Sunday, 6 January 2013

(Nearly) Naked Halloween - Part 1

The last weekend in October we went back down to see Jen’s Uni friends. We had tickets lined up for a party at the hardcore club and knew that there was meant to be an ‘interesting’ act performing. Mel was down visiting Julia again and as an early wedding gift, we took down the spare pulse shower head for use in Julia and Abrahii’s house.

We arrived late on the Friday evening and met up with people in the pub. I was really looking forwards to the party the following night and quizzed a few people as to how daring their outfits were going to be. I couldn’t resist from trying to get Susan to agree to wear something revealing but she didn’t believe that people were going to go that far. On returning to the house, we convinced Abrahii to show us her outfit and after disappearing for a few minutes to change, she returned with a devil outfit on. She had horns and a red dress that was split up each side almost to her breasts. We could see the side of some very sexy red lacy panties and the dress was held together just above her waist with a small red belt that she had attached a tail to. The top of the dress was no less revealing and showed off a lot of her cleavage. Mel helped her rearrange it so her breasts were pushed up even further and the tops of her dark nipples were more readily visible.

Susan at least seemed to get the idea that people would wear revealing things and Julia got her to agree to go shopping with us the next day. Meanwhile, Mel had continued to reveal more of Abrahii’s nipples until there was enough for her to suck on – Abrahii complained that she didn’t want to get her dress rumpled so she went back upstairs to remove it and returned in her dressing gown, which offered very little resistance to Mel’s mouth and fingers. I tried to convince Susan to have a play with Abrahii (just fingers), but when she refused I went over to help Mel out myself and Mel took Abrahii’s breasts while I ate her. It still seemed like a bit of a waste to play with her in front of others as I knew that we would have a chance to do things later on once in bed (we were staying with Julia and Abrahii again). This didn’t stop me from making her cum though and I was then encouraged to show off my outfit for the party.

I didn’t bother going upstairs to change (given what I was about to put on, there didn’t seem much point) and stripped off before pulling on a fairly fine fish-net bodysuit. The look was far from perfect as I didn’t yet have an appropriate bra (my reveal-bra had died a couple of months before), but that was one of the things I had planned to go shopping for on the Saturday. The suit didn’t really cover very much up and Susan expressed doubt that I would really go out wearing it but other people chimed in and reiterated stories describing what the club was really like. We promised to help her choose a suitable outfit and I removed mine to protect it from tearing, but threw on Julia’s dressing gown so I didn’t get too cold. Not-unexpectedly, Jen didn’t let me stay completely covered and I was fondled off and on for the remainder of the evening until everyone left (but wasn’t made to cum).

That night, Jen slept in with Mel and Julia. I felt a little bit jealous (not of Jen, more of the fact that she was with other people – and yes I thought I had gotten over feeling like that). Mike did his best to distract me though and with Abrahii’s help, they tired me out enough that I didn’t have any problems sleeping. In the morning, he ate Abrahii awake and was going to do the same to me, but she wanted to 69 with me while Mike was still inside her. We had to lie on our sides to do this, but it worked out well enough and Mike just gently fucked her until I had made her cum and then he gave her a much harder fucking while I played with her clit and helped her cum a second time. We then watched as his cum oozed out of her cunt and I suggested she go and let Jen eat her clean but she said that she needed a break first so we actually dozed off again.

Jen came to wake us up (sadly not in an interesting way) and we went down to join the others for breakfast. I got Abrahii to show the others the cum leaking out of her (more had leaked when she walked downstairs) but promised that the shower head we had brought along would help to clean it up. Jen ‘helped’ Abrahii shower and I then showered with Julia who told me what she and Mel had done with Jen the previous night (nothing too unusual, but they had all sampled each other and Jen had eaten Mel in a long session.

I was looking forwards to trying to corrupt Susan (Julia and Abrahii were both on board with this and had been working on her for weeks). Abigail (Susan’s girlfriend) was going to be coming with us – partially to protect her (as she is one of the gang and knows what we are like – although she is hardly sweet and innocent herself) and partly to help Susan suitably prepare for the party. Mike decided to stay in the house with Mel so he could have a proper play with her. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help out with Susan, we just thought that it would be easier with an all-girl group. I’m still quite surprised that Mike enjoys doing things with Mel as much as he does – despite the fact that she has grown her hair out from the short crop she had when I first met her, she still isn’t exactly his type (sweet and cute – which is how I was when he first met me). I wasn’t complaining though as it meant I got some time with Julia away from Mel.

Abrahii, Julia, Jen and I headed into town and met Abigail and Susan. We wandered around a few shops and picked out various outfits for her, each one challenging her to be quite daring in one way or another. After a coffee break, we switched tack and decided that we might get further by demonstrating what was required so we headed to a boutique shop that we have frequented before. I knew that I would be likely to get a suitable reveal-bra (despite having gone down almost a cup size it is still difficult to get ‘alternative’ underwear in mainstream stores. I was in luck and found something and after a quick trip to the changing room (for some reason they don’t like you stripping off in the middle of the store) I let the others see so they could give me their opinion. The bra revealed my nipple and a good amount of my aureole (which was the aim) and Jen leaned forwards and gave my nips a quick suck while the assistant wasn’t looking. I decided to alter my outfit a little and also picked up a pair of crotchless panties. They were just a small scrap of material on the front with a wide opening that would easily reveal my pussy, but I thought they would help draw attention to my crotch so bought those as well.

Susan seemed to be faltering a little so we took the opportunity and chose a very short miniskirt for her with a large studded belt and short crop top (it wasn’t really Halloween themed, but would show off her body nicely so we thought it was a step in the right direction. We headed off to have lunch and four of us revealed that we didn’t have panties on (Abigail isn’t quite in the same league we are). Julia and I discreetly caressed each other, but made sure our companions knew and we assured Susan that she would get to see plenty of people cum at the club (almost certainly including a few from our group). We made Abigail promise to get Susan to wear the sexiest underwear she had and headed back to the house.

While we had been gone, Mike had really gone to town on Mel. He had started off by eating her and had then semi-fucked her before finished her off with his fingers. They had showered together and Mike had convinced her to let him shave her (which she was going to have to do before the club anyway) so he spent a long time doing this, making sure she was perfectly smooth and then using an ice cube on her cunt to make sure there was no redness. Of course, he had to counteract the ice with his tongue so she didn’t get too cold and he teased her like this for about 30 minutes before finally letting her cum. She wanted a rest so he kitty kissed her until she was ready for more and then finally fucked her. They used a number of positions and he kept her going for about 20 minutes before he finally let her cum (she wasn’t quite begging to cum, but had certainly asked him to finished her off a number of times). They finished with the time honoured way of her on top and him pumping hard and fast into her while caressing her ass. He carried on until he came and then used long slow strokes in her to mix his cum deep into her cunt. They were both rather sweaty and needed to shower again, at which point he used the pulse spray on her clit and ‘forced’ her to cum again.

Mike was quite happy with his work but Mel needed a rest so she was asleep when we got back (but Mike relayed what had happened to us so we could tease her when she woke up). Jen and I decided that we would have an extra shave to prepare for the club – Abrahii really didn’t need one as her pussy was very smooth, but we did test it just to make sure. Jen and I shaved each other and Mike licked me to check smoothness while Abrahii did the same to Jen. Mike then got to shave Julia and (for symmetry) I got to lick her to check how good a job he’d done. None of us were trying to cum – the idea was just to tease each other so we would have a more interesting time at the club (basically so we’d be more willing to play – not that any of us were likely to need much encouragement in this area).

We lazed around for most of the rest of the day and then headed over to Justin’s place as he was living relatively close to the club. A few people turned up already in their outfits and others changed while there. Abrahii went upstairs to change and I followed, but returned just wearing my underwear. I have to say that even wearing panties that left my pussy exposed didn’t feel that good, but I knew that they would have the desired effect when I put my bodysuit on (and it wasn’t as if my panties made my pussy inaccessible). A few people remembered drawing on me the previous Halloween and it was suggested that people could write things this time. I had a few words written on my breasts, stomach legs and ass over the hours or so before we went out (none of them polite) and they were still fairly visible when I pulled my bodysuit on. I wore a jacket to walk to the club, but once in the queue, this was undone and the usual fondling began. As we got closer to the front of the queue, the bouncer must have liked the look of what we were wearing and we were allowed to skip a few places. Naturally, the people in front of us complained a little bit, but we were dressed much more provocatively (or revealingly) than they were so we made our way in.

Mike made an adjustment to his costume – he was dressed in a luminous skeleton outfit, but once inside he undid a zip on the crotch and pulled out an extra tube of material. He then fished around to push his cock into this and after a little bit of rubbing from me, he had an extra bone. We headed straight to the bar and fought our way through with the aim of getting drinks before the proper band started (there was a warm-up act on who at least had a couple of topless girls, but we were hoping for much more from the main act. We didn’t quite make it in time and decided to forgo alcohol for a while to get a better view of the act so a few of us quickly left the bar crowd and worked our way to the front. This was a new band (to us) and they actually started off fairly slowly (in nudity), but by the fourth song the lead singer was naked and knelt to suck off the guitarist while he played a solo (which must have been quite distracting for him). A few people had already groped my breasts and a couple of hands had explored my pussy (Jen and Julia). I had seen Mike rubbing his cock against Abigail’s ass but we were mostly concentrating on the band.

The band took a little break and we went to get a drink. Susan seemed to now believe everything we had been telling her about the club and to reinforce the message, we took her on a little tour of some of the side rooms and passages. We found people fingering, sucking and fucking and I watched Abigail wrap her arms around Susan and cup one of her breasts. Mike pushed his fingers between the material of my bodysuit and partway into my pussy. I told him to be careful as I didn’t want to rip it (they aren’t cheap), but we knew that the odds of it surviving the evening were slim unless I just took it off. We danced a bit more to the support act and when the main band came back they asked if we wanted them to step things up a bit. Pretty much everyone screamed ‘yes’ and so their next song started with the guitarist being sucked again, but by the end, one of the backing singers was being fucked. It was still rather tame compared to other things we’ve seen, but it was a step in the right direction and I thought it was time to have some proper fun.

I had already teased Abrahii while we’d been dancing and gotten my hand into her panties but wanted to actually cum. I couldn’t decide between Mike or Jen but as I already had a plan for Jen, I got Mike to pull my bodysuit down to my thighs and I unzipped his extra bone to reveal his cock. He took my up against one of the pillars and fucked me until I came. He was going to hold back so he could cum more later, but I told him I wanted his cum inside me (or dripping out of me) and he agreed to do this as long as I came again for him. My first cum had felt pretty good so I wasn’t sure if I could cum again straight away, but he persisted and I was fucked and frigged until I came and he then came in me. I tried to pull my bodysuit up as quickly as possible and managed to get most of his cum to leak out through it. When I went to show Jen, she said that she needed a bathroom break but I convinced her to wait for a while and fingered her to distract her. Jen only had a short skirt on, but we had shredded it quite thoroughly so although her pussy and ass were pretty much covered if she stood still, she didn’t have to move much for things to be visible.

I led Jen over to Susan by her pussy (hook two fingers inside her and gently pull) and proceeded to finger Jen while we chatted with Susan. She (Susan) seemed to be having a good time, although apart from letting Abigail fondle her (still covered) breasts quite a bit, it didn’t look like she was going to join in any more. I showed off the messy result of my fuck with Mike and Abigail gave my crotch a little rub. I felt ready to make Jen cum now and told her that we could take a bathroom break if she still wanted. We wandered over and as usual there was a queue at the ladies so I told her that we could just use the gents. Despite the activities than go on there, the club is a relatively safe place, but just to be sure I fetched Mike and Steve came along with him.

We waited for a minute or so until there were a couple of urinals free together and wandered over. I realised that it was now time to decide whether my bodysuit was going to be useable again and ended up sacrificing it by pulling a hole in the crotch large enough to expose my pussy properly so I could pee. Jen had tried to hold the front of her skirt up but the bits of shredded material kept falling down so I told her to just pull the whole thing up so she had a clear shot. This also gave the guys behind us a good view of her ass, but they were going to see a lot more than that once we’d finished so Jen did as instructed. We stood and peed and I looked over to see Jen gently rubbing her clit as she did so. She wasn’t playing her usual games as she knew that Steve would be reporting back to the others and she still didn’t want them to know about her watersport fetish, but she still looked like she was enjoying herself.

Once we’d finished and patted each other dry (with tissues), we left the toilet and I resumed fingering Jen. I asked if she wanted to eat or be eaten first and she opted to have me eat her. I pushed her back against the wall, pushed her skirt back up her body (she had pulled it back down before we’d left the toilet) and dived into her cunt. I plunged a couple of fingers into her and fucked her while I licked her clit and then replaced my fingers with my tongue. I looked around and noticed a few people watching us (not everyone at the club plays with each other so pretty much anyone who does tends to have an audience unless they have hidden themselves away in the back rooms). I moved my head away and fingered Jen’s pussy again but didn’t tease her for too long before I resumed eating her and got her off.

I really wanted to cum now but we found a slightly better location and I sat up on a box. Jen could now stand and eat me and she made me play with my nipples (which were at least easily accessible). A few other members of our group had seen us playing and were watching. I saw Abrahii move over to stand behind Jen and she slid her hand up Jen’s leg to her ass. Jen jumped and pulled away, but when she saw that it was Abrahii she relaxed (she had assumed that it was just a random person fondling her). I pulled her back to my crotch and told her to finish me off, but I was at least kind enough to tell Abrahii that Jen had just cum. This didn’t stop Abrahii from fondling Jen, but she didn’t try to make her cum. Jen later told me that she felt more exposed than at any other time – her ass was in the air and Abrahii had been finger fucking her with her friends watching (as well as a decent number of strangers). She couldn’t explain why she felt so exposed as the gang have seen me (as well as Jules, Mel, Abrahii…) make her cum numerous times (and in much better light), but for some reason this felt a little different. Fortunately (for me) she didn’t let it distract her too much and she carried on licking me until I came.

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