Thursday, 31 January 2013

Exploring Lis - Part 1

Mid-November: Lis and Lucy came up to visit us again, but this time we knew that we would get to do more with them that just have them watch us play. Unfortunately for Mike, it meant another couple of days before the visit with him not cumming in me, but he made up for that by cumming over Jen and me whenever we fucked.

Lis arranged to get away early (and Lucy still hasn’t found a job), so they arrived mid-afternoon. Jen was able to skive off and meet up with them, but they didn’t head back to the house so Mike and I joined them after work and we went out for dinner. In a shocking display of covering up beauty, both of them had jeans on (it was quite cold and damp). Admittedly Jen had denim shorts on so I was the only one who had easy access to their pussy, but I also had tights on to keep the cold off my legs. I did manage a long enough flash to demonstrate that I didn’t have any panties on under my tights though.

It was deliciously frustrating, knowing that we wanted to get back home and get started, but spending time to have a relaxing dinner and chat. We even dragged things out a little longer by going for a drink afterwards, but our whispered comments about what we were going to do that evening became more and more urgent until we all agreed that it was time to make a move. On the way home, I got my hand firmly on Lis’ ass and then later did the same to Lucy, walking along while squeezing and confirming the firmness of their cheeks. Once home, we showed them what we had prepared – a duvet bed in the living room for the four of us while Mike got to use Jen’s bedroom (the bigger one). Lucy had already told us during the week that she didn’t really object to Mike seeing her naked (as he’s pretty much seen all of her naked anyway), but she didn’t want him to see her actually having sex. Mike was obviously a little disappointed about this, but Lis had promised him a fresh (or rather used, but fresh to him as she would have worn them first) pair of panties each day.

Mike did at least get to see Jen and Lis start to make out on the sofa and after asking Lucy if she minded if we played with Lis first, I crawled over to them and started to unbutton Lis’ jeans. I had pulled them down just enough for her panties to be visible (which isn’t easy when the person is sitting down and making out with someone) when Lucy told Mike that he wasn’t allowed to see any more (she has learned a few things from Jen about teasing Mike). I hadn’t stopped working on Lis’ jeans, so he did get to see her legs appear and me pushing my face into her crotch (she still had her panties on). As soon as he left, these were quickly removed and I started to eat her. Jen worked Lis’ top off and played with her nipples and it didn’t take too long before we got an orgasm out of her.

I wanted to move straight over to Lucy and start things with her, but Lis said that she would take her panties in to Mike so he at least had something to play with (I think she underestimates his imagination and our porn collection). I knew that during our phone/Skype calls, Jen had been encouraging Lis to tease Mike and once Lis had wiped her pussy dry on her panties, she pulled out a nice sheer set of bra and panties and pulled them on. I thought it was the perfect balance between cute and sexy and knew that Mike would love the look (and if there hadn’t been a Lucy waiting for me I might well have pulled Lis back down onto the sofa and ravished her again). Jen got Lis to pose in a couple of sexy-pouty shots and I advised her to tone these down a little if she really wanted to tease Mike (he doesn’t think these actually look sexy and nor do I). She told us to be kind to Lucy and wandered out the door clutching her damp panties. I called Lucy over to us and in an (almost) innocent way, asked if she was still interested in playing with us. She tried to act casually, but I started to caress her crotch and Jen pushed a hand into her blouse to play with her breasts so this didn’t last too long and we decided to move onto the makeshift bed on the floor to get things started.

I quickly shed my clothes and once Jen had helped me to strip Lucy naked, she removed hers. Jen and I took up position on either side of Lucy and we both caressed her body while she took turns kissing us. I tried to convince Lucy to let Mike watch and explained just how incredibly hot he would find it but she said that she wasn’t quite ready for that and I didn’t want to spoil the mood so I didn’t push things (except my fingers into her pussy). As I’ve said before, Lucy is no prude (and I know this full well from the things Lis has told me) so while we fondled her, I whispered to her if she had enjoyed watching her girlfriend being eaten and made to cum. Jen spent a while on Lucy’s breasts and then migrated south so I removed my hand to give her better access. Lucy is quite a good kisser (and certainly a lot better now she isn’t as nervous about doing things with us) so we exchanged saliva and I caressed her breasts until my desire got the better of me and I climbed over her face to let her eat me. Her tongue pushed into me as soon as I was in position and I commented to her on how she had become so eager to fuck, but she didn’t reply.

We carried on in this position for a while longer, not hurrying things along, but certainly enjoying what we were doing and Lis eventually reappeared. I pointed out that Jen could do with some attention and she obliged – at first she knelt behind Jen and tried to eat her, but couldn’t get a good angle so moved round onto her back, scooted under Jen and pulled her pussy down to her mouth. Lucy’s tongue pushed right into me and I loved that she was getting so involved, but unfortunately it didn’t take too long for the stimulation to become too much and I came. I climbed off her face resumed kissing Lucy, took a short break to pull Lis’ legs apart and eat her and then as Lucy started to moan I went back to kissing her and caressing her breasts. I could feel her chest heaving and feel her heavy breathing as she came and once she had finished I licked and lapped around her nipples while Jen kitty kissed her. It seemed only fair to help out for Jen’s orgasm so I sat beside her and reached under her body to her breasts so I could tease her nipples. I was a lot more forceful with Jen (just as she likes it) and between Lis’ licking and my pinching, she mewed her orgasm into Lucy’s cunt.

We curled up under the duvet and I welcomed Lis and Lucy back to our home, telling them they could cum anytime they wanted (fully intending the pun). Jen asked Lis how Mike had enjoyed her panties and Lis said that things had gone pretty well, but it was obvious from her expression that there was a bit more to it. We encouraged her to tell us more by Jen tickling her and me wiggling my fingers inside her (I’d been caressing her under the covers the whole time). Lis told us that she had gone in to see Mike and he had indeed liked her outfit. She mentioned to him that Jen had been giving her pointers on how to tease him (not that Lis doesn’t know how to lead guys on, but Jen has a fair amount of very specific practice with Mike) and she climbed up on the bed beside him.

Mike was perfectly willing to take whatever teasing Lis was going to give and after she handed him her damp panties, she asked him to taste her from them (so he did). As a reward, she straddled him and gently rode back and forth, pressing her crotch against the duvet. Mike pointed out that they’d been in much closer contact before and Lis asked him if he’d cum yet – when he said that he hadn’t, but had just been teasing himself, she told him that they could always move the covers out of the way if he wanted. ‘If he wanted’ was a stupid qualifier and he told her to kneel up so he could push them down and expose his cock. He wasn’t sure if Lis had expected him to be naked, but she didn’t seem surprised and simply lowered herself so her crotch pressed against his cock and resumed rocking back and forth. Mike wasn’t entirely passive and rubbed back against her and she reminded him that he couldn’t cum (Lis isn’t using any birth control as there isn’t really much need for it). He promised her that he wouldn’t cum (and Lis knows that Mike is good at holding back) so she humped against him some more.

Mike was hoping that Lis would carry on until she came, but after a few minutes she reached down and rubbed her panties (also brushing her hand against his cock) and said that they felt quite damp. She stood up and he had a wonderful view of a darker patch on the crotch and she asked if he also wanted that pair to ‘use’. When he said he did, she pulled them down, carefully stepped out of them (it’s not easy standing on one leg on a bed) and handed them to him. She sat back down before Mike could spend too long examining her pussy, but this meant that her pussy was now in direct contact with his cock. She resumed rocking back and forth and then reached down to spread her lips so the shaft of his cock nestled between them better. Mike had endured enough by this point and took hold of Lis’ ass to help her slide back and forth. He was now pretty convinced that she intended to carry on until she made herself cum (based on the fact that Jen had been teaching her), but he wasn’t ready for what she actually did.

She sat up slightly, reached down and pulled the head of his cock to her cunt and rubbed it back and forth. Just as Mike told her that she was a little tease, she pushed down and the head entered her. Mike pointed this out to her and she told him that she knew and pushed down a bit more. She bobbed up and down a few times and as Mike pushed back, she slid down and took all of his cock into her cunt. She reminded Mike again not to cum and when he nodded, she rode up and down on his cock for about a minute and asked him how it felt. He told her that she felt incredible and asked if this was her first time. Lis told him that she’d had sex before and he said that he meant ‘with a guy’ and Lis told him that was what she meant. I don’t know why as I’ve told him before that Lis wasn’t a virgin (and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it on here), but Mike had either ignored or forgotten that fact. He was a little disappointed that he wasn’t getting to take Lis’ cherry, but given the situation he was in, I don’t think he was too upset.

He was now really hoping that Lis intended to fuck herself using his cock, but she lifted herself off him, wiped her pussy with the sexy pair of her panties and then wrapped them around his cock and sort of wiped it clean with a few pumps up and down. Mike later said that he could have quite easily cum if she had continued doing this, but as Lis said goodbye, he realised that the whole thing had just been her teasing him so he told her that he intended to cover her panties in so much cum that she would never be able to use them again. Lis stood beside the bed, ran a finger between her lips and licked it clean and told him to have fun and enjoy himself, before slowly walking out of the room and coming back to join Jen, Lucy and me.

As Lis told us this I faked indignation over the fact that she had mounted my husband’s cock, although as my fingers were still eagerly playing with her cunt, I didn’t have much of a leg to stand on. Even Jen was surprised that Lis had gone so far (she had only expected Lis to tease him, possibly with a little grinding while wearing panties). Lucy was the only person (other than Lis) who knew that this was going to happen – or rather that Lis had been considering doing this. I asked what had made her decide to go that far and she just said that she wanted to see what it felt like (Lis may not be a virgin, but it is a very long time since she’s had a guy inside her). I set Jen on her to clean out her pussy (just an excuse for Jen to lick deep inside her) and then Lucy and I had a simultaneous session – just so we didn’t get bored. Once we’d all cum, we curled up again and I couldn’t get the image of Mike’s cock buried in Lis out of my head so I asked if she would fuck him with us watching. Lis said that she wasn’t going to fuck him, but he could be inside her again and that was good enough for me. Jen tried to tell Lis off for not having quite got the hand of teasing, but Lis pointed out that she had left Mike with a pretty impressive erection and obviously wanting to cum, so she thought that she had succeeded.

We chatted for quite a while longer and there was a fair amount more kissing and caressing, but we didn’t fuck again. I had the same dilemma as before when it was time to actually fall asleep as I didn’t know if I wanted to snuggle up with Lis (who I pretty much love) or Lucy (who I just want to endlessly fuck). I opted for Lis but we agreed that we would swap snuggle partners the following night and Jen curled up with Lucy. I whispered to Lis that we should have a chat the next day and pressed up harder against her ass, which she wiggled back.


  1. I've never understood why men are so attracted to lesbian women. I guess on one level it is because they hope to be engaged in a F/F/M 'menage a trois' but logically speaking they would have more luck with someone who ISN'T gay, as opposed to someone who is 'actively gay'. Often someone who is 'actively gay' (as opposed to someone who is just experimenting etc) includes a quite deliberate rejection of the attraction to the opposite sex; heterosexual individuals may or may not have even contemplated sexual attraction to the same sex...or at least their contemplation of attraction to the same sex is usually at a far less intentional level. In other words heterosexual women may be more open to a menage a trois because they haven't even actively considered the idea, rather than a lesbian who has already considered a sexual encounter with a man and already rejected it.

    The only other reason I can see for the attraction to lesbians by males is an attempt to "convert" them straight. As a gay male I find this motive most often in female attraction to gay men (rather than male attraction to lesbians). I can't even tell you the number of times women have offered to 'fuck me straight' for lack of a better term or offered themselves to show me 'what it's like on the other side of the fence' to which I respond "Oh my, how noble of you!"

    What are your thoughts?

    Signed, curious in Colorado

  2. From what I've been able to figure out (and I guess it's different for each guy), a lot of it is just wanting something that they can't have. Of course, they really like the idea of being able to do things with two girls at once and I don't think the logic of them being gay therefore not attracted to men really comes into it (although from experience I agree that 'straight' women are often willing to experiment and therefore the guys would probably stand a better chance of getting their threesome this way).

    I've fucked a couple of gay guys - this wasn't to try and convert them, I just offered myself so they could see how it felt (okay, so one of them had fucked girls before so it wasn't entirely new to them - and possibly I was also doing it so I could see how good they were). These guys were from Jen's group of Uni friends so they were fairly open minded (having watched everything we've done for the psat number of years). They generally agreed that while a pussy felt nice, it didn't feel right (which is pretty much what Mike has said about having a guy jerk or suck him off - technically it feels good but not in the same way).

    I'm not sure that homosexuals really reject the opposite sex (sexually) - maybe the 'extreme' homosexuals would do this (just as extreme heterosexuals would object doing things with someone of the same sex), but I still believe my theory that everyone is gay (or bi) to a certain extent and if you are willing to try things, you may find that you like it. I don't mean that everyone will like it or that many people would want a partner of the opposite sex to their usual preference, but I think a number of people might be surprised.

    Originally I was going to say that women seem to be more open to experimenting with other girls and out of those who've done so, more seem to be willing to experiment again (possibly admitting they are bi). I'm not actually sure that's true though as I know a number of 'straight' guys who have done things with other guys (possibly in a MMF threesome) and then discovered their bi side. Either way, I think it's good to be honest with yourself - we're not living in the 1950's any more where people need to be ashamed of being bi or gay and if you cut off 50% of potential partners you might miss someone that you could really love (or in the non-relationship domain, have a really good fuck with).