Thursday, 28 February 2013

Savouring the Nectar of Lust – Part 2

We went out for a drink first and our breasts certainly seemed to be popular with some of the guys at the bar (not very subtle staring and a couple of guys talking to them instead of to our faces). I did managed to lower one guys gaze even further when I sat up on one of the stools and gently stroked the bare skin just below my skirt, but he wasn’t that appealing so all I did was tease him a little. We then went to a new club (it’s been open a few months, but new to us) and as we were early we didn’t have to queue too long. When we got near the front of the queue, we unbuttoned out coats (it was still cold) and when the bouncer spotted us we managed to skip a few places. Once inside, us girls went to the toilet to make sure our outfits were ready and Mike went to get a round of drinks. Emily’s outfit was adjusted to show the maximum amount of cleavage and thigh and Jen helped to readjust my bra to give my breasts maximal lift. The club was quite nice and had a decent area to dance and a good range of places to sit or stand and chat. We managed to get a fair amount of attention from guys (or at least Em and I did as Jen was ‘with’ Mike). If there had been any sufficiently secluded bits of the club, I would have been tempted to help some of the guys enjoy their night even more and I’m fairly certain that I could have got Emily involved in any games, but it was too open plan for this so we just had to satisfy ourselves with flaunting our goods. Mike wasn’t entirely left out and he spent some time with Jen sitting on his lap while he stroked her legs and worked his fingers up right to the top of her thighs. It certainly looked like his hand was far enough up her skirt to be caressing her crotch but he was keeping his fingers off her pussy (as per the rules). Jen quite liked the attention though and reciprocated by gently wriggling around on his lap and feeling the bulge of his cock pressing against her leg or ass depending on how she sat on him.

We left a little after midnight and headed home. Despite the cold, we fooled around a little on the way back. Emily had her panties removed and we fondled her for a while and Mike bent me over and licked me from behind. I didn’t want Jen to feel left out so I had her sit up on a wall and Em and I both had a quick lick of her pussy. For the rest of the walk home, we alternated between hiking Emily’s dress up or pulling the top down and having her walk partially exposed (until we saw someone and she was allowed to cover herself). Once indoors, it was no time at all before we’d stripped off and dived into bed. Jen would be spending the night with Emily so our main aim was to let Mike and I have a play with her, but Jen got involved as well.

Mike lay on his back while Emily sat over his face. He ate her while Jen humped against his cock but she knew that he wanted to cum in Emily so she didn’t carry on for long enough to make him cum. Mike did however make Emily cum and once she had recovered from her orgasm (during which time, I went down on Jen), it was my turn to play with her. Jen asked Mike if he would mind not cumming in Emily after all (so she could enjoy her taste) and Mike complained a bit, but Jen promised a proper ‘hump job’ later in the week if he complied. He agreed to just cum over her but Emily said that she wanted his cum inside her so they settled on a compromise of him fucking her ass and emptying himself into it.

Emily and I 69ed (with her on top) and I had a good view as Mike pushed into her ass and then fucked her. He told her to do a good job licking me and she did indeed work wonders on my cunt. She even reached down a number of times and licked around and pushed in to my ass (which I guess was Sara’s influence). Emily really seemed to enjoy being double teamed like this and Jen seemed to like watching the three of us as when I looked over I could see her sitting with a hand between her legs and her other hand tweaking her nipples. Emily came first by quite a long way and I briefly kitty kissed her but decided that as Mike was still pumping away in her and I hadn’t cum, that we may as well go for a double shot so I started to concentrate on her clit more.

I ended up cumming next and Emily seemed to have decided that if we were going to torture her (in a good way) then she would do the same to me and even when I’d cum, she didn’t stop attacking my cunt. It actually got to the point where it felt too intense to be pleasurable, but I didn’t intend to give in to her (and Mike *still* hadn’t cum) so I endured it and attacked her back. Both she and I were panting and moaning into each other and Mike really enjoyed listening to this. I could see that he had sped up his strokes and assumed he was waiting for Emily to cum again – and when she did, my guess was confirmed and he pushed into her a bit deeper and then held her ass in place as he just moved a little bit while he came.

Fortunately, Emily stopped eating me (so I didn’t have to admit defeat) and I watched as Mike slowly withdrew himself from her ass. She rolled off me and I apologised to Jen but said I was sure that Emily would be able to do a bit more after a short break. Jen decided that she was sufficiently far along with her masturbation that she didn’t want to wait for Em so we were treated to a little show from her (not for long as she was already fairly close to cumming) and we watched as she used three fingers in her cunt and reached under one of her legs to use a couple of fingers in her ass at the same time (which is one of my favourite positions for masturbating – although I generally just play with clit and pussy in this position). Jen’s orgasm wasn’t anything spectacular, but we all enjoyed watching her cum. I’d been feeling quite horny before she had even started (due to Emily’s continued licking) and was now certainly ready to do more, but I was saving myself for my time along with Mike.

Once Jen had finished and we’d got her to explain why she’d been feeling so impatient, Mike and I went into his room and left Emily and Jen, but not before I pulled the small whip and nipple clamps out of the cupboard and suggest to Emily that she might want to use them on Jen. I was lying with my legs spread and his mouth on my pussy when I heard the spanking start and it was still going when Mike make me cum and then moved up behind me to spoon. He fucked me fairly gently (partially so we didn’t make too much noise ourselves and could listen in to Jen and Emily). It certainly sounded like they were having fun and Emily seemed to be quite good at the masochist role. Mike and I finished up while they were still going (but nearing completion) and he stayed inside me as his cock went soft and we tried to imagine exactly what had been going on in Jen’s room.

He fingered (or more accurately frigged) me awake the next morning and once I’d cum, we went into Jen’s room but they were still asleep (although we woke them up). We gave them a little time to come round and went to make breakfast; on our return, we got the full details of their S&M session.

Emily had been as enthusiastic as it had sounded – she had used the nipple clamps, tingle and heat gel, the whip and various vibes. Things had started out with Jen on all fours and Emily spanking her ass, using both the whip and her hands. Emily had roughly fucked Jen with one of our larger vibes and then tried to push it into Jen’s ass but it didn’t easily fit so they moved on. Jen lay on her back and Emily removed the nipple clamps and then slapped her breasts and tweaked Jen’s nips. Jen had to hold her legs up and she was roughly fucked again and then Emily used a smaller vibe in Jen’s ass and DP’d her. Emily made Jen fuck herself with these vibes while she played with Jen’s nips (forcefully). Jen came like this, but Emily hadn’t finished and got Jen to turn over for some more ass slapping, use of the tingle and heat gels and then reapplication of the nipple clamps. Em then tied Jen’s arms and legs to the bedposts and sat over her face, telling Jen to lick her while she rubbed her pussy back and forth over Jen’s face and reaching down between Jen’s legs to slap her clit. Emily admits that she was fairly vocal at this point (which is what Mike and I could hear as we were finishing our session), but once she’d cum, she concentrated on Jen’s clit again and pulled her lips back to fully expose it before using an egg directly on it. This gave Jen a very strong orgasm (which we’d heard while wondering what they were doing), but Emily left things after that (and untying Jen).

We commented on how she seemed to be a natural at that sort of thing and she said that it had been fun, but only as a bit of experimentation (so I don’t think we’ll be seeing her in a full leather suit with a proper whip anytime soon). Jen said that the whole thing had been very intense (although not as painful as earlier in the year when we had whipped her breasts and pussy). She still felt a little tender, but said that if we were gentle, she thought that we would be able to make her cum, and with an invitation like that, we couldn’t resist so got her on all fours and started working on her.

Emily lay with her head under Jen’s crotch and I lay on top of Em. Em took her pussy and I kissed and licked around her ass (occasionally dropping my tongue to her pussy and Emily’s tongue) while Mike stood at the foot of the bed and alternated between licking, fingering and fucking us both. A couple of times he moved up beside Jen so he could reach under her and fondle her breasts, but he really liked having two pussies to play with simultaneously so his eternal obsession with Jen was momentarily forgotten. We made Jen cum and he said that he was getting close so Emily and I stayed in position and kissed. Just before he came, he pulled out and sandwiched his cock between us. He pushed back and forth, which didn’t work as well as it could have, but he had at least a little lubrication from our pussy juice and it was good enough that he came and we felt the warmth of his cum as he unloaded over our mons and lower stomachs.

Mike sat beside Jen on the bed - his cock covered with his cum – and Emily and I decided that we should 69 to maximise the mess we could make with his cum. This worked out really well as I could easily rub my neck against her mons and get it covered in Mike’s cum and then quickly switch back to eating her (it had been a few days since any of us had shaved so while she was still mostly bald, there was a slight prickliness). The cum was mostly away from her pussy though so I still got her sweet natural taste and we lapped away until we’d both cum (I came first but Em licked me gently once I’d cum). Just as planned, we were both now somewhat messy with our juices and Mike’s cum (but messy sex is good) and after a rest we decided that we should have a shower to clean up. We did rock, paper, scissors to see who would shower with Emily and Jen won (she almost always chooses paper, expect when I choose scissors in which case she almost always seems to know and chooses rock).

As per the plan, Jen didn’t waste the shower and made sure that Emily got another good sample of the pulse setting. So I didn’t feel left out, Mike did the same for me when I showered with him and once we’d dried off and Emily had packed her things up, we set about giving her a goodbye session. She had done exceedingly well as our sex slave (or master in the case of her session with Jen) and the best way to thank her (we thought) was to give her a final bout of orgasms. We still had a reasonable amount of time so we went slowly at first and all three of us kissed, stroked, fingered and ate her and we gave her what she described as a very deep orgasm.

After a brief pause (during which we carried on caressing her, but eased off on her pussy and clit), Mike went down on her and Jen sat over her body and rubbed against her breasts before moving up to her face so that Em could eat her. I used Emily’s arms to hump against (changing sides) and once Mike had made her cum (and Jen had cum), we switched round so I could eat Em and she could suck Mike. While we did this, Jen rubbed herself and smeared her juices over Emily’s breasts and body and once I’d made her cum, it was time to switch round again (as you can probably guess, Mike didn’t want to cum in her mouth as it didn’t fit our plan). I now got to sit over Emily’s body and rub myself against her while Jen ate her – and then as things progressed I sat over her face and let her eat me. It took a bit longer for Emily to cum this time, but Jen got her there and on the plus side, it gave me a good chance to rub myself all over her face and upper body.

It was now Mike’s turn to cum and for this, Emily was put on all fours. Mike took her from behind while Jen and I sat either side of her and caressed her body. We transferred as much of our own juices onto Emily as possible, rubbing ourselves and then rubbing her back, front, breasts, ass and legs. Mike gave her a good fucking and played with her clit until she came and then started his final run. He pumped away inside her and decided that instead of cumming over her (which had been the original plan), he wanted to cum in her properly. We knew that his cum would leak out of her anyway so this didn’t seem like too much of a problem so he went ahead and shot his load into her (and as it was his second time cumming that morning, we knew he wasn’t likely to produce too much cum anyway).

Emily lay down on the bed but we got her to stand up and caught Mike’s cum as it dripped out of her and rubbed it over her breasts and body. We fingered as much out of her as we could and then suggested that we head out for a quick lunch before she got the train back to York. She started to complain that she was covered in our secretions, but realised that had been the whole point of the session (well, that and everyone getting to cum). She was at least allowed to straighten up her hair, but was once again given one of Jen’s short skirts to wear and had to go without panties (we did at least give her some opaque hold-ups as it was still quite cold out). All through lunch, Emily said (quietly) that she could smell us on her. Our scent was noticeable if you got close enough to her and it was quite arousing. When we finally took her to the train station, we ducked into the ladies toilets and while Jen kept a look out, I reached under Emily’s skirt and gave her another brief fingering before getting her to suck my fingers clean. Someone came in, but while they were in the cubicle, I produced a remote controlled egg from my pocket and slipped it into Emily’s pussy. She was instructed to keep it in her throughout the journey (although not turned on the whole time as that would end up irritating her pussy). Just before she boarded the train, Mike was given the remote to turn the egg on and he then put the remote in her pocket.

Later that evening, we totalled up what we’d done and notified Emily that we thought she had cum over 30 times during the weekend. She was rather shocked at this number, but said that her body felt like it had been through a fair amount.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Savouring the Nectar of Lust – Part 1

The first weekend in December, we invited Emily up. We knew that we would have be seeing her at the party the following week anyway, but it was partially as I felt a little bad about being mean to her at the previous party, but also because I had missed the way she tasted. We knew that she had made up with Sara (not in the sense of getting back together, but Emily had apologised for cheating and Sara had accepted her apology).

Jen met Emily at the station in the middle of the afternoon and escorted her home. I got home first and found them both naked and asleep in Jen’s bed. On waking them I found out (unsurprisingly) that Jen hadn’t been able to wait and had wanted to taste Emily, which had developed into eating her properly and this in turn had developed into them 69ing (and then having a nap). As I knew that Mike would want to eat Emily when he got home, I thought that it was probably best for me to have a go first (just so we didn’t expect too much from her at once) so I stripped off and joined them in bed. I was pleased to discover that Emily had shaved really well and her lips felt incredibly smooth. She tasted as good as I remembered (one of the few girls I know who always tastes good no matter what time of the month). As Jen had 69ed with Emily, she offered the same to me and I eagerly took her up on the offer. I hungrily ate her, devouring every drop of her pussy juice that I could get my tongue on and I managed to make her cum before I came. She stopped eating me as she came, but continued soon after while I kitty kissed her.

Once I’d cum, we remained in bed, chatted, kissed and fondled each other until Mike came home. Emily was nice and wet again by the time he arrived and he quickly joined us in bed so he could sample her pussy. He ate her to orgasm and she told him that he could fuck her but he said he didn’t want to spoil her taste just yet. As a compromise, he half-fucked her and she sucked him clean while he kitty kissed her. She wanted him to cum in her mouth but he told her he wanted to fill her cunt with him cum later on. The three of us then attacked her and Mike ate her to another orgasm while Jen and I played with her breasts, kissed her and caressed her body. By the time she came she said that she was exhausted and we had to remind her that she had agreed to be our little sex toy for the weekend (Emily knows perfectly well how much we adore the taste of her pussy and was under no illusion as to why she was visiting us).

We gave her a break and went out to buy some food for the evening. Emily was told that she could only wear a coat and didn’t have anything suitable with her (long enough to hide her ass) so had to borrow one of Jen’s. We had told her initially that we were just going to get a take-away, but we have decided to eat a bit more healthily (having lost lots of weight once, I don’t want to put it back on) and so we went to a supermarket. This came as a bit of a surprise to Em as we had forgotten to give her a way to fasten her coat shut so she had to wander round the brightly lit store holding the front together with a hand. Each of us took an opportunity to open her coat and caress her breasts and pussy (only briefly) and on the more secluded part of the way home, Jen and I each held one of her hands so the coat flapped open slightly (not much, but enough that if anyone had been walking towards us they would have known she was naked). We’d hoped to make her cum on the way back, but left it too late and there were too many people around so once we got home, I attached one of our dildos to the window and told her that she had to fuck herself on it (we did at least turn the lights out in the room so people outside wouldn’t be able to see as easily). We did help out by playing with her clit and Mike gave her his cock to suck on – only when she had cum did we go downstairs and have dinner.

With dinner out of the way we moved into the kitchen to clean up and somehow the handle of a spatula ended up inside Emily. This was more for show than to do anything to her, but Mike gladly took over and he fucked Emily while she leant against the counter and I knelt between her legs and licked her clit. We got her off again like this and suggested that we then head out for a drink. Emily agreed to wear the coat again, but only on the condition that we gave her a belt for it. This seemed like a good compromise as it meant she still showed off a fair bit of her chest and when she sat down, she had to be careful as to how the coat road up (it covered her ass while walking, but wasn’t much beyond mid-thigh length so she didn’t have much material to play with).

We discussed the upcoming party and Emily wanted to know a little about the person we were bringing along. Jen told her how she had been the one to introduce her to girls and Mike described how he had fucked her multiple times but we didn’t tell her that she was my sister. We didn’t stay out too long and returned home to have a bit more fun. By that time it was unfortunately it was too cold to stop and do anything on the way home and once indoors, we all climbed into bed with Emily to warm her up. Mike went down on her while she ate Jen and once they had finished I 69ed with her and then handed her back to Mike for her final cum of the night.

Mike pulled her legs up and slid into her, then used long strokes while Jen and I played with her breasts again and I reached down to play with her clit. Mike threatened to fuck her through her first orgasm and only cum in her when she came for a second time, but Emily convinced him to just cum in her when she came (and we thought that she’d done pretty well for one day so this seemed fair). He offered her the choice of position for her orgasm and she said that she didn’t mind, so he chose to stay on top (but actually lay down on her). I reached between their bodies so I could continue to play with her clit and between us we got her nice and close to cumming before I moved my hand away and let Mike take over with just fucking her. This had the desired effect of her cumming and Mike being able to pump away in her until her orgasm had ended before he came. He whispered to her to be louder and dirtier the whole time she came and Jen and I had a pretty good view of his cock sliding and out of her. Mike carried on fucking her for a minute or so after she’d cum before he finally came in her and when he pulled out, we got her to keep her legs spread so we could watch as his cum oozed out of her cunt. We pulled her lips open and got her to push until a decent amount had leaked out and then gave her the option as to whether she wanted to sleep in the bed with the wet patch. She said that she didn’t mind so Mike and Jen went into his room and (once he was hard again) they half spooned (his cock pressed up against her ass) while they fell asleep.

I spent the night with Emily, but nothing else happened (other than talking). I did warn her that we weren’t going to go any easier on her the next day and she said that she was ready. I woke her up in the morning by going down on her but she still tasted of Mike’s cum so I went to fetch Jen to clean her out before I had a go with her. I let Mike fuck me while I ate her and Jen sat over her face. Once I had made her cum, Mike kitty kissed her for a while (so he could taste her) and then he got her to stand facing out the window and he took her from behind, cumming inside her again. After breakfast, we let Mike shower with her and he buried himself in her and used the pulse shower on her clit to give her another orgasm.

We gave Em a chance to recover while Jen and I showered and dressed and Mike showed her some of the pictures of Sue. Emily noted that Sue was wearing a schoolgirl costume in a number of the pictures (and some of the ones where Mike was buried in her) but this was easily explained as just being a look that Mike enjoyed. We gave Emily a short shirt to wear (but long enough that she was properly covered) and convinced her to go out without a bra on (her breasts aren’t really small enough to get away with this, but her youth helped in this regard as her breasts are still quite firm. The morning was fairly standard – we took opportunities in shops and changing rooms to tease her a little, but didn’t make her cum and by lunchtime, her pussy felt wet enough that I really wanted to be able to go down on her properly.

We managed to find a quiet enough cafĂ© that we could tease her more over lunch. As it was the run up to Christmas, it wasn’t sufficiently deserted for us to make her cum, but we all managed to get a hand between her legs and fondle her (and even properly finger her in Mike’s case). It was enough to confirm that she was indeed feeling horny and was as wet as I had suspected so we decided to take a trip to the cinema after lunch and chose what we assumed would be the least popular film. We weren’t the only ones in the place, but we managed to sit far enough away from the other people that we were fairly safe and once the film started (and the lights were dimmed), I pulled out our silicon coated vibe and told Emily that she had to make herself cum so we could all see. She was a little nervous, but she is hardly a prude so once she was sure nobody else was coming in, she hiked her skirt up, lifted her legs over the arms of the chairs either side of her and got to work. Jen and I (who were sitting beside her) each took a turn with the vibe, but we let Em do most of the work and it didn’t take too long for her to cum. We smeared her juices over her pussy and thighs – which gave us a wonderful aroma and then told her that it was her job to now make Jen and I cum.

As an added complication, she had to do things to us both at once, but this didn’t turn out to be too difficult as we spread our legs and she used the vibe on me while reaching over with her other hand to fondle Jen. The vibe went between us a number of times and Jen came first, which left Emily free to concentrate on making me cum. I wasn’t too far off so this didn’t take long and she then swapped seats with Jen so she was beside Mike. He knelt on the floor in front of her (which isn’t easy in cramped cinema seats) and ate her and she then had the task of repaying him. She started off in her seat and reached over to use her hand on his cock, but she was on his right side and couldn’t get a consistent enough rhythm with her left hand so she ended up crawling onto the floor between his legs and sucking him. He quietly discussed with her whether he should cum in her mouth, over her face or if she should get naked so he could cum over her body. She wasn’t prepared to strip completely but did pull her top up and free her breasts from her bra (although it was too dark to be able to really see much). They still hadn’t decided where he was going to cum by the time he was close and they settled for him cumming in her mouth, but then Emily pulling her top away from her body and letting his cum dribble out of her mouth and over her breasts. Mike massaged his cum into her breasts before she climbed back up onto her seat and straightened out her clothes.

Jen and Mike fondled her a bit more as the film progressed and got her to sit with her legs over the arms of the chair again and just before the film ended, I gave Jen the vibe back and let her get Emily off one last time. Em wasn’t allowed to put her legs back down or pull her skirt down until the lights had come up, but she did so before any of the people in front of us had stood up and would have been able to see her. Her clothes were quite dishevelled and it looked fairly obvious to us that something had been happened, but I doubt anyone else would have been able to guess exactly what that had been.

We returned home and let Em rest some more (she isn’t used to cumming this much) and as Mike wasn’t going to get to spend a night with her, we let him spoon with her and he gently fucked her while she fell asleep. He was hardly moving in her, but was pressed in so deep that he said he could have cum in her if he had wanted (and he nearly did), but as I’ve said before, he much prefers having his partner cum just before, or during his orgasm, so he contented himself with just staying close to orgasm for quite a while and then dozing off while still inside her.

Em seemed quite refreshed after her nap so we went for a girls only session and I shared a double dildo with her while we scissored and humped against each other fairly energetically. Jen didn’t want to be left out and shared one of the longer dildos with Em, at first with both of them on their backs, but Emily then climbed over Jen and I took over sliding the dildo between them and playing with their clits. Mike’s cock came back to life while watching this and he wanted to eat me, but also wanted to carry on watching what was going on, so we agreed that he could eat me once I’d helped them cum. Jen came first again, but this made things easier for Emily who sat up and fucked herself on the dildo (which I held upright with the other end still in Jen) and Mike helped by playing with her clit. She came and then lay back to watch as Mike kept his promise and ate me.

We rested some more, made and ate dinner and then quickly showered to refresh ourselves before getting ready to go out. Em was quite prepared for us decreeing what she would wear and we managed to squeeze her into one of Jen’s tight dresses (Em isn’t much larger than Jen, but this dress is tight on Jen, so it really hugged Em’s figure). This wasn’t helped by the addition of a push up bra (which she obviously put on before the dress) and to finish it off, we have her some black stockings and a suspender belt. She was allowed a pair of black lace panties (I think white would have looked cuter, but they wouldn’t have matched the stockings) and with a bit of fiddling, we adjusted the dress so that her cleavage was very visible and the hem of the skirt was only just covering her ass and showing off the suspenders and her naked thighs nicely. It certainly wasn’t the look that I usually find appealing, but she had a certain slutty charm about her and we were fairly sure that she would get lots of attention while out. I wasn’t prepared to let her steal the limelight and I wore one of my half cup bras that push my breasts up but leave a fair amount of my nipples exposed (not one of the ones that really exposes them as these don’t provide as much lift). I wore a tight, low cut top over this and paired it with one of my usual short flippy skirts and hold ups (Mike isn’t the only guy who likes ‘zettai ryouiki’ (the absolute area of uncovered thigh between long socks/stockings and the skirt). Jen dressed a little more conservatively (for her), but she wasn’t trying to attract any guys.

Friday, 22 February 2013

The Surprise Threesome - Part 2

Vicky asked him if he minded, then introduced me as her housemate and then said that he’d be doing me a favour. I had a hand between Vicky’s legs by this point and was rubbing her clit and his cock. He agreed and I told him that he had to fuck both of us, but that I would help out with Vicky. I quickly slipped my clothes off (probably without him noticing that I didn’t have panties on) and climbed up on the bed behind Vicky. I reached around and caressed her breasts with one hand, occasionally dropping it to her crotch to fondle them both and reached down with my other hand to caress her ass or the guy’s balls. I kissed and nuzzled his neck, which put on a good show for the guy and allowed me to whisper things into Vicky’s ear. I asked if she was ready to show him some more and she murmured her consent so I climbed off and she dismounted him.

Vicky lay on her back and told the guy that it was time for him to give her the good fucking he had promised. He clambered up and knelt between her legs which I got him to hand up to me as I straddled her face. He asked if she was really going to go down on me as I planted my pussy over her mouth and I told him that if you got her horny enough, she would do pretty much anything. I held her legs up and apart and watched as the guy slid into her and started pumping away. I told him to hold onto her ankles and I reached down to her pussy, spread her lips and exposed her clit. I gently stroked it for a while until I could feel Vicky panting into my pussy as she ate me and then told the guy that she seemed to be getting close to cumming. He didn’t seem to question as to how I knew this (but I guess if you’ve got a chance to fuck two younger girls it is probably best not to question things). I quickly turned around and panted myself back on Vicky’s mouth, knowing that this position would give him a much better view of her tongue working on and in me. Vicky took hold of my ass and licked me faster and I could feel the bed moving as the guy was finishing off. Fortunately for Vicky, he had copied me and had played with her clit so she got to cum as well. I could have easily stayed on her face until she made me cum, but wanted to try for a better orgasm from our random guy, so once Vicky had cum I lifted myself off her face and sat beside her just gently masturbating.

I sucked the condom clean of her juices, then removed it and used my skirt to wipe the guy’s cock clean. I reminded him that he also had to take care of me and he said that he would, but he needed a little time to get ready. I had guessed this would be the case, but Vicky had done a fairly good job on me so I didn’t want to have to wait too long so I moved down between Vicky’s legs and kitty kissed her – partly for her benefit and partly to get the guy worked up again. This had the desired effect and I felt his fingers stroke around my pussy and then press into me – slightly gingerly at first, but then when I pushed back against them he became a lot more forceful. I glanced behind me and saw that he was hard again but thought that we could probably help to get him harder and told Vicky that I needed her help.

While she sat up, I tossed a new condom to the guy and once he’d put it on, I got him to sit on the edge of the bed and Vicky and I sandwiched his cock between our breasts and rubbed him. He was a decent size so we could get a nice rhythm going and watched as his cock disappeared between our nipples and then emerged as he thrust upwards. I told Vicky that it looked like a tasty lollipop and asked if she would help me lick it. I wrapped my mouth around the head of his cock and briefly sucked him before letting Vicky had a go and then we got started properly by kissing each other around his cock. We used lots of tongue action and kissed up and down the shaft as well as playing with his glans. I was enjoying having him as a sex toy, but didn’t want him to get so excited that he wouldn’t be able to take care of me properly so I stood up and told him he could have one more treat before we got down to business properly. I told him to stay where he was and I lowered myself onto his cock and then spread my legs and asked Vicky to lick me while I slid up and down the length of his shaft. He reached around me and played with my breasts (and did quite a good job of stroking and teasing my nipples) but I now wanted a proper fuck.

I climbed off him and moved onto the bed. I hadn’t decided what position I wanted to use, but he made the decision for me by quickly moving up behind me and holding my hips while he pushed into me. I eagerly thrust back against him and he asked if I was going to carry on eating the other girl (Vicky – none of us had given our names). She moved up onto the bed and spread her legs and I buried my face in her pussy. The guy leaned over me and reached around to fondle my breasts and I told him to stroke my clit as well so I could cum around his cock. He did as I asked and I continued to hump back against him (mostly) in time with his thrusts and I gave Vicky’s cunt a good licking and fingering. I told him to make me cum and then he could use me and he sped up rubbing my clit and kneaded my ass more firmly. He was a pretty good fuck and I made sure to moan as I came and then concentrated on eating Vicky while he pumped into me. He used nice long strokes, pushing the whole way into me each time so his body slapped against my ass and I tried to move my head to the side slightly so he could see me licking and fingering Vicky. He came first, but I didn’t stop licking until Vicky had also cum and I then pulled myself forwards off his cock and thanked him.

As his cock went limp I asked him if he thought he could go for another round (which was a little unfair as I knew Mike and Jen were waiting quietly downstairs and listening in) and the guy said that he would need more time to rest first. While I was tempted to wait (and it was fun screwing someone who’s name I didn’t even know), I knew that Mike and Jen would want to spend time with Vicky so I told him that my girlfriend would be back soon and that she would probably be jealous if she saw me doing things with Vicky. He said that she could always join us and I liked his attitude but I told him that she was gay and wouldn’t be interested in him. I lay beside Vicky and we fondled and kissed each other (in a slightly exaggerated way) while he got dressed. We thanked him for a good time (and he thanked us) and we remained naked while we saw him to the front door (Mike and Jen had the sense to hide in the kitchen).

Once he’d left, we went to tell them the details of the encounter and found Mike with his cock between Jen’s legs and them rubbing against each other (he was only pressed against her pussy, not inside her). They had humped like this for a lot of our session so were both feeling quote horny and as a thank you for waiting and letting Vicky and I have a play, we took them upstairs and tended to them. Mike Lay on his back and Jen lay over him facing up. She then moved down so his cock was pressed against her pussy once more and Vicky and I took turns licking them both. As usual, Jen came first but she stayed in place until Mike came – jetting an impressive amount of cum over Vicky’s lips and Jen’s pussy and stomach.

As Mike and Jen had just both just cum, it was clearly time for Vicky and I to play again and we shared a dildo between us and let Mike and Jen take turns licking, fondling and kissing us both. Jen spent more time enjoying our breasts and Mike spent longer on our pussies and clits. As we got closer to cumming, we moved around so we were kneeling (facing away from each other). We tried to do this while keeping the dildo buried between us but didn’t manage it so Jen helped hold it in place while we reinserted it. After pushing back against each other for a short time, we felt it was time to cum and we adjusted our position (and the dildo) so Mike could thrust it back and forth into us while Jen reached underneath and played with our clits. They suggested that we cum together and this was much easier with Jen solely concentrating on our clits as she could easily back off or speed up the stimulation. As we got closer, Mike moved the dildo harder and faster in us and we were told be to nice and vocal so Jen could tell how close to cumming we were. As we were both moaning so much I’m not actually sure who came first, but either way we were very close and were certainly cumming at the same time. Vicky’s orgasm seemed to last slightly longer (only by 5-10 seconds or so) and once we’d disengaged from the dildo, Mike and Jen kitty kissed us, switching between us.

They continued this until we were ready to go again and we let Jen go in the middle between Vicky and I. I offered to let Mike fuck me but he said he wanted his last load of the day to be in Vicky so he knelt behind me and licked me a little (but mostly fingered and frigged me as it was an awkward position). He warned Vicky that as soon as the three of us had cum, we would move straight onto the next session and she complained that we would end up breaking her, but said she understood. Mike took a little break from playing with me to play with Vicky’s breasts and kiss her, but he returned in time to get me off around the same time Jen and Vicky came. As promised, we went straight into the final round – Mike was on his back this time and Vicky rode him while I sat over his face and Jen sat over his chest so she could play with Vicky’s breasts. Vicky was given a vibe to use on her clit to help her along but Vicky seemed to do a fairly good job of fucking Mike anyway. He loved feeling Jen’s body on him at the same time as having Vicky and me and I was treated to a very enthusiastic licking. Even though Jen didn’t want to cum again, I reached around her and played with her nipples so she wasn’t entirely left out and as I came I pinched them quite hard. I stayed in position to let Mike continue to lick me until Vicky had cum and he had cum in her and we finally all climbed off him and lay on the bed in a sweaty mess (Mike being especially sweaty).

I let Jen spend the night with Vicky so she could have time to worship ‘the ladies’ (Vicky’s breasts) and I slept with Mike (other than a little spooning, it really was just sleeping). The condition of giving Vicky to Jen for the night was that Mike and I had to be involved in their morning session. Vicky came in to fetch us and we agreed that as she had been so willing to let us do whatever we wanted to/with her, she should get to do what she wanted. Her first wish was to use the strap on and give Jen a good fucking with it. Mike encouraged Vicky by reminding her that Jen liked things rough and Vicky took this idea on board and gave Jen’s ass a good slapping. Mike and I attached the nipple clamps to Jen’s nips and added a little of the heat gel for extra effect (you have to be careful with this stuff as it really does get very warm). I fetched the little whip and tried to use it on Jen’s pussy, but it was difficult doing this from underneath and not really being able to see what I was doing so I ended up just using my hand and slapping her mons and clit. Jen really got into things and Vikcy gave her an incredibly hard fucking and was as abusive (verbally) as Jen had been to her the previous day. As Jen got close, I pushed a finger into her ass and pumped in and out and when Jen came, Vicky emptied two loads of cum into, pulled out and squirted a load over her back and ass and then got Jen to turn over so she could cover her front.

I asked Vicky if she would do me as well and she said that as she was already wearing the cock, she may as well. I let her choose the position and she got me to kneel on the bed so she could take me the same way she had done Jen. Mike helped out and played with my clit (just rubbing, no slapping for me). Vicky also teased me about being a dirty little slut and me reminding her that she had asked to come along to the sex parties so she could be fucked by a group of strangers (strangers to her anyway) didn’t change her opinion. I didn’t mind as it felt pretty good and I pumped back against her until I came. I got a little of the fake cum injected into me, but Vicky had depleted the supply on (and in) Jen.

It was now Vicky’s turn to cum and Mike was quite happy to take care of her. They had a simple session, Mike took her from behind to start with and finished off with her on top. Jen sat behind Vicky and slapped her ass a few times (but much more gently than Vicky had slapped her) and then reached around Vicky to play with her nipples. This made it rather difficult for Mike and Vicky to hump together quickly and finish off so Jen left them get on with things, but stayed kneeling over Mike’s legs so she got a good view of the action. Mike came in Vicky and she started dripping with his cum as soon as he pulled out – Jen was going to lick her clean but we decided to let her enjoy having his cum leak out of her pussy as we ate breakfast. We then showered together (well, I showered with Vicky and Mike with Jen) and with freshly cleaned pussies, (or cocks) we got ready for the day.

Vicky was leaving us just after lunch so she packed up her belongings to take with her and we headed off into town. Just before we left, we dared Vicky to wear one of Jen’s short skirts (and I do mean short) with hold-ups. She agreed to this and didn’t even complain when we told her that she wasn’t allowed any panties under it. As she had been so willing to comply, she was given a reward of a last fuck from Mike while she stood in the hallway. He emptied himself into her again and didn’t produce as much cum as he had earlier, but there was still enough that it dripped out of her pussy onto her thighs. By the time we got into town all his cum had left her (or been absorbed) but she said that she still felt quite wet. Once we’d ordered food, Jen and I went with Vicky to the toilet and took turns fingering her in one of the stalls. She did indeed feel quite wet and by the time we finished with her she said that she felt even wetter. We didn’t let her cum and this probably contributed to her willingness to let her skirt ride up as we ate lunch. Mike and I both got a hand between her legs and at one point we took a leg each and pulled them open so she was completely exposed. She managed to stay like this for about 10 seconds before it became a bit much and as a reward, Jen and I took her back into the bathroom after lunch and fingered her properly (letting her cum this time).

We all headed to the station but stopped off on the way so Mike could have one last go with Vicky. She stood up against a wall in an alleyway and he knelt to eat her while Jen and I kept lookout. It didn’t take long to make her cum and she wanted to reciprocate so she swapped places with Mike and sucked him off. Jen couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to mark Vicky and she stood behind her and rubbed some of Vicky’s hair against her pussy. She later told us that she was imagining peeing all over Vicky’s head and back, but it’s probably for the best that all she did was imagine this! As Mike got closer to cumming, he asked Vicky where she wanted him to cum and she said that he could cum in her mouth if she wanted. He said that he would rather cum in her cunt so she stood up and offered herself to him, at which point Mike quickly pushed into her and pumped away for a short while before pushing as deep into her as he could get and cumming. He seemed to produce a bit more cum this time (or at least more of it dripped out of her) and Jen and I smeared it over her thighs, pussy and ass before we gathered up her bags and went to the station.

Thursday, 21 February 2013


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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Surprise Threesome - Part 1

The last weekend in November, we finally got another visit from Vicky. Mike had been looking forward to spending time with her and Jen had been looking forward to spending time with her breasts so I let the two of them have the first session with her. Jen went down on Vicky first and Mike then wanted to cum in her, but he knew that I wanted to be able to taste her unpolluted cunt. So while Jen would have probably done a fairly good job at eating Vicky clean, Mike settled for fucking her (Vicky) until she came and then tit fucking her, emptying his load over her face and breasts.

Jen eagerly licked Vicky’s breasts clean and without giving her a chance to recover, I mounted her face and told her it was my turn. I was quite turned on (having watching the three of them fuck) and humped against her face while I eagerly ate her. Mike kindly decided to join in and played with my ass, which I knew Vicky would be able to see but I was so horny by this point I didn’t care and just carried on eating her. Only when we’d both cum did we settle down and chat properly (although there was still a fair bit of caressing going on).

Vicky had heard about Mike and Lis partially fucking and she wanted a proper description from him of what had happened. Despite it having been quite a while since they dated (and the fact that it was her who had broken it off), Vicky is still very fond of Lis and I think she actually regrets having split up. She had been very surprised when Mike had first told her that he’d been inside Lis and if she could go back and change things, I think she would have happily let Mike join them (I think Lucy is probably better for Lis in the long run though). Vicky appeared to really enjoy Mike’s description of the feeling of Lis’ cunt around his cock and I pointed out that (mostly due to me having jumped in), Jen hadn’t got to cum yet. As I’d now had a chance to taste Vicky, I told her that if she ate Jen then Mike would fuck her properly. She wasn’t sure she could cum again just yet but agreed to give it a try and I promised her that we would made her cum.

Once she was in position and eating Jen, I climbed under her (so my face was under her abdomen and my mouth was on her cunt) and Mike knelt over me and pushed in to Vicky. He actually pushed into me first as he knows how much I like the idea of having my juices mixed inside other girls, but once inside her he stayed buried in her and fucked her while I licked her clit. I thought that we may as well do things properly and reached up over my head so I could fondle her breasts. I couldn’t see what I was doing, but it was easy enough to find her nipples and caress them. Mike was doing the same sort of thing to her ass but before she came he worked a thumb into her and pumped it in and out. I heard him tell Jen to cum as we were working hard on Vicky and I sort of heard Jen’s mewing, but it was mostly muffled by Vicky’s body. Mike told Vicky to keep eating Jen until she had cum herself but this didn’t take too long with everything we were doing to her. Mike still had to keep up his end of the bargain though and he leant back so he could get a better view and then used long strokes to fuck her until he came. Vicky was now spent and just wanted to rest, so Jen and I went into Mike’s room and Mike spent the night with her. Jen and I had a much gentler session while Mike and Vicky talked some more and after a while he managed to get hard enough that they could spoon, but they didn’t do any more than this.

On the Saturday morning, he ate her awake and then lay on his back while Vicky rode him. They were noisy enough to wake Jen and me so we went in to see what they were up to. As Mike’s mouth was free, I sat over his face and he ate me. Jen sat over his chest so she could kiss Vicky and this put her in a good position for me to reach around her body and tweak her nipples. Vicky made a comment about how she had missed having a cock in her and Jen took umbrage at this and told her that if that was how she felt, then we’d make sure she had enough cock. I wasn’t sure what Jen was going to do, but it became clear when she went and fetched the strap on. I lifted myself up from Mike’s face so we could explain the turn of events and he slowed down his fucking until Jen was ready. Jen positioned herself behind Vicky and I moved out of the way entirely (which I felt was quite selfless of me as I hadn’t cum yet) so Vicky could lie down properly on top of Mike. I moved around to help spread her ass cheeks while Jen positioned the dildo and then pressed in to Vicky’s ass.

Jen slowly pumped the cock deeper into her ass, helped by the fact that Mike was still fucking her pussy and once she was most of the way in she told Mike to resume ‘proper’ fucking. They switched between using alternate strokes and pumping in unison a few times and Jen slapped Vicky’s ass while asking her if she still wanted more cock inside her. I was really enjoying the view and decided that as nobody was free to help me, I may as well just take care of myself, so spread my legs and masturbated. They fucked harder and faster and Jen kept asking Vicky if she liked having two cocks inside her. It was fairly obvious that she did, but Jen continued to ask in more forceful ways, asking Vicky if she liked having her cunt and ass fucked at the same time, telling her she was a whore, calling her a slut and slapping her ass. Vicky was obviously getting close to cumming and Mike encouraged her along, telling her not to hold back at all and use Jen and himself however felt best. Jen continued to call her names and slap her as Vicky’s moaning got louder and she came. Mike continued to pump into her so Jen carried on as well, calling Vicky a cunt and telling her that they were going to fuck her until she couldn’t take any more.

It was an amazing sight and I buried a couple of fingers in my pussy while frigging my clit. Mike fucked Vicky frantically until he emptied himself into her at which point Jen pressed the button on the dildo to make it squirt its cum into Vicky’s ass. She pulled out and directed the dildo towards me and as I came, she squirted another load of cum over me, covering my breasts and stomach. Vicky was still impaled on Mike’s cock and I watched him kneading her ass and slowly moving inside her as I came down from my orgasm and gently stroked my fingers over my clit, rubbing some of Jen’s fake cum into my pussy. Once Vicky had recovered I let her give Jen her good morning orgasm and we started to get ready for the day. I showered with Jen and Mike showered with Vicky but we didn’t do enough to make anyone cum (although Mike was hard again when they had finished showering).

Vicky had decided not to tempt us too much (knowing that we would fuck her more than she could take if given the chance) and we had a fairly quiet day with a little shopping and a nice walk after lunch. We discussed the sex party and told her that we would be happy to take her along if she still wanted to go, but it would have to be after the New Year as we had already agreed to take someone else along. She seemed a little disappointed and I hadn’t actually realised that she had been so keen. I did consider inviting her to the end of year party but was still rather wary of introducing her to the fact that Sue would be there and having her find out that Mike and Jen have both fucked Sue (Vicky has met Sue a few times when Sue visited me at Uni, so she knows she is my sister). In order to compensate her for the disappointment, we ducked into a little copse and once out of sight of the path, pushed Vicky up against a tree. Mike fingered her while Jen removed her coat and pulled the top of her dress down so she could get to Vicky’s nipples and Mike then helped Jen take care of Vicky’s breasts while I knelt and ate her. As she got closer to cumming, her dress was undone more until it was bunched around her waist and I moved back to let it slide down her legs so she could step out of it. By the time she came, she was naked (other than shoes) but we let her put her coat back on as it was fairly cool.

Mike wanted another go with her and she leant against a tree while he flipped her coat up to reveal her ass and then pushed into her. I stood beside her and reached under hher body with one hand to play with her clit and used my other hand to finger her ass. Jen completed her stimulation by caressing her breasts (which had the added benefit of stopping them swinging back and forth too much as Mike fucked her. We knew that we couldn’t be too loud as we weren’t far from the path, but we could be vocal enough for Mike and Vicky to communicate enough to try to cum together. As Mike didn’t have to worry about doing anything to stimulate Vicky, he just used long strokes and pushed as far into her as he could each time. Jen and I had to slow down a little as Vicky was going to cum first, but it wasn’t long before Mike said that he was nearly there too. We waited until he was on the brink of cumming and he kept himself there while we got Vicky to the same place and as soon as she said she was about to cum, he sped up slightly and pushed deep into her again. Vicky pushed back against him (and my fingers) and he told her that he was cumming in her as she panted that she was cumming. He stayed inside her when they had finished and Jen and I stopped playing with Vicky. We watched closely as he pulled out and she stood up and saw a little cum trickle out of her, but not a large amount.

She asked for her clothes back but we told her that we wanted her to just keep her coat on. If she had really insisted, we would have probably given in, but she caved first and agreed so we continued our walk with her just wearing her coat (which she buttoned up). She told us that she had felt a bit more of Mike’s cum slide out of her pussy and down one of her legs, but it didn’t seem that noticeable to the rest of us. We even managed to stop off for a coffee on the way home – Vicky was initially nervous that someone would figure out she was naked, but relaxed a bit and even undid an extra button on her coat. Without a bra on, she didn’t have her usual cleavage (which she values quite a bit) and unfortunately the place was too busy to tease her in any interesting ways. We considered taking her along to one of our usual sex shops but thought that we could leave that for another visit (plus I wanted to get home and use her to cum).

On the walk home, we stopped and undid various buttons on her coat, but allowed her to hold it shut (there is a difference between having fun and getting someone arrested!). Once indoors, we thought that we should help to warm her up and we climbed into bed. Vicky wasn’t ready to do any more and it didn’t seem fair to just make her do things to us so Jen and I 69ed while Vicky and Mike talked (and of course, watched). The rest of the afternoon we spent lazing around and chatting before having dinner. As we got ready to go out for the evening, we tried to convince Vicky to go without panties but she really likes wearing some of her nice underwear when dancing as she says it makes her feel sexy (given the way she dances, I don’t think she really needs anything to help her though).

We went to a few places to have drinks before going dancing (none of us drank a lot – we were just having a chilled evening). As usual, Vicky’s dancing was noticed by more than a few people and a number of guys wanted to dance with her. She was happy to let them and while watching her, Mike, Jen and I came up with another idea. During a break, we filled her in on it and she was a little uncertain at first, but we told her that she could choose her target and convinced her that she would have a good time. She agreed to our plan and we danced a little more together before she went off to dance with a couple more guys and find her mark for the night. He was a fairly handsome guy, a little older than her (probably around Mike’s age or maybe a couple of years older). He certainly seemed to enjoy dancing with her and it was very obvious (even from a distance) that she was flirting with him. I followed Vicky into the toilets to see how things were going and she said that if she was going to go through with it, then she had made her choice. We confirmed the final parts of the plan and she headed back out and told her guy that she wanted to head home and have some fun.

Mike, Jen and I followed them at a safe distance and once they went indoors, we gave them a few minutes and when a bedroom light went on, we quietly crept into the house. We listened in and could hear them talking. Vicky gave us brief details of what she did, but she didn’t elaborate enough to provide a proper description here – basically, he knew why he was there anyway (or at least thought he did) and he quickly responded to Vicky dancing up against him, caressing herself and fondling his crotch. She pushed him onto the bed, feed his cock (and applied a condom) and gave it a good suck. He pulled his shirt off while she did this and she then quickly removed her dress and pounced on him, giving him ample time to admire her underwear as she ground against him. He fondled her breasts and pushed her bra off them so she removed it properly and then stood up to pull her panties off while he removed the rest of his clothes. We heard her ask him if he wanted to go on top or have her ride him and he asked her to go on top, which she agreed to providing he would give her a good hard fuck.

Mike had gotten a bit impatient and had already pushed my skirt up and slipped his cock into me. I let him slide back and forth inside me until we heard moaning from the bedroom and I then climbed the stairs and stopped to look in the bedroom door. I had managed to get my hand under my skirt and fingers into my pussy before the guy noticed that I was standing there. He seemed rather startled at first but I told them to carry on and not mind me. I played with my pussy and told Vicky that she had been lucky to find someone and followed up by telling her how horny I was feeling. Vicky was still slowly moving up and down on the guy’s cock and I stepped into the room and told her that it was so long since I’d had a good fuck and acted a little shy, then asked if I could join them. Vicky didn’t agree straight away but I continued to edge closer to the bed (it didn’t take long, our house isn’t that big) and I reached out to cup one of her breasts and told her that I’d let the guy have her first.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Mel and Julia's Wedding - Part 2

We're having a nice Valentines weekend alone together. It confused the restaurant a bit when we asked for a Valentine's table for three, but we managed to convince them to accommodate us. Back to the wedding now...

Later in the evening, Jen led me out to another balcony area, but this went around a corner so there was a part that was out of sight of the door. She crouched down, spread her legs and told me that I had to rub her and she would pee when she came. I did as asked and rubbed her through her panties at first before pushing my hand inside them and caressing her directly. I wanted her to take them off but she said she had to keep them on. We moved around a few times to find the best position and I ended up beside her with her leg between mine. She mewed into my mouth as we kissed and just before she came I was told to take my hand out of her panties and rub her through them. I did as asked, sought out her clit through the material and rubbed away. Jen told me that she was cumming, but I already knew this as her panties had rapidly dampened and then started to drip as she peed. I carried on rubbing until she said she had finished and then pushed my hand into her panties and massaged her whole pussy. Jen told me that she was going to stand up and she held her skirt up until I had pulled her sodden panties off and wiped her ass and thighs down with a napkin from her bag (she was prepared). We left her panties draped over the railing of the balcony (and they had gone the next morning).

Jen and I went to talk to some of her Uni friends and I danced with Susan (the new girl in the group). I told her that I’d heard that she had loosened up a bit and she blushed but I held her tight and told her that she didn’t need to be embarrassed and being able to enjoying herself was a good thing. I rubbed my crotch against her leg, but not too much as there were lots of ‘normal’ people around and we had all promised to be discreet. I also chatted to some more of Julia’s old friends and teased Lynne about having just fucked her brother and wished that she had been there to join us. She said that it was a long time since she had seen her brother naked and I told her that if her body was as good as his, then it was a shame she wasn’t fucking girls anymore - although in reality it probably wouldn’t have been as good. While it is certainly much nicer doing things bareback, I find it much less intrusive to have a guy using a condom inside me than for me to use a dental dam when going down on a girl (and while not the taste of a girl is not always nice, it is a large part of the experience).

As things wound down and Mel and Julia disappeared to consummate their marriage (I’m not quite sure how lesbians consummate a marriage, but if anyone can do it, Mel and Julia can), I grabbed Abrahii and told her that she still had to eat Jen. I told Alex (Julia’s brother) that if he wanted to join us then he should come along to our room and we separately made our way up there. Abrahii also brought Richard and James along which I wasn’t expecting and it meant that there were a few more people than I had intended. I’d hoped that Abrahii could have eaten Jen while Alex fucked me but Richard wanted to fuck Abrahii while she worked on Jen. He actually came in her quite quickly and Alex seemed quite surprised when James sucked Richard’s cock clean. Mike eagerly took up position behind Abrahii once Richard finished with her and he gave her a good fucking with long steady strokes. Abrahii was already dripping with Richard’s cum before he started and by the time Mike came in her, she had far more cum dripping out so I gave her a sloppy fingering and Let Alex help out with this.

I certainly got the impression that Alex wasn’t comfortable with James sucking Richard and dared Mike to let James suck him clean. Mike doesn’t really like doing things with guys, although has given a hand job and been sucked off, so he isn’t completely adverse to the idea. The fact that I actually dared him to do this is probably what encouraged him though and he let James take his cock in his mouth (and get a fairly good length in). He only stayed in place for about a minute, but his cock was definitely hard when he moved away from James. At the time Mike didn’t know that I’d done this to see Alex’s response (Alex didn’t make any comment, but I still got the feeling he wasn’t comfortable). He left not long after and as James and Richard were going back to their room, Abrahii asked if she could spend the rest of the night with us. Jen and I had intended to go and see Lis and Lucy, but couldn’t tell he this so we made an excuse and said that we were feeling quite tired, but offered her Mike and she accepted this. He went off to her room and after 10 minutes, we snuck down to Lis and Lucy.

I was actually feeling a little tired and didn’t need to cum again (having had quite a good variety of experiences throughout the evening), but I wasn’t going to turn down the chance to make Lis or Lucy cum. The session didn’t go quite as planned as when we were arrived, we were treated to a little story of events that had happened earlier that evening…

Mike had danced and flirted with Lis a number of times and they had (quietly) discussed the various things that they had done. Mike had teased her about how much he enjoyed the scent and taste of her pussy from her panties and asked if he was going to be allowed to taste her directly. Lis was still enjoying teasing him and leading him on, saying that maybe one day, when Jen finally decided to let him eat her, then she might do the same. Later in the evening, Mike reminded her that she still had to furnish him with a pair of her panties so he had something to use (at that point, he didn’t know that he would be spending the night with Abrahii). He suggested that they go somewhere so she could give him the ones she had on but Lis wasn’t sure about being at a wedding reception and being naked under her dress so she said that she would go to her room and change into another pair. He went up with her and tried to convince her to let him remove the panties with his teeth but Lis has seen me so this to Julia and knows full well that the opportunity can be used to nuzzle.

Once in her room, Lis told Mike that (providing he behaved) he could use his hands to slide her panties down. She stood beside the bed and lifted her skirt while Mike knelt on the floor in front of her, hooked his thumbs into the sides of her panties and slowly peeled them off before letting the slide to the floor. Lis stepped out of them and Mike put his hands on her thighs, telling her that she had an incredibly beautiful pussy and saying how wonderful her scent was. He still wasn’t allowed to touch her pussy, but by pressing on her inner thighs with his thumbs, he managed to ever so slightly spread her lips. Lis quite enjoyed the feeling of having Mike kneeling before her and she found it quite thrilling knowing that he was examining her so intimately (even if it wasn’t as intimately as he would have wanted). She could also feel his breath on her pussy and she savoured the sensation.

Mike picked up her panties and asked her if she would rub herself with them so he could get as much of her as possible from them and she took them and did as he asked. She even pushed them slightly inside herself before handing them to him and saying that she now needed to find a new pair. She bent over to look in the drawer and then reached back to pull her skirt up, saying to Mike that Jen had told her he liked this view (and he isn’t the only one – a cute pussy peeking out from between legs is very alluring). He told her that she looked very sexy and she wiggled her ass so he moved over behind her and pressed the bulge of his cock against her. Lis pushed back and ground herself against him, then asked if he wanted to try being inside her again. Of course, Mike said that he would and he quickly had his cock out ready to go. He spread Lis’ lips, positioned himself and told her to push back. He slipped in a couple of inches and after they pumped together a few times was in the whole way.

They moved around slightly so Mike had his back to the wall and Lis was holding on to the side of the drawers and they pumped back and forth. Mike complimented her on how good her pussy felt and Lis said that his cock felt pretty good too. Their movements sped up and Mike reached up to unzip Lis’ dress so he could get a hand in the side and onto her breasts (technically onto her bra, although as they carried on he pushed this out of the way so he could fondle her breast directly). They carried on fucking and Mike was really enjoying the experience. Lis’ dress was now in disarray as he had pushed it up to make it easy to caress her ass and back as well as reach in to her breasts. Lis pumped back and forth really quickly (from the way he described it I guess it was kind of the equivalent to the ways she licks) and before Mike realised it he knew that he was getting close to cumming. He told Lis to slow down (although he was still pushing into her in time with her thrusts) and tried to calm down, but it had been a while since he’d cum, he’d had a bit to drink and he was inside Lis’ tight cunt. He finally admitted to himself that he had lost and pushed Lis off his cock, then grabbed it with his hand and aimed away from her cunt in case he actually did cum. He managed to hold back (although was tempted to just cum over her legs) and told her not to press back against him as he was in a delicate state.

Lis realised how close they had come and told him that she hadn’t been too far off cumming (which is what she had been aiming for). He assured her that he hadn’t cum inside her and offered to eat her but the moment had been spoiled by this point. She told him that she didn’t mind if he wanted her to watch him cum (by which she meant that she actually quite enjoys seeing him cum), but Mike said that if she wasn’t going to cum, then he wouldn’t either. Once he’d put his cock away and she had straightened herself up (including putting on her fresh panties), they kissed and he told her that he would be up for a rematch and would make sure to hold back so she could cum. Lis told him that this might be fun, but didn’t commit to anything and they went back down to the reception together.

I was very surprised that Lis had gone so far (okay so she’s had his cock in her before, but that was only briefly). Lucy said that she was going to tell Mike off, but Lis was adamant that it wasn’t (all) his fault and she had been pushing things (literally) as well. It at least now made more sense to me why Mike had deposited so much cum into Abrahii. As recompense for him nearly impregnating Lis, I went down on her and then got Jen to lick as deep inside her as she could. I distracted Lucy while Jen did this and within no time, we were too busy for anyone to worry about anything. We only came once during the session (apart from Lis who’d had her bonus orgasm) and I still felt incredibly horny as people went to sleep. I ended up retrieving Lucy’s hairbrush from the bedside table and pushing it into me from behind so I could contract myself around it while I replayed what we’d done and Lis’ story. I only really succeeded in keeping myself feeling horny and eventually let the brush fall out of me.

I didn’t have any dreams that I remember but still felt reasonably horny when I woke up. I went down on Lucy and also used her hairbrush on her. Lis woke up while I was doing this and Jen sort of came round, but was still groggy so I told her that I would take care of Lis as well, and once I’d done this, I helped Jen wake up properly by eating and brush fucking her. This still left me and having made the three of them cum, I was now sufficiently horny that I just sat back and started to use the brush on myself. Fortunately Lis came to my aid and took over and as I got closer to cumming Lucy joined in and strummed her fingertips back and forth over my clit. I could have quite happily been quite loud as I came but I kept myself quiet and just concentrated on enjoying myself.

Jen and I left the room separately, but neither of us was seen. I went to fetch Mike from Abrahii on the way back to our room, but he’d already finished with her and she was in the process of getting ready to go down for breakfast. I got Mike’s version of the story with Lis when I got back to our room and it didn’t vary too much (Lis had been quite fair). His excuse was that he had expect Lis to just be teasing him again so he was enjoying it as much as he could and then when she started properly fucking him, he was enjoying it too much to stop. I couldn’t really blame him as I’ve given in to temptation and done more than I should with Lis a number of times. Over breakfast, he quietly apologised to her but she didn’t seem bothered about it. When alone, Mike repeated his offer to her to let her use his cock to cum if she wanted and said that she would think about it, but she had already done a lot more than she had meant to and didn’t think that almost fucking him to orgasm could be counted as ‘just teasing’. She was willing to keep her end of the bargain up around the panties though and told him that he would get the final pair before they left.

We didn’t get to see much of Mel and Julia as everyone wanted to talk to them and wish them luck, but told them that we wold give them a special wedding treat the next time we saw them (their Uni friends knew what we meant by this). We knew that (unless plans changed), we weren’t going to see any of them until after Christmas so we said our goodbyes, wished people happy Christmas (which felt a bit odd as it was still November) and went up to pack. Lis dropped by to say that she and Lucy were about to leave and as a thank you to Mike for not cumming inside her, she let him have a quick kiss of her pussy (only a single kiss, no tongue allowed). Jen was disapproving, but Lis thought he deserved it (and Jen didn’t really disapprove). We weren’t going to see Lis or Lucy until the New Year either so we went and said goodbye properly (just kisses) and Mike even got a decent kiss from Lucy.

While the weekend had been a lot more eventful for him than he’d expected, I still got a long fuck from him before we left (just so he could use our bed properly) and I got the pleasure of loading up the taxi with his cum dribbling out of me. The train was too busy for us to play with each other, but I nestled one of our vibrating eggs between my lips and held my thighs shut to hold it in place. It didn’t have as much contact with my clit as I would have liked, but I pretended to doze while I fantasised about various things and as I got more aroused, I gave in to temptation and reached under my skirt to adjust the position of the egg (I had my jacket over my lap). This was enough that I managed to cum, which Mike and Jen thought was fairly obvious as I got flushed, but they knew what I was doing so I’m not counting their opinion. I left the egg in place and had it turned down low for a while longer so when we arrived home I was ready for more and gave Mike a pretty energetic fuck while I ate Jen.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mel and Julia's Wedding - Part 1

The 2nd last weekend in November, we headed down to the West Country for Mel and Julia’s wedding. They had been quite worried that it would have to be cancelled due to lots of flooding, but fortunately the place they had booked was relatively unaffected (other than some people having to take detours to get there from certain parts of the country).

We went down on the Thursday night as Jen, and I were part of the group of bridesmaids. On the Friday night, after the ‘final supper’, Mel went to stay with her family and Julia stayed in the place where the reception was going to be held. The bridesmaids had agreed between us that we would give them the best shave possible that night and we even got Lucy to join in and help (we were taking care of Julia). We gave her an incredibly thorough shave, removing every bit of hair (under arms and legs as well as pussy). Of course, we concentrated on her pussy and once finished, we massaged some cream into it to make sure there were no red marks. We left Julia to get some sleep and after waiting in our room for a while to let everyone else get settled, we were just about to sneak in to see Lis and Lucy when Julia called and said that she felt restless and could do with some help getting to sleep.

For anyone else this might have meant a glass of warm milk, but for our little Julia it could only mean one thing. I offered her Mike and she said that she didn’t want to fuck him so she could be ‘clean and pure’ (her words) for the next day (as if there is any chance of Julia ever being pure), but he offered to just go down on her and she agreed to this (she knows that he loves doing this and is quite good at it). As there were some members of Mel and Julia’s family staying in the hotel, I went down with him so it wouldn’t look so suspicious if anyone saw us entering the room. We made it without being spotted and Mike promised her that he would eat and lick her for as long as she wanted and got stuck in straight away.

I hurried back to collect Jen and we made it down to Lucy and Lis. Lucy still didn’t want people knowing that she was doing things with us, although didn’t seem quite as bothered about this as before. It was quite late anyway so we just had a single session – I ate Lis while Jen ate Lucy and we then swapped partners so Jen and I could cum. We got back to our room before Mike did – Julia had only wanted to cum twice, but he had kitty kissed her for quite a while in between sessions. Julia had been quite well behaved (for someone who was getting cunnilingus from a third party on the night before her wedding) and had stuck with her resolution to not fuck him. This meant that Mike was more than ready to cum and as he wasn’t allowed to fuck me (as we were doing things with Lis and Lucy), he asked if I would suck him.

I did as he asked and as an extra bonus, I gave him Lis’ panties (they had the same agreement as before, in payment for him not cumming in me for a couple of days, Lis would let him have her used panties). He inhaled her scent off the panties while I swirled my tongue around his glans and Jen described to him how Lucy’s pussy had felt in her mouth. As Jen had been helping out, I thought it was only fair that she should get to experience his cum (plus he’d drunk a few cups of coffee and that often makes his cum taste bitter so I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth). To finish off, Jen lay down on the bed and Mike straddled her waist. I leaned over to use my mouth until he was very close and then finished him off with my hands. His cum jetted out, one lot going up over Jen’s hair, one pretty much right up the middle of her face and a number more that splattered over her chest. Jen complained that she would have to wash her hair in the morning (as if she wouldn’t have done so anyway) and I told her it served her right for having helped get him so excited. I told Mike to rub his cum into her and he massaged her breasts and then pushed his hands up her body, up her neck and rubbed over her face. He then sat up and squeezed a few more drops of cum out of his cock directly on to her face. Jen had been well and truly creamed and I was tempted to go and fetch someone to admire the way she looked but it was late and we didn’t know who was still awake (which is probably just as well for Jen as I would have wanted her to walk to the other room naked with Mike’s cum dripping down her body).

The next morning, Jen and I had a quick session as we had to go and help Julia get ready. We debated signing her pussy for luck, but she wanted to have a wholesome ceremony (and was even wearing panties, which is just as rare for her as it is for me). Jen and I showered together and then did each other’s hair. While I sat, Mike knelt between my legs and licked me. I knew that I was unlikely to get away with just being teased and he did indeed carry on until I came. He offered to do the same for Jen (and as expected was denied), so he went to shower. He came back and commented on the water pressure. We had noticed this while showering and wished that we had bought one of our pulse shower heads with us as the pressure was so high (high enough that if you put the shower on needle spray at full power, it was actually painful). The ‘champagne’ setting on the shower felt very nice, but was too large a stream to be of use (in stimulation – it was actually quote nice to shower under).

It was a simple ceremony and Mel and Julia wore matching cream dresses. I knew that Julia could look quite cute but Mel also scrubbed up quite nicely and actually looked quite different to her usual self. The rain meant that they couldn’t get many outdoor photos, but the as we were staying in a really nice country house that had lots of picturesque areas for photos so it wasn’t too big a deal. The meal was really nice and nothing to embarrassing was said in the speeches (although people had been threatened with extreme violence if any of the ‘games’ at Uni were mentioned.

During the evening reception, I danced with Julia’s brother and promised him he could visit me later if he wished. I also get to meet some of Julia’s old friends and I let them know that I knew about the things they used to get up to. They were a little worried at first, but I assured them I was acquainted with Julia in the same way and that she was no less insatiable. I also thanked them for having helped to awaken her libido and said that I could thank them properly if they wished – unfortunately Lynne (who used to babysit for Julia) said that she didn’t really do things with girls anymore but her brother seemed interested so I led him away and promised to return him shortly (although I was hoping, not *too* shortly).

For privacy, we headed up to our room and once inside I pulled my panties down, tossed a condom over to him and hiked up my dress to present my pussy and ass to him. I told him that I wanted to see if he was as good as Julia had described so he got me to tell him what I knew and in return I got him to tell me some more of the things they got up to while he fucked me. He was fairly good and (as I should have expected from knowing what Julia is like) enjoyed playing with me. I had my clit rubbed, a thumb in my ass and my breasts fondled (although I told him not to crease the dress so he didn’t do this much). He was considerate enough to ask if I wanted to cum first and I told him that if he made me cum, he could continue to use me until he finished and I received a short but strong pounding once my orgasm hit. After he pulled out, I removed the condom and wiped his cock clean with my panties (which had the added bonus of me not being able to put them back on).

We returned to the party and danced a while longer. Abrahii caught hold of me a bit later and asked if I was willing to join her in a game. I knew it wasn’t likely to be charades so willingly agreed and was told that she intended to tease one of Julia’s uncles that she had caught looking at her (he was single so we weren’t promoting adultery). She didn’t have any trouble getting him to dance with her and afterwards, she sat and chatted to him and let her dress fall so she showed quite a bit of leg. I briefly joined them and as we talked, I caressed her thigh and despite him shifting position a number of times, there was an obvious bulge in his trousers. Abrahii whispered to me and then led him outside onto a small balcony. It was still raining so they sat near the back on a bench and when I went out to join them I squeezed past Abrahii and then (much more slowly), squeezed past the man, ensuring there was good contact between my ass and his crotch.

After a few minutes, Abrahii said she felt a bit cold and he was enough of a gentleman to offer her his jacket. I pointed out that her legs were still likely to get cold and squeezed past him again so I could sit on the other side of Abrahii. This time I trailed my hand over his crotch as I went past and once sitting my Abrahii I stroked up and down her legs. She leaned back and spread her legs slightly so I asked the man if he would help by warming up the leg closest to him. He was a bit uncertain at first, but then mirrored what I was doing and once he was using more confident movements, I started to push my hand up higher under Abrahii’s skirt. She spread her legs further and I soon reached her panties and caressed them. I pushed the material between her lips and was going to pull them aside so I could finger them properly when the door at the other end of the balcony opened. The man almost jumped back from her but Abrahii gently closed her legs and suggested that we go back inside.

As we walked back, she handed the jacket back to the man, suggesting that he might need to strategically hold it to cover his bulge. She whispered to me that she wanted to carry on so I asked how much she wanted to do and she said that we may as well see how far we could take him. Abrahii went straight upstairs and after a minute I told the man to meet us in her room. I left the reception and waited in the hallway until he appeared and told him that if he was good, he would get to have some fun and then led him up to Abrahii’s room. She was sitting on the bed with her legs spread, stroking her panties and we sat on either side of her. I pushed her hand out of the way and replaced it with mine, but this time I worked my fingers around the side of her panties and fingered her pussy directly. I didn’t want to be away from the party for too long so got her to stand up and remove her dress. The guy certainly liked the view, and he seemed to like it even more when I stood behind her and caressed her, pushing her bra up so I could caress her breasts and pushing a hand down into her panties. She turned to face me and I quietly asked who else she had fucked (her pussy felt wetter than usual) and she told me that it was just Richard and he was clean.

Armed with that knowledge, I knelt and slipped her panties down, pushed her onto the bed and gave her pussy a few long licks. I didn’t want to get too far behind so I slipped out of my dress and removed my bra while Abrahii helped the guy to undo his trousers and free his cock. Fortunately she also had a ready supply of condoms and by the time I was naked, she had slipped one on him and had him in her mouth. So as not to be left behind, I sat on the other side of him and we both kissed around his cock. He had a hand on the back of each of our heads and pushed us up and down. He wasn’t a bad size and I asked Abrahii if she would like the honour of sampling him first. He was told to stay sitting and Abrahii stood facing away from him, then lowered herself onto his cock. As soon as she was in place, I got him to spread his legs so I could kneel in front of him and lick her clit along with his cock. She bounced up and down on him for a couple of minutes and we then changed position.

This time, he lay on the bed properly and she mounted him the other way round (facing him). I knelt behind her and reached around to fondle her breasts (and remove her bra) but the guy wanted to play with them so I reached down to rub her clit and reached behind her to caress his balls. I moved up and down in time with her to help get a decent bounce on the bed and then told her not to be greedy. She moved off his cock and I quickly mounted him, riding him faster and leaning forwards to offer him my nipples (which he happily took in his hands and sucked on in turn). After another few minutes, Abrahii slapped my ass and told me it was her turn again so I pulled myself off his cock, but stayed sitting over his stomach as he seemed to be enjoying my breasts. I could feel Abrahii’s hand brushing against my ass and guessed she was playing with her clit. I could also hear her familiar panting as she got close to cumming and told the guy to fuck her harder. He did this and I asked if once he’d fucked her, if he wanted to watch Abrahii eat me (which he did). I thought that I should let them finish off properly so I climbed off his body and lay beside them, occasionally stroking Abrahii’s breasts or pussy, but mostly gently playing with myself. They guy came and Abrahii stayed on his cock and frigged herself until she came, then climbed off so we could see the damage. There was a reasonable volume of cum in the condom and we carefully removed it and towelled his cock dry.

I asked if he thought he could get hard enough to fuck me but his cock was already soft and he said it might be a while. I had wanted to sample him properly but settled for lying on the bed and letting Abrahii eat me. I tried to put on a good show and played with my nipples while moaning and panting (without going over the top). I noticed that despite his claim to need some time, he had managed to get hard again so I asked if he was up to fucking me. Abrahii got him prepared and I told him to kneel and pull my legs up so he could get deep inside me. I felt it was only fair that he should get to see one of us being eaten so I pulled Abrahii over my face and put on a show of licking her clit and spreading her lips so I could lick inside her. She reached forwards a few times to play with my clit and the third time was enough to make me cum. I told them when I was getting close and asked the guy to pound into me as fast as he could. When I came I pulled Abrahii back over me and ate her furiously, trying to get her to cum as quickly as possible. The guy came in me first but she wasn’t too far behind.

We dried his cock and both fondled it (along with his balls) until he was on the way to being hard again. I really wanted to get back downstairs so we told him that was all he was getting, but he seemed more than satisfied (which isn’t really surprising – he’d had two girls who had a combined age less than his). He left the room first while we finished dressing and I told Abrahii that she had to corner Jen and eat her at some point in the evening. We returned to the reception and continued to mingle – occasionally swapping nods with the guy (and in my case also with the guy I’d fucked earlier). I spent some time with Jen and told her what Abrahii had planned but Jen had plans of her own and showed me an area she had identified that she could have some of her own fun (not that she had been entirely well behaved while I’d been busy).

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Exploring Lis - Part 4

Lis and I used the same dildo that Jen and Lucy had and pretty much repeated what they’d done. The licked us and we then fucked but I cheated a bit and made sure Jen stroked Lis’ clit so she came first and I could then fuck hard against her until I came. Once we’d finished, Jen and I went to fetch drinks and we chatted for a while before starting round three. For this, I suggested we form a caterpillar and as everyone thought this sounded like fun, we tried to make sure we used different methods for us all to be stimulated. Lis lay on her back and Lucy knelt on all fours between Lis’ legs so she could use a vibe in her, Jen lay with her mouth under Lucy so she could eat her and I shared a dildo with Jen so we could fuck against each other. At least that was the stated plan, but Jen and I actually used one of the long double dildos so once we got started we could bend it round and I could lie on top of Jen. This meant that I could (sort of) help to lick Lucy’s pussy, but as she got closer to cumming, my tongue spent more time on her ass. I didn’t overdo it at first, but by the time she came, my tongue was working all out and by the time her orgasm ended, she had been licked, rimmed and speared a number of times.

I wasn’t going to mention what I’d done, but Jen brought it up and Lucy turned a bright shade of red. I told her that she didn’t have to be embarrassed, about it and I was just glad that she had enjoyed it. She told us that it felt like such a nasty thing to have done to her that she couldn’t imagine asking anyone to do it and I told her that we (Mike, Jen and I) generally worked off the method of being willing to do things for other people if they liked them, but if anyone didn’t want to do something then they weren’t pressured into doing it. I elaborated and told them about little Sara who absolutely loves ass play, so each of us are happy to do it to her. Mike will lick me and I’ll lick Jen, but Jen doesn’t like doing it as much so she rarely does it in return. Lucy didn’t think she could bring herself to do this to someone else so we came to the agreement that as long as we (Jen and I) were allowed to continue to play with them, Jen and I would take care of Lis if she ever wanted such attention.

Jen and I still needed to cum (you could argue that we didn’t *need* to cum, but after having made Lucy cum I would argue that there was a definite need). As we were now an orgasm behind, we were allowed to just push up against each other and stay in place while Lucy and Lis took turns licking us. We had cooled off slightly while talking, but it didn’t take them long to get us worked up again and we stuck to the usual rules of having to stay in place until we’d both cum. I lost this time (or won, it’s difficult to decide which) and came first so had to cope with Lis’ tongue flicking rapidly over my clit until Jen caught up and came. The dildo was covered in a sticky mess of our juices when we pulled it out and I let Lis take it in to Mike (he always likes a chance to taste Jen). He tried to talk Lis into pushing an end into herself so he could taste her again but she refused (I had half been expecting her to return and said that she had mounted him again, but I guess she knew that he had been masturbating).

We called it a night – we hadn’t cum as many times as I would have liked, but we had spent a fair amount of time playing (and Lucy doesn’t have the same sexual appetite I do). Everyone agreed that it would be fun to just spend a while kissing and caressing each other and we took turns swapping partners (not in a methodical way, but we each spent time with everyone else at least a couple of times). Some of the caressing was a bit more intense and I had fingers inside Lis at one point and even did a bit of kitty kissing on Jen and Lucy, but we didn’t progress beyond this. The downside was that I felt quite horny and it took me a fair amount of time to get off to sleep. I debated quietly going down on Lis or Jen (or both) but guessed that if I started something like that I would just want to cum more and would end up waking everyone. I settled for just gently humping against Lis’ thigh and occasionally dipping my fingers into her pussy so I could taste her. She wasn’t quite awake, but gave a few mmmm’s to show she enjoyed what I was doing to her.

I had a nice selection of dreams and woke up feeling just as horny a few times. The third time I decided that I couldn’t take any more and once again pressed up against Lis. I used my fingers on her pussy and kissed her breasts until she woke up and then told her to be quiet. She nodded in agreement and we carefully moved round so she was on top of me and we could 69. We slowly and gently ate each other, making very few sounds other than our breathing and the occasional quiet slurp. I came first (but I had been quite turned on before we even started) and whispered to Lis to just kitty kiss me while I finished her off. I felt a little shiver run through her body as she came and after slowly bringing her down I thanked her and had a much better sleep.

As I’d had Lis in the night, I felt it was only fair to take Lucy in the morning and as I was awake first, I had my opportunity. She woke up as I started and complained that she needed to pee but I told her to hold it in (possibly not what Jen would have said). I know that I personally tend to have better orgasms with a full bladder – and while it may be slightly uncomfortable at the beginning, the pleasure tends to overpower this feeling as things progress. I didn’t tease her too much, but I didn’t try to make her cum too quickly either and as I’d expected, her complaints about needing to pee diminished as she got closer to cumming.

I was a little mean a few times and pressed down on her bladder (not too hard, but enough to elicit another complaint about how much she needed the bathroom). Just before she came I told her that she couldn’t leave straight away as I wanted to kitty kiss her and enjoy her taste and when she finally did cum, I held on tight to her thighs and when she had stopped squirming around I spent a few minutes gently lapping at her cunt and cleaning out as far inside as I could reach (with my tongue). When I did finally release her, she jumped up and dashed into the bathroom. I just sat up and straddled Lis’ face (Lucy and I had woken Jen and Lis and Jen was giving Lis her first cunt-licking of the day). I was still sitting there when Lucy came back and she watched Jen get Lis off and was then tasked with taking care of Jen while Lis finished me.

I went to fetch Mike and we made breakfast together, then took it into the others. Once we’d eaten, he started to spoon with me, but said he remembered that he wasn’t allowed to cum in me. He gave me a fairly energetic fucking and then asked Lis if he was allowed back inside her but she thought she had teased him enough for one weekend. I wanted her to masturbate for him but she stood firm and all he was allowed was to look at her pussy. She didn’t mind if he came and I went to fetch a pair of Lis’ panties while he stroked his cock. When I returned, he wrapped them around his cock and wanked until he was close to cumming, at which point he made sure that his glans was exposed and I held my hand an inch or so above it. His cum squirted up onto my hand and dripped back down onto his hand, cock and Lis’ panties. I transferred a little of his cum onto Lis’ nipples and helped Jen to suck them clean (which helped to keep Mike hard). Lis even sucked my fingers clean (although I doubt there was really any of his cum left on them by this point).

Lis flirted with Mike some more and he tried to convince her to let him shower with her, but fortunately I got this honour. I spent quite a while washing her body and hair and cradled her in my arms, thanking her (again) for managing to convince Lucy to play with us. Once Lis and I emerged, Lucy showered with Jen and I had a final session kitty kissing Lis. It went further than planned and I got her quite close to cumming a few times, but backed off and just kissed around her pussy until she calmed down enough that I could start again. We stopped before Lucy and Jen came out of the bathroom and pretended as if nothing had happened. I managed to convince Lucy to let me kitty kiss her for a while and once she was sufficiently aroused, I talked her into having a final session before we got ready went out for lunch.

For this session, we used the living room and I wore the strap-on. Jen knew what I wanted to do (it was one of the things we’d planned) and she got Lis to sit on the sofa with her ass near the edge. Jen stood up on the sofa, facing the wall and lowered her pussy to Lis’ mouth and I got Lucy to kneel in the floor so she could eat Lis. I applied some of the tingle gel to the strap-on, pushed it into Lucy and then spread her ass cheeks and leant back to enjoy the view while I fucked her. She told me when the tingle gel started to take effect so I moved a bit faster and then reached around her to play with her clit. She seemed to enjoy this but my concentration was split between pleasuring her, watching her eat Lis and watching Lis eat Jen (and of course enjoying the feeling that the internal vibe was giving me). I gave Lucy a couple of bursts of hard and fast fucking and massaged her ass. Lis seemed to be getting close to cumming so I sped up my work on Lucy, but Lis still got there first. I let Lucy concentrate on giving Lis a good orgasm and then resumed my more concentrated attention on her pussy. Jen told us that she wasn’t far off (this was more of a hint to Lis to lick faster), but I got Lucy off before Jen came (not by much though).

This is a scheduled post as we're heading back down to Jen's old Uni again this weekend. We'll respond to any comments/email on our return.

There was only me left to cum – I had been enjoying the internal vibe, but it really needed new batteries and I hadn’t been using the best position to get good contact with my pussy. Even though she’d just cum, Jen got Lis to mount me (I lay down on the floor). Lis faced away from me and Jen told her to lean forwards, which pushed the internal vibe against me more and I had to lie there while my orgasm slowly built. Things were at least helped along a bit when Lucy and Jen played with my breasts, but it still took longer than I would have liked. As they say though ‘all good things…’ and when I eventually did cum it was a nice deep orgasm – not incredibly strong, but it lasted for a while so I could really enjoy the sensation. By the end my pussy felt a bit sensitive so I had to remove the harness and I got Lucy to let me kitty kiss her one last time to help remove and traces of the gel from her pussy.

We fetched Mike from the bedroom (he was at least allowed to come in and talk to us while we dressed) and even Lucy no longer seemed at all bothered by him seeing her partially clothed. Lis discovered that I had let Mike use the last clean pair of her panties so she had to borrow a pair of Jen’s (she did get all of her panties back, but as they had varying amounts of Mike’s cum on them she wasn’t going to risk wearing them). Jen leant Lis the skimpiest pair she had and helped her put them on (not that Lis doesn’t know how to wear panties, but Jen made sure the crotch was neatly nestled between Lis’ lips as she knew that if you wore them ‘properly’ you could sometimes get a nice amount of friction as you walked). Lucy still wouldn’t go out without panties on (boring girl), but she had a nice dress on that showed off her figure well so we let her off. Jen also liked the panties that she had leant to Lis as they were really good for crouching down and rubbing herself through while peeing (and she had used them for this a number of times – although Lis didn’t know that).

Lunch was nice but uneventful. We did get Lucy to agree that as long as we were discreet, we could try to hook up the following weekend at Julia and Mel’s wedding. They were flying home so we had a little time after lunch before heading to the airport and wandered round town for a while before setting off. Only when they had checked their bags in did I point out to Lis that she still had to give Mike a pair of her used panties to keep her promise of doing this every day. She tried to argue, but knew that she would lose so we took a trip to the bathroom and as payment I reached under her skirt and massaged her crotch through the panties until she came. She slipped the panties off and I knelt to have a last little lick. She briefly fingered me, but stopped before I came (as retribution) and I told her that it didn’t matter as I had two people who would finish the job when we got home. Mike got his panties, Lis and Lucy got their plane and I actually got to cum on the journey home (the advantage of having one person to keep a look-out while the other plays with me.