Sunday, 13 January 2013

Living Mike's Dream - Part 1

At the start of November, Jen and I went down to visit Lis and Lucy. Lucy had been living with Lis for a while by this point and Lis had told me that she thought it would be better if Mike didn’t come along this time as she (Lis) had been ‘working’ on Lucy. I knew that Lis was more than up for us playing together (and she didn’t mind Mike seeing her cum), but we wanted to maximise our chances and he said that he was happy to stay at home as long as we returned with a pair of Lis’ panties soaked in her juices and sealed in a bag. She had promised him that she would provide them so we said goodbye to him on the Friday morning and ventured down immediately after work (for me) and Uni (for Jen).

We arrived fairly late due to flight delays and bad connections but stayed up chatting until fairly late. While Lucy was out of the room, Lis assured me that she had talked Lucy into doing some things, but she still wasn’t sure how much she would actually do. I promised that we would play along with whatever happened (as if there was any chance I was going to say no). At Mike’s request I slipped my hand up Lis’ leg and stroked her panties, pushing the material between her lips, but stopped before Lucy returned. We said goodnight and it certainly felt like there was an air of anticipation. Jen and I were sleeping on a futon in the second bedroom/study and had a slow gentle session. The futon was actually quite good for this as it didn’t make any noise as we rolled around.

The next morning, we had made it as far as getting up to pee and returning to bed to start playing (we’d actually been playing for a while, but had only being doing things slowly) when there was a knock on the door. Lis came in carrying breakfast and I was pleased to see that she was naked. Lucy came in behind her with her silk robe on and it looked like she was naked underneath it (I could certainly see her nipples through the robe and was fairly sure that she didn’t have panties on). They sat down on the futon and Lis sat cross legged, giving a clear view of her pussy. This was almost the exact opposite of Jen and I serving breakfast to them and to try to encourage things along, I sat on top of the covers so I was also completely exposed. Jen followed suit and we ate and chatted.

I contracted the muscles in my pussy a number of times and Lis seemed to be fidgeting around as well. We all knew that we were waiting for something to happen and I was going to get started on Jen when Lis cleared the breakfast things off the bed and spread her legs. I asked if we were going to get to see her cum and she nodded before pulling Lucy to her. Lis whispered something to Lucy and we watched as they kissed and Lucy’s hand slipped between Lis’ legs. I saw Lis’ hand slide into Lucy’s robe and caress Lucy and as things got more heated, Lis pulled the robe up and Lucy’s ass was revealed. I moved closer to Jen and pushed a hand between her legs and asked if she liked what she was seeing (which was a stupid question). By this point, Lis had a hand between Lucy’s legs and they rolled over so Lis was on top.

Lis humped against Lucy’s leg and moved down to suck on her breasts. I stroked Jen harder but we stayed otherwise quiet as Lis moved down Lucy’s body. Lucy had her eyes shut, but clearly arched her back as Lis’ mouth made contact with her pussy. I had been wanting to see this for ages and while Lucy’s pussy didn’t look much like Pavlina’s, it was still close enough to our fantasy that I had to hold myself back from making myself cum straight away. We watched as Lis lapped at Lucy’s cunt and watched the fast small licks that I remembered from the times we’d got to play with her. Lis looked around at us and wiggled her ass before returning to eating Lucy and I took this as an invitation. I very carefully slid closer to Lis so we didn’t distract Lucy and I ran my hand over her ass. I dipped my fingers between her legs and stroked her pussy and then pushed a couple of fingers into her. Lis pushed back and I slowly finger fucked her while Jen joined in and stroked her clit. I wanted to see more of what was happening so crawled up beside Lucy and watched closely as Lis ate her. I was very tempted to help out, either by stroking Lucy’s thigh or her breasts but wasn’t sure how far we were allowed to go (and didn’t want to scare her off) so I ended up just playing with myself. I had a wonderful view of Lucy’s face as she came and once again arched her back and I examined her body as she lay relaxing and recovering.

Jen had the sense to stop playing with Lis before Lucy sat up. Lucy looked quite embarrassed, but this was probably offset by the fact that I was still openly playing with myself and was getting quite close to cumming. Jen had been stroking herself while fingering Lis and I moved over to her so we could put on a reciprocal show. Jen and I ended up 69ing and once we’d both cum we got to watch Lucy rubbing Lis’ cunt until she came. Lucy had her robe back on by this point (although it was still untied) and when we finally made a comment about having enjoyed their show, she blushed quite a bit (which made her look quite cute and innocent) and I asked if Jen would make me cum again. This time I just spread my legs and let Jen finger me. Lis moved a bit closer and stroked my thighs and as I came I just lay back with my eyes closed and enjoyed my orgasm (which was fairly strong).

Lis and Lucy went off to shower and once they had done so, Jen and I showered together. Later that morning, I caught Lis alone in the kitchen and thanked her but told her that it would be even better if we could go a step further. She said that she was still working on this, but slipped her hand under my skirt and fondled my pussy. It would have been rude to not reciprocate so I did the same to her and worked my fingers into her panties and then her pussy. It was a bit late by this point, but I asked her if we were allowed to play with each other and she said that Lucy had agreed that Jen and I could make Lis cum if we wanted. I told her off for not making this clear earlier (or we could have had a lot more fun on the bed). I told Lis that I wanted to feel her tongue on my cunt and we moved into her bedroom. I called Jen and told her to bring Lucy along but by the time they arrived, I already had Lis on her back, her skirt pushed up and her panties pulled aside so I could taste her. I told Lucy that Lis said we had her (Lucy’s) permission to do this and when she said to go ahead, I dived in to Lis’ cunt and ate her properly.

She didn’t taste quite the way I remembered (despite having stolen taste of her from dildos and fingers at numerous times since we last did things properly), but I wasn’t overly worried about this. I slipped her panties off and offered her to Jen while I pulled Lis’ top off and played with her little breasts. I kissed Lis and asked where they kept their toys. She told me which drawer to look in and I asked which was Lucy’s favourite before bouncing over and pulling out a silicone coated vibe (similar to the one we have, but in pink). I told Lucy that it was like one of our favourites and slid it into my pussy as I climbed back on the bed. I removed it from my cunt, ran it over Lis’ nipples and then pulled Jen’s skirt up so I could slide it into her. I wanted Lucy to come and help out, but she seemed contented to just watch for now so I just concentrated on fucking Jen until she made Lis cum.

Once Jen moved away from Lis I had a final quick lick of her (Lis’) pussy and then pulled the vibe out from Jen. I handed it to Lucy and reminded her that I would gladly do the same thing to her if she gave me a chance (but she’s known this for ages). I returned to the bed to give Jen a kiss (and taste a bit more of Lis from her face) and then whispered to Jen that I thought Lucy had enjoyed watching Jen’s cunt swallow her vibe. I really wanted to do things properly with Lis myself, but it was easy to tell that Lucy wasn’t really ready to do anything more yet so I restrained myself and suggested that we head out and have some lunch. We tried to keep things light as we walked, found somewhere and then had lunch but it wasn’t difficult to tell what we were thinking about. Jen and I gave Lis some time alone with Lucy so they could discuss what had happened (not ‘properly’ alone, we just walked arm in arm a little way behind them) and when we returned home Lis discreetly confirmed that Lucy had been enjoying herself so far.

We had a light dinner and headed out to a club fairly early (so it was nice and quick to get in). Lucy seemed to loosen up quite a bit and we, chatted, drank and danced for a while (with a fair bit of intimate dancing). We didn’t stay out late and while I felt everything was going well, I wasn’t quite sure if going back early was a good or a bad thing. I got to walk arm in arm with Lucy but after a while I looped an arm around her waist and let my hand slowly slide down her side, onto her hip and then half under her skirt. Jen was a bit more adventurous with Lis and had a hand between her legs, but neither Lucy nor I knew this as they were walking behind us. By the time we got home, Jen had been fingering Lis for a while and she told Jen (who relayed it to me) to give her a minute to work on Lucy.

They disappeared into their bedroom and after about 5 minutes we could hear that something was happening. We slowly made our way in and found a naked Lis kneeling by the bed with her head between Lucy’s legs. Lucy saw us so we moved the whole way into the room and I sat on the bed beside her. I couldn’t resist touching Lucy this time (I had spent most of my Saturday not cumming while being in the presence of three girls I would have happily spent the whole day in bed with). I caressed Lucy’s breasts through her dress and then unzipped it so I could slide a hand inside and at least caress her through her bra. It was quite awkward so I suggested that she take the dress off and made a comment about us all having seen each other naked before anyway. I was a little worried that the interruption might cause Lucy to rethink things, but she sat up and between Lis and I, we pulled her dress off and quickly removed her bra before Lis pushed her back down and carried on eating her.

I now had unfettered access to her breasts and started to fondle them. I signalled to Lis to take her time and then started to kiss and suckle on Lucy’s breasts, slowly working my way around them until I finally ended up at her nipples (I’ve learned something from Jen’s breast fetish). Lucy was now squirming around on the bed, shifting her ass, flexing her legs and arching her back and I indicated to Jen that she should come and help me out (she had been playing with Lis up until this point) and was already naked. I let Jen take over playing with Lucy’s breasts and took the opportunity to remove my clothes (I’m really not used to being the last one to get naked). I pulled Lis’ ass up so I could kneel behind her and have a lick at her cunt and then pushed a couple of fingers into her which I moved around while I whispered to her that I was going to make her cum later on. I moved back up to help Jen with Lucy’s breasts and then my impatience got the better of me and I signalled to Lis that I wanted to switch places with her.

We quickly made the switch and I didn’t get to savour the anticipation of getting to do what I’d dreamt about doing for as long as I wanted, but I got a pretty decent view of Lucy’s pussy and did inhale her scent before my mouth made contact with her. I desperately wanted to make her cum and really had to hold myself back from just eating her outright. Instead I just used my tongue to gently explore her pussy, starting with the lips, then her clit and finally pushing inside her where I got to taste her properly. She didn’t actually taste too dissimilar to Lis, although I would have eaten her no matter what she tasted like. I tried using the little fluttery flicks that Lis used and she responded quite well to this, but I also got a few arched backs from longer licks, sucking on her clit and swirling my tongue around inside her.

As things were going so well (even if very differently from any of the ways we had imagined), I thought that we may as well try to break all the barriers in one go so I tapped on Jen’s leg and indicated that she should swap with me. We knew (from Lis) that the thing Lucy was most nervous about was actually doing things with Jen. It wasn’t that Lucy couldn’t think of Jen in a sexual way (Lis had been using Jen and I with Lucy in their fantasies for a while), but Lucy had known Jen since pretty much the start of their time at Uni and was just worried it would feel strange. I gave Lucy a final few licks and then quickly swapped with Jen. I moved back up to work on Lucy’s nipples (which were now both damp with our saliva). I half watched as Jen ate Lucy, but I could feel that Lucy was responding to her tongue. I later found out that Jen had explored her in a similar way to me, although she had spent a fair bit more time with her tongue pushed deep into Lucy’s cunt (Jen has a reasonably long tongue so she can reach places I can’t).

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