I managed to have a little fondle of Lucy while we danced, but Lucy was still set on continuing to play the part of the (relatively) sweet girl. I made her promise that she would make up for it when she visited and she confirmed that we could have as many threesomes as I wanted and said once again how much she had enjoyed our visit. I teased her a lot more about how much fun we could have had if she had decided to fuck Jen while they’d been living together and she agreed that it could have been a wonderful year, but was happy with her decision given the risks that would have been involved to her friendship (and the fact that she might not have gotten together with Lis). I agreed on the last point – they really are a very cute couple and I want to see them work out, which is why I’d (mostly) resisted so many occasions to play with Lis.

There was a lot more low level fondling (mostly of Julia) and playing during the rest of the time at the club, but one more event of interest happened. Abrahii had been sort of showing off some of her gymnastics (nothing too elaborate, mostly just how flexible she was) and she had been challenged to do a long handstand. She tied her hair back and people moved out of the way to give her space and even in her inebriated state, she managed one. Now dresses aren’t really designed for this position and her panties were readily visible so Julia did what came naturally to her and started to caress Abrahii’s crotch. A couple of other people held onto Abrahii’s legs and Julia was dared to eat her, which she did. With a bit of effort, the panties were torn off (which Abrahii was a bit annoyed about after as they weren’t cheap) and Julia was encouraged to carry on until Abrahii came. By the time her orgasm hit her, people were actually holding her up as her arms had given out, but from what she said, her orgasm felt pretty amazing.

I’ve tried something similar a number of times (not actual handstands, but cumming with head over the edge of the bed so lots of blood rushes to the head) and it can make quite a difference. In Abrahii’s case, it seemed to be even more extreme, but the length of time she had spent inverted meant that she was rather dizzy and unstable when she was finally allowed upright so she had to sit down for a while and people fussed over her until they were sure that she was okay.

On the walk home, I walked arm in arm with Lis and Lucy walked with Jen. I stole a few more caresses from Lis, but she gave as good as she got. Unfortunately they had to go straight back to their hotel as they were leaving early the next morning, but having assured my promises from Lucy for future fun, I wasn’t too bothered about this. It also meant that I no longer had to behave myself and so could join in the teasing during the rest of the walk.

Not everyone came back to the house, but once we were indoors, Julia was once again stripped naked (completely this time as she didn’t have her boots on) and Abrahii quickly joined her. As we don’t get to visit as much, I actually felt a little left out, but it was Julia’s night so I wasn’t too worried. I did tease Susan a bit about her playing with Julia and tried to convince her to do it again, but I wasn’t very subtle and probably just put her off doing anything more. To make up for this, I thought that Jen and I should get ready for bed (which basically involved us getting naked) and we joined in the dancing/fondling that was going on. People drifted away over the next couple of hours and we took turns in seeing them out and waving goodbye (still naked). Once the four of us were alone, we headed up to bed and swapped partners so Jen had Abrahii and I spent the night with Julia.

We chatted while we kissed and fondled and I told her that it seemed strange that within a couple of weeks, she would be a married woman (I’m not arguing about the terminology). As my fingers pushed between Julia’s pussy lips I asked how she felt about only being able to do things with one person from now on. Naturally Julia gave as good as she got, but I won on account of the fact that I’m ‘meant’ to be able to do things with two people. I decided to give her an early wedding present and using one of her double dildos, we scissored and I pumped myself against her until she came. I then pushed myself against her and used a vibe on my clit (which also happened to touch her clit) until I came and then finally went down on her and kitty kissed her for an extended time. I was a bit too enthusiastic in doing this so instead of leaving her nicely aroused but rested, she wanted to cum one last time and we ended up 69ing (her on top). Wi did this according to our usual rules and it was an all-out assault until we’d both cum. Julia clearly hadn’t thought this through as she was far closer to cumming that I was, but I wasn’t too cruel and eased off a bit once she’d cum.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Living Mike's Dream - Part 3

We're down with Jen's Uni friends this weekend and discovering that some of the new people are being trained up (but more on that when we catch up to the present). Back to our weekend with Lucy and Lis (and back downstairs in RL to join the rest of the gang as we're about to go out).
Once it was after about 8 I decided that it was probably late enough to be able to start playing with people. I really wanted to eat both Lis and Lucy awake (I know that I was just being greedy) and as I couldn’t decide, I waited for someone else to start to come round. I was hoping it would be Lis that that would make the decision for me (I would take Lucy and Lis would take Jen) but it was Jen who stirred. We went with the same split and I started off quite gently on Lucy so she came round slowly. Once she looked over and saw Lis next to her she came to with a start but I held on to her legs and kept eating her until she remembered what we’d been doing the night before and settled back to let me continue playing with her. I got Lucy off and Jen did the same to Lis. I really wanted to cum but suggested that we have some breakfast first and prepare ourselves for our ‘proper’ morning session.

We all helped out in the kitchen and stayed naked (out of habit Lucy and Lis had tried to put on gowns, but they were willing enough to go without them). We returned to our ‘bed’ and suggested a few things we could try (as much as I wanted her, I didn’t want Lucy to do things that she would regret) but she seemed quite happy to go along with our plans. I reminded Lis that she had promised Mike a damp pair of her panties and I followed her into the bedroom to select something that he would like. Lis slipped them on and I rubbed her crotch while pressing the material between her lips, but we returned to the living room so I could make a suggestion. I asked Lucy to masturbate Lis for us to get her panties as wet as possible and if she did this, then she could be the first to have a threesome. Lucy was well aware that we intended to make her cum plenty times more and it didn’t matter what she did (or didn’t do) to Lis, but she went along with my request and once Lis was lying back, with her ass propped up on a couple of pillows, Lucy rubbed away at Lis’ panties. We all ended up helping out and used the vibe to push the crotch of the panties into her cunt, but as she got closer to cumming (and we wanted better access to her clit), I pulled the panties off and pushed them up into Lis’ cunt. They remained there while Lucy used the tip of the vibe on Lis’ clit and she came and as we had promised Mike, I immediately placed them in a polythene bag when we pulled them out of Lis.

It was now up to us to keep up our end of the bargain and I asked Lucy if she wanted Jen to eat her or sit over her face. As adventurous as Lucy was being - and it was even more than I had expected or realistically hoped (if we include unrealistic hopes then there was much more we could have done) – she still hesitated a bit when I pointed out so bluntly that she was doing things with Jen so I diffused the situation by pointing out that it didn’t really matter which she chose as we would be doing things the other way round later on. Lucy opted to let Jen eat her which meant I got to sit over her face. She held on to my thighs and started eating me and it felt quite a bit better that it had the night before (either my expectations were different or she wasn’t as nervous). I reached down and caressed Lucy’s breasts and divided my attention between watching Lis caressing herself (I told her to wait her turn as she was next) and Jen eating Lucy. Lucy came before I did and I felt her squirming and heaving around underneath me – her licking slowed as she came, but she quickly resumed and finished me off. I thanked her and told her that she could now rest while we did the same to Lis.

I took position between Lis’ legs and worked on her while she ate Jen. I was a bit more forceful than during my session with Lis the previous night and also swirled my tongue around her ass. When I looked up I could occasionally see Lis’ tongue as it flicked up the front of Jen’s cunt to her clit but I mostly concentrated on just making Lis cum and enjoying the texture of her pussy. I got Lis off and kitty kissed her until she made Jen cum. As soon as I pulled away I asked Lucy if she had enjoyed watching us (she had) and asked if it had made her horny (it had). I told her this was a good thing as it was her turn again. I pulled her legs open and went down on her and realised that we could have planned things more efficiently as Jen was about to get eaten having just cum. We’d already started though so I called her over and she obediently straddled Lucy’s face and I watched as Lucy pulled Jen down to her mouth. I was already planning out all sorts of things for the four of us (and occasionally including Mike in some of the plans) and got a bit carried away with eating Lucy. I realised that she was squirming around under my tongue quite a bit and realised that I had been giving her ass the same treatment that I’d done with Lis. I wasn’t sure how Lucy felt about this (but from the squirming she either quite enjoyed it or was trying to escape) so I eased off and concentrated on her cunt again.

I couldn’t decide if it would be better to let Lucy make Jen cum first so she could kitty kiss her or for me to finish Lucy off first so she could concentrate on Jen without any distraction. It seemed that she was getting quite close to cumming anyway so I just carried on licking and was rewarded with a few quite strong thrusts of her body as she came. I kitty kissed her and watched as she resumed eating Jen. Jen came not too long after Lucy and she gave Lucy a kiss and thanked her, the remembered that she hadn’t thanked Lis so kissed her and did so.

Having just eaten Lis and Lucy back to back, I was definitely ready to cum again but Jen wanted a little rest before she was ready to go down on Lis so we stopped for a drink. I told Jen that if she didn’t hurry I would just 69 with Lis and she obliged me and told Lis to get into position. I asked Lis to eat me as fast as she could and was treated to countless rapid licks. I told Jen to get her tongue as deep into Lis as she could (Lis has often commented how she liked this) and we had a fairly quick session, but I had a surprisingly long orgasm. I would love to say that the length was due to the way I was being stimulated (lots of small licks), but unfortunately it isn’t quite as formulaic as that. (Just think how wonderful it would be if it was – if I use power setting ‘p’ on a vibe for ‘t’ minutes I will cum for ‘l’ seconds with strength ‘s’ – custom orgasms on demand!)

We all crawled back under the covers to rest for a while but I did get the damp panties out of the bag to give Lis’ cunt another wipe with them. Lucy agreed to let me dab at her pussy with them as well, even though she knew full well that Mike was going to use them to masturbate with. Lis and Jen went off to shower together and I told Lucy that she needed to relax and get her energy back for the next round. She didn’t seem to believe that I wanted to do more so I started caressing her body. At first she said that she didn’t have the energy so I promised her that I wouldn’t try to make her cum and explained that I just wanted to spend some time appreciating her beauty. As corny as this was, Lucy doesn’t quite get how hot she really is so compliments tend to disarm her and she allowed me to spend some time kissing and caressing her. I had my pussy against her leg (and my leg against her pussy) and decided that I needed to explore her a bit more so kissed my way down her body and (after once more promising that there would be no cumming) explored her pussy with my mouth and fingers.

It was nice being able to take the time to properly acquaint myself with her cunt and relish in the softness of her skin, the squishiness of her inner lips and the warmth of her vagina. I licked around inside her but was careful to not do too much. I was still curious about Lucy’s reaction to my tongue having strayed onto her ass earlier so I gave it another couple of licks and a similar response from her (only now I could hear her breathing as well). The caressing and kitty kissing had done the job of getting her aroused again and I was debating asking if she was ready to do anything more yet when Lis and Jen returned from the shower. I felt a bit guilty for having been playing with Lucy while they were gone and pulled away from Lucy (but used the panties once more to wipe her pussy dry). Lucy and I headed off to the shower, leaving Lis and Jen to do their hair.

Lucy and I showered, washed each other and did each other’s hair and I spent a lot of the time complimenting her. We kissed under the shower and I caressed her ass and finally got the courage up to ask her if she had enjoyed it when I licked her there. She said that it had felt dirty and I pointed out that she hadn’t said if it felt nice. She said that Lis had done it to her a few times, but she wasn’t comfortable with it – although finally admitted that it didn’t feel bad. I assured her that neither Lis now I would do it to her if we didn’t want to and if she ever wanted me to do it again, I would do so (I thought that at least if it was me doing it then her little Lis could remain sweet and pure in her eyes). We were pressed up against each other and I nibbled on her earlobe (tip from Lis) as I whispered how incredibly sexy she was. I gently stroked a fingertip over her ass a few times and reached between her legs to get my fingers onto her pussy. I suggested that we get out and go and find the others to continue playing and Lucy agreed.

I needn’t have felt guilty about playing with Lucy as I later found out that Lis and Jen had done quite a bit more in the shower. They had started off with the intention of just washing each other, but as they had soaped up each other’s breasts, the cleaning became caressing, then kissing and then grinding together against each other. Jen had managed to pee a little while humping against Lis’ thigh (without Lis noticing) and they took turns to lick each other and use the pulse shower. Lis can cum more times than Lucy though (or at least she usually wants to cum more times than Lucy) so while I was initially a bit disappointed that I had wasted an opportunity to make Lucy cum, it was probably for the best as it prepared her for what came next.

I asked if they wanted to continue with the threesomes and suggested that Jen and I could take turns in the middle. I went first this time and as Lucy was now more than ready to cum again, I had her sit over my face and I ate her while Lis went down on me. I pulled her ass cheeks apart so I could better get to her cunt and properly went to town on her. I fully expected to make her cum before Lis got me off (and I did), but I held her in place and carried on kitty kissing her (I know that I’ve said I basically did this every time, but it is a really good way to get to spend time exploring someone as you specifically aren’t trying to stimulate them too much). It wasn’t quite like the earlier threesomes as Jen also used a couple of fingers to fuck Lis as she ate me, but she was careful not to stimulate her too much as she knew that Lis would be sitting over her as soon as she made me cum.

Jen told Lis to keep eating me properly when I came and although my orgasm wasn’t anything unusual, the licking quickly started to feel pretty intense. I couldn’t really escape as I still had Lucy sitting over me and Lis is quite strong (despite her size), so with Jen’s help they easily held me in place. Jen (or rather Lis) didn’t torture me too much though and I was released after a few minutes. I lay panting while I recovered and gave Lis a little kick as punishment. My face was covered with Lucy’s juices due to me having wriggled around while trying to get free and I told her that Mike would be able to smell her on me when I finally got home.

We had one final session where Jen got to go in the middle with Lucy eating her and Lis between her legs. I knelt behind Lis for a part of this so I could reach around and fondle her nipples while whispering things to her and for some of the rest of the time I sat behind Lucy and gently caressed her ass and pussy (more for my own enjoyment than hers). I teased her a bit more about how she had her tongue buried in Jen’s cunt and asked how she enjoyed tasting her best friend, but she was beginning to become immune to this and just asked me if I would prefer it if she didn’t want to do things with us (which I didn’t even bother answering as it was obvious).

We rested for a little while and then headed out to get some lunch. I was allowed to wipe Lis and Lucy clean with the damp panties one final time and convinced Lis to go out without anything on under her dress (like Jen, Lis’ breasts are small enough that she can do without a bra). Lucy wasn’t willing to play along with this, but at least wore a skirt so we could appreciate her legs. Apparently I spent most of lunch looking very happy (which is hardly surprising as I’d gotten to fuck my little Lis again at the same time as fulfilling my fantasy of having Lucy). On the way to the airport Lucy asked that we didn’t tell any of her friends what we’d been up to, which was a little disappointing as I’d hoped to play again with her at Julia’s bachelorette party the following week. We came to a compromise and agreed that if Jen and I (and Lis) behaved ourselves, then they would come and visit us the following week. Of course, I was aware that Lucy’s definition of ‘behaving myself’ was probably different to my one, but I thought we would worry about that at the time.

We spoke a number of times in the week and Mike told Lis that he was very thankful for her panties. He had inhaled her scent and tasted her from them while giving me a welcome home fuck and had kissed and licked my face, trying to taste Lucy (I’d told him that I still had her juices on my face and he liked the idea but couldn’t really taste anything). He had spent a lot of the weekend thinking about the things that we could have been doing but had refrained from cumming, so when we fucked, I was rewarded with quite a decent load of his cum. Once we had finished and Jen and I told him exactly what had happened, he was surprised (as I had been) that Lucy had been willing to do so much (but was of course happy about it as he thought it would increase his chances of getting to see her playing with us and cumming).

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Living Mike's Dream - Part 2

Lis and I kissed a few times over Lucy’s body and as Lucy’s breath began to come in shorter pants, I told Jen that I wanted to take over (but to be fair, Jen had already got to make Lis cum and she knew that I’d been fantasising about Lucy since I met her). We switched again and I had a slightly longer look at Lucy’s pussy before diving in this time. She had a small patch of short hair, but had her lips shaved clean and I opened then so I could have a peek inside. She was still breathing heavily and I thought that it wasn’t fair to make her wait any longer (which had absolutely nothing to do with me not wanting to wait any longer) so I pushed my mouth onto her pussy and licked. I wasn’t being particularly forceful, but the teasing seemed to have primed her for my final push and as we worked on her, she became a bit more vocal and squirmed around a lot more. I wrapped my arms around her legs and sucked one of her lips into my mouth, lashed it with my tongue and then did the same to the other one. I lapped inside her cunt a few more times and then concentrated on her clit. Her breathing became heavier and she let out a number of ‘oh’ sounds and finally an ‘unngghh’. I slowed down my licking, but not by quite enough so had to adjust again when Lucy said it felt too strong and kitty kissed her for a few minutes (just in case this was the only time I got to do things with her I intended to make the most of it).

I wiped my face clean, climbed up over her and gave her a kiss (we know from Lis that Lucy isn’t really in to tasting herself) and I pressed my pussy against her thigh. She was still breathing heavily and I asked if she had enjoyed herself and got a nod. I rolled off Lucy and Lis asked if we were going to continue (which was a stupid question – I felt like I was ready to explode and really wanted to cum). I hooked a finger in Lis’ pussy and played with her clit but was aware that Lucy still had a final step to take if she was going to do things to Jen in return. I reached over to caress Jen and suggested to Lis that she help me out. Lis seemed a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to play with her (which I was pleased by as I really do like her), but she crawled around us and lay behind Jen so she could reach around and stroke various bits of her body. I asked Lucy if she had enjoyed having three people make her cum and she nodded so I whispered in her ear if she had enjoyed having Jen’s tongue buried inside her. She blushed a bit at this and sort of curled up, but as I was on one side of her and Jen was on the other, she didn’t really have anywhere to go.

I asked her if she was ready to help someone else cum and suggested that we work on Lis (I was going to go for Jen, but thought that Lis would be a good stepping stone to get Lucy actually doing things instead of just receiving pleasure) and Jen rolled over and pinned Lis down. I didn’t waste any time, climbed over Lucy and started to play with Lis’ cunt. Jen moved up and planted herself over Lis’ face. I broke contact with Lis’ pussy to tell Jen not to be greedy and that she would get her turn – as much as I remembered Lis saying that she enjoyed being sandwiched between us, I didn’t want Jen to cum again unless Lucy was involved (or at least we tried to get her involved). Jen reluctantly climbed off and I told her that she could have free reign with Lis’ breasts – Jen much prefers larger breasts but Lis’ nipples are reasonably sensitive so Jen enjoys playing with them for the response she can get.

Lucy came over and I let her take over eating Lis while I helped out on Lis nips and also kissed her. I whispered to her that I was going to ravage her cunt with my tongue and described how I wanted her to eat me in return. Lis already seemed to be reacting to what we were doing to her so I told Jen to go and take her turn between Lis’ legs. Jen swapped with Lucy, who had figured out what was expected from her and crawled up beside Lis to help me play with her breasts. I got Lucy to show me what Lis liked (even though Jen and I got Lis first, Lucy has significantly more experience than we do at making Lis cum) and I tried my best to copy Lucy’s actions. As Lis started to get close to cumming I asked Lucy if she minded if I made her cute little girlfriend cum and Lucy said that it was a bit late for her to ‘mind’ about things like that. I swapped with Jen (which possibly wasn’t fair as I’d just got to make Lucy cum, but Jen knows how I feel about Lis and it meant that she got to go back to her beloved breast play). I gave Lis a number of long hard licks, from her ass up to her clit and then as I concentrated on making her cum, I pressed my thumb against her ass (not penetrating, but certainly stimulating). Lis came almost silently (which I thought we had encouraged her not to do) and I kitty kissed her, but not for as long as I’d done with Lucy.

We all sat around her and gently caressed her body until she recovered and I asked if anyone minded if it was my turn next. Lis went down on me first and Jen took one of my nipples in her mouth while indicating to Lucy that she should take care of the other one. I found out that Lucy is actually quite good at breast play – maybe not quite as good as Jen, but when paired with Jen (as was the case) they felt wonderful together. Lis’ tongue flicked back and forth over and into my pussy and I could have easily let her make me cum but she asked Lucy to take over. This was another step for Lucy to take but she didn’t hesitate, took Lis’ place and started to eat me. It wasn’t anything like I had imagined – it’s not that it was bad, I have just always equated Lucy with Pavlina (the porn star) so in my fantasies she was always absolutely outstanding at eating pussy. I didn’t let the disappointment upset me (and nobody could have accurately described what I was feeling as ‘disappointment’ anyway). Lucy quickly got bolder with her licking and (again) as much as I could have happily let her make me cum, I told Jen that it was her turn.

Jen pushed her tongue deep into me and lapped around my cunt, then fingered me while she flicked her tongue over my clit. Jen obviously knows the best ways to stimulate me and I had to hold my orgasm back and tell her to let someone else make me cum. I had wanted it to be Lucy, but Jen pulled on Lis’ leg so Lis took over and within a minute or so of her little flicks, I started to cum. I was nowhere near as restrained as Lis or Lucy had been and happily moaned my way through my orgasm (I wasn’t overly loud, but was fairly expressive). I asked Lis to kitty kiss me once I’d finished cumming and then after pulling her up so I could kiss her (and feel her whole body pressed against mine) I asked for some water.

Lucy and Lis went to fetch some drinks and I asked Jen why she had got Lis to make me cum and not Lucy. She explained that this meant it was now Lucy’s turn to make someone cum and I could see that Jen was looking forward to having her best friend do this to her even more than I had thought. When they returned, we quickly gulped down our drinks and I started on Jen. Her pussy was incredibly wet and I tried not to eat too many of her juices so the others could sample her properly. Lis and Lucy worked on her breasts and I reminded them that Jen liked forceful breast play. Lucy didn’t do things as hard as Lis, but Jen was still loving the triple stimulation and when I swapped places with Lis, I made sure to nibble and suck hard on Jen’s breasts.

Lis gave Jen the rapid flicking treatment and Jen’s pants started turning to mews so I told Lucy that this meant Jen was getting close to cumming. I tapped on Lis’ head to get her attention and said that it was Lucy’s turn, asking her to make Jen cum hard. Lucy slowly moved down between Jen’s legs, but once in place, she only paused for a few seconds before pushing her mouth onto Jen’s cunt and eating her. I gave Lis a big smile and resumed sucking on Jen’s nipple. Jen was mewing louder so I whispered to her to try to hold back and then moved down beside Lucy so I could slide a hand down her back and over her ass to seek out her pussy with my fingers. She also seemed very wet (which I took as a sign of enjoyment seeing as we’d cleaned out her cunt not long before) and whispered to her to get her tongue as far into Jen’s cunt as she could. I was enjoying playing with Lucy’s cunt and frigging her clit, but I didn’t want to be greedy and knew that Jen deserved the same triple treatment that the rest of us had got so I moved back up, fed her Lucy’s juices from my fingers and returned to her nipple. As soon as she stopped resisting it, Jen came, mewing loudly and pushing her crotch against Lucy’s mouth. I was pleased to see that Lucy kitty kissed Jen (Lis taught her how to do this).

Lucy looked a little sheepish when she climbed out from between Jen’s legs, but I gave her a big kiss and said that she had done really well. Having come this far I doubted that we were going to turn back now so I teased her a little and asked how it had felt, making her best friend cum and if she had enjoyed having Jen’s tongue exploring the inside of her cunt. This made her blush quite a bit and go quiet, but she admitted that it had been nice so I tickled her (which Lis helped with) until we had her pinned down with me on top of her. She was gasping for breath now and we got her to say that it had felt much better than just ‘nice’, but we were pretty much ready for round two anyway (there may have been a bit of accidental stroking of Lucy’s pussy while we were tickling her).

I suggested that we try some one on one action and I turned myself around so I could plant my pussy onto Lucy’s mouth and we could 69. Lis and Jen started to do the same at the bottom of the bed and we had a much quicker (and a lot less intense) session. Jen was the last to cum so Lucy and I got to watch this and I asked if she was up for switching partners for round three. This led to more teasing and describing how I wanted to see Jen and Lucy eating each other, but Lucy agreed so I pointed out how much more fun we could have had if she had decided to do this while Jen and she were still living together. She made some excuse about having thought it would be weird, and I told her that we would just have to make up for lost time and as a start, she could ravish Jen. Lucy told me that I was incorrigible (which she has often said, so I just shrugged and told her to get on with it. There was another small bit of hesitation, but Jen pulled Lucy over her and once they’d got stuck in to each other, I kissed Lis and told her that it was now finally our turn to do things together.

We started off kissing and gently fondling each other until I whispered that we probably shouldn’t finish off too much after Jen and Lucy so our touching became more urgent and we rubbed and fingered each other properly. We finished off by 69ing but by the time we surfaced Luck and Jen had long finished and had been watching us for a while. I think it had been obvious to Lucy that Lis and I had been doing a little more than just fucking and she asked if she could have her girlfriend back so I pointed out that she was still pressed up against and had her arm around the naked waist of my wife. Lucy started to separate herself from Jen but Lis and I moved up beside them (me behind Jen and Lis behind Lucy) and I told her that I wasn’t doing anything more than borrowing Lis and would make sure to offer a suitable payment in return. I wasn’t actually sure if I was referring to letting Lucy have Jen or the fact that I would spend just as long making Lucy cum.

I suggested that instead of sleeping in separate beds, we made a big bed on the floor so we could all stay together. We had to move a few things and use the living room for this as neither of the bedrooms had enough floor space, but we got things organised and all curled up together under the duvets on the floor. As we lay chatting, Lucy asked Jen how things were working out between her and Mike and Jen told her some of the things they had been doing (Lucy already knew about some of them and she has seen Jen grind against Mike’s cock and make him cum so most of it wasn’t new to her). I described (in great detail – even more that I put on here) to Lucy what it was like to have Mike fuck me while Jen sat over my face and I ate her and how much more intense it was being able to give and receive pleasure from two people at once. Lucy tried to get me to describe how I felt about Mike and Jen (and whether there was a difference in how I felt about them) and I actually found this quite difficult. I obviously love them both and (even ignoring arguments) I feel differently about them at different times, but I think Lucy was looking for an answer along the lines of me preferring Jen for emotional support and Mike for the physical side.

I promised Lucy that if she was up for it, we could try experimenting with proper threesomes the next morning and she said that she would consider it. I couldn’t resist from gently caressing her as we spoke (only her side and a few strokes of her breasts) but when it was time to fall asleep, I turned away from her and spooned up against Jen. I nuzzled Jen’s neck and caressed her mons for a while but she fell asleep before I did so I just lay awake thinking. I spent quite a long time considering Lucy’s questions about love and also thought about my feelings for Lis. I knew (as does Lis) that I love her, but it isn’t in the same way that I love Jen or Mike. It’s almost certainly the case that if we were both single, we would end up together (at which point I guess I might end up loving her in the same way). I didn’t come up with a suitable description for my feelings – I just love her far more than ‘as a friend’, but she could never replace Jen (or Mike) in my heart. I eventually fell asleep but woke up a number of times – each time I was tempted to pounce on someone but I know from Lis that Lucy likes her sleep and I really wanted her to be awake and refreshed in the morning.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Living Mike's Dream - Part 1

At the start of November, Jen and I went down to visit Lis and Lucy. Lucy had been living with Lis for a while by this point and Lis had told me that she thought it would be better if Mike didn’t come along this time as she (Lis) had been ‘working’ on Lucy. I knew that Lis was more than up for us playing together (and she didn’t mind Mike seeing her cum), but we wanted to maximise our chances and he said that he was happy to stay at home as long as we returned with a pair of Lis’ panties soaked in her juices and sealed in a bag. She had promised him that she would provide them so we said goodbye to him on the Friday morning and ventured down immediately after work (for me) and Uni (for Jen).

We arrived fairly late due to flight delays and bad connections but stayed up chatting until fairly late. While Lucy was out of the room, Lis assured me that she had talked Lucy into doing some things, but she still wasn’t sure how much she would actually do. I promised that we would play along with whatever happened (as if there was any chance I was going to say no). At Mike’s request I slipped my hand up Lis’ leg and stroked her panties, pushing the material between her lips, but stopped before Lucy returned. We said goodnight and it certainly felt like there was an air of anticipation. Jen and I were sleeping on a futon in the second bedroom/study and had a slow gentle session. The futon was actually quite good for this as it didn’t make any noise as we rolled around.

The next morning, we had made it as far as getting up to pee and returning to bed to start playing (we’d actually been playing for a while, but had only being doing things slowly) when there was a knock on the door. Lis came in carrying breakfast and I was pleased to see that she was naked. Lucy came in behind her with her silk robe on and it looked like she was naked underneath it (I could certainly see her nipples through the robe and was fairly sure that she didn’t have panties on). They sat down on the futon and Lis sat cross legged, giving a clear view of her pussy. This was almost the exact opposite of Jen and I serving breakfast to them and to try to encourage things along, I sat on top of the covers so I was also completely exposed. Jen followed suit and we ate and chatted.

I contracted the muscles in my pussy a number of times and Lis seemed to be fidgeting around as well. We all knew that we were waiting for something to happen and I was going to get started on Jen when Lis cleared the breakfast things off the bed and spread her legs. I asked if we were going to get to see her cum and she nodded before pulling Lucy to her. Lis whispered something to Lucy and we watched as they kissed and Lucy’s hand slipped between Lis’ legs. I saw Lis’ hand slide into Lucy’s robe and caress Lucy and as things got more heated, Lis pulled the robe up and Lucy’s ass was revealed. I moved closer to Jen and pushed a hand between her legs and asked if she liked what she was seeing (which was a stupid question). By this point, Lis had a hand between Lucy’s legs and they rolled over so Lis was on top.

Lis humped against Lucy’s leg and moved down to suck on her breasts. I stroked Jen harder but we stayed otherwise quiet as Lis moved down Lucy’s body. Lucy had her eyes shut, but clearly arched her back as Lis’ mouth made contact with her pussy. I had been wanting to see this for ages and while Lucy’s pussy didn’t look much like Pavlina’s, it was still close enough to our fantasy that I had to hold myself back from making myself cum straight away. We watched as Lis lapped at Lucy’s cunt and watched the fast small licks that I remembered from the times we’d got to play with her. Lis looked around at us and wiggled her ass before returning to eating Lucy and I took this as an invitation. I very carefully slid closer to Lis so we didn’t distract Lucy and I ran my hand over her ass. I dipped my fingers between her legs and stroked her pussy and then pushed a couple of fingers into her. Lis pushed back and I slowly finger fucked her while Jen joined in and stroked her clit. I wanted to see more of what was happening so crawled up beside Lucy and watched closely as Lis ate her. I was very tempted to help out, either by stroking Lucy’s thigh or her breasts but wasn’t sure how far we were allowed to go (and didn’t want to scare her off) so I ended up just playing with myself. I had a wonderful view of Lucy’s face as she came and once again arched her back and I examined her body as she lay relaxing and recovering.

Jen had the sense to stop playing with Lis before Lucy sat up. Lucy looked quite embarrassed, but this was probably offset by the fact that I was still openly playing with myself and was getting quite close to cumming. Jen had been stroking herself while fingering Lis and I moved over to her so we could put on a reciprocal show. Jen and I ended up 69ing and once we’d both cum we got to watch Lucy rubbing Lis’ cunt until she came. Lucy had her robe back on by this point (although it was still untied) and when we finally made a comment about having enjoyed their show, she blushed quite a bit (which made her look quite cute and innocent) and I asked if Jen would make me cum again. This time I just spread my legs and let Jen finger me. Lis moved a bit closer and stroked my thighs and as I came I just lay back with my eyes closed and enjoyed my orgasm (which was fairly strong).

Lis and Lucy went off to shower and once they had done so, Jen and I showered together. Later that morning, I caught Lis alone in the kitchen and thanked her but told her that it would be even better if we could go a step further. She said that she was still working on this, but slipped her hand under my skirt and fondled my pussy. It would have been rude to not reciprocate so I did the same to her and worked my fingers into her panties and then her pussy. It was a bit late by this point, but I asked her if we were allowed to play with each other and she said that Lucy had agreed that Jen and I could make Lis cum if we wanted. I told her off for not making this clear earlier (or we could have had a lot more fun on the bed). I told Lis that I wanted to feel her tongue on my cunt and we moved into her bedroom. I called Jen and told her to bring Lucy along but by the time they arrived, I already had Lis on her back, her skirt pushed up and her panties pulled aside so I could taste her. I told Lucy that Lis said we had her (Lucy’s) permission to do this and when she said to go ahead, I dived in to Lis’ cunt and ate her properly.

She didn’t taste quite the way I remembered (despite having stolen taste of her from dildos and fingers at numerous times since we last did things properly), but I wasn’t overly worried about this. I slipped her panties off and offered her to Jen while I pulled Lis’ top off and played with her little breasts. I kissed Lis and asked where they kept their toys. She told me which drawer to look in and I asked which was Lucy’s favourite before bouncing over and pulling out a silicone coated vibe (similar to the one we have, but in pink). I told Lucy that it was like one of our favourites and slid it into my pussy as I climbed back on the bed. I removed it from my cunt, ran it over Lis’ nipples and then pulled Jen’s skirt up so I could slide it into her. I wanted Lucy to come and help out, but she seemed contented to just watch for now so I just concentrated on fucking Jen until she made Lis cum.

Once Jen moved away from Lis I had a final quick lick of her (Lis’) pussy and then pulled the vibe out from Jen. I handed it to Lucy and reminded her that I would gladly do the same thing to her if she gave me a chance (but she’s known this for ages). I returned to the bed to give Jen a kiss (and taste a bit more of Lis from her face) and then whispered to Jen that I thought Lucy had enjoyed watching Jen’s cunt swallow her vibe. I really wanted to do things properly with Lis myself, but it was easy to tell that Lucy wasn’t really ready to do anything more yet so I restrained myself and suggested that we head out and have some lunch. We tried to keep things light as we walked, found somewhere and then had lunch but it wasn’t difficult to tell what we were thinking about. Jen and I gave Lis some time alone with Lucy so they could discuss what had happened (not ‘properly’ alone, we just walked arm in arm a little way behind them) and when we returned home Lis discreetly confirmed that Lucy had been enjoying herself so far.

We had a light dinner and headed out to a club fairly early (so it was nice and quick to get in). Lucy seemed to loosen up quite a bit and we, chatted, drank and danced for a while (with a fair bit of intimate dancing). We didn’t stay out late and while I felt everything was going well, I wasn’t quite sure if going back early was a good or a bad thing. I got to walk arm in arm with Lucy but after a while I looped an arm around her waist and let my hand slowly slide down her side, onto her hip and then half under her skirt. Jen was a bit more adventurous with Lis and had a hand between her legs, but neither Lucy nor I knew this as they were walking behind us. By the time we got home, Jen had been fingering Lis for a while and she told Jen (who relayed it to me) to give her a minute to work on Lucy.

They disappeared into their bedroom and after about 5 minutes we could hear that something was happening. We slowly made our way in and found a naked Lis kneeling by the bed with her head between Lucy’s legs. Lucy saw us so we moved the whole way into the room and I sat on the bed beside her. I couldn’t resist touching Lucy this time (I had spent most of my Saturday not cumming while being in the presence of three girls I would have happily spent the whole day in bed with). I caressed Lucy’s breasts through her dress and then unzipped it so I could slide a hand inside and at least caress her through her bra. It was quite awkward so I suggested that she take the dress off and made a comment about us all having seen each other naked before anyway. I was a little worried that the interruption might cause Lucy to rethink things, but she sat up and between Lis and I, we pulled her dress off and quickly removed her bra before Lis pushed her back down and carried on eating her.

I now had unfettered access to her breasts and started to fondle them. I signalled to Lis to take her time and then started to kiss and suckle on Lucy’s breasts, slowly working my way around them until I finally ended up at her nipples (I’ve learned something from Jen’s breast fetish). Lucy was now squirming around on the bed, shifting her ass, flexing her legs and arching her back and I indicated to Jen that she should come and help me out (she had been playing with Lis up until this point) and was already naked. I let Jen take over playing with Lucy’s breasts and took the opportunity to remove my clothes (I’m really not used to being the last one to get naked). I pulled Lis’ ass up so I could kneel behind her and have a lick at her cunt and then pushed a couple of fingers into her which I moved around while I whispered to her that I was going to make her cum later on. I moved back up to help Jen with Lucy’s breasts and then my impatience got the better of me and I signalled to Lis that I wanted to switch places with her.

We quickly made the switch and I didn’t get to savour the anticipation of getting to do what I’d dreamt about doing for as long as I wanted, but I got a pretty decent view of Lucy’s pussy and did inhale her scent before my mouth made contact with her. I desperately wanted to make her cum and really had to hold myself back from just eating her outright. Instead I just used my tongue to gently explore her pussy, starting with the lips, then her clit and finally pushing inside her where I got to taste her properly. She didn’t actually taste too dissimilar to Lis, although I would have eaten her no matter what she tasted like. I tried using the little fluttery flicks that Lis used and she responded quite well to this, but I also got a few arched backs from longer licks, sucking on her clit and swirling my tongue around inside her.

As things were going so well (even if very differently from any of the ways we had imagined), I thought that we may as well try to break all the barriers in one go so I tapped on Jen’s leg and indicated that she should swap with me. We knew (from Lis) that the thing Lucy was most nervous about was actually doing things with Jen. It wasn’t that Lucy couldn’t think of Jen in a sexual way (Lis had been using Jen and I with Lucy in their fantasies for a while), but Lucy had known Jen since pretty much the start of their time at Uni and was just worried it would feel strange. I gave Lucy a final few licks and then quickly swapped with Jen. I moved back up to work on Lucy’s nipples (which were now both damp with our saliva). I half watched as Jen ate Lucy, but I could feel that Lucy was responding to her tongue. I later found out that Jen had explored her in a similar way to me, although she had spent a fair bit more time with her tongue pushed deep into Lucy’s cunt (Jen has a reasonably long tongue so she can reach places I can’t).

Thursday, 10 January 2013

(Nearly) Naked Halloween - Part 2

I let Abrahii have a lick of Jen as a reward and after another drink we went to dance. I danced with James for a while, but he seemed to be quite unaffected by my attire (so he either really doesn’t find me attractive or he is as gay as he professes to be). I danced with Abrahii for a while and got my hands under her dress (or more like ‘inside’ as the sides were cut so high there wasn’t really any ‘under’). I complained that she still had her panties on and she assured me that they had already been removed more than once while people had played with her. I told her that it would be easier to not put them back on and slipped them down a little and when she didn’t resist, I told her to stand still so I could pull them off. I could now fondle her ass properly and we kissed while we danced. She accused me of being a hypocrite (as I still had my panties on) and she told me to remove them. I was now faced with either removing the entire bodysuit to take them off or finding another way. It’s not that I would have minded being almost naked, but these things aren’t that easy to put on and I didn’t want to flair around trying to get it sorted out, so I opted for another way.

I asked Justin if he thought he could snap my panties and he said that he could so I let him pull them down and slightly out of the hole I’d made earlier and then he tried to break them. To be fair, he did manage it in the end, but it took a fair bit of tugging and the hole in the crotch of my bodysuit ended up a fair bit larger. He only snapped one side, but I pushed the panties partway down my other leg and tucked them in, which was enough to satisfy Abrahii. I was now allowed to resume playing with her and we moved into a side room so we could finish things properly. She sat straddling my lap and we kissed while frigging each other. I tried to pull her dress down to expose her breasts but it was too tight (to be fair, her breasts were pretty much the only thing holding it up). I came before she did but this worked out quite well as I got her to lean back so I could play with her pussy properly (Abrahii used to do gymnastics). She half wrapped her legs around me and leant back quite a way – I was almost being pulled off the seat, but fought to stay in place while I stroked her clit. I got her to lift the front of her dress up so I could see what I was doing and she only sat up again as she started to cum (I’m sure if she’d concentrated she could have kept herself balanced while she came).

Mike got to dance with Susan and the extra bone on his costume was fairly prominent but she didn’t complain. I saw Julia giving the bone a few strokes and assumed that he was going to fuck her, but Mel had other ideas. At some point after I had finished with Abrahii, Mel had convinced her to offer herself to a random person. Now as I’ve said before, Abrahii is a beautiful girl (unless you’re a member of the BNP) and her devil outfit just made her look all the more fuckable. She had no trouble finding a guy but (as per Mel’s instruction) told him that he could only fuck her if he also fucked her friend. I don’t really know what the guy would have thought about this, I assume he would have wondered what her friend looked like, but he agreed to it anyway and Julia was produced. We went into one of the back rooms and Abrahii leant forwards against the wall and flipped the back of her dress up to reveal her ass and pussy. The guy quickly got ready and pushed into her while Julia adopted a similar position (except she just slipped her skirt off). He was told to switch and he moved over to Jules while Mel fingered Abrahii. We watched as Mel undid the belt holding Abrahii’s dress together and the front piece of material fell away from her body and exposed her up to the underside of her bra (which fortunately matched the dress, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from her). The guy was told to move back and forth a few times, each time Mel would get the ‘free’ person to suck her fingers clean of the other person’s juices and she would then finger them.

The guy came in Abrahii (okay, not actually in her, but you know what I mean) and Julia was offered to anyone else. Another guy stepped up and Mel told him he could fuck her as hard as he wanted, so he did this. He held Julia’s hips and pumped into her hard and fast. Mel reached under to play with Julia’s clit so at least she got to cum, but I don’t think the guy was too concerned about this. His cock was a pretty reasonable size, but Julia’s cunt easily swallowed it (she’s had lots of practice) and a couple of times he pulled out and slapped her ass with his cock. He gave her another hard fucking and once he’d cum he left us (he did at least thank Jules). Julia looked a bit out of breath but this didn’t stop Mel from giving her another fingering and then wiping her fingers clean in Julia’s hair.

The band had started up again and we had missed the start of it, but went back out to watch one of the backing singers sucking off two guys at the same time while another one was being fucked. Two of the other girls ended up taking turns eating each other (in an overly-theatrical way), but the fucking and sucking was at least real as we were treated to the first girl ending up with two cumshots over her. The girl being fucked also got a cumshot (which I guess is visually better than the guy just cumming inside her, but I would have preferred it if he’d cum in her as it would have felt more ‘real’. The show still seemed to be missing something, but it was better than just having music (although the music wasn’t that good either) and I let Justin grope my pussy and breasts while we watched. I reached around behind me and fondled his crotch and once the show had finished I asked if he wanted to finish things off properly. He was up for this and we moved back into one of the side rooms. I pulled his cock free, sucked him and then let him fuck me. Once we’d finished he had an extended play with my breasts and fingered me again (not to orgasm) before we re-joined the others.

I let someone (I think it was Steve, but Mel might have also taken a turn) use a beer bottle in me (from behind) and then watched as Abigail made out with Susan (we couldn’t actually see any skin, but there was quite a lot of fondling and after a while (once we’d determined that the band wasn’t coming back) we decided to head off home as we thought we could probably have more fun there. We had the usual games on the way home and a few of us flashed a group of guys.

When we got home it was decided that Abrahii should be made to perform and Julia was set on her. We watched her finger Abrahii and then fuck her with a bottle (neck only) and Abrahii finally gave in and asked for her dress to be removed so it didn’t get ruined. She briefly kept her bra on but this finally came off and as soon as Julia had made her cum, Mike offered to ‘help her out’. He took over eating her and then freed his cock to fuck her. As always, he made sure that she came too and it was then Jen’s turn to ‘help’ Abrahii by eating her clean. Mel took the opportunity to use Abrahii while this was happening by sitting over her face and being licked. I’m not sure if Mel actually came (I didn’t check), but she certainly enjoyed herself for a while. Abigail had a brief finger of Abrahii once Jen finished and Richard then wanted a go (James knew that Richard had sort of been together with Abrahii for a while).

Between us, I think we sort of broke her and she just wanted to sleep, but was subjected to a final caressing by a number of us. We played with her pussy, breasts, thighs, pushed fingers into her mouth (feeding her our and her own juices) and then decided that just caressing wasn’t really enough so we all teased her properly until she came a final time. She had really had enough by now and wanted us to stop so we released her and she curled up on the sofa under a blanket. I asked if anyone else wanted to play, but people seemed a little less adventurous outside the club (and while not abroad on holiday) so I just gently used Abrahii’s beer bottle on myself while we chatted (even without trying to cum, I find it really pleasurable to casually play with myself while talking to others).

As people started to leave, I made plans with Julia to target Mel (in a sort of revenge attack for Abrahii). Once we had got Mel into bed, we all took turns (apart from Abrahii who was in her own bed) and each made Mel cum. Sometimes we got her to do things to us in return and sometimes with more than one of us stimulating her. I (quietly) promised her that we could do the same to Jen the next day and she endured (and enjoyed) our attacks until we were done.

I stayed with Mel and Julia that night and Mike and Jen went into Abrahii’s room. Mike convinced Abrahii to let him spoon her, but they didn’t fuck. …at least until the next morning. Mike woke up Jen and between them they gently stroked Abrahii’s pussy and breasts. Mike hadn’t expected to get as far as he did without her waking up, but she was sleeping very soundly (possibly related to her semi-forced multiple cums the previous night). They got her wet enough that he managed to get inside her while Jen sucked on her nipples and by the time she woke up, Mike was freely pumping back and forth inside her (not too hard or fast, but enough that he was sure he could have cum if he’d continued). Mike played with Abrahii’s clit while he fucked her and this coupled with Jen’s assault on her nipples gave her a pretty good orgasm (including some swearing in Urdu).

It was Jen’s turn next and Abrahii went down on Jen while Mike mostly watched. Jen was on her back with Abrahii lying on her front between Jen’s legs and Mike did lie on top of Abrahii so he could slide back into her. He told Abrahii that Mel had been made to ‘suffer’ being made to cum lots the previous night (although if you ask me, this is a pretty good thing to have to suffer). He also quietly told her that Jen was the next to get this treatment, so to make sure that she got the morning started properly. He used long, slow and deep strokes into Abrahii while she ate Jen to orgasm and then did the same thing again. By the time Jen was approaching her second orgasm, he pulled out of Abrahii and came to fetch the rest of us (we were awake and playing, but I hadn’t got to cum yet).

We all descended on Jen and she realised what we were about to subject her to, but she didn’t have much choice and allowed us to violate her in multiple ways. She had to eat Mel and I, be eaten by all of the girls (Mike got to play with her breasts) and be fingered and have toys used on and in her. Mike used the rest of us to get himself close to cumming and when we’d almost finished with Jen, he came over her and the rest of us descended on her to give her a final rubbing, stroking and fingering in a similar way as we’d done with Abrahii. We all rubbed her down with our cunts to cover her in our juices and finally headed down for some much needed food.

As much as I would have liked to be in Jen’s place, I was also enjoying seeing her cum lots (and it’s happened to me enough times that I could forgo a single occurrence for the sake of her enjoyment). I wanted to extend her experience and asked Mel to recommend a cafĂ© that we could meet everyone for lunch and tease Jen but we couldn’t come up with somewhere that we could guarantee this would be possible so we invited people round instead. Jen knew that she was going to be the centre of attention and seemed to have resigned herself to this. We did at least let her wear a gown until everyone was there and the games started properly, but while we ate and chatted, people (girls only) were allowed to play with her. I didn’t keep count of how many times she came, but Jen thinks is was around 8. She was eaten, fingered and fucked with vibes and people got to watch her cum with just a tiny vibe held against her clit while Abigail spread her pussy.

Of course, she also had to repay some of us for helping her cum and she ate Julia, Abrahii, Mel and me over the course of the games. I didn’t want to leave the guys out and convinced Richard to get his cock out so I could play with it. I only gave him a handjob, but James had clearly decided that he wanted to be a part of things and when Richard said he was about to cum, James took over and sucked him off. I would have quite liked to see Richard cum (preferably with my hand still wrapped around his cock), but James let him cum in his mouth. A few of us thought it was unfair for James to do all of the work (as if I hadn’t helped out) and we convinced James to let Richard give him the same treatment. He was a little shy at getting his cock out, but Richard soon distracted him and gave him a good wank with a BJ finish (so once again we didn’t get to see any cum).

I would have quite liked to cum (again), but it was getting close to when we needed to leave so we got Jen dressed and packed up our things. I had intended to use the shower on her (or get someone else to) so she could cum again but it was too late for that and I quite liked the idea of her travelling while still covered in various juices. She did at least have time to sort her hair out (although it wasn’t in its usual perfectly preened state). On the flight home, I had Mike and Jen take turns playing with me and managed to cum. I obviously had to be quiet so it wasn’t as fulfilling as I’d wanted, but it at least meant I wasn’t quite as desperate to cum and could wait until we arrived for a ‘proper’ fuck. Jen didn’t need to cum (unsurprisingly – although I still toyed with her clit a little) and I managed to stroke Mike (under his coat) for long enough that he thought he would have been able to cum if we didn’t have to worry about the mess.

We made up for it once home and Mike and I had a good session while Jen prepared her things for Uni (it didn’t take her that long, she just stayed out of the bedroom in case I tried to pull her into doing things). I did at least get to fuck her that night and she admitted that while she was still embarrassed to have her friends see her naked and cumming, it had felt incredibly good. We fantasised about how it would be for me to do things in front of all my Uni friends and relived some of our old fantasies of Anna or Jo (and others) being involved with us. I went to work the following day with my breasts covered with Mike’s cum and after having lunch with Jen, I found a suitable cupboard and ate her and then tit fucked her (rubbed my nipples between her lips) so I had enough of her juices on them. I purposely didn’t get her to eat me so I felt extra horny all afternoon and on the journey home, I had Jen push her hand against my crotch and enjoyed all the bumps.