Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bachelorette Party - Part 1

Early November and for the second weekend in a row, Jen and I left Mike by himself. I felt slightly guilty about this, but we were off to Julia’s bachelorette party so didn’t have much choice (and paying for flights for three people is expensive so he decided to stay at home rather than coming down with us and hanging out with the guys). He decided to invite Sue along and she was quite willing to keep him company (although we had to keep it a secret from Mum as she might have gotten a little suspicious if she found out Sue was visiting just Mike).

We had missed Mel’s party as she had held it in the week (for some stupid reason) but intended to make up for this by enjoying Julia’s party to the fullest extent. We arrived on the Friday night and went along to Julia and Abrahii’s place. As Mel wasn’t there, I spent the night with Abrahii and Jen used Julia’s bed (as well as using Julia). The next morning, Abrahii and I prepared breakfast for us all, which we had on/in Julia’s bed and we then set about preparing her for her party. This involved the three of us basically doing everything to pamper her throughout the day, from helping to wash her in the shower, to shaving her legs, under arms and pussy (and then thoroughly checking that her pussy was smooth) and then helping her dress. I was interested to see how Julia was going to behave while Mel wasn’t around – almost all the time I’ve known her, Mel has been calling the shots and getting her to exhibit herself and cum and while she certainly enjoys it, I wanted to see if she would do the same things under her own steam (although she certainly hadn’t seemed at all reserved the previous night in bed with me so I was fairly sure how things were going to go).

Lis and Lucy arrived on the Saturday afternoon but were staying in a hotel so we didn’t see them until the early evening when everyone turned up (which I later told them was stupid as they could have easily stayed at Julia’s place or with any of the gang). We started off with people coming round to have drinks and after several rounds and toasts to the bride to be, we headed out for a nice meal and then on to the more interesting part of the evening. The ‘proper’ party was at the hardcore club and as we had arranged things, we didn’t even have to queue to get in. It might not be the most upmarket of places, but it was perfect for Julia and allowed us to enjoy ourselves. We had one of the larger side rooms reserved for us and throughout the evening, I think everyone in our group danced with and fondled Julia (to a greater or lesser extent – some just pawed at her breasts, some cupped or stroked her pussy and some of us fingered and licked her. It wasn’t (mostly) a concerted effort to make her cum (although she did cum a couple of times).

We had the obligatory stripper and after a lot of thought, we had decided to get a guy (Mel had a female stripper at her party). He had certainly chosen his career well as he had an incredible physique and was quite well endowed. I’m sure he’s encountered women before who were willing to play along with him, but I wonder how many were quite as willing as our little Julia. When presented with his cock in a bun, she eagerly pretended to take a bite out of it and took the end of his cock into her mouth while holding the bun (as I said, he was quite well endowed). Once he realised that she was going to play along, he moved on squirting whipped cream onto his cock and got her to lick it off. She did this without any hesitation and Abrahii thought that things should be a bit more interesting, so pulled Julia’s top open to allow the guy to fuck her breasts. He was more than up for this and Julia helped out. She finished him off with her hands and mouth and when he pulled out, we could see the end of the condom full of cum.

I was quite surprised that Julia hadn’t just fucked him and as it was meant to be her party, thought that she should get the maximum enjoyment out of the stripper. We were his only job of the night and it didn’t take too much to convince him to hang around with us for a bit (the promise of a bit more action later on probably helped out quite a lot with this). I was quite curious myself as to what his cock would feel like if it was buried inside me but didn’t want to misbehave too much in case I put Lucy off doing more things with us. Julia was convinced to let the guy fuck her (once again, this didn’t take much work) and the guy was told to give her a good long fuck so we could all watch and enjoy it. It wasn’t the first time he’d been asked to do this, but he told us that we were one of his more enthusiastic audiences – he obviously didn’t have a problem with people seeing him naked though and once Julia had been bent over and her dress pulled up he quickly took up position behind her and slowly started to pump into her.

We cheered them on and a number of us helped out by pumping the base of the guy’s cock. They changed position so the guy was lying on his back on one of the benches and Julia rode him. She told us that he was pretty long and she couldn’t take all of him so Abrahii asked for a chance to try. Julia conceded her spot and we watched as Abrahii mounted him and within a couple of movements, took what looked like the whole length into her cunt. She bounced up and down on him and told him that he felt great while she played with her clit, but wasn’t too greedy and said that Julia could have him back. I had been standing beside Lis while watching this and had slid by hand under her skirt and between her legs. I got my fingertips onto her pussy and clit but when Abrahii dismounted, I decided that I needed to experience this for myself and asked Julia if I could have a quick sample.

The guy was very surprised that there were three of us who wanted to try him out. I unzipped my skirt and got Jen to hold it while I climbed over him, pulled his cock to my cunt and pushed myself down on it. It wasn’t the biggest thing I’ve ever had in me, but was probably the biggest cock – and it definitely felt wider than Mike’s cock so I leant forwards and slowly rocked back and forth to get more of it into me. I couldn’t take all of him and felt the end hitting up inside me (which isn’t a comfortable feeling) so I backed off slightly and briefly rode him before dismounting to let Julia finish him off. Jen handed my skirt back to me but I just stood holding it while watching the show. I squeezed in beside Susan and when Julia asked if anyone else wanted to try, I asked Susan if she thought having his cock buried inside her would feel good. She made a comment about it not even fitting into her and I playfully pulled to towards me and kept my hand on her ass while I told her that she would probably be surprised what she could take if she was willing to experiment.

Abrahii was determined to make sure Julia enjoyed herself and with a bit of effort, pulled Julia’s dress completely off so she was naked (from the thighs up anyway). Julia had beer poured over her breasts, but carried on fucking regardless. The guy took a hold of her ass and pumped into her in time with her thrusts (or moved her in time with his). We’ve seen Julia fuck enough times that we could tell she was getting close so she was clapped to cum and she carried on riding the giant cock until her orgasm hit her. Abrahii asked the guy if he’d cum yet and when he said he hadn’t, he was told to do whatever he wanted to in order to cum and we watched as he sped up his pumping. Fortunately for him, Julia is used to being pushed beyond just cumming (as am I) and she let him use her until he came. Julia got another round of applause as she dismounted the guy and was danced around naked for a few minutes until her dress was returned to her. A number of us took advantage of her nudity and a fair few hands delved between her legs and fondled her to a greater or lesser extent. I noticed that even Susan had a little grope and convinced Lis to have a proper fondle and get as many fingers as she could into Julia’s pussy (she managed four with ease and I think she could have possibly fisted her if Julia had been lying down).

I managed to have a little fondle of Lucy while we danced, but Lucy was still set on continuing to play the part of the (relatively) sweet girl. I made her promise that she would make up for it when she visited and she confirmed that we could have as many threesomes as I wanted and said once again how much she had enjoyed our visit. I teased her a lot more about how much fun we could have had if she had decided to fuck Jen while they’d been living together and she agreed that it could have been a wonderful year, but was happy with her decision given the risks that would have been involved to her friendship (and the fact that she might not have gotten together with Lis). I agreed on the last point – they really are a very cute couple and I want to see them work out, which is why I’d (mostly) resisted so many occasions to play with Lis.

There was a lot more low level fondling (mostly of Julia) and playing during the rest of the time at the club, but one more event of interest happened. Abrahii had been sort of showing off some of her gymnastics (nothing too elaborate, mostly just how flexible she was) and she had been challenged to do a long handstand. She tied her hair back and people moved out of the way to give her space and even in her inebriated state, she managed one. Now dresses aren’t really designed for this position and her panties were readily visible so Julia did what came naturally to her and started to caress Abrahii’s crotch. A couple of other people held onto Abrahii’s legs and Julia was dared to eat her, which she did. With a bit of effort, the panties were torn off (which Abrahii was a bit annoyed about after as they weren’t cheap) and Julia was encouraged to carry on until Abrahii came. By the time her orgasm hit her, people were actually holding her up as her arms had given out, but from what she said, her orgasm felt pretty amazing.

I’ve tried something similar a number of times (not actual handstands, but cumming with head over the edge of the bed so lots of blood rushes to the head) and it can make quite a difference. In Abrahii’s case, it seemed to be even more extreme, but the length of time she had spent inverted meant that she was rather dizzy and unstable when she was finally allowed upright so she had to sit down for a while and people fussed over her until they were sure that she was okay.

On the walk home, I walked arm in arm with Lis and Lucy walked with Jen. I stole a few more caresses from Lis, but she gave as good as she got. Unfortunately they had to go straight back to their hotel as they were leaving early the next morning, but having assured my promises from Lucy for future fun, I wasn’t too bothered about this. It also meant that I no longer had to behave myself and so could join in the teasing during the rest of the walk.

Not everyone came back to the house, but once we were indoors, Julia was once again stripped naked (completely this time as she didn’t have her boots on) and Abrahii quickly joined her. As we don’t get to visit as much, I actually felt a little left out, but it was Julia’s night so I wasn’t too worried. I did tease Susan a bit about her playing with Julia and tried to convince her to do it again, but I wasn’t very subtle and probably just put her off doing anything more. To make up for this, I thought that Jen and I should get ready for bed (which basically involved us getting naked) and we joined in the dancing/fondling that was going on. People drifted away over the next couple of hours and we took turns in seeing them out and waving goodbye (still naked). Once the four of us were alone, we headed up to bed and swapped partners so Jen had Abrahii and I spent the night with Julia.

We chatted while we kissed and fondled and I told her that it seemed strange that within a couple of weeks, she would be a married woman (I’m not arguing about the terminology). As my fingers pushed between Julia’s pussy lips I asked how she felt about only being able to do things with one person from now on. Naturally Julia gave as good as she got, but I won on account of the fact that I’m ‘meant’ to be able to do things with two people. I decided to give her an early wedding present and using one of her double dildos, we scissored and I pumped myself against her until she came. I then pushed myself against her and used a vibe on my clit (which also happened to touch her clit) until I came and then finally went down on her and kitty kissed her for an extended time. I was a bit too enthusiastic in doing this so instead of leaving her nicely aroused but rested, she wanted to cum one last time and we ended up 69ing (her on top). Wi did this according to our usual rules and it was an all-out assault until we’d both cum. Julia clearly hadn’t thought this through as she was far closer to cumming that I was, but I wasn’t too cruel and eased off a bit once she’d cum.

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