Monday, 4 February 2013

Exploring Lis - Part 2

Apologies for the late posting, we were delayed on our journey home last night due to bad weather. Back to one of Mike's favourite weekends...

In the morning I had the pleasant surprise of being woken up by my legs being pulled apart and Lis going down on me. I was quite appreciative of this and my noises woke up Lucy and Jen who watched as Lis worked on me. I suggested that they should start playing with each other, whichever way round they wanted and then whoever didn’t get to cum could 69 with Lis. I wasn’t surprised to see Jen quicly move down between Lucy’s legs and as we were both being eaten, I chatted to Lucy about how this was by far the best possible way to be woken up (although for me it is really equal first with being fucked awake – providing it is done properly). I continued the tradition of teasing Lucy about having her best friend eating her and then carried on the teasing by telling her how sexy she looked whenever as her body arched with pleasure or she gasped. I carried on watching Lucy as my orgasm built and I warned Lis that I was about to cum so she licked even faster (I’ve since found out that Lucy likes this). I tried to concentrate on the whole scene in my mind and thought that the only way it could have been better would have been if Mike was also involved (I did feel a little bad about him being left out, but it’s difficult to feel too bad with a beautiful girl lapping away between your legs).

I asked Lis to kitty kiss me and she did this while I watched Lucy cumming. I took over from Jen and kitty kissed Lucy for a while but stopped when Jen and Lis started to get serious about their session. We sat and watched as they started to 69 and I saw an excellent opportunity to push Jen. I pulled a box of toys out from under the sofa and selected one of our small anal vibes. I applied a small amount of lube to this and pressed it against Jen’s ass. She jumped at first, but then surrendered and let me insert it. I pulled out another small vibe and suggested to Lucy that we do the same to Lis and with a bit of encouragement, Lucy agreed. Lis at least knew what was coming as she had a close up view of the vibe sticking out of Jen’s ass so once Jen lifted her head, Lis raised her ass and let me push the vibe in. Lis and Jen resumed 69ing but I gently pumped the vibe in and out of Jen’s ass and (with a bit more encouragement) got Lucy to take over doing this until Jen came. At our instruction they rolled over and I took care of pumping Lis’ ass until she came and then rolled off Jen.

I asked Lucy to go and wake Mike up and Lis went with her for moral support. It probably wasn’t as good a way to wake up as I’d had, but Mike still enjoyed the sight of a naked Lucy and asked if he was going to be allowed inside her as well (which is just typical of men, he got to bury his cock in Lis and still wasn’t satisfied). Lucy politely but firmly told him that this wasn’t going to happen. Mike followed Lis and Lucy back into the living room and then helped Jen and I prepare breakfast. As we ate, I asked Mike if Lis’ tale was true and if she had actually ridden his cock. Mike confirmed what Lis had told us (and added that she felt very warm and tight, which made Lis blush quite a bit).Of course I still wanted to see this and after asking Lucy if it was okay, told Lis that she had to ride Mike again for us all to see.

Jen pointed out that it wasn’t really teasing if he knew that he was going to end up inside her but Lis was still of the opinion that if she enjoyed herself and left Mike wanting more, then it was good enough for her. Mike lay on his back and Jen had a quick go on him (just rubbing against him) to show Lis once more what she did and when Jen climbed off, Lis had a good close look at Mike’s cock. She asked a number of times if she should suck him (which Mike said yes to), but this was just more teasing and she climbed over him, spread her lips and rubbed her pussy up and down the length of his cock. Mike pushed back against her and when it was time to go to the next stage I suggested that she turn around so we could all see better. This was where her inexperience with men showed a little as she found it much more difficult to get him inside her while facing away from him. He ended up holding his cock while she spread her lips and lowered herself onto it and with a few strokes, he pushed right into her.

Mike had a wonderful view of her lips stretched around the shaft and he guided her up and down. We got Lis to lean forwards so we could share Mike’s view and lean back so we could watch from the front. Mike kneaded Lis’ ass and spread her cheeks and we watched as he pulled her down against him so he could get as deep inside her as possible (in that position anyway). It was quite obvious that Lis was enjoying herself and while I was quite sure that Mike wasn’t going to forget, I reminded him not to cum. This also seemed to act as a reminder to Lis that she was just meant to be teasing him and she dismounted, gave his cock a gentle stroke and told him that she hoped he had enjoyed himself. It was fairly obvious from the size and colour of his cock that he had enjoyed himself and so as not to be cruel, I took him in my mouth and started to suck him clean of Lis’ juices. I hadn’t decided if I was going to let him cum in my mouth so put it to the vote. People wanted to actually see him cum so once he got close, I switched to just using a hand on him and pumped away at his cock until it erupted with a pretty decent amount of cum. It mostly splattered over his chest, but also leaked out over my hand and his cock. Once he had finished, I rubbed my hand in the cum and smeared it over Lis’ breasts before massaging it in properly.

Mike asked Lis if he was allowed to see her pussy properly but she said he would have to wait for that. As a consolation prize for him, I pushed a couple of fingers (from my non-cummy hand) into her cunt and let Mike taste her juices from them. Mike was sent away and the rest of us relaxed for a while under the covers. Jen and I licked Sue’s breasts clean and once we had her nipples nice and stiff, we each tried to rub our pussies against them – it wasn’t that effective as Lis has fairly small nips, but worked in as much as we got her breasts covered with our juices and Lucy was given the task of licking her clean again. With such a direct comparison, she said it was easy to taste the difference between Jen and me, but she wouldn’t say whom she preferred.

We eventually surfaced and I went to shower with Lucy – I was allowed to use the pulse spray on her, but not for long enough to make her cum. I continued to caress her while she finished getting ready (which she complained was quite distracting) and then managed to convince her to let me use an electric toothbrush on her pussy. I failed to mention to her that this was Mike’s toothbrush and while she still hadn’t wanted to actually cum, she had deposited enough of her juices onto the brush that he could easily taste her. While I had been distracting Lucy (and before he got to use the toothbrush), Mike had watched Lis select a pair of panties for the day (seeing as he would be getting to use them later) and was even allowed to help her put them on and make sure they were nice and snug against her pussy. Jen suggested that they start the panty dampening process with Lis rubbing her crotch against Mike’s cock and they took turns doing this (Jen without panties on). Mike wasn’t allowed to cum and by the time Lucy re-joined them, Lis was on the sofa with her panties pulled to the side and Jen was eating her. I felt a bit left out of this and knew that Lucy wasn’t going to let me do things to her with Mike present, so I got Jen to let me have a go with Lis, but was informed that we weren’t making her cum, just getting her wet.

Lucy went to get dressed, so after I’d eaten Lis for a while I followed her and suggested a couple of ideas for the day while watching her dress. I asked how she felt about Mike being inside Lis and she said that Lis had wanted to experiment and from what Jen had said, Mike could be trusted so she didn’t mind too much (as I’ve said before, my theory is that even lesbians, who obviously have no interest in actually fucking a guy, are often still quite happy to watch hetero-porn – so this was just the real-life version of it). We chatted a bit longer about their relationship, how things were going and how I wished Lis had found Lucy first so they could have both avoided their previous relationships (although Lucy called me out on this as she knows that Mike, Jen and I now get to do things with Vicky so she pointed out that we would have probably missed out on that if Vicky hadn’t dated Lis). We settled on agreeing that things had worked out for the best and when Lucy finished dressing, we re-joined the others.

Lis and Jen had showered together and had let Mike watch them as they soaped up and then washed down each other. They went in to Mike’s room to dry off and continue playing on the bed. Jen fingered Lis and then Lis went down on Jen. Mike sat behind Lis and admired her ass and pussy as she ate Jen and then at his request, she put her panties back on and let him slide his cock between her legs and rub against her panties. He knew that he wasn’t likely to cum like this (which he wasn’t too bothered about as he enjoys drawing things out as well – after all it is down to him that I’m the way I am) but as Lis concentrated more on eating Jen (who obviously *was* going to cum), he got the opportunity to caress her ass and spread her cheeks so he could push the material of her panties properly between her lips. As Lis had selected a pair of thong panties, the material didn’t exactly cover her lips when he did this and he greatly enjoyed the view. As Jen approached her orgasm, Mike squeezed Lis’ ass cheeks around his cock and used long strokes between them. He wondered if he did cum over Lis back what her response would be – he thought that she probably wouldn’t have really minded (although might have pretended otherwise), but Lis made Jen cum and took the decision out of his hands.

Lis and Jen had returned to the bathroom by the time Jen and I left the bedroom so we didn’t find out what they’d been up to until later. When we were finally all ready we went into town and had lunch. I still wanted to have a private chat with Lis so when we had finished eating I went off with her (promising Lucy that I wasn’t going to try to do anything to her – although we were obviously past the stage of that being much of an issue) and Mike went with Jen and Lucy. Lis and I went for coffee (which wasn’t really needed as we’d just eaten, but it gave us somewhere quiet to sit and chat) and I got her to explain to me why she had suddenly decided that she wanted to do things with guys after being so adamant that she was gay. She explained to me that she admired the way I could be so open about what I enjoyed (sexually) and didn’t care what other people thought. For a long time before she came out she had been quite scared about admitting she liked girls and had probably focused on that issue so much that she hadn’t even considered the idea of being bi. None of our friend in York were gay or bi (that we knew of at the time), so when I came out and told everyone about Jen, Lis finally had someone to open up to.

When Lis dated Vicky, she was very happy (although not about having to keep the relationship a secret) and she had liked the fact that at least Mike, Jen and I knew about it. As Lis got to see Mike, Jen and I playing with each other and watching how Jen enjoyed teasing him, she thought that it looked like fun. This, coupled with the fact that she thinks of Mike as a friend and is really grateful for the affection he showed her when she split up with Vicky, coupled with the fact that she knew she could trust him and the fact that I’ve told her he is quite good in bed made him an obvious choice to experiment with.

I still didn’t quite understand how this got from being not at all interested in guys to having one of them inside her and she confirmed my suspicions that she had probably just obsessed over the ‘gay thing’ too much and while we both think that she is still quite a way towards the gay end, she wanted to experiment a little bit with her bisexual side. She said that she didn’t want to do too much as although it certainly felt nice, she was still a bit confused and I assured her (in Mike’s place) that she could spend as long as she wanted teasing and experimenting with him (as he was used to it from Jen), on the condition that I always got to do things with her properly. She promised me that this would be the case and as a rider I got her to add that whenever she was experimenting with Mike, that I would be allowed to fuck Lucy senseless and she also agreed to this.

While Lis and I had been chatting, Mike, Jen and Lucy had been wandering around the shops. Jen knows that Lucy is very much into sexy underwear and so steered them towards some suitable shops. Jen pestered Mike into offering to buy them a nice set each (she doesn’t quite understand yet that our money is her money) and while Lucy at first said that he didn’t have to do that, Jen convinced her to accept the gift and told her that she could always model it for him as payment (for which Mike later thanked Jen profusely). They spent sufficient time choosing items that even Mike got bored (not that he usually likes shopping, but this shopping had the promise of Jen and Lucy in sexy underwear). They eventually settled on things and he was made to purchase them without being allowed to see them. Jen then called us and asked if we had finished and wanted to meet for coffee so we explained where we were and Lis and I finished up our conversation before the others came and joined us.

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