Thursday, 7 February 2013

Exploring Lis - Part 3

On the way home I made a comment about the fact that we should have visited one of the sex shops and investigated a four-way dildo for use later that night. We discussed the practicalities of such a device and decided that it probably wouldn’t be that effective as we wouldn’t be able to get any contact with each other (as you can while sharing a double dildo). Mike suggested that we could each take a spur of the dildo and then someone (with him being the only person left) could then be responsible for clit-licking while we fucked ourselves. I pointed out that this would still be much better on a double dildo (as the only person in the group who has been licked while sharing a dildo and having my cunt pressed up against another one I felt that I could authoritatively state this). We came up with a slight adaptation, instead of just having four spurs in a X shape, if there was a large(ish) ball at the centre coated with something like silicon, it would mean that each of us would have something to push and grind against. By the time we got home, we had refined the idea further so the ball could also have vibrating appendages to stimulate our clits and could even be mounted on a pole so it could be used at different heights. The final refinement was to somehow have attachable sections so you could use it doggy style and have the choice of just fucking your pussy or having a second vibe to do anal at the same time.

We had strayed somewhat from the original idea, but it had done the job of getting Lis and Lucy worked up and as we had dinner, we worked on the design a bit more. While we cleaned up, I caressed Lis from behind and first pushed her panties up into her cunt and then pulled the material to the side so I could finger her properly. I knelt behind her and lapped away at her cunt, also giving her ass a fairly good licking. I didn’t want to make her cum just yet and when Lucy bent over I reached under her skirt and caressed her ass, but didn’t do any more as Mike was still with us. Once we headed off to the bedroom to freshen up and prepare for going out I wasn’t anywhere near as reserved though and pushed her face down onto the bed. I said that it was only fair that as I’d licked Lis, Lucy should get a go so I flipped her skirt up, spread her legs, pulled her panties aside and ate her. With her lying face down, I could only really get to a part of her pussy, but it was enough to push my tongue in between her lips. I asked her if it felt nice and she said it did so I continued for a couple of minutes, occasionally letting my tongue drift upwards and brush over her ass. Each time I did this I felt Lucy squirm around so just before I finished I swirled my tongue around her ass properly and semi-speared her. I gave her pussy a final kiss before pulling away and told her that she tasted as wonderful as always (not that my ‘always’ was based on much experience).

Jen knew the things we had planned for the weekend and I quietly confirmed to her that we were definitely on for one of the things. Just so she didn’t feel left out, I also went down on her and gave her a similar treatment (although it was easier as she didn’t have any panties to get in the way). At least not at that point, as she changed, she put on the new set that Mike had purchased for her and I got to see Lucy in hers. They were both quite fetching but I warned Jen that if she went out with panties on that there would be consequences. As Lis was also going to be wearing panties (for Mike), I was the only one going commando so for the sake of warmth I wore seamless opaque tights (and as Mike wouldn’t be fucking me, I knew there was a decent chance that they might actually survive the night for once).

Mike complained that he hadn’t got to see Lucy in her new underwear but he was promised a private viewing when we returned. We weren’t planning on staying out too late as I wanted to make the most of the time we had (which meant being undressed, and unfortunately we haven’t found an equivalent to the hardcore club where we live and that level of nudity and fornication is generally frowned upon in other places). We nevertheless had a nice evening out, we didn’t drink too much and only danced a little bit but at least now I could dance with Lis and Lucy in the same way I could with Jen and Mike and while we weren’t actually fondling, there was certainly quite a lot of touching and caressing. I noticed Mike and Lis dancing even closer than usual and Lis did an effective enough job of teasing Mike that he had to take a break as he said his cock felt too stiff to dance with.

On the way home, Jen, Mike and I teased each other as much as usual including a stop off in an alleyway where Mike stood behind Jen and held her up by cupping and caressing her breasts while I knelt and ate her. Mike reminded me that he was meant to get to see her in her new underwear and I told him that the crotch of Jen’s panties was already damp so it didn’t matter what I did to her. As we weren’t too far from home we thought that Jen may as well lose her dress so while Lucy held her jacket, I got Lis to unbutton her dress and she slipped it off. I let Lis have a lick of Jen’s pussy while Mike fondled her breasts through her bra and Jen was given her jacket to put on for the remainder of the walk home. It was only just long enough to cover her ass, but in the dark you couldn’t really see her panties poking out from underneath.

When we got indoors, Jen shed her jacket and Mike got to examine her properly. Her bra was a simple small white one that had threads going horizontally across. These were only attached to each other every 1cm or so and it was easy enough to spread the material to peek through, but the material naturally covered her. The panties matched, but with a solid crotch panel and I had a suspicion that when aroused the bra would look quite interesting on Jen. I told Lis and Lucy that we would put on one of our usual shows to get everyone in the mood (and whispered to Jen that I was just going to tease Mike and not let him cum). We went into the bedroom and I told Mike to get undressed and then sit on the edge of the bed. Jen sat on his lap, facing away from him and he was allowed to kiss her neck and fondle her breasts. I knelt between Mike’s legs and sucked his cock, then got Jen to move forwards a little so I could kiss and lick her panties. After a while of doing this, she had to stand and remove them and sit back in place. With a bit of careful placement, I got the head of Mike’s cock between her lips so I could lick him and Jen at the same time. We got Jen’s nips hard enough that they could poke through the material of her bra and I let Lis help Mike play with them and give them a couple of gentle bites.

We stopped before Mike or Jen got too excited and I asked Lucy if she was going to honour her agreement and let Mike see her new underwear. She slipped her dress off and stood with her legs spread slightly. She looked quite sexy, but that was mostly due to her and not the underwear. It was a dark red bra and g-string with black edging. Lis certainly seemed to like it but it wasn’t quite my taste. I still took the opportunity to stand behind Lucy and caress her breasts and she even let me rub her through her panties – she only stopped me when I pushed my hand into her panties and tried to finger her properly. As she had been doing so well, I backed off and suggested to Lis that we also get undressed. Once Lis was in her bra and panties, I caressed her crotch a lot more forcefully and pushed her panties up between her lips while I whispered in her ear that Mike would soon be licking the juice off her panties, wrapping them around his cock and covering them with his boy-cum. Lis didn’t stop me when I pushed my fingers directly onto her clit and I roughly pushed a cup of her bra up over her breast so I could caress it (the caressing wasn’t rough, it’s only Jen that likes that). I whispered to her that I could make her cum where she was standing so Mike got to see everything.

As Lis got more aroused, her pussy felt much wetter than usual (closer to Jen’s) and I described to Mike just how wet she felt and how he was going to get a good dose of her juices. I could feel Lis blushing as I described this and I whispered to her that she didn’t need to worry and I was just teasing Mike. That didn’t stop me continuing to comment on the state of her cunt and I even fed her some of her juices before rubbing her pussy with her panties again. I then got her to sit on the bed so I could slide them off and I stuffed them into her cunt before pulling them out and presenting them to Lis to give to Mike. I suggested that she place them over his cock again and watched as she carefully did so and then wrapped her hand around them and pulled them down so the crotch was pulled tight over his glans.

Before we left, I went to our toy cupboard and selected a few items to use and we left Mike to play with Lis’ panties while the four of us stripped off our remaining clothes, quickly made up our duvet bed in the living room and climbed in. Lis was clearly still quite aroused and I didn’t want to waste such a deliciously wet pussy so I went down on her and licked her clean, then said that it was really time to punish Jen for having worn panties out. Jen was still fairly wet from my earlier teasing and the three of us fell on her and started to lick, kiss and caress her. I asked who would like to fuck Jen properly and Lis said that she was up for this. I helped her into the harness for the strap on and set the internal vibe going and while Lis pumped into Jen’s cunt, Lucy and I took care of Jen’s breasts. I encouraged Lucy to be a lot more forceful and demonstrated to her (once again) how Jen likes having her nipples pulled and twisted. Lucy played along and Jen became more vocal about how good things felt, so we added to this by reaching down and playing with her clit and caressing her pussy lips.

As we’d gone this far I thought that we may as well finish her off properly so I left Lucy to take care of Jen’s breasts while I dashed back into the bedroom to fetch a thin vibe. This wasn’t as narrow as the anal vibes, but was also longer so would be easier to use. I got Lis to pull out so I could wipe it over Jen’s cunt for lubrication and then I pushed it into her ass and let Lis continue to fuck her cunt. I moved up beside Jen so I could again help out on her nipples and told Lucy that Jen wouldn’t be able to survive for too long with so much stimulation. My prediction was correct, but instead of her usual mewing as her orgasm built, Jen panted and swore much more than usual. I told Lucy to rub Jen’s clit and I twisted the vibe around in her ass. As Jen’s orgasm hit I told Lucy to bite on Jen’s nipples as hard as she could (assuming that she still wouldn’t bite too hard) and we were rewarded with Jen letting out a series of unintelligible sounds.

We carried on fucking, biting, kissing and frigging her until she said she couldn’t take any more and then released her. All Lucy said was ‘wow’ and Lis looked like she had really enjoyed the spectacle. I offered myself to her and asked if she wanted to take all of us with the strap-on. Lis pushed into me and I asked Lucy to sit in front of me so I could eat her, but promised I would be gentle so Lis could finish her off. I got Lis to pound into me as hard and fast as she could and I used a hand to play with my clit. A couple of times I licked down towards her ass and I thought that she didn’t seem to be pulling away quite as much (but I wasn’t really concentrating too much on her reactions). I made sure I was quite loud as I came, but directed my moans into Lucy’s cunt. As soon as my orgasm finished I told Lucy to move out of the way so I could lie on the bed, I got her to lie over me and Lis climbed up on the bed behind Lucy. I watched as she pushed ‘her cock’ into Lucy’s cunt and started to fuck her. Once she was going well, I reached up and played with Lucy’s clit. I was a bit surprised that Lis still hadn’t cum (the internal vibe on the strap-on isn’t that powerful, but it usually does the job after a while). I reached between Lis’ legs and pushed the harness up, realising that it wasn’t quite as tight as it should be. Lis much preferred it with my hand in place, but it made it harder to play with Lucy so I promised her that we would make her cum as soon as Lucy was done. This didn’t take much longer and once Lis pulled out, I pulled Lucy down to my face and kitty kissed her for a minute before moving to keep my promise to Lis.

As she had made us all cum, it was only fair that we all help her out and after removing the harness, we used the external vibe on her (just so we’d all been fucked by the same thing) while stroking her body, kissing her, playing with her breasts and teasing her ass. I tried to get Lis to ask us to do specific things to her, but she was already getting close to cumming so I didn’t get much out of her other than ‘fuck my snatch’ and ‘rub my clit’. We made her cum and agreed to take a little break before moving on to the next game.

After our conversation regarding four way dildos, there was no way we could have not tried something, but even the longer double dildos weren’t long enough to use in a cross pattern. We could all get close enough (with a bit of effort and crossing legs over each other) to get the ends in us, but it was difficult for both dildos to be moved at the same time. We reverted to the more traditional way of working in pairs but took turns so the people not fucking could be responsible for licking clits. Jen and Lucy went first and once they had the dildo buried completely between them, Lis and I took turns licking their clits. When they got closer to cumming, we just cupped and caressed their breasts, with only the occasional stroke on their cunts as this allowed them to properly fuck each other energetically. Jen came first and Lucy humped against her to bring herself off and Lis and I each had a final go at kitty kissing them both simultaneously.


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