Thursday, 10 January 2013

(Nearly) Naked Halloween - Part 2

I let Abrahii have a lick of Jen as a reward and after another drink we went to dance. I danced with James for a while, but he seemed to be quite unaffected by my attire (so he either really doesn’t find me attractive or he is as gay as he professes to be). I danced with Abrahii for a while and got my hands under her dress (or more like ‘inside’ as the sides were cut so high there wasn’t really any ‘under’). I complained that she still had her panties on and she assured me that they had already been removed more than once while people had played with her. I told her that it would be easier to not put them back on and slipped them down a little and when she didn’t resist, I told her to stand still so I could pull them off. I could now fondle her ass properly and we kissed while we danced. She accused me of being a hypocrite (as I still had my panties on) and she told me to remove them. I was now faced with either removing the entire bodysuit to take them off or finding another way. It’s not that I would have minded being almost naked, but these things aren’t that easy to put on and I didn’t want to flair around trying to get it sorted out, so I opted for another way.

I asked Justin if he thought he could snap my panties and he said that he could so I let him pull them down and slightly out of the hole I’d made earlier and then he tried to break them. To be fair, he did manage it in the end, but it took a fair bit of tugging and the hole in the crotch of my bodysuit ended up a fair bit larger. He only snapped one side, but I pushed the panties partway down my other leg and tucked them in, which was enough to satisfy Abrahii. I was now allowed to resume playing with her and we moved into a side room so we could finish things properly. She sat straddling my lap and we kissed while frigging each other. I tried to pull her dress down to expose her breasts but it was too tight (to be fair, her breasts were pretty much the only thing holding it up). I came before she did but this worked out quite well as I got her to lean back so I could play with her pussy properly (Abrahii used to do gymnastics). She half wrapped her legs around me and leant back quite a way – I was almost being pulled off the seat, but fought to stay in place while I stroked her clit. I got her to lift the front of her dress up so I could see what I was doing and she only sat up again as she started to cum (I’m sure if she’d concentrated she could have kept herself balanced while she came).

Mike got to dance with Susan and the extra bone on his costume was fairly prominent but she didn’t complain. I saw Julia giving the bone a few strokes and assumed that he was going to fuck her, but Mel had other ideas. At some point after I had finished with Abrahii, Mel had convinced her to offer herself to a random person. Now as I’ve said before, Abrahii is a beautiful girl (unless you’re a member of the BNP) and her devil outfit just made her look all the more fuckable. She had no trouble finding a guy but (as per Mel’s instruction) told him that he could only fuck her if he also fucked her friend. I don’t really know what the guy would have thought about this, I assume he would have wondered what her friend looked like, but he agreed to it anyway and Julia was produced. We went into one of the back rooms and Abrahii leant forwards against the wall and flipped the back of her dress up to reveal her ass and pussy. The guy quickly got ready and pushed into her while Julia adopted a similar position (except she just slipped her skirt off). He was told to switch and he moved over to Jules while Mel fingered Abrahii. We watched as Mel undid the belt holding Abrahii’s dress together and the front piece of material fell away from her body and exposed her up to the underside of her bra (which fortunately matched the dress, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from her). The guy was told to move back and forth a few times, each time Mel would get the ‘free’ person to suck her fingers clean of the other person’s juices and she would then finger them.

The guy came in Abrahii (okay, not actually in her, but you know what I mean) and Julia was offered to anyone else. Another guy stepped up and Mel told him he could fuck her as hard as he wanted, so he did this. He held Julia’s hips and pumped into her hard and fast. Mel reached under to play with Julia’s clit so at least she got to cum, but I don’t think the guy was too concerned about this. His cock was a pretty reasonable size, but Julia’s cunt easily swallowed it (she’s had lots of practice) and a couple of times he pulled out and slapped her ass with his cock. He gave her another hard fucking and once he’d cum he left us (he did at least thank Jules). Julia looked a bit out of breath but this didn’t stop Mel from giving her another fingering and then wiping her fingers clean in Julia’s hair.

The band had started up again and we had missed the start of it, but went back out to watch one of the backing singers sucking off two guys at the same time while another one was being fucked. Two of the other girls ended up taking turns eating each other (in an overly-theatrical way), but the fucking and sucking was at least real as we were treated to the first girl ending up with two cumshots over her. The girl being fucked also got a cumshot (which I guess is visually better than the guy just cumming inside her, but I would have preferred it if he’d cum in her as it would have felt more ‘real’. The show still seemed to be missing something, but it was better than just having music (although the music wasn’t that good either) and I let Justin grope my pussy and breasts while we watched. I reached around behind me and fondled his crotch and once the show had finished I asked if he wanted to finish things off properly. He was up for this and we moved back into one of the side rooms. I pulled his cock free, sucked him and then let him fuck me. Once we’d finished he had an extended play with my breasts and fingered me again (not to orgasm) before we re-joined the others.

I let someone (I think it was Steve, but Mel might have also taken a turn) use a beer bottle in me (from behind) and then watched as Abigail made out with Susan (we couldn’t actually see any skin, but there was quite a lot of fondling and after a while (once we’d determined that the band wasn’t coming back) we decided to head off home as we thought we could probably have more fun there. We had the usual games on the way home and a few of us flashed a group of guys.

When we got home it was decided that Abrahii should be made to perform and Julia was set on her. We watched her finger Abrahii and then fuck her with a bottle (neck only) and Abrahii finally gave in and asked for her dress to be removed so it didn’t get ruined. She briefly kept her bra on but this finally came off and as soon as Julia had made her cum, Mike offered to ‘help her out’. He took over eating her and then freed his cock to fuck her. As always, he made sure that she came too and it was then Jen’s turn to ‘help’ Abrahii by eating her clean. Mel took the opportunity to use Abrahii while this was happening by sitting over her face and being licked. I’m not sure if Mel actually came (I didn’t check), but she certainly enjoyed herself for a while. Abigail had a brief finger of Abrahii once Jen finished and Richard then wanted a go (James knew that Richard had sort of been together with Abrahii for a while).

Between us, I think we sort of broke her and she just wanted to sleep, but was subjected to a final caressing by a number of us. We played with her pussy, breasts, thighs, pushed fingers into her mouth (feeding her our and her own juices) and then decided that just caressing wasn’t really enough so we all teased her properly until she came a final time. She had really had enough by now and wanted us to stop so we released her and she curled up on the sofa under a blanket. I asked if anyone else wanted to play, but people seemed a little less adventurous outside the club (and while not abroad on holiday) so I just gently used Abrahii’s beer bottle on myself while we chatted (even without trying to cum, I find it really pleasurable to casually play with myself while talking to others).

As people started to leave, I made plans with Julia to target Mel (in a sort of revenge attack for Abrahii). Once we had got Mel into bed, we all took turns (apart from Abrahii who was in her own bed) and each made Mel cum. Sometimes we got her to do things to us in return and sometimes with more than one of us stimulating her. I (quietly) promised her that we could do the same to Jen the next day and she endured (and enjoyed) our attacks until we were done.

I stayed with Mel and Julia that night and Mike and Jen went into Abrahii’s room. Mike convinced Abrahii to let him spoon her, but they didn’t fuck. …at least until the next morning. Mike woke up Jen and between them they gently stroked Abrahii’s pussy and breasts. Mike hadn’t expected to get as far as he did without her waking up, but she was sleeping very soundly (possibly related to her semi-forced multiple cums the previous night). They got her wet enough that he managed to get inside her while Jen sucked on her nipples and by the time she woke up, Mike was freely pumping back and forth inside her (not too hard or fast, but enough that he was sure he could have cum if he’d continued). Mike played with Abrahii’s clit while he fucked her and this coupled with Jen’s assault on her nipples gave her a pretty good orgasm (including some swearing in Urdu).

It was Jen’s turn next and Abrahii went down on Jen while Mike mostly watched. Jen was on her back with Abrahii lying on her front between Jen’s legs and Mike did lie on top of Abrahii so he could slide back into her. He told Abrahii that Mel had been made to ‘suffer’ being made to cum lots the previous night (although if you ask me, this is a pretty good thing to have to suffer). He also quietly told her that Jen was the next to get this treatment, so to make sure that she got the morning started properly. He used long, slow and deep strokes into Abrahii while she ate Jen to orgasm and then did the same thing again. By the time Jen was approaching her second orgasm, he pulled out of Abrahii and came to fetch the rest of us (we were awake and playing, but I hadn’t got to cum yet).

We all descended on Jen and she realised what we were about to subject her to, but she didn’t have much choice and allowed us to violate her in multiple ways. She had to eat Mel and I, be eaten by all of the girls (Mike got to play with her breasts) and be fingered and have toys used on and in her. Mike used the rest of us to get himself close to cumming and when we’d almost finished with Jen, he came over her and the rest of us descended on her to give her a final rubbing, stroking and fingering in a similar way as we’d done with Abrahii. We all rubbed her down with our cunts to cover her in our juices and finally headed down for some much needed food.

As much as I would have liked to be in Jen’s place, I was also enjoying seeing her cum lots (and it’s happened to me enough times that I could forgo a single occurrence for the sake of her enjoyment). I wanted to extend her experience and asked Mel to recommend a cafĂ© that we could meet everyone for lunch and tease Jen but we couldn’t come up with somewhere that we could guarantee this would be possible so we invited people round instead. Jen knew that she was going to be the centre of attention and seemed to have resigned herself to this. We did at least let her wear a gown until everyone was there and the games started properly, but while we ate and chatted, people (girls only) were allowed to play with her. I didn’t keep count of how many times she came, but Jen thinks is was around 8. She was eaten, fingered and fucked with vibes and people got to watch her cum with just a tiny vibe held against her clit while Abigail spread her pussy.

Of course, she also had to repay some of us for helping her cum and she ate Julia, Abrahii, Mel and me over the course of the games. I didn’t want to leave the guys out and convinced Richard to get his cock out so I could play with it. I only gave him a handjob, but James had clearly decided that he wanted to be a part of things and when Richard said he was about to cum, James took over and sucked him off. I would have quite liked to see Richard cum (preferably with my hand still wrapped around his cock), but James let him cum in his mouth. A few of us thought it was unfair for James to do all of the work (as if I hadn’t helped out) and we convinced James to let Richard give him the same treatment. He was a little shy at getting his cock out, but Richard soon distracted him and gave him a good wank with a BJ finish (so once again we didn’t get to see any cum).

I would have quite liked to cum (again), but it was getting close to when we needed to leave so we got Jen dressed and packed up our things. I had intended to use the shower on her (or get someone else to) so she could cum again but it was too late for that and I quite liked the idea of her travelling while still covered in various juices. She did at least have time to sort her hair out (although it wasn’t in its usual perfectly preened state). On the flight home, I had Mike and Jen take turns playing with me and managed to cum. I obviously had to be quiet so it wasn’t as fulfilling as I’d wanted, but it at least meant I wasn’t quite as desperate to cum and could wait until we arrived for a ‘proper’ fuck. Jen didn’t need to cum (unsurprisingly – although I still toyed with her clit a little) and I managed to stroke Mike (under his coat) for long enough that he thought he would have been able to cum if we didn’t have to worry about the mess.

We made up for it once home and Mike and I had a good session while Jen prepared her things for Uni (it didn’t take her that long, she just stayed out of the bedroom in case I tried to pull her into doing things). I did at least get to fuck her that night and she admitted that while she was still embarrassed to have her friends see her naked and cumming, it had felt incredibly good. We fantasised about how it would be for me to do things in front of all my Uni friends and relived some of our old fantasies of Anna or Jo (and others) being involved with us. I went to work the following day with my breasts covered with Mike’s cum and after having lunch with Jen, I found a suitable cupboard and ate her and then tit fucked her (rubbed my nipples between her lips) so I had enough of her juices on them. I purposely didn’t get her to eat me so I felt extra horny all afternoon and on the journey home, I had Jen push her hand against my crotch and enjoyed all the bumps.


  1. Abrahi sounds hot as hell. Do you have anyone you would say she looks like?

  2. Good idea, maybe a link to a picture of a few people already on the internet that look like her would be good. Gives the reader a picture to go with the description without actually giving a picture. :)

    Maybe something like this can be done at least for the main people here?