Friday, 25 January 2013

Bachelorette Party - Part 2

Lis and Lucy are going to arrive soon for their first (of hopefully many) visits of the year. Back to Julia's party now...

The next morning, Jen and Abrahii prepared breakfast and brought it in before we had woken up (so I didn’t get a chance to eat Julia awake). Once we’d had breakfast we made up for this though and as it was still Julia’s weekend, we decided that the three of us would concentrate on her. We took turns eating her or having her eat us (in a similar way to what Jen and I had done with Lis and Lucy), but this time the person not directly involved was always responsible for playing with Julia’s breasts. Over the course of the morning, Julia was made to cum 6 times (not that she complained), with every combination of Jen, Abrahii or me eating her and someone sitting over her face (we also used fingers vibes & dildos, we didn’t *just* eat her).

By the time we met up with people for lunch she was feeling quite sensitive and once we told everyone what she had been subjected to, she got the expected amount of sympathy (very little). A number of the girls (and a couple of the guys) took the opportunity to caress her and when we returned back to Julia’s house, people were encouraged to play with her and she got to cum another couple of times. It was technically no longer her bachelorette party, but I restrained myself from asking anyone to play with me so they could concentrate on her (and she had eaten me twice that morning so she deserved the attention). Jen and I had to leave mid-afternoon to get home and decided to leave Julia in the hands of her friends (literally) but we knew that there was an interesting evening waiting for us at home.

Sue had arrived during the day on Friday and was waiting for Mike when he got home. He had specifically asked her not to bother shaving her pussy so that he could take care of this and as soon as he was in the door and they’d had their hello kiss (or kisses), she led him into the bedroom where everything was prepared. Mike did the standard shave (hot water, gel and new blade), started on her lips and then shaped her mons (leaving just a small patch of short hair). As soon as she was rinsed off, he licked every part of her pussy and then ate her properly and once she had cum, he stripped off and pushed his cock into her. They rolled around and kissed until Sue started humping up and down on Mike’s cock (she was on top) and told him that she wanted him to fill her with his cum.

Mike hadn’t cum in me for a couple of days (or at least not in my pussy) so that I would be ‘clean’ in case I got to do anything with Lis and Lucy. He had cum over me, over Jen and in my mouth so it wasn’t that he had been neglected, but he had missed the feeling of his cock being inside me as he came, so he was more than happy to fulfil Sue’s request. They humped against each other, starting off with long, slow strokes and gradually getting faster. Mike promised Sue that he would fuck her in every position they could think of (which was quite an ambitious promise and one that he unsurprisingly didn’t manage to keep). Sue told him that she had missed his cock and had sometimes even masturbated again after having a Skype session with him or Jen. Mike mauled Sue’s ass as they got closer to cumming and by the time she came, he had a finger inside her ass wiggling around. He had been holding himself back so once she came it wasn’t too much longer before he followed suit and he pulled her down so her body was pressed hard against him while he emptied himself inside her as deep as he could get (in that position anyway).

She stayed on top of him for a while and they had a chat while he went soft (which was delayed by Sue occasionally pumping back and forth), but they both got hungry and agreed to go get some food. Some of Mike’s cum had already leaked out of Sue and more did so when she sat up, but as long-time readers will know, my sister is an accomplished little cocksucker and she didn’t want to waste him cum so licked his abdomen clean and took his cock in her mouth (which caused it to swell back to full size). Mike told her off for trying to distract him and said that as punishment, she would have to forgo panties when they went out for food. Sue tried to object (she isn’t into the exhibitionist thing as much as I am), but eventually gave in and even went along with not being allowed to wipe her pussy or thighs clean of his cum. Only a little more cum dripped out as they wandered to the takeaway and on their return home Sue was summarily stripped once again so she had to eat naked.

Mike got a spicy dish with a fair number of red chillies and when his lips started to burn, he decided that it would be a good idea to give Sue’s cunt a few licks. He wasn’t overly mean as he has got chilli on his cock before and knows what the burning feels like so he went very slowly and only licked once or twice each time, then gave Sue time to see how hot things got before licking her again. She ended up with a moderately warm pussy that tingled quite a bit and they left it at that. Once they had finished eating, Mike gave her nipples a bit of the chilli treatment (again, just by kissing them) and they then semi-fucked for a while as they decided what to do for the rest of the weekend. Mike somehow convinced Sue to let him choose what she would wear when they went out on the Saturday night and as a reward for this, Mike fucked her in her favourite position (lying face down with him on top of her taking her from behind). To make it a bit more intense for her, he used one of our small anal vibes coated with tingle gel and had this sticking out her ass enough that each time he pushed his cock into her cunt, his body would push the vibe into her ass (or at least move it so it felt like it was being pushed in). Sue came and described to him how her orgasm felt – she wanted him to cum in her again but Mike wanted to eat her (without tasting too much of his cum) and they agreed that as long as he fucked her again before they went to sleep, he could do this first.

Mike kitty kissed her for a while and they then 69ed. This isn’t the best position for sucking a guy off, but Sue made a good attempt and Mike had to tell her to slow down or he’d just cum in her mouth (not that this would be a problem for her, but he had agreed to cum in her pussy). Sue settled for getting him close with her mouth while he ate her to orgasm and as soon as she finished cumming, he had to push her off and cum inside her. He wasn’t quite as close to cumming by the time Sue came, but he kept up his end of the agreement, rolled her onto her back and entered her. He held her legs up to his shoulders while he fucked her and emptied his second load of the day into her before letting her legs drop and climbing on top of her (with his cock still inside her) so they could kiss. It was a while before he was hard enough to spoon with her, but with a bit of encouragement he got there and they fell asleep with him inside her.

Mike ate her awake the next morning and then fucked her to a second orgasm, but he held back from cumming himself. Once they’d had breakfast they showered together and Mike used the pulse spray on Sue and just before she came he told her that Jen wanted her to practice her watersports. Sue has either decided that she really enjoys this or Mike got him timing right as she was aroused enough that she didn’t care as she readily squeezed out an impressively strong stream of pee as she came and held on to Mike to keep herself upright. They returned to bed and spooned for a while (not really fucking) until Sue decided that she really wanted Mike to cum.

She was only allowed to use a single finger to stimulate him (she had learned this from her ex-bf Ryan, but he was also much quicker on the trigger than Mike). Mike certainly enjoyed it but after a while Sue wanted to kiss his cock and spent about 10 minutes giving light feathery kisses and licks up and down the length of the shaft and over the head. Mike said that he could have probably cum if he hadn’t been holding back, but he distracted Sue by running a vibe over her ass and pushing it between her legs. He pushed her onto her back and fucked her with the vibe, then his cock and then the vibe again while he used his fingers on her clit and got her to cum. He then fucked her some more (with his cock) and just before he came he pulled out and rubbed up and down the length of her cunt. Sue asked him to let her kiss his cock once more and repeated the fast feathery kisses. Mike ended up losing this time and told Sue that he was going to cum if she carried on, so she did, and was rewarded with a number of squirts of cum erupting from his cock. Some splattered over her mouth and chin but most ended on Mike’s stomach and chest so once he’d finished, he pulled her down on top of him so she could be coated in it as well.

He told her that she needed to be punished for being such a naughty little minx and making him cum when he had wanted to save it until later, so they spent the next few hours watching various porn (both anime and real). They watched a number of Pavlina videos and discussed what Jen and I had gotten up to with Lucy and Lis the previous weekend. All the time they were doing this, Mike teased Sue and kept her close to cumming. For the latter part, he didn’t go down on her at all and she ended up with a rather moist pussy (wet enough that when he fingered her he could easily get it to make slurping sounds). Sue definitely wanted to cum but wasn’t allowed to do so until after lunch when Mike had her tied to the bed (wrists and ankles), coated her nipples pussy and ass with tingle gel, used Jen’s vibrating nipple clamps, an anal vibe, a small vibe in her pussy (completely inside) and our strong mains-powered vibe on her clit. I think Sue knew that whatever was going to happen it was likely to be intense but she trusts Mike not to do anything (too) bad to her so let him have his way (although as she was already tied up, there wasn’t much she could have done).

Mike rubbed the strong vibe over her mons and pressed it against her pussy. Sue tried to pull away from it but he told her that she needed to be made to cum as punishment. He gave her many short bursts of the strong vibe, taking her close to cumming and then backing off, letting her experience the nipple, anal and vaginal stimulation. He gave her his cock to suck and half fucked her mouth, then returned to kneeling between her spread legs and using the vibe on her clit. He got her to beg him to make her cum and then gave her what she wanted (sort of). He spread her lips and pushed the vibe against her cunt – direct clitoral contact with this vibe is fairly intense at the best of times but in the state of arousal that Sue was in it was enough to make her cum in a matter of seconds. Fortunately for Sue, Mike knows how strong the vibe is so he didn’t subject her to prolonged contact with it once she’d cum, but she did get a number of short bursts of contact. He got her to the point where she actually jumped back as soon as it touched her and he then went down on her to kitty kiss her. She was sufficiently sensitive that no matter how gently he kissed or licked her it felt very strong so he gave her a couple more bursts of the vibe, pulled out the small vibe that was buried in her cunt and pushed his cock into her.

At least in this position, there was no real clitoral contact, but she still had him moving inside her, the vibe in her ass and the nipple clamps on so was still writhing around underneath him. He said that her pussy felt much warmer than usual and possibly a bit softer, but it was obvious that Sue couldn’t take too much more so instead of trying to fuck her to another orgasm (which had been his original plan), he just kissed her and then removed the clamps from her nipples, followed by pulling the vibe out of her ass. He had stayed inside her while doing this and with a bit of effort managed to stay in this position while he untied her ankles and then (much more easily) her wrists. He was still moving inside her and pumped away a little longer before releasing her completely and taking a photo so she could see the state she was in. Her body was flushed a deep pink, her pussy was clearly wet with her juices and while she had been cumming, she had drooled enough that one side of her face and hair was wet.

Sue curled up into the foetal position, which just made it easier for Mike to lie behind her and spoon with her. He promised her that he wouldn’t try to fuck her and she let him stay inside her while she recovered. He said that she shivered from time to time and when she did this he could feel her cunt sort of quivering. She fell asleep for a while and he slowly moved inside her in the hope that he could encourage his balls to build up another decent load of cum for later that day (we know it doesn’t work quite like that, but he was also just enjoying gently fucking Sue while she slept).

She woke up in the late afternoon and after Mike gently kitty kissing her to make up for the punishment she had received; they then prepared and ate dinner while discussing Sue’s job applications and interview techniques. Once it was time to head out, Mike produced the outfit that Sue had to wear – it was one of my lacy dresses with the lining removed (you have no idea how long it took to do that), a half cup strapless bra, opaque hold ups and the sheerest pair of panties I have (I might not wear panties often, but other than my white pairs, I do now have a reasonable selection of sexy underwear as Jen sometimes appreciates them. Sue wasn’t allowed to wash her body so she was still covered in smears of Mike’s cum and her juices from their earlier games, but she did of course clean her face, do her hair and spend an age doing her make-up. This took far too long for Mike’s liking so he sat beside her and reached between her legs to play with her pussy. By the time they left, her (or rather my) panties were already damp.

They went to one of the more dimply lit bars we know and Sue was sent in first with the instruction that she had to get a drink and flirt with anyone who tried to hit on her. She ended up with a number of guys chatting to her and if I’d been in her place, I may have taken some of them out back and let them use me (with protection), but Sue just flirted and pretended not to notice as they started at her breasts and ass through the dress.(To give a better idea of what she looked like, the bra she had on wasn’t as revealing as the one I’d worn to the Halloween party so her actual nipple was covered, but as Sue and I both have rather large areola, the upper part of these were visible even in the low light.)


  1. One time I was dating a girl and we were engaged to be married and I caught her cheating on me. (She didn't know I caught her) and next time we had sex I covered the lower part of my cock with extreme hot sauce (away from the head i.e. mucus membranes). When I slipped in after about 3 to 4 minutes she was screaming and I was laughing my ass off. It was the best break-up ever.

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  3. Anon - I'm sure that was very satisfying for you (and she may well have deserved some payback), but you were lucky she didn't charge you with assault.

    A little chilli inside actually feels quite nice, as long as it really just a *little* bit!

  4. Well I got away with it and if given the chance I would do it again. She cheated on me with my "best friend" 3 days before the wedding and cost various people over 45,000 Eur. in various deposits. Way better than just freaking out on her auto with a baseball bat or something that people usually do when the breakup is that bad.

  5. Waaa waaa waa
    Can't think why she would cheat on you... arsehole