Saturday, 19 January 2013

Living Mike's Dream - Part 3

We're down with Jen's Uni friends this weekend and discovering that some of the new people are being trained up (but more on that when we catch up to the present). Back to our weekend with Lucy and Lis (and back downstairs in RL to join the rest of the gang as we're about to go out).
Once it was after about 8 I decided that it was probably late enough to be able to start playing with people. I really wanted to eat both Lis and Lucy awake (I know that I was just being greedy) and as I couldn’t decide, I waited for someone else to start to come round. I was hoping it would be Lis that that would make the decision for me (I would take Lucy and Lis would take Jen) but it was Jen who stirred. We went with the same split and I started off quite gently on Lucy so she came round slowly. Once she looked over and saw Lis next to her she came to with a start but I held on to her legs and kept eating her until she remembered what we’d been doing the night before and settled back to let me continue playing with her. I got Lucy off and Jen did the same to Lis. I really wanted to cum but suggested that we have some breakfast first and prepare ourselves for our ‘proper’ morning session.

We all helped out in the kitchen and stayed naked (out of habit Lucy and Lis had tried to put on gowns, but they were willing enough to go without them). We returned to our ‘bed’ and suggested a few things we could try (as much as I wanted her, I didn’t want Lucy to do things that she would regret) but she seemed quite happy to go along with our plans. I reminded Lis that she had promised Mike a damp pair of her panties and I followed her into the bedroom to select something that he would like. Lis slipped them on and I rubbed her crotch while pressing the material between her lips, but we returned to the living room so I could make a suggestion. I asked Lucy to masturbate Lis for us to get her panties as wet as possible and if she did this, then she could be the first to have a threesome. Lucy was well aware that we intended to make her cum plenty times more and it didn’t matter what she did (or didn’t do) to Lis, but she went along with my request and once Lis was lying back, with her ass propped up on a couple of pillows, Lucy rubbed away at Lis’ panties. We all ended up helping out and used the vibe to push the crotch of the panties into her cunt, but as she got closer to cumming (and we wanted better access to her clit), I pulled the panties off and pushed them up into Lis’ cunt. They remained there while Lucy used the tip of the vibe on Lis’ clit and she came and as we had promised Mike, I immediately placed them in a polythene bag when we pulled them out of Lis.

It was now up to us to keep up our end of the bargain and I asked Lucy if she wanted Jen to eat her or sit over her face. As adventurous as Lucy was being - and it was even more than I had expected or realistically hoped (if we include unrealistic hopes then there was much more we could have done) – she still hesitated a bit when I pointed out so bluntly that she was doing things with Jen so I diffused the situation by pointing out that it didn’t really matter which she chose as we would be doing things the other way round later on. Lucy opted to let Jen eat her which meant I got to sit over her face. She held on to my thighs and started eating me and it felt quite a bit better that it had the night before (either my expectations were different or she wasn’t as nervous). I reached down and caressed Lucy’s breasts and divided my attention between watching Lis caressing herself (I told her to wait her turn as she was next) and Jen eating Lucy. Lucy came before I did and I felt her squirming and heaving around underneath me – her licking slowed as she came, but she quickly resumed and finished me off. I thanked her and told her that she could now rest while we did the same to Lis.

I took position between Lis’ legs and worked on her while she ate Jen. I was a bit more forceful than during my session with Lis the previous night and also swirled my tongue around her ass. When I looked up I could occasionally see Lis’ tongue as it flicked up the front of Jen’s cunt to her clit but I mostly concentrated on just making Lis cum and enjoying the texture of her pussy. I got Lis off and kitty kissed her until she made Jen cum. As soon as I pulled away I asked Lucy if she had enjoyed watching us (she had) and asked if it had made her horny (it had). I told her this was a good thing as it was her turn again. I pulled her legs open and went down on her and realised that we could have planned things more efficiently as Jen was about to get eaten having just cum. We’d already started though so I called her over and she obediently straddled Lucy’s face and I watched as Lucy pulled Jen down to her mouth. I was already planning out all sorts of things for the four of us (and occasionally including Mike in some of the plans) and got a bit carried away with eating Lucy. I realised that she was squirming around under my tongue quite a bit and realised that I had been giving her ass the same treatment that I’d done with Lis. I wasn’t sure how Lucy felt about this (but from the squirming she either quite enjoyed it or was trying to escape) so I eased off and concentrated on her cunt again.

I couldn’t decide if it would be better to let Lucy make Jen cum first so she could kitty kiss her or for me to finish Lucy off first so she could concentrate on Jen without any distraction. It seemed that she was getting quite close to cumming anyway so I just carried on licking and was rewarded with a few quite strong thrusts of her body as she came. I kitty kissed her and watched as she resumed eating Jen. Jen came not too long after Lucy and she gave Lucy a kiss and thanked her, the remembered that she hadn’t thanked Lis so kissed her and did so.

Having just eaten Lis and Lucy back to back, I was definitely ready to cum again but Jen wanted a little rest before she was ready to go down on Lis so we stopped for a drink. I told Jen that if she didn’t hurry I would just 69 with Lis and she obliged me and told Lis to get into position. I asked Lis to eat me as fast as she could and was treated to countless rapid licks. I told Jen to get her tongue as deep into Lis as she could (Lis has often commented how she liked this) and we had a fairly quick session, but I had a surprisingly long orgasm. I would love to say that the length was due to the way I was being stimulated (lots of small licks), but unfortunately it isn’t quite as formulaic as that. (Just think how wonderful it would be if it was – if I use power setting ‘p’ on a vibe for ‘t’ minutes I will cum for ‘l’ seconds with strength ‘s’ – custom orgasms on demand!)

We all crawled back under the covers to rest for a while but I did get the damp panties out of the bag to give Lis’ cunt another wipe with them. Lucy agreed to let me dab at her pussy with them as well, even though she knew full well that Mike was going to use them to masturbate with. Lis and Jen went off to shower together and I told Lucy that she needed to relax and get her energy back for the next round. She didn’t seem to believe that I wanted to do more so I started caressing her body. At first she said that she didn’t have the energy so I promised her that I wouldn’t try to make her cum and explained that I just wanted to spend some time appreciating her beauty. As corny as this was, Lucy doesn’t quite get how hot she really is so compliments tend to disarm her and she allowed me to spend some time kissing and caressing her. I had my pussy against her leg (and my leg against her pussy) and decided that I needed to explore her a bit more so kissed my way down her body and (after once more promising that there would be no cumming) explored her pussy with my mouth and fingers.

It was nice being able to take the time to properly acquaint myself with her cunt and relish in the softness of her skin, the squishiness of her inner lips and the warmth of her vagina. I licked around inside her but was careful to not do too much. I was still curious about Lucy’s reaction to my tongue having strayed onto her ass earlier so I gave it another couple of licks and a similar response from her (only now I could hear her breathing as well). The caressing and kitty kissing had done the job of getting her aroused again and I was debating asking if she was ready to do anything more yet when Lis and Jen returned from the shower. I felt a bit guilty for having been playing with Lucy while they were gone and pulled away from Lucy (but used the panties once more to wipe her pussy dry). Lucy and I headed off to the shower, leaving Lis and Jen to do their hair.

Lucy and I showered, washed each other and did each other’s hair and I spent a lot of the time complimenting her. We kissed under the shower and I caressed her ass and finally got the courage up to ask her if she had enjoyed it when I licked her there. She said that it had felt dirty and I pointed out that she hadn’t said if it felt nice. She said that Lis had done it to her a few times, but she wasn’t comfortable with it – although finally admitted that it didn’t feel bad. I assured her that neither Lis now I would do it to her if we didn’t want to and if she ever wanted me to do it again, I would do so (I thought that at least if it was me doing it then her little Lis could remain sweet and pure in her eyes). We were pressed up against each other and I nibbled on her earlobe (tip from Lis) as I whispered how incredibly sexy she was. I gently stroked a fingertip over her ass a few times and reached between her legs to get my fingers onto her pussy. I suggested that we get out and go and find the others to continue playing and Lucy agreed.

I needn’t have felt guilty about playing with Lucy as I later found out that Lis and Jen had done quite a bit more in the shower. They had started off with the intention of just washing each other, but as they had soaped up each other’s breasts, the cleaning became caressing, then kissing and then grinding together against each other. Jen had managed to pee a little while humping against Lis’ thigh (without Lis noticing) and they took turns to lick each other and use the pulse shower. Lis can cum more times than Lucy though (or at least she usually wants to cum more times than Lucy) so while I was initially a bit disappointed that I had wasted an opportunity to make Lucy cum, it was probably for the best as it prepared her for what came next.

I asked if they wanted to continue with the threesomes and suggested that Jen and I could take turns in the middle. I went first this time and as Lucy was now more than ready to cum again, I had her sit over my face and I ate her while Lis went down on me. I pulled her ass cheeks apart so I could better get to her cunt and properly went to town on her. I fully expected to make her cum before Lis got me off (and I did), but I held her in place and carried on kitty kissing her (I know that I’ve said I basically did this every time, but it is a really good way to get to spend time exploring someone as you specifically aren’t trying to stimulate them too much). It wasn’t quite like the earlier threesomes as Jen also used a couple of fingers to fuck Lis as she ate me, but she was careful not to stimulate her too much as she knew that Lis would be sitting over her as soon as she made me cum.

Jen told Lis to keep eating me properly when I came and although my orgasm wasn’t anything unusual, the licking quickly started to feel pretty intense. I couldn’t really escape as I still had Lucy sitting over me and Lis is quite strong (despite her size), so with Jen’s help they easily held me in place. Jen (or rather Lis) didn’t torture me too much though and I was released after a few minutes. I lay panting while I recovered and gave Lis a little kick as punishment. My face was covered with Lucy’s juices due to me having wriggled around while trying to get free and I told her that Mike would be able to smell her on me when I finally got home.

We had one final session where Jen got to go in the middle with Lucy eating her and Lis between her legs. I knelt behind Lis for a part of this so I could reach around and fondle her nipples while whispering things to her and for some of the rest of the time I sat behind Lucy and gently caressed her ass and pussy (more for my own enjoyment than hers). I teased her a bit more about how she had her tongue buried in Jen’s cunt and asked how she enjoyed tasting her best friend, but she was beginning to become immune to this and just asked me if I would prefer it if she didn’t want to do things with us (which I didn’t even bother answering as it was obvious).

We rested for a little while and then headed out to get some lunch. I was allowed to wipe Lis and Lucy clean with the damp panties one final time and convinced Lis to go out without anything on under her dress (like Jen, Lis’ breasts are small enough that she can do without a bra). Lucy wasn’t willing to play along with this, but at least wore a skirt so we could appreciate her legs. Apparently I spent most of lunch looking very happy (which is hardly surprising as I’d gotten to fuck my little Lis again at the same time as fulfilling my fantasy of having Lucy). On the way to the airport Lucy asked that we didn’t tell any of her friends what we’d been up to, which was a little disappointing as I’d hoped to play again with her at Julia’s bachelorette party the following week. We came to a compromise and agreed that if Jen and I (and Lis) behaved ourselves, then they would come and visit us the following week. Of course, I was aware that Lucy’s definition of ‘behaving myself’ was probably different to my one, but I thought we would worry about that at the time.

We spoke a number of times in the week and Mike told Lis that he was very thankful for her panties. He had inhaled her scent and tasted her from them while giving me a welcome home fuck and had kissed and licked my face, trying to taste Lucy (I’d told him that I still had her juices on my face and he liked the idea but couldn’t really taste anything). He had spent a lot of the weekend thinking about the things that we could have been doing but had refrained from cumming, so when we fucked, I was rewarded with quite a decent load of his cum. Once we had finished and Jen and I told him exactly what had happened, he was surprised (as I had been) that Lucy had been willing to do so much (but was of course happy about it as he thought it would increase his chances of getting to see her playing with us and cumming).

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