Monday, 28 January 2013

Bachelorette Party - Part 3

Once she had turned down a number of guys, she made her way over to Mike who had been watching from the other side of the bar and he congratulated her on having done a good job. He was partly doing this to help rebuild her confidence after Ryan had left her, but a large(r) part was just the fact that he enjoyed showing her off. They drank and chatted for quite a while and whenever he could get away with it, he fondled Sue’s breasts or crotch. They discussed what Sue could expect if we took her along to the next sex party in York (although we had pretty much decided that we would be taking her instead of Vicky) and they discussed in great detail what usually happened and whether Sue was going there in search of pussy or cock. As much as she plays along with Jen (and I think she genuinely enjoys it), Sue is more interested in guys, but she at least now knows that she can get pleasure from girls so we have expanded her horizons.

Mike got her feeling nice and horny and convinced her to go to the bathroom to remove her panties. When she returned, he suggested that they move to another place and she assumed out that he wanted to have a little play with her while walking there. That was exactly what happened and after a few minutes of fingering and kissing in an alleyway, he rubbed her juices over her neck, gave her nipples a few good squeezes and they went to the next bar. This place was anything but dimly lit and Sue realised before they got in, but Mike convinced her to carry on and they sat up at the bar and chatted (with a different topic of conversation to the one they’d had in the previous place). As Sue stood up mike whispered to her that it was a pity she didn’t have a more noticeable patch of hair on her mons as it would show up better through the dress. Sue blushed quite a bit at this comment, but once outside admitted that she did find it quite exciting to be almost naked in public and while walking home they discussed the time that she and I had been naked on the beach and how her joining in our games had come about because of this.

They didn’t make it home before desire got the better of them and Sue ended up against a wall with her dress pulled up over her breasts and Mike holding her up by one of her legs so he could fuck her. Fortunately she kept her jacket on so my dress wasn’t ruined by being rubbed against the wall as Mike fucked her. He briefly stopped to eat her but once she was close to cumming, he returned to fucking her, holding back until she came, but then emptying himself into her. This had been his original plan all day (although if he had been able to hold back from cumming, he had intended to cum inside her on the way out to their first bar). He didn’t cum anywhere near as much as he had wanted, but it was enough that Sue leaked cum and had wet thighs as they finished their journey home.

As a reward for having played along with what he had wanted, once they were in bed he went down on her in an extended session and spent ages kitty kissing and licking her. He had intended to make her cum and then fuck her one last time, but she didn’t think she could cum twice so once she was sufficiently aroused, she got him to fuck her in her favourite position. He lay on top of her and pumped in and out of her cunt and only when he got close to cumming did he slide a hand underneath her, find her clit and bring her off. He stopped frigging her, but kept his fingers pressed against her clit as he pumped into her and came for the last time of the night. Sue then rolled over and he lay on top of her so they could kiss for a while, but Mike wasn’t hard enough to get back inside her. They finished off spooning, with his cock pressed against her ass. They discussed what it would be like to have Jen join them properly so that she could lick Sue’s clit while Mike was buried inside her and they could switch places so they could do it while Mike was buried in Jen. Mike asked Sue to describe to him what it was like having Jen eat her and this helped him get hard enough that they could spoon properly, but other than some gentle movement nothing else happened before they fell asleep.

Mike ate Sue awake in the morning and they had a session that culminated with her riding him while he used a vibrating egg on her clit. Once they had breakfasted, they showered and Mike gave Sue’s pussy another quick shave to make sure it was completely smooth in preparation for Jen’s return that night. They went out for lunch and once again Sue wasn’t allowed to wear any panties and had to wear some of my clothes, but this time she wasn’t anywhere near as exposed and the skirt was of a reasonable length. It was Mike’s job to do the weekly shopping (there didn’t seem to be much point in paying for delivery as he was at home for the weekend) and Sue helped him with this. A number of additional fruits and vegetables were added to the shop, and Mike teased Sue with each one, asking her if she thought she could fuck it. I think it was only when they actually paid for them that Sue realised that she would really be using them inside her, but like me she is quite stubborn and doesn’t like to back down.

With the ‘real’ shopping unpacked, Mike set about testing Sue’s capacity with the new edible toys. They were all rinsed thoroughly (I’ve had a yeast infection from veg before and know that it is far from pleasant) and Sue was set upon with different items pushed into her pussy. They started off small, but used multiple items and Sue had bananas and carrots (four of them) in her. They moved on to a courgette and Mike licked her clit while he fucked her with this so she came. After a short breather, they moved on to a cucumber and Sue took this without too much trouble so she was pushed to two bananas at the same time. This was a bit tighter, but she took the challenge and as she relaxed, Mike was able to fuck her with them both in an alternating movement (which she quite enjoyed). They returned to the cucumber and a carrot and once she had both of these in her Mike pushed one of the bananas against her ass and said he wanted to see her filled properly.

You can’t really say that Sue is at all prudish, but she is still fairly reserved about anal play so Mike was pleased that she was relaxed enough around him to let him work the banana into her. Apparently Sue’s cunt looked quite stretched , but she let him push the cucumber as deep into her as she could take and he then used a vibe on her clit and gently moved the fruit and veg inside her until she came a second time. Before the items were removed, he put a mirror between her legs so she could properly see what he’d been looking at and when the veg was removed, it was placed in the fridge for use in a salad that evening.

Mike spooned with Sue for a while, although her cunt felt rather more roomy than it had before and was also much cooler. Even though he wasn’t fucking her, a bit of movement soon sorted out the warmth issue and over time he felt the walls contracting around his cock to get closer to how she usually felt. They dozed off for a while but woke before Jen and I returned so had at least started to prepare dinner for us. As we ate, we each relayed what we had been up to and Sue seemed quite interested in the remarkably well-endowed stripper, but was still amazed that three of us were brave (or drunk, or stupid, or horny) enough to actually fuck him openly in the middle of a club (even a ‘special’ club).

Sue knew that she would be spending the evening with Jen while Mike and I ‘caught up’. Jen couldn’t wait to get started and while I washed up, she got Sue to sit up on the counter beside the sink and hungrily ate Sue. Once Sue had cum, Jen said that she wanted to see what Mike had done to her and with an air of resignation Sue was led into the bedroom so Mike and Jen could further experiment with her pussy. Naturally I went along to watch and got to see a similar selection of things inserted into Sue. Once they had finished with her, Mike and Jen gave her another few licks each and Jen warned Mike that if he stretched Sue too far, she wouldn’t be a good fuck any more. Mike demonstrated that while she wasn’t as tight, he could still give her a good fucking and then after a brief aside with Jen he climbed back on Sue and told her that he was going to give her one last load of cum before letting Jen loose on her.

I was a little disappointed at this as I had been looking forward to having him cum in me, but as he hadn’t got to come to the party with us I let him off (although looking back I think that giving him my little sister for the weekend probably more than made up for the lack of the party). He pumped away inside her and came pretty quickly (which he later told me took a lot of imagination as she really was looser than usual). He hadn’t made Sue cum, which was unusual for him but I soon found out why. As soon as Mike pulled out, Jen said that it was now Sue’s turn and she pushed four fingers into her and started to suck on Sue’s clit. Mike came and sat beside me and told me what the plan was and I watched as Sue’s body became more flushed with her approaching orgasm and Jen then folder her thumb against her fingers and pushed her whole fist into Sue. Sue arched her back a bit but didn’t react otherwise (or at least didn’t react any more than she was already doing so to the licking). I was surprised at how easily Jen had fisted her and told her that Jen now had her whole hand inside Sue’s cunt.

Sue said that she was well aware of this, but added that it didn’t feel painful. I told Jen to be careful (but I know that she wouldn’t want to hurt Sue). I know it probably isn’t good to have it done too often, but there is something mesmerising about watching a woman’s cunt swallow a whole hand and having it pumped around inside them. Sue wanted to cum and Jen was quite happy to oblige her. She sucked on Sue’s clit and rotated her hand back and forth until Sue moaned loudly and swore a number of times (it’s nice that she isn’t as reserved around us now). Once her orgasm had ended, Mike once again grabbed a mirror to let Sue see. We all watched as Jen pulled her hand out and Sue’s lips expanded around it. Sue winced a little as this happened but said that it didn’t feel too bad, although once Jen’s hand was clear, we could easily see that Sue’s pussy was even more distended and Mike couldn’t resist pushing his cock back into Sue to pass judgement (very flabby).

As promised, we left Sue and Jen alone and I followed Mike to his room. He went down on me, we then discussed in more detail what we’d each been up to and finished up having a very energetic doggy style fuck while he got me to imagine that he was the stripper, we were back in the club and he was fucking me up on stage with everyone watching. Naturally I rather enjoyed this image and happily played along, even asking if anyone if the audience wanted to come up and join in so I could suck them or just have them jerk off over me. By the time I came, I was covered with so much cum that my hair and face was caked with it and it was dripping off my body everywhere (in my imagination at least). Mike probably didn’t cum in me too much, but he blamed that (in part) on the fact that I hadn’t brought back a fresh pair of Lis’ panties for him (but I’m fairly sure it was due to him cumming multiple times in Sue throughout the day).

Jen and Sue had another session on the Monday morning before Jen had to go off to Uni and Sue spent the day amusing herself around town (in a non-sexual way). That night, Sue and I gave Mike and Jen the obligatory ‘threesomes with sisters’. Mike ate Sue while I rode him and Jen then ate me while Sue ate her. Just so they could do things properly, Sue then shared a double dildo with Jen and they fucked quite energetically until Jen came, at which point Jen rubbed Sue’s clit while humping against her until Sue came for her third time.

Mike and Jen couldn’t decide who should get Sue that night so we all slept in the main bedroom. This meant that we didn’t get the best night’s sleep (the bed really isn’t big enough for four people), but it was also nice and warm. On Tuesday morning, Mike went down on me to wake me up and then he and Jen took care of Sue while I showered. This involved Sue and Jen 69ing with Sue on top and then Sue lifting her ass up so Mike could fuck her with her cunt just inches from Jen’s face while Sue carried on eating Jen. Once Sue had cum, Mike pulled out of her and watched as his cum dripped out of her cunt straight onto Jen’s face. Jen didn’t mind this and eagerly lapped away at Sue’s pussy until she was clean again. Mike couldn’t resist joining in and after telling Jen to keep going until Sue came again, he knelt down and lapped away at Sue’s ass. Sue tried to complain that it was too soon after cumming, but they held her in place and ate her until she came again, then left her panting on the bed while they shared a shower.

Unfortunately Sue had to go home on Tuesday to prepare for (and then attend) an interview, but she seemed a lot more relaxed following her weekend of cumming and I think this was probably the best way we could have helped her prepare.


  1. Andi,
    I used to enjoy fisting but it kind of lost it's allure after my first kid was born. when you see something that is such a blatant parallel to birth (and afterbirth) it instantly kills the mood. True you tend to 'forget' the more unpleasant parts of the process over time but such a starking parallel brings it all flooding back.

    My recommendation is that if anyone enjoys this activity to NOT look directly at the child coming out.

  2. I'm not sure that I see the parallel between someone pushing a hand right into me and a baby coming out - but I haven't experience the latter yet. I'll keep it in mind though :)

  3. It's more of when you watch the hand come out, which is an unavoidable process once it goes in...