Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Back to Uni - Part 2

I soon found out what the other plans were. I was a bit disappointed when I was told it was just a pizza dare, but then the full plan was revealed to me. We ordered the food (enough for us plus our guests) and Mike, Abrahii, Jen, Julia and Mel hid upstairs and put the shower on. They left a laptop running in the kitchen and connected to it from upstairs so they could use the webcam to watch me and I was given an old shirt to wear. When the knock on the door came, I only had one button done up on the shirt (the second from the bottom). My breasts were covered, although a fair bit of side boob was visible and I knew that it would be fairly easy to show my ass or pussy. I had been given the leeway to do as much as I wanted but obviously the more I did, the higher my ‘score’ would be.

I opened the door and asked the guy to put the pizzas in the kitchen. He followed me in (after not very subtly taking in my state of undress) and I asked him to close the door to keep the cold out. I had to hunt around to find the money to pay for the pizzas, which included lots of bending over and offering views of my ass, pussy and breasts (although this was harder as I needed to bend over to give him a side view. I ‘noticed’ him eying me up and asked him if he liked the view – he sort of apologised and I told him it was fine and they toyed with the one button holding my shirt on and asked if he wanted to see any more. He didn’t say anything so I slowly undid the button and let the shirt fall open – my nipples were still covered, but he could now see my pussy and I asked again if he liked the view. He told me he did, so I opened the shirt more to show off my breasts and walked over to pay him. I acted coy (or as coy as possible given I was mostly naked) and said that I was 10p short, but wondered if he could let me off and I could find a way to pay him back in kind.

I traced a finger down his chest and said that my girlfriend was up in the shower and that she took ages so we probably had about 10 minutes, then added ‘if there was anything I could do for him’. I looked him in the eye as my hand drifted down over his waist and asked if he wanted me to stop – he didn’t and pushed his crotch into my hand so I gave him a smile and unzipped his jeans. I told him to get his cock out and I applied a condom, then immediately took him in my mouth. He started to pump into my mouth so I had to put a hand on his cock to prevent him from going too deep, but gave him a good sucking and then put his cock between my breasts and let him tit-fuck me. This wasn’t meant to be all about him though and once he’d had a good chance to maul my breasts I told him I wanted him properly. I climbed up on the table, spread my legs and told him I wanted a good hard fucking. He took hold of my legs, pushed into me and went at it. I got him to pull my legs up so my feet were by his head (it feels deeper this way) and as he fucked me I played with my clit and spread my lips. I got him to watch closely as his cock slid in and out of me and I tried to contract myself around him as hard as I could (which he enjoyed). I made sure he told me when he got close to cumming and I finished myself off (I’d kept myself fairly close for a while as I didn’t know how fast he would be) and made a very exaggerated show of my orgasm. I moaned, panted and swore, telling him to fuck my cunt and fill it with his hard cock. He either thought what I was doing was entirely natural or just didn’t care and he did as I asked until he came.

I helped him remove the condom, gave his cock a few strokes (then washed my hands) and walked him to the door. I just ‘happened’ to find the missing 10p on the windowsill to pay him (so what we’d done didn’t count as prostitution) and just before I opened the door, there was a knock. The guy visibly jumped but I could see from the outlines through the glass it was the rest of the gang so I opened it and announced that the pizza had just arrived. The guy thanked me and wandered off while the others came in and a few commented on my clothing (I was back to having just one button done up).

People turning up at that point hadn’t been by chance – Mel had phoned them as soon as she had gone upstairs and got them to turn up and wait. She had considered getting them to interrupt our session, but Mike had convinced her to let me finish off and just embarrass the guy on the way out. I also found out that Mike had taken his third girl of the day and had fucked Abrahii while they had been watching me seduce the delivery man. Julia told the others that I had been doing a pizza dare and described to them what had happened. A few of them didn’t believe that I’d actually fucked the guy but as we ate dinner, Mel bought her laptop down, connected it to the TV and got Mike to play back the event.

I hadn’t known that they had actually been recording it (which had been Mike’s idea), but my ‘seduction’ looked incredibly cheesy and was quite embarrassing. Not everything was visible, but it was obvious that I was showing myself off to him and fortunately the laptop didn’t pick up my conversation when I offered myself to him. I was a bit more pleased with the part where I blew him and then had him fuck me on the table and my orgasm actually looked quite hot. I was applauded by everyone as the show finished and Mike ‘accidentally’ deleted the file as he stopped it playing.

Once dinner was finished, the girls went up to prepare while the guys sat around drinking. We headed out and met up with everyone else and the story of the pizza dare was retold. We danced, drank and flirted and I managed to get a close dance with Susan in (nothing too bad, but I did get my pussy pressed up against her leg for a while – she may or may not have realised this). The only ‘new’ thing that we did was that Julia and I got bored of waiting in the queue for the toilets and decided to use the gents instead. The guys seemed quite surprised when instead of using one of the stalls, we stood in front of the urinals and peed into them. This isn’t quite as easy for girls so once we had finished, we had to get some paper towels and dab each other dry (possibly with a bit more dabbing than required, but nobody seemed to mind). Jen was a little jealous and said that she wished I had invited her to do this and I said I had a much better idea for our next visit.

We stayed out fairly late so nobody else came back to Julia/Abrahhi’s place with us (other than Mel of course). Mike still needed to cum in me to complete his target of 4 girls in the day and we did this while I lay on the bed and had Mel sitting over my face. Julia had a final lick of me before we left her and Mel alone and retired to Abrahii’s room for our own session. This was fairly simple, but I managed to get Jen to cum while Mike ate Abrahii and we slept fairly soundly.

Mike ate and then fucked Abrahii awake the next morning (she was awake by the time he started to fuck her) and this left Jen and I to play with each other. We used some of Abrahii’s toys, but then went and fetched one of Julia’s double dildos so we could do things properly. Mel and Jules came in to watch and once we’d finished, they used the same dildo and Mike pumped it between them while Jen, Abrahii and I stimulated them in various ways (kissing, breast play, fondling clits, licking earlobes…). Julia came first but Mel said we had to keep going until she had cum and we ended up getting Jules off a second time (with a bit of concentrated clit-play near the end).

Over breakfast, Mike convinced Abrahii to let him eat her again and he knelt on the floor under the table to do this. Once he’d gotten her off, he moved on to me, Mel and Julia and we each got licked for a couple of minutes. By the time he clambered out, his face was covered in our juices and his knees were red and stiff (as was his cock). As a reward, Julia offered to suck him off but he said he would prefer to fuck someone and ended up with Mel on his cock while he ate Julia (to orgasm this time) and Jen knelt behind Mel to reach around and play with her breasts. Abrahii felt a little left out so fondled Mel’s clit and she ended up being the first to cum. Once Mike had eaten Julia, he pulled Mel down on top of him and fucked her hard and fast – he had hoped to make her cum again but Mel can sometimes be quite limited in her orgasmic capacity and just let him cum in her (Mike doesn’t like cumming in people he hasn’t just made cum – not that this stopped him from doing so).

We showered and headed out to meet people for brunch. We went to a new place that had little booths, which allowed the more adventurous amongst us to have our pussies on display but still cover up in time if anyone came by. Naturally Julia and I were up for this and it took hardly anything to convince Abrahii to join us – she actually got fingered by Mel (although not to orgasm). Mike thought that Jen should show off a little and he pulled on one of her legs while I told Susan to pull her other leg open. Susan hesitated a bit at first, but everyone encouraged her and she then pushed Jen’s skirt up to reveal her pussy. I tried to get her (Susan) to rub Jen’s pussy, but that was clearly a bit too much for her (we have time to train her though). Mel reached up Abigail’s skirt and we got a flash of her panties as Mel rubbed her, but it was only for a second until her hand was batted away.

We debated going to use one of the rooms (or the roof) if the halls Jen used to live in, but didn’t really have enough time before we needed to get back to the house and then to the airport. I would have happily cum, but we ended up just continuing to gently (and discreetly) stimulate each other for as much of the journey home as possible (I sat between Jen and Mike on the plane so had two hands in my lap under my coat). Once we got back to the house, we went straight to the bedroom and I let Mike fuck me while Jen sat over me and I ate her. He then spent a while kissing and sucking on her breasts and then I went down on her again. Mike and I spooned that night while I held a vibe along the length of Jen’s pussy and across her clit. Sue (sister) called us while we were doing this so she ended up watching and playing with herself (which was an unexpected bonus).


  1. Who amongst your friends and playmates do you like to fuck the most? How about Mike and Jen?

  2. Well obviously Mike and Jen are the ones I like doing things with most, but that is because it is more than just sex and we love each other (which really does make a difference). Discounting them, it would probablyhave to be Lis, but I also care a lot more about her (or love her) than I do any of my other friends so that is partially for the same reason.

    If we're just considering people that I enjoy fucking, then Julia would have to feature high up on the list as she is so open and adventurous, but Abrahii isn't too far behind her. Julia's brother Alex is quite fun as he is also very open about wanting to enjoy things. On the male side, I think Jen's brother is more exciting, but that's not just down to the actual sex, but more because we're doing something forbidden. On that note, Sue would also have to feature in this list - not that I actually have sex with her, but having her join Mike and me (and now Jen and me) was also a lot of fun for the 'forbidden' reason.

    From the sex parties - I love eating Emily as she tastes so incredibly good and little Sara was really cute and had wonderful squishy pussy lips. Laura in really good (at both giving and receiving oral sex) and is quite adventurous and I do miss giant cock guy from the parties as he was slightly larger than Mike (just enough to feel the difference) and was fairly good in bed.

    So I generally like different things about most of the people I've done things with (and if I didn't enjoy doing things with them I generally haven't done things more than once or twice). All things considered, I would have to say that Lis would be my favourite, but if we also discount her then it would probably be Julia.

  3. Very nice story. Hope to read more soon.