Sunday, 10 February 2013

Exploring Lis - Part 4

Lis and I used the same dildo that Jen and Lucy had and pretty much repeated what they’d done. The licked us and we then fucked but I cheated a bit and made sure Jen stroked Lis’ clit so she came first and I could then fuck hard against her until I came. Once we’d finished, Jen and I went to fetch drinks and we chatted for a while before starting round three. For this, I suggested we form a caterpillar and as everyone thought this sounded like fun, we tried to make sure we used different methods for us all to be stimulated. Lis lay on her back and Lucy knelt on all fours between Lis’ legs so she could use a vibe in her, Jen lay with her mouth under Lucy so she could eat her and I shared a dildo with Jen so we could fuck against each other. At least that was the stated plan, but Jen and I actually used one of the long double dildos so once we got started we could bend it round and I could lie on top of Jen. This meant that I could (sort of) help to lick Lucy’s pussy, but as she got closer to cumming, my tongue spent more time on her ass. I didn’t overdo it at first, but by the time she came, my tongue was working all out and by the time her orgasm ended, she had been licked, rimmed and speared a number of times.

I wasn’t going to mention what I’d done, but Jen brought it up and Lucy turned a bright shade of red. I told her that she didn’t have to be embarrassed, about it and I was just glad that she had enjoyed it. She told us that it felt like such a nasty thing to have done to her that she couldn’t imagine asking anyone to do it and I told her that we (Mike, Jen and I) generally worked off the method of being willing to do things for other people if they liked them, but if anyone didn’t want to do something then they weren’t pressured into doing it. I elaborated and told them about little Sara who absolutely loves ass play, so each of us are happy to do it to her. Mike will lick me and I’ll lick Jen, but Jen doesn’t like doing it as much so she rarely does it in return. Lucy didn’t think she could bring herself to do this to someone else so we came to the agreement that as long as we (Jen and I) were allowed to continue to play with them, Jen and I would take care of Lis if she ever wanted such attention.

Jen and I still needed to cum (you could argue that we didn’t *need* to cum, but after having made Lucy cum I would argue that there was a definite need). As we were now an orgasm behind, we were allowed to just push up against each other and stay in place while Lucy and Lis took turns licking us. We had cooled off slightly while talking, but it didn’t take them long to get us worked up again and we stuck to the usual rules of having to stay in place until we’d both cum. I lost this time (or won, it’s difficult to decide which) and came first so had to cope with Lis’ tongue flicking rapidly over my clit until Jen caught up and came. The dildo was covered in a sticky mess of our juices when we pulled it out and I let Lis take it in to Mike (he always likes a chance to taste Jen). He tried to talk Lis into pushing an end into herself so he could taste her again but she refused (I had half been expecting her to return and said that she had mounted him again, but I guess she knew that he had been masturbating).

We called it a night – we hadn’t cum as many times as I would have liked, but we had spent a fair amount of time playing (and Lucy doesn’t have the same sexual appetite I do). Everyone agreed that it would be fun to just spend a while kissing and caressing each other and we took turns swapping partners (not in a methodical way, but we each spent time with everyone else at least a couple of times). Some of the caressing was a bit more intense and I had fingers inside Lis at one point and even did a bit of kitty kissing on Jen and Lucy, but we didn’t progress beyond this. The downside was that I felt quite horny and it took me a fair amount of time to get off to sleep. I debated quietly going down on Lis or Jen (or both) but guessed that if I started something like that I would just want to cum more and would end up waking everyone. I settled for just gently humping against Lis’ thigh and occasionally dipping my fingers into her pussy so I could taste her. She wasn’t quite awake, but gave a few mmmm’s to show she enjoyed what I was doing to her.

I had a nice selection of dreams and woke up feeling just as horny a few times. The third time I decided that I couldn’t take any more and once again pressed up against Lis. I used my fingers on her pussy and kissed her breasts until she woke up and then told her to be quiet. She nodded in agreement and we carefully moved round so she was on top of me and we could 69. We slowly and gently ate each other, making very few sounds other than our breathing and the occasional quiet slurp. I came first (but I had been quite turned on before we even started) and whispered to Lis to just kitty kiss me while I finished her off. I felt a little shiver run through her body as she came and after slowly bringing her down I thanked her and had a much better sleep.

As I’d had Lis in the night, I felt it was only fair to take Lucy in the morning and as I was awake first, I had my opportunity. She woke up as I started and complained that she needed to pee but I told her to hold it in (possibly not what Jen would have said). I know that I personally tend to have better orgasms with a full bladder – and while it may be slightly uncomfortable at the beginning, the pleasure tends to overpower this feeling as things progress. I didn’t tease her too much, but I didn’t try to make her cum too quickly either and as I’d expected, her complaints about needing to pee diminished as she got closer to cumming.

I was a little mean a few times and pressed down on her bladder (not too hard, but enough to elicit another complaint about how much she needed the bathroom). Just before she came I told her that she couldn’t leave straight away as I wanted to kitty kiss her and enjoy her taste and when she finally did cum, I held on tight to her thighs and when she had stopped squirming around I spent a few minutes gently lapping at her cunt and cleaning out as far inside as I could reach (with my tongue). When I did finally release her, she jumped up and dashed into the bathroom. I just sat up and straddled Lis’ face (Lucy and I had woken Jen and Lis and Jen was giving Lis her first cunt-licking of the day). I was still sitting there when Lucy came back and she watched Jen get Lis off and was then tasked with taking care of Jen while Lis finished me.

I went to fetch Mike and we made breakfast together, then took it into the others. Once we’d eaten, he started to spoon with me, but said he remembered that he wasn’t allowed to cum in me. He gave me a fairly energetic fucking and then asked Lis if he was allowed back inside her but she thought she had teased him enough for one weekend. I wanted her to masturbate for him but she stood firm and all he was allowed was to look at her pussy. She didn’t mind if he came and I went to fetch a pair of Lis’ panties while he stroked his cock. When I returned, he wrapped them around his cock and wanked until he was close to cumming, at which point he made sure that his glans was exposed and I held my hand an inch or so above it. His cum squirted up onto my hand and dripped back down onto his hand, cock and Lis’ panties. I transferred a little of his cum onto Lis’ nipples and helped Jen to suck them clean (which helped to keep Mike hard). Lis even sucked my fingers clean (although I doubt there was really any of his cum left on them by this point).

Lis flirted with Mike some more and he tried to convince her to let him shower with her, but fortunately I got this honour. I spent quite a while washing her body and hair and cradled her in my arms, thanking her (again) for managing to convince Lucy to play with us. Once Lis and I emerged, Lucy showered with Jen and I had a final session kitty kissing Lis. It went further than planned and I got her quite close to cumming a few times, but backed off and just kissed around her pussy until she calmed down enough that I could start again. We stopped before Lucy and Jen came out of the bathroom and pretended as if nothing had happened. I managed to convince Lucy to let me kitty kiss her for a while and once she was sufficiently aroused, I talked her into having a final session before we got ready went out for lunch.

For this session, we used the living room and I wore the strap-on. Jen knew what I wanted to do (it was one of the things we’d planned) and she got Lis to sit on the sofa with her ass near the edge. Jen stood up on the sofa, facing the wall and lowered her pussy to Lis’ mouth and I got Lucy to kneel in the floor so she could eat Lis. I applied some of the tingle gel to the strap-on, pushed it into Lucy and then spread her ass cheeks and leant back to enjoy the view while I fucked her. She told me when the tingle gel started to take effect so I moved a bit faster and then reached around her to play with her clit. She seemed to enjoy this but my concentration was split between pleasuring her, watching her eat Lis and watching Lis eat Jen (and of course enjoying the feeling that the internal vibe was giving me). I gave Lucy a couple of bursts of hard and fast fucking and massaged her ass. Lis seemed to be getting close to cumming so I sped up my work on Lucy, but Lis still got there first. I let Lucy concentrate on giving Lis a good orgasm and then resumed my more concentrated attention on her pussy. Jen told us that she wasn’t far off (this was more of a hint to Lis to lick faster), but I got Lucy off before Jen came (not by much though).

This is a scheduled post as we're heading back down to Jen's old Uni again this weekend. We'll respond to any comments/email on our return.

There was only me left to cum – I had been enjoying the internal vibe, but it really needed new batteries and I hadn’t been using the best position to get good contact with my pussy. Even though she’d just cum, Jen got Lis to mount me (I lay down on the floor). Lis faced away from me and Jen told her to lean forwards, which pushed the internal vibe against me more and I had to lie there while my orgasm slowly built. Things were at least helped along a bit when Lucy and Jen played with my breasts, but it still took longer than I would have liked. As they say though ‘all good things…’ and when I eventually did cum it was a nice deep orgasm – not incredibly strong, but it lasted for a while so I could really enjoy the sensation. By the end my pussy felt a bit sensitive so I had to remove the harness and I got Lucy to let me kitty kiss her one last time to help remove and traces of the gel from her pussy.

We fetched Mike from the bedroom (he was at least allowed to come in and talk to us while we dressed) and even Lucy no longer seemed at all bothered by him seeing her partially clothed. Lis discovered that I had let Mike use the last clean pair of her panties so she had to borrow a pair of Jen’s (she did get all of her panties back, but as they had varying amounts of Mike’s cum on them she wasn’t going to risk wearing them). Jen leant Lis the skimpiest pair she had and helped her put them on (not that Lis doesn’t know how to wear panties, but Jen made sure the crotch was neatly nestled between Lis’ lips as she knew that if you wore them ‘properly’ you could sometimes get a nice amount of friction as you walked). Lucy still wouldn’t go out without panties on (boring girl), but she had a nice dress on that showed off her figure well so we let her off. Jen also liked the panties that she had leant to Lis as they were really good for crouching down and rubbing herself through while peeing (and she had used them for this a number of times – although Lis didn’t know that).

Lunch was nice but uneventful. We did get Lucy to agree that as long as we were discreet, we could try to hook up the following weekend at Julia and Mel’s wedding. They were flying home so we had a little time after lunch before heading to the airport and wandered round town for a while before setting off. Only when they had checked their bags in did I point out to Lis that she still had to give Mike a pair of her used panties to keep her promise of doing this every day. She tried to argue, but knew that she would lose so we took a trip to the bathroom and as payment I reached under her skirt and massaged her crotch through the panties until she came. She slipped the panties off and I knelt to have a last little lick. She briefly fingered me, but stopped before I came (as retribution) and I told her that it didn’t matter as I had two people who would finish the job when we got home. Mike got his panties, Lis and Lucy got their plane and I actually got to cum on the journey home (the advantage of having one person to keep a look-out while the other plays with me.


  1. One thing I've always wondered is how that would taste. Even if you clean very well before hand there is still a taste of soap.

  2. I assume you mean rimming or spearing? There isn't really any taste to the degree we do it. I would only do this to people I know are generally clean and hygienic people and we certainly don't do any scat play (fortunately Jen isn't interested in this at all as I doubt I could do that even for her).