Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Living Mike's Dream - Part 2

Lis and I kissed a few times over Lucy’s body and as Lucy’s breath began to come in shorter pants, I told Jen that I wanted to take over (but to be fair, Jen had already got to make Lis cum and she knew that I’d been fantasising about Lucy since I met her). We switched again and I had a slightly longer look at Lucy’s pussy before diving in this time. She had a small patch of short hair, but had her lips shaved clean and I opened then so I could have a peek inside. She was still breathing heavily and I thought that it wasn’t fair to make her wait any longer (which had absolutely nothing to do with me not wanting to wait any longer) so I pushed my mouth onto her pussy and licked. I wasn’t being particularly forceful, but the teasing seemed to have primed her for my final push and as we worked on her, she became a bit more vocal and squirmed around a lot more. I wrapped my arms around her legs and sucked one of her lips into my mouth, lashed it with my tongue and then did the same to the other one. I lapped inside her cunt a few more times and then concentrated on her clit. Her breathing became heavier and she let out a number of ‘oh’ sounds and finally an ‘unngghh’. I slowed down my licking, but not by quite enough so had to adjust again when Lucy said it felt too strong and kitty kissed her for a few minutes (just in case this was the only time I got to do things with her I intended to make the most of it).

I wiped my face clean, climbed up over her and gave her a kiss (we know from Lis that Lucy isn’t really in to tasting herself) and I pressed my pussy against her thigh. She was still breathing heavily and I asked if she had enjoyed herself and got a nod. I rolled off Lucy and Lis asked if we were going to continue (which was a stupid question – I felt like I was ready to explode and really wanted to cum). I hooked a finger in Lis’ pussy and played with her clit but was aware that Lucy still had a final step to take if she was going to do things to Jen in return. I reached over to caress Jen and suggested to Lis that she help me out. Lis seemed a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to play with her (which I was pleased by as I really do like her), but she crawled around us and lay behind Jen so she could reach around and stroke various bits of her body. I asked Lucy if she had enjoyed having three people make her cum and she nodded so I whispered in her ear if she had enjoyed having Jen’s tongue buried inside her. She blushed a bit at this and sort of curled up, but as I was on one side of her and Jen was on the other, she didn’t really have anywhere to go.

I asked her if she was ready to help someone else cum and suggested that we work on Lis (I was going to go for Jen, but thought that Lis would be a good stepping stone to get Lucy actually doing things instead of just receiving pleasure) and Jen rolled over and pinned Lis down. I didn’t waste any time, climbed over Lucy and started to play with Lis’ cunt. Jen moved up and planted herself over Lis’ face. I broke contact with Lis’ pussy to tell Jen not to be greedy and that she would get her turn – as much as I remembered Lis saying that she enjoyed being sandwiched between us, I didn’t want Jen to cum again unless Lucy was involved (or at least we tried to get her involved). Jen reluctantly climbed off and I told her that she could have free reign with Lis’ breasts – Jen much prefers larger breasts but Lis’ nipples are reasonably sensitive so Jen enjoys playing with them for the response she can get.

Lucy came over and I let her take over eating Lis while I helped out on Lis nips and also kissed her. I whispered to her that I was going to ravage her cunt with my tongue and described how I wanted her to eat me in return. Lis already seemed to be reacting to what we were doing to her so I told Jen to go and take her turn between Lis’ legs. Jen swapped with Lucy, who had figured out what was expected from her and crawled up beside Lis to help me play with her breasts. I got Lucy to show me what Lis liked (even though Jen and I got Lis first, Lucy has significantly more experience than we do at making Lis cum) and I tried my best to copy Lucy’s actions. As Lis started to get close to cumming I asked Lucy if she minded if I made her cute little girlfriend cum and Lucy said that it was a bit late for her to ‘mind’ about things like that. I swapped with Jen (which possibly wasn’t fair as I’d just got to make Lucy cum, but Jen knows how I feel about Lis and it meant that she got to go back to her beloved breast play). I gave Lis a number of long hard licks, from her ass up to her clit and then as I concentrated on making her cum, I pressed my thumb against her ass (not penetrating, but certainly stimulating). Lis came almost silently (which I thought we had encouraged her not to do) and I kitty kissed her, but not for as long as I’d done with Lucy.

We all sat around her and gently caressed her body until she recovered and I asked if anyone minded if it was my turn next. Lis went down on me first and Jen took one of my nipples in her mouth while indicating to Lucy that she should take care of the other one. I found out that Lucy is actually quite good at breast play – maybe not quite as good as Jen, but when paired with Jen (as was the case) they felt wonderful together. Lis’ tongue flicked back and forth over and into my pussy and I could have easily let her make me cum but she asked Lucy to take over. This was another step for Lucy to take but she didn’t hesitate, took Lis’ place and started to eat me. It wasn’t anything like I had imagined – it’s not that it was bad, I have just always equated Lucy with Pavlina (the porn star) so in my fantasies she was always absolutely outstanding at eating pussy. I didn’t let the disappointment upset me (and nobody could have accurately described what I was feeling as ‘disappointment’ anyway). Lucy quickly got bolder with her licking and (again) as much as I could have happily let her make me cum, I told Jen that it was her turn.

Jen pushed her tongue deep into me and lapped around my cunt, then fingered me while she flicked her tongue over my clit. Jen obviously knows the best ways to stimulate me and I had to hold my orgasm back and tell her to let someone else make me cum. I had wanted it to be Lucy, but Jen pulled on Lis’ leg so Lis took over and within a minute or so of her little flicks, I started to cum. I was nowhere near as restrained as Lis or Lucy had been and happily moaned my way through my orgasm (I wasn’t overly loud, but was fairly expressive). I asked Lis to kitty kiss me once I’d finished cumming and then after pulling her up so I could kiss her (and feel her whole body pressed against mine) I asked for some water.

Lucy and Lis went to fetch some drinks and I asked Jen why she had got Lis to make me cum and not Lucy. She explained that this meant it was now Lucy’s turn to make someone cum and I could see that Jen was looking forward to having her best friend do this to her even more than I had thought. When they returned, we quickly gulped down our drinks and I started on Jen. Her pussy was incredibly wet and I tried not to eat too many of her juices so the others could sample her properly. Lis and Lucy worked on her breasts and I reminded them that Jen liked forceful breast play. Lucy didn’t do things as hard as Lis, but Jen was still loving the triple stimulation and when I swapped places with Lis, I made sure to nibble and suck hard on Jen’s breasts.

Lis gave Jen the rapid flicking treatment and Jen’s pants started turning to mews so I told Lucy that this meant Jen was getting close to cumming. I tapped on Lis’ head to get her attention and said that it was Lucy’s turn, asking her to make Jen cum hard. Lucy slowly moved down between Jen’s legs, but once in place, she only paused for a few seconds before pushing her mouth onto Jen’s cunt and eating her. I gave Lis a big smile and resumed sucking on Jen’s nipple. Jen was mewing louder so I whispered to her to try to hold back and then moved down beside Lucy so I could slide a hand down her back and over her ass to seek out her pussy with my fingers. She also seemed very wet (which I took as a sign of enjoyment seeing as we’d cleaned out her cunt not long before) and whispered to her to get her tongue as far into Jen’s cunt as she could. I was enjoying playing with Lucy’s cunt and frigging her clit, but I didn’t want to be greedy and knew that Jen deserved the same triple treatment that the rest of us had got so I moved back up, fed her Lucy’s juices from my fingers and returned to her nipple. As soon as she stopped resisting it, Jen came, mewing loudly and pushing her crotch against Lucy’s mouth. I was pleased to see that Lucy kitty kissed Jen (Lis taught her how to do this).

Lucy looked a little sheepish when she climbed out from between Jen’s legs, but I gave her a big kiss and said that she had done really well. Having come this far I doubted that we were going to turn back now so I teased her a little and asked how it had felt, making her best friend cum and if she had enjoyed having Jen’s tongue exploring the inside of her cunt. This made her blush quite a bit and go quiet, but she admitted that it had been nice so I tickled her (which Lis helped with) until we had her pinned down with me on top of her. She was gasping for breath now and we got her to say that it had felt much better than just ‘nice’, but we were pretty much ready for round two anyway (there may have been a bit of accidental stroking of Lucy’s pussy while we were tickling her).

I suggested that we try some one on one action and I turned myself around so I could plant my pussy onto Lucy’s mouth and we could 69. Lis and Jen started to do the same at the bottom of the bed and we had a much quicker (and a lot less intense) session. Jen was the last to cum so Lucy and I got to watch this and I asked if she was up for switching partners for round three. This led to more teasing and describing how I wanted to see Jen and Lucy eating each other, but Lucy agreed so I pointed out how much more fun we could have had if she had decided to do this while Jen and she were still living together. She made some excuse about having thought it would be weird, and I told her that we would just have to make up for lost time and as a start, she could ravish Jen. Lucy told me that I was incorrigible (which she has often said, so I just shrugged and told her to get on with it. There was another small bit of hesitation, but Jen pulled Lucy over her and once they’d got stuck in to each other, I kissed Lis and told her that it was now finally our turn to do things together.

We started off kissing and gently fondling each other until I whispered that we probably shouldn’t finish off too much after Jen and Lucy so our touching became more urgent and we rubbed and fingered each other properly. We finished off by 69ing but by the time we surfaced Luck and Jen had long finished and had been watching us for a while. I think it had been obvious to Lucy that Lis and I had been doing a little more than just fucking and she asked if she could have her girlfriend back so I pointed out that she was still pressed up against and had her arm around the naked waist of my wife. Lucy started to separate herself from Jen but Lis and I moved up beside them (me behind Jen and Lis behind Lucy) and I told her that I wasn’t doing anything more than borrowing Lis and would make sure to offer a suitable payment in return. I wasn’t actually sure if I was referring to letting Lucy have Jen or the fact that I would spend just as long making Lucy cum.

I suggested that instead of sleeping in separate beds, we made a big bed on the floor so we could all stay together. We had to move a few things and use the living room for this as neither of the bedrooms had enough floor space, but we got things organised and all curled up together under the duvets on the floor. As we lay chatting, Lucy asked Jen how things were working out between her and Mike and Jen told her some of the things they had been doing (Lucy already knew about some of them and she has seen Jen grind against Mike’s cock and make him cum so most of it wasn’t new to her). I described (in great detail – even more that I put on here) to Lucy what it was like to have Mike fuck me while Jen sat over my face and I ate her and how much more intense it was being able to give and receive pleasure from two people at once. Lucy tried to get me to describe how I felt about Mike and Jen (and whether there was a difference in how I felt about them) and I actually found this quite difficult. I obviously love them both and (even ignoring arguments) I feel differently about them at different times, but I think Lucy was looking for an answer along the lines of me preferring Jen for emotional support and Mike for the physical side.

I promised Lucy that if she was up for it, we could try experimenting with proper threesomes the next morning and she said that she would consider it. I couldn’t resist from gently caressing her as we spoke (only her side and a few strokes of her breasts) but when it was time to fall asleep, I turned away from her and spooned up against Jen. I nuzzled Jen’s neck and caressed her mons for a while but she fell asleep before I did so I just lay awake thinking. I spent quite a long time considering Lucy’s questions about love and also thought about my feelings for Lis. I knew (as does Lis) that I love her, but it isn’t in the same way that I love Jen or Mike. It’s almost certainly the case that if we were both single, we would end up together (at which point I guess I might end up loving her in the same way). I didn’t come up with a suitable description for my feelings – I just love her far more than ‘as a friend’, but she could never replace Jen (or Mike) in my heart. I eventually fell asleep but woke up a number of times – each time I was tempted to pounce on someone but I know from Lis that Lucy likes her sleep and I really wanted her to be awake and refreshed in the morning.

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