Thursday, 3 January 2013

Making Use of Downtime

During the middle of October I felt unwell again. The plan had been for Sue to come up and visit but we decided to postpone. We nearly went ahead with the visit (at least Mike and Jen could have enjoyed her), but they both felt that without at least one chance (each) to fuck/eat both Sue and I at the same time, it wouldn’t have been the same.

I wasn’t feeling too bad, but didn’t want to spread my germs too much so decided it would be a good opportunity for Mike and Jen to continue their bonding exercises. Jen now trusts Mike more than enough to enjoy these sessions (she has trusted him properly for quite a long time now) and she still enjoys teasing him. I planned to take things a bit further than before, but assured her I would still honour ‘the rules’ – or at least what was left of them. There was still to be no penetration (vaginal, anal or oral), Mike wasn’t allowed to touch her pussy with his fingers or mouth and Jen wasn’t allowed to use her hands on his cock.

They started off on the Saturday morning with Mike on his back and Jen grinding herself against his cock. She nestled the shaft between her lips and leant forwards so her clit got good contact with his cock and she slid back and forth. They’ve done this a number of times before – usually until they have both cum, but this time I just wanted Jen to cum. She did as I instructed and humped against him while pulling on her nipples until she mewed her way through her orgasm and by the time she dismounted, Mike’s cock was glistening with her juices. Mike said that it was a pity Sue hadn’t been there to suck him clean but I pointed out that he would probably have just fucked her to get Jen’s juices into Sue (which he agreed with).

I offered Mike the choice between cumming then or waiting until later and covering Jen with his cum and he opted for the latter so after lunch we started round two. Once again Mike was on his back, but this time he had to hold a dildo in his mouth and Jen had to fuck herself with it. She lay over him in a 69 position and lowered herself onto the dildo, then rode up and down. Her face was quite close to Mike’s cock and after a while she couldn’t hold herself up and more so ended up lying on top of him so his cock pressed against the side of her face and her hair. I knew that she wasn’t likely to get herself off in this position, but I let her fuck herself for a while and they then flipped over so Mike was on top and he (still using his mouth) fucked her with the dildo. I had Jen finish herself off with the strong mains-powered vibe and Mike then licked this clean to taste her. His cock looked ready to explode by this point but he said he could wait until round 3 before he came so we left Jen to recover and I let him use the vibe on me (just because I was ill it didn’t mean I didn’t get horny).

Later that evening, we called up Sue. As a way of an apology for denying her a weekend of cumming, we agreed that we would take her along to the next sex party. We had been trying to decide whether we should take her or Vicky along (who had also expressed an interest in attending). We didn’t think it would be a good idea to invite them both as I wasn’t sure what Vicky’s response would be to finding out that Mike and Jen both fuck Sue whenever they get the chance. We promised her that as a willing new person, she would get fucked as many times as she wanted so she agreed to stop being mad at us. As a secondary apology, I let her watch while Mike and Jen had their third session of the day.

For this one, I got Jen to lie over Mike in a 69 position again, but this time she had to use a small vibe on her clit while Mike spread her ass cheeks so he could watch her pussy closely as she came. Sue suggested that Jen pee herself as she came, and if it had been warm enough to do things out in the garden, I might have gone along with, but as they were on our bed, this didn’t happen. As a compromise, Sue suggested using one of the small anal vibes, which I lubed up and pushed into Jen’s ass. As Jen’s mewing grew more insistent, Mike spread her outer lips and watched as her cunt pulsed. He could feel her breath on his cock as she panted and he described to her how he wanted to slide his tongue into her cunt and eat her until she was dry. He could also see her juices coating her inner lips and wished that some would drip out into his mouth or that when she came she would squirt (but even for Jen of the eternally wet pussy, this rarely happens) and he had to settle with his nose being filled with her scent. I could see Mike’s cock twitching with anticipation at this close encounter with the forbidden pussy, and as Jen came, he told her how beautiful the view was.

We waited until she had finished and she was then told to kneel on the floor in front of Mike. I moved the laptop to give Sue a good view and Mike took hold of his cock and stroked it until he was just about to cum. I told him to take good aim at Jen’s face and he steadied himself and then stroked until his cum jetted out. He hit Jen square in the face and she opened her mouth to catch his cum. Clearly the day of waiting had done him good as he produced quite a bit and made a real mess of her face. He hadn’t managed to hit her straight in the mouth, but enough had gone in for her to taste him. The last few squirts had fallen short, one had hit her chest and the final one just her legs. I got Jen to sit and let his cum drip down her body and then at Sue’s suggestion, she had to massage it into her face, breasts and pussy.

I thought that Jen had certainly done her bit and that she deserved a reward and asked Mike to convince Sue to put on a little show (OK, so this also counted as a reward for him, but the intention was for it to be for Jen). Sue faced the camera, spread her legs and masturbated while Mike and Jen described to her how she would be fucked over and over in front of everyone at the party and probably wouldn’t be able to walk by the end of it. Sue quite liked the idea of this (although we knew that she couldn’t actually cum as many times as that – in a row anyway) and eagerly fingered herself until she came. We promised we would call her again on the Sunday for another round and then headed off to bed.

I took the main bed and Jen decided to share with Mike to further ensure they didn’t catch my cold. Mike spooned her to sleep (with his cock nestled between her ass cheeks) and he wrapped an arm around her to cup her breasts. As usual, Jen teased him and ground her ass against his cock so he spent a while fondling her breasts while kissing her neck and shoulders. As she fell asleep, he told her that she was the perfect lesbian and then told her that he really loved her. He thought that she hadn’t heard this as she didn’t respond, but the next morning, she woke him up and suggested they visit the bathroom to brush their teeth so she could kiss him properly.

Jen couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to have a pee as well and Mike would have done the same if it hadn’t been for his morning erection (he didn’t want to have to concentrate to make it go away). They returned to bed and Jen straddled him. She started to rub against his cock and then they kissed for quite a while. Throughout the kiss they had a broken conversation where Jen teased him for calling her a perfect lesbian and pointed out that for this to be the case, she would surely either have to not want to ever do anything with a ‘dirty boy’ or (to go in the other direction) she would have to let him fuck her properly. Mike told her that he really enjoyed her teasing, but then added that this didn’t mean that he didn’t want to fuck her as well. Jen gave him her mischievous grin and told him that he would have to wait a bit longer as she also thought the teasing was fun. They kissed quite passionately for a while as they continued to grind against each other and then Jen whispered into his ear that she also loved him. This isn’t the first time either of them have expressed this sentiment to each other, but from the description, it might have been the most intimate and heartfelt.

Their humping sped up and Jen thrust herself against Mike until she came. Mike offered to finish himself off as Jen was covered in a sheen of sweat but she told him that she liked making him cum (which he has since frequently reminded her of). She pushed down hard and rubbed back and forth while whispering in his ear what it would feel like for him to slide inside her tight, wet, hot cunt and fuck her. This was enough to send Mike over the edge and Jen felt his cum as it squirted over her stomach and pussy but she carried on humping him until he took hold of her ass and slowed her movements.

There was a sticky puddle on Mike’s stomach and once Jen had climbed off, she licked him clean (avoiding his cock) and Mike asked if he was allowed to do the same in return. I don’t think he has ever been so keen to taste his own cum as he was while licking Jen clean. He still wasn’t allowed to lick her pussy, but he lapped around her stomach and thighs, leaving just her mons and her lips covered with their juices. It was obvious to them both that they could have easily fallen into round two but they decided to get breakfast ready first, over which I was filled in on their nightly activities. I pretended to be upset that they had said they loved each other, but this was a thinly veiled plot to get them to both say that they still loved me (I wasn’t feeling well and it’s always nice to hear).

They went to shower together and Mike finally gave in to his need to pee. He asked Jen if she wanted to join in and she ended up sitting on the toilet with her legs spread while Mike peed between them, keeping the stream as close to her pussy as possible (and from time to time, aiming directly at her pussy). With this one, they showered and once they had washed each other down, Mike stood behind Jen, pushed his cock between her legs and then used the pulse spray on her clit. Jen held her lips open to expose her clit and Mike adjusted his position so the head of his cock got a fair amount of stimulation from the spray as well. Jen came and Mike said that he could have probably cum but he was saving it until later.

Most of the rest of the day was spent on boring weekend jobs (shopping, laundry…) but we remembered that we had promised Sue another session so that evening we called her back and asked if she was ready to cum (she was). Mike told her what he and Jen had been getting up to and how Sue could have joined in if she’d been there. As we toyed with each other (I was feeling mostly better by this point), we watched Sue play with herself and I couldn’t resist any longer and went down on Sue. Mike fucked me while we did this but once I’d cum, he said that Jen deserved his cum for having been so good to him all weekend, so he fucked me until he was just about to cum, pulled out and came over Jen’s front. We both massaged the cum into her body and I rubbed a little into her pussy and we promised Sue that she would get some extra bonus treatment outside of the party as well.

It hadn’t been the weekend we had planned (we’d had quite a few ideas of things to do with Sue), but it worked out pretty well for Mike and Jen and even though they have been assigned ‘bonding exercises’ at various times since we started living together, I think having the whole weekend together furthered their relationship a little more.


  1. With Mike being so good at oral Jen is really missing out with the whole 'no licking' rule. I think that rule may be more of a punishment for Jen than for Mike!

  2. Andi - one of my friends used to 'wake up' their girlfriend with oral in the morning very similar to the way you guys do quite often. Well long story short they broke up after a few years and turns out that initiating sex or having sex with someone who is asleep is considered rape (Even if consent was given prior when the person was awake) and he's not doing time behind bars. To this day I truly believe what she did was vindictive because of how bad the break up was but I tell you to let you know that is a VERY dangerous thing to do. At the time everything was just perfect between them and they both rather enjoyed it but because a few years later things fell apart it was considered (retroactively) rape and all it took was her reporting it. During the whole deal he brought up the fact that she sometimes did the same to him but...well...that didn't seem to matter. Be VERY careful with that practice Andi! I think just about the only thing that would have prevented it would have been a written agreement (no kidding). It scares me because I can't recall two people who were more in-love that those two.

  3. Anon 1 - I've pointed this out to Jen but for now she is sticking to 'the rules' (although as you've read, they do appear to be breaking down slowly so I expect he will get to eat her one day).

    Anon 2 - You raise an interesting point. While I certainly can't see our relationship deteriorating to the point where one of us would be vindictive enough to do that to one of the others, I guess there is always a possibility. I guess we could all actually write and sign something that says 'we give eternal consent to be woken up like this as long as we are together...'. I don't really like that idea though as it seems like a pre-nup - it's almost as if you are planning for failure.

  4. very true, but also keep in mind your relationship with you mike and Jen is not the only one where people are woken up this way. There may be someone you know or someone you know OF (friend of a friend) who wakes their partner up this way and that relationship may devolve. I think if it did happen (let's hope not) that it would probably be someone you know of rather than with you mike or jen. It's just an FYI kind of thing because I found out about it in a rather harsh way when it happened to a friend of mine. One of those things you know? I think a lot of couples (especially married people) wake each other up that way and it's surprising that one would be as spiteful as that to actually go that far to retroactively claim they were raped. Just a hidden danger I never knew existed and the more people are aware of what could happen the safer for everyone ya know?

  5. Mmm... you make a good point that it might not just be someone we know, but given our 'extended circle' of friends who we wake (or wake us) this way, it increases our risk somewhat. As stupid as it sounds, possibly a waiver might be a good idea (I wonder if we can download a template from a legal site somewhere ? :)